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  1. There is a fair bit more than the snippets I have pulled out.

    Powerful Tucker Carlson Segment On The Minneapolis Riots & Our Feckless Leaders On Both Sides
    ~City burns as law abiding citizens try to carry on. …..
    “On television, hour by hour, we watch these people, criminal mobs destroy what the rest of us have built.
    They have no right to do that.
    They don’t contribute to the common good, they never have.
    Yet suddenly they seem to have all the power.”
    ~Criminal mobs destroy business’s & neighbourhoods. …..
    “None of the thugs looting Target or the well-paid nihilists on television who are egging them on have added a thing. Nothing.”
    ~It is not a racist dispute.
    ~Our leaders have sided with chaos. …..
    “On a White House executive staff call just this morning key domestic policy advisors Brooke Rollins & Jeron Smith argued that it might seem ‘racist’ to say anything about the rioting in Minneapolis.
    Better just to let it happen, so that’s what they’re doing.”
    ~We are told that, the crimes of the mob is our fault.
    ~If the game is rigged, why are we still playing it. ……
    We have more power than we think we do.”
    ~Leader waste our time, with hollow posturing. ….
    “They’ll feed you pointless symbolic victories & expect you to celebrate like you’ve actually won something. But when the mob comes, they’re gone, you’re on your own.”

    7 minutes.

    Put it pretty well, but I feel there is a lot more to expose, and open up on.

    The commentators inane comments superciliously continue, while the media continue on mercilessly regurgitating.

    There are some early parallels being set up in NZ.



  2. Factors contributing to the riots:
    – lockdown fever
    – unemployment
    – US election year
    – economic uncertainty
    – opportunistic activists from out of town
    – low levels of intelligence
    – weak leadership

    Could similar riots occur in this country?



      • Hog ,there were some fairly serious rioting by drunken yobbos down Queen St about 30/40 years ago ,it could happen again if the bennie money runs out or is devalued so much folks will have to choose between theif food or their drugs,LOL



        • Speaking of Auckland and running out of money, I see Goof has said the ratepayers will have to dig deep with a rates increase to stop the city running out of money. Heeehee you idiots who vote left, between mayor Goof and the last lefty ‘down trou Brown’ Auckland already owes $9 billion! Spend, spend, spend, that’s all they know how to do.



    • You can guarantee that if Cindy doesn’t pull off postal voting and the election goes against her, we’ll see widespread Soros-funded rioting. The left doesn’t believe in democracy any more.



      • This would make a great Netflix mini-series. Imagine. An election year. Rising political tensions within the US. Two months of lockdown and cabin fever rampant. The unrest is triggered by the death of a man arrested by the police

        THE CAST
        – A local black conservative storeowner and councilman
        – A fireman
        – An inner-city teacher
        – A church minister (and cousin of the storeowner above)
        – An retired home-owner (whose son is the fireman above)
        – A blogger and anti-lamestream media dude

        – The leader of the local Antifa chapter
        – A politician who seeks to benefit from the unrest
        – A local unemployed yoof and his unemployed family
        – A multi-ethnic team of 4 very dodgy policeman (Asian/white/Latino/black)
        – A far-left blogger (the nemesis of the other blogger above (they hate each other))

        Have I forgotten anyone? (Add to the list)
        – The Australian tourist



  3. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon successfully lifts off on first commercial manned mission to International Space Station

    The reusable Falcon 9 rocket successfully detached from the Crew Dragon and landed about 10 minutes after launch. The second stage detached two minutes later, leaving the capsule on its own to travel onto the International Space Station – a 19-hour journey.

    This is the first manned space launch into orbit from US soil since 2011, when the shuttle programme ended.



    • With ‘private ‘ money getting geezers into space can they stop funding NASA now?
      It s just a leftie fake science globby warming pressure group now.
      They have done nothing useful in decades!



  4. A Fox News reporter and his crew was targeted by protesters outside the whitehouse.

    Fox News reporter attacked by protesters: A mob targeted us


    Trump threatens anti-racism protesters with ‘vicious dogs and most ominous weapons’

    The White House was temporarily locked down as hundreds of people gathered on Friday afternoon across the street in Lafayette Square Park.

    After marching away, demonstrators assembled again later and videos showed pushing-and-shoving matches between officers and protesters trying to push over metal barriers. The crowd dispersed early Saturday morning.

    In tweets hours later, Trump praised the Secret Service officers who guard the White House as “very cool. I was inside, watched every move, and couldn’t have felt more safe.”



  5. Halfwit Race Relations Concilliator?

    What an absolute disgrace Meng Fool is – this week there were two things that could’ve gotten his attention:
    – A photo of a student emulating Canada’s Prime Minister and Virginia DNC Governor Ralph Northam posing in (dumdumduuuuuuuuuh!) blackface
    – A revelation that Māori and Pacific patients get prioritised for treatment in hospitals.

    So go on! Guess which one was the Earth-shattering issue that aptly named Meng Fool decided he had to wade in on because of the overwhelming public interest? Stephen Franks is right, it is beyond parody!

    That’s right, dumb as a bag of hammers Meng Fool went to town on the drunk student, but gives a pass to our race-baiting COL!

    We are already a fucking banana republic, our public institutions are infested with left wing parasites and we have a Dictator who only got 37% of the vote running rough shod over the Bill of Rights.

    If you voted twice for MMP, hang your head in shame. This is a self-inflicted wound.

    Meng Fool indeed.



  6. A while back somebody shared a video of a son flying to New Zealand to visit his father. He showed the pamphlets they were handing out at the border, then on his return to Singapore (or some Asian country) the hazmat suits and enforced quarantine they have.

    I have searched and searched, but cannot find it.

    Does anybody have a link to it, please?

    Never mind, got it.



    • Pascal, in some ways it is not much better now. I met a guy last week who had come in from PNG, in recent weeks. He was put in a hotel for quarantine but he was not tested, only had his temperature taken daily because “he did not show symptoms”. If any group should ALL be tested it should be incoming travellers. He was not even tested before he was released from the hotel.

      Yesterday I heard on radio that 300,000 tests had been done nationwide (3000 in the previous 24 hrs) –so obviously the testing capacity is there.
      This situation is being run by clowns.



    • That joker is a complete wanker.

      He says on his video he went to NZ to ‘check out their new measures’
      He also had to convolute to fly to NZ and may have lied.
      He could not enter many countries.

      He said he would stay in isolation but he flew out the next day.
      Two internal domestic flights in 2 days.
      After HE was in China during the outbreak.

      If you are quoting this creep you are quoting a deceptive wanker.
      Who paid for this flight(s) and allowed all the video recording in isolation in China?
      It is a propaganda piece.
      You need to be more aware.



  7. President Trump over the last week did the following:

    1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines.
    2. Defunded the WHO forever and wants an investigation into its operations.
    3. Cancelled the Democrats HR6666 bill, known as the Covid19 TRACE Act that was the basis for Bill Gates
    diagnosis and tracking project
    4. Cancelled ID2020 project
    5. Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. It is currently overrun with complaints from people with evidence.
    6. Executive Order to re-open States. Governors who refuse to open will be sued.
    7. Executive Order for Whitehouse to takeover all Electrical grids. Which will include Internet servers, Broadcasting systems, Electronic systems.
    8. Declares places of worship essential services. Some Mayors are fining people for going to church.
    9. Applauded Australia and 116 countries for insisting on a China probe into the spread of Covid-19 despite several threats from China about refusing critical exports.

    What did Cindy’s mob achieve over the same period? (Refer to photo above)



  8. This will get Nasska’s blood boiling….

    Coster is a committed Christian and his beliefs have anchored and directed him his whole life….

    You get a strong sense Coster has the courage of his convictions. His palpable confidence comes from God.

    His faith is tremendously important to him, he says. “It gives me a real strength and confidence to do what I believe is right.


    I must admit such statements fill me with apprehension… I always remember Howard Broad being interviewed on TV about the Christchurch Creche investigation when he stated “God will not be mocked”.

    I knew it was a scam/stitch-up at that point.



    • Give me an atheist/agnostic any day.

      That was the same trick that dirtbag Bruce Judge used in the mid 1980s.
      When people questioned him on his crooked scams he shot back with the likes of ‘how dare you (pre Greta) I am a Christian. You cant ask that. ‘
      Liar liar pants on fire.

      Brierley’s did not have many honourable alumni !
      That applies to the GG of today.



  9. I remember as a kid watching the Apollo moon landing. As a grown up I find it even more fascinating knowing how amazing space travel is.

    Spacex Dragon rocket launch this morning

    “Let’s light this candle”!

    A SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley launched atop a Falcon 9 rocket from pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 30, 2020. Full Story: https://www.space.com/spacex-demo2-na

    Credit: NASA/SpaceX



  10. National calls for return of 90-day trials, despite Treasury report saying they don’t work

    National MP Michael Woodhouse – who was Workplace Relations Minister at the time – disputed Treasury’s findings, saying he had anecdotal evidence it was working.

    Labour planned to get rid of trial periods altogether, but kept them for smaller periods as part of their coalition arrangement with New Zealand First.

    Bidois said reinstating the trials would give businesses “the confidence to invest and grow”.



    • Treasury have been lying as bad as Ardoom since that Gabriel Makhlouf lied about the Budget papers last year.
      They have not stopped lying.
      They are lying about unemployment figures and future tax takes.

      I would not take anything from them as truth.

      The old reliable public service has died.
      As bad as people think it was, it had an integrity and independence that has been shattered in the last 2.5 years . Filled with liars and lezzies with degrees in wimin’s studies, anthropology, sociology, et al
      Now it is a free for all.

      The Dept of Health under Bloomfield has been lying at will.
      -Border controls and health checks – lies
      -All medicines are available – lies
      -There are enough test kits -lies
      -There are plenty of flu vaccines – lies
      blah blah blah



    • “(Grrr, it’s spelt receive!)”
      As in deceive.
      Same result, from the same actions, by the same people.
      Another exquisite concoction, to redirect other peoples money for the sole purpose of propping up a failing ideology.
      These guys really are gems…FFS



      • But how many tree has wristy plant that private industry were going to plant anyway!
        Is it like the Twits kiwibuild house that National had started consent and building?
        When is plant seedling mulching and composting season?



  11. China is feeling butt hurt, so the usual bully boy tactics are deployed.

    China and India Brawl at 14,000 Feet Along the Border

    As China projects its power across Asia, and along the disputed India-China border in the Himalayas, India is feeling surrounded. Both sides insist they don’t want a war, but thousands of troops have been sent.

    (PPE required, not what you think it means. To get behind the paywall…Please Punch Escape on your keyboard as soon as the page opens.)




  12. While the media go on endlessly about a violent black thug accidentally dying- how many of you knew about the racist black boxer beating old white people in a resthome to a bloody pulp and uploading it to FB?

    Its horrendous. Little old ladies and all. 😰



  13. FBI’s Top Lawyer Boente Gets The Axe — DOJ Goes Over Wray’s Head to Sack Boss & Top Confidant of Rod Rosenstein

    After a 38-year career with the Justice Department, the FBI’s top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

    His departure comes on the heels of recent criticism for his role in the investigation of former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.




  14. Well, winter is coming.

    Queen’s Birthday weekend weather: Coromandel urged to ‘hunker down’ as rain hammers peninsula

    Although the buffeting gales and hammering rainfall may put a damper on the long weekend for holidaymakers, Towler says it’s crucial that people remain indoors, stay off the roads as much as possible and make sure everything is safe in their vicinity.

    MetService has issued a heavy rain warning for Coromandel Peninsula from 1pm on Sunday until 6pm on Monday, with up to 150mm of rainfall expected to accumulate.

    In a statement on Sunday, WeatherWatch head forecaster Philip Duncan said eastern Waikato is at the highest risk overnight and on Monday morning, with gusts likely to reach more than 120km/h on the western side of the Kaimai Range and Coromandel.



  15. They say you’ll never forget your first kiss. This is Kea’s story…..

    “Her name was Sally & she lived next door. My best friend, well for all of that summer. So out playing one day down by the farm, we’d stopped for shelter from a shower of rain in an old barn. I was playfully running my fingers through Sally’s hair when she started to kiss me; her mouth slightly open, I could feel her tongue with mine.

    It was my first real kiss & I loved it. I fell head over heels in love that day.

    We often visited the barn during that long, hot summer & it didn’t stop at just kissing but sadly a couple of months later Sally was involved in a car accident & had to be put down.”



  16. Put lefties in charge and it is all about their empire building and special promotions instead of basic council requirements of clean safe water, reliable and sufficient sewage pipes and rubbish collections.

    New Zealand faces ‘looming collapse’ of infrastructure – economist

    “Just this week another water sewerage pipe broke – just another issue in the ‘poomageddon’ facing our capital,” Olsen said.

    “But why are we facing these problems still? Because we’ve turned a blind eye to the little foundations of our country.”

    New Zealand needed to seriously invest in infrastructure – with time and money, he said.

    “Kiwis expect that safe drinking water will be available and that wastewater will be transported away safely. At the moment, these expectations are under threat.”



    • She’s added to a growing trend….she must be soooooo chuffed.

      Around 2 BILLION people may lose their jobs in the next couple of months due to pandemic

      “It’s hard to overestimate the radical changes in the global workforce due to the crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-19,” said the report, citing estimates by the International Labor Organization that global labor income losses will reach $3.4 trillion this year.

      In the next two to three months, one out of six people in the world will lose their jobs, with the unemployment rate to exceed 17 percent, said the authors of the research.




  17. I see the mad queens Avatar film crew turned up in Well8ngton.What don’t know yet is have they bought the CCP Virus with themselves as LA is a hot bed of cases!
    Will she resign if there is an out break?



  18. On July 15, 2017, Justine Damond, a 40-year-old Australian-American woman,
    was fatally shot by Mohamed Noor, a Somali-American Minneapolis Police Department officer,

    The whities did not go and destroy their hometown.
    They let justice take its course
    Noor – a Somali-born, Muslim Diversidy Dividend- was convicted of Third-degree murder and sentenced to 12.5 years jail time

    This was also in Minneapolis , Minnesota
    These looting, low grade thugs are just out to destroy.
    They are incited to destroy as part the campaign to interrupt the re-election of Trump.

    President Trump did not employ the police officer.
    This was done by the Demoncratic mayor and chain of command.

    Fun Fact
    Ronald Reagan won the 1984 election by a huge landslide (winning 49 out of 50 states). This election received the highest electoral votes towards any presidential nominee in American history. It is the lowest electoral vote for a Democratic nominee and the highest for a Republican to date.

    The State that remained Demon_crat was Minnesota.
    It has the Somali wonder woman, politician, and collector of husbands, Ilhan Omar as a Demoncrat Rep

    Minnesota. Soaked in wetness.
    They created the problem by bringing in lots of Somalians in the 1990s.
    They brought the darkest people to the whitest place in the USA.
    Minnesota was settled by German and Scandinavian people.
    It is one of the 4 coldest states in the USA. A change from Somalia.



  19. One can see why one should never stop at an unofficial road blockade.
    The best rule, is “stay away from crowds”

    “Massive Mob of Rioters in Salt Lake City Attack Elderly Man, Light His Car on Fire for Trying to Protect Himself”
    Video 1 (Titania) 37 seconds
    Video 2 (Michael James Coudrey) 2 min 20 secs.
    Video 3 (Carter Williams) 07 secs.

    Salt Lake City, and note, there seems to be quite a number of white liberals.
    Surprisingly no body killed, either way.

    This problem is wide spread, just think of the Californian Berkeley riots on Campus over “free speech” back in 2017.


    I would wonder if some of the Universities are offering credits to their courses, in the name of “social justice”



  20. Fijian man who murdered ex-girlfriend and her young daughter loses battle against deportation

    The bodies were only discovered in 2014 – eight years after their deaths – when Kamal Reddy confessed to undercover police officers.

    Reddy strangled Pakeeza Yusuf with the cord of an iron in 2006, and used a pillow to smother her daughter, Jojo, so that she could not tell others that her mother had died and who did it.

    After the pair were reported missing, Reddy was targeted in an undercover cold-case operation that saw him recruited into a fake crime syndicate.

    Reddy led officers, posing as criminals, to the bodies near Akoranga bus station on the North Shore.

    The 46-year-old will not be eligible for parole until 2036, but law changes mean his deportation appeal was heard now rather than when he is close to being released.

    The murders occurred months before the mechanic was granted residence in New Zealand as a skilled migrant.



    • Let’s go easy on ‘Fijian Man’ can we ?
      -Kamal Reddy
      -Pakeeza Yusuf

      Sounds rather sub continent to me
      Let’s not tarnish the Good People of Fiji when it was the cane cutters who dunnit
      Killing a 6 year old kid
      Hang the bastard, NOW.

      Fucking useless cops. As usual.
      “When Pakeeza Yusuf – who he denies was his girlfriend – did not appear at the District Court, the charges of threatening to kill her and her husband were withdrawn by the police.”
      Charges withdrawn by the coppies. Because she was already dead at his hands.
      A double murder.

      If you are not standing there with a blood-dripping knife or a smoking gun the cops are so useless at solving murders in NZ.
      It is a wonder they ever caught the French bo mbers in 1985.

      He murdered her to stop her reporting him.
      Awfully familiar to the appalling murder of Amber Rose Rush by another sub-human, sub-continental Piece of Shite – Venod Skantha



  21. Brand new apartments, and basically with private money. all up of $37 million of private money with only $340,000 public money.

    190-unit apartment project known as Midtown Corner, which was set to provide housing for low-income families and individuals in the community,

    Their own worst enemy, and being guided by liberals, that their rights and feelz is all good. 🙁



  22. Brand new apartments, and basically with private money. all up of $37 million of private money with only $340,000 public money.

    190-unit apartment project known as Midtown Corner, which was set to provide housing for low-income families and individuals in the community,

    Their own worst enemy, seeking rights, under the guidance of liberal social justice warrior concepts.



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