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  1. Default KiwiSaver providers banned from investing in fossil fuels and land mines

    Default KiwiSaver funds will no longer invest in fossil fuels.

    The bombshell policy, announced on Sunday, will take effect in July 2021, with nine default providers expiring the month before.

    Minister of Commerce Kris Faafoi says it shows the Government is putting its money where its mouth is, after committing the country to being carbon-neutral by 2050 and cutting back fossil fuel exploration and mining.



  2. Wanting to go to Brisbane for a month August/September this year. Online and the CheapOair site came up with 2 seats out $283 each, but hurry, only 3 left. Well blow, completed the booking but final confirmation didn’t go through as somebody else had beaten me to it but there was another flight available, only about $100 more money. Changed the date and guess what, only 3 left and then, wow, they were also taken.
    Went to other computer, well blow me down, the original dates were again available at the same original price, must have been a cancellation, but bother, somebody sneaked in and took them before I could complete the sale but again the helpful site had an alternative (dearer) option available.
    All is well however – I see they have emailed me this morning to say the original price is available, but only a few seats left.



  3. Relationship Property law is the worst law in western countries.

    In the UK there has been a decision where not only has there been a split of 50/50 but a judge has ruled that the woman can be compensated for what she ‘might’ have earned if she hadn’t stayed at home to raise two children.
    This couple were both solicitors worth millions.
    If this sets a precedent, the future is going to be a disaster for guys. It is already bad enough.



  4. so our boffins really are bright.
    Questions for ships arriving in our ports.

    However, due to coronavirus, three additional questions had been requested to be submitted when the health update was provided.

    They included: Had the vessel departed or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days; were there any passengers/crew on board who had departed or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days; and were there any passengers/crew on board who had been in contact with a person confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus in the last 14 days./


    Now with the best shipping in the world no ship is leaving china for NZ and arriving here in 14 days.
    Do these people have any idea of how far away china is.
    they are a worry.



    • The days of a slow boat to China is long past.
      Easy to be with in 10 days, port to port with a merchant ship, like Shanghai to Auckland.

      That is just allowing for incubation time, those 14 days.
      Once some has CoVid-19, how long do they have it?
      Some seem to have it for a considerable time, and how ‘infective’ are they then?

      It is possible that a crew member or some passenger may be flown from China to join a boat if it docks at say Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

      However it may soon be that many other countries may be considered at risk, like mentioned above, so best to start procedures now, consider, then learn & fine tune.

      So much more to learn about this virus, incubation, the symptoms, the effects, re-infection, contagiousness or not, aerosol, or contaminated surfaces, like virus’s may in ideal conditions last 9 days or so.

      Do the common cold symptoms that one person catches and suffers and then spreads to others that becomes a rampaging fever etc…
      Interesting how young children do not seem to become affected, but could become a carrier? and infect & kill grand parents.

      Sort of like shingles from old folks releasing chicken-pox to their grand children.

      Still just have to live with things, and maybe some things rub off so more mellow.



  5. The Comrade likes bit of flagellation,
    Whinestone spanks her regularly and then she travels to Australia to spanked by their PM!
    Was it as good as dishing out 2mill in Fiji, dear?
    By the way when are you going to turn up for work here, Part Time Prime Minister!
    Too busy sucking with the luuvies in Sydney?
    I bet you are not in the posh frock shops, more like the OP shops!
    Your problem with Whinestone and his foundation donors has not gone away, just because you are on holiday. Your are still knee deep in shit!



  6. Recently I drove over Arthur’s Pass and when parking in a rest area I noticed a dead Kea that had obviously been run over.

    I was about to toss it over the bank when I decided that the bright plumage under the wings would be very handy when I tied some trout flies. In particular “Hamilles Killer”

    With dignity I removed some feathers after knocking off maggots and to please our feathered friend on this site I muttered a short prayer of thanks.

    When I eat my next trout taken with a fly made up from our feathered friends relation I shall offer a toast to the gods.

    Thank you Kea.



  7. Socialism 101

    Anderson Cooper: Do you have a price tag for all of these things?

    Bernie Sanders: No, I don’t…

    Cooper: But you say you don’t know what the total price is, but you know how it’s gonna be paid for. How do you know it’s gonna be paid for if you don’t know how much the price is?



    • That was so incredibly embarrassing I cannot believe she does not know the difference between rights of the citizens of a country and the rights of others who in their time in Australia did not bother to take out citizenship. Stupid bitch. Her incompetence knows no bounds.



  8. First it was let the prisoners vote, now its the 16 year olds.

    “Council lobbies to lower voting age to 16”

    “First, it was “climate emergencies”, now it’s the voting age.

    Christchurch City Council has decided to use its limited resources to lobby the Government on lowering the voting age to 16.

    Of course, the Council didn’t bother consulting with ratepayers before jumping on this issue.”

    More to the point, Christchurch City Council has better priorities – such as getting its infrastructure up to scratch. We say rates are for services, not for our local councils to lobby central government on constitutional issues.



  9. Porcelain chops will be pissed off that the majority of the Muslim community do not want to commemorate the shooting.

    All those tea towels she purchased for the event will not be needed. Plus think of the wasted hours spent in front of a mirror practicing her frowny face.

    Maybe she can now find time to be a PM and pull Peters and tugger Jones into line. Unfortunately the spineless one will do nothing.



  10. Dear readers….

    an update on Duck, duck..
    The poor creature was savagely set upon by a pomeranian and minature pug-dog 2 Friday mornings ago.
    The wicked little creatures were being “doggy-minded” by our neighbour. (we don’t have fences between our properties).
    I managed to rescue Duckduck from the grasp of the pom… but dd was motionless, tho’ his heart was beating.
    I placed him in a box and put in the sunshine….. after about an hour duckduck raised his head.

    (In the meantime, I sent hubby off to remonstrate with neighbour….hubby comes back to tell me that neighbour has a live crayfish for me… just brought up from Mahia … Ugh!!!!! I thought…and sent hubby to politely refuse it….. back comes hubby to tell me that neighbour has just started drowning it in freshwater to save me killing it……GRIEF!!!!!! (I don’t eat invertebrates if I can avoid doing so).
    So hubby sent back again to tell neighbour thanks, but no thanks.

    In the meantime, I took duckduck out of the box and he managed to stand up… I checked for broken wings, legs, bleeding…and apart from no tail feathers , the duck looked ok.

    And there he remained for the next 2 days… and didn’t eat or move much… Slowly over the next week , he moved about our back lawn and gradually began to take some food and water.
    Then 2 days ago he ventured down the steps onto our back concreted area…..I’ve never been so pleased to have crap all over the back yard.
    Yesterday he flew down to the lower lawns and started bossing the cats around…so I think his PTSD is over.
    Bloody little pomeranian is back on the prowl tho’.



    • Jeez, why do our Labour MPs keep trying to give crims an easy way out?

      I’ve got whanau living in Oz…. they know the score… bugga-up things over there and its back to NZ for keeps…..

      (Tho’ one of the bros, took the plunge and converted to Ockerism).



      • My old aunt adopted being an Aussie nearly 60 years ago. Many moons ago she used to work in the NZ Consulate’s office in Sydney and tell us about the drop nut NZ’ers who’d turn up with $5 in their pocket and an expectation above their ability.

        Hey Kiwis, Aus is a completely separate country from NZ!



        • Mike. He’s doing it his way.
          By squeezing the Dems out of presidential contention and antagonizing the Bernie bros he is exposing the UN’s ineffectiveness when trying to control the direction the US takes.
          The UN relies on the Dems to secure funding for their agenda. Socialism is the means to achieve this. Bernie is the tool.
          Trump is maneuvering the deep state so as to make them expose themselves for what they are.
          They’ve been doing this for a long, long time.
          He needs more time.



  11. Coronavirus: Border officials ‘turning a blind eye’ to potential carriers, traveller claims

    “They said, ‘Have you been to mainland China or Iran recently?’ I said, ‘No, but I just came from Milan and I was in the Veneto region as well – two hotspots in Italy.’

    “They said, ‘You do not fit the criteria, and you don’t need to self-isolate either,’ which I found ridiculous because I was in the hotspot there, you know? The fact they told me not to even self-isolate, it was a bit crazy.”

    “They didn’t really give me any information, they didn’t tell me to do anything – they said to go on and live my life as normal,” said Paul. “I live in the same house as my 86-year-old grandfather – I need to think about these kinds of things.”

    New Zealand has placed restrictions on travellers from Iran and China, but not Italy and South Korea, both of which have had more confirmed cases of the virus than Iran.



  12. National, ACT and oil industry slam KiwiSaver’s move away from fossil fuels

    Minister of Commerce Kris Faafoi says investors won’t notice any hit to their balances, because oil companies “have dragged on global investment returns for at least the last five years”, and will help “create a better future for [KiwiSaver investors’] kids and grandkids”.

    But the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) begs to differ, saying it will “make New Zealanders poorer in retirement and do nothing for climate change”.



    • Hey, fatty Jones, go play trains on your own dime!

      Southland businesses accuse Government of playing favourites with Provincial Growth Fund

      A group of Southland businesses says the Government is ‘screwing the scrum’ with The Provincial Growth Fund and not spending taxpayer’s money fairly.


      “It’s all our taxpayer money that’s being paid with here and we should all have the option of getting use of it, the idea of it to increase the growth in the area, I mean it’s a good idea, but it’s just ridiculous the way it’s been played out,” says Colin Hitchell.

      Mr Hitchell withdrew his application but says officials tried to get him to rush it through, filled out the form for him and told him to ask for more money because they’d pumped too much into Northland.

      “They said they’d come to Southland because they’d overspent in Northland and they were down here to even the score.”



  13. Apparently in the UK NHS staff have been told to shave off their beards over coronavirus fears as facial hair can render masks ineffective.

    In NZ Golriz said it was just another typical display of discrimination towards Muslim women.



  14. As Sir Elton cut his concert short due to experiencing pneumonia like symptoms, the ever adoring public wandered home to listen to the news that a pandemic is coming to our shores and that we should be focusing on the selfish carriers who, really should be tested and quarantined.

    Not a peep from the medical experts or the hysteria filled media.

    The Pope is coughing and spluttering all through the Vatican. Not a fucking peep.

    Time to wake up guys.



  15. Apparently, the usually effervescent Cher, has succumbed to the flu and is tweeting madly from her bed telling everyone”I’ve got flu babe”.
    What a bloody load of bollocks we are being spun.
    Next year, when the goat-sheep-camel virus arrives I may buy a a bunch of glass coffins. (remains to be seen)



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