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  1. Once the CoL have completely brought the country to its knees, they’ll be able to justify every rich prick tax they could normally have only dreamed about. There’ll be no point working in NZ for anyone who wishes to achieve. The timing of the election, or events leading up to the election, are crucial. It needs to happen after Ardern’s halo is starting to dim from the low body count, and there’s been sufficient time post lockdown for the reality of the devastation she’s unleashed to set in. The longer she can stay in lockdown, the more damage she’ll do, but the longer it will be until the damage is apparent.



  2. Very hard to believe from the Treasury

    Well, finally we’re getting some economic policy advice coming out of the organs of state. The problem is that I’m finding it all very, illogical Captain.

    Have a look fellow YSBers at the latest briefing from Treasury, presenting a number of different scenarios based on how long lockdown lasts. If nothing else, the way the scenarios are presented is scaring the holy shit out of me – Scenario 3 contemplates 6 months in this insane lockdown!

    Are they completely fucking mad? Are they seriously thinking they might carry this nonsense on for 6 months?

    Aside from the utterly staggering prospect that grown-ups in Wellington are actually thinking this way (especially when it’s beginning to be obvious that actual mortality is going to be something similar to a bad ‘flu season – and this is all a ridiculous over-reaction), the analysis from Treasury really has me scratching my head.

    Looking at page 8 of the briefing, the (supposed) boffins at Treasury have somehow estimated that if we only stay in Scenario 1 (L4 for one month total, L3 for a month and then 10 months at L1/2) that GDP in the coming years will be:
    – -4.5% in 2020
    – -2.5% in 2021
    – +10% in 2022
    They’re in cloud cuckoo-land. When everything is totally normal (and the economy isn’t shafted and 13.5% of the workforce isn’t unemployed) –history shows us that the best we can hope for is maybe 3.2-3.8% (with the best of all conditions)

    If Government’s magic wand can be waved and we can magically conjure up 10% GDP increase just like that – then why the fuck in the name of all that is holy don’t they friggin’ do it every year?

    It’s like saying that a 45 year old club athlete who spends a year on life support with massive organ failure is all of a sudden going to run a sub-4 minute mile! It’s just not credible! Treasury must have drafted in some Climate scientists from the IPCC to do their modelling!

    We need Steven Joyce back. Surely he would have told Treasury to go back and look at their assumptions because it all looks impossibly rosy. The effort needed to re-build NZ’s economy is going to make the Christchurch rebuild look like a weekend DIY project – but Treasury tell us “Nah, it’s allgud mayte”.

    But wait, I’m guessing I know the response.

    We must trust the experts (I just am not sure that the experts are that expert).



  3. Drunken Garners morning hate session for Trump has become a joke , not only is Garner getting fatter by the day (Im guessing hes overeating and drinking from the stress of knowing his show is on deaths door because of the terrible financial postition TV3 is in) but even Mark whatever his name is was calling for Trumps resignation this morning,and the show totally misrepresented what Trump had done with his attack on the US China loving MSM, Fuck of Garner and take the dopey bint mouthpiece and the newly woke Mark whatever his name is with you…..brainwashed C- – -Ts all three of them.
    And the US Ambassador just ripped the three cretinous morons a new arsehole each ,fucking idiots,Its unbelievable that three people running a major TV show are so ill informed.



  4. So if you tested positive for Chinese virus and then you die after getting treated for a gunshot to the head in the US (and most of the rest of the world) – you get recorded as a Chinese virus fatality?

    I think that’s their practice – isn’t that weird? I mean I’m no expert but FFS!



        • That’s the one.
          That’s the danger of management being driven by the goals of attaining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) targets, like “10,000 rat tails per week” or “10,000 speeding tickets in this suburb per month.”

          This kind of management approach incentivises employees who are hard-working yet stupid (the most destructive type of employee that there is).



            • Speaking of Germans, here’s a quote from Kurt Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord

              “I distinguish four types. There are clever, hardworking, stupid, and lazy officers. Usually two characteristics are combined. Some are clever and hardworking; their place is the General Staff. The next ones are stupid and lazy; they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties. Anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties, because he possesses the mental clarity and strength of nerve necessary for difficult decisions. One must beware of anyone who is both stupid and hardworking; he must not be entrusted with any responsibility because he will always only cause damage.”



  5. If your are sitting around with nothing to do Google “Theresa Tam is a prideophile or trannnnnnboyz and their lumps” Agent Margaritaville. this is a conspiracy theory blog but its got a take on our PM that is intriguing to say the least, LOL.



  6. Australian authorities thought they nabbed coronavirus lockdown violators — only to find out the photos posted on social media were a year old.

    A South Australian couple was hit with a hefty fine from cops for nonessential travel amid the pandemic after the pair posted old vacation snaps on Facebook, according to a report.

    Garry and Jaz Mott, from Victoria, were going through photos at home on April 5 when they decided to share pictures from a 2019 trip they took to a coastal town in eastern Victoria — prompting cops to show up their door four days later, The Independent reported.

    The husband and wife were fined the equivalent of $1,000 each by state police for “going for a drive to Lakes Entrance,” which was deemed a violation of the country’s strict lockdown.



  7. Posted late last night.
    What do the Chinese know, and not telling the rest of world?
    Have they got the fears? or just the realistic fear of another costly full on lock-down in their local area.

    Strictest quarantine in the world.
    Certainly not NZ.
    ….. Chinese cities near the border with Russia have now committed to tighten border controls and quarantine measures for new arrivals.

    Border cities such as Suifenhe and Harbin, now require all arrivals from abroad to quarantine for at least 28 days and submit to a nucleic acid and antibody tests and isolate residential units where confirmed and asymptomatic cases are found for and additional 14 days.

    So this is after Wuhan had over 2 months lockdown.
    The Chinese know what it cost them to gain control in China, and know they can not afford to repeat that again.
    In a sense, they can not even trust themselves.

    Do the Chinese know something more, like the incubation time, and the recovery times.
    Also with the asymptomatic cases, given the month quarantine, then plus 14 days quarantine.

    I have long wondered why we did not go early for quarantine, as we had the camper vans etc. plus rolled out the army’s tents and control, particularly as the weather was more than passable, and did in batches of the flight arrivals.

    Yeah it would have interfered with high profile visitors and the photo shoot around the world, that were going to attend the anniversary of the Christchurch Shooting or Pacifika.

    Instead it is lock up nigh on 5 million inhabitants! and now it is of indeterminate time and essential industry etc… etc.. police direction. etc… etcc….

    Quarantine quarantine, the traveler! and note how the Chinese are doing it,
    NZ took so long to organize.

    This trace back systems, and who is organizing that, as that keeps being mentioned as one of the keys to finishing off this total lock down.

    The CoL can not organize a piss up in a brewery, while putting on the white wash of “go hard, go early”, and what ever other +meme they dig up.



  8. If the NZ government wants to show fewer new cases of coronavirus infection, all they have to do is to instruct the Minstry of Health to see that fewer tests are performed. (Assuming the infections are randomly distributed in the population.)

    From the Ministry’s website https://www.health.govt.nz/news-media/media-releases/four-additional-deaths-linked-covid-19-17-new-cases
    Case Numbers
    “…1572 tests were processed yesterday, with a rolling 7-day average of 3039 and total tests to date of 64,399.”

    Well there’s your problem! If the 7-day average is 3,039 and yesterday you processed 1,572 tests, then that’s about half of the rolling average. This suggests that if the 7-day average is 3,039 and yesterday the figure was 1,572, then 5-7 days ago, the number of tests MUST have been over 4,500 or so (to achieve the 7-day average of 3,039). You do the math.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you bring the number of newly detected infections DOWN.



  9. A teacher asked her students to share what their dads do for a living.

    Little Johnny said, “My dad’s a stripper at a gay nightclub and he turns tricks in the alley way to earn extra money.”

    The teacher was Mortified and after class she pulls little Johnny aside and ask, “Johnny is your dad really a stripper at a gay night club?!”

    Little Johnny said, “No. He’s a reporter for CNN but I was too ashamed to say that.”



  10. So are the Police reading the “Riot Act”, or is it just a request, that can be declined.

    “Police Threaten Reporter over reporting on a Protected group”
    15 minutes 11 secs. : Apr 11, 2020

    The police call it “self harming”?
    Then seem to believe in the “fairy godmother” as their laws is:- “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.
    Hands it back pretty well to the police. who do not even follow quite probably their own guidelines. 🙂

    This brings up and begs questions here in NZ too,
    Just what do our newly action-ed laws cover. 🙂



  11. France now registers 15000 deaths to CCP virus.

    ~The first bad decision was that, in contrast to the European Union fantasies, borders apparently do matter. France never closed them; instead it allowed large numbers of potential virus-carriers to enter the country.

    ~In January 2020, several hundred thousand masks were available, but on February 19, President Macron decoded to send them to Wuhan, as a “gesture of solidarity with the Chinese people”…. The French government announced that masks would be available soon, but by the end of March, most doctors and caregivers still had no masks. Several doctors fell ill. As of April 10, eight have died from COVID-19 and several others are in critical condition. On March 20, the Government’s spokeswoman, Sibeth N’Diaye, incorrectly said, “masks are essentially useless”.

    ~On February 25, a renowned French epidemiologist, Professor Didier Raoult… published a video… In it, he said he had found a treatment quickly to end the pandemic: hydroxychloroquine… (used with azithromycin)… On April 10, Professor Raoult published data showing that he had treated and cured 2,401 patients.

    ~Immediately, Olivier Veran, the new French minister of health, said that Professor Raoult’s statements were “unacceptable” and that the treatment he was proposing was “worthless”…. In an attempt to quell the controversy, the French government, by decree, authorized Professor Raoult’s treatment in “military hospitals” for “patients reaching the acute phase of the disease” but prohibited family doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquine. Professor Raoult replied that the treatment was only effective if administered “before the disease reaches its acute phase”. [Emphasis added]

    ~France’s mainstream media would do well to fight harder for physicians to be able supply hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc sulfate. The French media would also do well to be more aware of the dirty game China is playing.

    “The behavior of our leaders has been marked by unpreparedness, casualness, cynicism, and many of their acts imply the enforcement of the criminal law. Deliberate endangerment of the lives of others and failure to provide assistance to people in danger are obvious… In war, generals who are judged incompetent are sometimes shot. The President and other officials are well aware of this.” — Regis de Castelnau, attorney, in Marianne, a center-left magazine, April 4, 2020.

    A slow start, and with open borders, makes it interesting to go through the pain of lock down, and dosing up with new arrivals for the sake of the EU.
    Will the eventual herd immunity, how long will the immunity last, and long term affects to health.
    Maybe no more cardiac problems as many will start with a CoVid heart, in the near future?
    All to be researched in the future, as at this stage it is just a small concern, by only some Doctors.



  12. RFK Jr. Wins Case Against Government For Vaccine Safety Violations

    This will come as big and important news for anyone concerned with the safety of vaccines: as it turns out the federal government has been neglecting safety obligation for decades, which has been proven in a court of law bringing RFK Jr and ICAN to victory over DHHS.
    The DHHS has failed to meet even the most basic aspects of these important duties entrusted to them by failing to file a single report for the past three decades. It has been over 30 years since NVICA was put into place and entrusted to the DHHS to safeguard children, despite being the agency tasked with the responsibility of investigating and improving safety they have not done as much as to raise a finger towards vaccine safety.




  13. Is anyone else becoming more and more suspicious of the motivations of this ‘Siouxsie Wiles’ character? The person so desperate to keep our Economy locked down indefinitely?
    A quick look through her FB (and associated articles) reveals a person who is anything but ‘Politically Neutral’…



  14. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12324859

    An elderly man has died in his home in Invercargill in what is believed to be a coronavirus-related death.

    Emergency services were called to a house in the suburb of Kingswell, in Invercargill, last night.

    “Just before midnight, they took a stretcher inside the house and took someone out – and then a hearse arrived. It was a hell of a shock.”

    Police said they were called to the house about 8.45pm after a report of a sudden death.



  15. The Gisborne District Hospital/Health Organisation has some PC name that keeps getting changed every few years. I’m not sure of its current name and I cant’t be bothered looking it up.

    Anyway, my good lady has been checking in on this organisation’s website and it appears from the chatter there, that there is strong indications that the Coast has a couple of Wuhan Flu cases. A doctor apparently involved with one of these ‘cases’ had put up a video about it. It has since been removed.

    The website has been inundated with locals seeking information as to the actual locality of where these ‘çases’ have arisen. According to the good lady, the employee tasked with replying to these overly inquisitive people prying into the Health Orgs. business has been Olympic grade gymnastics. After much ado, we now know that if these cases in fact exist, they may have occurred in the “wider Tairawhiti area”.(ie the whole bloody E.Coast)

    Yesterday I reported that the two local check points had been removed. It transpires that they had been instructed to stand down as those manning them had never been tested for the flu. Rest assured, that once these “manaakitanga warriors” have been tested and given a clean bill of health, the check points will be reinstated (according to local Facebook sources).



  16. My wife was listening to Sean Plunket and a guy rings in saying he looked at the death notices for the NZH and Dominion for today or yesterday ( not sure which ). But there were 52 deaths from natural causes –when he looked closer most were were over 70.
    Firstly this was from only two papers and secondly it is only those that put a death notice in the paper — my guess is it is not as common as it used to be.
    Obviously the point the guy was making was that we need to get things in perspective and is it worth ruining the economy for it.

    To emphasise the point made by the guy in the BFD article above —we have spent in 21 days the equivalent of the education budget for 1.5 years !!!!



  17. Good job TPU !

    “We did it!! Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has just announced a six-month 20% pay cut for all central government CEOs and Ministers.

    This is the result of people power
    Just like the wins we clocked up with councils committing to freezing rates across the country, this victory is thanks solely to people power and the efforts of our supporters and volunteers.

    The Prime Minister basically recited our campaign reasoning back to us! She told media that the measures is being taken to “acknowledge New Zealanders who are reliant on wage subsidies, are taking pay cuts, and are losing their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    This also sends a strong message to local government and others whose job security is assured, and wages paid by taxpayers (such as council CEOs and judges) that they too need to share the burden of the economic effects of COVID-19. We’ll be writing to them later today to ask whether they will be following suit.

    But in the meantime, thank you for making this effort possible.”



    • Good politics by Ardern.
      She has left Bridges flat footed again. When asked about this the other day he said he was open to talking about it but it would have to have a cross Parliament discussion. (or words to that effect). Why could he not come out and say “I’m all for it”? He is too indecisive and weak, that is why. What does he do now –agree to take the same cut and look like he is following on like poodle?
      National have had opportunities handed to them on a plate every day for the last 2.5 years and they are too hopeless to take advantage of them.
      Yes I’m really frustrated –we do not need 3 more years of the CoL !!



      • It is my opinion that he is the most useless leader National have managed to come up with in my lifetime & Bolger set a very high threshold.

        I expect some to disagree but please don’t sulk. Tell us who!



      • Bridges came out yesterday and mutterred something about having to consult with the rest of parliament first. Not able to make a decision based on any faitrness but had to do the greeny kumbyya shit. Hopless.

        David Seymour I called for a pay cut for all MPs about month ago. This announcement, while well-intentioned, must extend to all politicians. Kiwis are doing it tough and all MPs should have the opportunity to show leadership and solidarity with workers and businesses. It’s constitutionally inappropriate for the PM to cut the pay of those holding the Government accountable, though. That’s why it’s vital that Parliament itself passes my legislation, which will cut the salaries of all MPs by 20 percent, as soon as it resumes.

        The Taxpayers Union had a poll.
        Jacinda just read the wqriting on the wall and franly 20% still leaves them with a shit load more than most.



      • Bridges came out waffling about having to consult other is Wellywood etc. Simply not able to make a leaders decision. Fail.

        David Seymour I called for a pay cut for all MPs about month ago. This announcement, while well-intentioned, must extend to all politicians. Kiwis are doing it tough and all MPs should have the opportunity to show leadership and solidarity with workers and businesses. It’s constitutionally inappropriate for the PM to cut the pay of those holding the Government accountable, though. That’s why it’s vital that Parliament itself passes my legislation, which will cut the salaries of all MPs by 20 percent, as soon as it resumes.

        The Taxpayers Union had a poll.
        Jacinda just read the wqriting on the wall and franly 20% still leaves them with a shit load more than most.



      • you say
        “What does he do now –agree to take the same cut and look like he is following on like poodle?”

        A. Yes

        Bridges is a poodle
        He does not lead and he does not lead an opposition.
        He followed them on gun laws last year then full support on the Zero Carbon crap.
        No calls from sooky Soimon to suspend payment of the 1.4 Billion a year on Paris climate crap.

        The only soldier Bridges is ..is soldiers for Christ.
        He truly is a pathetic woos.
        I say he will never be PM of NZ.

        When you select a provincial government lawyer (public servant) to lead this is what you get.

        David Seymour of ACT IS THE Opposition.



        • Ive been watching Seymour, closely. He’s a bloody star. All over Facebook, very personable guy.
          Leaves Soimon for dead. Question. 2 ticks ACT or Pardy vote Notional and give ACT the second vote
          Im unsure.



          • M.H. Easy for me.
            I’m in Epsom- Seymour’s electorate.
            Assuming we have elections again it is the party vote that will get ACT with more seats.
            Electorate votes will not matter much for ACT apart from Epsom.
            Parliament is made up from Party votes.

            Why give your once in three year vote to Notional when they have not stood up for us on anything.

            Use your wisdom to look at what do they do for you, what do they do for your country, and what kind of future are they leaving your children and younger relatives?

            Notional went against us on gun confiscation and voted for the Zero Carbon nonsense.
            They did not really examine the gun issue.
            These are professional politicians well paid to examine the issues. They have not.
            The Tarrant event was a black swan event. It will not be repeated and was performed by a foreign national but NZ citizens were punished with Ardern point scoring for the UN. Notional voted emotionally – not on facts. That was hopeless.

            Not only were they complete traitors on the Carbon Crap, they said they opposed it but would vote for it and change things when they got into power. Duh.
            If a 5 year old said that you would look sideways and say nothing.
            If a thirteen year old said that you would be compelled to school them.
            Totally daft esp. given Notional never reverse Labour legislation.

            Notional are about to get shown up again.
            It looks like Labour will amend the RMA to enable more building. This was Notional’s swan cry for years and when they had a clear majority in 2008 -11 they did nothing. I dont want to hear excuses.
            Notional passed the hideous thing in the first place under Bolger/Upton then whinged like little bitches ever since.

            Minor stuff like end of life for a handful of people affected and only voluntary is not really enough IMO to hold a vote back from ACT.
            It will be interesting to see their stance on immigration. The main justification was labour shortage. I cannot see this as an issue for years to come.

            National never stood up for free speech when it was under attack in August 2018.

            Concl: The thing that makes up parliament is the party vote for proportion. The local candidate stuff is just a popularity side show.
            Party vote ACT.
            Who is your local Notional candidate in Pattaya? Sir Ron Brierley?!!



  18. Shovel ready jobs, self financing to set this up.! and even just further exploration on the sniff of this would be great.

    ….. very early in the exploration process the discovery had the potential to be a significant result for the company in New Zealand.
    “If future appraisal activities confirm the initial drilling results, this could prove to be an exciting outcome for our country’s future energy supply.”….

    …… The Toutouwai-1 well is now being safely plugged and abandoned in accordance with New Zealand’s stringent regulatory requirements. The COSL Prospector drilling rig will then depart Taranaki waters in mid-late April 2020.

    So who wins, Greenpeace with its CoL of Ardern’s adhans?
    If so then long live coal! as it so far it is not replaceable in the NZ economy. 🙂



  19. As long as we sift out the soyboy and feminist woke liberals that love Cindy and the Labour pardy. NZ doesn’t need more controlling Californian’s and their international ilk coming to NZ to tell us how to live our lives.

    Businessman’s bold proposal to create economic advantage from New Zealand’s potential ‘safe haven’ status

    A bold new proposal has been mooted by Wellington businessman Troy Bowker which he believes could boost New Zealand’s economy in the long run.

    With about 2 million COVID-19 cases and more than 125,000 deaths worldwide, Bowker says ultra-rich listers around the world are “petrified” looking at their countries in disarray with “people dying around them”. He knows people would jump at the opportunity to move to New Zealand if we can squash the virus, something many other countries are unlikely to do.

    “What we have created from a business perspective is intellectual property as a country. We have paid for it by our sacrifices, enormous sacrifices financially, and we have created this intellectual property which is New Zealand being a safe haven,” he told Magic Talk’s Peter Williams.

    “If we manage to achieve squashing the virus, big assumption, we will be able to be seen around the world as a unique country where people will be safe from the virus, for a period of time until a vaccine is found.”

    He said conditions could be put onto their entry, such as not allowing the rich listers to invest in farms or New Zealand’s cultural assets. Instead, they could support small or medium businesses, the tech industry and food-processing, as well as investing in infrastructure.

    “These businesses don’t have to be necessarily located in Silicon Valley or Europe, they can be located here in New Zealand. Those are real jobs coming into the country with capital.”

    Asked by Williams if that would just make Kiwis tenants in our own land and if we would lose leadership positions in sectors, Bowker said the investors wouldn’t need to purchase our assets, but provide capital for them.

    “I am not suggesting that we necessarily sell all our businesses to foreigners. We bring in people with capital. One of the conditions would be that they would have to leave the capital here forever… It’s not like they are taking the assets and moving offshore.”

    He said it is about developing a long-term vision for New Zealand beyond small measures to keep people afloat during the pandemic.



    • I listened to that guy talking to Peter Williams. I think he is dreaming a bit. He is saying his great idea will work if we can get rid of the virus and then say to the rest of the world we are nice and safe. Unless they intend to have the border closed permanently that will never happen even if the dream of getting rid the virus happens, which I think is impossible.
      Invite these guys to invest but for most it will be the business case which will have to stack up first and foremost. “Safety” considerations will be a long second.



    • Right now NZ is running up a big debt bill in $$Billions

      Perhaps we could create and sell a special category visa
      I have not read the article as new shub is pretty useless.

      Think outside the square.
      Econ 101
      Supply and Demand.
      There is demand, we create the supply
      Why not.
      $5 million per person up front and $250,000 a year for every year or part year the person is here.
      Stop paying, stop coming.
      Don’t like it, shut up then.
      No pension, no voting rights, can’t stand for elected office (no more fecking Genter’s and Golriz’s ) just a special class of visa holder.
      On top, charge for schooling and they purchase health insurance policy to access facilities.

      let’s see what they offer then.
      We are in the shit.
      This is better than bloody cycle ways as ‘economic stimulus’ esp as there will be bugger all tourists for quite some time to use these.

      We have paid one hell of a price to get into this situation so they can pay for some of it
      If these are ‘super rich’ then it is not problem but no free shit and restricted rights.
      Let them invest.

      We have been conned before esp by that Chinese dude who donated to Labour (got PR) then Notional (got Citizenship) big talk, no results. I cant remember his name even though he had at least 4 names to choose from .



  20. Some people are ignorant trash! 😡

    NZ Defence Force briefly bans uniforms in public after personnel spat on, abused at supermarket

    “NZDF personnel are essential workers at this time of national emergency and the NZDF remains committed to serving New Zealand through the COVID-19 situation,” a spokesperson told Newshub.

    “The presence of uniformed personnel in public is an essential part of that commitment, and members of the public can expect to see NZDF personnel in uniform in public going about their duties at the request of the Government.”

    The NZDF is not the only organisation to have been targeted in spitting attacks during the coronavirus outbreak.



    • What supermarket were the deplorable spitters outside. All supermarkets have extensive security presently. What did the security people do? Why are they paid if they did nothing? Once again, we only get one third of the story. I want to see real facts; not public relations blurb.



      • I agree, TH

        dance of the desperate
        Media jerks are in deep do do so will push out any old bollocks to stay relevant/get relevant?

        They could not run a profitable ship in good times.
        They are hanging out to be beneficiaries.
        Depite not adding one thing to the supply of knowledge.

        It is not likely that people in NZ are spitting on defence people.
        It is not a thing.
        There was some of that from Phar Goff and his dishevelled slob mates 50 years ago before he was a cabinet minister, BS.. MP, an mayor on NZ’s largest city.

        I used to follow some links to that cesspool from YSB.
        It is a waste of time.



  21. Oh dear.
    Donalds shut the cheque book. Yeah.
    WHO lost.

    US President Donald Trump says he has instructed his administration to temporarily halt funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for taking China’s claims about the coronavirus “at face value” and failing to share information about the pandemic as it spread.

    “The WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable,” Trump said on Tuesday (Wednesday NZT) at a White House press conference.

    “The outbreak could have been contained at its source” if the organisation had correctly responded early on, he added.

    “So much death has been caused by their mistakes.”




  22. I wouldn’t trust JT as far as I could throw him. He is glib and full of promises, mostly to benefit himself.

    John Tamihere one of Māori Party’s new co-leaders
    The Māori Party has announced John Tamihere and Debbie-Ngarewa Packer will be the new co-leaders of the party.

    “John has a wealth of leadership experience, which we’ve seen through his many roles throughout his career including his current role as CEO of the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency where he had the foresight to source and purchase bulk supplies two weeks before lock down,” he said.

    Wilson said the Māori people needed the party to hold the government to account now more than ever.



    • Once again the co-leader shit. Where in Maori history of tribalism have they ever had co-leaders in anything? The only thing I can think of they have co-leaders in are their queue to the social welfare office for the constant free handouts.
      I can remember that toxic bitch Helen reduced to tears at Waitangi because some hori hurt her feelz by not allowing her to speak in their whare. Where were the women there? In the back row or in the kitchen.



  23. Flooded houses in Wellington. It’ll be climate change! //


    Owhiro Bay after a massive wave damaged the road and coastal homes. Source: Supplied / Keryn Squires

    “Further round the bay, it’s even worse. They’ve had garages washed out to sea. There’s all sorts of things bobbing around in the ocean.

    “I thought I could see a wardrobe. There’s also lots of big plastic tubs and those buoys that everyone has. It’s a big mess. There’s lots to clean up.”

    Police confirmed emergency services are responding to the high swells and flooding all along the south coast of Wellington with a particular focus from Ōwhiro Bay through to Island Bay.

    “Road closures are in place and five properties have been evacuated. Those residents are receiving support,” police said in a statement.

    One person has been taken to hospital following the flooding, leaving police urging the public to stay away from the area even if they’re local.



    • Exactly what I said three weeks ago today 25 March

      ‘The next month is a time we are vulnerable to storms and tail end cyclones.
      If one does strike will people be able to get repair items like glass, roofing, timber etc to repair things?’

      April 10 1968 – a Wednesday – same spot – Wahine storm
      Bigger waves than that.

      May 2017 there were 7 metre waves.
      This is hysteria.

      Are the repair people doing socialist distancing or are the cops fining them if they get washed onto one another?

      If you are a 25 year old and it happened before 1995 then it does not count //



  24. Question for Ed. I have just looked at the polling site. You say you have had 30,000 visits on Facebook. Can you find out where these visits are coming from ? ( I don’t do FB so I’m not sure how it works) What I mean is, are the people following links or recommendation from friends or other means ?



    • We are advertising on FB each time there is a new poll. These visits are from friends of friends of friends etc etc. Once again just like here we get all the visits but not all participate in the polls or on here. On ysb we have on average 10-12% comments to the lurkers.



  25. “You don’t give a masked stranger your address”.
    Meanwhile Hone went for a 600 km round trip over the Easter weekend for bacon and eggs at his sisters place in Auckland – hypocrite much!

    Coronavirus: Kaikohe couple ‘harassed’, ‘illegally detained’ at COVID-19 community roadblock on trip to supermarket

    A Northland couple was so terrified after being “harassed and illegally detained” by a “masked aggressor” at a community COVID-19 roadblock that they were forced to call the police for help.

    Rata and her husband were driving to do their weekly supermarket shop in Kaikohe when they were stopped at a Tai Tokerau Border Control checkpoint, and then “detained” when they didn’t hand over their home address.

    The roadblocks, set up by former Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, have been in place since last month.

    “While I understand the fear that motivates the roadblocks, it is not legal… When I have to choose between giving personal details to a masked aggressor and getting food, we have a problem.”



    • So the police department are ok with this and sanction it as just needing a bit of guidance. 🙁
      The beginning of tyranny when the state are not only ok with this usurpation of their powers, but support it.

      : Police order Hone Harawira’s Covid-19 checkpoints to run correctly
      ….. Police have changed the way iwi-led coronavirus checkpoints are run, after a Kaikohe couple complained they were intimidated and stopped from buying groceries.

      ….. Harawira said the majority of people going through the checkpoint were very happy with the measure and 85 per cent told the volunteers they were doing a good job. …..
      It was not worthwhile to focus on one complaint, even though police were involved, he said.

      Police have been visiting the checkpoints to provide community reassurance and ensure they were operating safely, said Wally Haumaha, Deputy Commissioner: Māori, Pacific & Ethnic Services.

      In regard to the Kaikohe couple, no one should be prevented from accessing essential services, Haumaha said.

      “Police has engaged with those operating checkpoints and have advised them on the appropriate way of engaging with members of the public.”


      Police would not comment on whether or not Harawira’s Easter 600km trip to Auckland – including a stop for a meal at his sister’s house – was a breach of the coronavirus lockdown rules due to privacy.

      “In general, police do not confirm whether an individual has been or is under investigation for privacy reasons,” Haumaha said.

      “What we can say is that where any potential Covid-19 breach is brought to our attention, it will be assessed and any further action needed will be carried out.” …..

      This CoL government supports tyranny, which will take a life of its own.



    • Ardhan grants her fatwa blessings to Hone Harawira.

      But Harawira said the trip was essential so he could carry on his work keeping the community safe.
      “The whole thing is about keeping ourselves safe, keeping whanau safe and keeping people around us safe. It’s a very good exercise.”

      The Tai Tokerau Border Control checkpoints would continue, even after New Zealand came out of alert level 4, Harawira said.
      “We just want to make sure that we do as much as possible to restrict movement because C-19 is carried from one place to another,” he said.

      “I think even the police would admit that there’s not enough of them to do the work that’s required.”

      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she did not disagree with the checkpoints: “Ultimately we’ve always wanted the police to undertake those tasks”.

      So Ardern believes it is nice to have the police, but well,,,, certain private armies, and slips out of a decisive yes or no, so supports them in waylaying traffic, taking their temperatures and all else at this stage that they can get away with.
      So it would seem she also would not support the police either, if they wanted to get it sorted.
      So the fish rots from the head.

      Chilling indeed as the beginnings of tyranny.



    • In a statement, police said they will work with iwi to protect the community’s most vulnerable, and no one has set out to establish illegal roadblocks.

      So the police set out to legitimize the iwi road blocks.
      But they knew that they would not have the support from the CoL in particular of Ardern to do anything else.



  26. Dear -,

    Thank you for signing my petition asking MPs to cut their pay by 20% during the COVID-19 crisis as a show of leadership and solidarity with those who are struggling.

    The pressure we’re putting on Parliament is working. Today, the Prime Minister announced that Ministers and Public Sector bosses will be taking a 20% pay cut for 6 months.

    I support the Prime Minister’s move but it needs to go further. It must apply to all MPs.

    However, it would be constitutionally inappropriate for the Prime Minister to reduce the pay of MPs holding the Government to account. That’s why it’s vital Parliament passes the legislation I have already drafted that would reduce all MPs pay by 20% for six months.

    I will be asking Parliament to vote for my Bill on 28 April.

    With continued pressure, it’s possible Parliament will listen. If you wish to continue supporting my efforts, please forward this email to those who might be interested and ask them to sign the petition.

    Thank you for your support,

    Yours sincerely,

    David Seymour MP
    ACT Leader



    • Mike forces himself to take his victories as he can but “Rich Pricks” peroration is not arguable.

      ……”So, I’m off, great knowing you economic liberals and social conservatives. The leftie wankers heave caused this place to self-censor way too much for my liking.”…….

      Because that is what the Kiwiblog commentariat have become. A bunch of aged, social conservatives buying themselves a place in the next world with other people’s money.



  27. You couldn’t make this shit up:
    A bunch of NASCAR drivers are paid moonbeams to have a pretend car race, during which one of them calls a white guy a n**** and there is so much outrage all the sponsors run for the hills and the guy is sacked.



  28. Super-fast grocery shop tonight!
    Got to the supermarket at 7:50pm, about a 15 second “wait” and then in.
    Finished at 10 past 8, cab back home, back home at 8:25pm.
    All stocked up for the next week…. 🙂



  29. Ok, more thoughts.

    Where are we at? Day whatever the fuck of the shutdown, oops I mean lockdown.

    Where is the talk at?

    Downgrading, ooh give us some slack lovely leader, please, we’ve been oh so good and compliant.

    Vaccination, swamped with chat of vaccination.

    There will NOT be a vaccination you mongs. Why would there be?

    There’s no vaccination against the other 7 odd corona viruses, so what’s with all the talk?

    Leaving aside the fact that Bill ‘Megahard’ Gates (see what I did there, on the fly and all?!!?) wants to microchip us all in his vaccine solution, surprise surprise.

    What do you think is going to happen when they unleash the populace upon itself for the 2nd wave of infection?

    Is that the TRUE plan, to let a festering sore bubble away until winter, then let it REALLY unleash upon us?

    I’m starting to think this is possible.

    Build the fear now. Let it simmer for a while. Build tension.

    Then, unleash the full force of the man made virus within the community.

    It’s obviously way more contagious than anything else we currently contend with.

    Are we being lulled into the proverbial?

    I don’t know, these are just thoughts, possibilities.

    What I do know is, those in charge are either complete incompetents, or entirely complicit. More likely both!

    It feels like a delay of the inevitable. If it’s going to hit, it’s going to hit.

    I think the shutdown could be the icing before the cake has been made.

    The distracting, the dead cat bounce on the markets.

    It seems too contrived, too managed.



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