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  1. The splits among the three governing parties over the multibillion-dollar Auckland light rail project are to be expected. More worrying for Jacinda Ardern is the chasm within her own Labour Party.

    She will soon be forced to choose between Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

    If the decision goes against him, Twyford’s career will surely have reached the end of the line.

    Well that couldn’t come soon enough but it won’t sabe them. No houses, no roads, a pussy wipped useless mouth piece.


    haha I forgot.
    😆 😆 😆

    Ardern rightly sacked Twyford as Housing Minister after his KiwiBuild fiasco. If it turns out he has wasted her entire first term and caused her to break yet another major election promise by mucking about with an alternative light rail proposal for which he cannot gain the confidence of any of his senior Labour colleagues or their NZ First and Green partners, he can surely no longer remain Transport Minister or in any ministerial position at all.

    Two useless pople and she can gardly sack him when her own “child poverty” housing and the rest of her wild promises are in the same position. completely unfullfilled.



  2. Undeterred, Opposition leader Ardern declared light rail a “game-changer” and promised the CBD-to-Mt Roskill stretch would be completed by 2021.

    Not a shjoel full of dirt moved yet but plenty of expensive dinners and all that gone down I would wager.



    • And consultancy fees no doubt. Like a small scale HS2 in the UK where they have spent so much on consultants and design reports that they now claim they cannot afford to cancel the worthless project whose sole aim is to save about 20 minutes on the journey time from London to Birmingham. Sheer hubristic idiocy. It wouldn’t surprise me if the UK government borrows the money to build the line from China and then pays the Chinese to build it, they have already said the can build it better and quicker.
      Meanwhile this interesting video just in from a correspondent about what the Chinese are doing in South Africa – the presenter must have read my notes:



    • My next door neighbor had booked a cruise from Aussie up through South east asia ,India,etc etc ,through the Suez and Med and on to GB,$39.000 five weeks including 1st class airfares to Aussie and back through the States home.
      He’s losing the lot because his insurance won’t cover the loss ,and the cruise company are telling him the cruise is still departing on time, apparently the company are bring there ships back to the UK so that particular cruise is still on and not been cancelled,needless to say they aren’t happy but also aren’t going.



      • Once word of such things gets around it will be the final nail in the coffin of cruise line companies. Still the ship breakers of Bangladesh and Pakistan will be doing a roaring trade breaking up all these cruise liners for scrap. Every cloud etc.



      • Has this person decided not to go? That is their choice & a calculated decision.
        On many types of travel there is an option to pay extra for flexi, or rebook at a later date.
        Unless the terms of the insurance taken includes ‘cold feet’ as a reason to cancel, then it sucks for them – but them’s the breaks if that’s their decision.

        Unless I was an octogenerian, I would consider the risk is still low compared to the heavy financial hit.
        Besides – sounds like a good trip! (despite IMO being on a cruise ship, and tagging along with other tourists at every stop, with little genuine interaction with locals or individual exploration; this is far from my idea of what makes overseas travel enjoyable).

        And if I was an octogeneraian, I would still go. How many chances in life are there for such a trip, and “wait and see” is simply another calculated risk at that age. You might drop off the perch at any moment.
        Live Till You Die.

        Personally, I am going to reduce exposure to humanzees in general, like less shopping and less eating outside of home – but we have already decided as a household that we can’t eliminate social activity – and I am still gonna go and see Iron Maiden in May.



        • Won’t be much fun if you’re confined to your cabin for the duration.
          Even if you don’t get sick yourself, what happens if the ship is quarantined in the middle of nowhere and you get to be cook and bottle-washer for the crew who are confined to their cabins?
          The trip of a lifetime has the potential to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.



  3. he $2.4 billion Government investment in new roads and rail in South Auckland will pave the way for New Zealand’s first “new town” — a city that will ultimately be bigger than Napier — at Drury.

    Located just off the motorway some 34km south of the Auckland CBD, Drury is suddenly the centre of attention and growth. The once-sleepy area will soon get two new railway stations, an electrified line through to Pukekohe, and the Mill Rd interchange to the motorway.

    Major developers like Kiwi Property, Oyster Capital, Fulton Hogan and the Stevenson Group are under way with plans for a new town centre and commercial district, as well as residential homes and an industrial park. Another area being developed by Charles Ma will also sport eco islands.

    Master plans have been developed and over time the developers expect up to 200,000 people will be hosted here.


    Perhaps the Govt. could do the same for Western BOP at Paengora and hamiltong and then join up the rail.
    But they wont.
    Not labour Territiry.



  4. New Zealand is running out of chiller storage for farming products destined for export but held up because of the coronavirus outbreak, says a sector leader.

    The disruption of supply chains means there is a backlog of products at Chinese ports.


    And ships have piles of containers waiting to be unloaded as well. Tauranga has containers piled up but the thousand.



    • running out of chiller storage for farming products

      A big concern, as there will be a considerable amount of money, tied up in that stock.
      Sort of hope that they are on very cheap interest rates, and just how is this being financed?
      The cost of storage will soon eat up the value of the product.

      Then the issue is how long can those “Freezing Works” companies keep on doing this?
      A close down just for good finance principles, so as not to over reach will not be good.
      The risk of going bankrupt will also be an increasing risk.
      Farmers with stock recently sent in the past few weeks of that event will be painfully stung.

      A backlog of cull ewes, and cull cows.
      The other part of the backlog is the backup of prime lambs and prime cattle, that should have been processed months ago, and still eating grass on the farms.
      The drought means quality of grass is low, and good growing grass is not happening.
      So some of those prime stock are in melting moments, and stopping the finishing off to prime many other stock still on farm.
      The prices of stock has been easing back over the past few months, but fortunately from a high, and is sort of a seasonal thing, but much more easing will bite seriously on the profitably of farming.

      The effect of this will magnify if those stock are not able to be sent where there is feed, and if a good autumnal rains come too late, and near winter so there is no usual build up of a “grass wedge” or “winter crops”: that the usual “capital livestock” are wintered on.

      It is one of the reasons why there seems to be concern about lending limits to farms and wanting the banks to be easier.
      Never forget that all money must be paid back later.

      Sailing “close to the wind”, and seeing a “perfect storm” on the horizon.



        • I have been wondering that too,

          Though the “schedule” is easing from a high.
          Surprisingly the “schedule” is not too bad, yet.

          It is the ACC, Health & Safety regulations, Labour laws, Holidays, Compliance systems, with inspections overlaid with Human Resources Departments.
          Then there is hygiene standards inspections, halal certificate fees, meat inspectors.
          Resource Management Consents, waste disposal, council, regional and governmental inspections, water intake.
          Finance costs, accountancy, auditory controls, GST, etc..

          All sort of ‘important’ impositions of costs, that could easily tip over any business.

          If the business sells locally any of those export containers, then it will probably have to pay back to the government the GST it has claimed for exporting.

          Government regulations means it is illegal for any farmer to kill an animal and sell it the public, even to the local vet as barter.



      • Which all shows the great wisdom of Trump in protecting US manufacturing jobs from predatory Chinese trade practices. Most of the western world has been exporting their manufacturing capacity to China and now that they’ve caught a cold – the whole world economy is experiencing indigestion.



  5. OMG the parrot will be in fulkl flight today.

    Scientists in Israel say they’re very close to producing a vaccine for COVID-19, the deadly coronavirus which is sweeping the world.

    As of Friday morning there have been 82,500 confirmed cases and 2810 deaths from the virus, which emerged in China over the new year.

    Israel has had three confirmed cases, one of whom has fully recovered, and no deaths.
    Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis on Thursday (Israel time) said they were just a few weeks away from having it ready.

    “I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVID-19 threat,” he said, The Jerusalem Post reported.

    The potential vaccine is being developed at the Galilee Research Institute. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered scientists to work on a vaccine in the first week of February, the Times of Israel reported.

    The scientists stumbled upon the potential vaccine by “pure luck”, biotechnologist Chen Katz told The Jerusalem Post.




  6. Message for Cindy.

    Donald J. Trump

    With approximately 100,000 CoronaVirus cases worldwide, and 3,280 deaths, the United States, because of quick action on closing our borders, has, as of now, only 129 cases (40 Americans brought in) and 11 deaths. We are working very hard to keep these numbers as low as possible!

    From you favourite kick arse leader.



  7. Sounds like war.

    Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu…. said Greek police had wounded the scores of migrants trying to cross the border.
    “They wounded 164 people. They tried to push 4,900 people back to Turkey,” he said. “We are deploying 1,000 special force police to the border system… to prevent the push-back.”


    So the invasion is planned to continue, with just a little Turkish assistance. 🙁



    • Since the outbreak of coronavirus hysteria I have made predictions:

      1. It is global and uncontained.
      2. It in NZ or soon will be.
      3. It’s no worse than other cold/flu coronavirus.
      4. That existing coronavirus strains will continue to kill more people.

      This has caused imbeciles to furiously down tick my predictions and post drivel from their fake news outlets.

      My score: 100%
      Inbeciles: 0%

      With this sort of ignorance of science and abysmal predictive ability, the imbeciles should become climate modelers.



    • Second police officer gives the man a high five on the way in to the restrained POS.
      Nice work done – then strolls off with doggie.
      Doggie wagging tail the whole time, watching the primates play fight.



  8. Peters sneaked off to NY to sign the UN Immigration Pact without asking voters and now he is saying immigration must stop. Hypocritical old arsehole. Now Peters said “the party wanted to lead a public discussion with voters about a population policy.”
    “The current immigration track must stop and only New Zealand First, with a stronger hand in 2020, can make this happen,” he said.

    Provisional growth fund first bottomline for NZ First in any post-election talks
    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has named his first bottomline for any post-election coalition talks – the provincial growth fund in its current form.



  9. FBI missed chances to stop domestic terror attacks because of lack of follow-up: DOJ watchdog

    The FBI missed opportunities to stop domestic terrorists from killing Americans because they failed to conduct follow-up investigations of people identified as violent extremists, the Justice Department watchdog said in a scathing report released Wednesday.

    At least six terrorists who carried out separate attacks killing 70 people had been on the FBI’s radar, but agents quickly closed the cases after concluding they were not national security threats, Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz said in the report.




  10. In taranaki there was an early morning crash at Stratford yesterday. Three people in a car, run of the road. two run away, one young girl is on the road and gets survely injured! I think from memory it was before 6am, I maybe wrong I can’t find yesterday’s internet paper. It turns out the car that hit her was driven by a “Worksafe” employee. They are now spinning it as the girl run out onto the road, throwing herself in front of their car! Now there is a car crash, with the car in the ditch, would you be doing 100km past it? Or would you slow down a bit in case you need to stop and render assistance etc as the photo looked as though the drivers wheels were still on the road, so it would be close to the lane. Anyway they are saying that the girl run out on to the road and basically throw herself under their car and not their fault!
    Do you think that Worksafe were driving with all due care and attention that someone in their position should have at the scene of an accident?



    • Worksafe is just another sheltered workshop for the former Dept of Labour inspectors. Most are nasty little people with clipboards & a deep desire for revenge on a society that has shunned them since their miserable births. Totally psychopathic & full of shit they interpret & enforce petty legislation written by idiots who have totally lost any contact with reality.

      If they ran anyone over it would be written off as collateral damage to the main task of shutting down NZ farms & factories.



    • The writer will claim journalistic licence.

      “She subsequently ran on to the road and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.
      “She sustained moderate injuries and was transported to hospital for treatment.
      “Police have since located the person believed to have been driving the car at the time of the crash. They are now also receiving medical treatment.


      Sounds like the “work safe” did not hang around.
      Ambiguous journalistic writing.
      I think it is referring to the original driver of the crashed car who ran off.

      Though I would not be surprised if the “worksafe” also bunked off. 🙁



  11. Earlier today I get dragged to the supermarket to “help” with the shopping. Suffering the effects of terminal boredom while Mrs Nasska & a long unseen friend jabber away like stoned starlings while blocking the shampoo/soap aisle for ten minutes I notice about two metres of unstocked prime retail estate.

    Turned out to be where hand sanitiser is normally displayed. It set me wondering how in this day & age we can have stock shortages of an item consumers obviously want. We’re not talking about something that occurred last night……Covid-19 was notified to the great unwashed in early January (or before) & there’s been plenty of time for manufacturers to respond. Instead of replacement stock we get more lies from the professionals:

    Hugzilla calls for calm & New Zealand Food & Grocery Council chief executive Katherine Rich said suppliers had no general concerns about their ability to continue to supply the vast majority of food and grocery items.

    This while there’s hardly any toilet paper on the shelves! Moscow shoppers in 1980 should have had it so good.



    • You didn’t spot any violet leaf extract did you?

      I read today that 50 tonnes of vitamin C tablets were delivered to the outbreak epicentre, Wuhan yesterday.
      Odd that China produces 97% of the worlds drugs and end up using a tried and tested vitamin.

      Latest WHO update to browse.
      Remember folks, they have specifically told us, this is not a pandemic.

      WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 5 March 2020



      • On Kiwiblog today “Ed Snack” @ 12.18pm posted this link:


        It postulates a theory that “a key cell receptor involved in Wuhan 2019-nCov entry to cells is expressed at considerably higher rates in Asian populations than in European and African populations.”

        My eyes started to glaze over half way through the article but you may be able to make sense of it & give us an opinion.



        • Nasska.
          It was as I suspected a few days ago.
          This is a targeted contagion specifically designed to infect Asians and males especially. There will be a few “other” susceptible people who may contract a virus, that is similar, and perish, who will be lumped into the numbers.
          From data that was gathered post SARS the same demographic was significantly affected. If my memory serves me correctly, very few if any other race types died from the SARS virus.

          Much has been made of the need to reduce the worlds population and China’s initiating, and then dropping the one child policy was foolish.

          I have been trying to dig deeper into who is behind this, and am pondering as to why China’s biggest business, Alibaba Group Holding Limited ( is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology and the world’s largest e-commerce company. Founded: 4 April 1999, Hangzhou) uses the name Alibaba.
          Its not Chinese, it’s Arabic.
          The forty thieves may have significance, and also “Open Sesame,” as sesame seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity.
          I’m thinking the Arab oil magnates actually own Alibaba. The richest families in the world aren’t all white. They may be the the hidden names of the NWO.
          Just my theory.



    • Quite right nasska, the run on “hand sanitizer” in New Zealand was completed by the end of January, early February.
      Nor do I believe it was the locals that bought it all up.
      A nice little earner for the highly skilled imported entrepreneurs, if you know where to post it to. 🙁

      In the mean time crickets. and no pressure to gain supplies for the general New Zealand public.
      No questions from the “journalist” brown nosing media.

      Due to a condition for a certain period of time, I had to be extremely careful about the risk of getting an infection.

      From hospital time, certainly learnt about the judicious & timely use of hand sanitizer.
      Absolutely reiterated by the good nurses & doctors, during my care.

      Hand sanitizer filled the gap between soap & water as one can not carry the bathroom sink around with them.
      Even after being discharged the “professionals” told me to maintain complete hygiene.
      Hand sanitizer usage continued, & became a habit in my life, though I did it discreetly.
      Full recovery occurred, so not so important, so long since eased up, but sometimes still handy to use, in some situations, like in the car.

      However I noted that hand sanitizer disappeared off the shelves in very early February.
      Every where now for over a month, “out of stock”.
      Or “delivery will be in April”

      So the governmental blurb is full on, soap & water regularly, and not to worry, if one can not fill the gaps.
      Just use more soap & water, so the man from the government tells us.

      The government, if they were not aware of this shortage, are very remiss. and showing the official departments incompetence.
      If they are aware of this, then they are trying to cover their own inaction, and incompetence from over a month ago. so this overly “white washing” with soap and water does not wash with me.

      There are some other alternatives, that I have quietly stocked up on, but I also think I may not be the only one, as the shelves are getting less of those two



  12. Forced inspections and mandatory isolation: The Government’s flu pandemic ‘special powers’

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has already exercised border controls to keep COVID-19 out, confirming this week that a temporary travel ban on China and Iran will remain until further notice, and arrivals from South Korea and Italy will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

    In the case of a virus spreading throughout New Zealand, the Government could consider exercising “special powers” to be authorised by the Ministry of Health, or by an epidemic notice, or where an emergency has been declared.

    The last time the National Security System was initiated was on March 15, 2019, after a gunman shot dead 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch, sparking an emergency meeting of heads of relevant agencies at Parliament’s bunker.



  13. DHBs accused of charging doctors for personal protective gear amidst COVID-19 outbreak

    A group representing doctors say it’s “absolutely unacceptable” and “unethical” that some DHBs are charging doctors for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the midst of New Zealand’s Coronavirus response.

    Personal protective gear is the gloves, gowns and masks GPs need to properly and safely check patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

    Ministry of Health director-general Dr Ashley Bloomfield told a media conference today all GP clinics now had the equipment.

    But New Zealand Medical Association GP Committee Chair Dr Jan White told Newshub her clinic had not seen any supplies from either the DHB or the Ministry of Health.



  14. Hey guys. If you are gonna go on a cruise, the Diamond Princess decks have been swabbed, so it’s all fine now.
    Yep, sure is amazing how quickly she has been inserted back into service. Really amazing.

    New Upgrades Debut onboard Diamond Princess.

    Princess Cruises guests aboard Diamond Princess will now enjoy a refreshed onboard atmosphere following an extensive 14-day, multimillion dollar dry dock in Singapore, continuing Princess Cruises “Come Back New Promise” commitment focused on investing more than $450 million across the global fleet.




  15. Not just me, a few others now.

    Iranian General: Coronavirus Is A Manmade Bio-Weapon

    Strongly hinting that the the virus is a bio-attack by the US, Jalali told Iranian Fars News Agency, state media, that he is seeking “laboratorial investigations and comparing the genome of the primary virus and the new genomes” to confirm his theory.

    Iran has been accused of covering up the real extent of the outbreak within its borders. At time of writing it has officially recorded only 92 deaths from 2,922 cases, but those numbers are significantly lower than what independent reports and claims from dissident groups within the country suggest. The real number of deaths is thought to be in the high hundreds or thousands.




  16. Stole this comment. It’s very good:
    “This Government demonstrates some pretty clear racial and religious prejudices and I wonder how outspoken Ardern would be if the Jones’ target had been Muslims rather than Indians.”



  17. Tommy Robinson speaks very well, a new subject for him, and has thoughtfully looked at. One can feel he speaks from his heart, being a parent.
    He brings his vast experience of how the media, politics treats him and the understanding of how they are dealing with people on this issue.
    It shows how Tommy has a gift of staying on track, and has also allied himself to others, in following the truth, that some believe he would not tolerate.

    “Tommy Robinson on Trans as as vector of cultural marxism”
    16 mins 26 secs.
    This is Tommy Robinson’s segment of the launch of a new organization of classical liberals in the UK.

    This is about the new curriculum that is being introduced in British schools, that sexually educates children about all the genders and changes, of what a child can wish to be.

    I do not know where the NZ education system is on this, but I doubt that it will be far behind, and will be lining up for the most opportune time to set this in our curriculum.



  18. This is how the UN and its number of subsidiaries like the IMF plan to remove the cash problems.
    Being a summary. not too much gobbley gook and shows reasonably well why UNicorns need more control over your money, so that you will pay money to them for having money in an unlimited negative interest business.

    …… a recent IMF staff study shows how central banks can set up a system that would make deeply negative interest rates a feasible option. …..

    It shows that people, able to have cash buggers their ideas.
    So they have come up with ideas to bugger you.

    ….. require important modifications of the financial and legal system.
    In particular, fundamental questions pertaining to monetary law would have to be addressed and consistency with the IMF’s legal framework would need to be ensured. …..


    What will the unintended consequences of this “pie in the sky” that will create so many more marvelous investment opportunities, with increased lending, boost demand, and stimulate the economy. yeah right.

    So at some stage, over the years NZ has probably signed up to this? or has it?
    Can NZ buck this UNicornical controlling financing system?
    One of those glitches, to moderation.
    Thanks in advance Ed..
    Perhaps the the UN doing not like New World money controlling ticket clipping for its elites being exposed? 🙂
    Perhaps they are being rewarded with UNicornical fairy dust, which our local supporters seem to revel in. 🙂

    I think after raising the TR name in the comment above, where others that have, have been taken down by face book & twitter.

    Maybe, on the same subject the key word used twice in the comment could be how some people do their “rogering” but then, each to his own, 🙂 The topic by such “snowflakes” 🙂



      • Key needs some more dosh and some more nosh. On us.
        I’m sure these people will save us.
        A passionate student of leadership, Dallas and his CrisisX team work with some of New Zealand’s biggest organisations on unique crisis simulations which gamify an intense, escalating crisis to replicate the pressure of a real event.

        Gamify? What the bloody hell does this mean? What crisis?
        Another Chch event?



    • “While individuals will find CrisisX incredibly beneficial, we recommend organisations purchase an entire table of six to enable most, if not all, of their crisis management team to attend and practice their crisis readiness together.”

      At $1400 plus GST, I’ll have six thanks.
      Then we’ll hear how NZME manages crises, how a highly successful Newstalk can be turned into a bunch of leftie wankers all hostessed by Nadine Chalmers who can read the news in a frock.

      Didn’t notice the date – is it April 1?



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