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  1. Will our media allow this F–K up by longface and her cronies to just slip quietly away as they have done with so many other cock ups ?
    I get the feeling some of them can smell blood in the water and see opportunities to make a name for themselves ,it’ll be very interesting because this story is only just getting started I suspect.



  2. This was covered up by the Herald, hat-tip Maggy Wassilieff June 17, 2020 At 7:18 pm above. https://ysb.co.nz/have-your-say-428/#comment-79653

    The real truth comes out here.
    Gang members act responsibly?
    So were they mistreated and colonized by systemic government departments?

    ….. “They’ve breached all of the conditions of their agreement that was set up and just disappeared.”
    …… the first address provided to authorities was fake, while their back-up address was Slim St, the property where Grant was killed. …..


    Verify the address’s?
    It was accepted that one of the quarantines could shift into a new isolate bubble, yeah right, as the police , the judiciary system would not uplift them or rather have the hassle of a gang confrontation, in the name of BLM.

    This stuff up happened before the 2 womans driving expedition.

    So what will splinter out of things tomorrow?
    Yes revtech120, we smell blood?



    • But wait, there is more,
      I thought I smelt a stinking rat of “woke” government departments & officialdom’s of bureaucracy of trying to keep things covered up. EWWW.
      Will enough of the sheeple notice? or care? or continue as woke “karens”

      Prime Ministers department, Police Department, Ombudsman, Health Department, etc. in conjunction with media, as they always do.

      This was the funeral, where the absconders of quarantine, not only absconded when there, but nor did they follow “safe protocols”

      Where was Hone Harawira? safeguarding the maori people from the ravages of white peoples diseases, whoops I mean the Chinese Communist Party Virus.
      Spending a part of the koha, $50+ million?

      So the police were not notified about the quarantine attendees.
      Where do I stop? 🙁
      JUNE 11th.
      …… police advised that students should use the back entrance of the school to leave but in doing that it caused further confusion for parents and children who were not at the normal place …..

      “They had parked their cars in lines of four covering the footpath [and] the entire road.”
      “Then I had to walk through it all, which was quite terrifying.
      “They partied until 5:30am, music blaring, and [then] started pouring in again [Tuesday] night.”


      The sheeple will suffer, as “woke” colonists paying reparations into BLM , as the storm is coming, higher taxes, etc. and unemployment, loss of savings etc, and living wage? ha ha ha.at what price if there is no job.
      Sadly with this “woke” crew at the helm, it will become, each man for himself, and only for people they personally know.
      Any doubt, then they are stasi, poison to you.

      The defunding the police concept, with “woke” BLM, would seem to be not far from the truth, as occurred in Seattle, and the “community” road blocks around NZ and at funerals, like in Matamata and this one in Hamilton. 🙁



    • It takes a lot for the sycophants media to jump off the ship as there is no lifeboats in their industry.
      The chances of a new job in the industry are remote, burning their bridges.
      Have they finally had enough?



  3. Will this one stick to the job?

    The Royal Commission investigating abuse in care has appointed its fifth Commissioner, following the shock resignation of its chair last year.

    Lawyer Julia Steenson, who is of Ngāti Whātua and Waikato/Tainui descent, will take up the position this week.

    She fills the role vacated by Judge Coral Shaw, who replaced Sir Anand Satyanand as chair when he left the high-level inquiry last year.

    The appointment follows a turbulent year for the inquiry. It’s been criticised for it’s operating and for appointing a gang member into a key role, as well as Sir Anand’s resignation and revelations members of the survivor advisory group had been unknowingly exposed to a child sex offender at meetings.

    More recently, it quietly suspended meetings of the group of survivors set up to advise it.



    • waikatogirl asks the question:- Will this one stick to the job?

      The journalists report she will not remain, so she only gets a short feed in the trough.

      The Royal Commission …. …. has appointed its fifth Commissioner. ……
      ……. Blah ……… blah…….. blah……….
      ……….. Cabinet has also signed off on the appointment of a sixth commissioner and the role will be filled after the general election in September.

      So the musical chairs at the bureaucratic “money troughs” are all on turn about.



  4. I have a serious question, how did that F——–G moron Bush ever become the police commissioner ? I saw him giving an interview on TV and he makes Joe Biden look like the president of the Mensa group.
    Who was responsible for him attaining that high office surely it wasn’t John Key and if it was the whole National caucus should hang their heads in utter shame.



  5. You need to watch the video of Michael Woodhouse to get the details on the governments fails of covid-19. Despite Garner trying to stand up for the ministry of health Woodhouse points out several of their cockup’s across. The article focus’ on a homeless man taking advantage not on those breaching quarantine.

    Coronavirus: Homeless man allegedly stayed in Auckland COVID-19 quarantine facility for two weeks



    • What a fat stupid fool Drunken Garner is.
      How utterly biased is that brainless blob of lard, bought-and-paid-for, critter.

      I was at the neighbours last evening and schooled them that Ashley Blofeld is a lair.
      As I say , I will pay $50 if it can be proven any time he has ever spoken truth over Covid.
      They called me over this morning and had recorded that attack by fats guts Garner on Michael Woodhouse
      It was not an interview.
      It was a disgrace, which is why I don’t watch such rubbish in the normal course of events.

      So this morning Drunken fat fat Garner ‘interviewed’ Michael Woodhouse.
      Let’s call it that. An interview. Ok. For shits and giggles.

      Drunken fat fat Garner just attacked Michael Woodhouse for revealing facts about Blofeld’s lies.
      This has known about for weeks anyway and the complete shambles that ’14 day isolation on landing’ has been since March 2020.
      These Breaches are operational, not policy, so are at the feet of lying Blofeld, weho is CEO of the Ministry of Health.

      This was a cover up antic by TV3/Mediajerks.
      This, folks, is what $50 Million dollars in bribes buys you.
      Bribe the sinking lazy media and they are beholden.

      If Notional get into power they need to immediately seek Blofeld’s resignation or embarrass him into having to resign (Same with Treasury and NZTA)

      Woodhouse was bringing up facts and the stupid fat one kept interrupting with ‘why didn’t you tell us that’
      Well …. ta da…the bought and paid for media would have buried it.
      The media could ‘do their job’ and seek this information but they do NOT operate in the public interest.
      They are in survival mode so don’t bite the hand that feeds; and then…
      ..attack the very person who talks truth and does actually bite the hand that feeds.

      Duncan Garner of TV3 is a low IQ shill that should be removed from the air in any decent society.

      I thought you might post that WG. Well done.
      See the 2.00 minute mark for Garners appalling behaviour.
      There was an ‘interview’ with lying turd Blofeld immediately after that I could not be bothered watching.

      I have heard enough lies in the last 3 months to last a decade. No more.



      • You didn’t miss much with the Bloomfield interview. Bit of a ‘possum in the headlights’ having to answer questions without the golden glow of positive news.

        I agree Garner was rude and protecting Bloomfield’s arse by calling Woodhouse a liar. Garner’s ego was incensed that Woodhouse suggested the MOH would withhold their incompetence from the media, which of course they did! Turns out Bloomfield was the next interview so Garner didn’t want to start the interview on the back foot with saint Ashley.



  6. From the Spinoff ” The NZ Herald’s Alex Chapman has reported on Eden Park’s need to make resource consent applications for night-time activities, because with a 3.35pm kickoff the games just slip over past sundown. The application for Sunday’s game ended up costing $10,000. In the end, it will have been worth it for the stadium given it sold out, but there are concerns that the cost of future applications will weigh heavily. ”
    So. where on earth does the money go – At $50 per hour that is 200 hours or 5 days work for one person. Someone/somebody is more than taking the top of the cream here. Auckland Council -Iwi ??? Who has the answers?



    • I don’t think BLM or the protests are about “righting the wrongs of the past” as much as “bringing down the current democrating system so that a totalitarian New Order can instituted.”

      The “protection of the oppressed” is just a Trojan Horse designed to appeal to the feelz. Young people of fighting age are more vulnerable to their feelz. Especially when their critical thinking skills are under-developed.



      • Ody – you are probably right but in the chaos a different new world order may emerge as the Elites discover you cannot beat numbers and even their paid mercenaries dressed as Darth Vader acting like Rambo have to live in the same community they terrorize and on their own have little power against a couple of angry neighbours.



  7. Boris Johnson looks forward to importing ‘colossal quantities of NZ wine’ in exchange for ‘buses’ of UK gin

    In a video on social media, Britain’s Prime Minister said he’s very proud to be inaugurating the first stage of the New Zealand-UK free trade talks with his “friend” and “counterpart Jacinda Ardern”.

    “We buy colossal quantities of New Zealand wine, fantastic Oyster Bay … we export gin, we export buses,” Mr Johnson said.



  8. I hope I am seeing the slow build of a free trade area of UK/Japan/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/India and integration with the US into the Transpacific trade area as counter to China, perhaps Russia will cooperate as well.



  9. Revtech at 7.54 am above gets it wrong.
    Bloomfield/Blofeld (villain) is a corrupt operator.
    He is not a scapegoat.
    He is CEO of MOH and responsible for operational delivery in all things under him.
    ‘Responsible’ is the key word.

    Blofeld took over as CEO of the M.O.H. in June 2018.
    Can anyone tell me about a major public health crisis in NZ in the previous 10 years?
    That’s right. None.

    Since Blofeld took over there has been Three in under 2 years.
    He is no saint. He is a sinner.
    -Meningitis early 2019.
    -Measles in 2019 and exported to Samoa.
    -Covid 19.
    A pretty shitty track record for a Scots College old boy.
    Or was it ‘bad luck’
    The harder I work, the luckier I get!

    He was at W.H.O. a decade ago.
    Hardly a shining recommendation in the light of the day.
    He was involved with the three connected DHBs’ from 2012 to 2015 -Wairarapa; C+C; and Hutt Valley
    He was CEO at HV DHB from 2015 to 2018.
    Now anyone who knows, this DHB was poorly performing from about 2010 for many years.

    I see this has been scrubbed from the internet search. (As Ed. said yesterday, Their reach works)
    3 years ago you could search for ‘HV DHB troubles’ and lots came up.
    I know firsthand. A family member was there and had to be moved to Wellington Hosp, twice.
    H.V. was really bad. It had lots of bad press that has ‘gone to quarantine’
    Now nothing in the first 6 pages of a search.
    At one point 5 years ago HV DHB was so bad the comment was ‘the only good thing at Hutt DHB is Dr Swee Tan’.

    Dr Ernst Blofeld aka Ashley is indeed a villain.
    He operates in a political fashion and lies so is fair game.
    Notional need to remove this cancer when they get back in.

    Blofeld the villain has lied about PPE gear, and his changing lies about the 2020 flu virus reminds me of the changing stories of Colin Moyle when exposed for his ‘nocturnal activities’
    People need to understand the difference between operational matters and policy formation.

    Oh, by the by, the reason they are so slack about all this is because Covid 19 is not that bad.
    It is another flu.
    This is all about control .



  10. There needs to be a clean out of the public service not only in health, the whole bloody lot!
    How many have been elevated ubove their IQ.
    They are not been paid peanuts for their work these days and unsackable, job guaranteed for life.



  11. I was reading about how the government is by passing the RMA to kick start some projects – so far so good. Why is one of those projects the skypath under the harbour bridge when the city is running out of water and every time it rains the beaches are closed by sewage contamination. Wouldn’t it be better to fix these problems rather than pander to the half dozen or so lycra buyers who would use the cycle path? Our leaders really are bereft of brain cells.



    • Think like a politician. It’s called “empire building”. Associating yourself with a sewage plant or water pipes isn’t glamorous, nor does it give you bonus points with the urban voters/ratepayers. Much more fun to build an overpriced elitist central city walking/cycling track than upgrading essential underground infrastructure. 🤑🤑🤑



  12. That little dance was definitely premature Cindy! Not so clever now.

    Coronavirus: NZ has one new case of COVID-19

    The individual is a man in his sixties. He is located in the Jet Park quarantine facility in Auckland. He flew from Pakistan to Doha to Melbourne on June 11. He then flew from Melbourne to Auckland on flight NZ124 on June 13.

    Overall, New Zealand now has 1507 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19. No one else has died and no one is in hospital. A Hamilton aged residential care cluster has been closed. On Wednesday, 4936 tests were processed, taking the total to 321,187.



  13. GDP drops 1.6%, largest quarterly fall in 29 years


    “The 1.6 per cent fall surpassed quarterly falls during the global financial crisis in the late 2000s.”

    Mr Pascoe said the results showed a widespread drop in economic activity “as travel restrictions took hold and the country moved towards lockdown”.

    Only seven per cent of the March quarter was in Alert Level 4 lockdown.

    “Industries related to international travel, such as accommodation and transport, began to feel the effects of Covid-19 earlier in the quarter, with activity dropping significantly once the borders closed on 19 March,” he said.

    The hospitality industry was the most impacted, falling 7.8 per cent.



  14. Pressure must really be affecting Cindy now. Will she stick around till September,or cut and run? I am pleased that she is feeling the heat. A small taste of what she has inflicted on Kiwi’s and their lives.



  15. Second tranche of gun law reform passes through Parliament

    The Arms Legislation Bill means a new firearms registry will be established, firearms licences will be reduced from 10 to five years and there have been changes to some penalties “to better reflect the seriousness of the offending”.

    Possessing a gun without a licence now has a penalty of up to one year in prison or a $15,000 fine and selling a gun to an unlicensed person could see a two year jail sentence or a $20,000 fine.

    Short (pistol-length) semi-automatic rifles have also been banned and pest control endorsements have a shorter duration.

    Anyone who sells ammunition will need to have a firearms licence within six months and there would be new requirements for shooting clubs and ranges after two years.



  16. Major police operation targeting Hells Angels gang sees 13 people charged

    Mr Harrison said 16 properties were searched, two active clandestine labs were shut down and 12 guns, ammunition and a Taser were recovered.

    “Four high-end cars, six custom Harley Davidson Motorbikes, a stolen 2.6 tonne excavator valued at $35,000, two stolen trailers one worth $13,000 and a quantity of cash have been seized,” he said.

    Illegal drugs including, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine and cannabis were also located.



  17. There was not enough Covid around to justify the economic Chaos rolling out so Ardern and Bloomfield are importing it and unleashing it to the communidy.

    This is the second wave.

    They deliberately imported the first wave by not closing the borders.

    This is all about control, fear mongering, and global reset.

    These Critters are pure evil.



  18. Peters in the house today abusing when he could the other side of the house when questions to the PM became a joke of obfuscation and petty abuse..?
    And this prick come election time is going to prostitute himself in front of National to harbour a deal !~
    There is no way he will go with National, will the stupid people be conned by this obfuscating prick..?



  19. Human eggs prefer some men’s sperm over others, research shows

    Human eggs use chemical signals to attract sperm. New research from Stockholm University and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust shows that eggs use these chemical signals to choose sperm. Different women’s eggs attract different men’s sperm—and not necessarily their partner’s.


    Very interesting.
    and if it happens for humans maybe it also happen in other species.



  20. I got out of the time machine in Auckland in the year 2075.

    I thought for a second & then I asked one of the locals, “Shouldn’t this city be completely submerged underwater from melting icecaps thanks to climate change?”

    “No,” he laughed, “That was just something else those old-time ‘experts’ made up to scare us to keep them in power…….like that virus thing.”



  21. So who in the Ministry of Health leaked information about Chris Bishop to the Labour Party?

    Can we now assume that if we make a personal appeal to our local MP, details may be splashed all around the country?



    • hasska nah it was easy to beat those moderators ,you just pre post your comments by 24 hrs and theyd arrive just on time ,and never say anything positive about Trump unless you pre posted by 48 hrs ,LOL.



  22. Woodhouse is going to dog Labour over the quarantine cock-ups right up to the election!

    Coronavirus: National claims half of those in quarantine yet to be tested for COVID-19

    The National Party says it has information that half of the thousands in quarantine are yet to be tested for coronavirus, despite Government rules saying they should.

    And on Thursday, Newshub found evidence of exactly that issue – how the rules are simply not being enforced at managed isolation facilities.

    “I am on day nine. I came in on the 9th of June and I have not had a single swab to test for COVID-19 up to now,” he told Newshub.

    “I think I was safer walking down the streets of Sydney than I am in the hotel here from catching COVID-19,” quarantined traveller John told Newshub.

    “There’s nothing to separate different intakes and make sure they don’t interact with others.”

    “There’s no real emphasis on testing in spite of what the Director-General said.”



  23. Killer bee gang member breached his curfew a week earlier. Why wasn’t he off the streets? Under Angry Little’s special new corrections laws?

    Man charged in connection with death of man in Auckland was being monitored by Corrections at time of shooting

    1 NEWS can reveal the 26-year-old-man arrested on Tuesday, who has name suppression, allegedly breached his curfew conditions six days before the shooting which left Mr Umuhuri dead on June 1.

    Sources have told 1 NEWS the man was able to freely roam around the city and allegedly was in possession of a .22 rifle.

    1 NEWS also understands he has connections to gangs The Killer Beez and the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club.



  24. The wolves are circling

    Jacinda Ardern denies personal responsibility over Covid-19 border bungle

    There have been promises to do better, but no apology from the Prime Minister for the latest bungle at the border.

    Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has already apologised for the border blunder.

    “I’ve certainly been upset by it and I apologise that we’ve ended up in this position.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern refused to do the same when asked by reporters, however.

    “Of course I feel huge remorse that this has happened, but I am making sure that we are fixing the system.

    “If I had any personal responsibility for what happened here of course I’d take that, but my job is to lead, I wear that, and I keep going,” Ms Ardern said.

    All New Zealanders had been let down by the system failure, Ms Ardern said.



  25. What is going on in the world?
    A pedophile ring operating under the guise of research, condoned and funded.
    These dirty, filthy bastards were actually paid to keep these children as sex slaves.
    Sick, sick, sick !!

    Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years.
    The ‘Kentler Project’ in West Berlin routinely placed homeless children with pedophile men, assuming they’d make ideal foster parents. A study has found the practice went on for decades.
    Starting in the 1970s psychology professor Helmut Kentler conducted his “experiment.” Homeless children in West Berlin were intentionally placed with pedophile men. These men would make especially loving foster parents, Kentler argued.

    The researchers found that several of the foster fathers were high-profile academics. They speak of a network that included high-ranking members of the Max Planck Institute, Berlin’s Free University, and the notorious Odenwald School in Hesse, West Germany, which was at the center of a major pedophilia scandal several years ago. It has since been closed down.




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