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  1. Those experiments sound disgusting. I hope the facility is shut down,



    • Whiteness is a bad thing. Oppose.
      Gender fluidity is good thing. Celebrate.

      If you don’t give active recognition to people of color in any case where a white person could be in the spotlight, then you are as bad as Hitler {sarc}.

      There is none more racist than an avowed anti-racist, since they see every action or happening or intent through the lens of race.
      No idea why these people keep getting to write their petty opinion pieces.
      I can only assume racially charged articles are proven click-bait for suppliers, so they keep pushing out this crap.
      Gotta mix something in with the Trump and Coronavirus stories.



  2. Corrections terminates contract with supplier of ‘rapid-build’ prison units
    Collette Devlin20:57, Feb 25 2020

    Sacked the aussies.

    Corrections has terminated a contract with a company that was building Chinese-made prison cells.

    The department now looks set to fork out more than $30m to find a new contractor and deal with legal disputes as Australian company Decmil claims it was an “unlawful termination”.

    They need the ciddle Mistress once more.




    • The problem is the police will still be required to file any complaint, and seem to attend to the issue.
      Ok this ruling will mean not as rigorously inquired into?

      The change maybe they decide not to investigate, but the complaint is still left on a file.
      If any further complaints, then at some time in the future, or at a supposed level, a supposed pattern, that could be swept in by further future law enhancements to trigger further full on investigations.

      Just a stronger cord on Damocles sword that is still left dangling over you, or is it just held a bit higher over you, so that you will not notice it as much?



    • Thanks Alice, a very good video.
      Gives a good insight into this “free speech” “hate speech” and criminalizing people, putting them on record, with possible effects, whilst giving victim-hood to complainants of how they feelz.

      Harry Miller comes across steady, very articulate, and connecting and bringing up many good points.
      Video is a bit long, but no problem as I just watched some, take a break and come back. Time to mull things over.
      He keeps it all interesting, and relates even to a further “kindness” that also seems to be on the agenda in NZ.

      Has Harry states, this case …. is of international importance, as other countries takes the lead, in terms of law. from the UK.

      So has the police system changed?

      So he won in the high court, and the issue will go onto the Supreme Court & if not then through the Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court.



  3. “So.” The lady at  WINZ said, “After nearly 20 years in full time employment, you just decided to leave. May I ask why?”

    “Well,” he said, “I opened a Twitter account & after about a week I decided that my whole career had been a total waste of time. So I left.”

    “And what was this career?” she asked.

    “I was an English teacher.”



    • The teacher will do alright if wearing a pounamu carving necklace and will relate well with the WINZ lady.

      They will struggle to understand questions in English language and even subjects such as science and maths, which have become increasingly ‘text heavy’.
      The findings will renew concern about the levels of literacy in the country’s primary and secondary schools amid a decline in reading for pleasure. …..

      …… The study also found that a good grasp of literacy is more important for maths than humanity subjects such as English literature and history.

      ……. This is because pupils need to understand the ‘language of mathematics’. They can quickly lose confidence when faced with words they thought they knew, for example ‘difference’, ‘prime’ or ‘product’ that mean something else in a mathematical context.

      Maths GCSE can also be ‘especially challenging’ as students need to read and comprehend a passage of text, identify the question being asked and then solve a numerical problem. …..

      …… Researchers say the ‘correlations in maths and the sciences also underscore just how ‘text heavy’ most academic subjects are and why literacy is so crucial’. …..

      …… many secondary school teachers and leaders are ‘undertrained’ and ‘too busy’ to help pupils ‘access the demands of the academic curriculum’.

      He said: ‘Literacy is too often seen as a bolt-on extra for teachers of science, geography and PE.

      ‘Yet, when you dig into the research evidence, it is revealed that being literate is the most essential factor for disadvantaged students studying science. Reading, writing, vocabulary and talk all mediate the school curriculum.’…..

      Perhaps this may be why some only want to follow native, and black sciences, and escape the colonist’s maths & sciences. as they mutter about charms and carvings. 🙁



  4. Coronavirus, drought to deliver ‘short, sharp shock’ to economy – NZIER

    New Zealand’s economy should brace itself for a “short, sharp shock” as the effects of the deadly coronavirus and the drought are predicted to flatten activity.

    “The combination of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and drought is expected to deliver a short, sharp shock to the New Zealand economy,” a statement from the NZIER says.

    “It is early days and there is a large degree of uncertainty over the magnitude and duration of the effects from the coronavirus outbreak.

    “In the short-term, the uncertainty revolves around the ability of exporters to redirect their exports to other markets. Over the longer-term, the uncertainty is whether the coronavirus has any persistent negative effects on global growth.”



    • I’m not generally speaking a pessimist…. but I think this coronavirus will disrupt trade all over the world.

      I can’t imagine what it’s doing to the Chinese economy. There are tens of millions of people now either at the worst literally locked away in their homes or at besr unable to continue their work or business without major interruption. This must flow on to the NZ economy as China is such an important trade partner with us.

      Meanwhile worldwide, countries are reporting things like ‘220 cases and 1 death’ etc. What’s going on here? Either the world is panicking unnecessarily over a flu….. or this thing and its effects is far worse than anyone is letting on.

      Whichever way, I think a ‘short sharp shock’ to our economy is a massive underestimate, frankly.



    • The old heard it through the grapevine, a retired air conditioner man told me that his former firm has not had any shipments from China for 3 months now, which of course is well before the official 31 December date.
      A lot of our pharmaceutical supplies apparently come from China and India. Again, will be interesting whether shortages start to happen. I believe this is going to have a massive effect, the fact that flights to/from China have been stopped again for 8 days from last weekend is to me very telling about the seriousness of it and the knowledge at the top level.



    • Don’t expect it to be short, the breakdown in the Chinese dominated supply chain will have long term & far reaching effects as customers diversify their sources of supply. The chilling effect of the disease and its further effects like pneumonia will affect international travel especially were the authorities have been economical with the truth concerning numbers affected and dates as the distrust in this aspect spills over into other matters relevant to travel . NZ may well receive a double whammy as China & Australia are our major trading partners. Time to ensure relations with the UK are excellent now they are finally leaving the Evil Union.



    • It is called a “duty of care” that the students have a right to come to NZ to further & complete their studies.
      Then the “duty of care” will be extended to free costs if they have to go to a NZ hospital.
      That they might go else where? well try Iran? South Korea? Italy?

      Yet the students deem it is unfair; also unfair to kiwis if hospitals in New Zealand are swamped with cases.
      The longer it takes to get to NZ, the more understanding of effective medicines, more preparations in medical needs, for staff & facilities.

      The problem is the lobbying aspect that the education system has become for itself, and becomes self fulfilling aggrandizement with out any real regard to the rest of NZ.
      It seems great for the sinecure and tenure of the people who tutoring, lecturing, deans, etc..
      What is the real value of this to the ordinary New Zealander?
      Always using nice sounding points, with out any real information behind it.



    • Are our educational systems selling NZ down like Australia universities are?

      ~ Australian government slammed by Neil Mitchell for ‘selling its national dignity’
      ~ Radio host said Australia was ‘kowtowing’ to China by allowing a ban exception
      ~ Travellers coming from China can stay in third country before reaching Australia
      Western Sydney University also funding $1500 in costs for its students to do so
      ~ ‘We have to choose between what’s right and what makes a dollar,’ Mitchell said


      Will the educational systems cover the health costs & etc. of NZ’ers if it can be shown that it was one of their students that brings over Covid19?
      Just believe, like the health minister in Iran, “absolutely no quarantines, all pre ww2 cholera plague ….. quarantines have consequences….. shutting down Qom ….. will cause the disease to spread all over the country. “,

      While sweating with koranvirus.
      Just a little +ive test the next day.

      See the real problem is all the global warming, and so no real problem.



        • I didn’t see any character assassination of the man who murdered Grace.
          Wasn’t required, when the facts showed him for what he is.

          What did happen is over time even his friends and family came out publicly saying he was a pathological liar. The guy is an utter fuckwit, and took a persons life. There is no defending that even if she did ask for hanky panky.
          Actually those that know him said he could be self absorbed and violent, so my BS detectors would be going off.
          Any claim she asked to be strangled I would weigh up in the context of the person who he is, even assuming it is a relevant defence when you kill someone {which it is NOT}.
          After killing her, he Googled some porn. Googled for bags to hide a corpse. Left her in a shallow grave, then went on another date. His stories to the police that he had a shower, thinking she had left, and then finding her dead, are not credible either. Quite telling.

          The defence attempts to blame the victim as having done ‘kinky sex’ is now being criticised, rightly, as victim blaming and unpleasant for the family. If there was any character being attacked, it is concerned with what the victims family had to go through. Only a disturbed person would try and think this has any bearing on the value of a human life lost.

          In summing up, the judge made clear that the compression of the neck was for potentially as long as ten minutes.
          That person has been well and truly throttled to death.

          You might have made a valid point that the media, and the PM. gave more attention to this murder than it deserved (simply because she was young and pretty?)
          It does not follow however, that an ex-partner stabbing another to death has missed out on character assasination in the case of Mrs Xi, nor that it follows that Mrs Xi should be blamed for any circumstances which lead to her death.
          Fuck the media, but fuck the murderers in each case.
          Your scorn for a victim, and sympathy for a convicted murder, is misplaced.

          As a final point, the answer as to ‘why’ there was a focus on Grace in comparison, is in the link you gave.
          …”It seems to have captured that mood of that ‘Me Too’ [movement], of women should not be victims and women should not be attacked; it also had the BDSM aspect, [and] the defence using it as a consensual act went wrong. But there’s also the grotesque aspect of the way the body was disposed of,”….
          I would only add that Jacinda sticking her nose into it publicly, weeping from the PMs podium, added extra exposure.
          The media supplied demand.



          • You are compensating or covering for something. Is there something you are not telling us?

            I have said the guy is a disgusting pervert and I would happily put a bullet in his head.

            None of your emotive rant proves murder. And that was the charge. Not moral outrage.

            Now go hand yourself in…



            • I don’t see what you could possibly be implying.
              That I like, or indulge in, BDSM?
              Another swing and a miss.

              Aside from that fail, you display some poor adult reading comprehension in paraphrasing a few specifics from the trial, and my negative perception of the killer, as an emotive rant.

              If anything, this trial seems to push your buttons -dare I say excite emotion.
              You seem to feel the killer wasn’t given a ”fair suck of the sav”, and display disdain for the female victim.
              Any piss-weak armchair psychology- such as your own attempts about motivations – should be turned on yourself first.



              • It was a disgrace. Ignorant imbeciles were worked into a frenzy by anti male media. Then a jury was selected from that group.

                You display a total lack of critical thinking skills. Preferring to mindlessly repeat what the media programmed you to say.

                You probably kid yourself you are a good person for your vulgar contrived outrage. But you are not.



  5. Government’s ‘given up’ on getting people into work, Simon Bridges says amid benefit increases

    “It seems to me a bigger priority should be there’s 27,000 more people on the dole or what they call job seekers support now. We should be working really hard to get them into work. I think the Government’s given up on doing that. I think that’s incredibly important. I think that’s where the focus should be.

    “Ultimately there is no path that’s sure, it seems to me, to getting into a good situation, a better situation than getting into a job first. At minimum wage, no one is arguing that that is somehow going to put you in an amazing position but it is a better position from which to start so I think that should be the focus.”

    Mr Bridges also criticised the Government for high rent prices and soaring petrol taxes leading to what he called the working poor.



    • Bit hard to give them jobs as they go south!
      Even if you could get them to pick crops, will they get to market!
      Do you leave them in the ground or on the tree?
      Just as well the shame of the north can keep planting trees!



  6. Mike Hosking: Child poverty is the KiwiBuild of social failure

    If you’re looking to vote on accountability and delivery this election, Labour is in increasing trouble.

    Another social indicator lays bare yet another promise not met. Child poverty is up, the stats department released the cold hard truth yesterday.

    This was the Prime Minister’s calling card. This was the one dear to her heart. Unlike climate change, which was her generation’s nuclear moment, where you can fudge your way out of any real sort of accountability.



  7. As I predicted Ardern has ordered a crack down on “extremists” in election year. To make her look like a caring saviour.

    A fake terrorism charge has been made against some one politically opposed to the dear leader.



  8. Controlling the citizenry from any wrong thought dissemination.

    … Gui Minhai first disappeared in 2015, when he was believed to have been abducted by Chinese agents from his seaside home in Thailand. ….
    ….. People’s Court announced Tuesday that it gave Gui, a naturalized Swedish citizen, a 10-year prison sentence. Gui admitted to his crime, agreed with the sentence and will not appeal, the court said. ……
    ….. The court claims that Gui, who was born in Ningbo, applied to reinstate his Chinese citizenship in 2018. That would mean renouncing his Swedish citizenship, as China does not officially allow dual citizenship. …….
    ….. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a daily briefing, “China is a country ruled by law.” ……

    26 February 2020

    Not many choices in China, as life goes on in its controlling ways.



  9. Is this about toxic masculinity?

    …. college professor who is also a commissioner in Indonesia’s Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children (KPAI) claimed …..
    …. According to her, there is “an especially strong type of male sperm” that could impregnate women “even without penetration.” She said that “no one knows for sure how men ‘react’ to the sight of women in a swimming pool,”


    Or about woman’s gullibility?

    So who has the “sexual emergency” in a public swimming pool?



  10. The Aussie media give a good summation of the hi-jinks of NZ policy, and the slipperiness of the government.

    The last paragraph.
    On the international stage, New Zealand’s clean, green image has been complemented by its youthful, optimistic leader.

    But there has been a strong undercurrent of political skulduggery in the country in recent times.

    The donations saga engulfing Peters is drawing in Ardern through her reliance on NZ First’s support.
    How she wields her leadership at home could determine whether she’ll still have a role on the international stage after September 19.


    A leadership of waffle in so many things.
    Sure she will ‘leap frog’ onto something to make her look good, & the media will exclaim, to cover the shallow puddle of widdle, but this summer sun will dry it out.

    Probably the covid-19, wearing a gown, and surgical mask, while the cameras whirl.



  11. This why they fight “white supremacists” as it is believed that “ideology” leads to terrorism.

    No word about what leads to gulags? is that not a form of terrorism?
    No mention of Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, North Korea, or Peoples Republic of China.

    The there is Saudi Arabia, Mali, Iran, Pakistan, and the ideology that empowers & controls their followers and even declares, victory by terror.

    an expert in digital radicalism and the far-right, says that all extremist content is dangerous, regardless of whether or not it provides specific terrorist instructions.

    “8chan was dangerous without anybody really going on there to learn how to make bombs or learn how to do terrorism,” he said. “What they were learning there was an extremist ideology that dehumanises people, that makes people feel like they’re part of a big race war, a battle for culture. That’s the part that makes someone into a person who can commit terror.”

    “Radicalising someone in that manner is the hard part. Finding out then, from the dark web or wherever else, how to make a bomb or how to commit a mass shooting is actually pretty easy. That’s not something that the far-right is that concerned with, they just want to get people radicalised.”
    OCTOBER 2, 2019 from the bowels of Wellington.

    Sure there are some crazy people and as often said, just a mental/drug problem, yet there is an ideology that has a long history, scholars from within, that bring up the teachings of their original leader.
    I am sure it is not Bonnie Prince Charlie these days.



  12. Extraditing New Zealander accused of murder in China could put him at risk, court hears

    The Supreme Court has heard how extraditing an alleged murderer for trial in China puts the man at risk of torture and unfair treatment by the justice system there, despite Beijing’s assurances to the contrary.


    The request to handover Kyung Yup Kim is New Zealand’s first extradition case involving China.

    Kim, who was born in South Korea and is a New Zealand resident, is accused by Chinese police of killing a woman while visiting Shanghai in December 2009. He denies the accusation.

    The case has been in and out of the courts since China first made the extradition order in 2011. Former Justice Minister Amy Adams twice approved Kim’s extradition after seeking diplomatic assurances from China as to his treatment. Last year, the Court of Appeal quashed her decision, raising questions as to the reliability of the assurances. As the process has played out, Kim has spent five years in prison on remand. He’s now on bail to his home in Auckland.



  13. Our PTPM gets judged harshly at times. Recently she has been under fire for failing to deliver a fraction of her ratshit party’s housing pledge. She is delivering…….it’s just that she’s not delivering in New Zealand:

    …..”New Zealand will spend $2m to help Fiji work out how to relocate tens of villages threatened by climate change, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced.”……

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/119833791/climate-change-nz-govt-pumps-2m-into-helping-fijian-villages-relocate *

    * Viewer discretion advised. Contains scenes that may want the average political centrist to throw up.



  14. “Canada did not respond to this in any way that is sufficient”

    I guess in a couple of weeks New Zealand commentators, those who have not been shut down by the censors that is, will be saying “New Zealand did not respond to this because the Prime Minister was off on yet another jolly round the islands and had not the gumption to prevent thousands of “international students” many from areas seriously affected by the virus from coming to NZ where they immediately started spreading this new plague.



  15. Sound like anyone we know.?
    I bet the face of a thousand fake sympathies is being pushed all over Fiji.
    What a joke…..

    White liberals more likely to ‘patronize’ minorities than conservatives, study finds

    “White liberals self-present less competence to minorities than to other Whites — that is, they patronize minorities stereotyped as lower status and less competent,” according to the study’s abstract.




  16. Haven’t been on for a long while. Just logged in. My observation of the political scene in NZ is that the current Government will be tossed in September. NZ first will be history. The greens will be history. ACT will have a least five MP’s. The new coalition will have a massive job of repealing most of Labour’s “new laws”.
    The country will be in serious financial strife. The new coalition ( might even include the Maori Party, but not the New Conservatives”, who will be a waste of time, and votes) will have a huge job to drag NZ up from the mess it is about to fall in. It will do it, only to have Labour become the Govt. in a couple of elections to screw it up again. The old saying “rinse and repeat”.



  17. SCANDAL: Inquiry Finds Pedophiles in the UK Government Were Allowed to Abuse Children for Decades

    “There has clearly been a significant problem with deference towards people of public prominence,” the inquiry found, “from the whips’ offices to the police and prosecutors.”

    “It is clear to see that Westminster institutions have repeatedly failed to deal with allegations of child sexual abuse, from turning a blind eye to actively shielding abusers,” Inquiry chair Professor Alexis Jay said.




  18. Green MP Golriz Ghahraman opens up about multiple sclerosis diagnosis
    Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has opened up about her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, saying she feels she has a “responsibility” to start an honest conversation about the autoimmune disease.

    In a tweet, Ghahraman said today was the first time she had spoken publicly about life with MS.

    “I’ve learned so much about community, equality and access to care.

    Mostly, it showed me how strong and capable the MS and broader disability community really are – and the importance of our right to representation.”

    Shouldn’t have tols so many lies.
    Ghahraman grew up in Iran, before fleeing to New Zealand with her family as a 9-year-old seeking political asylum.

    Ghahraman became a Green Party MP in 2017, the first former refugee to be elected to New Zealand’s Parliament.

    Before politics she earned a Master’s degree at Oxford University in International Human Rights Law, and was a human rights and constitutional lawyer for 12 years, having worked in Africa, The Hague and Cambodia.



  19. Australia’s top spy reveals spike in right-wing terrorism following March 15 terror attacks

    The Government has announced a national memorial service on March 15 to commemorate the mosque shootings, and it comes as Australia’s top spy has revealed a massive spike in right-wing terrorism following the attacks.

    Australia has seen a doubling in terrorism investigations since the Christchurch terror attack last year, according to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Director-General Mike Burgess.

    He’s also warning of unprecedented espionage and foreign interference in the region.


    Pleased he noticed.

    “that will make Jacinda orgasm. Anything to get her excited and allow her to take away more of our freedoms. If she hadn’t changed the law in the first place March 15 would not have been able to go ahead. allowing a dumb Aussie to walk past our previous much better law just to please the cops was akin to treason. Worst PM ever.”




    • Sure the Christchurch shooting has made the intelligence services pay lip service, to right extremists, but that is driven by academia, UN globalist, ‘Migrationists’, multiculture diversity ideologies to have “super diverse” cities and countries, whilst being pushed by media.

      These people requires many freedoms, like free speech to be forfeited as in the UN Global Migration Pact, which Winston Peters and Ardern agreed to to sign up to.

      And he [ASIO director[ said “violent Islamic extremism”, embodied by Islamic State and al’Qaida, remained ASIO’s top concern.



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