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  1. Watched Q+A last night and was insulted by the Hag sitting there, emulating the Jim Bolger style plum talk, talking about hate speech.
    She being the very person who slagged off the west coasters (and many others ) with exactly the sort of speech she is now wanting to control via some new outfit and more law.
    Talk about hypocrisy and double standards.

    Gees what did we ordinary plain speaking Kiwi’s do to deserve these self serving shit head politicians.



    • The Left sincerely believe Free Speech is free to talk about only Left speech and everything else is Hate Speech (and has to be banned). That it hasn’t dawned on them that the Left are eating their own demonstrates (again) their inability to think of the consequences of their actions.

      IOW, Clark being a hypocrite is par for the course.



  2. Amazing how Soper can twist things,it is Jacinda that has gate crashed proceedings not the other way around, and if there is any politician that rides on the back of others, to my mind, that is jacinda. As the article says Macron instituted this over 6 months ago.

    Jacinda got to have an opinion approx 8 weeks ago. Nothing worse than people inviting themselves to your party and then making it all about them.




  3. Does anybody know which subjects are failing at Polytech? I imagine certain fields are doing fine, perhaps even growing but subjects like ‘Maori basket weaving’ are probably doing poorly.

    It is interesting that they’ve managed to piss off students from China, Japan and the Middle East.



    • You’re right, he should complain to the IPCA.

      I’m actually amazed the media is now reporting on this abuse of power. Hurray for being able to go around the media, as I suspect that is the only reason the media are reporting it now: to be able to claim tokenism “No, no, we aren’t Left wing sycophants of Ardern. We can actually report the news. See, here’s a (super small) sample of news that goes against that narrative.”



    • Contacted by the ODT, police said they could not give details about the number of similar raids that had occurred since the March 15 attacks for operational reasons. ….
      ….. they said many individuals had been spoken to as a result of inquiries following the attacks, and “interventions” including arrests had ensued in a few instances.

      In “Cross the Rubicon’s” case was he only had a .177 air gun.

      I have posted before, but fits in here. ….
      [Cross the Rubicon] Since the Christchurch mosque attack I’ve had two visits from armed police
      16mins 56 secs.

      The police also blocked the street with their cars.
      He mentions the police angle of their questions.

      The pressure and stress is quite apparent on him, and it would seem that he should also be pitching for some of that “Victim’s Support” money. :-), though he is working through the police raid for himself.



        • I’m not quite getting the reference. Ness was part of the team that was after Al Capone via his bootlegging operations (since Prohibition was part of the then US Constitution). While the Untouchables never managed to charge Capone with this crime, they managed to inflict reasonable financial harm by disrupting it.

          I don’t get how that relates to busting open the homes of innocent people here in NZ.

          (Not that I agree with prohibition but at least it was an actual crime at the time and Ness was trying to bring down an actual gangster).



      • Still learning how ‘systems’ work, and now realize that the above link was another upload, and good on them too for helping to spread it far and wide.

        So the original is this.
        This is the same video, but is on “Cross the Rubicon’s” channel.

        Pleased to say it has now 11,600 views and 290 comments. 🙂 🙂
        So the news of armed police blocking the street with police cars is slowly going viral, in many ways.



        • Chris Bishop said he was concerned about what was happening and, as opposition police spokesman, would be looking into the reports when he gets back to Wellington. He said it is the Greens pushing hate speech laws with the help of Andrew Little.



  4. Just left Russia. I have to be honest here and say that the Police in Moscow do carry pistols, however the holsters are all leather with flaps over the pistol. You cannot see the pistol at all, so they are non threatening. Not surprised they are armed, a city of over 12 million people, and the capital. A wonderful city, not what I expected. Thank you Russia for a great holiday.



  5. So what guns will be next? Interesting fact from the Bishop meeting in TA last night, whereas some were saying that it is unrealistic to pay someone 18$ an hour for pest control if you can even find someone, iicensed and available when you need them. 50$ an hour was the price cited by the Pest control man that was there, who himself wasn’t sure if he would get approval for the most effective guns. We will be overrun by pests, especially in the short term, agriculture will suffer.

    So where is the SPCA screaming out for all of the wounded animals that will not be dispatched more humanely as currently (I assume).

    Another point made by one gun owner was that his gun was worth over 5k, he doesn’t have 5k to spend on another permitted gun to do the job that his semi did, so now has to wait for the buy back to be able to do that. There were a lot of pissed off ‘now’ criminals’ there. Is it now dobb in your neighbour if you hear semi automatic fire?

    Perhaps the gangs would like to perform the task, they will be the only ones left with guns.




    • On the pest control problems that will surface when farmers can no longer control a large herd of goats running in all directions, or thick skulled pigs who are left wounded and angry, or the myriad of other problems caused by a rushed law without consultation from users. What is going to happen to the idealistic plan to eradicate pests from NZ by 2050? If that target was ever going to be reached it has no chance of happening now.



  6. I see our globe trotting air miles PM is waiting to hear if a representative from the US will be attending.

    Don’t hold your breath chook as we are still waiting to hear about the steel subsidy you promised Trump would give us.

    Opps my nose is growing.



  7. DPF has an interesting point: we might be underestimating Jacinda Ardern.

    She can charm the pants of the media. That isn’t a terribly difficult skill to master for a Left wing politician since the bulk of the media are Left wing. A Right wing politican doing that would be extraordinary in skill. However, Ardern has the media wrapped around her little finger. There’s no point denying it. I do believe the media are willing accomplices.

    DPF was impressed with the Kumbaya that Ardern led. I wasn’t there, so perhaps DPF is right that Ardern can lead a Hippie Drum Circle really well. Still, it does come across as yet another appeasement attempt IMHO.

    She is a master of hugs and feelz. I doubt there is a NZ politician that can rival her on this category even slightly. Helen Clark wouldn’t be able to pull it off for example.

    She definitely proves the ancient Greeks right about politics. Fact don’t matter. It’s rhetoric that matters. This is worth bearing in mind.




  8. Fascinating but depressing isn’t it? At least we can take some comfort that not all of us are morons who would vote for our own demise as a society. Keep pushing left, the more resistance they’ll get. Stuff her 15 minutes of fame. It won’t last forever.



  9. Read this guys. Hobsons Pledge.

    URGENT: Please email Otago councillors now
    If you oppose un-elected tribal appointees voting on council committees, please urgently send an email to the Otago Regional Council chair and all councillors asking them to reject a proposal to include voting Ngai Tahu appointees on the council’s policy committee. Do it now!

    A proposal that the Otago Regional Council approves Ngai Tahu’s request for two voting appointees on the policy committee and authorises the chief executive to approach Ngai Tahu to nominate two such representatives is on the agenda for tomorrow’s (Wednesday, May 15) full council meeting.

    The proposal is privileged and racist and calls into question the fundamental principles of democracy in Otago.

    This privilege is denied not only to all Pakeha in Otago, but to all Asian and Pasifika citizens, all other races and cultures, as well as all non- Ngai Tahu Maori.

    By allowing two appointees to vote on the council’s policy committee, the proposal circumvents the requirement of Section 41 of the Local Government Act 2002 that only elected representatives may vote at full council meetings.

    The proposal also circumvents the requirement for a referendum because a referendum is only required if the proposal is for a Maori ward.

    With local elections in October, to legitimise the appointees, the council could and should put this to the people of Otago in a referendum.

    In our democracy, those who get to vote on council have put their credentials to the community and by gaining a seat through the electoral process can demonstrate they have the authority to act on behalf of their constituents.

    There is no indication of the credentials of the proposed appointees, as required by Clause 31(3), Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002.

    Ngai Tahu, which has received $437-million in Treaty settlements since 1998, recently failed in an attempt to have the law changed via the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu Representation) Bill, to be enabled to appoint two representatives with voting rights onto that council in perpetuity.

    Kaumatua Edward Ellison confirmed to the Otago Daily Times that the request for a seat on the committee was out of self-interest, “given the particular stage the council was at with important water plan changes”.

    See “Reaction mixed to ORC seats for iwi” at https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/reaction-mixed-orc-seats-iwi

    Ngai Tahu runs substantial businesses, many of which are rural which rely on access to large quantities of water.

    Your emails, to the mayor and all councillors, could be just one or two lines asking them to vote against the proposal for whatever reason you find most relevant to you. Eg

    Dear Stephen Woodhead, please vote against include voting tribal appointees on the council’s policy committee because the move is racist and profoundly undemocratic and the citizens and ratepayers of Otago have had no say in the matter. Signed . . . . . . . . . .

    Chair Stephen Woodhead Stephen.Woodhead@orc.govt.nz

    Deputy Gretchen Robertson Gretchen.Robertson@orc.govt.nz

    Dunedin Michael Deaker Michael.Deaker@orc.govt.nz

    Trevor Kempton Trevor.Kempton@orc.govt.nz

    Sam Neill Sam.Neill@orc.govt.nz

    Andrew Noone Andrew.Noone@orc.govt.nz

    Bryan Scott Bryan.Scott@orc.govt.nz

    Molyneux Carmen Hope Carmen.Hope@orc.govt.nz

    Dunstan Michael Laws Michael.Laws@orc.govt.nz

    Graeme Bell Graeme.Bell@orc.govt.nz

    Ella Lawton Ella.Lawton@orc.govt.nz

    Moeraki Doug Brown Doug.Brown@orc.govt.nz

    Note, you may send your message to all 12 addressees by inserting the mayor’s email address in the “TO” window in an email message and the remaining 11 email addresses in the “BCC” window.

    The agenda for the council’s meeting on Wednesday may be read here. See https://www.orc.govt.nz/news-and-events/events/2019/may/council-meeting-15-may-2019


    Hobson’s Pledge Trust



    • Some turkeys do vote for an early Christmas.
      Or if you are an ‘enlightened’, ‘liberal’ turkey you might vote for an early ‘Holiday’ since the other word is bad.
      Easter worshipers, and Holiday worshipers.
      Doesn’t have the same ring!

      I see the name Sam Neill as councillor and thought uh oh, Sam bloody Neill. He’s wetter than Lake Wakatipu then realise it is one of the others possibly from his family as they made their money from booze with Wilson Neill.
      The Actor chap was actually born Nigel Neill but it was not socialist enough so he used Sam.

      MikeH; can people outside the Otago region make submissions?
      PS. Local Govt in NZ is not democratic and years of piss weak LG Ministers has allowed them to crab walk away from core functions into social advocacy using increasing amounts of ratepayers money.
      Bring in:- one rates bill: one vote.



  10. 54% in a survey agree that live feeds should not be shown on the internet. With FB alone gaining 3000 hours a day of upload that is impossible to classify before loading. Not to mention even more for UTube and all the other platforms. Do the people who agree with censorship of the internet understand the implications of their virtue signalling? When a majority are cheerleading for censorship of the internet they have thrown away the right to free speech for the rest of us.



    • There go all the live egg hatching videos that I like watching and had thought to do 🙂 . Where are all the copycats since ChCh? So the internet is now going to be sanitised of all existing troubling content?



    • Anyone know of Horizon Research’s scientific rigour? They are the ones behind this one. I can see they were completely wrong about the capital gains tax (CGT).

      I’m particular wary of online poll results, which is the method of data collection that they used.

      For example, if they’re reliable then the poll at:

      Has the right wing parties romping home (See the Poll Results) with the New Conservatives even more popular than National.

      I’d love to believe it…



    • It’s very alarming, but it’s all hot air. There is no way the technology genie is going back into the lamp. Tarrant could have been lighting candles at his kid’s birthday party, rather than carrying out a heinous act. How can you control that? By the way, weren’t those Scandinavian girls beheaded in Morocco a few months back also live streamed? If so, where was the fuss? (silly girls..RIP)



  11. lol well that was scary I left a message on NZ First’s page as well, I have more facebook friends that follow them than I do who follow the Nats. I daren’t go to any of Labour or Greens pages, there must be a lot of them then, how very accepting of me. 🙂



      • Facebook friends don’t really count as real friends. I just don’t usually talk politics off political blogs, I am not sure that I like that facebook feature that tells everyone else who likes or has visited a site.

        For my part an absolute last ditch attempt to preserve our NZ, is my going over to NZ First’s page, let alone encouraging others to do the same, but I seriously think that the only chance people have of keeping their guns is for Winston to ‘hear’ the people.



  12. One of NZ’s more incompetent journalists (it’s a tight race, I know), Patrick Gower wants his arse handed to him again.

    Newshub National Correspondent Patrick Gower says he wants to have a rematch against Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

    Gower interviewed the pair on the day they were supposed to be speaking and said he was taken aback by their responses.

    Gower cries with

    “They weren’t very interested in being interviewed by me and they did not debate me – they went after me in a machine-gun speed verbal attack. I found their way of doing that at times absurd and disrespectful,” he said after the interview.

    No, you were just an imbecile who is used to people licking your arse. You were an idiot with idiocy as your argument.

    And, here comes the insinuation!

    Now, after investigating white supremacy in New Zealand as part of the Newshub Because it Matters series he said he’s ready to talk again.

    Gower pretending he has a backbone:


    I would love to finance a rematch. If I won Lotto, this would be a priority to bring them over for a general speaking tour and I’d aim it for August 2020. Let’s see how committed Ardern is to free speech…



  13. Petition from Taxpayers Union. Have a read and a chunder.

    After slaying Dr Michael Cullen’s capital gains tax proposal, we’ve now been putting more time into our usual work, exposing cases of government waste in Nelson, the Waikato, and Whangarei.

    Nelson: ? Hypocrisy emergency declared ?
    Nelson emergency

    While Nelson’s Mayor is trying to declare a “climate change emergency”, the Taxpayers’ Union is declaring a “hypocrisy emergency” covering Nelson City.

    Just last year, the Mayor embarked on a 36,000km climate junket to Denmark, which was primarily to view a yet-to-be-open climate change museum. Now she wants her council to declare an emergency over global emissions, despite her own brazen contribution!

    The Mayor should be sticking to her knitting – Nelson’s roads and rubbish – not making hypocritical declarations about global issues.

    By co-incidence, Mayor Reese’s proposal came at the same time we’ve been looking into her Denmark junket. We have obtained information showing that she spent four nights at a luxury hotel in Copenhagen costing the ratepayer nearly $2,000, and all ratepayers were left with was the bill and emissions.

    Stop your council from joining the madness
    If Nelson City Council approves the Mayor’s hypocritical “declaration of climate emergency”, it’s a fair bet that other councils will follow fast.

    These declarations may begin as harmless virtue signaling, but in the UK are being used to justify introducing new costs on ratepayers (despite the insignificant contribution to global emissions from councils).

    –> Click here to sign the petition telling councils to stick to their knitting. <–

    We'll be presenting to the Nelson City Council on Thursday.



  14. Population growth from migration remains at extremely high levels, with Statistics NZ estimating there was a net gain of 56,137 people in the 12 months to March.

    That was up 10.9% on the net gain of 50,628 in the year to March 2018.

    The net gain was the result of 152,212 permanent or long-term arrivals in the March year, less 96,075 permanent or long-term departures.

    So whinny has given in to the lefties. More Chinamen than ever moving here.

    I guess that’s a bit better than having Muslims move in.



  15. China retaliated by increasing tariffs on $60b of US imports by up to 25%;

    Well that will help the chinks. Food prices up, car prices up, inflation up.

    IMHO Trump didn’t quiet get this right.
    This will however do the trick.
    The problem in China is that their wages are so low. Well now they will have to increase themso they can eat. He should also have attacked their disregard for clean air and water and required that the Chinese govt. get that sorted. would have added to the cost of manufacture and thus the difference in pricing.




    • It doesn’t take much to worry the leaders of a one party state with a command economy. When the working class start feeling hungry there’s no outlet for their frustration & their miserable lives can’t get much worse if they openly rebel.

      I wonder if PriNZess ever thinks about what could happen in a Kiwiland with no free speech, an opposition of eunuchs, no oil or gas & a dairy sector legislated out of business.



  16. I have gone from looking at KB ten times a day to one or two times a week.
    I am kind of pleaesd that he has gone all softie liberal as I was wasting too much of my valuable time there.
    I hope YSB continues to do well.



    • …..”I hope YSB continues to do well”…..

      So do I. Hollysheet picked an auspicious time to kick off his blog. Whale’s site is foundering & DPF has been forced into unbelievably slow moderation which is fucking Kiwiblog to death.

      But the man has balls. YSB will come under attack from the authoritarian Left if it continues as a platform to expose the CoL. It will be equally opposed by the Catholic mafia who like National just the way they’ve shaped it.

      If they’re both against then we have a voice for freedom & the centre Right.



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