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  1. Coronavirus: US should stop spreading lies about China, work with them to combat COVID-19 – top Chinese diplomat

    “China has always advocated that, as the world’s largest developing country and the largest developed country, both of us bear a major responsibility for world peace and development,” he said. “China and the United States stand to gain from cooperation, and lose from confrontation.”

    Last month, Missouri became the first US state to sue the Chinese Government over its handling of the coronavirus, saying China’s response to the outbreak that originated in the city of Wuhan brought devastating economic losses to the state.



  2. Election 2020: Green Party places seven women in top 10 positions in new candidate list

    The party currently has eight MPs and seven of these will campaign for re-election this year – Gareth Hughes announced in November he was retiring.

    Of these current MPs, co-leader Marama Davidson is ranked first, followed by co-leader and Climate Change Minister James Shaw at number two. This is a change from the last election where they were listed the other way around.

    Chlöe Swarbrick comes in at number three, a significant move up the list from 2017 where she was listed seventh.

    Julie Anne Genter is fourth, Jan Logie is fifth, Eugenie Sage is sixth and Golriz Ghahraman is seventh. In the party’s list for the 2017 election, Genter was third, Sage was fourth, Logie was sixth and Ghahraman was eighth.



  3. New National leader says he would’ve fired David Clark over breaking lockdown rules

    When 1 NEWS today asked Mr Muller whether he would’ve fired David Clark, he replied: “Yes.

    “I thought it was quite extraordinary how he could acknowledge that he had failed on a number of accounts to meet the standards that were expected.”

    As the tourism industry continues to face the consequences of Covid-19, he also had some words for Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis. He said Mr Davis “doesn’t seem to be present both physically or … mentally” in regards to his priorities “at a time of great crisis”.

    “So he will expect continued attack from us next week.”

    Mr Muller also expressed he was keen for the border to be re-opened.

    “I think it needs to be an absolute priority,” he said.

    “Number one Australia. Number two, in my view, China is an absolutely critical market.



    • The Kelvinator “doesn’t seem to be present both physically or … mentally” – Nailed it! Kelvin is no doubt ruing the day he was promoted so far beyond his ability on the race ticket. When asked if he is the man for the job, Cindy said “Yes”.
      We’re doomed.



    • Mr Muller also expressed he was keen for the border to be re-opened.

      Whilst accurate and desirable, he may be squandering political capital too early with that statement. It’s another attack vector for “National does not care about lives, look at how Labour has saved us”

      It has to become part of the conversation eventually, but not just yet I’d have thought. I’d have waited until Jacinda Ardern has lowered to alert level to a mockingly low level but is still keeping her spindly grasp on our lives.



  4. Winegrowers say 2020 vintage best in decades after low rainfall

    Beyond the vineyards in Hawke’s Bay, the surrounding hills and flats are barren and dry. But that’s a sign of perfect conditions for winegrowers.

    “’20 has been without question the best vintage we’ve had in, as I say, 40, 60 years,” Te Mata Estate CEO Nick Buck says.

    That’s because the region is entering its seventh month of below-normal rainfall.

    Coupled with warm dry days and cool nights, the grapes have been ripe for the picking.

    Some of that wine has already been bottled up ready for the shelves. But for fine wines like its Coleraine that’s barrelled up in Te Mata’s cellar to age.

    It’s not bad in Marlborough either – where warm and dry conditions have helped Dog Point vineyard.



  5. Looks like a list of equal oppourtunity.
    The Green Party 2020 election list

    1. Marama Davidson – Tāmaki Makaurau

    2. James Shaw – Wellington Central

    3. Chlöe Swarbrick – Auckland Central

    4. Julie Anne Genter – (list only)

    5. Jan Logie – Mana

    6. Eugenie Sage – Banks Peninsula

    7. Golriz Ghahraman – Mt Roskill

    8. Teanau Tuiono – Palmerston North

    9. Dr. Elizabeth Kerekere – Ikaroa Rāwhiti

    10. Ricardo Menéndez March – Maungakiekie

    11. Steve Abel – New Lynn

    12. Teall Crossen – Rongotai

    13. Scott Willis – Taieri

    14. Kyle MacDonald – Epsom

    15. Lourdes Vano – Manurewa

    16. John Ranta – Ōhāriu

    17. Lawrence Xu-Nan – Pakuranga

    18. Luke Wijohn – Mt Albert

    19. Kaya Sparke – Rotorua

    20. Jack Brazil – Dunedin

    21. James Crow – Napier

    22. Elliot Blyth

    23. Richard McIntosh – Hutt South

    24. Gerrie Ligtenberg – Rangitata
    3 of the first 10 are men. quite equal. More like a womens version of the communist party.



    • So Muller thinks Trump’s style of politicking is appalling. Well Mr Muller you’ll have to do extremely well to out perform him in the way he got elected !! Anything other than National governing alone would be a massive failure on your part if you are going to compare styles of politicking, from my point of view.



      • Ross12 Well I am not a Paula Bennett fan but I have my doubts on Todd Muller to why she has been removed and I would suggest Winston’s hate for her has said get rid of Paula out of your front bench and then NZ First will talk, so watch this space.



  6. Opinion: It’s out of control Todd Muller is being persecuted for owning a Trump hat

    OPINION: We live in a free society.

    People are allowed to debate things, people are allowed to disagree and people are allowed to like things others don’t.

    But you wouldn’t know it based on the persecution of religion that’s going on at the moment.

    This is out of control and can I just say as a gay man I have no problem, no issues with somebody else not believing in homosexuality. So long as you don’t spit hate, abuse me, or attack me, I couldn’t give a stuff what you believe in.

    We live in a free society with freedom of thought but we’ve lost our way.

    In our pursuit of equality and ridding the world of discrimination, we have strayed into dangerous territory. Territory where views that may not align with ours are sidelined and shutdown.

    If somebody doesn’t believe in homosexuality, that’s ok. If somebody threatens a minority, that is not ok.



    • Dirty tricks are for wartime. And I mean real war.
      As (an American, I think) wrote: “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin'”. (Gotta love innovation and creation in warfare.)

      In peacetime in a civil society, however, such shenanigans are unconscionable.



  7. Good grief I can just see it , Alfies wife and Cindy having a meeting about selecting the person that will have the hardest job in parliament for the next 3 or 4 years UNEMPLOYMENT , Alfs mrs says “we need someone of the highest integrity,intelligence,honesty and incredible skills in conveying our message to the public”,Cindys sitting there with that heavy thought look on her face Hmmmmmm “I’ve got the perfect candidate”. WILLIE JACKSON, ha,ha,ha,he,hehe,LOL ,She’s certifiable,seriously.



  8. Ryan Bridge interviews Nikki Kaye

    Don’t read too much into Todd Muller’s ‘MAGA’ hat – Nikki Kaye

    As for Muller’s MAGA hat, she said her boss is “absolutely focused on how we rebuild the country, not on hats”.

    “I don’t believe he [endorses Trump’s views]. I think Todd is absolutely focused on rebuilding New Zealand, and we shouldn’t read too much into souvenirs on his desk.”



  9. It’s a bad start ,Kaye and Muller both lying their arse’s off ,it’s just not fashionable in this Leftie leaning country to show any support for Trump or his policies,so just lie about it.
    The MSM in this country would rather pull their own teeth out with a rusty four inch nail than report anything positive about Trump.



  10. Our term for the waste trucks was always the “sucker poo” truck.

    Celebration over no more ‘turd taxis’ for Wellington

    The last “turd taxi” has left Wellington after a team of German specialists installed a liner on a critical, failing sewer pipe.

    On Sunday, a Wellington Water spokesman confirmed the first liner to help fix the broken Mt Albert sewer pipe was now operational – meaning the 24/7 operation of trucks ferrying wastewater between the city’s Moa Point treatment plant and the Southern Landfill would come to an end.

    Wellington Water said the “odd truck” would still be passing through as the sludge tanks at Moa Point were cleared, however the 24/7 operation was over.



    • In regards to the 2nd video – I d not need a heart/pulse monitor to know that seeing our glorious leader on TV greatly excites both. Luckily I never watch the “news” on TV1 or TV3 and have never watched any of the announcements made by her or her puppets at all since this all began so my heart just beats along as normal.



  11. waikatogirl, could the unused trucks be diverted to parliament ,there’s an awfull lot of smelly shit and sludge in that putrid place,or is that where they’ve been dumping all the waste for months ,its the only place where you could dump it and no one would notice any difference in the smell.



  12. All this talk of a negative OCR.
    Does that mean that the ASB will be charging a percentage for term deposits? So you stick $10,000 in a term deposit and a year later the balance is $9,850 or something like that?



    • Don’t confuse a negative OCR with retail interest rates..
      If Retail rates were negative it would be a huge problem.
      No one ever will pay others to spend their money. But it would impact on the NZD exchange rate. This is a wonderful way to redistribute the existing wealth people have saved for over decades.
      I think a negative OCR is absolutely crazy and likely to debase our currency.
      Stability in financial settings is a must in a crisis.
      Oh and communist Lenins plan to destroy capitalism included debauching the currency
      Hyperinflation Venezuela style!



      • Falcon, from what I have read the negative retail rates operating in some European banks only apply to savings over a certain limit. I think it was 100,000 Euros in the article I read, so small savers I presume would get zero interest or very little like in NZ ordinary savings accounts (ie. not fixed term accounts)



        • The big problem is the possible effects on the exchange rate which could decimate smaller savers purchasing power. Smaller savers are most at risk of price inflation or even stagflation …
          Quantitative easing or printing money means more money available for the same item.This is happening now.
          Worst case result ? a wheelbarrow full of money for a loaf of bread.
          It has happened in the past.

          We are entering uncharted waters with negative OCR proposals.They are very rare worldwide.

          I hope I am wrong.



  13. Q E has gone from being “funny money” to being our saviour in 8 short weeks,all the recently unemployed can set up printing presses and start churning out NZ $1.000.000 bills , so easy ,everything is fixed just look at Venezuela they have done it for years and now they who have the largest oil reserves on the planet are importing petrol from Iran, it’ll work, get a bulldozer and drag out all those old social creditors to help Ardern with our financial problems.



    • I remember a kid in my 4th Form Economics class putting his hand up and asking “Why doesn’t the Government just print millions and give everyone heaps of money?”
      The Teacher smiled and explained what inflation does to an economy and that while it sounds nice, it is a very dangerous idea…

      It seems that Jacinda and Grant skipped 4th Form Economics that day-Must have been a ‘Young Socialists’ meeting in the School Hall…



  14. Nikki Kaye takes aim at Jacinda Ardern’s ‘Achilles’ heel’

    Jacinda Ardern’s Achilles’ heel is her team, says new National Party deputy leader Nikki Kaye.

    “I had many conversations with small businesses in New Zealand, when you talk to them the reality is they are struggling,” she told The AM Show on Monday.

    Asked by host Ryan Bridge if Moody’s and S&P were wrong, the Auckland Central MP said she places more trust in “businesses in central Auckland who have been struggling”.

    National is pinning hopes on Kiwis turning to National as the effects of the economic downturn start to bite harder.

    Kaye said Ardern’s weakness is she doesn’t have a good set of people to choose from as ministers.

    “I think her Achilles’ heel is that she hasn’t got the team to be able to deliver.”

    Parts of Auckland’s light rail system were meant to be up and running by 2021, but construction hadn’t even begun before the pandemic struck. Transport Minister Phil Twyford earlier this month used it as an excuse to put the entire project on hold.

    KiwiBuild’s initial 100,000 in 10 years target was dropped last year after Megan Woods took over housing from Phil Twyford, the former calling it “overly ambitious”.

    “What’s wrong is the delivery, or lack of delivery, in terms of infrastructure in Auckland and housing,” said Kaye.

    “It’s one thing to have good press releases; it’s another to be able to deliver the infrastructure, to be able to help people in hardship, and we’ve seen a lack of delivery.



  15. More money being splashed for newly unemployed will receive a 12 week payment, those who were full time will receive $491/wk. I don’t have a problem with anyone who loses their job being helped out for a few weeks. Payments will be from 8 June so I guess that takes us up to the election. Bribe anyone!

    Income Relief Payment: Tax-free weekly payments of almost $500 announced for workers laid off due to COVID-19

    Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni said on Monday the package is expected to cost the Government about $570 million.

    Full-time workers who lost their job because of COVID-19 will receive $490 a week, while part-time workers in the same position will receive $250 a week.

    Someone with a partner who is working can still be eligible for the payment, as long as their partner is earning less than $2000 per week.

    Who is eligible?
    To receive the Income Relief Payment, you must be a New Zealand citizen or a resident who normally works and lives in New Zealand, and you must have lost your job between March 1 and October 30.

    Payments will only begin after June 8 and won’t be retrospectively paid. So, if you lost your job before June 8, you won’t be back-paid.

    You will not be eligible if you receive a redundancy payment of $30,000 before tax or more, income protection insurance payments or earnings-related ACC payments.



  16. National’s Shadow Cabinet: Paula Bennett pushed down ranks, no sign of Simon Bridges

    Paula Bennett has been pushed down the ranks of the National Party’s Shadow Cabinet list, while Simon Bridges is nowhere to be seen.

    Bennett, National’s former deputy leader, has been dropped from second place on the party’s list to number 13, but she has retained her drug reform and women portfolios.

    Bridges, who lost the leadership on Friday following a successful challenge from Todd Muller, does not appear on the list because he is taking time to reflect on his future.
    e now saying about former leader Simon Bridges

    National leader Todd Muller said there would be a place for Bridges in his Cabinet should he decide to stay in politics.

    Adams, MP for Selwyn, announced in June 2019 that she would retire from politics at the 2020 election, giving up her finance portfolio and role as Shadow Attorney-General.

    But Muller said she has agreed to stay on if National wins, describing her as “tough and tested”. He said Adams will “play a key role in getting you, your family and your community through this”.

    Adams retains her position as number three on the list.

    National MP Nicola Willis has been moved up significantly from number 45 on National’s list to 14, and takes on housing, on top of the early childhood education portfolio she previously held.

    Housing was previously held by Judith Collins. She stays at number four on National’s list, holding the portfolios of economic development, regional development, Pike River re-entry, and Shadow Attorney-General.



  17. I wonder if you’ll find the editors of this writing up glossy puff pieces for Jacinda Ardern and Labour on Wikipedia. The left is far too organised in terms of controlling the message, sending out a specific narrative and making sure they are the only voices heard.



  18. Here’s a bit of fun, Ardern backs her incompetent ministers


    Ardern hits back at Muller’s claims of Government incompetence, defends Clark, Twyford
    Jacinda Ardern says she will defend her ministers “strongly” and “stand proudly” with her team following accusations by new Opposition leader, Todd Muller, that her Cabinet is full of “17 empty chairs”.

    “I am going to defend my team. Strongly,” Ardern stated. “I do have faith in our team. People don’t have to guess with us – they see us, they know us. Opposition will have to build up their own record on which people can judge them… I stand very proudly with my team.”

    As the election date nears, Ardern said it’s normal for accusations “to fly” and run rampant, dismissing the allegations of incompetence as “pure politics”.

    When Bridge queried the aptitude of Employment Minister Willie Jackson, Ardern noted the lowest rate of unemployment in a decade – and the highest rates of Maori employment – have been achieved under the current Government and during his incumbency. She also hit back at Bridge’s interviewing technique as “throwing out names”.



  19. So….. there’s a race between the virus disappearing and finding a vaccine.
    Am I sensing desperation by vaccine producing companies to stay (receiving taxpayer funding) relevant, over the need for people to develop natural resistance to viruses?
    Surely, it can’t be about the money, fear mongering and loss of control? // Pffft!

    Low virus rate leaves Oxford vaccine trial with ‘only 50% chance’

    London: An Oxford University vaccine trial has only a 50 per cent chance of success because coronavirus is fading so rapidly in Britain, a project co-leader has warned.

    Professor Adrian Hill said an upcoming Oxford vaccine trial, involving 10,000 volunteers, threatened to return “no result” because of low transmission of COVID-19 in the community.




  20. “A new COVID Income Relief Payment is being introduced…
    The payment will be available for 12 weeks from 8 June for anyone who has lost their job due to the impact of COVID-19 since March.”

    Let’s check the calendar. The general election is slated for September 19, just under 3 weeks after the end of August when this new COVID Income Relief Payment 12-week period ends.

    Will the anesthetic wear off in time for the voters to return to their senses? Or will the government give another injection to tide them over until just after September 19th when they will come out of their sweet dreams and wake up to the awful reality of depression with a capital “D”?



  21. Defiant Simon Bridges smacks down Todd Muller’s assertion he’s ‘considering his future’, plans to stay on

    “Just to be clear, after the reshuffle today, I am not considering my future,” Bridges told Newshub. “Just having a small amount of time out to take stock after the loss on Friday.”

    Bridges told Newshub: “I am candidate for Tauranga and intend to stand and help National obtain an historic win!”

    Muller says there would be a place for Bridges in his Cabinet should he decide to stay in politics.



    • Those insidious media,
      How does that journalist /editor change that into “smack down”

      stand and help National obtain an historic win!”

      Journalists trying to write beyond their crayon kindergarten comprehension level to sow seeds of doubt.



  22. Rural sector an “absolutely huge” priority for Todd Muller

    Muller says the rural sector will be an “absolutely huge” priority for him if he becomes Prime Minister.

    “Of course I’ve signalled that as Prime Minister I’ll be Minister for Small Business but agribusiness is my history, it’s my pedigree, it’s where I built my career and it’s a massive part of my lived experience, if you like – so it will always be front of mind,” Muller told Magic Talk on Sunday.

    “[It’s] partly because of who I am, but partly because it’s such a critical enablement of our wealth.”

    On Sunday, Muller received the backing of Federated Farmers, which said his new position was promising for the primary industries.

    “I think it’s really positive we have a leader of a major party with an extensive background in agriculture – in a business sense but also a philosophical sense. I think it’s really practical having a person who had a spokesmanship in agriculture take on leadership,” Federated Farmers chief executive Terry Copeland told Newshub.

    Speaking to Magic Talk, Muller criticised both the current Government and past Labour Governments for being “too quick to dismiss the opportunity and value that the agri sector brings to the country”.

    He also said the Government was too quick to assume that the agri sector was “going to be surpassed by other sectors that are just around the corner”.



  23. Socialist Cindy not willing to release the public of NZ.

    Coronavirus: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hints at looser level 2, but level 1 unlikely

    “We do want to give as much certainty as we can, as we’ve tried in the past to just give a bit of an indication of when those review period would be, what we would need to see in New Zealand to start moving into those lower alert levels,” she said on RNZ’s Morning Report.

    But Ardern indicated that, while the restriction on mass gatherings may be reassessed (groups of more than 10 people are not permitted in most settings), the country should not yet expect a climb down to Covid-19 Alert Level 1.

    New Zealand on Sunday had another day of zero new cases, and 27 active cases of virus remaining.

    There were zero new cases on Saturday, and one new case on Friday. Before that, there were four days of zero cases.



  24. Since the article above at 10am this morning when Cindy said no chance of moving to Level 1 she must have been hit by a tsunami of protest as she has now relented but won’t announce when for another month:

    Jacinda Ardern reveals when decision on moving to COVID-19 alert level 1 will be made

    New Zealand will know when we’re moving to COVID-19 alert level 1 within the next month, the Prime Minister says.

    In her post-Cabinet press conference, Jacinda Ardern told media the Government will make its final call on when to make the move by June 22 – exactly four weeks from now.

    “It is the Government’s view that we should also move as quickly as we safely can to alert level 1,” she told reporters from the Beehive Theatrette on Monday.

    “[It] highlights we can now make choices many other can’t. In fact the increase in gathering size means we now have some of the most permissive settings of any of the countries we compare ourselves to – including Australia,” she said.

    “For the most part, many aspects of life can and should feel much more normal. Let’s not lose that advantage.”



    • The old saying is “revenge is best served cold”. Maureen Pugh at No.45 on National’s list. Not exactly in a position to ‘crow’ Maureen and not very “kind” to Simon. 😉



  25. Having been involved in the rural sector for some time – a warning.
    My take on politicians helping is we would all be far better off if they left farmers alone.
    Right from Muldoon,”we will farm our way out of the oil crisis “ to O’Conner today suggesting farmers can employ NZ out of the recession. The cost of Muldoon’s help destroyed decades of farming, and the subsidies of the day created a division between town and country that is still present today. This has justified an ongoing surge in regulation that continues unabated today. Bolger’s RMA was the king hit that savaged farmers and farming.72 million sheep is now less than 25 million.
    Think O’Connor , think wage and salary increases ,minimum wages, KiwiSaver contributions, health and safety fit-outs, holiday pay and the right to employ or not.Think water and the ability to use the resources on your farm.etc,etc

    Any government that can do everything for you can also take everything off you (Gerald Ford )

    All I can add to that is experience says they do.



    • ……”The cost of Muldoon’s help destroyed decades of farming”……

      In fairness, cockies in the early 70s were screaming for relief. The real problem, as ever, was the cost of land which has seldom had any relevance to the return that can be made from it. Our market was the UK which set prices, the unions set wages, the government set tax……the farmers, many of them overburdened with debt to mercantile banks & stock/station firms were squeezed.

      The SMPs were a red flag to the bull for the socialists & the unions.



    • Time to get the diggers out boys to dig water reservoirs on your farms for irrigation and feeding your stock. Save any water runoff that falls out of the sky over the winter months. Stuff the RMA, get the job done!

      Drought-stricken farmers still desperate for rain

      He said the weekend’s rain had left him feeling a little demoralised.

      “We got 8mm so that’s not really much use. We haven’t had any significant rain events this year. I think we got 4mm in January and 10 in February.

      “So probably doesn’t do our morale any good when you’ve got a rain event coming across and to only get 8mm. We just wonder if it will ever rain again.”

      Blackwell said the north was the driest it had been in living memory and he was worried about what the winter held.

      “The shortest day is only a few weeks away. We had a frost a few days ago. It’s 19 degrees today so things will happen and grass will grow, but it’s very hard facing winter with all your winter feed fed out and your farms been virtually eaten right out.”

      He said some farmers may be forced to sell up if things did not improve.



  26. Todd Muller slams Government’s Income Relief Payments as ‘ill-defined and ill-directed’

    New National Party leader Todd Muller has labelled the Government’s COVID-19 Income Relief Payments “ill-defined and ill-directed”.

    The payments were announced on Monday to help those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Depending on whether someone is a part-time or full-time worker, they will receive either $250 or $490 per week for 12 weeks.

    Muller believes the focus should be on businesses and how to keep them afloat to keep people in jobs “in the first place”.

    “We support supporting New Zealanders in a moment of significant need, but our concern with that announcement is it’s ill-defined and ill-directed,” he said on Monday during a press conference.

    “What would’ve been better is a stronger focus on businesses to keep them in business… When we build together our economic plan, our focus will be on what do those small businesses actually need to be able to stay afloat. And I think that’s where the focus should be.”



  27. Despite the economic disruption, the NZX, Nikkei, Dow and other stock indices continue to steadily rise.
    Is it the monetary stimulii? The decreasing interest rates? The trading algorithms?

    It seems that the Bull Trap has yet to spring…



  28. Auckland Action Against Poverty says Government’s Income Relief Payments create ‘two tiers of unemployed’ people

    The Government’s new Income Relief Payments designed to help people who’ve been made redundant due to COVID-19 has been criticised by an anti-poverty group for “creating two tiers of unemployed” people.

    Eligible full-time employees no longer working can receive $490 and part-time workers can receive $250 under the new scheme.

    Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) says it welcomes the new payments, but it separates those who deserve liveable incomes and those who don’t. It says Income Relief Payments acknowledge that benefits are “too low to live on”.

    “A single adult on a Jobseeker benefit would receive $250, compared to $490 for those on the [full-time] Income Relief Payment. All unemployed people deserve liveable incomes.”

    AAAP believes the new payments are evidence that welfare payments can be individualised, something it has been campaigning for, it says.



  29. From WG’s link:

    …..””The Government is creating a two-tier welfare system where the newly-unemployed receive higher incomes than those on main benefits who live below the poverty line”……

    I see the problem! They’ve drawn a line between the genuinely unemployed & the parasitic career bludger.

    My sympathy meter has red-lined. I’m undone! //



    • Insulting to others who have been made redundant.

      Guilt? Then they should be paying all people affected by her other decisions too like Oil and Gas or weren’t they Jacinda’s decisions at all so she isn’t culpable?



  30. ‘A real concern’: Mayors worry farmer suicides could outnumber COVID-19 deaths without Government help

    Three Waikato Mayors are calling on the Government to support local farmers through a once-in-a-lifetime drought, amid fears the number of farmers driven to suicide could eventually outnumber the total COVID-19 deaths in New Zealand.

    The Mayors of Thames-Coromandel, Matamata Piako and Hauraki District Councils on Monday delivered a message to the Government to ask for support.

    “Get a mayoral relief fund set up,” says Toby Adams, Hauraki District Mayor.

    “[It’s] no different to what’s been set up in the Hawke’s Bay; help our farmers out by sourcing feed for them and sorting out some cartage costs.”

    While the rainclouds looked promising, Monday’s drizzle barely registered as a drop in the bucket.

    “This is nothing; this is absolutely going to go nowhere on the farm,” Sandra Goudie, Thames-Coromandel District Mayor said.

    “If you think this bit of rain is something, it ain’t. It’s nothing. We need at least 900ml – we’re getting barely five. And some of those farms out there are just rubble.”

    But the other issue on everyone’s mind is mental health.

    “I don’t want COVID-19 deaths to be 21 and the suicides at 81 or 100,” Ash Tanner, Matamata-Piako District Mayor said. “That’s a real concern.”



    • There’s more to being a successful farmer than obstetrics skills & keeping your tractor right side up. The longer I was in the racket the more time I spent on the phone & computer trying to find a better way to run the business.

      But regardless of knowledge, regardless of how hard you work, the wild card is the weather. You can’t make it rain & without rain man’s efforts are fruitless. Nature deals you a hand & you play it.

      It would be fair to say that rain, or the lack thereof is the staple of many rural conversations. Instance the boss of the carrying company I worked for turning up at the silage paddock we were working in after he’d been to a client’s funeral. He was as pissed as a fiddler’s cat.

      He stood there, swaying in the breeze & announced to all that it would never rain again. When challenged he admitted to a couple of hours on the turps with his cockie mates. 🙂



  31. Maoris are going to get their knickers in a twist, tomorrow!
    Watching American Pickers in Memphis I think and they came across a pitcure of an early maori man with a shitload of tattoos. You watch at will be someones grandpa and they will want it back and koha of a great amount! How old the program is who knows. Sold yonks ago probably to someone.



  32. At least Mr Who jumped up on his hind legs and down cried the Robba and Comrades election bribe to redundant workers. They were getting it all their own way! Bridges was not forceful enough!



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