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  1. With the Greens its like all Communists “do as I say not as I do”, these people are scum masquerading as world saviours.
    Two mums Shawe flys all around the planet telling anyone that will listen to the little prick what a great job he did in banning plastic bags from our country, FFS we are buying plastic bags for bin liners now that have “10 times stronger than normal plastic bags” emblazoned all over the plastic packaging.
    I never thought it would get to the stage where I actually feel hate for these hollow self entitled C_ _ _Ts but I do.



    • If we just continued to buy plastic bags for their usefulness, then this ‘one use plastic bag’ ban would simply add up to a stupid and economically wasteful piece of virtue signalling…. but in itself not the end of the world.

      But it won’t end there. These imbecilic virtue signalling cunts will simply ban all plastic bags. Just like they did with the oil & gas industry, and the same as the gun confiscation, they have it perfectly within their power to make all plastic bags illegal with the simple stroke of a pen. And then all plastic used in food packaging will follow, until we are driven back into a pre-industrial society.

      There’s a deep post modernist anti-progress guilt psychosis at work here right in the heart of our government and if anybody thinks that National has either the power or the will to reverse any of this, then frankly they’re kidding themselves.



      • Right now the best use I could think of for plastic bags would be to strap Jacinda Ardern, Pooffy Robertson, Twitford, the toxic gnome Peters, Jimmy Two Mums, and the whole fucking lot of them to chairs in a dark basement and tie plastic bags over their evil creepy heads.

        This would be the ultimate ‘single use’ for a plastic bag and a video of the event should be sent to the dribble Bridges with the clear message to him and his party to get their acts together, lest the same fate befalls them.

        But I’m dreaming. As things stand, New Zealand will probably suffer another six years of these cunts, before the people rise up from the ashes and take the law into their own hands. By that time, however, it will be too late to salvage anything; the streets will be battlegrounds and our once proud country will be the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.



  2. Russia won the cold war.

    The left running our country, media, and places of learning, are all products of Russian communism. They infiltrated all our institutions successfully. The goal was to cause disruption and discontent. It’s clearly worked.

    Now Russia is a conservative country that does not tolerate the nonsense we endure in the West.

    They may not know it, but the Arden regime are Russian trolls.



    • The only reason I can think of as to why she is being so stupid over this is her desire to be in the headlines for one last time. She isn’t looking to good and might have decided to chuck in the towel..
      Boxers get concussion from all the head hits they take. The amount of head bobbing she does obviously has caused the same thing.



      • What would you expect from a narcissistic psycho who is forcing the victims to take part against their clear wishes, just so she can look good for the cameras, and push her hateful devisive message.



      • Last week was classic in the house when Simon got to her and made her somewhat angry, i have never seen a prime minister flomp back down so hard in the chair with a hurty face that it woke Winston up !~



        • Question: How do you know when a weak politician is playing politics?
          Answer: They say “This is too important to be playing politics with”

          But I don’t think they have much to worry about in the CoL, they have everything going their way:
          – widespread fear (usually a good thing for voters wanting stability and NOT voting for change)
          – an ever-increasing number of brain-washed voters coming on the electoral roll
          – an unlikable leader of the opposition

          The board has never been set in a more favourable way for the insane fascistic left wing.

          Just have a think about how many people you meet (and write-off) in your normal lives who talk up James Shaw or Jacinda or Greta or speak with TDS and I think it’s a lot more than we’d all like to think.

          The age of reason is over, the age of lies is upon us. I think the NWO have decided that 2020 is going to be a reset and I think the chaos we’re seeing around us now is just the tip of the iceberg. Disruption causes amazing cover for mass scale corruption and dishonesty – the pieces are in play and I think the globalists are going “Shit or bust”. They got away with murdering Epstein in plain sight, they are emboldened, Hilary is stirring from her pit again, Biden is being set-up to need a last minute replacement. There is an assassination, a false flag, a coup, mass voter fraud – something is in the wings in the US.

          They want the AR-15s for a reason.



      • Possibly others around her will “chuck the towel in”
        A “referee” may call off the fight, noting the heavy damage on her.
        Yep , that “head bobbing” could be the cause of those concussion effects, a vicious circle. “Medic medic”

        Doctor, “what day is it”?
        “Who is the Prime Minister of Australia”?
        “How many fingers”?
        “Who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand?”
        “ahhh, That confirms it”.



    • 17:08 GMT – Italy hits one-day record with 250 new deaths
      Italy has recorded its highest one-day death toll yet from cases of the new coronavirus, according to official data.

      There were 250 deaths recorded over the past 24 hours, taking the total to 1,266, with 17,660 infections overall, a rise of 2,547 since Thursday evening.




    • Given what is happening in Australia , eliminating big crowd gatherings, I think the Australian view of Ardern might drop even further.

      She will do what the Muslim community do not really want to do and then bring a few draconian measures to try to look “tough”.



  3. Ardern is looking quite ragged at the moment judging by all the pics in the media and the real rub of the current crisis has yet to really hit us. Looks like the strain of it all starting to bite. Is the great unraveling about to begin?



    • Lying continuously about everything takes a toll, the impossibility of keeping all the threads of untruths together eats away at you.

      I wonder how she (Skeletor Socialist Cindy) is keeping upright – you see those terrible videos of meth addicts who start off looking like perfectly normal fresh-faced and rapidly progress into drawn, angular, starey-eyed, short-tempered shadows of themselves – that’s how she looks these days.

      I think it’s the evil eating it’s way out from the inside.



  4. I see the regime has cynically decided to fly our flag at half mast outside parliament.

    Here we are a year later and thanks to Ardern – all Brenton Tarrant’s goals have been achieved. Being a lefty himself, Brenton knew how his people would react.



  5. Its only 5 cases When are The Australian and New Zealand Governments going to admit the country is compromised? My entire family have been unwell since visiting 3 weeks ago. But if I went to a doctor I wouldn’t qualify for testing

    “An Auckland mother with “every single symptom” of coronavirus says her requests to be tested have been rejected.

    Pippa Biggs, 43, said her eldest daughter got sick about four weeks ago, before NZ’s first coronavirus case was confirmed. Then she started to feel sick.

    “Last week, Friday, it hit me. I had such a terrible headache and fever,” Biggs said.

    Having struggled initially to get a hold of anyone, and having missed calls back while on other calls to Healthline, Biggs said she began to feel better over the course of the weekend.

    On Monday, however, her fever returned. She went home sick from the school she was working at as a learning support coordinator.

    “Because I work with kids across schools, I thought I should try and get tested,” she told Stuff.

    “I had all the symptoms. Every single one of them.”

    Biggs spoke with Healthline again, to see if they could help her get tested. After being told she likely did not have coronavirus, she went to see a doctor, who also contacted Healthline.

    The doctor was told Biggs did not meet the criteria for testing, as she had not travelled to other countries or had confirmed contact with someone with coronavirus for 15 minutes or longer.

    Biggs feared this approach to testing would “come back to bite” the country.

    “I keep doubting myself, thinking what if it’s not [coronavirus]. But I dont have to be right.”

    She said, before feeling sick again, she had returned to her work at a school with “immunocompromised children”, and “had meeting after meeting, meetings with elderly people too”.



  6. Universities warned travel ban was doing ‘incalculable damage’ to China relationship

    University leaders mounted a severe attack on the Government’s Chinese travel ban, telling Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern the loss of international students risked thousands of jobs and was doing “incalculable” damage to New Zealand’s relationship with China.

    Since the Government imposed travel restrictions on mainland China at the end of January, New Zealand’s universities have been open that the measures could do lasting damage to international student numbers and wipe out the projected surpluses across the sector.

    A letter sent by Universities New Zealand on February 12, released under the Official Information Act, warned time was running out to get the fee paying students “on whom our financial viability and the employment of thousands of staff depends”.

    Good. time for a clean out of these places.
    Doubt that thier concern runs to other Kiwi’s just thier own back pockets.

    Never listen to the over educated.




    • The Aussie Universities are the same and have gone further offering about A$7k to the students to get to Aussie via other countries –eg. via Thailand.

      Ignorant, self centred idiots.

      ” Good. time for a clean out of these places. ” –agree Viking.



  7. The universities should be told their first responsibility should be to provide a top education to New Zealanders before they embark on this money hit from offshore students.
    They have lost the plot and yes they need a cleanout but who is going to do that?
    National don’t even understand what is happening or if they do would be too scared to upset the anonymous funders .

    I note last night on Skynews there were some comments about Australian Universities being too reliant on overseas students.
    What a mess our politicians have created.



  8. Tracy Martin met with minister Pete Dutton, who has since been diagnosed with Covid-19. As a member of Parliament she has since been in cotact with Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern and a whole slew of fuckwits. As a concerned citizen I demand they follow the advice that theyre giving Kiwis. TO SELF ISOLATE for 2 weeks.



  9. Didn’t we let China steal our water?

    Last Week’s ‘Women’s Day’ March Led To Surge Of Deadly Coronavirus Infections In Madrid

    “This is the only thing that we know we can do to contain it,” Ruiz Escudero said of the calls for citizens to remain at home, adding that 190 people with the virus were now in intensive care in Madrid, while 40 people in the region have died.




  10. CoVid-19 is shaking money out of the governments like a salt shaker over everybody, taxpayer or not. 🙁
    Some very interesting points.

    Governments seek to revive “the economy” by scattering gifts of our own money wrapped in red tape. This encourages immediate consumption. But this stimulation stops dead when the money tap is turned off.

    Three simple measures from the three levels of government will create real long-term jobs without complicated political handouts that have no lasting effect.

    Firstly, in Australia, at least, abolish the federal Capital Gains Tax. Fear of the CGT has constipated private property transfer and investment for decades. ……..
    Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/03/pulling_away_from_these_two_dumb_liberal_ideas_will_go_a_long_way_to_creating_jobs.html#ixzz6GbqSGbXg
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    Some good points, but how far is this from “crony capitalism” and that is how fascists ruled.
    In New Zealand market forces will rule with the floating of the NZ$. yet stumbles against the Reserve Bank.
    The control by the Reserve Bank, and their guidelines for the interest rates is another issue that trips over the market forces.



  11. Piers Morgan is almost right – NZ is doing nothing as well

    The previously very woke and orthodox Piers Morgan has been coming back from the brink recently – he’s kind of like our own Sean Plunkett – he’s gradually been realising a lot of what’s going on in the world is just political and economic vandalism – but he back slides every so often.

    Still he’s right when he points out that it’s weird that the UK is doing nothing at all to enforce social isolation and distancing – he’s wrong though that it’s ONLY the UK that is really doing nothing in that regard – Skeletor socialist Cindy is holding out until after Sunday to put a rag on her head and pull that weird, mulish divesiddy/empaddy face of hers before doing the right thing and stopping big gatherings of people.

    Has there ever been a more pathetic, self-centred, desperate, try-hard person as PM??

    Or maybe she’s become a secret white supremacist and she’s hoping the anniversary celebration gatherings will afford her the opportunity to pass on Tracey Martin’s Covid19 infection and she will hug-infect our small, vulnerable muslim community and wipe them out?

    Who knows? Cindy lies so much these days that it’s impossible to know what’s on her warped mind.



  12. COVID
    Cabal Of Vapid Idealogical Drogos

    The present cabinet. The 19 brainless support acts propping up the Ardern creature.

    Total isolation from the mainstream of New Zealand society. Minimise the risk of infection while working on a vaccine in the form of a new political movement which has the interests of the country and its people at its heart.



  13. Many years ago in a MMO (Massively Multplayer Online) game called World of Warcraft there was a plague or a disease that came off a raid boss. The game developers had put measures in place to ensure players couldn’t carry the disease out of the raid into the general population, but some clever lads found that Hunters could get their pets infected, then dismiss their pets. When they resummoned their pets back in a capital city the disease would spread. And it would create chaos, killing hundreds and thousands of players.

    What made it of interest at the time was how the virus spread and there was actually some serious research done on the spread of viruses through contact. The same researcher at the time is now applying that knowledge to the Covid-19 pandemic and using it to help analyse and predict the spread.

    It’s also not the first time that video gamers have been used for scientific purposes. Games like EVE Online allows players to enrol in image analysis work for in-game benefit that helps to classify genomes, map terrain on Mars, etc.

    I like cool things like that.



    • We know the death rate. And lots of other stuff. It’s now accepted it will infect around 70% of the world.

      So we simply apply those percentages and we will know the outcome.

      But… we don’t know the many other effects on the economy and social matters.



  14. Mosque Shooting Commemoration Cancelled.
    Mentioned as “breaking news”

    A statement said: The event, to be held at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch at 3pm tomorrow 15 March 2020, was expected to attract a large crowd, with many travelling from around New Zealand and from overseas.

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says while we still have no community transmission of Covid-19 in New Zealand, we are taking a precautionary approach to protect the health of all New Zealanders.

    “This is a pragmatic decision. We’re very saddened to cancel, but in remembering such a terrible tragedy, we shouldn’t create the risk of further harm being done.

    “The advice we received for this event, is that based on people travelling from different parts of the country and from overseas, if there was a case it could be difficult to trace those who had come into contact with that person, so we are taking a cautious approach.

    What a mess of bobble head indecisiveness to last minute this.
    “and from overseas”
    Many will have already arrived recently in this past week.
    Some may be in the midst of catching planes to come to NZ.
    Have they jumped through other countries, before flying onto NZ?
    Would they cancel their supposed return flights, with no refund?
    So are they going to “self isolate” here in NZ, ?
    Soon, will they even be able to use that return ticket?

    So Ardern’s adhan will all be done digitally, tv, radio, etc… across the land, but not with such an attendant audience.
    Never mind; the Dubai’s highest tower will safely put up some major light show of her.



  15. Under sea fresh water aquifer 34 times the amount of water in Lake Taupo discovered off Canterbury coast

    Ice Age-era aquifer discovered beneath the ocean near Canterbury

    The discovery of a massive freshwater reserve off the Canterbury coast is raising questions over who controls supplies.

    The aquifer, underneath the Pacific Ocean, holds 2000 cubic kilometres of water – about 34 times as much as is in Lake Taupo – and is thought to be connected to an onshore system.

    The aquifer lies just 20m beneath the ocean floor, making it one of the shallowest ever found in the world. It reaches about 60km off the coast, and is partly replenished by rainfall and groundwater flowing from the coast between Ashburton and Timaru.



  16. I find it interesting that Bill Gates stood down today, from the board of Microsoft, straight after Trump announced via tweet
    “We will remove or eliminate every obstacle to deliver our people the necessary care they need.
    No resource will be spared.”

    It seems to me the elites are scared. Putting themselves into self isolation means, they are going underground.
    Gates, Trudeau, Hanks etc.
    By declaring a National emergency, certain executive orders can be implemented legally to stifle any and all threats to security and health.

    It also appears the wives or partners of the elite are more susceptible to the virus, as they seem first to be diagnosed.

    Could it be that 3B Scientific who manufacture most of the worlds IV bags and specialise in blood products for transfusion etc ,who are also, the providers of the stem cell extracts (Adrenochrome) that are supposed to keep you younger longer sorta, kinda, have tainted products?
    So…. where are 3B Scientific situated?

    Adrenochrome: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/substance/386330774



    • Trump, by invoking Emergency powers, doesn’t need permission to do anything.

      I do hope Chuckies nappies can contain overflow.

      Chuck Schumer
      As other actions are considered, President Trump must not overstep his authority or indulge his autocratic tendencies for purposes not truly related to this public health crisis.
      9:06 AM · Mar 14, 2020



  17. Bloody hell. From doing not much of anything, Cindy’s gone full retard. Batten down the hatches team, this is going to get pear-shaped real quick. If she was going to pull another knee jerk, it’s a pity she didn’t do it weeks ago. Now let’s find out how many people are really sick; not just the few who were eligible for the ridiculously strict criteria to get tested.



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