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    • Mallard’s behaviour further underlines my concern that we are no longer a democracy.

      We saw the result of John Bercow’s partisanship in the UK Parliament, Mallard’s bias is even more egregious.

      The people on the Treasury benches are fascists, the reason they accuse the opposition of fascism is because they follow Josef Goebells advice “Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty”.



  1. Some of what he said that day which is at the end of the long article is even truer now than it was then.

    ‘At the Wellsford Community Centre, the candidates debate is wrapping up – and as always, Peters gets the last word.

    He takes to his feet. “Ladies and gentlemen, everybody wants to be a positive person. Everybody believes in aspiration. Everybody believes in having a glass half full and looking forward to life with the right attitude.”

    You know there’s a “but” coming.

    “But – you would be seriously being misled if you didn’t have a good hard look at reality when you heard many of the promises that are being made in this campaign. I can bet you that I’ll turn up a year from now, two years from now, three years from now, and you’ll be as disappointed as I will be. This is a vote for reality.”



  2. Talking with a family member last night and we agreed that If the pedophile Joe biden steals the november election we will all witness the end of the USA as we know it,that once great system will fall to socialism .
    But hang on folks you don’t have to look that far to see the wrecking of a country its happening to our own place but with more speed ,in just 3 years NZ has changed from a relatively free society to one where the people are in such a hurry to dob in their neighbours that the police computer system crashes.
    A country where one Communist PM can push laws with the help of the gutless opposition partys to disarm her countrymen in a couple of weeks,absolutely shameful whats happening before our eyes .
    The thing that worries me a lot is what will I say when my grandchildren ask ” what did you do about it at the time” ?
    And of course that little C–T in the photo thats responsible for this F—K up will be long gone and he’ll never suffer any consequences for his treason.



    • Joe Biden has no chance- Trump will romp home.
      I guarantee the silent majority of Americans support their Police and Armed Forces and are repulsed at the actions of these Murderous looters and rioting ‘Protesters’…



  3. Most important YouTube video you will see EVAH!

    This is a clip of Senator Ted Cruz summarising the evidence the Senate Judiciary Committee is currently hearing from Obama administration officials about Obamagate.

    This is the reason there is widespread rioting in DNC-only controlled areas. If this was about a Republican administration the riots would never have happened and it would be wall to wall on all MSM stations worldwide. It is the most egregious abuse of power EVAH in the United States.

    If any YSBers do not know the facts about Obamagate, this is the way to get it all in one 11 minute slice.

    Please save this clip to your favourites you will need this a lot after Trump wins in 2020, and furthermore, you should send it to your leftist friends and relatives when they criticise Trump. If they can watch this and they still think socialism is OK, then maybe you should have a good think about whether they are safe people to have in your life. The reason I say this is this means they are people who do not know wrong from right. And at some point, people who do not know wrong from right will do terrible things to those close to them.



        • Is Fruity Farrar afraid of his own shadow?

          Or is it that the world is largely where he wants it except for Prez DJT.
          He is a US style DemocRat by policy.
          That is the USA equivalent of the NZ Labour Party but his political naivety would not allow him the recognise that.

          We here understand the USA DemocRat Party.
          Farrar does not.
          Farrar would have unconscious bias toward the likes of N Pelosi; E Warren, Buttigieg , Sanders, and Biden.

          Farrar is a Beta. Trump scares him.
          You can see Farrar gets soy milk delivered, not full Cream !



    • D P , Its amazing how Ted has come round to being a trump supporter ,didnt trump nickname him “lying ted”in 2016 ? like all pollies worldwide ted knows where to hitch his wagon to stay in power.



    • DPF has a massive dose of TDS but moderator Batman has DPF’s level on steroids. Totally blinded by it.

      Maybe we should send the video to Todd Muller –he who thinks Biden will make a better President than Trump !!



      • Cruz was a contender for POTUS
        One would trust he has the intelligence to be able to do this and have both the knowledge and compassion at his finger tips.

        People got too used to the two dullards – GW Bush and Obummer.
        16 years of that lowered people’s expectations.

        If you look at videos of Trump back in the late 1980s or early 1990s he was articulating his viewpoint then and could talk off the cuff cleanly and clearly to the interviewer.

        He was a DemocRat then but saw the light.
        Interestingly Reagan was also a DemocRat that switched circa 1962.
        Reagan was probably the last full term presidency that could be considered successful.

        Compare and contrast to Obummer. He is lost without a written speech. Actually rather thick.
        A true Manchurian candidate.
        A Ring in.
        I wondered in 2008 why he got the nod over H Clinton.
        I suspect it was because he was pliable in the direction ‘they’ wanted.
        Obummer was NOT the organ grinder.
        He is so dull he is not even a serious player in the Alt World Govt whereas Podesta is.
        The puppet-masters make the decisions, not the puppets.

        Democracy is an apparition.



  4. There is a God, and he votes for Trump!

    I love this, two hip, oh so woke, young white men, videoing their heroes rioting somewhere in the US. Giving the thumbs up to show that they’re supporting them and they’re against “WAAAAYYYYSSHHHIISSSMMM” and they agree that there should be no Police at all.

    Unfortunately, natural selection comes in to play and (OMFG NO!) the lawless, criminal, destructive, hate-filled rioters – well …. they riot and throw stones at the (Oh so woke) libtards breaking their windows.

    All of sudden when it affects the (Oh so woke) libtards they are outraged and confused that lawless, criminal, destructive, hate-filled rioters, turn their hatred on them!

    Payback is a bitch! And I guess the amazing thing is that the (Oh so woke) libtards posted the video of themselves being retarded libtards.

    Consistent with my previous post, this goes to the mental state of leftists, they lack empathy – they can only reason that something is bad when they are impacted (ie loot, riot, throw stones through other windows = fine, but do it to mine window = this is terrible call the police)

    As I’ve said before, I fear for the species.



  5. Interesting

    Todd Muller’s new hire likely to cause disquiet among National MPs

    Political commentator and lobbyist Matthew Hooton has been hired for a role in National Party leader Todd Muller’s office.

    The move will come as no surprise, given Hooton’s friendship with Muller and the unpaid help he provided as Muller rolled Simon Bridges as party leader.

    But it is also likely to cause disquiet among some of Muller’s caucus colleagues, given Hooton’s chequered history with the National Party, in particular his clashes with Sir John Key, Steven Joyce and Murray McCully.




  6. Two New York police officers charged with assault after shoving protestor, 75, in George Floyd demonstration

    The footage shows the man, identified as longtime activist Martin Gugino, approaching a line of helmeted officers holding batons as they clear demonstrators from Niagara Square around the time of an 8pm curfew.

    But dozens of Buffalo police officers who were angered over their fellow officers’ suspensions stepped down from the department’s crowd control unit on Friday. The resigning officers did not leave their jobs altogether.

    Several off-duty officers gathered today outside the courthouse in a show of support for the accused officers. Flynn said he understood their concern and pointed out that he’s also prosecuting protestors “who have turned into agitators” and “need to be dealt with as well.”



    • This was shown to be faked by a paid agitator.
      The guy has a blood squib affixed to the back of his head and a tube that runs down his back to a hidden fake blood holder.
      Another tube runs through his mask and into his ear.
      The squib holder was made of plastic so as to give the effect he had his skull cracked. ( His head is suspended off the footpath by it)
      A medical professional tweeted straight away, stating blood does not instantly appear from the ear orifice with head trauma.




      • More to the story…..
        “Martin Gugino is a 75-year-old professional agitator and Antifa provocateur who brags on his blog about the number of times he can get arrested and escape prosecution. Gugino’s Twitter Account is also filled with anti-cop sentiment [SEE HERE]. Last Thursday Gugino traveled from his home in Amherst, New York, to Buffalo to agitate a protest crowd.

        During his effort Gugino was attempting to capture the radio communications signature of Buffalo police officers. CTH noted what he was attempting on Thursday night as soon as the now viral video was being used by media to sell a police brutality narrative. [Thread Here] Today, a more clear video has emerged that shows exactly what he was attempting.

        In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner. You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same. Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest). Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer. WATCH CLOSELY:”
        The capture of communications signals [explained in detail here] is a method of police tracking used by Antifa to monitor the location of police. In some cases the more high tech capture software can even decipher communication encryption allowing the professional agitators to block (black-out), jam, or interfere with police communication.

        Unfortunately in the modern era the professional agitators have become very sophisticated and use technology to help create chaos. Their activity is highly coordinated, and as James O’Keefe has revealed in his undercover operations these professionals even stage events to manipulate public opinion.



  7. Another homicide last night.
    Forth one this week.
    No guns involved.
    Oh dear the gun policy must be working.

    Now if she had banned knives and hammers!!!

    In the past week, there have been four homicides in New Zealand.
    They came on top of a month of mayhem in which a string of deadly attacks were a stark contrast of violence to the relative calm of the Covid-19 lockdown.
    The Herald has counted 12 alleged murders since May 1, which stands as a deadly lurch forward after the country recorded its lowest homicide rate for 40 years.



  8. Really?! 🙄

    Leftists Are Angry That LEGO Hasn’t Virtue Signalled Hard Enough
    It only pulled ads for LEGO cops, not the actual toys themselves; Woke warriors argue that there are too many cops in LEGO City

    Mentally deranged leftists are angry that toy maker LEGO hasn’t acted woke enough after the company clarified that it had only withdrawn advertising for certain products associated with police and not the toys themselves, while others seriously argued that there are too many LEGO police in LEGO City.

    The Toy Book noted that an email from LEGO requested “removal of product listings and features for more than 30 LEGO building sets, Minifigures, and accessories that include representation of police officers, firefighters, criminals, emergency vehicles, and buildings. Sets include the LEGO City Police Station, Fire Station, Police Dog Unit, Patrol Car, Fire Plane, Mobile Command Center, Police Highway Arrest, and many more. Even the LEGO City Donut Shop Opening set — which includes Police Officer “Duke DeTain” and “Crook” Minifigures — roleplay items including a Police Handcuffs & Badge Set, and the adult builder LEGO Creator version of The White House made the removal list.”



  9. Will NZ have the necessary infrastructure to support a leap in our population with the incompetent COL cocking up everything they touch?

    Overseas Kiwis plan to buy homes in NZ sooner than they thought

    Kiwis abroad are investigating the prospect of buying property back home.

    Real estate agents and a moving company have reported increased offshore enquiries, while online traffic data is up for realestate.co.nz and Immigration New Zealand’s ‘buying a home’ page.



    • This is GOOD news. Should prevent the housing market from crashing. The new fucked up Andre Little Tax regime kicked into stark relaity when I had my tax return worked out. I think a lot of mom and dad rental owners are going to seriosly reconsider the value of having a rental property if the Fucking Cunt Communists get back in in September.



    • Don’t ignore the impending mass emigration of our current brightest & best after Labour’s likely successful attempt to lead us into bankruptcy.

      In any case the scum who left NZ because it didn’t sufficiently reward them for their talents will float off again if things come right again internationally. These are the same people who were lining up to infect us with their offshore contacted diseases & being accepted back into NZ without quarantine in March.



  10. Many, many snippets in this article about the riots, insurrection, and as others claim, a celebration.

    ….. by saying “not my President” the Trump-haters have de-legitimized not only Trump personally, but also de-legitimized the Executive branch as such. …..
    …… most of the US media (as well as the alt media) is completely unable to give a moral/ethical evaluation of what is taking place. ……….

    ….. this is not a revolution or a civil war ….
    …….. a social breakup of the US into “zones” some of which will be doing much better than others …….

    ….. anti-Trump faction of the ruling elites have now clearly adopted the strategy of “worse is better” simply because they realize that these riots are probably their last chance to blame it all on Trump …


    I find that it is very good reading, bringing up many concepts.
    It shows the many points of a Gorgon Knot in USA politics.
    Not that I believe everything here is explained either, just another “free” view.



    • Kind of going to be the reverse these days. Anyone with a brain must be considering jumping the ditch

      If Cindy wins in Sept – we are facing an all out assault on anyone who has worked hard and built up a nest egg:
      – pension will be means tested
      – Death tax
      – Inheritance tax
      – Rent controls
      – Tax increases

      They want to drive the country to the knees to maximise dependency on the govt.



  11. All with in police department policy.

    Chauvin was applying pressure to the back and side of the neck and not in the front and appeared to be compliant with existing policy.

    Who is in charge of this white supremacist Minneapolis city & Minnesota state? 🙁

    …… city Mayor, Jacob Frey, an avowed leftist who follows a string of Democratic liberal leaders.
    The last time a Republican was elected to run the city was 1957.
    The police chief of Minneapolis is Medaria Arradondo, a black police official.
    The federal representative for the city, in Washington, is the famed female POC Ilhan Omar, and the top cop for the state is another POC and former head of the DNC, Attorney General Keith Ellison. …..
    ……… Minnesota headed by Democrat Tim Walz, the state is served by two Democrat senators, including Amy Klobuchar who spent years as an acting state attorney in a few offices, …….
    ….. These would be the people operating the ‘’racist and prejudicial system and culture’’.
    Looking over these names, note how few have incurred the wrath and blame over the past week, while President Trump has been pointed at as responsible. ……..


    Are the Democrats overplaying their hand?
    It continues to raise questions of motives of the political elite.

    Just what are the academia doing? their supposed studies, when many police forces have the great “diversity” pushed in on them.
    The media, like the academia, not researching, not even getting the basics right.



  12. Cactus Kate rips another one.
    I would rather have Foran as Minister of Finance right now than any politician because he is the sort of guy you need to lead New Zealand out of the shit it will be in once Robbo runs out of wage subsidy cash.

    And at this point he gives us the popping of the New Zealand bubble you now live in. ……

    ….. For some businesses and a large number of households it is just not going to be and people are going to lose not only their businesses but their own cash, homes and lives. ….

    So Ardern’s kindness, well being, captain’s calls will all go up in flames in the coming years.
    Where is Ardern’s truth & honesty?



  13. The academia stirrers in NZ and supported by the media.
    How they look to create penal and police reform, as their “social engineering will be so just. 🙁

    a broken criminal justice system that works to criminalise and destroy the lives of black and brown families. Dylan Asafo puts forward two ways NZ could lead in dismantling systems of white supremacy.
    …. *The author holds a Master of Laws from Harvard University, specialising in Critical Race Theory and minority rights. …..


    Calling for no police, no prisons, based on “imagine” “dreams” to remove colonists supremacy to gain a treaty based constitution.



    • So therefore , should the violent, evil, nasty and destructive members of society break the door to their house down, the advocates of ‘No Police’ will say ‘Come on in, be my guest, take whatever you want, from whomever you want and do to them whatever you want, while I stand aside and allow you to do so’.

      Somehow, I don’t think they’ve thought this one through to its logical conclusion…



    • Those ‘woke’ little white girls who are all supporting BLM and calling for the abolition of Police and Prisons etc will get one hell of a shock once the violent sex offenders from Paremoremo are released amongst them…



      • Excuse me? “violent sexual offenders” are no more.
        Angry has decreed that they are called ‘Sexual emergencies” and all you girlies are to put out when accosted. It’s all for the good of the Pardy and it’s followers. If you had been good little liabours and gone to one of our summer camps, you would understand this.



  14. A little wormy turny from inside the irrelevant well/over paid fraternity called Hollywood.

    Matthew McConaughey joins small group of stars calling for U.S. to unite behind Trump

    By and large, Hollywood has rejected President Donald Trump.

    From Meryl Streep’s blistering criticism of Trump at the Golden Globes on Jan. 8 to the dozens of celebrities who attended Women’s Marches all over the country on Jan. 21 to the slew of speeches against his immigration ban at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Monday, most stars have made it clear: They don’t like or support Donald Trump.

    Yet a small but growing contingent of A-listers have voiced opinions on Trump that, while not exactly laudatory, haven’t condemned him with the entertainment industry’s usual vitriol.

    (Please push escape button when page opens)



  15. One day a Church of England reverend is visited in his rectory by one of his parishioners. “Reverend,” says the man, “recently I heard a very amusing story, I’d like to tell you, but it’s just a bit off color.”

    “That’s no problem,” says the cleric, “For the sake of a good story I don’t mind a bit of ribaldry.”

    “Good,” says the parishioner, “Now I must be careful, because I have some trouble remembering it exactly. I think this it:

    There once was a young man named Skinner

    Who had a young lady to dinner

    They sat down to dine,

    At a quarter til nine,

    And by quarter to ten it was in her.”

    “What was in her?” asked the churchman, “The dinner?”

    “No, Reverend, it was Skinner. Skinner was in her.”

    “Oh, my, yes,“ says the reverend, “Very amusing.”

    A few weeks later the reverend is visited by his bishop, to whom, the reverend says, “Bishop, one of my flock told me a terribly amusing story that I’d be delighted to tell you if you don’t mind its being just a bit lewd.”

    “Oh, no,” says the bishop, “It will do nicely if it is amusing.”

    “Good,” says the reverend, “but I must be careful and go slowly, for I sometimes have trouble remembering. I think this is it:

    There once was a young man named Tupper

    Who had a young lady to supper

    First they had tea

    At a quarter till three

    And by quarter to four it was up her.”

    “Up her?” asked the bishop. “What was up her? The supper?”

    “No, no, Bishop – actually it was a complete stranger named Skinner.”



  16. I hope everyone is seeing the Covid 19 response for what it was. An enormous hoax aimed at destroying livelihoods.
    They lost the narrative and now they move on to next one. Predictable.

    1200 Public Health Experts Advocate Mass Gatherings Because “White Supremacy” Is Bigger Threat Than COVID-19

    “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,” states the letter, before adding, “Black people are twice as likely to be killed by police compared to white people, but the effects of racism are far more pervasive,” (a claim which is completely misleading given that black people are far likelier to be involved in violent confrontations with police).




  17. How the fuck does this happen when our country is facing the worst recession in 100 years? When companies are dying with regular monotony each week and the numbers of new jobless is running into tens of thousands each month; a large capital project for Kiwirail is awarded to…. overseas companies.


    The stupid, Marxist bitch who mascarades as a Prime Minister should resign over this but she won’t as the corrupt 4th estate focus on black people in America



  18. Black Lives Matter campaign plan of laws.
    a 10 point plan to address abuses by US police forces
    ~ Ending “broken windows” policing, which aggressively polices minor crimes in an attempt to stop larger ones

    ~ using community oversight for misconduct rather than having police decide what consequences officers face

    ~ making standards for reporting police use of deadly force

    ~ independently investigating and prosecuting police misconduct

    ~ having the racial makeup of police departments reflect the communities they serve

    ~ requiring officers to wear body cameras

    ~ providing more training for police officers

    ~ ending for-profit policing practices

    ~ ending the police use of military equipment

    ~ implementing police union contracts that hold officers accountable for misconduct


    ~ “Broken windows” Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose policing policies were influenced by the theory.
    The decade saw a significant decline of crime in the city and its accompanying increase in incarceration.

    ~ “Community oversight” in England allowed & covered up the muslim grooming rape gangs.
    What else will be covered up.

    ~ “deadly police force” will as always go through a coronial inquiry, and investigation.
    After all a dead body has to picked up, so a death certificate with its investigation is involved.

    ~ “mis conduct” as mentioned above, the police followed the approved neck restraint.

    ~ “racial makeup of police” as already shown in above comments, that the democrats, their supervisors, mayors, lawyers etc., are often minority races and in those cities and states have for decades been managing/mismanaging this.

    ~ “body cams” were worn and on during “Floyd’s arrest”. Not released yet. They will be crucial to the upcoming trial, and will most likely give a very different view & context of what was happening.

    ~ “training” the city and state are the ones who drew up the police manual to be followed with much possible input by those “minority” leaders.
    Will they pay more for this training?

    ~ “for profit policing” Is that acting as security details for Mayors and officials? or for other business’s? bribes?

    ~ “military equipment” does that mean no military assault rifles and or no armed police?
    So no problem with tear gas and tazers?

    ~ “union officers accountable for misconduct” So what defines ‘misconduct’. Why should a union withdraw support to a member, before a case is proved & tested in a court of law.
    A court of law is where an officer is held accountable.

    Just trying to make a case for the disruption, riots, looting, damage, fires when really there is no case.

    This also seems to be tried on in NZ by academia, & media in the effort to keep causing civil disruption and divide, believing they can gain control, and redistribute other peoples resources.



    • “~ having the racial makeup of police departments reflect the communities they serve”
      That’s racist. How is it a good thing to demand services only from “your own kind”?
      It encourages the attitude that “I will only interact with members of my own race.” How can that be a good thing?



      • It only applies to non-whites, if I was to insist on that I would be told that I was racist. Well maybe not people don’t tend to want to wind me up, well not more than once anyway.



  19. Shaw comes out talking in circles. The Greens are obviously worried about the lose of votes to Labour.


    I had to laugh at the bit about Shaw’s corporate background. He was involved in a consultancy outfit in London –it consulted on climate change stuff for corporate clients (eg. banks etc). When the GFC hit all the clients and subsidy money disappeared. I’m not sure that counts as a corporate background, after all Greenpeace would deal with corporates so that is like saying Gareth Hughes has a corporate background.

    Also note Shaw thinks they still have to acknowledge the anarchist thinking of the McGillicuddy Serious Party –so he wants to be all things to everyone. I’m also amazed with the headline.



    • Fruit of the poisonous tree. Written by Andrea bloody Vance.

      I am not sure the country is bedda off with Shaw than Russel Norman.
      Norman wore his heart on his sleeve and people knew what they were dealing with.
      This Shaw is a sneaky prick.

      Shaw was party to expelling two ‘moderate’ white males over the Turei benefit fraud events.
      This has left it as a screaming shrew coven.

      What a marvellous bloke for the betterment of NZ . NOT.
      “There would be climate change legislation with a goal of net zero emissions by 2050, a referendum on personal cannabis use, a significant increase to the Department of Conservation budget and the removal of excessive welfare sanctions.”

      These activists are ‘not in government’ as Winston will remind them.
      They have a confidence and supply agreement .
      Winston would not even talk to them. Everything had to be done via Ardoom.
      When Winnie don’t like ya, he dont like ya !



  20. Special K v Nash:

    Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis and Police Minister Stuart Nash disagree over claims of systemic police racism

    “There is racism throughout New Zealand and I think all of us would be naive to claim there isn’t”.

    Nash’s office declined an interview request from The Hui, but presenter Mihingarangi Forbes went to Parliament and approached the minister directly about his statement. Nash continued to state that systemic racism isn’t a problem in NZ Police.



    • That Mihingarangi Forbes is one scary unit.
      Born Joanne Forbes, Fielding; daughter of a Maori bushman.

      Duncan Garner was tapping her for a while.
      I have not worked out if he is very brave or very stupid.

      She is so frightening she should be the open side flanker for the All Blacks.
      Twelve year contract. Three consecutive RWCs!

      Alasdair Thompson of the EMA found that out in no uncertain terms .
      She had his head on a spike quick smart.
      She is like an alien from Men in Black where she starts out looking sweet then turns into a 16 armed, eight sets of teeth, monster.

      Nash clearly has a self preservation gene in avoiding the terror.
      On that note, I cannot blame him.



    • I wonder if the three people are from the same family, and are related to the rural property owner.
      I assume the pond is surrounded by land that slopes downwards towards the pond. Did the car roll into the pond or was it being driven at the time?

      The police were alerted at 11:00, but what time did the incident actually occur? The previous night? Earlier that morning? (If a lot earlier than 11:00 it would suggest that they were discovered later by the owners of the property, which would imply that the vehicle was on the property unknown to the owners. An elderly man is reported to have been air-lifted to hospital, which suggests that this wasn’t a bunch of teenagers. Perhaps a family?

      Was negligence involved or did an unforseeable accident cause the car to end up in the pond? Was the driver experienced in driving off road or was he or she doing it for the first time ever?

      Is the vehicle a “car” or a 4WD farm truck? Who would drive a “car” (2-wheel drive) onto a rural property?

      Were drugs or alcohol involved?

      So many questions…



      • My first thought was kids hooning around paddocks. Great fun until it goes wrong. Then I wondered, like you, if it was something darker? Guess the details will come out. Condolences to the family(s), a terrible tragedy either way.



        • Why not? It was bound to happen. A random group of people held hostage by the lockdown are finally driven mad by Cindy’s vacuous face on the TV while she mangles the English language with mispronounced words of kindness.

          Something snaps & they enter into a suicide pact.



              • Not in the winter. No. It was bad enough at other times of the year. At least Raetihi is on a main road. Without State Highway 4, Raetihi would devolve into a second Ohura.

                If only the road from Whangamomona had been pushed through to Raetahi all those years ago…



                • Ohura is pretty bad. It was probably sometime in the late 60s when a mate of mine & myself spent Easter at his brother’s place in the town. The latter was a ganger for the railways with responsibility for a 25 mile section of the line to the West. He had to inspect it one time over the long weekend & we tagged along for the ride.

                  The vehicle was a four man jigger (two each side, back to back) powered by a petrol engine & wasn’t exactly slow. It was unnerving, tearing through tunnels & emerging onto bridges or small viaducts with the river far below.

                  I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in my life. Only the certain death that awaited anyone who fell off the jigger delayed a self diagnosis of hypothermia.

                  On the upside we spent many happy hours getting trolleyed at the tennis club which doubled as the local grog shop & getting to know the warders at the local prison.



            • I’m a bit sensitive about suicide Odakyu-sen. I lost my eldest son to that. I realise you did not know and I am not wanting confrontation. I hate suicide.It is a fucking cancer. I apologise if I seem to be a bit aggresive. Not my intention.



  21. Peta tells it like it is. Either this is a health emergency or it isn’t

    ‘Little faith left in the system’ as premiers ‘cower to left-wing protesters’: Credlin

    If it is now legal to have mass protests across Australia in the times of COVID, then surely all coronavirus social distancing regulations should be scrapped and “normal life” should be allowed to resume says Sky News host Peta Credlin.



  22. Here’s a random thought. What’s in a name? I like a name to be a truthful descriptor. There is a difference between a truthful name and a double-speak name.

    A truthful name would be the “National Socialist Party.” It was just what it says it was. It was nationalist and it was socialist.

    On the other hand, the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” is all lies. It is not democratic, it is not of the people, and it is not a republic.



  23. ……”I like a name to be a truthful descriptor”……

    Truthfulness is usually an early casualty in political campaigns. Along with gross distortions of the root word “democracy” watch out for political parties that include “Christian” in their name.

    They aren’t & are usually a sanctuary for child molesters & sundry perverts. eg. the Christian Heritage party.



    • ” are usually a sanctuary for child molesters & sundry perverts..”

      Mate you should go to a Labour Party function! The behaviour of devotees of ‘Socialism’ is way,waay more disturbing than any religion…



  24. Who was out for a Sunday drive? 🤨

    Driver caught on dashcam driving wrong way on Auckland motorway

    Police confirmed it attempted to stop a “vehicle of interest” in Mangere at 1:45pm and a pursuit began after the car didn’t stop. Officers stopped chasing the car when it did a U-turn and started driving in the wrong direction.

    The car was later spiked on Puhinui Rd and all four people inside tried to flee the scene, but they were found nearby and taken into custody.

    Phou told Newshub he was surprised to see the white car driving on the wrong side.

    “I was so shocked that I did an emergency brake and moved to the right to allow him to pass.



  25. So lucky for Lees-Galloway he can hide behind the Privacy Act.

    Former Russian spy poisoned by nerve agent now living in New Zealand, British media report

    1 NEWS approached the Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway for comment, however a spokesperson for the Minister said no comments are ever made on individual cases.



      • The mad queen has to hide slease gallopaway under her skirts as it may bring down her goverment if he was cast adrift!
        But she can still chuck him out on his arse yet. She cast him adrift at the election! Along with twitford!



    • Concerning the Former Russian Spy and daughter…

      Having done just about everything they can to give it away, why doesn’t the NZ Media just tell the world the whole x@?7*1 detail; the location of their new residence, their phone numbers, and, best of all, their new identities!!!!

      The NZ Media as ‘Keepers of secrets / Confidences’?

      Don’t make me laugh; and they wonder why they aren’t trusted.

      Thank you.



      • Komata
        We wouldn’t have a clue what secret deals have been made between other governments as to who we have taken in for safe keeping….

        Heard a fairly solid rumour once that a suspect for the Ernie Abbott killing (1984 Trades Hall Bombing) was carried out by an IRA Informer living here as a result of such a deal with the British Govt.



  26. Coronavirus: Up to 120,000 Kiwis predicted to lose jobs – economist

    An economic analysis for Newshub by Infometrics shows the ‘first wave’ of unemployment is over – it happened during lockdown – and about 40,000 lost their jobs over a month. But now New Zealand is entering a second wave that could be longer and bigger – nearly 80,000 jobs could be lost in the space of 10 weeks from June to August, economist Brad Olsen says.

    “I don’t think anybody knows where the jobs are. They just aren’t out there.”

    A large number of the predicted affected people are on the Government’s wage subsidy, which will start finishing up for some very soon. About 44,000 lose that safety net this week, rising to over 415,000 the week after. It will eventually reach a total of 1.65 million.

    Olsen’s figure of 80,000 losing their job in the second wave is based on just 5 percent of those people losing their jobs.

    There’s an extension to the wage subsidy coming, but businesses need to prove a 40 percent revenue reduction due to COVID-19 to be eligible. They also need to commit to keeping their employees – meaning many are making the hard decisions now.



  27. “Dad, Ben at school says he can fly!”

    “I don’t think so, son.”

    “It’s true! Lots of the other kids said so too!”

    “Son, sometimes people invent things to get themselves noticed. It’s not nice to make up stories like that because people end up believing them, telling others & then that person’s worth is judged on lies. OK?”

    “OK dad.”

    “Good boy, now sit there & read your Bible.”



  28. In the freezing heights of the Karakoram mountain range, a dangerous power play is unfolding.

    The armed forces of China and India are engaged in a standoff over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at Ladakh.

    The demarcation line separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory and was formed after the 1962 Sino-Indian War that China won decisively.

    The disputed Himalayan border was the main cause of the war.

    Now a new conflict has erupted.




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