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  1. In May, there were more than 124,000 New Zealanders receiving the Jobseeker support payment for people seeking work. Nearly a third of them had started receiving it in the past three months.

    Māori have been hardest hit by job losses since December. About 10,000 new Māori are on Jobseeker support, compared to 14,000 Europeans.

    Per capita, Māori are being laid off at about four times the rate of Europeans.
    Benefit numbers up again as businesses face post-subsidy future

    Another 837 people signed up to JobSeeker Support in the week of June 5.

    It was the second week in a row that a higher number had signed on than the week before – in the week of May 29 there were an extra 540 sign-ups, compared to 212 in the week of May 22.

    Numbers are still well down on the week of April 3, when 8569 people signed up.

    It takes the total who have signed up to the JobSeeker Support Work Ready benefit since March 20 to 43,047.


    43000 and that is just for starters.
    The official unemployment forecast for the country – criticised by some as overly optimistic – is 9.6 per cent by September. That would imply about another 110,000 people on Jobseeker support.

    If the current pattern of one in four of these newly unemployed being Māori continues, there will be an additional 30,000 Māori on Jobseeker support by September. That’s on top of 48,000 currently, so 78,000 in total.


    Victoria University economist Michael Fletcher believes there are tens of thousands more without work who don’t show up in the Jobseeker numbers.

    “I think it’s going to be considerably worse than the Treasury forecast. It wouldn’t surprise me if we reached 14-15 per cent unemployment later this year,” says Fletcher.

    Good article worth the time to read.
    Oh and don’t forget about the increase in crime.



    • It might be time to start score keeping on Govt Depts

      Have two columns.
      One for those that lie a lot and one for those that do not commit egregious lies on a regular basis.

      Those that fit regular lies are Treasury and Health.
      No doubt Social Welfare or whatever they are called this week are subject to massive lying. They have a tradition and with Sepuloni – the daughter of a convicted Social Welfare fraudster as Minister -you can bet the farm on it.

      Health under the combo Bloomfield/Clark was lying and making others look bad esp. the local GPs.
      Is this part of a scheme to ‘govermentise/fully socialise’ GPs like they have in the UK?
      A totally dreadful UK system that barely works.
      It is very likely with this lot. Alinsky rules and all… Control the health.

      Bloomfield was lying on live TV about :
      -regular flu vaccines and where they were held;
      -he was lying about PPE and where it was located and who was paying etc (some sourced by private enterprise)
      -He was clearly lying about the Covid numbers which were nonsense
      -He was lying about testing and methods at the border and supposed self isolation
      -follow up checks and actual isolation

      In fact I will pay $50 for every time Bloomfield ever told the truth !!!
      I doubt I would part with $100.

      Treasury is lying so disgracefully their number are complete bollocks
      Then have a died in the wool soy boy like Shabby Equab as an ‘independent voice’
      Yeah, Right. One black life that does not matter to me.

      We are in a post truth world.



  2. The first round of the subsidy, which aimed to keep workers employed during the lockdown, expired this week.

    One staffer found out he’d be losing his job on Thursday – just one day after the 12-week subsidy expired.

    “I think it’s pretty stink, I think it’s premeditated,” he told Newshub.

    “I believe that companies have got a moral obligation to at least make an effort. I believe that some companies have actually used the subsidy for their own benefit, knowing full well that they had no intention of retaining staff.

    The Prime Minister made her frustration known earlier this week.

    “Ultimately that was to try and keep those employees in work,” Jacinda Ardern said.

    The fact is the subsidy rules never required companies to keep staff on after it expired.


    Where the shit hits the fan.

    Who thinks Cindy will remain favourite once this gets going?
    The next 2 or 3 weeks will see many more layoffs and then the consequences of those layoffs will start to happen.
    The next year is going to be tough for most.

    Good people are going to be tested. Many will have to rethink their vocations and accept that shovelling shit ain’t so bad after all if it puts food on the table. This will be every bit as bad as the ninties and made worse as we cant just move to aussie cause Aussie and others have the same issue.



    • Viking ,going by our local countdown there may not be any food on the shelves let alone the table,the place is half stocked and prices are skyrocketing, F——G Aussies.
      No doubt Cindy is working on a plan to fix this probably around 2026 going by everything else shes ever done.



        • Dettol hand sanitiser small $4,00. Same size but with extra bit of plastic to hang it on your be[t $5.00. Pr[or to lockdown Countdown only carried 2 brands of hand sanitiser Now 7 brands All more expensive than prior.



          • In part you will be right.
            Initially there was a major rules & regulations, like safety & health etc, so batches of sanitizer were only allowed to be produced in 30 litre batches.

            So who is it a goldmine for?
            Making hay $ while the sun shines and before it rains on this particular parade.

            The bureaucracy eased up for “danegeld” and no new manufacturer could trust this government over taxes, depreciation allowances etc..

            Many new entrepreneurs were snapping it up to export to their own countries.
            Would it now be at a “market price”?

            Certainly heaps of it, like by the pallet load in the warehouse and supermarkets.
            Would their soon be a glut?
            A shake out of the manufacturers coming?



      • By 2026 Cindy will be long gone- Having whooshed off to her ‘Dream Job’ at the United Nations leaving us peasants to fight over bread and toilet paper in the rubble of our once great little Country…



    • And of course businesses didn’t know the down stream effects that they were going to face now. Many would have preferred business as usual. A good opportunity to get rid of shit employees though.



  3. This monument in Otaki commemorates a man who participated in slavery, torture and even cannibalism of the Maori people. His name was Te Rauparaha, and he was a Maori chief.

    Why should such a monument (and the street that is named after him) be allowed to remain standing in modern New Zealand?

    Because Te Rauparaha was a man of his times, and like all historical figures, he was a complex character shaped by the prevailing norms of his era.

    Even though this monument might evoke images and memories of his evil deeds, it does not exist to celebrate or normalise those deeds. It exists to mark a man who – like it or not – played a noteworthy role in shaping the complex history of our nation.

    The only time we should be removing monuments is when their existence celebrates or perpetuates evil. If they simply stand as testaments to morally complicated historical figures, the reasoned response is to learn that history so we can avoid the mistake of repeating it.




    • This POS cleaned out many Maoris in the Canterbury area.

      Those that were not eaten after the battles were made slaves to be later eaten.

      One tribal chief near Little River saw the attacking tribe approaching so he lined up his family and killed them to prevent them being slaves.

      I’m not even going to mention the slaughter of the peaceful Moriori tribes who lived in the Chatham Islands as it opens up another can of worms.

      BLM have very selective memories.



      • What you never hear about these days is that his favourite hobby was tattoing them and feeding them till the tatts healed. Once that happened he dispatched them to the oven after taking off their heads to dry and to sell to the traders. If they were already attooed he simply chopped them off and ate the bits while the heads were placed on a stake to dry.
        Hence many of the Ta Moko are heads that were sold by Te Raprahua to the traders.

        One actually has to admire the leadership of both Hone hiks and Te Raprahau. They were fierce e bastards. and not exactly neighbourly. Both gained control of large territories.



    • Which is why George HW Bush, 41 picked Dan “potato’ Quayle as VP.
      You assassinate me, you get THIS guy.
      Go ahead, make my day!

      On the other hand, retired alcoholic and druggie George Bush, 43 had a VP who basically called the shots.
      True Deep State if ever there was one. He was even able to go out of politics to the private sector, make a lot of money, come back in and ensure he made even more money.

      For 16 years democracy was suspended. Some people thought they had it.
      The low voter turnout shows ‘we, the people’ have some realisation that democracy is a shell game.
      This is why there is this wave of anti Trump activity, ramping up in election year.
      Activated by Deep State bad actors. This includes the nouveau riche of Amazon, Microsoft, Fakebook, and Google.
      They want that control back.
      They do not want to share!



  4. Great news folks, I’ve finally figured it out

    I’ve been scratching my head trying to work out what the play is with the insurrection in the US. Especially now that we know the people organising the assault upon the White House were speaking Mandarin!

    All sane people know the saying “those that ignore history are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past”, well – I’ve been doing a bit of research on the 20th Century looking for the worst examples of the effects of socialism. And while the obvious one to go for is of course National Socialism’s Hitler, I don’t think he comes close to the level of oppression and murder that Mao incited in China.

    So I looked a bit more closely at how it played out and the core vehicle through which the CCP achieved such utter totalitarian control was the Cultural Revolution. Mao convinced a largely uneducated and disenfranchised peasant population (who were reeling after decades of poverty brought on through the warring factions of Mao and Chiang Kai-shek, further exacerbated by the effects of WW2 where China was a sort of battleground for the Japanese) – that all their problems were down to the wealthy and the educated and anything traditional.

    The rebellion started off with the call to action that “to rebel is justified”. Sure it was about securing his power within the existing Communist Party dictatorship, but it has plenty of similiarities with what we’re seeing in the US today:
    – inciting mobs to insurrection
    – mindless and illogical attacks on anything traditional
    – storming capital cities
    – blaming anyone with a brain or who has led productive lives for imagined slights
    – fostering division and hatred
    – destroying social and economic capital

    What is so spectacularly confounding is that only Mao really benefited from the Cultural Revolution. The average Chinese citizen experienced massive economic, societal and health hardships and deprivation. It is the ultimate example of turkeys rioting in favour of an early Xmas.

    So read up guys, while it’s not very reassuring – intellectually it’s quite fascinating.

    This is our future after Cindy gets re-elected (or maybe sooner if something cataclysmic happens and it starts to look like the election might go against her).

    We’re living in the ruins of the once great Western civilisation.



  5. US – Covid deaths so much higher in Democrat controlled states? Ever wondered why?

    Well it turns out that they were very effective at infecting old people – after all oldies tend to vote more conservatively – so it’s a win:win situation (ie you ramp up the fear and you remove someone who won’t vote DNC).

    “But DifferentPerspective – that’s just too weird – even for you, you conspiracy-theory promoting provocateur” I hear my fellow YSBers declaim as one.

    Well you’d think so!

    However, a nurse in the US agreed to wear a hidden camera and wire to get proof that this is what really was happening (Disclaimer – I’ve only watched segments of this and will do the full hour plus later on – but wanted to share it here soonest)

    So there is a very simple methodology followed:
    1) Flood all media with horrifying messages about the dangers of Covid – using vastly inflated faux models and all the while screaming “Trust the Experts:
    2) Rinse repeat until Covid-free but gullible elderly people with underlying health problems start to get anxious enough to start experiencing breathing problems
    3) Bring them into the hospitals and even though they repeatedly test Covid negative, put them on ventilators on Covid wards
    4) Pretty soon the Covid-free patient (being in the same ward with Covid positive patients) contracts Covid (funny that)
    5) Previously healthy but nervous ninny patient dies
    6) Voila! Another fabulous Covid death to chalk up to the terrible sweeping pandemic – feed it to the media as another example of why anxious elderly people should work themselves up into a state and come in to hospital
    7) Repeat the cycle over and over again.

    So much evil.

    My heart aches sometimes when I see what socialists will do to their fellow human beings.



  6. Reposting from last nights HYS – thanks Simpleton

    Tommy Robinson apoplectic with frustration over the British police handling of the BLM attacks and desecration of Winston Churchill’s statue in London and other historic monuments.
    NZ needs someone who is passionate and willing to stand up and speak for real NZ’ers. 👍

    The patriots in the UK. are looking to guard Winston Churchill.

    Robinson released a short video in which he accused police of being “soft-handed” and allowing BLM protesters to deface memorials and statues, saying that police didn’t want the bad publicity of clashing with non-white protesters.

    Already the police supported Burn, Loot, & Maraude BLM as they moved on some earlier guardians for W. Churchill.



  7. Federated Farmers wants migrant workers on Govt’s COVID exemption ‘A-list’

    Auckland officials are emphasising the economic benefits of letting in America’s Cup crews, but farmers feel they’re being left off the ‘A-list’.

    But Federated Farmers is fuming, saying the Government’s immigration exemption list is a who’s-who allowing A-list celebs in but not farmers.

    Immigration spokesperson Chris Lewis says skilled migrant workers need to be allowed back into the country urgently.

    “Movie stars, America’s Cup – but the ones who are hard working for export dollars and keeping the country going weren’t there. It’s a little bit disappointing… we’re not in the A-list, are we?”

    Lewis says even if New Zealanders are redeployed to work on farms, skilled migrants will be needed to train the newcomers and need to be granted exemptions.

    “We want awesome, hard-working Kiwis working on our farms, taking on entry-level jobs… With calving not far away, crops need to be put in by contractors and sheep need to be shorn. Nature doesn’t wait for politicians – it just carries on.”



    • ……”With calving not far away, crops need to be put in by contractors and sheep need to be shorn”……

      I should be onside with Lewis but he’s pushing crap.

      If anyone is going to teach a new employee the ropes it should be the farmers themselves or their managers. Contractors who know what they’re doing retain their staff year to year & it’s highly unlikely that the Maori gangs who shear most of the sheep have emigrated.

      I’ve never been able to understand why young people aren’t attracted to farming. The wages are reasonable, they don’t have to live on site & prospects for advancement are good. Perhaps too many owners & managers are actually piss poor employers.



      • Many shearers do circuits around the world, and have a high income.
        Australia at the very least, then England, Wales, Scotland. then also branch out as I know of connections that go through to France, Austria and Italy, Iceland. USA, though do not be caught as can be difficult to get the right visas. Falkland Islands for the Corriadales, though I heard that South Africa used to be another place, but not now.

        Many do those loops and come back to the same contractor for the NZ season, and also circuiting NZ.

        Shearing training schemes have been let go, and so the average age of shearers has been going up.

        A pity that those face masks can not be made of biodegradable wool.
        What a boom NZ would have. 🙂

        Sadly wool is more than on the way out, well until there is a total ban on all fossil fuels, so no nylons, no polyester etc. as we are then returned to yesteryear. 🙂



      • Once you dig down people like Lewis are pushing the barrow for the corporate farmers and growers who have built their business around cheap labour.
        BTW I believe there is a wool based mask available.



      • Nasska,
        Farmers piss poor employers — maybe,
        Overstressed by taxes , pay rates ,holiday pay work safe, bullying governments including local councils, uncertainty in markets etc etc —yes.

        I think you know that.



        • ……”Overstressed by taxes , pay rates ,holiday pay work safe, bullying governments including local councils, uncertainty in markets”……

          I’ll offer no argument to that & more but the same plagues infest every employer from the local garage to machinery manufacturers. There’s got to be more to it.

          My hypothesis is that the average Kiwi cocky is a succession farmer who has followed a tradition of farming as a sole trader using family labour. They have never been employees so have no idea about what makes a good employer.



        • One thing is for sure Falcon, there are a lot of armchair experts out there who know all about farming – whether they have set foot on a farm or not.
          I have had several jobs over the years and I never felt the need to reorganise the workplace or advise my employer on how to run their business.
          But just about everyone in Kiwiland knows all about agriculture eh – and are not backward about giving farmers the benefit of their specialist knowledge..



  8. Is Jacinda Ardern utilising taxpayer-generated revenue in order to run a “propaganda unit” under the cover of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet?

    The spending of public money on so-called information campaigns to explain the policies of the party in power has long been regarded as being of questionable value and dubious merit.

    Trying to justify such campaigns on the pretext that they are not political is the hardest of sells.

    Such exercises are always political. This week’s example is far more political than most. For that reason, this latest effort demands scrutiny. So far it has received precious little.

    As has become something of a habit during her tenure as prime minister, Ardern’s deft touch on the world stage was not replicated to quite the same degree on the domestic one.

    The speed with which she can switch from saint to sinner was amply demonstrated by the overnight transformation of the “Unite against Covid-19” publicity campaign into a new-fangled beast which goes under the name of “Unite for Recovery”.

    No-one would quibble with the “Unite against Covid-19” exercise. Indeed, had the authorities failed to mount such a pandemic-related advertising blitz, they would have exposed themselves to justified charges of gross negligence given the sheer killing power of the pathogen.

    There was broad agreement across the political spectrum during the lockdowns as to what needed to be done. Any argument was limited to the question of when it should be done.

    That has all changed. After a brief hibernation, it is politics much as usual. When it comes to uniting for the recovery, there is huge disagreement between Labour and National as regards policy priorities, the desirable level of public spending and the extent of borrowing.

    That’s further reason why the notion that Unite for Recovery is somehow not political is a nonsense. The campaign’s website might serve a purpose of being a one-stop shop which details everything you need to know about the Ardern Administration’s response to the pandemic.



    • Is that just a play by TVscum to get more taxpayer money?

      TVscum: We can write these nasty stories…
      ..but they can disappear like that with.. well… you know, a little $help$

      when TVscum talk about switching from saint to sinner they must be interviewing the mirror…again !



        • Zero, Sooty
          They do not have any journalists.

          eg. Johnny Campbell started off as far right, white rich prick in the 1980s working for a stock broker in the fake boom.
          He started reading stock market reports on radio such was his Wellington College rich white boy status 🙂

          Then he started doing more and more yakking until he got very wet and became soaked in bleeding hearts.

          Stuttering Johnny never trained in ‘churnalism’ and any that may have pretended to do that are simply activists like the Gween Pardy list MPs.



  9. Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties and had never been married. She was admired for sweetness and kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room.
    She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea.
    As he sat facing her old pump organ, the young minister noticed a cut-glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled with water. In the water floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist.
    “Miss Beatrice”, he said, “I wonder if you would tell me about this?” pointing to the bowl.
    “Oh, yes” she replied, “isn’t it wonderful?
    I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground. The directions said to place it on the organ, keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease. Do you know I haven’t had the Chinese flu all winter!”
    The pastor fainted.



  10. The world’s newest country of CHAZ (the autonomous zone in Seattle) has declared independence from the USA, but the government is still making sure they’re set up with free public toilets.

    Amazingly they’ve been independent for only two days and already getting Foreign Aid.



    • ED ,the use of the toilets will ensure that all the white trash skinny snowflake soy boys will be getting rid of the most useable part of themselves every time they take a dump.
      Wonder what its like to be so self loathing that you’d get on your knees and plead for forgiveness for something you didnt do? I can get Willie Jackson to answer that question he obviously despises half of himself.
      Imagine Willie trying to apologise to himself ,he could only use one knee and only cry from one eye .LOL



      • I can’t see them sticking to it. Many spring gardens have been overrun by weeds by Summer when the nature converts realise that it takes long term commitment to grow anything.

        In any case what will they do when they find out Colonel Sanders was a racist? My guess is that they’ll all die of starvation!



        • Looks like they just dumped topsoil on the grass without turning it over. Weed central and I’m not talking about the stuff you grow to smoke. The mayor of Seattle will be delivering pizza to the activists next “cause we’re hungry”.



  11. Please voters can I keep my job! 🤡

    David Clark ‘very keen’ to stay as Health Minister – but voters want him gone

    David Clark is “very keen” to stay on as Health Minister should Labour win the upcoming election, despite voters wanting him gone.

    Dr Clark’s biggest headlines during the lockdown came thanks to his breaches of the rules – including going mountain biking and driving 20km to a beach.

    In the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll, voters were asked whether Dr Clark should remain Health Minister. More than half – 56.8 percent – said no, with only 35.7 percent saying yes.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in early April she would have sacked Dr Clark if the country wasn’t in the grip of a pandemic.

    “I admitted that I got things wrong. I admitted my resignation to the Prime Minister,” said Dr Clark. “My job now is to get on with things.”



  12. The one good thing that has come out of the BLM drama is at least we now know without doubt that the Maori Party are nothing but a bunch of revisionist racist losers. All going well they should be going down the same drain as Winston come September. I’m waiting to hear what the Greens think, they’ve been surprisingly quiet. Hopefully they’ll jump in boots and all like they normally do and will end up extinct as well.



  13. Posted by Brannon1776 on another site.

    The very near future…

    >talking to your friend in your living room. you say the phrase “all lives matter”. your smart tv is listening.

    >you try to take uber to get to store a bit later. says there’s a problem with your account. no big deal you think. you’ll just walk.

    >you go to whole foods for groceries. “sorry sir your transaction is declined and prime account suspended”

    >check your credit card to see what’s up. “you owe x amount and your account is cancelled”

    >check your bank account. “we will be mailing you a check for the full amount of your balance. your account is being deactivated”

    >open up your laptop the next day to find a new bank. internet not working. you call your isp. “your account has been terminated, sir”

    >go to friend’s place to use his internet. find your dating sites, airbnb, facebook, linkedin all cancelled.

    >a few months go by and you notice you’re not getting callbacks for any of the jobs you applied to. you find you’re on an automated ‘dangerous fascist watch dog’ website that ranks #1 when you google your name

    if current trends continue the future of cancel culture will make the current year look positively rosy.



  14. Lockdown helped Kiwis pay credit card debt, but now ‘revenge spending’ a risk

    New Zealanders are being urged to stick to savings habits formed over lockdown and resist the urge to “revenge spend” as life at Alert Level 1 begins.

    One of the silver linings of lockdown was the forced savings incurred by not being able to eat out, be entertained or go shopping on a whim.

    The way we consumed and spent our precious dollars changed as spending was down 50 per cent in April compared to the April before, and Kiwis shaved $1 billion off credit card debt.

    Those employed over lockdown may have managed to save a bit over the past couple of months.



  15. “Government’s been forced to step in and guarantee”. No, the TAXPAYER will be stumping up to bail out the Kiwibuild incompetence AGAIN.

    The Government’s been forced to step in and guarantee a Wellington KiwiBuild apartment development for $40 million after repeated delays.

    The deal means if the developer can’t sell the apartments, the Government will be forced to buy them for $500,000 each.

    The $40 million underwrite is double the previous figure after Monark’s developer sought extra assistance.

    Demolition work is underway at the Monark site in the capital’s CBD which, when completed, will feature 93 one- and two-bedroom new apartments – 44 of them being KiwiBuild houses.

    The development was originally due to be completed in July this year.

    First that was extended until December this year.

    Then the Wellington Company, which is in charge of the development, delayed it again until October 2021.

    In May, the Wellington Company cited Covid-19 as the reason for its latest delayed construction target of June 2022.

    The June 2022 date is one month before the sunset clause comes into effect in July 2022 – where the developer or buyers can terminate the contract.

    It raised fears the KiwiBuild buyers could be without a home three years after paying their deposit.

    Buyers caught up in delayed Kiwibuild development say they wish they’d never heard of the scheme



  16. UPDATE: Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Suspect, Seize $6 Million Cash Allegedly Used To Force End To Investigations Into Burisma And Hunter Biden

    This evening Ukrainian investigators seized $6 million in cash and arrests were made in an alleged bribe to Ukrainian prosecutors to halt investigations into the Burisma group of companies and involvement with Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, CDMedia has learned. The bribes were allegedly to the Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Office of the Special Prosecutor (SAP). This information was posted on official NABU social media. We are told the operation had been under way for 2 weeks and is still ongoing. The images are two hours old.




    • Tofu Todd.
      Tofu, also known as bean curd, is a food prepared by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into solid white blocks of varying softness.
      Yup…to a tee.



    • Posted late last night.
      Edit as just found :- on this as now proven Portland abandoned, just leaving the Seattle CHAZ.
      Probably too hard

      The CHAZ system has been deemed to have some flaws.
      True to form, the good socialist always believes they can do it better the next time round.
      Set up another one. 🙂

      Militant leftists in Seattle are now attempting to set up their own “autonomous zone,” free of police, after the Portland version was overtaken by an armed “warlord” just one day in.

      One of the leaders of the Portland version has also already been accused of sexual assault and threatened to commit suicide after admitting that they are a “serial abuser.”

      The Portland militants began setting up their “autonomous zone” late Wednesday evening using barbed wire fences. Apparently, walls and fences are no longer racist.

      Really anarchists and nuts.
      Who educated these “no hopers”? and bound them into this “cargo cult” concept.
      Academia & media, also believe in unicorn dust.

      Take up the cry, Defund the Police, and apply it across.
      Defund Universities.
      Defund the students.
      Defund Media.



        • DP, yes, the over paid politicians, means that they do not have to care about the stuff ups after they leave and retire elsewhere.

          If the Country, Regional Council or District Council has done better during their term (s) then they also will gain the benefit.
          Or surely accept the same pain as they inflicted on their ‘subjects’

          Defund glorified Creative NZ, and so called basking Entertainers Arts etc..
          Attendance and ticket sales should determine their popularity.



  17. Fu*k off!
    Golly should take Winston’s advice and “read a book”.

    Green MP Golriz Ghahraman says colonial statues should be removed

    In an interview with Newshub Nation on Saturday, Gaharaman told host Tova O’Brien it would be a different story if the statues were different.

    “If they were memorialising our colonial past, maybe it would be a different conversation,” she said.

    “But they’re glorifying people who have done certain things which have been hurtful and we’re still seeing the impacts of that.”



  18. Stupid boy!

    Health Minister David Clark admits institutional racism in health system

    “Racism can be manifest in three ways: institutional (systemic), interpersonal (personally mediated), and internalised,” the interim report claimed. “While all three manifestations impact on health, the effects of institutional and personally mediated racism are particularly important.”

    Earlier this month Police Minister Stuart Nash said there wasn’t any systemic racism in the police force. Asked if there was in the health system on Newshub Nation on Saturday, Dr Clark somewhat dodged the question.

    “I certainly believe there is a long, long history of difficulty with intergenerational poverty, and the system does seem to have a way of perpetuating that,” he told host Tova O’Brien.



  19. From the Taxpayers Union
    Its quite long but a must read..make a cup of tea first.

    Statue controversy is pathetic

    “We are currently facing the economic fallout of a literal pandemic. But our country’s media and politicians have decided the biggest issue affecting New Zealanders is whether or not our statues are racist.
    On Thursday, Hamilton City Council removed a statue of the city’s namesake, John Hamilton, after a local kaumatua threatened to tear it down himself.

    What a pathetic capitulation. Why are councillors focused on a statue? Don’t they realise that by so swiftly agreeing to pull it down, they’re inviting wasteful new debates over other statues, and even Hamilton’s name?
    Councillors need to refocus their time and attention away from petty controversies and onto issues that matter: namely, their annual budget. Tear down wasteful spending, not statues.

    Statues of Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Captain Cook, and Richard Seddon are also under siege, as are street names and museum exhibitions deemed ‘colonial’. The Māori Party wants to make it an election issue.
    God help us.

    Here’s a real problem
    New data from the OECD confirms hard economic times ahead for New Zealand: we are looking at a forecast decline in productivity of 8.9%, or 10% if there’s a second wave of COVID-19. That’s worse than the average forecast decline for the OECD countries.
    Because of New Zealand’s lackluster contact tracing capabilities, the Government pursued an extremely strict lockdown in response to COVID-19. This hammered our output.

    The lockdown also necessitated massive amounts of spending. Already, Government debt has risen from below 20% of GDP to above 25% – and it’s expected to peak much higher, at $109,000 household. And once the wage subsidy ends in September, we can expect an unemployment spike too.
    In short: why are we talking about statues?

    COVID-19 ads looking more like propaganda
    You might think that the taxpayer-funded ad campaign to ‘Unite against COVID-19’ is now over. Instead, it’s been replaced with a new one: ‘Unite for the recovery’.
    This double-page ad is being promoted in the Herald and the Dominion Post:
    Unite ad
    The message is being promoted by the Government in other platforms, along with the ‘Be kind’ slogan that is closely associated with Jacinda Ardern.

    These advertisements are not primarily informative or educational, unlike earlier Government COVID-19 advertisements. We have now moved into the realm of thinly veiled political propaganda at the taxpayers’ expense.
    ‘Unite for the recovery’ is expected to be the central theme of the Labour Party’s 2020 election campaign. With Government debt going through the roof, we say borrowed funds should be used on vital services, not propaganda.
    Before previous elections, Auditors General have slapped down incumbent Governments for using taxpayer money for political messages. We’ve laid a formal complaint with the Auditor General – we’ll let you know what he comes back with.

    Napier City Council’s morning tea is only the tip of the iceberg
    Wayne Jack

    RNZ reports that Napier City Council’s CEO has thrown himself a $4,251 farewell morning tea.
    Incredibly, the Mayor’s only complaint about the spending was that she wasn’t invited!
    The RNZ report seems to skim the real waste in this story: CEO Wayne Jack has been given a $1 million golden handshake to leave. Ratepayers are forced to reward poor performance.
    Mr Jack assumed 660 council staff would want to attend his farewell. On that note: does Napier City Council really need 660 staff on payroll??

    Cutting council payrolls is key to rates relief
    We’ve been advising councils to respond to COVID-19 by freezing rates. While some councils have taken our advice, many more are complaining that a rates freeze would involve major cuts to spending.
    That’s true. Why not review payroll spending?
    A new report from local government analyst Larry Mitchell reveals that council employees earn, on average, 37.9% more than those in the private sector.

    The average council spends 23.8% of its budget on payroll, but there is significant variation: Kapiti Coast District Council spends 34.7% on payroll, whereas Rangitikei spends just 10.3%. This suggests councils could cut down on staff or salaries if they were serious about relief for ratepayers.

    You bought a free internet modem for Mike Hosking

    This might be my favourite waste story of the year. Buried among the Government’s countless “COVID-19 response” spending projects was $87 million worth of IT equipment for kids studying from home. The idea was to get the kit to kids in poor households without access to the internet.
    The result: hundreds of unwanted internet modems are piling up in school offices, or being sent to families that don’t need them. Even Mike Hosking’s son got one!

    Is the discriminatory elective surgery policy really a response to COVID-19?
    The Taxpayers’ Union has filed a complaint with the Race Relations Commissioner over Capital and Coast DHB’s policy of prioritising Māori and Pacific patients on elective surgery waiting lists.
    Taxpayer-funded health resources should be allocated solely on clinical need in all instances, not racial preference. We hoped this was just a rogue DHB making policy on the hoof. We were wrong.

    Eight other DHBs have introduced or are looking to introduce this clearly discriminatory policy. Three more refused to rule it out.
    Supposedly, this policy is a response to COVID-19. There was a backlog of surgeries created when hospitals effectively shut down bracing for a tsunami of virus patients that never arrived.
    Those days are past. There are no patients still in hospital with COVID-19. When the elective surgery backlog is cleared, and in many instances that has already happened, this policy should be immediately dropped if it really is just related to COVID-19.

    The Union doubts that DHBs will do that. There is an agenda here and Official Information Act requests will be lodged to discover the truth.

    Have a great weekend,”



  20. Did we expect anything other than this cretinous vandalism. BLM more than anyone else! Hmmmm 🤨. Maori are bloody lucky it was the Captain Cook, from Britain who claimed NZ and not the French.

    Swastikas and anti-racist graffiti appear on Captain Cook statue in Gisborne

    Swastikas and anti-racist slogans have been spraypainted onto a statue of Captain James Cook in Gisborne.

    “Black lives matter and so do Māori,” was written on the front of the statue’s base.

    “Take this racist headstone of my people down before I do,” it said on the back.



    • The naivety of the simple native people is touching. Do they seriously think that had Capt Cook stayed at home that they would have been left to carry on with their inter tribal warfare, stone age customs & cannibalism undisturbed by Europeans hungry for resources?

      Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Holland & Italy were already fighting amongst themselves over ‘possessions’. A quick read of what happened to the indigenous people in these territories should be enough to shut up the most ardent ‘gimmee’ . Suffice to say that it wasn’t the right to sell their land at will & the protection of the Crown.

      We got appeasement & the fucking Treaty!



      • If Captain Cook and the evil Colonialists hadn’t arrived- Aotearoa would be a magical ‘Wakanda’ like paradise Nasska!
        Everyone knows this- You need to check your White Privilege my friend….



      • Was talking to a truckie mate the other day who Downer contract work out to him, he said they have a directive from the government to be diverse and employ Maori and polynesian.
        It’s getting fucking bad if you don’t diverse, you may miss out on government work..?
        I’ve always understood that’s it’s the best person for the job or aren’t i woke enough or too fucking old to understand all this shit !~



        • Maori can be bloody good machinery operators. Instance the entirety of the Waioeka Gorge carved out of cliff faces in the 1950s & there are plenty more good examples.

          They were disadvantaged by the same dogooders who wanted to give them an advantage. Operating a dozer requires skill but it’s not the skill learnt by passing idiotic safety courses at polytechnics. Working Maori don’t “do” education well. Their reading & writing is hopeless. They learn by hands on practice which they can’t get if they don’t have the right piece of paper.

          Roll a machine once & if you survive you’ll never make the same mistake again.



      • Avatar film crew had no basis to enter NZ under immgration rules. How much of a donation did that cost?

        The Government allowed the Avatar film crew to come to New Zealand when no criteria for it existed in immigration rules.

        New rules were published on Tuesday and were backdated to June 2, but the crew and other workers were allowed exemptions to the border closure last month.

        Immigration lawyer James McLeod said the original criteria from March did not allow for exceptions on the grounds of significant economic value.

        “I don’t see how the decision to allow the Avatar crew into New Zealand could have been made pursuant to the immigration instructions in force at the time, because the definition of essential workout was much narrower then,” he said.

        “It involved delivering a response to the Covid-19 crisis, and/or maintaining critical infrastructure, neither of which I would consider a Hollywood film would fall within.

        “So we have a government that has published a list of exceptions to the travel ban and then a government minister, other than the minister of immigration has made an exception to their published list, applying unpublished criteria, for example the significant economic value exemption doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the immigration instructions.”



  21. We are not immune.

    China is infiltrating Australia on multiple fronts, from politics to business, via its powerful and covert United Front agency

    President Xi has supported United Front work more than his predecessors and elevated its status five years ago as a body of great importance to the country’s goals.

    In a speech at a meeting of United Front Work Department leaders in Beijing in 2015, President Xi praised its work in “strengthening the Party’s ruling position”.

    He described it as “an important magic weapon for realising the China Dream of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation.”




  22. Rewriting (uncomfortable) history 101.

    Zoom Facing Questions From Lawmakers After China Makes Successful Censorship Request

    A bipartisan group of lawmakers including Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Sasse (R-NE) have written a letter to Zoom CEO Eric Yuan asking for answers after the teleconferencing company disabled accounts of two U.S.-based activists who were commemorating the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The disabling of the accounts came at the request of China’s communist government.




  23. Ok..so in Seattle, Antifa are waving the UN flag about….. the Hells Angels and the Mongols have decided to mosey on over to see what the fuss is about and three people have been charged in a $180 Million Health Care fraud and money laundering scheme.




    I wonder what the next hour of news will bring.



  24. The Labour leader Dick Seddon approx 150 years ago and beloved by the Labour Party has pride of place as a statue on the lawn of Parliament has been targeted for desicration by the demonstrators supporting the American BLM. Yes he was a racist but our history should remain unchanged warts and all. 150 years later Maori and white kiwi Marxists bringing racism to NZ while most kiwi families are integrated and living in harmony. NZ has been tainted by black Americans bringing their racial hatred to NZ. Their supporters here are following the US to hell in a handcart. It isn’t our fight!

    Campaign launched to pull down Parliament’s Richard Seddon statue

    A campaign has been launched to remove and replace the statue of Richard Seddon from the Parliament lawn, accusing him of being a “notorious autocrat, imperialist and racist”.

    The figure of ‘King Dick’ has become increasingly controversial due to his support of the British Empire, opposition to women’s suffrage in New Zealand, and anti-Chinese views.



  25. A cousin pointed out today that Yale University is named after Elihu Yale , who was a slave trader among his other trading activities. What are the leftie academics and protesters going to demand of the University?



  26. Rocket Lab’s second mission for 2020 finally blasts into space

    Rocket Lab’s latest launch has blasted off into space from their New Zealand site at Mahia Peninsula on the East Coast.

    The privately funded Kiwi-American company has previously sent a total of 48 satellites into space for customers such as NASA and the US.

    After a two month delay due to lockdown for the rocket launch, the mission was postponed yet again on Thursday after high winds forced the launch to be moved.

    Three of the payloads on board have been built by the NRO helping to “explore new launch opportunities for getting small satelites into space”, according to Rocket Lab.



  27. Has anyone been watching the first Super Rugby ( Aotearoa) game since Covid?

    Absolute demonstration of over control —30 plus ,penalties plus a couple of yellow cards.

    The officials are destroying the game



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