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  1. Dear Comrades,
    in order to execute Dear Leaders glorious plan to Make Aotearoa Glorious Again – utilizing the abundant applications of Trandsparancy, Posidividy, Kindness & Feelz©®™, on behalf of Dear Leader Comrade Commissar Hipkins is pleased to present the revised, refined and reinforced school curriculum:


    Message ends – back to work Plebs!



  2. While the thrust of the article is on bullying in the public sector, my main interest is the ‘sudden’ revelation of management incompetency.

    Concern over workplace bullying in public service departments has also led to calls for the “incompetency” of managers to be addressed.

    “The competency of managers is often not very high and that means that poor behaviour and performance goes on for a long time and there is an environment that allows bullying to happen.

    “The frequent restructurings is a known precursor to workplace bullying.”

    He suggested training managers on interpersonal and leadership skills and for top level senior executives to hold managers to account for their behaviour.

    Public sectors around the world were generally prone to higher bullying rates, he said.

    I have to say, after reading the article, what I consider bullying and what the contributors to the article consider bullying probably don’t overlap all that much.

    His research found the most frequent bullying reported in the public sector included withholding information, harming someone’s productivity, gossip or rumours, social exclusion, repeated reminders about mistakes and silence or hostility in response to conversations.

    A lot of these could be put down to perceived slights rather than actual slights.

    Withholding information, for example, could just be thoughtlessness rather than malicious.

    Social exclusion: well some people may be great workers but they might not be the type you want to have a beer with. For example, if you’re forced to include Joanna the Moaner with all the others, you simply will won’t go out with any colleagues. Do you really want to hear about all the problems in someone’s life when you just want to relax?

    Some people really hold a grudge, and love to remind you about mistakes. Usually they’re called wives. It would be interesting to be able to claim most wives were bullies…

    On the subject of incompetence:

    General incompetence of managers in the public sector is common. The problem is they’re not really accountable for the bottom line and usually have gotten there by none other than the Peter principle.




  3. After watching the AMShow Cindy has stepped in to help Jill Keats with her ACC claim and informed the police they should contact her as a witness involved in the mosque shooting. What a great way to run a country, wait for the TV breakfast show to inform the highest office in the land what is required on her To Do List.



  4. We’re often told how popular Ardern is overseas. Indeed, Ardern is recently considered the most trustworthy politician by Australians: ignorance is bliss.

    I’ve been looking for other articles, and found a New York Times article by Stephen Buranyi. It’s about Brexit, and the commentary is about Ardern couldn’t fix Brexit since she’s not had to face that type of problem. At least that bit is honest.

    The title of the article is Jacinda Ardern Won’t Save You and in smaller font And neither will Justin Trudeau.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand is a popular candidate for the job. “If the United Kingdom had been led by Ardern we might still have had Brexit, but we would not have ended up with this national humiliation, a divided society and an imperiled economy,” Tony Blair’s former chief of staff wrote in The Guardian in March. This was echoed by a columnist in The Mirror: “If only Theresa were more like Jacinda maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess,” before declaring, “If only we could get her.” Even a columnist in the Scottish Sun, a conservative paper, asked: “Can we adopt her? Please? Can we have her as Prime Minister, this living, smiling antidote to our own drippy, croaky, indecisive, soulless Theresa?”

    However, there are other international leaders called on:

    The desire spills out on social media, too. I hesitate to recommend Twitter as useful for any sort of public sentiment analysis, but right now there are people — real people with children, best-selling books and magazine columns — imploring not just Ms. Ardern, or the similarly affable prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, but Donald Tusk, a former prime minister of Poland and current president of the European Commission, to take over Britain.

    It’s interesting analysis that Buranyi claims that Ardern is in the mould of Blair with his “third way” politics, especially with Ardern trying to put distance between her time working in the Blair administration. Though the author probably doesn’t know Ardern’s attempts over that.


    Well, at least Buranyi isn’t completely sycophantic which is quite amazing since this is from the New York Times.



    • Give the great unwashed a chance to speak up and they will speak frankly.
      The rest is media lies.
      This is the DM which some may curl their noses at but it allows comments to get the tone and counterpoint, if present.
      Would you get snobby at the DM but watch TV1 or read the Horrid?

      DM allows comments so you get real feedback.
      This is why I picked MAGA Trump to win; and Brexit to be voted for – even if Treason is blocking it.

      Some selection from 36 comments, all from Australia addresses.
      the trend is anti Ardern comments :-
      ” Jacinda Ardern is a brainless globalist and NZ will surely regret electing her in the long run”
      ” Awww. Sunshine and lollipops. Rainbows and unicorns. Thank God she’s over there.”

      ” Like Justin T was? Except he’s turned out to be an empty suit and as cor rupt as hell? That perfect? She’s a nightmare.”

      Ooo. There’s a knock at the door.
      I may be gone for some time….



  5. Your lead cartoon here is so immature for a public website. Why do you continue to post them?
    On the subject of posts, why don’t you have more subjects that are a balance of politics here in NZ?
    Instead you continue to pick on our PM who is looking after the poor here as best she and Labour can do.



    • On the subject of posts, why don’t you have more subjects that are a balance of politics here in NZ?

      Why? There are plenty of places you can go to get the Left side of opinions. 99% of the mainstream media for example cater to you. Then there are blogs like the Substandard you can go to if the media aren’t sycophantic enough.

      Also, ROTFLMAO on the PM looking after the poor. I suppose it’s technically correct. She’s looking at the poor. Doing something to improve the lot of the poor is another matter entirely. Empty platitudes and wiping their bums is not improving their situation.



    • Child poviddy decreased under Nationals nine long years of neglect and has increased again since St Jacinda started caring about it.
      If that’s the best she can do, poor children would be bedder off if she stopped doing it.



    • Just wait for the “wellbeing” to be generously sprinkled like fairy dust in Grant’s upcoming “wellbeing” budget. Every payment has been designed to improve the “wellbeing” of the poor, down downtrodden, needy and greedy and the what-about-me brigade. The cutting of essential services in health is well underway with operations on hold and cancellation of the roads of significance, etc. All is in place for “wellbeing”, just don’t expect to have your health sorted, or to be able to get to where you want to be.



      • I have no problem with the 21mil we’ve* just given to St John Ambulance – but getting efficiently to a hospital that can’t fix you is kinda silly.

        *Newsflash SLG – it isn’t your money that you’re giving away.



    • Actually, you are wrong. What Ardern and Labour is doing is the worst possible thing for the poor. She is creating inter-generational welfare dependency and locking people into poverty for not only their lives, but their children’s lives and their families going forward.

      She’s not helping them. She’s condemning them to Labour party slavery. She is the problem, not the solution.

      If you want to help poor people, support them in growth, rather than throwing more money at them. That is something Bill English understood very well and was actually making traction on until we got another Labour government who’s answer is “Give somebody money, they vote for us and we’re happy and they’re happy and everybody feelz better”



      • I agree with you except for this tiny wee bit “they’re happy”. No, they’ll never be happy as they want and want. They just get emboldened to demand more money like that indignant beneficiary whose sign read something “Tax the rich to give to beneficiaries”. No matter how generous the tax-payer is at point of gun, these people will never be happy. Not when they believe they deserve more.

        And I suspect Liarbour knows it too. It’s that greed that Liarbour depends on to secure their votes.



        • Probably true. I suspect there is some human dignity in it as well. Could you live off other people decade after decade, generation after generation and still feel proud when you looked in a mirror?



    • Fairy you whine like a stuffed diff, offended, don’t look, simple.
      You, I am sure understand the word simple…balance, let’s talk balance, if our dear editor published a thousand cartoons daily, he couldn’t go anywhere near balancing the media in NZ today. You have an abundance of fake news to view, yet you choose to spit the dummy at what offends you here. You are on a the flogging to nowhere, if you think you can achieve 100% concocted Cindy fake news. Good luck trying. I am sure you will give it your best shot. What particularly made me laugh about this cartoon was the memories of my nights in Patong Road when you were a twinkle in your dads eye.
      A very funny well thought out truthful cartoon, or has Bangkok changed.



    • It seems about right. The people that should benefit from New Zealand’s largesse are the people that have committed to making this country their home. Not the ones that are here to hop to Australia or trying to hold onto their dual citizenship or whatever.



  6. Last week I posted statistics based solely on the Have Your Say total number of comments per day.

    The mean was 81.87.
    The standard deviation was 33.04.
    The continuous median was 81.00.

    I have added in the rest up until yesterday. It has the same limitation as before: it’s only accurate to when I collected the numbers.

    Without further ado:
    The mean is 84.40.
    The standard deviation is 32.00.
    The continuous median is 86.00.
    The continuous 25th percentile is 65.50.
    The continuous 75th percentile is 102.50.

    As you probably already knew, the amount of comments are increasing per day on average.

    The record number of comments (144) was on 5th May 2019. Interestingly enough, the second highest (142) was on 14th April 2019.



  7. Huawei is in a spate of bother. Google has pulled out of supporting the Chinese smartphone with its Android OS. This is at the insistence of the Trump administration.

    Other American tech firms are bound to follow.

    I guess Trump has just saved Ardern’s arse with the Chinese government over Huawei and the 5G rollout. Huawei outside of China will become a non-viable product at least for the foreseeable future.




  8. Here is a lengthy post on the new Tax Department system. It will seem boring but is worth reading. Actually the system is very good because it has caught up on incorrect PIR’s.
    Let me explain. When KiwiSaver came in almost all KiwiSaver schemes were set up as Portfolio Investment Entities. Known as pies. When one entered a pie one had to disclose your PIR, which is a prescribed investor rate, which for most people is 17.5%. Nobody ever worried about them as they just went through as usual.
    But now, with the sophisticated reporting measures, PIEs must report the individuals’ income and tax credit details.
    So a bloke who was on an income of less than $48,000 several years ago would have got a PIR of 17.5%. But that fellow has progressed through the company and is now on an income in excess of $70,000, so he should have changed his PIR, but so few knew that they had to do this, as it is an arcane procedure that if you knew how to do it you should probably get out more often.
    Well, from today the Tax Department are sending out, electronically, tax to pay bills because the incorrect PIR had been in use.
    One can expect the main stream media to publish a list of victims of this change. The victims will whine like a shot diff.
    You saw it first on YSB.



  9. Labour Youth Conference Sex Scandal update on Court Hearing-

    The reference number for the case is CRI-2018-004-005593. The Jury trial will commence on 2 September 2019 at 10am at the Auckland District Court. The trial courtroom has not been allocated yet. If you are attending the trial on that day, please proceed to the Auckland DC Criminal Counter in Level 1 to get the courtroom number. The counter staff will direct you to the trial courtroom.

    Will be interesting to see what the charges are and who the witnesses are.If permanent name suppression occurs then given the reported – high profile parent and current speculation on who that maybe will result in many being suspected so hopefully this will not occur.



  10. Regards the COL giving money for family violence etc.
    There are three main areas.
    And not one of them actually aims at stopping it.
    They all aim and the effects of it and supporting people and making lawyers rich.

    What about the idea of preventing it in the first place.
    Better education
    Better literacy
    Encouraging people to shack up with good people
    Curbing bad language in our streets and homes
    Arresting people for minor violent offenses and punishing them effectively.
    Cancelling the domestic purposes breeding program
    Officially frowning on feral behaviour
    Instilling manners into all people
    For a start.



    • Have you considered that domestic violence is hardly a new phenomenon? It’s certainly been around for all of my lifetime & if anything it was probably worse in the past. I’d take a punt & suggest that domestics have been occurring since women became moaning nags & men gave them the bash because it was an easy way to assert authority.

      In any case, take out the welfare class & despite what the PC wimmins’ organisations would have you believe there’d be bugger all DV in NZ. Throw a couple of billion at reeducating that lot & the Jake the Mus & his weird missus types would still be knocking ten shades of shit out of each other.

      The CoL’s efforts are another pathetic attempt at signalling their virtue & wetness.



      • And if done in reverse, the husband was mocked.

        It’s interesting that in studies overseas that domestic violence is initiated by either sex 50% of the time. The country that bucks the trend is NZ. It does make me wonder how the data is gathered here.



  11. Four Religious Truths:

    1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God’s chosen people.

    2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

    3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian World.

    4. None of the aforementioned groups recognise their fellows at strip clubs.



  12. “People might argue about what the facts are [in a case], and that is why we have juries, but you can only be punished using the power of the state if you are proved to be guilty based on fact,” Seymour told Plunket.

    “Once you start talking about speech and opinion, well really the question is whether or not the things you say are popular at the time.”

    He singled out Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Ghahraman as not supporting the view that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and giving the effect of insulting words too much significance.

    “I just think that Golriz Ghahraman is completely wrong, I don’t know if she understands what she is saying, but she is a real menace to freedom in this country.”


    Seymour then went on to compare Ghahraman to Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying he had looked at two pieces of their work and found it “very difficult to tell the difference”.

    “I actually looked at a couple of paragraphs, one paragraph from each, I tried to guess which was which, and Xi Jinping actually looked like a more liberal guy on this issue than Golriz Ghahraman.”

    The work that Seymour compared was a May Stuff opinion piece by Ghahraman and 2015 remarks by Jinping at a World Internet Conference.

    The phrases highlighted by Seymour from within Ghahraman’s text read: “Free speech, equality, and democracy…are easily threatened by the incitement of hatred against targeted groups.

    “We know that speech, fake news, and abuse lead to very real violence…Everyone has [an] interest in ensuring harmful and abusive content is appropriately regulated.”
    Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron met last week to tackle terrorism on social media.
    Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron met last week to tackle terrorism on social media. Photo credit: Getty

    In the rest of the article, she praised the Government’s review of hate speech law to consider protecting groups identified by gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

    She also criticised current mechanisms to challenge online content and called on the Government to set clearer, more enforced standards.

    “Protection against hate speech is currently enforceable through challenges brought by victims to the Human Rights Tribunal, the only recourse being mediation.

    “That’s fairly impractical and unsafe for most victims or victim groups – and it does nothing to broadly curb violent radicalisation on fringe online platforms.”

    Golriz’s comments were compared with the remarks by Jinping saying: “Freedom and order are both necessary…We should respect internet users’ rights to exchange their ideas and express their minds, and we should also build a good order in cyberspace in accordance with law as it will help protect the legitimate rights and interests of all internet users.

    “Everyone should abide by the law, with the rights and obligations of parties concerned clearly defined.”

    Despite the comments promotion of a free internet, the Chinese people’s ability to access international media is heavily restricted behind the so-called Great Fire Wall, which blocks citizens from accessing popular Western sites.

    It has been described as a “prison” for online users, with the size of the internet police force reported to be more than 2 million. This force is responsible for monitoring chat rooms for dissidence and blocking content.

    Ghahraman has been contacted for her response to the comparison.
    Andrew Little has ordered a review of hate speech law.
    Andrew Little has ordered a review of hate speech law. Photo credit: Getty
    Review of hate speech laws

    Last month, Justice Minister Andrew Little asked his ministry to work with the Human Rights Commission to look into whether New Zealand’s laws sufficiently balance issues of freedom of speech and hate speech.

    While laws prohibit the incitement of racial disharmony, Little says the same sanctions don’t apply on grounds of religious faith.

    Ardern said the review wouldn’t lead to people’s ability to criticise religious groups being banned, but instead it would consider if enough was being done to stop people threatening violence towards them.

    So a plagiarist as well.
    Well nti educated enough to write her own and like all good communists and Marxists trots out the company line.



    • It is scary. I wonder if they realise there will be another government at some stage who may not feel benevolent to them, but will have all the tools of subjugation and oppression they put in place?

      Or is it time to start fleeing NZ like so many fled from Germany in the mid 1930s? Just avoid all this Gestapo crap Gaharman and Ardern are promoting?



  13. The National Party will support the Government’s Zero Carbon Bill through first reading, but has serious concerns about the methane target in the bill.

    Speaking during the first reading of the bill, National leader Simon Bridges said his party was supportive of the principles of the bill but National had “real differences” and expected to see change in select committee.

    The Government’s flagship climate change bill – technically an amendment to an earlier law – would force future governments to set a series of “carbon budgets” over the next 30 years, declining until all long-lived emissions reach net zero at 2050.

    Oh dear the Nats are off their minds.




  14. I hope all these climate alarmist freeze to death in the next cooling period. I have had a guts full of people sprouting shit about climate emergencies and other catastrophic disasters, all based on a failed politician’s musings and a fraudulent political body hell bent on destroying the oil trade. Thank God for ACT.



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