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  1. Doesn’t that photo of Whinestone shows him for exactly who and what he is. Liar, crook and very nasty man. He should retire Narcissists typically don’t want to do that, as they love the control. Noddy face ptpm is his toy, all she can do is nod and make faces to his tune. Its actually really sad what we have come to.



    • So true – but we intelligent thinkers of the centre right have to ask ourselves so what was the cause of this decay of our once great nation?

      And the answer is – this ridiculous state of affairs is only possible because of MMP.

      It is the root of all evil in NZ.

      Under FPP, the 2017 result would be:
      – National – 69 seats
      – Labour – 49
      – ACT – 2
      – NZ First -0
      – Greens – 0
      (based on electorate seats (increasing to make a house of 120))

      Seems fairly obvious why the fascistic left is so enamoured of proportional representation – it is the only thing that can overturn the will of the people. It rewards them for increasing the ranks of the indigent and it rewards them for importing even more indigent from overseas.

      Winston isn’t the problem – he is a design feature of the system we keep on self-wounding our democracy with.

      I think most sane people will recognise that Trump has been a marvellous President for ordinary Americans (couldn’t have happened under MMP)

      I think most sane people will recognise that the UK has done very well to escape from the horrors of the European Union (couldn’t have happened under MMP)

      At the same time we have had to endure the most underwhelming and vandalistic of governments our nation has ever seen (only possible under MMP).

      Only in an MMP environment would Winston have had any influence – and when he’s gone – some other opportunistic scab will do the same.



      • it is the only thing that can overturn the will of the people

        Here in New Zealand, definitely. Labour and the Greens, traditionally the far-left received ‭1,118,627‬ votes. National, the centrist party received 1,152,075 votes. Excluding ACT (Liberal, freedom) and NZF (Right, insane, stupid) they still had more votes than the far-left. The fact that Winston Peters allowed a left wing government to be formed was against the will of New Zealand.

        I’m not sure about the US scenario though. The shit-stain Hillary Clinton got 65,853,514 votes. God Emperor Trump got 62,984,828. The will of the people there, rather stupidly, would have landed them with a socialist, regressive government. The electoral college overturned the will of the people and made the right choice.

        Their (version of MMP, go with it okay) gave them a good result. Our one gave us a shitty result.



        • I don’t really see the electoral college system as having any of the straight-PR hallmarks of MMP. It seems to me to be far more like FPP than MMP.

          The founding fathers established the electoral college system as a bullwark against the “mob-rule” of democracy – they were worried 200 years ago – about what we’re seeing now with MMP. It seems humanity has got stupider since 1776,

          But if you can clarify what it is about the electoral college approach that sits it alongside MMP in your mind – I’d be very interested.



          • I agree, hence the “go with it” comment. The only similarity is in the vote versus outcome scenario. The popular / majority vote in both scenarios were ignored and the opposite result is what the voters ended up with. One through the Electoral College. One through Winston Peters. One good. One bad. Both the opposite of what the voters asked for.



    • Perhaps we should read the founding document for the National Party written in 1936 By Sir Sydney Holland and his supporters.

      Unfortunately I can’t post it but the ed. can. He has a copy I think.
      reflect on that and wonder how the Catholic National Maori Party have actually gone away from their principles and consider that maybe Winston is actually the consevative Party people seem to want.
      Like the Police Service their are plenty of nasties in politics including at the top of National who really have been very poor performing stewards of our nation. Bulger being a good example but just one of many.

      Personally I can see not a single National MP who stands out as an inspiring leader. Not one.
      Perhaps we need and ACT, NZ first coalition that can kick Nationals arse and get NZ up and running.
      Indeed we should think about even ACT NZ First and Labour.
      Because at the end of the day the Nats. can never govern alone and heaven help us if they did.

      Ed you might like to post that Pic.



  2. Proof the Democrats are thick as pigshit

    Mini-Mike Bloomberg spent over $500m on his nothingburger campaign.

    Around 125 million voters turned out in the last US election – he could have written a cheque for $4 million to each of those voters instead. That would have made a huge difference to just about every one of those voters – and he’d have had no problem beating Donald Trump.

    He wouldn’t have had to link the cheque to anything – there would have been no “quid pro quo” – he could have just handed the money out and cruised into the White House without campaigning.

    And he’d have changed the lives of every American family for good.

    It’s that easy – but then what would I know – I haven’t been infected with TDS so maybe I’m missing something.

    They are not just evil – they are stupid and evil.



  3. Tommy Robinson speaks very well, a new subject for him, and has thoughtfully looked at. One can feel he speaks from his heart, being a parent.
    He brings his vast experience of how the media, politics treats him and the understanding of how they are dealing with other people on this issue.
    It shows how Tommy has a gift of staying on track, and has also allied himself to those others, that some believe he would not tolerate, but does, in following the truth.

    “Tommy Robinson on Trans as as vector of cultural marxism”
    16 mins 26 secs.
    This is Tommy Robinson’s segment of the launch of a new organization of classical liberals in the UK.

    This is about the new curriculum that is being introduced in British schools, that sexually educates children about all the genders and changes, of what a child can wish to be.

    I do not know where the NZ education system is on this, but I doubt that it will be far behind, and will be lining up for the most opportune time to set this in our curriculum.

    Posted late last night, and worth a morning repeat.



  4. “Where are we going Piglet?” asked Pooh.

    “We need to get supplies,” said Piglet. “For the Coronavirus”

    “Ahh,” said Pooh, nodding in understanding. “Things like bread, milk, cough mixture, tissues and cat litter even though we don’t have a cat?”

    Piglet did a little laugh, and a sort of leap and bit of a cough. “No,” said Piglet. “No, those aren’t the sort of supplies we need at all! What we need are family sized bags of chocolate buttons, massive toblerone, jelly babies and crunchies and a freezer full of stuffed crust pizzas, and all of the Prosecco that we can possibly carry, so that when we get quarantined we won’t mind it even slightly. THOSE are supplies.”

    All of a sudden, Pooh thought that the idea of coronavirus didn’t seem quite so bad, and actually, getting quarantined with Piglet and their supplies really didn’t sound such a terrible thing after all. “Oh Piglet,” said Pooh. “I really do think you are a very wise animal.”



  5. The local Timaru Courier free paper breathlessly informs us that South Canterbury employers are interested in what skills the first family of refugees due to arrive in the city next month might have. Timaru is one of the six new refugee settlement locations announced by the Government last year. This is exciting for employment opportunities, a refugee settlement manager started last month and a volunteer co-ordinator. a case worker and a cross cultural worker would also soon be appointed.
    Wonder what skills the family – of eight will have – other than impregnating his wife.



    • ……”a refugee settlement manager started last month and a volunteer co-ordinator. a case worker and a cross cultural worker”……

      Wrong employees. Two more cops specialising in youth crime & a dedicated unit to handle their benefit applications at the local WINZ office would be better.



  6. I also note that Te Runanga o Waihao Arowhenua states that the small town just north of Waimate – on SH1 – Makikihi should be Makihikihi . Makikihi is the home of the fries, never thought that the Maori had a written language so not sure how that matters.



  7. This is how the UN and its number of subsidiaries like the IMF plan to remove the cash problems, so that there will be no limit in negative interest rates.
    Being a summary. not too much jargon and shows reasonably well why UNicorns need more control over your money, so that you will pay money to them for having money in an unlimited negative interest business.

    …… a recent IMF staff study shows how central banks can set up a system that would make deeply negative interest rates a feasible option. …..

    It shows that people, able to have cash stuff-ups their ideas.
    So they have come up with ideas to stuff-up you.

    ….. require important modifications of the financial and legal system.
    In particular, fundamental questions pertaining to monetary law would have to be addressed and consistency with the IMF’s legal framework would need to be ensured. …..


    What will the unintended consequences of this “pie in the sky” that will create so many more marvelous investment opportunities, with increased lending, boost demand, and stimulate the economy. yeah right.

    So at some stage, over the years NZ has probably signed up to this? or has it?
    Can NZ buck this UNicornical controlling financing system over your money?

    Posted late last night, worth another consideration in this morning.
    Is this where New Zealand is going in the globalization agenda?
    So much easier to “give a haircut” to people with money in the bank.



      • “Kiddy talk”, both Ardern and Winston’s addled legal talk, were in agreement in signing over to the UN, New Zealand sovereignty with the “UN global Migration Pact”, in that field.

        A vote for Ardern’s Labour is a vote for Winston Peters,
        Both will be happy to give New Zealand financial sovereignty over to the UN. , as would the Greens.

        The crony capitalists, supported by increasing government regulations & bureaucracy, etc. will still remain and “clip the ticket”.



  8. Jethro is out earning money by staring in an advert in aussie as a stay at home dad with someone else’s baby on a front pack, doing the housework!
    What is the retirement package of a one term PM?
    Can anyone see her staying on if she doesn’t get UN job, will labour want her?



  9. Back in early 2011, when crude oil prices were around $US110, we were paying $NZ2.20-2.30 at the pumps.
    Roll the video forward to today, and oil prices have crashed to $US41. And yet, the local Z station is charging $NZ2.30 or so.

    I know there are mitigating factors, such as the local Auckland tax, the State taxes, and the US vs. Kiwi exchange rate, but I can’t help but feel that Kiwi consumers are being fleeced. (This is NZ, after all, and this is a nation of sheep…)

    Your thoughts?



  10. I must say I am enjoying Kiwiblog’s slack starts to the day.

    It means I can post up stuff between 8am and 9-10am and be assured that my posts wont get lost in the dross of the day.
    Fabulous free service to propagandise.



  11. I voted for the vile nasty little pisshead when he first formed his party ,the POS did way back then what he’s still doing now, start with the bullshiting about this time in the election cycle, promise everything and then say “well this is MMP you can’t always get what you want” after negotiations and breaks every promise he made .
    He’s a lazy entitled self serving Mongrel that during his university days denied his Maori heritage and was known as Luigi Peters, an Italian FFS.
    Apart from that he’s not a bad bloke LOL.



    • Jones 1 Adern 0

      Except in La La Labour Pesky Pervert Land.

      I am warming to Jones…. As I have said previously he comes across as the most lucid and intelligent of the whole lot. I know HDPA grilled him yesterday, but I thought he actually did OK. I especially liked his explanation for ditching Labour. The question to ask, who would you rather have at a BBQ? ( Look he is a pompous ass, with an ego that would make Caligula look like an amateur, but he does have something….) And NO I would not vote for him or NZ1st…. )



  12. In 2018 you donated to the Free Speech Coalition – which was founded as a result of Phil Goff de-platforming two Canadain speakers and Don Brash being ‘uninvited’ from Massey University.

    In just a few days, we raised enough money to go to Court seeking an injunction to overturn Phil Goff’s instruction.

    But it turned out Phil Goff had lied. Council officials swore that Phil Goff didn’t do what he publicly said he had – and that the reason the Canadian speakers were cancelled was because of health and safety reasons. That prevented an urgent injunction (as it would require the Court to properly test the evidence about the risks associated with the event).

    So instead of Phil Goff banning speakers, the Council invoked the “hecklers veto” – which is nearly as bad. We decided to continue and had a full hearing last year.

    I’m not going to replough the decision in favour of Auckland Council (you can read that here) – I’m writing to you today about a more recent finding Judge Jagose has issued.

    In determining the costs judgements for the High Court, the just said (my emphasis):

    Consistently with my conclusions RFAL exercised no public power in deciding to cancel the event – or public function, power or duty in cancelling the event – the proceeding did not concern any matter of public interest. The applicants’ self-interest, although not disqualifying in itself, here lacked the ‘watchdog’ quality informing public interest considerations on costs, and constituted “something of a crusade” to inject the subject matter of that self-interest into RFAL’s decision-making.^

    In short, the Judge is saying standing up for free speech is not in the public interest.

    Think about every environmental, NIMBY, or social justice group that goes to court and has costs awards foregone because they are deemed in the public interest. Those leniencies do not apply to free speech.

    The consequence of the High Court finding is that it costs dramatically more to defend free speech that it does the environment or other collective causes.

    And this is why we are sending you this email. For this judge, the fact that thousands of New Zealanders have donated to this cause is not enough evidence of its interest to the public.

    We want to demonstrate to the Court of Appeal that not only is this ‘public interest litigation’ but that the public is on our side.

    Will you take 30 seconds to sign our petition declaring that you are supporting the Free Speech court case? The petition tells them you’re not in this for personal gain, but out of your sense of public duty to defend free speech

    Free speech dies in silence. Let’s make sure they hear us:

    “I support the Free Speech litigation as I believe it is in the public interest. I stand to gain no personal benefit, but have supported the Free Speech Coalition out of a public duty to uphold the fundamental human right to free speech in New Zealand.”

    >> Add your name here <<https://www.freespeechcoalition.nz/public_interest?utm_campaign=200307_public_interest_2018&utm_medium=email&utm_source=freespeech



  13. Phil’s “utopia” but not for first home owners

    New south Auckland town could be a ‘utopia’ – Infrastructure NZ

    Transport Minister Phil Twyford said the development would undergo consultation, and expected some opposition. But he backs the plan.

    “This is a break from the ad hoc way we have previously planned our towns and suburbs. Instead of transport infrastructure having the catch up with housing development, we are investing in the roads and rail from the outset. For the first time, we’re putting the horse before the cart.”

    It might even pay for itself.

    “If these homes sold for Auckland’s median home value of around $900,000, $36 billion in residential development activity would be generated,” said Blair. “The Government would yield $5.4 billion in GST alone – more than twice its transport investment.”



    • This is the trouble, all these arguments and answers lined up on the Captain’s part because the mods have slept in, become useless because people have moved on to something else to debate..?
      What a fucking shambles !~



    • I put a probably over the top comment attacking SB2 in his insinuation that CMM is an Apartheid Apologist. It seems it got deleted, but there is no record of the [Deleted – Mod] for the comment. Unless I am senile and didn’t actually hit post. Basically I told SB2 to eff off and to stop denigrating people like you and CMM who are probably the most sensible posters on the blog. I don’t know why he gets the protection he does.



      • I can only assume that stephieboy is protected over there because:

        1. They failed to deal with him when he first began abusing me and now they can’t spin themselves free without acknowledging that KB provides a platform for personal abuse against private citizens.

        2. He’s useful clickbait (as are the other trolls)



        • He definitely keeps the comment counter ticking along Maggy. Personally I can’t stand the little creep but then again I don’t seem to get along too well with KB’s predominant grouping of social conservatives & Godbotherers either.

          It beats me how a professed liberal such as DPF attracts every repressive, religious reactionary who sees life through the lens of the bottom of a gin bottle. 🙂



  14. Apparently drive-through virus screening stations are a thing overseas. Patients don’t need to get out of their cars. Keeps waiting rooms and health staff safe. Why isn’t this being set up here?



  15. WORLD RECORDS – Women – Part 1

    Car Parking:

    The smallest kerbside space successfully reversed into by a woman, was one of 19.36m equivalent to three standard parking spaces, by Mrs E. Simpkins (NZ) driving an unmodified Toyota Corolla on 12th October 2014. She started the manoeuvre at 11:15am in Kuripuni, Masterton & successfully parked within three feet of the footpath, 8 hours 14mins later. There was minor damage to the bumpers & mudguards of her own & the two adjoining cars, as well as shop frontage & two lampposts.

    Group Toilet Visit:

    The record for the largest group of women to visit a toilet simultaneously is held by 47 workers at the Ministry of Social Development. At their annual get together at a night-club in Courtenay Place on 12th Oct 2003 Mrs. Beryl Crabtree got up to go to the toilet & was immediately followed by 46 other members of the party. Moving en masse the group entered the toilet at 9:52pm & after waiting for everyone to finish, emerged 2hrs 37mins later.

    Talking about Nothing:

    Mrs. Mary Caterham (NZ) and Mrs. Marjorie Steele (NZ) sat in a kitchen in Kerikeri, Northland & talked about nothing whatsoever for four & a half months from 1st May to 7th August 1998 pausing only for coffee, cakes & toilet visits. Throughout the whole time, no information was exchanged & neither woman gained any new knowledge whatsoever. The outdoor record for talking about nothing is held by Mrs. Vera Etherington (NZ) and her neighbour Mrs. Dolly Booth (NZ) of Ipswich, who between 11th November 1983 and 12th January 1984 rabbited on over their fence in an enlightening dialogue lasting almost 62 days until Mrs.Booth remembered she’d left the bath running.



  16. The dismantling of a Cabal?

    MbS Arrests Top Royals On ‘Treason’ At Moment World’s Attention On Coronavirus

    Black-clad and masked commandos raided the homes of the two men Friday morning on charges of treason, in what’s being widely interpreted as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s (MbS) broader “purge” of potential powerful rivals and centers of influence, which first began in 2017 when scores of princes and top officials were locked up in the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton.




    • BN

      Off topic but going back on last night’s discussion on ““a key cell receptor involved in Wuhan 2019-nCov entry to cells is expressed at considerably higher rates in Asian populations than in European and African populations.”

      It finally dawned on me that if the CCP were aware of this (as they almost certainly were) it would account for the draconian lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. It had me beat from the outset why a regime that considered its people to be largely expendable went to the trouble.

      We may well now know.



      • You are correct Naaska-san.
        Another glaring anomaly has befuddled me.

        China opens 1,000-bed coronavirus hospital after just 48 hours of construction.

        The Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Centre started receiving patients at 10.30pm the night after workers spent just 48 hours converting an empty building.
        From a journo’s twitter report:
        Amazingly, it seems the hospital was, in fact, built in a very short period but however short the period was a great deal of time in planning and pre-fabrication would have had to occur. This hospital was planned, it wasn’t built in response to the sudden coronavirus pandemic. And the hospital will most certainly not be just equipped to handle coronavirus cases whatever the number of cases is.



        • That would suggest that the CCP were expecting some version of an engineered virus attack but were vague on specifics.

          Initially I presumed that it was one of their own creations that escaped but now I’m not so sure.



          • Yes.
            And also, if an African or European contagion has been developed many will be working 24/7 to counter any outbreak.
            I notice China hasn’t played the blame game either.
            Every other country most affected are blaming the Americans.
            From an observational stand point, my guess is Italy, Iran and Korea are test beds for other variations.
            The UN are floundering, the people are waking up to their plan, they are desperate to regain control, through fear.



  17. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Shane Jones was ‘loose’ and ‘wrong’

    At least he doesn’t talk shit like she does.


    He said claims his stance on immigration was racist, or that he was inelegantly discussing the matter was “a perception that I now have to manage”.

    He portrayed New Zealand’s current immigration policy as being without public mandate.

    Immigration was a hot issue in the 2017 election, with both Labour and NZ First campaigning on a tightening of the immigration regime.

    “[Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway] has been quite gallant in his attempt to close various loopholes and tried to tidy up the deeply flawed and dodgy language schools, and tried to root out the recruiters that were shuttling people into low level visa factories – which is what many of the language schools are,” Jones said.

    “The Prime Minister has had her say … but I would say to all of my woke left critics, charges of xenophobia are never going to work with me. My whakapapa in New Zealand goes back a thousand years.”

    Nice slap down for the tart.,



  18. An old colleague (based in the UK) has returned from Japan and has been ordered to stay at home for 2 weeks or so by the UK authorities.
    I bought my ticket to Tokyo some time back, and am going in late May (even if the conference in Fukuoka I plan to attend is cancelled). I will just camp out at the relative’s place in Kanagawa Prefecture and make a nuisance of myself.
    I work from home, so if the NZ governement order me to stay at home on my return, then so be it.

    I hope that this virus thing will burn itself out before then. A lot of Chinese-tourist-dependent companies in Japan are in the poo (just like in NZ).



    • Right now in Thailand the military government is in a flurry as all of the chinese tourists have disappeared. Talk of them establishing a 100 billion baht fund to help out the tourism sector and the low income Thais who have relied on the chinese tourism market. Classic case of too many eggs in one basket. Also with this virus going around, the next year or 2 is looking particulally gloomy. I really do feel for the joe average thai over here and I support them whenever I can.



      • Trying to contain the spread might buy us time before the inevitable.

        I hope the government is using that time wisely to prepare. But it seems they are too busy promoting the Surpreme Leader to bother.

        The economic and social impacts are going to be severe for many. Hopefully it will wreck the housing market and bring it to its knees. So some good will come of it.



  19. If you did not see it and can find a copy of it, look at Tucker Carlson’s monologue on his program today. It is about how the USA let China take over much of it’s industry (by either beating them or encouraging them to outsource the manufacturing to China). He specifically talks about the pharmaceutical industry. 95% of all antibiotics in the USA comes from China, most of the ingredients for generic drugs comes from China etc etc. As Tucker says , China has the USA health industry by the b..ls.



  20. ..Norm goes to a shearing shed in the Aussie outback for a few months work, After two weeks he starts feeling horny and goes up to the station master and has a quiet word in his ear.

    “Listen mate, I’m feeling kinda horny, and this being me first time at a shearing shed, I was wondering what a fella’s gotta do around here for a root?”

    “Well,” said the station master. “There’s old Fred out back. Every now and then the blokes fuck him when there ain’t no skirt around.”

    Norm looked at the station master with shock. “No fuckin way, mate. I ain’t fuckin no god damn man!” and Norm stormed off in a rage.

    Two weeks later, Norms balls were on fire. His cock was red raw through wanking, yet he was desperate for some human contact. Norm walked up to the station master and said, “Listen mate, I’m desperate, I need a root so damn bad. Is that Fred still available?”

    The station master tells Norm that old Fred was still available and that he would bring him around straight away.

    Norm then said to the station master, “Could we keep this our little secret, I don’t really like the idea of fucking a man, and the fewer people who know about it the better.”

    The station master looked at Norm with those understanding eyes that come with spending many years in the outback and said, “Sure, only the five of us will ever know.”

    “What the fuck!” said Norm, “Five of us? ‘What the hell do you mean the five of us?'”

    “Well, there’s you … me … Fred, and the two blokes that have gotta hold him down, cause he don’t like it either.



  21. Spoken like the fuckwit he always was
    Cullen started chemotherapy this week, and can be treated nearby at Whakatāne Hospital.

    “I know what the end point is, so it’s a matter of trying to enjoy life … Resting up, spending more time with family and friends.

    “I’ve got certain goals in terms of that life span: one of them to be well enough in July to go with Anne [his wife] on a birthday holiday for her to North Queensland; the second is to survive to the general election, hopefully to see Jacinda [Ardern] elected; and the third is to survive until the American election in November, hopefully to see Donald Trump defeated.”

    He’d be better off dying sooner than later as his last two goals will not happen. I can tell him now that Cindy will not be our Pm, and Trump WILL be the president.



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