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  1. Morning all, still wet and the wind is howling up here. Perfect weather for a bludgers protest. Not often I wish for crap weather but it’s lovely to see it today and I hope it gets even worse.



    • So nothing has changed, they are still after CONTROL with health passports and the ability to mandate anything their evil hearts desire. Meetings will continue until Christmas so they are not going to piss off and leave us alone. Bloomers refers to the NZ opposition to the WHO as “those people”.



  2. The Budget has not been released and yet the scribbled faced Fool, Waititi of the Maori Party says this, “Pākehā Budget which delivered … for its Pākehā economy”.

    The man is a demented, uneducated idiot, as the Budget will not be delivered until 2.00pm today and yet he describes it as already being delivered. Fuckwit!

    And he is paid to be a Member of Parliament to dish up shit like this. But there again there are other Fools who believe him.




  3. TAH@0647

    OK if, as Mr. Waititi says its a ‘Pākehā Budget which delivered … for its Pākehā economy”, then the obvious question:

    Why doesn’t he have the courage of his convictions and immediately reject and renounce ALL ‘pakeha’ ways and return to the ways of his ancestors; the ways that he so often trumpets as being ‘Destroyed by the Pakeha’?

    He never will, of course, ‘cos he LIKES wearing warm ‘Pakeha’ clothes, wearing a ‘Pakeha’ hat, and ‘Pakeha’ shoes. eating ‘Pakeha’ food, driving in a ‘Pakeha’ car, driving on ‘Pakeha’ roads, using ‘Pakeha’ technology etc. etc. etc. and the poor lad simply would not SURVIVE if he did indeed return to the ‘Ways of his ‘Maori’ ancestors (Since remember, he is ALSO part-European), the ‘ancestors’ who, in the ‘golden years’ of his imagination (Before the European), lived in peace, love, and harmony with each other ////////////////////////////.

    It’s all for show and his own self-aggrandisement, with the sad thing being that he’s ‘plausible-enough’ to have sucked others in to believe his rhetoric, baseless though it is.

    He’s a showman and a conman (What politician isn’t?) and he’s playing to an audience which, because he’s ‘One of them’ and ticks all the right boxes, while playing on their grievances, is willing to entirely suspend belief, and go along with all and anything he says, since he ‘Knows how they feel’.

    PT Barnum’s diktat about ‘suckers’ does come to mind.



      • Not wrong Osen, I have a European relative, married to a part Maori gentleman who is as white as the driven snow, who is in the process of getting a Moko implanted on the chin. She is a blond. Insecurity much, but according to her, Native is far superior to anything else, including the way she was bought up.



      • And death would come as a relief after a miserable life on struggle street – piss poor diet, cold for 7 months of the year; fear of being slaughtered or enslaved, regular dysentery from dirty water and so on….

        The worst conditions of Maori today are better than the average life of Maori 350 years ago.

        (improved for whitie as well to be fair, but the Germans want to wreck it as they always fecking do !! )

        Pass me gravy to put on my lamb chops pleeeese



      • And wouldn’t that just be wonderful. I for one would rejoice in the fact that the tea useless party would disintegrate and be gone. It is shameful how some maori are now such bludgers off the tax payer of New Zealand. Roll on the budget today I hope they stop the face that liarbor gave their friends huge wages and jobs in government.



  4. Coastal Kiwis say no to land-grabbing green zealots: Mayor and CEO get an earful.

    Driving and profiting-from this land grab is the US-based, stock-market listed global consultancy company named Jacobs, that rakes in $16 billion annually by leeching contracts with all levels of government and the corporate sector pretending to offer “advice” on how to deal with alleged environmental problems related to “climate change”.

    This business literally cons money off your local and national governments and uses it to write up all sorts of reports telling residents, taxpayers and businesses how they need to respond to “rising sea levels” and engage in this “managed retreat” process – the Agenda 20-30 weasel word term that actually means “get off your land voluntarily or we’ll force you off it”.

    The con job is getting your council to declare your area an “adaptation zone”, which actually has no legal force but sets in motion a series of actions that ultimately lead to the local residents being forced off their property because it becomes “uninsurable”.

    Meanwhile Reality Check Radio host and councillor Jaspreet Boporai, on her Greenwashed show, noted with alarm that the Luxon government had announced plans to run an inquiry into “Climate Adaptation Model for New Zealand”. Submissions close on June 16th. She said this inquiry process began last year through the NZ Greens leader James Shaw, working in cahoots with the Ardern government. Of the 160 submissions made then 42 were from NGOs – so-called non-government organisations – and a mere 21 from individuals.




  5. prediction…
    about 8 stupid brown activists in cars halt a motorway and our scum media show photos/video of hundreds of angry commuters stuck in their cars behind the clowns and theyll claim its the biggest protest ever seen and most of the country has turned on this racist right wing govt.

    i find it fucking unreal that in 2024 theres stupid fuckwits protesting against equality.



      • Sounds like the homeowners had a serious case for the tree to be cut down as the ground was boggy so even more likely dangerous of falling. They had been negotiating with ACC for two years along with other neighbours voicing their concern over the tree and asking for its removal.



  6. Georgian Parliament Overturns the President’s Veto and ‘Foreign Agents Law’ Is Approved.
    Despite international pressure of an unprecedented scale by the US and the EU, the Georgian Parliament, led by the Centrist Georgian Dream Party, has just announced that, by a majority vote, it overcame President Salomé Zurabishvili’s veto on the law on foreign agents. (Well done we the people of Georgia)




    • Quickly flipped through looking at mainly the actual coverage. There was one scene about halfway through of about 5 police running through part of the crowd to get through, presumably, to the other end.
      Now running as a description was being very generous, quite a fast waddle perhaps could have also been used. Quite overweight, short in statue they did not bring to mind a force to be reckoned with by any means.



  7. What’s not to like about Brian Tamaki:
    Brian Tamaki
    Te Pāti Māori now needs to be deemed “A Terrorist Organisation”
    ▪️ Inciting High Treason
    ▪️ Inciting racial hatred
    ▪️ Inciting Civil War
    ▪️ Brandishing guns in their propaganda
    ▪️ “Fight to die” rhetoric
    ▪️ Rejecting NZ Government (because it’s Pakeha government)
    ▪️ Rejecting NZ Laws (because it’s Pakeha law)
    ▪️ Rejecting NZ Money (because it’s a Pakeha budget)

    Their calls to overthrow the government… mean they should be thrown out of government!

    Rawiri Waititi’s wife and campaign manager, daughter of Party President and key leader in Te Pāti Māori has publicly made this call to overthrow the government.

    This is High Treason!
    High Treason = “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.”

    All six of Te Pāti Māori MPs need to all be thrown out of government, as none of them have come out and condemned Waititi’s words.

    While we’re at it, we should abolish the Māori seats in Parliament. Māori are well presented across Parliament without the Māori seats. These Māori seats are enabling these Māori radicals.

    This is hardly a Pakeha government – 40% of the current Cabinet are of Māori descent.

    Kiri’s rant is embarrassing as she spits out hate and venom and swears “f***” continually.

    Kiri Tamihere-Waititi says “only the colonised mind, and the severely colonised mind believes so wholly in the system of Parliament”

    How hypocritical…she’s happy with her husband receiving a Parliamentary paycheck, and out of all MPs he had the heftiest credit card and travel expenses for the first quarter of 2024. His wife probably helped fill in this massive claim. If she truly believes what she spits out, I expect to see an announcement today that Rawiri will no longer receive his Parliamentary paycheck or expenses…he can donate it to his local marae or Iwi.

    Many Māori protesting today receive government money as they’re on the benefit.
    Many Māori protesting today have no idea why they are striking and what they’re standing for.

    At the end of the day, this all boils down to money.

    Māori Elite like Waititi’s father, John Tamihere, are spitting tacks because their gravy train has come to a screeching halt under this new government. The Māori Elite money has dried up.

    Iwi are noticeably quiet. Their silence is deafening. They’re waiting to see how many supporters Te Pāti Māori really have.

    Te Tiriti o Waitangi united One People, One Law, One God.
    Māori protesting today have trampled on Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
    Te Tiriti promoted unity, not division.

    These Māori want two laws – Pakeha law and Māori law. They consider the laws of NZ as Pakeha laws.

    These Māori continually talk of two people – Pakeha & Māori.

    These Māori have discarded God – and many promote many gods or Palestine’s Islam.

    Rawiri is calling for Civil War. He wants to militarise a Māori Movement, creating a Civil War Army. Te Pāti Māori is agitating radicals towards a Civil War in NZ.

    This is weaponising a whole generation of racial militants and must be halted in its tracks.

    Iwi leaders need to do what’s right to unite New Zealand again and push to sign a rejection of Te Pāti Māori and agitator’s rhetoric and Tikanga.

    Te Pāti Māori call for a separation from all things Pakeha. Imagine if you gave them what they wanted. No more Pakeha assistance, money or assistance. How would they fare?

    Now is the time to terminate division and grievance, if we are to be One People, One Law, and One God.

    The grievances of the past cannot continue to be transferred onto our Mokopuna’s shoulders. The Next Generation is not Generation T (T meaning Treaty Grievances) as Rawiri Waititi shouts. This is dangerous and will annihilate the next generation.

    Rawiri is advocating the bitter-grievance burden is pushed onto the innocent young shoulders of the next generation of rangatahi (youth). This is causing social havoc among Māori with domestic violence, crime, state dependency and poverty. Stats prove what I’m saying. I work with Māori daily, struggling under the weight of the past.

    I say ‘let them live in their future, by being released from our past’



    • Not to mention the $4.5 billion that has been given to them by our successive governments since 1975 for one made up lie after another.
      $4.5 billion is a lot of incentive for these parasites to want to keep the gravy pouring and with weak kneed, gutless governments caving in to their every demand, now to want it ALL.
      Yes, Brian is right on message in my book.



      • Of people surveyed in the 2023 Census:

        # 887,493 people (17.8 percent) were Māori

        # 861,576 people (17.3 percent) were Asian

        It is your correspondent’s humble opinion that the Asian increase is driving the current push by the rabble rousers. They will be painfully aware that demanding concessions & special treatment from Indians & Chinese will be an order of magnitude less successful than guilt tripping Europeans softened up by decades of bogus Treaty claims.



  8. There has been quite a governance battle going within the NZRFU on their future with an independent review stating the current system was not fit for purpose.
    The change proposed was for a completely independent body to be appointed who would have complete control over all matters rugby.
    An alternative put forward by a number of Provincial Unions was for 3 members, of the proposed 9, to being actively involved with their provincial unions.
    The voting was this morning and the alternative won out.
    Now the interesting thing to now see is that the current President is Dame Reddy who has stated she would resign if the change proposed was not accepted. The Professional players Association have also threatened to walk away if the proposal was not accepted.
    Will that happen or will they be like all the American Democrats that said they would leave..
    My uncle was on the NZRFU when the game went professional. He stated that it was the beginning of the end of rugby in this Country. 30 laters I feel iot continues to move down that path.
    And for a change if you do not know anything about sport – don’t bother displaying your continued ignorance.



  9. Why does it seem that Nicola Willis made a huge mistake when she promised the tax cuts and put her job on the line over it? It must have hamstrung what positive, productive things that could have been put in the Budget.

    The Tax Payer’s Union are not happy at all. Lot’s of criticism including noting they have INCREASED spending compared to Robertson’s last budget.
    ” In response to Grant Robertson’s final budget, Christopher Luxon described spending $137 billion/year as an “addiction to spending” (he said it no less than 10 times in last year’s Budget debate speech).

    Wait till Luxon sees what Nicola Willis is doing! As you’ll see on tables ( see p 156 under “Core Crown expenses) this year’s extra $13.8 b illion (that’s 13,800 million dollars) for this year coming is just the beginning.”

    They have left the door wide open for the Opposition and MSM to have a field day.



    • I agree with the tax cuts. Most of that which is paid out will go straight back into the economy on household living. I don’t agree with the borrowing.

      I don’t currently have a dog in the game as not paying or receiving a cent so doesn’t affect me either way.

      PS: I see the MP’s all get a pay rise on 31 July. Waititi and Packer will receive $200k odd rising the following July to $205k. That is the rort.



    • Q.
      Why does it seem that Nicola Willis made a huge mistake…

      A. The Girlie Willis
      -a first-class honours degree in English literature
      -a post-graduate diploma in journalism
      -only real world experience -I’m serious here – is at Fonterra in the Theo Spiering’s era
      -Mother of 4

      Now Finance minister
      I thought Ruthenasia Richardson was unqualified

      she she may be a diligent, intelligent, hard working person
      I don’t know one way or the other – seems to be accomplished in some areas

      But is she qualified to be a Finance Minister ?
      After Grunter robbers son the standard is low

      and the bar is not very high in the luxflakes cabinet of notional ministers

      – in total, The horsepower in the Notional cabinet is about that of a Ford Prefect

      don’t expect miracles
      or a great leap forward



      • I’ll see Nicola Willis’ first-class honours degree in English literature & raise you Grant Robertson’s Bachelor of Arts in political science with honours.

        They’re both about as much use to NZ as french doors on a submarine.



  10. Here are some of the best quotes about inflation and its devastating effect on living standards:

    • “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” ― Vladimir Lenin, founder & first leader of the Soviet Union
    • “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some…the process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” ― John Maynard Keynes, economist
    • “As I have repeatedly said, inflation is a form of taxation without representation. It is the kind of tax that can be imposed without being legislated by the authorities and without having to employ additional tax collectors.” ― Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist
    • “[Inflation] is a way to take people’s wealth from them without having to openly raise taxes. Inflation is the most universal tax of all.” ― Thomas Sowell, economist
    • “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” ― Alan Greenspan, economist & former Fed chairman



  11. USec @1638

    The obvious question : WHO is going to fund it?

    I can’t see the bros doing so (Not even the Maori king or the various Maori ‘corporates, wealthy that they are). TPM has effectively told the NZHOR to FO (Although I notice that so far YTT is still getting his salary), so who is going to pay for all the grand ideas?

    No one in NZ will do so (Not even luxflakes), so that leaves….

    China, perhaps? They have form for such things….

    TPM may have just put it’s foot in it’s mouth and won’t be able to spit it out.



  12. Winston Peters

    The following are quotes from John Tamihere, current President of The Māori Party, from a speech he made in parliament in 2005.

    The irony and hypocrisy are palpable.

    “It is Kiwi-centred because significant decisions have been made and implemented that we are driving right in, right now, as a baseline to a nationhood concept that gives them, regardless of race and creed, a sense of belonging as Kiwis in this great country. Our challenge is in moving forward.”

    “The rise of the Māori Party is unfortunate and frustrating. It is not Māori; Māori is a generic term. The group of people who have supported the rise of the Māori Party are actually tribal fundamentalists.”

    “The problem with the Māori Party is that it is led by a bunch of people who have done extraordinarily well out of protest activism, so they can tell their children why they should vote against things, why they should march against things, and why they should dislike others.”

    “It is quite clear. The Māori Party is built around new-age educationalists, reconstructionists in terms of history, and the academics and the new elite around the Treaty of Waitangi chequebooks. There is no case and no space in this country for separatists. I am very proud of my Ngāti Porou tānga—very proud of that tribal background. We do not ram it down other people’s throats, but we are very proud of it. Our being proud of it does not mean to say that we can coerce others into our way of thinking. We have to acknowledge that this is a great land of diversity, difference, and opportunity.”

    “The days when people could stand up and scream “treaty” and believe that they would get special rights have gone.”




  13. From https://www.stuff.co.nz/nz-news/350296251/nearly-200-police-staff-lose-jobs-government-demands-savings we find that “nearly 200 police staff are set to lose their jobs, with the Government asking police to deliver $55 million of savings by reducing corporate support functions”.

    Which begs the question of what could possibly be classed as a government department’s “corporate support functions”?

    The closest I can find to an answer is https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/government-functions/government-functions & a more sorry tale of make believe, job creation, waste & utter bullshit has yet to be written. Every arsehole who snivels his way to the top of the Public Service needs to recite “the public service is not a corporate company” six times a day until they get the idea.



  14. The latest Roy Morgan Poll should sound a warning to the Government, particularly the National Party, producing this comment from my favorite poster on NZCPR, Hazel.

    Why should we trust Roy Morgan, or any other pollsters for that matter ?
    The data they collect is crunched by computer software, so whose to say they don’t bump the algorhythm to favour one side or another to suit an agenda. It’s not like the CIA haven’t used exactly these tactics to interfere in foreign elections for years.
    In my opinion & that of my friends, we don’t trust any of them or the institutions they represent any more, only watch the MSM news to see what their “not” talking about (eg, WHO Pandemic Treaty) & wouldn’t comply with any of their stupidity anyway, so these polls only show who is the least despised out of the entire pit of vipers & have no real value, especially considering we have only just finished the last election cycle. Politicians & bureaucrats are the most worthless people on the planet. They do not create or produce anything & their sole purpose is to coerce as much money as possible from you & pass laws & regulations to legitimise the theft. The world would not stop turning if govt’s collapsed overnight. There would still be trade & commerce, industries would not collapse, there would still be Rule of Law & the sky would not fall. In fact the entire planet & everything on it would be better off if we sacked them all immediately, then put them to work picking up litter, removing graffiti, cleaning public toilets, emptying trash cans & filling in pot holes. At least then they would have a purpose…



  15. Incredibly, the world is being pushed to the abyss of nuclear war by nonentity Western numbskulls who are not even elected.
    Surely, a fatal red line is imminent. Insanity rules among the Western elites as the world is pushed towards the abyss.
    The world’s majority needs to issue arrest warrants for these privileged criminals… before it’s too late.




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