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    • Nothing so benign as just giveaways. The govt’s been v quiet about it in the lead-up. There’s bad news brewing for sure and anyone who is not a libtard of the left is going to have to pay big-time for Simple Cindy not getting her CGT money-tree.

      Expect the “Revenge Budget”. Landlords are rich pricks – so they have to be punished. The media have been at their fawning best – maybe they’ll get something. Anyone earning reasonable money in a job is a rich prick – maybe an increase in the top tax rate (teach them bastards for opposing the CGT). Gotta fund the gun buyback, better double the gun ownership licence fee – they’re all white supremacists (Paddy Gower’s finding them everywhere nowadays) so that’s fair dinkum. And so on.

      It’s gonna hurt anyone who’s been a productive member of society.



  1. No wonder this country is going downhill. apparently you can now get a degree from Otago in one year of study.
    Sonny Bill Williams has shown he can excel in the classroom as well as the sporting arena after chalking up yet another achievement.

    The cross-code star revealed on Twitter that he has graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a bachelor’s degree in applied management.
    Williams was one of 10 Blues players who enrolled in Otago Polytechnic last year through Capable New Zealand, a school within the tertiary institution, studying remotely while also using the Auckland campus.

    A one year degree in applied Management whatever that means.
    He will be running Fonterra next.



  2. Good morning YSB people, this stupid ChCh “call” thing is no different than suing Stanley when someone gets bashed with a hammer. Our Dumb Leader really believes she is going to get Silicon Valley to bend over. Yeah right. Live streaming and social media can be used for good or bad, but you cannot control what 2 billion people are thinking, or doing with that technology at any given time. Impossible. Seeing this emotional display of “the govt must do something!” is pathetic but entertaining.



  3. Because I’m a bit bored at the moment, I’ve put in the “Have Your Say” totals (total number of comments) into Excel since inception (09/04/2019).

    My numbers will be bogus if people go back and add more comments to historic “Have Your Say” (including yesterday’s one). I’m not going to fix the numbers if people do that. I have not included any other topics.

    It does not include today’s “Have Your Say”.

    With that preamble out of the way:

    The Mean (number of comments) is 81.78, the continuous median is 81.00 and the standard deviation is 33.04.

    The trend line is y = 1.5384x + 52.554, where y is the total number of posts and x is the day. In other words, the number of posts per day is increasing over all. Not that I suspect it would surprise anyone here.

    I cannot discern what is the most popular day of the week: not enough data to produce a pattern.



    • Perhaps people should have introduced themselves when they had the mic? I personally only got the mic once, but was not above heckling. I am sure that Chris is used to that from his university days, Barbara might not be quite so much.

      So that commentary was good to place names to some of the commentators. When I went to Tim McIndoes forum last Friday, it became a point that it was actually a public meeting and not a party political meeting that Sir Anand Satyanand was speaking at so they took the National Party banner down.

      Similarly the Te Awamutu meeting was also public, so National’s banner should also have been absent.



    • This Ex New Zealand First candidate would not be the only one. National needs to make more effort to get their traditional supporters on side.

      “Ex New Zealand First candidate for Northcote Kym Koloni tore strips off them saying “Nobody gives a shit what policies you are going to take into the next election, we care what you are going to do about this Right Now!”
      “Grow some Balls!, and start acting like a real opposition party or you had better make sure your CV is up to date because you will soon be out of a Job!”
      She finished off by calling NZ First Leader, current deputy Prime minister Winston Peters and his sidekick, and Minister of Defense Ron Mark Traitors.”



  4. In London, they’re serious about keeping dangerous spoons out of the hands of the public.

    In this picture, you are witnessing the Regent Park police proudly display confiscated weapons from a Charity shop (they notified the police).


    If you’re unaware, knives are banned in London. They were banned by their village idiot, Mayor Sadiq Khan. (For whatever reason, we seem to be going through a stage of electing the dumbest amongst us, e.g. Jacinda Ardern).

    Also, despite this banning, knife attacks have been increasing in London. You know, because the criminally minded abide by the law…



      • Knives are banned, and it appears spoons are banned. This leaves forks to be used. Unfortunately, the fork is one of the symbols of Satan Shaitan, so I doubt they’ll be legal for much longer with village idiot Sadiq Khan on the case.

        As a result, I doubt the NRA will be able to help.

        The UK really is turning into a basket case before our very eyes. If Corbyn gets control, expect an even faster demise.



  5. The PM is making a big deal about world leaders flocking to Paris to hear her speech from the mount.

    My understanding is that she hijacked a G3 type summit that was already being attended by the leaders and winding up. Interesting that some of the big guns did not bother to hang around to listen to her.

    Reminds me of her speech at the UN that was attended by first fish, squirrel and a bunch of cleaners waiting for her to finish so they can go home.




    • IIt is not helpful to any parent who is already experiencing the stress of being stigmatised for their circumstances, meanwhile trying to feed a family on a lower than adequate income, to have the added anxiety of wondering if their neighbour or ex might dob them in for spending time with another adult.”

      They can fuck whom ever they like. It’s when they don’t admit they are living with the creep just to defraud the taxpayer that gets my goat. Fucking scum will always act like scum.



        • DNA test to play “who’s the Dad?” should be mandatory. Fathers who refuse to accept responsibility for their offspring should be ordered to stand on their heads in a pool, until further notice. Waterboarding would be ok by me too 🙂



      • Garammasala from the Greens reckons it’s tough enough for beneficiaries trying to get themselves off the benefit without being investigated. Get themselves? You mean more like defrauding the taxpayer to give yourself a leg-up you’re not entitled to.



  6. Environment Canterbury declares itself stupid.


    It’s hard to add anything more to their virtual signalling.

    It is still unclear what the emergency will actually mean for Cantabrians.

    But ECan chief executive Bill Bayfield said in council papers it would allow the council to highlight the importance of climate change in everything it did, even though the status had “no statutory or legal weight” for decision-making.



  7. Media filth grow like single cell fungus, but are less useful.

    So the media report that Ernie Todd’s daughter was told by her mother who was presumably told by dying Ernie, that the British police told Ernie that Mighty Keith Murdoch ‘abused a woman’ in 1972.
    No fecking hearsay evidence there, Hell no!
    I won’t dignify this crap with a link.
    The repeaters are however repeating it.

    No two sources of proof required to publish this crap, just someone who was not even told by her father but by her mother, after pop’s death, about something that happened on the other side of the world, in a hotel, late at night, now 47 years ago.

    Note: The daughter is Moyra Pearce who commented without any evidence at a book tour by Ron Palenski.
    Pearce is described as ‘ a company director and former tutor of social and cultural studies at Victoria University’.
    Make of that as you will.

    Captain Kirkpatrick who was actually on the tour says it is not true but media filth print it anyway.
    Bob Burgess who was on tour also says not true.

    It seems to be a new sport by media filth to denigrate people after they die and cannot even begin to defend their reputation in death.
    47 years to bring it up; a year after Murdoch dies.
    Piss off.

    It would have been nice if media filth had reported groping ‘media personality’ Rolf Harris when he was actually doing it in media studios.
    Maggie Barry, the mouthy tart, who is charged with making the laws in this country only mentioned Groping Rolf years later when it was convenient to get …media air time for herself!
    She’s a brave woman, Not!

    It would have been nice if media filth had pulled up creepy BBC necrophiliac Jimmy Savile when he was at it, or at least groping young girls in the BBC TV studios.

    Dear media filth: Don’t publish scurrilous, unsubstantiated shite 47 year later.



    • Palenski is typical of so many of his generation in as much as he continues to make excuses for the thuggish behaviour of men like Murdoch and Meads. Let’s be honest here, the poor bastard assaulted by Murdoch was not in the wrong, Murdoch had a history of violence, yet he could get away with beating and bashing other people all because he played for the NZ rugby team.
      I do agree that Murdoch should not have been sent home from that tour but only because I believe he should not have been on the tour in the first place. Murdoch was a low life, people like him do not deserve to represent the country.
      I note that you ask the media why they did not report the behaviour of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville when there was (as I understand it) plenty of evidence to support a prosecution. The same of course goes for many NZ sporting journalists who turned a blind eye when it comes to protecting the National rugby team and its players. If you are a rugby fan, I’d think twice about asking for journalists to report all they know, it would not bode well for the game in this country.
      As for Meads, he was a highly overrated player and not much more than a thug.



  8. More from our friends at Hobsons Pledge..

    Media release – immediate release

    Race preference in action in Otago vote

    “Thank you to those of you who emailed Otago Regional Councillors asking them to vote against the proposal to include two voting un-elected tribal appointees on its policy committee. Your contributions to the debate were noted in media reports.

    The seven-three vote yesterday shows race-based preferential treatment in action, Hobson’s Pledge spokesman Don Brash said today.

    Iwi spokesman Edward Ellison was clear that Ngai Tahu wants the seats on the policy committee to be able to vote on water management.

    Having voting representatives on the policy committee is in addition to regular meetings the tribe has with a group of Otago regional councillors, including the chair and deputy chair.

    They are apparently able to phone the council’s chair and chief executive officer at any time to discuss any issue, which is almost certainly a level of access unavailable to any other individual or group in Otago.

    Bear in mind, Ngai Tahu has received $437-million in Treaty settlements since 1998, and has built this into a billion-dollar asset, helped greatly by being exempted from having to pay tax on income.

    Legislation regards iwi as special groups and requires councils to consult with them.

    The Otago Regional Council is not the only local authority where iwi members have asked for and been given the right to vote on council committees without having to seek election.

    There are around 80 tribal groups throughout New Zealand, resurrected and generously funded by the Government and assuming a status of “Treaty partners” who see themselves as separate from the rules applied to New Zealand citizens and somehow exempt from democratic processes.

    This is unfair and unequal and wrong. Successive governments have created this appalling situation, and sooner or later all of us will have to pay for it, Dr Brash said.”



    • I couldn’t get volume for some reason, but that is about as bad as it gets. She will be in deep, deep shit in the USA, unlike here where she’d receive home detention for the effects of colonialism on her whanau. She can look forward to a lifetime of prison rape and misery. What goes around comes around POS.



  9. S&S is currently in the Balkans so will be an unofficial YSB roving reporter for the next few weeks.
    It has become apparent so far that people here are quite fascinated with Brenton Tarrant and what happened in Christchurch as it was big news due to the time he spent in the area and his fascination with the Serb/Muslim conflict.
    Jacinda seems to come up a lot as well so her profile on the world stage is definitely growing but overall people are not that surprised when you tell them that on the home front her government is largely ineffectual and inept.
    Ah another show pony you mean?.
    Yes that’s exactly what I mean.
    The real interesting part will be when I pack my gun and Koran and head into the hinterland of Bosnia.
    Wish me luck.



  10. In the USA, they have enshrined in their constitution the freedom of the press.

    I find it quite interesting the Democrat Candidate of 1/1024 has come out against freedom of the press with the slogan “STOP THE HATE-FOR-PROFIT FOX NEWS RACKET”.

    What you hear from other press outlets is…silence. It’s curious that CNN et al all have a hissy fit when Trump labels them correctly as Fake News yet has never called for them to the stopped. But when one of their ideological own calls for stopping Fox…nothing.

    But then again, if the Left didn’t have double standards, they would have any standards.



  11. You never know what you’ve got until you lose it……well not really. The sidebar at KB advised that a little known, hard to port, part of cyberspace known as “KiwiFirewalker”is closing as its publisher is calling it a day.

    This man who didn’t like John Key because of his popularism doesn’t think much of PriNZess for the same reason:

    …..”our accidental princess of a leader in Jacinda Ardern has clearly signaled that not only will there be no amends on Labours part because Labour is little more than National-lite in form but that with the fiasco of Kiwibuild and the Shane Jones memorial slush fund they could not even fix the problems of Aotearoa if they wanted to.”……

    Awwwww! But there’s worse:

    ……”Jacinda Ardern is to Labour what John Key was to the National party: a false charasmatic leader who has become not only the face of the party but the sole reason it exists in government.”……

    It’s like shoving butter up a hedgehogs hole with a hot needle but this shows that even Lefties see through the PR & fluffy bunnies eventually!



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