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How stupid were we to stuff our economy, when all these protesters can ignore social distancing with the full consent of Cindy and her soy boy police boss.

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  1. More importantly, how does one crew of film makers get urgent consideration over other crews who make and sail yatchs who have been waiting weeks?

    How much money changed hands and where did it go? Which electorate committees gained the donation or what contract deals were done for making advertizing with which advertizing company.
    Now if we had a real investigative reoprter out there we might find out the details.

    My guess is that everything with Labour has a right price.



  2. Changes to gun law overseen by Jacinda Ardern criticised
    TONY WALL16:40, Mar 21 2019

    Mosque terrorist was wrongly granted firearms licence due to police mistakes, sources say
    Thomas Manch05:00, Jun 16 2020

    Note the dates.
    Mosque attack terrorist was incorrectly granted a firearms licence due to a string of police failures, sources say.

    The March 15 terrorist was wrongly granted a firearms licence due to a string of police failures, sources have told Stuff.

    The terrorist, who pleaded guilty to New Zealand’s worst mass shooting in March, was not properly inspected by police vetting staff when he applied for a firearms licence in 2017.

    Stuff has been told that, among other errors, police failed to interview a family member as required, instead relying on two men who met the terrorist through an internet chatroom.

    The error was overlooked when police granted him the firearms licence, allowing the Australian citizen to stockpile the semi-automatic guns later used to murder 51 people.

    He was armed with semi-automatic firearms he had legally obtained after moving to New Zealand in August 2017.

    So good time for this to come to the surface.



    • Thanks for the post, Viking.

      “Stuff has been told that, among other errors, police failed to interview a family member as required, instead relying on two men who met the terrorist through an internet chatroom.”

      We knew that this Australian terrorist was allowed to purchase his weapons because of police incompetence. And law-abiding, licensed NZ firearms owners have been made to pay for it. For something that had nothing to do with them.



      • Isn’t this typical bully behaviour? The Police screwed up, then turn around and point the finger at us, licenced firearms owners. Innocent of any wrong doing but made out to be awful awful people, just because we own a firearm. At least the truth is coming out now, roll on the Royal Commission report, that is if the Government doesn’t make that secret too, they are, after all, the most honest and transparent Government ever.



        • The Arms Act amendment due back soon to Parliament should not proceed until the Royal Commission Report has been released and properly considered.

          Best option is for Mr Peters and his party to refuse to agree until the report is available.

          Next step is to reject the amendment as it is written while removing Police from any firearms registration process. Leave them to deal with offences that may arise. Any registration process will be limited to existing registration provisions. There is no need to further impose on law abiding New Zealanders.



    • Letter from COLFO, and MEDIA release:

      Dear Supporter,
      In case you’ve not seen it, this morning Stuff broke the most incredible story: sources inside Police say that Brenton Tarrant was given a firearm licence without going through the required vetting – a breach of the Police’s own policy.
      The story is online here: mosque-terrorist-was-wrongly-granted-firearms-licence-due-to-police-mistakes-sources-say
      In our submission to the Royal Commission, we raised this very point – but media paid no attention until they had sources within the Police confirming our allegations. Now they do!
      Why has it taken so long for this information to become public? Did Labour and NZ First know about this Police failure, but took the opportunity to go after licensed firearm owners anyway?
      Copied below is the media release we issued this morning in response to the story.
      We’ll keep you updated on this issue as it develops,

      Nicole McKee
      Fair and Reasonable Campaign

      TUESDAY 16 JUNE 2020

      Confirmation today: 51 people died and 250,000 New Zealanders had their way of life severely curtailed because of one mistake: Police failed to follow existing licensing laws.

      The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) has today responded with anger at confirmation from sources inside Police that Brenton Tarrant was given a firearm licence without going through the required procedures.

      COLFO spokesperson Nicole McKee says that the revelations in news media today are the start of the biggest scandal in the history of New Zealand Police – bigger even than the infamous Arthur Allan Thomas affair.

      “51 people died and 250,000 New Zealanders had their way of life severely curtailed because of one mistake: Police failed to apply the existing licensing laws.

      “Police were in front Jacinda Ardern within 24 hours in what now looks like an attempt to distract politicians and media from their direct responsibility; that starts unravelling now.

      “Following the Christchurch shooting, the Police advised Cabinet and a Select Committee to change firearm laws, they took firearms from innocent and safe New Zealanders, and they claimed to the public they were making New Zealander safer.

      “Yet all along, it was they who had made the fatal mistake.

      “They have known, and never admitted, that the existing licensing and firearm laws were adequate, and it was they themselves who failed to apply it.

      “In recent months they have had the gall to advise MPs against improvements to the Arms Bill, especially to remove administration of gun law from Police to a dedicated agency. That Bill is only on Parliament’s Order Paper because of opportunist Police advice to Cabinet. $150m, later, they’ve destroyed their relationship with firearms owners, and NZ’s great history of collaborative control of gun ownership, we now know it was not our licensing laws that were at fault.”



    • I think it has been known since weeks after the Mar 15 event.
      It was discussed on blog sites last year. Here and other sites.

      I posted this 13 Sept 2019

      “The March event was perpetrated by a foreign national who was granted a gun licence by the NZ police.
      They are accountable, not NZ citizens.”
      “Brenton Tarrant – who had travelled to foreign hot spots like Pakistan.
      …And still the cops gave him a licence. ”

      I think those media types have had a very, very, very long lunch and missed a lot of ‘reporting’
      But hey Jacinderella could never tell a lie.

      Perhaps the media were a wee bit tired after nine long years of neglect to do any reporting in the last 32 months
      Useless pricks.



    • The deal is done with NZ 1st and Labour

      The Government looks set to forge ahead with its gun reforms after a last-minute agreement was forged between Labour and NZ First.
      This will include establishing an independent entity to take over firearms licensing and administration.
      Progress on the bill, which includes a firearms registry, harsher penalties, and a warning system to show if a licence holder is a fit and proper person, was mired in delay after NZ First signalled it had issues with it earlier this year.
      It is understood the parties have now found common ground on most issues that had delayed the progress of Arms Legislation Bill, the second tranche of gun law changes proposed following the March 15 terror attack last year.


      Independant Firearms licencing & administration? Just what is that?
      Registration of all firearms?
      What is in the small print.?

      So did the NZ First changes hold?
      Did they stick to their guns?
      Probably just trying to squeeze a bit more out that Adern girl & the CoL.



    • From a political management perspective the reaction to the Christchurch shooting was a masterclass. The government successfully deflected all the blame from the incompetent Police who vetted (or, as we now learn, didn’t vet) Tarrant, highlighted the valour of the good Police who stopped him, used it as pretence for furthering their “disarm everyone” agenda and cranked up the “Princess Cindy the Merciful” narrative to claim the moral high ground. Licenced, law abiding firearms owners and the public in general were absolutely outplayed. As Mr. Shakespeare told us long ago “But in the end truth will out.”



      • “valour of the good Police who stopped him,”

        He offered no resistance and said in his online explainer that he would not resist or harm police.

        Everything you think you know about Brenton Tarrant is a lie.



  3. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on April 15 that she and her fellow Government ministers would take pay cuts.

    Jacinda Ardern’s promised pay cuts for MPs yet to kick in
    Two months after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern promised MPs would take a Covid-related pay cut to save millions of dollars they all continue to receive full salaries.

    Ardern declared in mid-April that she and her Government ministers would surrender parts of their salaries to show solidarity with Kiwi workers who were asked to make the sacrifice and help the economy.


    Act leader David Seymour is critical of how long it took for the pay cuts to come into effect.

    What has Toddy got to say about this then?

    Will it apply to Ardern if she gets booted out?
    Delay, delay delay. .
    Not a Leaders arsehole.

    Oh and look how the Press are turning. Two major attacks in oneday on the tart.
    Will there be more?
    Will the Lawnmowers staory be exposed.
    Will the toy boy be outed with his new family?

    All very intriging.



  4. I must be living in a different universe than John Campbell ,this morning he had some left wing bint on his show that actually stated ” its an indication of how strong the labour list is that kiritapu allan, such a strong candidate for a ministerial spot is so far down the list” FFUUUUCCKK and Campbell went along with it.
    Two F——G monstrous lies , no 1, a powerful experienced list, no 2 ,Kiritapu Allan is minister material, the only thing Allan has done in three years is model her mens clothing line FFS .



  5. The Dishonesty makes me sick!

    See anything wrong with the reporting here?

    So in the UK, another demonstration happened. This time from ordinary, decent people who are pissed off by far left anarchists being allowed to run riot through the streets of London and destroy national monuments. Surprisingly, when the Police decide that all of a sudden these ordinary, decent, patriotic people can’t demonstrate and that they’re not observing social distancing rules under lockdown (God give me fucking strength). So there are a few scuffles.

    But what is reported from this (mainly peaceful demonstration) – apparently these are far-right, white supremacists? For Fucks Sake!

    So the police can do their jobs when it’s conservatives and prevent peaceful demonstrations as the demonstrators try to do what the fucking police failed to do and protect statues – but the week before it’s perfectly Ok for violent anarchists to riot and abuse the cops. This is that dirty little pygmy Mayor Khan’s doing. I fear that Londonistan is lost for ever now.

    The stench of hypocrisy from sell-out Boris Johnson’s government is disgusting.



  6. For this year the Australian border is closed.
    Will NZ become a soft touch again?

    …. “We’re not talking about an everyday crime. We’re talking about a person who was convicted for conspiring with others to plan a terrorist attack within Australia.” …..
    ……… Offenders are instead being released on interim control orders, and being monitored by police.
    “It’s the enforcement of these conditions that suck resources, suck a lot of money, and it only takes a small gap for them to fit through,” …..
    “Some of those who travelled to Syria and Iraq came to Goulburn and to Barwon Prison to get the blessings of the people they saw as their senior spiritual advisors, and that’s the concern,”


    Have those terrorists mellowed? changed?
    Are they a good fit in Western Civilization, will they work with in BLM?, as they may have a different way of dismantling a statue. 🙁



  7. This guy is a complete tosser. As shown on Fair Go last night. He is banged up in Mt Eden for trading while bankrupt, attempting to pervert the course of justice and using forged documents, plus his charming abuse and intimidation toward unhappy roofing clients.

    One of Fair Go’s most unusual, most intimidating tradies, Sam Spence, has been sentenced to jail for five years, three months.

    The roofing contractor was sentenced on multiple charges including running phoenix companies, managing companies while bankrupt, attempting to pervert the course of justice and using forged documents.

    In sentencing Spence, Judge Sharp said that there was a calculated, criminal element to the way Spence had behaved.

    When Martin questioned the work, Martin and his secretary, Monique, were hit with a barrage of intimidating, threatening and lewd texts and phone calls from Spence.

    The Fair Go story helped bring Spence to the attention of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Its case against Spence was described as at the extreme end of the scale.

    MBIE spokesperson Rob Rendle said Spence let his companies fail knowingly, in order to deprive his creditors and the people he dealt with of the chance to recover the debts he owed. He said Spence had caused significant harm to a lot of vulnerable people.



  8. A peaceful, only barbecue fires, a summer of love, Yeah right.
    This is WAR!

    More gang attacks on one person in London.

    What did happen in that opening video shot?
    It is hard to take in., From one black clothed masked fellow passes a knife, shiv to the white clothed.
    After the stomach kick by an associate, then the white clothed fellow tackles his prey with a throat cutting manoevre, and immediately ducks of.
    Then head stomping by a young lady, who takes in the smell of blood.
    Seems to be done, all in spitting distance of the police.

    Read down through the comments, note some of the freeze frames.
    Is this is how it is done in Africa?

    Thinking of the police, where seconds count and a minute is a bleed out.
    So whose life does not matter?

    Hyenas, jackals have a real purpose in the harsh world.

    The future always belongs to the victorious, not to the defeated.



    • Another version of how this event was reported.

      Despite the violent character of the so-called “protesters”, the mainstream press has largely referred to them as “peaceful”. The counter protesters, however, were painted in a drastically different light by both the media and politicians.

      UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick to denounce the counter protesters as “racist thugs”.

      Boris should no better, being sucked in by the academia and media.
      Sadly he has become more of a disappointment.
      As he is a Winston Churchill fan, and that should have made him keep to his principles, and realize that something is very much wrong in the management of the riots, when the Churchill statue also had to suffer “I can not breathe” when put in a box coffin.



  9. This censorship, closing down of free speech, has been ratcheting tighter all the time..

    In response to the Library’s censorious actions, Nigel Farage said: “The book burning has started. This fanaticism is very dangerous.”

    I believe this has been quietly happening for decades here in NZ.
    Now it can just simply go ahead.

    If Nigel Farage had some spare ginger, he should spice up and call out, the National Party here in NZ.



  10. What is wrong with Muller and National? Are they too scared, after they panicked like school kids when a couple of polls go against them, to say anything ?
    Here is David Seymour and Peters giving them a politics 101 lesson on how to get their view into the media.


    Peters is doing his usual electioneering stunts BUT they will be effective in this instance. By saying nothing (or saying something that is not capable of getting a headline) Muller is, in my view, basically agreeing with the protesters.



      • CO
        Go over to KB and look at the comments on the thread about Steven Joyce winning his case against the NBR.
        National will be lucky to get 20%, judging by the comments — very scathing of Muller and Hooton.



  11. And now for something different….
    On Sunday a woman rang my landline. She gave her first name and said she didn’t know me but was phoning to ask if I was all right. Did I need any assistance with mental health issues? Was I lonely, Had I coped with the lockdown? and so on.
    I asked her eventually who she was and what was she representing.
    Answer: “I’m a Jehover Witness. We are not allowed to go door knocking now so we are phoning up random people instead.”
    Good grief – they have to keep their contact numbers up somehow so their pathway to heaven is assured, I suppose.



    • Jehovah Witnesses (JW) who died early with drug overdoses
      -Michael Jackson

      JW with severe roid Rage
      – Serena Williams

      JW singer/ rapper murdered by gun at 24
      -Notorious BIG (shot to death by a black man; some BLM! )
      I guess with only 144,000 places in heaven you don’t want to wait too long and miss out !!

      JW who is a whiny bitch actor and wife beater with multiple restraining orders (often ignored)
      -Terrence Howard
      [BLM, but not the missus; you listening bitch? Hand gets raised….]

      Howard’s retirement speech “I’ve made some discoveries in my own personal life with the science that, y’know, Pythagoras was searching for. I was able to open up the flower of life properly and find the real wave conjugations we’ve been looking for for 10,000 years.”

      If you want it live – but don’t have liquid near your keyboard or sharp objects nearby:-
      3 mins

      Kids, don’t do drugs; and don’t do Jehovah’s.
      JWs are distinctly weird.
      It is a very hypocritical ‘religion’; or more of a cult
      An odd lot … and Scientology gets bad name 🙂



    • Was Heather a one person “working group”?
      Speaking of which, here we are coming up to another election. What happened to all those costly working groups that Labour had to quickly establish to provide policy for them? More than 100 entities I believe.
      Have they all reported back?
      Any outcomes of note?



      • Any outcomes of note?

        Could all depend on the outcome of this coming election.
        A wish list, put into ready legislation?
        In the meantime, kept under wraps, then pushed to get done in the First 100 days after.



      • I believe it was more like 250 working groups. That’s a lot of morning teas. What have the COL got to show for all that hot air hui? Nothing? Well blow me over with a feather. 🙄




        • But they are all primed and ready to go if they should get back into power.
          Not like last time nine long years in opposition and no plan formulated to do fuck all.
          Next time it will be like having 250 sir michael cullens chomping at the bit ready to go!
          How much did it cost for the 250 working groups?
          Did the labour party sycophants sit on more than one?



          • Notional had a verbal plan and nine long years of doing nothing.
            Lots of yik yak . All hui, no doey.

            The only one I recall that was active was Simon Power who did a lot in one term – while his colleagues buggered around- and then was gone.
            I have never been able to establish what happened there.
            He did not use Christchurch or the GFC as an excuse.

            Anyhow, it is probably cheaper to pay 250 groups of deadheads to yik yak than actually go out and create a mess as they can.
            We snuck through Term 1 with no actual plan to destroy Dominion Road with 1930s technology.
            Even where Liebour actually had a plan bugger all ever happened. Kiwibuilt, Squillions of trees….



            • Answer, There are a few people that you meet in life that are actually impressive as a person. simon was one. Met him for just a few minutes whilst having a pee at Linton Camp. Very impressive person.
              He and Ryall should have been the next leaders for the Nats. but others had a better idea. It was also obvious that Key and co were sitting on the throne and were not leaving soon. ( and of course neither he nor Tony Ryall were Bogue sycophants.)
              Both went on to other tasks rather then rot in Keys cirucus.
              Now Garrett won’t agree but Powell was the bad news boy for the Nats over three strikes, (it was the god botherers ruling), and not his own.
              Had a policeman do some finger printing at a breakin several years later. Full of priase for Simon and the changes he introduced to their operations.
              Loss to NZ political leadership in both cases.



              • Very good answer Viking.

                In 2013 I sat at a table with Simon P at a Westpac function.
                He was good to talk to. Answered my question – on Quant easing- clearly.
                Not like a Poli at all.
                He was a big loss.
                I suspect Ryall had been there too long – as with B English.
                They run out of freshness.

                As much as I complain about the Nats on here I would distinctly prefer there was some decent leadership.
                There is not and has not been for ‘too long’.

                Power contributed so much in a short time.



  12. Health and Disability Review: Māori health outcomes a ‘failure’, too many DHBs, centralised system proposed

    The review said the fact that Māori health outcomes are “significantly worse” than those of other New Zealanders “represents a failure of the health and disability system” and does not reflect Treaty of Waitangi commitments.

    It proposes the creation of an independent Māori Health Authority that would be expected to monitor and report on health outcomes for Māori. It would identify the issues needing to be addressed and develop solutions.
    Review’s main points:

    Create centralised Crown entity called Health NZ to review financial performance
    Reduce the number of DHBs from 20 to 8-12 within five years
    Make DHBs more accountable to the entire population
    Health Minister should appoint DHB board members
    Create a Māori Health Authority

    “To achieve this there will need to be significant new investment,” the report says. “Funding for Māori communities needs to better reflect need and be protected from being diverted to broader treatment programmes.”



  13. I’m pleased to see that finally moves are being made to establish a Maori Health Authority because, as everybody knows, Maoris have completely different physiology to other ordinary humans.

    Maori cell structures are totally unique and their organs occupy a special place all their own which non-Maoris couldn’t possibly understand…. so good on our Marxist overlords for their kindness and understanding.

    Kia kaha…



  14. How to deal with the terrorist held Seattle zone:

    1. Block all internet and phone connections.

    2. Cut the power.

    3. Support their border wall with razor wire and armed patrols instructed to shoot on site terrorists entering the USA.

    4. Chill out and wait.



  15. Not what it seems at first glance

    Election 2020: David Seymour selected as ACT’s candidate for Whangarei

    The second Seymour says while he’s not the ACT leader, he’s also a “strong advocate” for the right to choose how to end your life.

    “After a successful career in real estate, I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2017,” he says in a statement on Tuesday.

    “I’ve lived a full and active life, but I believe that when my time comes, I should have a choice about how I go. It’s my life and my choice.

    “The reason I’m standing for ACT in Whangarei is to highlight the importance of providing compassion and choice for terminally ill New Zealanders.”

    Seymour (two) describes himself as an experienced businessman and a devoted family man who lives in Whangarei with his wife Rachael.



  16. TWO NEW CASES OF COVID in NZ as “recent travel from the UK” have come in under Cindy’s watch. A TOTAL FAIL!!!! at keeping us safe. Thanks Cindy!! 🤦‍♀️ She won’t be dancing now. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


    The announcement breaks a 24-day streak of no new COVID-19 cases.

    “The Ministry can confirm today two new cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand related to the border as a result of recent travel from the UK,” a statement sent to media read. “Both cases are connected.”



    • Nope.

      Only a tiny fraction of cases are symptomatic. Therefore two new cases is hundreds of new cases.

      There are well proven models that predict this, but science and common sense left long ago.



  17. After driving 8 hours to Wellington one of them said “in hindsight I had some symptoms”. What about all the people on the same plane, in the airport, at the petrol stations on the drive down country, the other funeral guests? And so on, and so on. That little dance of Cindy’s to celebrate no cases was definitely premature! Bet she is nowhere to be seen when it comes to explaining why these 2 were allowed to roam NZ spreading Wuhu.



  18. I see that AIR NZ is flying to china again to import some more of the CCP Virus!
    The student quarantin facilities had better have a bloody fence around it and be staffed with live in professors to look after them. That’ll prove that they don’t bring in the virus!



      • Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan

        “We have a researcher who was removed by the RCMP from the highest security laboratory that Canada has for reasons that government is unwilling to disclose. The intelligence remains secret. But what we know is that before she was removed, she sent one of the deadliest viruses on Earth, and multiple varieties of it to maximize the genetic diversity and maximize what experimenters in China could do with it, to a laboratory in China that does dangerous gain of function experiments. And that has links to the Chinese military.”
        To recap, a Chinese scientist, her husband and her Chinese students were escorted out of Canada’s only Level-4 lab for reasons unknown, and which are not related to her shipment of deadly viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

        “It is suspicious. It is alarming. It is potentially life-threatening,” said University of Ottawa law professor and epidemiologist, Amir Attaran.




  19. MLM

    Victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack are to receive a further donation from Victim Support.


    The organisation announced today it will be giving out $655,890 as lump sum cash payments to victims on the official police list.

    The funds are made up of unsolicited donations the organisation has continued to receive since the attacks, despite closing its appeal last year, and un-used contingency funds.

    Kevin Tso, chief executive of Victim Support, says unsolicited donations have continued to trickle in since the fund’s closure in June last year.



  20. After hours of questioning, the journalist finally breaks & shouts at the politician,

    “Are you completely incapable of giving a straight answer?”

    “Well, in some ways yes & in other ways no. Allow me to use the following analogy to explain.”



  21. Perspective is really important.
    For example, the NZ Herald headline gushes: “Emergency law: Auckland to take extra 15 million litres from Waikato River” (this is 15 million liters per day).

    Wow! Sounds like a lot of water, no?
    Until you realise that a single Olympic-sized swimming pool (50 metres long, 25 metres wide, and a minimum of 2 metres deep) holds 2.5 million liters.
    Well, gosh! That’s 6 swimming pools of water. I think the old Waikato River can handle that.
    Why do we have the RMA again?



  22. Helen Clarks girlfriend aims to sack her husband from the elected DHB troughing job that he has!
    This comes about after a 9.2 million working party investergation into DHBs!
    Seven on the working party which is a bloody good earn. The hourly rate must ge better than michael cullens 5 grand a day! But then you know, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Jobs for the girls!



  23. Just think – the same sort of repugnant human garbage promoting destruction of white society and people, based on lies, are the identical mindset who promoted the same demands against Germans based on fake stories.

    Anyone promoting lies about Jewish persecution and racist hate against Germans is no better than the BLM fanatics.

    We need to purge society of the lot of them.



  24. Schooling one at a time in the automous zone. 🙂

    Must watch video of the day from Seattle’s autonomous zone
    The education of this lady is worth watching and any of the little videos if you care to scroll down.
    The next video wrecks the media with its “firsts” to be so “fake” in setting the narratives in its stories. 🙂

    Leaves one feeling much more positive about Seattle, and hope many more come out like this. 🙂

    Is she Candace Owen’s big sister? On to Washington to sort out both Parties. 🙂

    That is real power talking to a “karen”.



    • She was excellent. Nice to see someone who does get it, but then she is obviously a Trump supporter!

      Did you scroll down to Denzel Washington below the first? Denzel telling it like it is to journalists. Basically calling them liars.



  25. Labor is accused of ‘putting paedophiles before Australian kids’ as it BLOCKS law that meant all child sex offenders serve long prison sentences

    The bill demands repeat offenders all be handed prison sentences, while a maximum penalty of life behind bars would be expected for the most serious offenders.

    It also pledges to make it harder for offenders to be granted bail.

    ‘Sentences need to reflect community expectations and act as a significant deterrent to others, which is why these sorts of despicable crimes must result in significant penalties, not simply a slap on the wrist which is often the case,’ Mr Dutton said when it was first proposed.




  26. Democrats and Radical Leftists poured some 35 million dollars into the coffers of a group calling itself the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which promised to to bail out rioters and looters in the wake of the Minnesota riots.

    Tonight, they posted that they spent just 200k of what they had received… which lead many to wonder aloud, “Hey, what did you guys do with the rest of the money? No really… where is it??”

    In response, the team deleted their corporate profiles on their site.

    Grabbed this profile before deletion.

    Greg Lewin, Board President
    Greg is a graduate of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and works as a researcher for the Minnesota Private College Council.
    Greg volunteers with groups that fight structural inequities, build community resilience against fascism, and advance the rights of workers and protesters.



  27. Oh shit.
    Army Colonel, 2 jawans killed in violent face-off with Chinese troops in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley

    The trigger for the face-off was China’s stiff opposition to India laying a key road in the Finger area around the Pangong Tso Lake besides construction of another road connecting the Darbuk-Shayok-Daulat Beg Oldie road in Galwan Valley.

    China was also laying a road in the Finger area which is not acceptable to India.




  28. Lefties and other people’s money – no accountability from Trev. Now they want to make it “accessible and interactive”

    The children’s playground at Parliament is being called a monument to extravagance after it ran significantly over budget.

    The National Party says it’s scandalous that Speaker Trevor Mallard spent $243,000 on a kids’ slide.

    “It’s a great slide, it’s very attractive to kids and some of us older people as well,” Mr Mallard said at the playground’s opening last November.

    Today the price tag of the playground has been revealed at $572,000, well over the initial $400,000 budget.

    “I do think this is a monument to waste and extravagance – it’s an embarrassment for a Government,” National MP Nick Smith says.

    The slide was $76,000 over budget and engineering and architect fees were $73,000 over.

    “To be fair though I often come through here and there’s kids having a whale of a time,” Mr Smith said.

    “It’s great children have a playground on parliament no objection to that – the objection is spending $570,000.”



  29. I like this bloke. Seems competent and he’s calling out the cock-up by health authorities. The public are going to be pissed if there is an increase in covid numbers spreading again.

    A medical expert has called the Ministry of Health’s decision not to test two women granted compassionate exemption from quarantine for Covid-19 before they left “completely unacceptable.”

    It comes as two new Covid-19 cases were recorded in New Zealand today. They were two women, one in her 30s and one in her 40s who arrived from the UK earlier this month.

    However, he called the decision to let the women leave isolation without being tested for the virus “completely unacceptable”.

    “It was a complete oversight, we expect our officials to keep us safe and border control and quarantine mean you impose very rigorous standards and you’d expect no one leave quarantine early without testing.

    “Certainly someone who was symptomatic should never have been allowed to leave,” he said.

    “Without question we deserve better and we need better, the community has done a wonderful job with behaviour in ensuring we eliminated Covid-19 from community transmission and we have every reason to demand better than this.”



  30. I note that they also let in 26 rocket Lab people.
    Wonder what that cost us.

    I actually applaud rocket lab and watched the launch the other night.

    Too much secrecy is the issue.
    We can handle be open and honest even if Labour just simply can’t and choose to obstruct, and lie about ,well just about everything.



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The way we all feel about this useless government

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