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  1. Fake news is running an election campaign promoting the fiction Ardern’s totalitarian edicts saved us from Covid-19 and are world leading.

    Here are the facts Per Capita:

    1. We are 77th in the world.
    2. We have worse figures than many non lockdown countries.
    3. Australia did better.
    4. At best we are average and far from world leading.




  2. National are calling for a pause on the latest petrol tax increase, saying New Zealanders are already feeling the pinch from the financial impact of Covid-19.

    As Covid-19 has seen the Government’s planned light rail from Auckland city centre south paused, National leader Simon Bridges says that the petrol tax – which was planned to help fund the project – should be paused too.

    “That’s $250 million of extra tax they’d be collecting,” Mr Bridges told 1 NEWS.

    “There’s a lot of New Zealanders who are doing it tougher and tougher through Covid-19 [and] the economic effects of that. Let’s put it on hold.

    “The Government’s announced this project several times, and nothing has happened.”

    The Automobile Association (AA) is also in support of the proposed pause.

    “It would actually be a good time to cancel the next excise, or at least defer it until such time as the Transport Agency actually has those projects ready to go,” says the AA’s Mark Stockdale.

    “It’s a terrible idea,” says Transport Minister Phil Twyford.



  3. Good morning fellow victims of the aspiration. I wonder what changes the queen of kindness will make to the rules today? Quick question, our daughter was saying halal butchers were open during the lockdown. Is this true?



    • She’ll be increasing the number of folks allowed at religious gatherings.

      It is Eid al-fitr this Saturday…and it’s a big day in the Moslem calendar for mixing and mingling.



      • Agriculture minister Damien O’Connor says Cabinet had to make “difficult decisions” to ensure Level 4 was effective, and that the butchers which were allowed to open for the processing of pork weren’t allowed to fully open to the public.

        “The decision was made to ensure reductions in the amount of contact occurring at Level 4….and to maintain consistency with other face to face retailers that were closed at Level 4. That is why Cabinet also decided that Halal butchers should remain closed at level 4.

        If you have a source that contradicts that I’d love to file a copy with my list of stupid government decisions, please. It would show they’re rewriting the narrative they had earlier, as I also recall them saying Halal butchers can be open but that does not hold true with the results I can find from our media.



      • Was it like a sly backdown, that became approved, like the checkpoints road blocks, operated by gangs.
        Or the funeral tangi that was held in Matamata with several hundred in attendance, with underhand police approval.

        Was the halal butchery or mosque just opened and the police never really drove around and observed the “misdemeanors”?

        Would be good to find a government guidance, for halal butchery and mosques, though I am aware there would easily be a flip flop, like mentioned in the above examples.
        Or the contact tracing “sign in address” flip flop for retailers.

        An official exemption, or the glad eye of “kindness”, in the name of their “culture” & “wellbeing”?



  4. We here in NZ live in a leftist media fantasyland where any opposing view is dismissed as racist ,white supremacist, misogynist or conspiracy theorist,we can’t expect anything else when Cindy is paying these media organisations 50 million taxpayer dollars that will be revisited after the election to see if it needs to be added to .
    Good luck with getting reasonable unbiased news from that scenario.



      • For anyone who enjoys a bit of nostalgia John Banks “Banksie” is to be the radio host on Magic Radio on the Drive Show at 4pm this afternoon. He s filling in for Ryan Bridge for the next week or two. Banksie is all for “the truth” and promises anyone can say anything as long as they believe it.

        Originally Banksie started his radio show on the original talkback Radio Pacific when he took over from PM Robert Muldoon who used to discuss growing lilies and politics back in the day.



        • I remember a John Banks. On 14th April 1996 he SAID:

          ……” I am compiling a list of all the doctors in all the hospitals up and down the country that commit these murders every morning of the week and dump these babies either in the waste disposal unit in the hospital or into a ‘kleensac’ and I am going to release their names publicly so that you’ll be able to walk down the street “That’s a killer!” “……

          This is what he DID in 1969:

          …..”John Banks urged the mother of his illegitimate child to have an abortion and then supplied drugs to make her miscarry and pressured her to take the necessary dose”……..

          John Banks is a two faced cunt.



          • I agree nasska. He is a “good Christian” with all the hypocrisy associated with those who do as I say but not as I do. Banksie has innumerable foibles. Just putting the info out there.



        • John Banks is a nasty two faced critter.

          He was involved in crime from the get go.
          He is a bullshitter.
          He did a big sob story in parliament – somewhere on YT.
          Poor me, I was hungry and destitute.
          His Aunt/Uncle looked after him.

          His own mother was a backstreet abortionist. That was her ‘trade’.

          On the final reading of New Zealand’s 1986 Homosexual Law Reform , John Banks said that “This day will be remembered as a sad and sickening day for New Zealand. A very black cloud tonight and those members who wheel themselves through the doors of the Ayes lobby to vote for legalised sodomy at the age of 16 should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves,” and voted against the Bill
          Nek minute: In 2013 he voted for Gay Marriage in New Zealand.

          In the 1990 election campaign Banks ‘promised’ 900 new police.
          Two years later the country’s traffic cops were rebadged as ‘police’ Mmmmm .
          No new employees per se just a bit of fairy dust and voooom!

          He would drive around in the morning before school (early 1960s) and collect the empties from the grog houses that operated in Auckland.
          He knew of these through his father’s criminal connections.
          One of these places was the site of the Bassett Road machine gun murders (1963) .
          Pubs closed at 6pm. Therefore drinking continued after at ‘makeshift pubs’
          Fair enough.
          But he did collect the empties from these illegal operations and cash in.
          From criminal activity.
          Just a simple fact.

          You can source the fundamental decay in the NZ Police to the 1990s when John Banks was police minister.
          He was an arrogant prick and was fined for using his cellphone in a plane. Small potatoes compared to the rest of it.
          Interesting that the first mass murders in NZ for decades until Christchurch last year occurred while Banks was Police Minister. David Gray; Ratima, Schlaepfer.
          I am sure it is coincidence.

          I am sure it is also coincidence that some of the worst injustices in the NZ system in 70 years occurred under his watch. Just sayin’
          The Christchurch Civic Creche fiasco involving crooked police as did the Incorrect prosecution of Teina Pora for the Susan Burdett murder.
          ..And Malcolm Rewa went on to commit many more rapes.

          Peter Ellis’ life was ruined and he was never compensated or even got a ‘sorry’
          But John Banks is a Christian. For sure.
          Peter Ellis is dead now so we can move on …sarc//

          He and Brash were Directors of Huljich Funds Kiwisaver.
          Peter H. was putting money back in to make the returns look better. A common Australian trick. 2011
          They were directors and should have been in the dragnet as were the Directors of the failed
          Finance Companies (e.g.Bill Jeffries, Doug Graham)
          They were left alone. It’s who you know.

          When he was Mayor of Akl 2001 to 2004 he would not put his Italian car in the allocated mayoral free car park.
          He parked it on the Queen St and refused to pay parking fees/fines. He is an arrogant twat.
          He also moved his office from the Council Civic Tower where everyone else was to the Town Hall building
          “It cost $8463 to move Mr Banks’ office from the Civic Building to the Town Hall, plus $8000 to upgrade a garage carpark for whichever luxury marque – Bentley, Ferrari or Mercedes – the avid car collector drove to work.
          Now Mr Hubbard is moving back to the Civic Building at a cost of $44,000 for fittings and furniture ..”

          Thanks for pissing away ratepayers funds Banksie !! R sl

          He does not ‘remember a helicopter ride’ to Kim DotComs place but was there.
          The Great Fabricator.
          I think he taught Christine Crazy Ford the ‘little girl voice’ she used last year.

          During the election of 2010 for Mayor of the new established Superduper City he did not really campaign and Rooting Len Brown got in.
          Banks adopted son was involved in the death of James Webster who drank himself to death of spirit liquor. A 16 year old from Kings College. 9 May 2010. RIP.
          Banks was too tied up with that and legal matters (again) to focus on campaigning and Rooting Len got in.
          If Banks had integrity he would have stood aside and allowed someone who could focus to have a crack.

          Banks has refused to acknowledge this actual son who was born of the liaison mentioned above.
          The court found he is the birth father but Banks – former Poo lice minister – refused to accept their decision.

          A more hypocrite man in NZ politics you will not meet.
          I would like to know how he got so rich from some part shareholdings from some restaurants in Auckland in the 1960s and 1970s. Do the math!!
          Where did his wealth actually come from? Mmmmm. Have a wee think. 1970s.

          Oh, and he firmly believes the world was created (so he tells us) 6000 years ago in 6 days.
          There were no dinosaurs. Jurassic Park was Fake News.
          Banks is morally bankrupt.
          If you think he is a ‘good bloke’ you are in that club as well.



          • The man lives a life based on that of the fictional character Walter Mitty.

            FACT…….”From the age of two he was raised by an aunt and uncle, alongside “many foster children”.[8] When John was 14, Archie was released from prison. They moved to Auckland and John attended Avondale College.[9]”…..

            FANTASY…….”He grew up in poverty. In a 2014 speech to Parliament he recalled “going to school every day in an ex-army uniform with no shoes; […] stealing other kids’ lunches; going home to bread and milk – at best – at night, cooked over an open fire with sugar on top; if I am very lucky, taking WeetBix covered in dripping to school each day; and living in a very dark hole. That is child poverty.”




  5. John Armstrong: Budget 2020 – Jobs, jobs jobs or spend, spend, spend?

    Fourth, although there has been little reference to the election in the wake of Thursday, the pre-election Budget is a very large component of the governing party’s heavy artillery. It is as important for what is left out of it as much as what goes into it

    In that respect, Ardern has put a new twist on proceedings. Her strategy is based on the belief that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but you can fool some of the people long enough to make it count. She has sought to take the politics out of the Budget. She has sought to be inclusive. She talks of the Team of Five Million.

    In what has become a concerted effort on her part, Ardern is endeavouring to persuade voters that she is above politics; that the Labour Party she leads acts only in the national interest rather than merely in its own interest.

    Such an artifice won’t get much pick up from party loyalists. But they aren’t the target audience.

    The gambit is aimed at floating voters who don’t identify with any particular party and who might not need much convincing to swing Labour’s way.

    Fifth, the lesson from living in the shadow cast by the coronavirus is that the attendant uncertainty means Governments now have to expect the unexpected — and accordingly be ready to respond.

    That is why Robertson has taken the sensible precaution of retaining some $20 billion of the cash allotted to the Response and Recovery Fund as unallocated spending.



  6. Brian Tamaki says religion getting in the way of Jacinda Ardern’s socialist ‘ambition’

    “They feel, like me, that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Ministry of Health, they either don’t trust churches to follow the rules, or churches simply don’t have a part in the New Zealand she’s building.

    “You’ve got to remember religion is an obstacle to a socialist state’s ambition. She is a little bit suspicious – but it’s more than you know, happenstance that she’s treating the church so obviously like this.”
    Jacinda Ardern donned a hijab in the wake of the 2019 terror attacks on two mosques in Christchurch.
    Jacinda Ardern donned a hijab in the wake of the 2019 terror attacks on two mosques in Christchurch. Photo credit: Getty

    Before becoming an MP, Ardern was president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. But many on the left in New Zealand feel her Government has failed to make much headway in that direction, with coalition partner New Zealand First putting the handbrake on some of her party’s bigger plans.

    “Underneath, they’re building this Marxist, state-controlled socialism that they want to put into this country and good-hearted, warm-hearted Kiwis need to make a stand,” Tamaki told The AM Show.

    Tamaki says he’s been in touch with the police over this Sunday’s service and doesn’t expect any trouble – because despite his opposition to the rules, he’ll be following them. Anyone coming into the church will have to abide by 2m distancing rules, while most sit in their cars like they’re at a 1950s-style drive-thru movie theatre.

    “They will be able to hear [the sermon] through their AM radio… they can wave and smile, but they cannot mix and mingle.”

    Ardern earlier this week begged Tamaki not to break the rules.



    • Passing laws and or amendments, all set to go!
      A special “amendment” is reading between the lines, of what else can be in the mix.

      This Bill is being rushed through Parliament at record speed. Here is the timeline for passing of this Bill:

      5 May 2020 Bill introduced to the House

      5 May 2020 First reading

      12-14 May 2020 Second reading / Committee of the Whole House / Third reading

      14 May 2020 Royal Assent

      15 May 2020 Amendments enter force

      The accelerated speed of the enactment of this wide ranging, power piece of legislation is a cause of concern, particularly so where the Bill at this stage does not restrict some of the powers bestowed on the Minister.
      As above there are limited safeguards and no confirmation that the powers exercised be restricted to the limited scenarios identified and communicated by INZ in their recent press release.


      The broad powers bestowed on the Minister, in a piece of legislation that has been quickly drafted and which will be enacted within two weeks of introduction to the House, should be of concern to migrants and their employers.

      While it has been expressed that the Bill has been introduced in good faith to allow INZ to respond directly to the operational challenges that have surfaced due to COVID-19, discretionary powers are discretionary.
      There is little to prevent the Minister utilising the powers outside the direct health response to COVID-19, particularly in the absence of appeal rights for the exercise of these powers.

      It is quite clear to us that we appear to have a piece of legislation that is the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. Somehow a significant and important department of MBIE have 1,000 employees at home not able to work remotely.
      It is unfortunate that such a powerful and discretionary instrument is required in part to fix this situation and with that, put at risk the ability of migrants to have access to justice to be able to exercise the rights bestowed on them under the current Immigration Act 2009.

      While there will be a Select Committee process underway soon, like most of the reform changes made by this Government in the immigration sector very small changes will be made (if any) to this legislation.
      It is however hoped that changes are made to better restrict the powers of the Minister to the examples that have been listed in the Press Release, and also, allow for greater transparency and accountability for that decision making outside the Beehive to manage the use of this unbridled power.


      As he says “Unbridled Power”

      And here is the whole Amendment in its long form.

      Clause 2 provides that the Bill comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent. The amendments made by the Bill will be repealed 12 months after the Bill comes into force. Each of the amendments has a provision to this effect.

      So further perusal to see all the fine print.

      I do feel that there is a program like Amnesty International, the Greens, and others, with the media of no accountability and their agenda, trying to push more things in, and certainly making noise.

      Ultimately it will be guided by the “be kind” munificence of Ardern. 🙁



      • The “refugees” that get as far as NZ are often the intelligent, determined, enterprizing one that would so much better enrich their own nations had they stayed there. Naturally, self-serving manipulation will be a trait for which there will be evolutionary selection.

        The really average ones most in need of “rescue” will not have the wherewithall to leave their home countries in the first place.

        By accepting refugees are we not retarding the country from which they came?



  7. “obviously,simply, obviously,obviously simply obviously obviously ” no prize for guessing who this leader is talking to Hosking this morning and all the while that half laughing strange way it talks , whatever the dear leader is taking I want it added to the Pharmac list of medicines and dispensed to all the NZrs that have had their lives disrupted by the “go early go hard” bullshit lie that has been foisted on us .
    Another 3 1/2 years of this laughing hyena setting policy will have the self harming stats going through the roof,seriously.



    • It doesn’t have to be on any list of pharmac medicines.
      The people have been subjected to the constant drip, drip, drip of one-sided propaganda by and about Ms Ardern for so long now that they believe everything she says without question.
      She’s so lovely, you see.
      It’s a cult now.



  8. Another day, another “Fuck You, Jacinda”. As for the petrol tax increase, maybe some action needs to be suggested. The ideas I have in mind would invite un welcome guests, so I’ll desist.



  9. I do beleive Leo Malloy needs to send the fuck face Alison Mau a huge thank you note. Best advertising he will ever get for free. I suspect he will be inundated with people wanting to eat there. The Olive or what ever in Cuba Street? Not so much.



  10. So I commented on today’s ‘amazeballs’ Stuff headline story about Baby Neve getting a home haircut/Jacinda’s hair colour.
    I made the observation that “If Stuff want more money from readers for their supposed ‘quality journalism’ they are going to have to do better than these putrid Woman’s Weekly puff pieces”
    Things are getting interesting now- The Lefty trolls are attacking me in force..



  11. From Cactus Kate. Posted: 16 May 2020 08:35 AM PDT

    Seriously this needs to stop. Some idiot Maori Party candidate has accused New Zealand of “ethnic cleansing” in their response to Covid-19. Well that is just clay target shooting sport for us at this blog isn’t it?

    Donna Pokere-Phillips, who’s standing in the Hauraki-Waikato electorate seat in the upcoming 2020 election, says New Zealand is witnessing “the greatest peacetime loss of civil liberties in our history at the exclusion of a Māori voice”.

    Apparently Maori were 2.5 more likely to suffer from Covid-19 deaths than any other race.

    It never happened. It never was going to.

    But now they need the money anyway? Seriously.

    The budget has allocated the same number as the raw total treaty settlements for Maori to be as useless under Covid-19 as us token whitey thought they would be. It is unbelievable?

    Maori should be writing the rest of us a cheque if truly the result of Covid-19 spreading was going to be that bad. Whitey and Asian businesses have gone to the wall, livelihoods have been lost to save how many Maori lives?

    They should be thanking everyone else for their sacrifice. Maori should be grovelling at the feet of every other race thanking them.
    According to the latest data, Māori represent 8 percent of the total cases so far – or 126 people.
    But that has not happened. And never will. Because the statistics are absolute nonsense and always were.

    Maori received 2.5 times the amount of cash from the budget than tourism. Why?
    Māori health and wellbeing has been highlighted as a priority for the Government in response to COVID-19, with close to $1 billion invested in support across multiple sectors in the 2020 Budget.
    This includes an extra $136 million for Whānau Ora to deliver support to the families and communities who need it most.
    Iwi organisations and non-Governmental organisations get an extra $11 million to help vulnerable communities.
    But Maori and Tourism Minister and Deputy Labour Leader Kelvin Davis has said this
    Labour’s Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis says the massive cash boost has huge potential.
    “COVID-19 has taught us that when the Government and Māori work together, putting our people at the centre of everything we do, we can achieve great things together,” he said.
    “Today’s $900 million investment shows our commitment to working together, our commitment to helping out Whānau and our commitment to protecting the future for all Maori.”
    Just WTF Kelvin you covidiot. Maori partied on as usual in bubbles of 100, blocking roads controlling state highways and continuing black market drug trades at will. The gangs went to tangi and operated as usual because your cops were too gutless to stop them. All my takeout was from this state of emergency was that a sly koha to the locals Hone can let you operate as normal. Maori in my view were smart as they knew it was all bullshit all along and are gaming the system. They took this as seriously as it deserved.

    The first employees redundant in the tourism sector should be Maori ones. Not because of anything else such as competency (that I am sure most of them are A for awesome) or they are good or bad at their job, but because Grant Robertson has already allocated the treaty settlement of a lazy billion again for their response to Covid-19. Yes apparently Maori are so useless they need another billion to prop up buying their land half a generation ago????

    Keep your Asian and white staff in tourism before the Maori ones.

    There is a new $40m housing deal between Maori and “government”. I will tell you how that works. A $4 million house for each of the Maori consultants chosen by Minister Mahuta and Jackson and everything else is buried.

    Maori are not as pathetic as they were when the Spanish flu hit. On the contrary many Maori are wealthy and middle class and living right next to us in Grey Lynn or Parnell.

    But the Covidiots have come out of the wood work and claimed somehow from the Auckland University centre of wokeness called the unrememberable “Te Pūnaha Matatini”, Maori are so shit useless they cannot be trusted to maintain the “stay home save lives” slogans from the white boy Topham Guerins.

    Maori are no more likely to die from Covid-19 than Whiteys. even less now as thanks to Whitey businesses and Whitey unemployment statistics in this absolutely hopeless grind to save the country from dying, it is actually Maori who have benefited the most.

    This idiot Shaun Hendy, who should be lined up and sent to Siberia after this has made the following comment:

    In Singapore, there was a large secondary outbreak in a migrant worker community – that community is housed in quite crowded dormitory conditions, doesn’t necessarily have access to good testing, and also is a community that doesn’t have a lot of job security, so a lot of disincentives for self-isolating for two weeks if your employer’s not going to pay you for that period.
    “We do have to be mindful of that – we’ve seen it play out that way overseas, and we’ve got to make sure it doesn’t play out that way in New Zealand.”

    Why does NZ have to be mindful? We do not in the worst State housing areas have a population treated that badly. Maori are not living in dorms crowded together, like some sort of peasant immigrants, This is laughable. Most Maori again are middle class.

    Apparently Maori do not own businesses affected by this, they haven’t been made redundant before whiteys and Asians, their lives have been basically unaffected. I am betting currently many Maori are having a better life than they did pre-Covid.

    Seriously Iwi should right now be writing a cheque to the rest of us if Maori apparently are more likely to die from Covid-19.

    Because they have not died. They were never going to die once everyone else sacrificed their businesses under lockdown.

    And everyone else has paid the bill for that.



  12. Coronavirus: NZ ‘not interested in blame or a witch hunt’ as country joins call for inquiry into COVID-19’s origins – Ardern

    “What I am very clear on is that we’re not interested in blame or any kind of witch hunt – we’re just interested in learning and I think most New Zealanders would agree with that.”

    Bridge questioned why Ardern had not mentioned China in her response, acknowledging reports that the word “China” has been removed from the inquiry’s draft.

    Ardern swiftly said she had no comment as she is not involved in the drafting process.

    “I think there are things to learn from other countries’ responses [and] I would include China in that – they were obviously the first to use lockdown and I think that has saved lives globally.



  13. Mark Richardson claims New Zealand is ‘a country of narks’ for dobbing in lockdown breaches

    He said the police non-emergency line had gone “doolally” with Kiwis eager to snitch on others, and it was unacceptable.

    “I’m ashamed of New Zealand – it’s become a country of narks.”



    • “Dependent” people who are given their money and security by an authority think and act differently to those “independent” indioviduals who run their own businesses or are self-employed.
      When a “dependent” person is instructed by their benefactor to do something, they may feel a sense of responsibility to comply.
      Independent people are much harder to control, but there are relatively few of them in this country compared with the number of dependent people.

      The sheep will follow the instructions of the shepherd.



    • I rather like this comment!

      “I guess its not PC to include things they are good at, like…

      Organise and then ignore rape camps
      Claim to be the most transparent government in, like, ever
      Seek to remove burdensome legislation, like the OIA”

      I hope hmmokrightitis doesnt mind me copying his brilliant reflection.



    • Very good ad and there is plenty of electioneering material against the COL. I can’t wait for the one on one election debates where Socialist Cindy has to answer direct questions! Then again if Paddy Gower is the moderator salivating over the Mad Queen being reappointed on election day we won’t get a fair debate. Honestly, she has been protected the whole way through with Trev and Paddy leaping to her assistance. It is bloody condescending and Cindy should ask her protectors to desist from helping her out or does she know she can’t handle the jandal without her ‘knights’ surrounding her with their protection. 🤢

      I’d like to see a neutral moderator and David Seymour in a one on one election debate with the Mad Queen!



  14. So the Lefties are all screeching for Ryan Bridges head on a platter because he light-heartedly asked the Prime Minister why she was dyeing her hair..
    Hang on- Wasn’t it Clarke and Jacinda who bombarded us with this useless information in the first place? Another pathetic ‘cutesy’ PR stunt from our very own versions of King Louis and Marie Antoinette??
    It’s a bit rich of the Mad Queen to stamp her feet and get indignant when this whole FUCKING PATHETIC PR exercise was clearly her idea in the first place!



  15. OMG , just saw Arderns response to the question about who is to blame for the Coronavirus,what a cowardly scrawny, horse faced creature we have in charge of our country, its not only Richardson that is ashamed to be a NZr we have become a clown show of gutless appeasers,SHAME.



  16. Start getting used to to a society where the citizenry
    dob on and report each other to the authorities.
    It worked well in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and is a major political
    tool of the Chinese communist party.
    This is exactly what Ardoom wants here.



    • Just listen to police channel on a scanner You would be amazed how many 555 calls they get some .needed but lots are just pin pricking The genuine ones are prepared to stop and take part if they see alleged offender stopped by police Lots make the report then strangely can not be contacted for further details.



  17. Can’t have potential voters grisling about their pay rate coming up to the election. Taxpayers to the rescue again. //

    Budget 2020: $278m boost for early childhood learning centres to bolster qualified workforce

    It follows Budget 2020’s $320 million investment in early learning, including $151.1 million to boost the pay of some 17,000 qualified ECE teachers – bringing the overall investment in ECE to half a billion dollars.

    The latest financial injection will restore the 100 percent funding band for teacher-led ECE services after it was scrapped by the previous National-led Government in 2010.



  18. The opposition criticising the government! The COL don’t like it up them!!! //

    Simon Bridges accuses Government of wanting to ‘get rid’ of COVID-19 Epidemic Response Committee

    Bridges wants the committee to continue throughout alert level 2 because the Government is still exercising control he says needs to be kept in check. But he’s not sure if it will continue, and accused the Government of wanting to “get rid of it”.

    Labour MP Michael Wood, a member of the COVID-19 committee, said it “worked pretty well” during lockdown when Parliament wasn’t sitting, but he said Bridges has “tarnished” it by using it as a political platform.

    “Increasingly over recent weeks, it’s become a little bit more like a partisan platform for the chair,” he told Newshub. “We’ve had him make political attacks on Dr Bloomfield and that kind of thing and I think that has tarnished it a bit.”

    He said any decision about extending the committee will be made by the Business Committee – which Wood is also a part of – or the House.

    Bridges used the Epidemic Response Committee earlier this month to issue summonses to the Solicitor-General, the Director-General of Health and Police Commissioner seeking the legal advice for the lockdown.



  19. Allowing strip clubs to reopen but not churches is unfair and illogical, reverend argues:

    …….”It’s an issue of inconsistency and equality. We’re allowing schools to open up, shopping malls, gymnasiums but it seems that faith is just not seemed to be as important or as relevant so its been quashed’……


    You can’t pull the wool over the eyes of the average sane Kiwi. We can see where the brain damage comes from. 🙂



  20. I don’t believe a word of it. Labour polling their own supporters or they are being lied to by those being polled. At least Cindy won’t put off the election as she believes everyone loves her. ❤️️❤️️😍 🤮
    If this poll is true NZ already IS a socialist paradise and we have lost Bigly.


    National isn’t the only party suffering from the Ardern-effect. The Greens are in dicey territory on 5.5 percent, edging a dot closer to the 5 percent threshold needed to get into Parliament.

    But it’s far worse for Winston Peters and co. All National’s votes have gone to Labour and so too a chunk of New Zealand First’s – on 2.7 percent down 0.9.

    Ardern doesn’t need any of them – she’s queen in her own right.

    As for the minor parties there’s no one worth mentioning but ACT on 1.8 percent – no change since our last poll.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s popularity is off the charts, and equally, National leader Simon Bridges’ popularity has been totally annihilated.



          • Whether the poll is real or not, or skewed to the left, matters not one iota. What it does is plant another seed in the minds of the gullible, who get their information from the 6 o’clock news. Groupthink is what is important. All the gullible swing voters will want to be part of ‘the club’. It has always been thus.
            Whilst it is vomit inducing to think it, the election is labour’s to lose.
            On the positive side though, is the fact that what they do to us in the ensuing couple of years should hopefully be enough to wake the sheeple up.
            God knows we need them to.
            And yes, God defend New Zealand indeed!



    • From WG’s link:

      ……”Conversely – and this is the heart stopping moment for National – the biggest party in Parliament is blown to smithereens – 30.6 percent down a jaw-dropping 12.7 points.

      The bedrock built by former Prime Minister Sir John Key – obliterated.”……

      But still the National faithful don’t get it. They’ll wrap their arms around Godboy & protect him with their lives. I don’t really give a fuck. National lost me to ACT after their MP’s voting in last year’s conscience votes.

      But you’d think someone would notice.



    • They have bought and paid for media.
      The cops are their running dogs enforcing their whim
      Dear leader has been on television every day for two months with people hanging on the every word to find what they have permission to do that day.
      Stockholm syndrome is real.

      I’ll bet Notional are below 35% in real terms.
      Bridges does not and never will get traction.
      There was no forward leader planning as English, Joyce, Finlayson etc bailed out.
      If Bridges is the best they have well that is what it is.

      I’d chuck away the sun glasses.
      The future is not bright.



  21. Hell I just went for a walk.
    About 6.30 pm on Mt Eden road there were cop cars flashing about – one idiot went up on the footpath to get inside a car that had stopped to let him pass- and the coppie helicopter.
    It looks like someone did not sign in at the Indian restaurant !!!



  22. Cindy’s rules for business useless.

    Coronavirus: How alert level 2 rules are causing mass confusion for businesses, pricing many out of reopening

    Restaurants and retailers are complaining of a lack of clarity from the Government after reopening at alert level 2 brought widespread confusion and a few nasty surprises.

    About 700 businesses have been dobbed in for breaches in the last four days – although a “large number” of these were for things the Kiwis reporting them didn’t realise were completely legal, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster revealed on Monday.

    On the face of it, the Prime Minister’s mandate for alert level 2 was simple.

    Hospitality businesses just had to follow the three Ss – each patron would need to be seated, they’d be separate from one another, and each table would have just a single server.

    But these rules – as well as a change to contact-tracing requirements the night before shifting to level 2 – have put the sector under such financial and logistical strain that many can’t afford to reopen, according to the Restaurant Association.



  23. My brother’s take in the latest poll

    imagine what they would get if they had even three competent ministers.
    If they get that with with boat anchors like David Clark, Twitford, Special K, Mahutas, Jenny Salesa

    ,..A couple of decent Ministers and they would be stratospheric.



  24. So back to school we went today.
    School had advised parents to talk to their children calmly – because we’re all too dumb to think of that ourselves, and we don’t want all the Tarquins and Lucindas getting stressed.
    The whole school assembly got canned because the peasants revolted, and was replaced by a 13 minute address from the Principal itemising the actions that must be taken to avoid this terrible sickness (- you know, the one kids don’t get). Like that’s calming.
    He stressed the importance of hand washing, and for those of the school’s bathrooms not equipped with an air towel well, it doesn’t matter because it’s the washing that’s important and not the drying. Really?
    The idiot then announced that he wasn’t going to hug the students, and he wouldn’t be letting the students hug him. Pleased to hear it – they’re intermediate aged kids, and hugging between staff and students would be plain weird. Evidently that was meant to show you keep your distance, not a personal safety issue.
    Seems to be that back in the 80s and 90s they were still promoting male teachers because they were male, and fast tracking women because they were women. That some of our schools are lead by bright and talented people of any gender is pure chance. The happy accident does not appear to have happened here.



    • Holy Moly! I didn’t know this was as widespread.
      I’m now hearing that the local Girls’ and Boys’ High Schools and the state integrated Girls’ College in this town all held assemblies.
      They spend time and money arranging classrooms, then cram everyone into the hall for a lecture on hand washing and spit zones?



  25. Thousands of jobs lost.
    Business owners going to the wall.
    Stressed and desperate folks ending their lives.
    Bought and paid for media whores.
    Blue uniformed jack boot wearing filth.
    Fuck I hate Ardern and her coalition of arseholes.



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