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  1. Winston Peters welcomes comments by new National Leader Todd Muller suggesting the Party’s ban on working with NZ First Party could be reviewed.
    When asked about the ban on working with NZ First after the election, Muller said today, ” it is quite possible, maybe, that in the future we could refresh that- I don’t know”. The current position was clear,” let’s see if it changes in the future”, he said.
    Just these words could encourage those unhappy National Party voter to vote NZ First and save Winston Peters and NZ First from being wiped from the political scene after the 2020 General Election.



    • What a crazy comment he made, perhaps as he said its possible he is just making a noise at least I suppose, he did not say probable as that would have been his kiss of death and rightly so. This Winestone first, is what got us into this mess in the first place. Or it could mean he would sell his soul to the devil to be leader. If this is Todd’s attitude he is f**ked before he starts, as most thinking people know Winey is a terrible person who also will sell his soul to the highest bidder and NZ is over.



      • Odakyu-Sen, In that game the chess boards would be the only honest thing going and probably the smartest as well, Todd is no different to all the other fake hollow people residing in the big house in Wellington, and Kaye OMG she’s blue on the outside and bright green in the middle.



  2. Small businesses want banks to permanently halt Paywave fees

    Covid-19 lockdown saw banks waive fees on Paywave transactions until June, and now some small business owners want them scrapped permanently.

    For Bushra Aljundi, owner of Christchurch’s Grain Coffee and Eatery, a year’s Paywave fees is equal to a year’s worth of wages for a part-time barista.

    Many countries pay minimal or no fees for Paywave. For example, Kiwi retailers pay more than three times the amount of their UK counterparts.



    • Give me a break!
      It’s a lie-in-bed Sunday morning and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet!
      Stay off the Pyongyang website. It’s not good for you! The font, colours and layout alone make me feel queezy!



      • Ok O-Sen. Here is some mainstream history.

        “The war crimes involved the Imperial Japanese Army and the Imperial Japanese Navy under Emperor Hirohito and they resulted in the deaths of millions of people. Some historical estimates of the number of deaths which resulted from Japanese war crimes range from 3[2] to 14[3] million through massacre, human experimentation, starvation, and forced labor that was either directly perpetrated or condoned by the Japanese military and government”


        [Most people don’t know this stuff as they were taught only Jews suffered in the war. In reality the shoah was a side show.]



  3. “when a fascist state goes all-out militarily when their economy is a terrible state. Remind you of anyone in history?”

    Yes. Don’t take the bait.

    Thrice-cursed atrocities of Japanese imperialists

    As widely known to the world, the Japanese imperialists who had seized the sovereignty of Korea by force of arms took 8.4-odd million young and middle-aged Korean people to battlefields for aggression as bullet shield and to slave labor sites in the wake of the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war.

    The Korean people dragged to Tokyo, victims of forcible drafting and forced labor, became subject to harsh slave labor in the sites unfit for human living, munitions factories and construction sites.




  4. There will be a boom in sheds being squashed onto backyards as sleepouts. Shanty town here we come.

    Government scraps consents for low-risk building work

    The Government has scrapped the need for consents for low-risk building work amid the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

    Single-storey detached buildings up to 30 square metres – including sleep-outs, sheds, greenhouses and carports – will be affected by the new exemptions to the Building Act, Minister for Building and Construction, Jenny Salesa, said today in a statement.

    It’s expected to save homeowners $18 million in consenting costs per year. Building work must still meet the Building Code, however.

    “These changes will save New Zealanders time and money and mean councils can focus on higher-risk building work, boosting the building and construction sector in the Covid-19 recovery,” Ms Salesa said.

    It’s expected to result in 9000 fewer consents to process a year, she said.



  5. Watch: US Navy uses laser to shoot down drone

    The US says it has successfully tested a laser that can take down enemy planes and drones.

    Video uploaded to YouTube by the US Navy shows its ship the USS Portland firing a red beam at a drone flying nearby. The drone catches fire.

    In a statement, the US Navy said it was “redefining war at sea”.

    “Amphibious transport dock ship USS Portland successfully disabled an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a Solid State Laser – Technology Maturation Laser Weapon System Demonstrator (LWSD),” it said.



    • Waikatogirl,the US navy have recently perfected their ship mounted rail gun which can fire a cheap non explosive non propellant round at up to 8 km a second ,the explosion when that round hits its target is something to behold and all without explosives. maybe our navy could buy one or two and fit them to a couple of inflatables,LOL.



  6. The MSM wonder why they are going broke and some people laugh at them.

    This has to be the worst article I have read in a long time and it doesn’t matter it is about Muller –it could have been something similar about Ardern and I would still be annoyed.


    The fact that it got past the editor just tells you $50 million buys you a lot of BS and it tells me Muller better have a thick skin because the pack is after him.



    • “But watch closely. If he does end up removing the hat in coming days or weeks, we’ll be given a good hint of what the new leader of the National Party really cares about.”

      Veneto – whoever s/he is – is absolutely correct.
      If Muller doesn’t have more on his mind than rearranging his office accoutrements in response to some immature scribe at a newspaper failing to attract paid readership, the National Party have been sold a pup.



      • Chuck, I do not have much to do with Facebook (except as way to see photos from the family) but I took up your suggestion. On that article the comments make Twitter look reasonably sane. But one comment caught my attention :
        ” This article is a load of crap. It speaks volumes about a story teller who reads all that into a hat but nothing into the fact that Cindy was the leader of the world socialist youth and runs around calling her crew comrade. It’s quite scary that this is news”



  7. A teacher asks her students to tell a story with a moral. Little Johnny stands up and says
    “My grandfather fought in WWII as a pilot. He was shot down, and had to bail out with nothing more than a crate of beer, his rifle, and a bayonet. He drank the beer on the way down, and proceeded to shoot 50 men, stab 20 more, and throttle 10 with his bare hands.”
    “That’s quite a story.” Says the teacher, “but what’s the moral?”
    “Don’t fuck with my grandfather when he’s drunk.”



  8. Huge haul of meth, methyl fentanyl and heroin seized in Myanmar, in Asia’s largest ever drug bust

    Police in Myanmar have made what they claim is Asia’s largest-ever drug bust, seizing 200 million meth tablets and 1,100 lbs of crystal meth.

    Authorities also seized 660 lb of heroin and 3,750 liters of methyl fentanyl in raids that take place between February and April in Kutkai, Shan state.

    Shan state is known as part of the “Golden Triangle”, a remote, largely lawless jungle area spreading across Myanmar, Laos, China and Thailand which was once a major source of the world’s opium and heroin and is now a major producer of methamphetamine.




    • Braybots nemesis ,To many busts like that and the CCP will run out of cash,they are the largest drug cartel on the planet and its part of their plan to weaken the western world before the final financial takeover.



  9. Prominent political pundit Matthew Hooton pulls back from commentary over Todd Muller link

    Prominent political pundit Matthew Hooton has withdrawn from commentary for the time being because of a conflict caused by his link to the successful leadership bid of National MPs Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye.

    Matthew Hooton’s preference was scarcely a secret: the headline on his Herald column that same day was National’s only choice – Muller for Leader.

    In the column – written the previous day – his personal connection to the leadership contender was acknowledged in a footnote which said he and Todd Muller had been friends for 30 years and “had spoken during recent events”. He also pointed out he’d known Nikki Kaye and Simon Bridges for 13 years too.

    “Heaven knows how RNZ chose repeatedly to use lobbyist Matthew Hooton as a commentator … when most journalists know that Hooton has been working on Muller’s behalf to help achieve this outcome,” BusinessDesk editor Pattrick Smellie wrote in a piece re-published by the Herald late on Friday.

    After that circulated on social media, it was clear many journalists didn’t know if Matthew Hooton was part of Todd Muller’s leadership campaign or not. Matthew Hooton’s own Twitter account – which had been pretty active in previous days – disappeared from the platform on Friday.



    • A journalist withdrawing on ethical grounds? For merely being friends with the subject of a story?
      Hells teeth. Will that become a fashion?
      How many from the press gallery are going to resign for screwing sources to get a story?



    • While I can see where Harvey and CO are coming from in this case Hooton was not acting as a journalist but a campaign adviser for Muller.
      But Hooton is also using the opportunity by saying he will withdraw from commentary for a bit of self promotion for his business –basically “look how great I am at what I do”



  10. ACT-ing or the better.

    ACT has today announced its first 49 candidates to contest the 2020 election.

    We have selected New Zealanders from all walks of life, from Northland to Southland. People who have built their homes, families and businesses and who want to protect and enhance our free society.

    Among our candidates are two teachers, two lawyers, three farmers, three local government representatives, four engineers, seven licensed firearms owners, eleven business owners, and End of Life Choice advocates.




  11. I see the Mad Queen is putting a story about finding expired milk in her fridge all over Social Media/Her paid-off MSM today.
    Jesus- And I thought the attack on Muller over his MAGA cap was a piss weak story..



          • When Todd Muller walked into Parliament’s Legislative Council Chamber on Friday to deliver his first address as the 13th leader of the National Party, it ended a week of leaks, number-crunching, secret meetings, claims of betrayal and failed brinkmanship.

            The Herald on Sunday talked to those involved in that showdown between Muller and the man he felled, Simon Bridges, to piece together how that week panned out.

            It was clear until the end that it was going to be a close battle, and that neither side was absolutely certain they had the numbers when they went into that contest.

            READ MORE:
            • National’s new leader: Who is Todd Muller, the MP who defeated Simon Bridges
            • National Party’s Todd Muller faces divided caucus, fires first shots over Labour’s bows
            • National Leader Todd Muller takes over small businesses portfolio – sees it as a major focus
            • Simon Bridges loses National leadership vote to Todd Muller

            The Herald on Sunday has since been told by a reliable source that Muller won the leadership by just one vote, although that may never be known for certain.
            A wounded Simon Bridges has congratulated new National leader Todd Muller after his ousting.

            Simon Bridges had announced the challenge before it arrived.

            Bridges went on to his usual broadcast media shows on Wednesday morning, and said he was facing a leadership challenge, but he would leave it up to his challengers to reveal themselves.

            At that point, the challenge had not been made: but it was inevitable.

            The public reaction to some of Bridges’ statements about the Government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis was the real trigger: in particular a Facebook post Bridges put up which got a visceral response.
            Related articles:
            NEW ZEALAND
            Comment: Todd Muller’s Make America Great Again hat is not okay
            24 May, 2020 6:44am
            4 minutes to read

            At that point, Muller’s ambitions were widely known, but it was also known that Muller’s preference was to wait until after the election before he had a tilt.

            The trouble was that nobody else wanted to wait.

            Other MPs were reporting that they were getting it in the ear from their local party members. The leader was also raised frequently by members of the public they were speaking to.
            Newly elected National Party Leader Todd Muller and wife Michelle arrive at a press conference at Parliament on after the leadership vote on Friday. Photo / Getty Images
            Newly elected National Party Leader Todd Muller and wife Michelle arrive at a press conference at Parliament on after the leadership vote on Friday. Photo / Getty Images

            Then, critically, National Party Board members went to some MPs to flag their concerns and ask for something to be done.

            MPs had not seen any of the National Party’s internal polls since February – but the board had.

            Those MPs could no longer simply sit and wait and hope.

            At that point, there were three names in the mix for leadership.

            One was Mark Mitchell, who had stood for the job in 2018 but withdrew at the request of Paula Bennett to back Bridges instead. The other was Judith Collins, who had also stood for the role before.

            Neither of those ended up entering the fray, although Mitchell would have had Bridges taken a different path.

            The third was Todd Muller, who had opted against contesting in 2018. Muller was aware the first Leader of the Opposition after a time in Government rarely lasted long.

            He figured that his time would eventually come. It came a bit earlier than he hoped.

            After the public antipathy to Bridges grew during the Covid-19 period, Muller, his potential deputy Nikki Kaye, Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis started “testing the water” to see if there was an appetite for change.

            MPs’ views were split on whether a change would do more harm than good, due to the inevitable instability and the proximity of an election.

            News of their phone calls and meetings quickly made it to MPs loyal to Bridges, including Paula Bennett.
            MP for Hutt South Chris Bishop was heavily involved behind the scenes in Todd Muller’s bid to win the National Party leadership. New Zealand Herald photograph / Mark Mitchell
            MP for Hutt South Chris Bishop was heavily involved behind the scenes in Todd Muller’s bid to win the National Party leadership. New Zealand Herald photograph / Mark Mitchell

            The media also heard about it, the leaks an apparent bid to try to force Bridges to stand down – or at least create momentum around a change.

            A couple of weeks passed as Bridges tried to salvage things.

            MPs had not seen any internal polls since February, when the Covid-19 crisis started to hit New Zealand – but some had heard that they were atrocious

            A Newshub Reid Research Poll confirmed it. That poll played on Monday night and had National at just 30.6 per cent.

            TUESDAY: Poll shell shock, a no-confidence motion

            MPs were reeling from the poll of the night before. Its results would have meant 17 MPs cast out of Parliament.

            MPs in marginal seats were very nervous as were List MPs.

            Again, there were leaks to the media – this time that a no-confidence vote would be put up at the party’s next caucus meeting a week later.

            That was first reported by the NZ Herald on Tuesday afternoon. It was soon verified and reported by others.

            At this point Muller wanted a clean handover, knowing the same party supporters who did not like Bridges would also not like a brutal leadership challenge.

            At this point, Muller’s team were not certain they had the numbers.

            They did not want to challenge unless they had at least a cushion of four MPs against Bridges.

            However, it usually requires a challenger rather than a vote of no-confidence to replace a leader in National.

            Plan A was to hope Bridges stood down of his own accord and the leadership would come up for grabs. That would have sparked a contest with Mitchell, and possibly Collins. Muller’s team was confident they would win in that scenario.
            National Party list MP Nicola Willis was one of Todd Muller’s trusted team members in his succesful coup bid. New Zealand Herald photograph / Mark Mitchell
            National Party list MP Nicola Willis was one of Todd Muller’s trusted team members in his succesful coup bid. New Zealand Herald photograph / Mark Mitchell

            However, at no point did Muller go to Bridges directly to ask for that, although it is understood Kaye had some discussions with Bridges and Bennett.

            The no-confidence vote plan did not work as intended.

            The next day, Plan B had to be deployed: the direct challenge.

            WEDNESDAY:The challenge

            The fireworks began early when Simon Bridges announced he was facing a challenge for his leadership on morning media: effectively forcing Muller’s hand.
            Simon Bridges is putting his leadership to the test but tells Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking he remains confident he will overcome a vote of no confidence. Audio / Newstalk ZB

            Muller was in Auckland at the time.

            His team debated how to respond.

            The options included doing nothing and letting Bridges sweat it out until Tuesday, or making a public statement confirming the challenge.

            They decided letting it drag out for another week was a bad idea. They needed a vote earlier – and the only way to get it would be to challenge.

            Muller rang party president Peter Goodfellow and party whip Barbara Kuriger, telling them he would challenge. Muller made at least two attempts to call Bridges but did not get an answer. Bridges did not return the call.

            Muller was now also meeting other MPs. One of them was Mark Mitchell, who was considered most likely to try to contest for the job.
            Nikki Kaye has taken on the role as Todd Muller’s deputy. New Zealand Herald photograph / Dean Purcell
            Nikki Kaye has taken on the role as Todd Muller’s deputy. New Zealand Herald photograph / Dean Purcell

            Muller had arranged to meet Mitchell at the Cordis Hotel at 4pm – texting him an hour earlier with the venue.

            When Mitchell drove up, he discovered the media had got there first and drove straight off again.

            It remains unclear who alerted the media – both sides blame the other – but the meeting ended up taking place at the Hilton Hotel.

            Meanwhile, Muller’s team prepared the email to send to the other MPs, and it was sent out at around 5pm – straight after the emergency caucus meeting was called.

            Muller never publicly announced his leadership bid, opting to treat it as an internal caucus matter.

            Of course, all of his team knew full well that other MPs would inevitably leak that email to media.

            On Wednesday night Mitchell committed his support to Bridges, giving away the opportunity to challenge himself.

            THURSDAY: The race for 28 votes

            Muller flew to Wellington in the morning but disappeared into thin air after being seen by media at the airport.

            Unbeknownst to media, he had not gone very far at all: he had taken a room at the airport hotel to work with his team.

            From that room, they found great entertainment in looking down and watching the media chasing other MPs – including Kaye who flew down to join them that afternoon.

            MULLER’S TEAM

            Muller’s core “campaign” team consisted of Kaye, and MPs Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis.

            Commentator Matthew Hooton was an old friend and on Wednesday, Muller also brought him. There was some initial scepticism from Bishop and Willis who did not know Hooton very well.

            Hooton had been known to criticise National and many of its MPs were cautious about him. Muller convinced them he would be of value.

            While Bridges was at Parliament slotting in phone calls to MPs in between chairing the Epidemic Response Committee and speaking to the Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Team Muller bunkered down to work.

            It was a sophisticated operation. Bishop and Willis were the “numbers” people. They had been softly gauging support for three weeks, but now hit turbo mode.

            Bishop ran the logistics. There were spreadsheets and “call-trees” logging who they had called, who was strong support, and how they could get others over the line.

            They were also getting ready to hit the ground running if Muller won. Speeches and press statements were prepared, and Muller himself was given some media training.

            Willis was particularly valuable in that regard: she had been a speech writer for former PM Sir John Key, and had also worked on the campaigns of Key and Bill English, preparing them for debates and major speeches.

            Meanwhile, influential supporters outside Parliament were being deployed.
            MPs themselves find it difficult to openly lobby for their favoured candidate, due to the conventions of “caucus process”.

            But supporters outside Parliament have no such constraints.

            Muller’s supporters included Hooton and Michelle Boag, both of whom deployed themselves into the media as commentators to spread the good word.

            Hooton in particular was relentless. Both are influential commentators – Hooton has regular platforms on RNZ and the NZ Herald.

            He used those platforms to push Muller’s chances. At no stage did he disclose in the media that he was himself deeply involved in the Muller campaign, although he did state he was a friend of Muller’s.

            There has since been speculation Hooton will end up as a chief of staff, or working in some other capacity for Muller. Hooton has ruled out the chief of staff job.

            Bridges, meanwhile, had no similar external backers.

            Bennett and he did many of the phone calls, helped by Bridges’ old numbers man Todd McClay and Michael Woodhouse.

            Mark Mitchell committed his support to Bridges on the Wednesday night, and started helping out a bit after that point.

            Few MPs would say publicly how they were voting. They included Judith Collins, although Bridges’ team now believe she supported Muller, despite previous disagreements with him over the Zero Carbon Bill.

            There were also the inevitable accusations of double-crossing. Bridges’ supporters said Whangarei MP Shane Reti had told Bridges he would support him – but had then voted for Muller.

            Reti was mentioned by Muller’s team as one of their key supporters – and both entered Parliament in 2014.

            Asked about this, Reti denied making false promises of support and said he was possibly misinterpreted.

            That night the 1 News Colmar Brunton poll ran. National was on 29 per cent.

            FRIDAY: VOTE

            It was a bright, crisp day in Wellington but the MPs were grumpy.
            Former National Party Leader Simon Bridges, flanked by his former deputy Paula Bennett, talking to media after losing his leadership. Photo / Getty Images
            Former National Party Leader Simon Bridges, flanked by his former deputy Paula Bennett, talking to media after losing his leadership. Photo / Getty Images

            They did not like being called back to Wellington from the first free week after having been in lockdown and then at Parliament for almost two months.

            They did not like the “distraction” the leadership had created. But they liked the polls’ results even less.

            They trickled in from about 7am, through the media scrums. Very few openly stated who they supported.

            At noon, the door to the caucus room closed and a National Party banner was placed across the corridor to block the cameras.

            At about 12.40pm, a report seeped out to Newshub that Muller had won. It was well before the caucus meeting wrapped up.

            Caucus is tight and MPs are not allowed to take cellphones in.

            It remains unknown how that leak made it out – whether a staff member got the word out or an MP used another device such as an Apple watch.

            Just as leaks helped trigger Muller’s ascendancy to the job, a leak confirmed it.
            Trending Topics

            Todd Muller faces divided caucus
            Cancer sufferer’s ‘hell of a fight’
            New Zealand’s ‘shame’
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  12. Anyone else noticed it is still difficult to purchase some everyday grocery items at the supermarket? Is it that the public have changed their habits and are eating at home instead of buying ready made from cafes, bakeries, takeaways and restaurants? We are also having our prescription medications rationed out despite Socialist Cindy telling us there is not a shortage. So what, she just likes making us go to the pharmacy more frequently? 🤨



    • You can rest assured Party elite have access to anything they desire.

      The Party wants to make it so that only Party supporters with Party approved tracking apps can enter stores and public buildings. The Party also wants ban cash so the Party can cut off your income and monitor your spending.

      You ain’t seen nothing yet.



    • Welcome and embrace Cindy’s glorious new world comrades!
      She knows our dietary needs are well catered for with cabbage, dirt and beetroot.
      We do not need medicines comrades!
      Our rejoicing and adulation of our fair and wonderful leader will keep us
      all healthy and well.



    • The Pac n’ Sav in Glen Innes has only recently had 1.5 kg bags of self-raising flour. I didn’t see any for most of April and early May. Most other food items have been easy to purchase. Moreover, the delicatesen section reopended last week so I could get fresh ham (not the pricy pre-packaged paper-thin ham) for the first time in a couple of months.

      I don’t know why people are still “social distancing” when there aren’t any viruses out there in the environment.

      Let’s get rid of these “Alerts Levels” and return to normal. I am appalled at how guillable and sheepish the people of this country can be. Next they will be telling me how “amazeballs” the Prime Minister has been.

      Tell that to the legion of unemployed once their wage subsidy expires.



      • I am filled with disgust and contempt for NZ. I will enjoy watching their self inflicted misery.

        It’s just a crying shame there is no hell for them to burn in when their miserable existence expires.



      • Will more people be having sex to while away the hours of boredom while unemployed? Not a good time to get pregnant when you can’t afford the kid. I can’t understand her reasoning to ration prescription medication except she is lying to us and there is a shortage. Except for the usual increase in numbers the mass population isn’t suddenly going to be inflicted with crippling illnesses, except for a possible return of covid or flu outbreak.



  13. Fletcher called on to return Ihumātao block after collecting $68 million in taxpayer-funded wage subsidies

    Pania Newton, spokesperson for the disputed land block at Ihumātao, has again called on its current owner Fletcher Building to return the land to New Zealanders ‘at no cost’.

    “They should show some goodwill to the New Zealand public and to Aotearoa in allowing this whenua to be gifted back to the people to hold in trust for all New Zealanders to enjoy,” she told The Hui.

    It comes after it was revealed that Fletchers will cut 1000 jobs in New Zealand despite receiving $68 million in wage subsidies and reporting a profit of $259 million last year.

    Newton says it’s an insight into Fletcher’s attitude.

    “For me, it really goes to the heart of the company and their ethos and what they prioritise and that showed they prioritised capital gain over people.”

    The repossession of Ihumātao was one of the biggest news stories of 2019. But like most issues, it has been eclipsed by the COVID-19 pandemic.



  14. This vile hate filled commie bitch is a professor of business. She shares her wish list for a dystopian hell:

    1. Big data monitoring everything for the Party.

    2. Machines used to make decisions on behalf of the Party.

    3. Cars controlled by the Party.

    4. You will work for the Party and they will distribute your income to others – favored by the Party.




  15. No new CCP virus today.
    Who thinks the Comrade will relaxes the lockdown tomorrow to get the headlines tomorrow.
    Because it’s all about her and Mr Who is getting too much in the way of headlines!
    Bigger crowd gatherings in churches, sit where you like, no contact tracing.
    This election has started, Robba and whinestone flinging around money like a mad womans shit!



  16. Did you see mr or ms anonymous flew from Aukland to Queenstown to get their jollies off and thought everyone but them were too close and they got scarred and whinged to the media.
    I would hope that they didn’t buy a return trip ticket as they can friggen walk home. Sokky babies!
    If they want to have half the plane empty to sit 2m apart, then pay twice the price for the seats as you have to buy the seat beside you as well. Idiots.



  17. Provincial Growth Fund reset with $600m to help economy recover

    To help communities rebuild in the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government’s provincial growth fund has been reset with an estimated $600 million to be dished out.

    The first collection of projects were announced by Mr Jones today, which are expected to create hundreds more jobs around the country.

    Waterway fencing, riparian planting and stock water reticulation projects will receive $100 million which will be used to help encourage farmers to fence off streams and rivers from stock.

    Meanwhile road and rail projects have been given $60 million and will be allocated across the Bay of Plenty, Manawatū-Whanganui, West Coast, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Waikato and the top of the South Island.

    At least 600 jobs will be formed around the country to help will the construction of footpaths, cycleways and playgrounds, as well as vegetation management and roadside clearing, Mr Jones says, adding that the rail projects alone are likely to create a further 200 jobs to support the maintenance of rail ways around the country.

    A maximum of $70 million has been promised to help upgrade marae, town halls, war memorials and Pasifika churches.

    “Renovating these buildings will provide work for local tradies and contractors while regular building and repair work is on hold,” Mr Jones says.

    He says the funding provides an opportunity to support Pasifika, Māori and other vulnerable workers who can’t secure jobs. The cash injection will help to cover salaries and building costs for the upgrades.

    A further $7.5 million has been given to the PGF to support a further four projects to help regions recover from Covid-19’s impact.

    Apollo Foods Ltd in Hawke’s Bay will receive $2.9 million to support the upskilling of workers and to fund new technology in order to increase productivity and capability.

    Another $2.5 million will go towards upgrading Raglan Wharf to improve access for commercial operators and visitors to the area.

    Westport’s waterfront is in for a revamp with $1.86 million dedicated to building a pedestrian and cycle bridge from the town centre to the river front.

    Te Pari, an engineering firm in Otago, has been given $209,500 to purchase equipment to improve capacity to supply the farming industry with equipment to handle livestock.



  18. “We’ve Never Seen Numbers Like This” – Trauma Doc Sees Post-Lockdown Suicide Wave Starting

    A glimpse into our future?
    There will be more obfuscation, denial and ho-hummery, by the bucket loads from our kindest most gooderist leader soon.
    ‘Generation numb’, will willingly slide into any “for the good of the nation rituals” that will appease her sick and vile appetite for inflicting an ideology on us, that has proven to fail throughout history.
    I can picture her telling the children of our impoverished nation to stop believing what they are experiencing, and that reality is just a state of mind best kept to oneself….. or else!!

    “We’ve never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time,” he said. “I mean we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.”




    • The Economic “Reopening” Is A Fake Out
      (Guest posted on Zerohedge)


      Commenter’s question to author:
      How would immunity passports be enforced? Vehicle checkpoints or at service establishments?

      Authors response:
      I can only go by what they are already doing in places like China – Essentially, you will not be allowed to go into most public places without a passport. Meaning, no grocery stores, no restaurants, no malls, no museums, no government buildings, etc. You would not be allowed to go to work, no one would give you a job and you would not be able to participate in the economy. You also would probably be restricted in where you could travel. Unless you were self sufficient and had a community of people to barter with, you would be driven to destitution or death.

      This is why I am telling people to start building free communities now, because if they don’t they might not have any alternatives other than the controlled economy and submission to medical tyranny. The bigger picture is, how many people will go into full rebellion against these Orwellian measures and fight back?

      “It Is Destined To Happen This Way” 5 mins 21 secs



      • The video is interesting but the comments really, really worry me. Eg:

        # Hopeful of the rapture because the world will only get worse as the Bible states

        # Just live in duty under Christ already – be fruitful, multiply, stay the commandments and love each other

        # Lucifer wants reality, Gods reality, our reality, how?, digitization, down to the photon. Quantum yields-CERN-nanodiamonds-dwave

        # God will step in. We r God’s ppl and he is the New World Order. Keep praying ppl for God is the one we serve not man

        They’re barking mad!



        • Nasska, it’s just a competing ideology that wants the same level of power and control as the far left.

          Personally I don’t believe in a global “conspiracy” other than extreme left groups working for mutual benefit. Ultimately though they will turn on each other as the left always does.

          Those who lust for power and control are egotistical megalomaniacs. Leaders should live in a state of fear to keep them honest.



  19. Labour Party’s latest candidate to contest key Epsom seat
    Employment lawyer Camilla Belich has been selected as the Labour Party candidate to contest the Epsom seat from Act leader David Seymour.

    She’s promised to run an “energetic campaign” and to help keep Labour in Government.

    Belich, 37, returned from London four years ago where she won acclaim for her role in winning a high-profile case in the Court of Justice of the European Union about safe working hours.

    She is currently a barrister and solicitor at the New Zealand Public Service Association union and was previously at the Council of Trade Unions after returning from London.

    Belich and her husband Andrew Kirton, who was the Labour Party secretary before the 2017 election and was considered a prospective candidate for Parliament, are both seen as having great political potential.

    Kirton stepped down from the party in 2018 to take up a job as head of government relations with Air New Zealand.

    Haha bad move kirton so send the wife out to work again.




  20. Landowners fighting a council trying to take part of their properties to build a road say they didn’t object to the road designation because they were told they would be compensated.

    But Hamilton City Council is acquiring large chunks of private land without paying compensation in a situation labelled “ludicrous nonsense” by an MP.

    Dozens of affected landowners have either sold entire properties to the council and moved out of the area or are having part of their land compulsorily acquired under the Public Works Act, 1981.

    The Act ensures that landowners whose property is acquired by the Crown and its authorities for a public work should not be financially disadvantaged.

    It’s the concept of betterment, where the remaining land is valued higher after the works meaning the council does not have to pay compensation, that is causing distress.


    Greedy fucking communist Councils.



  21. I just met the local candidate in Tamaki for ACT. Unfortunately, not a good first impression. She turned up late, wasn’t really prepared and just had no focus. I think her voting target is off – she’s going after established, elderly voters as well. You’re not going to break new ground by re-treading the same votes that ACT and National are squabbling over, I think. It’s a disappointment, because I was hoping to help and make a difference but this electorate isn’t going anywhere.



    • “Fuck the Ragheads.”

      I’ve fucked a number of rag heads. They all had an alarmingly uncritical view of the West and USA.

      In fact the Jews I’ve fucked were more critical of goyim society. Way more.



      • I was not t really thinking along a coitus sort of fucking. Thas the problem with the word “fuck”. Its so damn ambiguous. Look, a willing vagina is always welcome, no matter what the life supprt system for that vagina professes to believe or not believe. The bigger issue is whether one needs to keep one’s eyes tightly closed while copulating, life’s too short to shag ugly chicks. Whether they orgasm shouting Allah Agbar or Elohim Gadol, I don’t fucking care. As long as I cum first.



    • “”That hat represents the denial of the freedom of beliefs. That hat represents the denial of minority voices. That hat represents the vitriol that has been harming that nation and has been harming the world for the last four years,” Danzeisen said.“

      Is this a sick joke? Or is it cognitive dissonance? Or is it just a religious hypocrite who ignores what goes on in her shithole of origin?



  22. You can tell a lot about a person by their view of the group who made civilization possible… the farmer.

    All technology, all arts, all philosophy, everything.

    But don’t take my word for it, go about your profession without food and let us know how it works out. Remember, don’t feed your parasites family.

    There are only 3 possible human states:

    1. Hunter gatherer.

    2. Farmer.

    3. Disgusting parasite unworthy of life. An abomination.



  23. I have been wondering with the election not too far away…
    Will Ardern’s handlers and string pullers keep her away from everyone
    except the loony faithful when she is out campaigning?
    Or do they think everyone loves her???



  24. They have to protect her and keep her seperate from the public.
    Why do you think that they sent her all of them kindys, to meet her peers?
    If she starts spinning, they are history, they need to look after the income stream!



  25. Business NZ says more jobs at risk unless conditions for Alert Level 1 move is detailed

    The Business NZ network says more jobs are at risk unless the government comes up with conditions under which businesses can move to Alert Level 1.

    Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope said low levels of demand and customer activity under the current restrictions were increasing the risk of job losses.

    “Now businesses are open it’s ensuring they have sufficient demand to continue to employ people,” he said.

    The network is calling for an urgent timeline and clarity over what the conditions will be at Alert Level 1 so businesses know what will be expected of them.

    “A lead in time, a clear understanding of what the rules will be, just ensuring businesses have that clarity and certainty, so they don’t buy things they don’t need to, they don’t set up systems they don’t need to have … they don’t restrict themselves unnecessarily when it’s not really going to reduce the risk,” Mr Hope said.

    “How many days would we have to continuously see no new cases before we would be able to move to Level 1? What does that look like? How long will that be? And how quickly can we get to Level 0?”



  26. Poll: Is Todd Muller a serious threat to Jacinda Ardern?

    An informal Newshub website poll on Saturday showed his selection might be enough to change some people’s minds.

    The poll currently shows 50 percent of people are more likely to vote National now, 17 percent say they’re less likely, while 33 percent say it won’t change their mind.

    Do you think Todd Muller is a serious threat to Jacinda Ardern? Vote in the poll below.



  27. A great piece on women and their role in the downfall of civilization.


    This comment nails it:

    Not entirely correct sir. Women rule by dissimulation and cunning, not feelings. Men are more prone to deliberate with feelings (although with rational thought behind it) than women are. This is why so many men just can’t understand how or why a woman thinks the way she does. Women like to hear that men don’t understand them and they want to keep it that way, as it’s their source of power over us. It makes men neurotic and it makes us second guess ourselves, lose trust in our God given instinct. This is what women want you to believe, that they are emotional. Most women are not emotional, but completely barren of emotions once their supply of oxytocin runs out (generally around 30). After that, they put on a show, and mimic behavior much like a psychopath would. This is why so many men who are raised by single mothers grow up to BE psychopaths, they learn how from their mothers.
    Please stop propagating the myth that women are in touch with their emotions, and speak the truth! The truth is that women are simply the forces of chaos made flesh and they use their emotions in order to control those around them. It is almost never spontaneous or natural, but is a show to control others.



    • Women are more inclined to display whatever emotion they’re having at given point of time. I’m certain that hormone changes at puberty cause problems that are real but they learn how to manipulate men through experiencing them. As witness consider that after menopause they still put on a good act when it suits.

      At one stage when I had the wife at home with two teenage daughters you could guarantee that there was always one of them going on the rag, on the rag or coming off the rag. Coincidentally I had some of the best back boundary fencing in the lower North Island. 🙂



    • Perhaps that is why we have Nature as a female force of change (Mother Nature).

      A man marries a woman, hoping that she will never change, but she does.
      A woman marries a man, hoping that he will change, but he doesn’t.



  28. Good on Muller for not backing down. It’s only a hat!!

    New National leader Todd Muller doubles down over MAGA cap in office display

    A spokesperson from Mr Muller’s office told 1 NEWS “his thinking hasn’t changed since he spoke to you yesterday.”

    In a statement to 1 NEWS, Mr Muller said he hasn’t put any more thought into where he’ll put his memorabilia.

    “I haven’t spared another thought about where I’ll put my caps, Michelle Obama banners, Hillary Clinton badges, or any other memorabilia from my overseas trips,” he said.



  29. Influx of potatoes from Europe could ‘decimate’ NZ industry

    A potato glut in Europe has the industry here worried that frozen fries could soon be dumped in New Zealand, flooding the market and putting hundreds of Kiwi jobs at risk.

    The industry is calling for emergency intervention from the Government to put the brakes on a French fry invasion, but it’s so far refusing to do so.

    If Europe dumps their cheap chips here in New Zealand, it could seriously hurt farmers like Tim Pike.

    “Worst case scenario it’s not viable for us to grow potatoes next year,” he says.

    Lockdowns across Europe have led to a huge overstock of potatoes with nowhere for them to go.

    “We have some 400 people directly employed by processors and if those processors aren’t frying potatoes, they don’t have jobs,” says Mr Claridge.

    The potato industry says Europe isn’t playing fair and wants the Government to put a temporary ban on frozen fry imports.



  30. A blueprint.

    Hong Kong protest over proposed national security law met with tear gas

    Anti-sedition law
    China announced Thursday that it plans to introduce a new national security law in Hong Kong — bypassing the city’s legislature — which is expected to ban sedition, secession and subversion against Beijing. It will also enable mainland Chinese national security agencies to operate in the city for the first time.
    The announcement sparked immediate outcry from opposition lawmakers in Hong Kong, human rights groups and multiple international governments.




  31. Andrew Little was at an International Trades Union convention in Las Vegas & decided to check out the local brothels. When he got to the first one, he asked the Madame, “Is this a union house?”

    “No, I’m sorry it isn’t,” she said.

    “Well, if I pay you $200, what cut do the girls get?” he inquired.”The house gets $150 and the girl gets $50,” the Madame replied.

    Mightily offended at such unfair dealings, Andrew stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable shop. His search continued throughout the night until finally he reached a brothel where the Madame said, “Why yes, this is a union house.”

    “And if I pay you $200, what cut does the girl get?” he asked.

    “The girl gets $150 and the house gets $50,” said the Madame.

    “That’s more like it!” says Andy. He looked around the room and pointed to a stunningly attractive redhead. “I’d like her for the night,” he said.

    “I’m sure you would, sir,” said the Madame, …gesturing to an older & much heavier woman in the corner, ” …but Two-Ton Bertha here has seniority!”



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