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  1. An inconvenient truth for NZs black lives matter followers,Australia, 26 million people 5 native aboriginal MPs in Canberra.
    NZ ,5 million people, 30 maori MPs in Wellington, WTF do these people actually want?



  2. Q: “WTF do these people actually want?” A: Taxpayer funding for one.

    Far North iwi Te Rarawa turns soil on water storage facility

    At Ahipara in Northland, the soil has been broken on farmland making way for a $4.1 million water storage project.
    By the end of the year, the natural basin at the site will be transformed into a reservoir large enough to fill 140 Olympic swimming pools. The water storage facility will allow iwi to convert 400 hectares of dairy farms into high-value horticulture.

    Amid a devastating drought, this project will bring greater security to the region. Horticulture creates more jobs, is better for the environment and has a higher yield than dairy farming.

    After spending $500 million in Northland Jones isn’t shying away from his honorary title of Finance Minister in the region.

    “I think they’re encouraging me to continue on in the role of being Father Christmas of the provinces,” he says.

    A gift of prosperity to the north that will extend far beyond the festive season for the tamariki of Te Rarawa.

    The Provincial Growth Fund is providing $3m of financing for the iwi.



      • The area they’re likely thinking of siting the reservoir is low lying semi drained swamp behind the sandhills & the beach. There are already a few shallow areas of water & if they used the surrounding area as a catchment in winter it should work. Average rainfall, although not spectacular, should be adequate.

        How they intend to seal it has me beat. The local clay is porous & they’ll need ‘puddling’ clay or similar.



        • edit: nasska, missed seeing your last paragraph
          Will it hold water?
          Water is a powerful force, and follows its own laws. 🙂

          Sounds like the bottom will need to be well sealed, or new fresh water springs will pop up on the beach and out at sea?

          Lets hope the engineers are on to it, with getting it sealed.
          Will be no problem, as plenty more money to solve that issue.

          Koha to be paid for mining & bringing in and working the right clay?
          A water proof lining, and all done with powhiri koha celebrations.



        • Yeah Ok
          I’ll bite.

          I see in Australia on farms I have been on in NSW west of the Blue Mountains they often use recesses, bulldozed or natural, to store water.
          These are often lined with large PVC sheets bonded together.
          However that would be bad as PVC comes from the dreadful stuff, oil !

          Crops better than dairy?
          Let me see.
          -90 second hail storm and the crop is wiped out for the season (cows might get some bruises)
          -Flooding – boom. Gone. And Northland gets whipped bad by the tail end of cyclones at least every few years. Just search ‘severe flooding Northland ‘ It was three times in one year just a few years back.
          -Drought they may or may not have covered.
          -These are cash crops and you can be sure in that area ‘heaps, bro’ will be nicked.
          ‘It is not stealing; it’s our our stuff, eh’

          This will be the same success as Labours Trees.

          These buggers got a handout for a settlement plus 3 of the 4 million cost from the PGF.
          These buggers do not pay for anything.
          Therefore will not value it.
          This is racism, NZ style. BLM. Broccoli lives matter.



  3. The Māori Party has launched its national campaign to reduce racism and inequity as it fights for a return to Parliament in 2020.

    Co-leader John Tamihere said the policy is a “game-changer” and calls on the government to direct a quarter of its funding to Māori.

    “Whānau First is an affirmative action procurement programme where 25 per cent of all government contracts have to have some form of Māori uptake,” he said.

    He pointed to a project his organisation Waipareira Trust has undertaken to build 120 homes for Housing New Zealand in Waterview.

    Mr Tamihere said major constructions firms such as Fletchers hold a monopoly on the industry and Māori have been held back from getting to the level where they can bid for major contracts too.

    “Our Māori people are clever enough and intelligent enough to know that a candidate vote for the Labour Party Māori members is a waste of vote because they are all going back to Parliament,” he said.



    • I heard a woman from the Maori Party speaking on the radio one day and it did not sound very likely that they would reduce racism or that that was their aim. I felt very concerned after the air time she was given. Separatism never has a good end.



    • Goebbels “Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty”.

      It’s everywhere as the main guiding principle for the Marxist.

      Maori Party: “Ok so we’re a party based totally on racism – I know let’s accuse everyone else of being racist”
      Labour Party? “Ok so we’re well known to have a systemic problem with sexual abuse of women – I know let’s accuse everyone else of being sexist”
      DNC: “Ok so it’s beginning to leak out that we’re incredibly corrupt and we abuse our black constituency – I know let’s start race riots in cities where we control the police forces – oh and we can accuse everyone else of structural racism”

      They’re not very bright, they have a very limited playbook. Once you start looking for this behaviour – you see it everywhere in everything the insane Marxist left says. Golly G: “Oh bugger, I defended murdering, genocidal racists – I know I’ll accuse everyone else of racism”

      Jacinda Ardern: “Bugger, everyone can see that I have no brains, no policies, no control over my caucus, I’m all at sea and all I can do is play the political spin card – I know I’ll accuse everyone else of playing politics”

      I could go on – but you get the point.

      The progressives are using the tools of fascism – oh wait no – lol at the same time as they’re accusing everyone else of being fascists!



    • J Tamihere is so full of shit.
      I recall back in 1990 when he was defending his brother David on the double murder charge.
      John T talked about how hard an upbringing David had. It was tough and you can understand his being ‘a bit wayward’ .
      News alert John boy; You grew up in the same house and went to university and became a lawyer.
      Not what was David’s excuse, again.

      He has been full of shit, forever. Helen Clark saw through him.
      Mud wrestler Michelle Bogan was attached to his Mayoral campaign last year. ‘nough said.



  4. The pandering of Seattle city officials and the breakdown in law and order has resulted in a shooting in the 6 city blocks known as ‘CHOP’.

    Shooting inside Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ zone proves it’s ‘chaos’: Police union chief

    Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan told ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ that violence, chaos in Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ autonomous zone cannot stand in America.



    • Posted late last night.

      Another one being forced to close down or find alternatives to publish / website.
      10 days to find a new site, that is if not hounded further again.

      This is the main reason given and probably because they raise questions on this issue.

      Because the political environment has changed.
      The Left’s Reign of Terror is intensifying.
      It is desperate to keep the immigration issue out of public debate until it succeeds in Electing A New People.


      I think they report more factual things, and if need be one can google on that to confirm or check.

      So another way of shutting down topics; not being allowed to raise questions and where many of the general public would say “NO” if the question is raised, discussed, debated in general forums.



  5. Eight hurt in police pursuit crash

    Police told Newshub they tried to pull over a “suspicious” vehicle at 4:22am on Sunday. The driver didn’t stop, and a short pursuit was abandoned “due to the nature of driving”.

    “The vehicle was later found by police on Bridge St, Rakaia at around 4:40am where it had collided with a fence and rolled,” they said.



  6. Chlöe Swarbrick aims to topple Nikke Kaye in Auckland Central

    With the polls showing the Greens have a fight for survival on their hands, Green Party MP Chlöe Swarbrick has decided to fight for the electorate vote in Auckland Central.

    The seat has been held by National deputy leader Nikki Kaye since 2008, during which time she’s seen off challenges from future Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Greens’ own Denise Roche.

    “The Greens have always been underdogs who defied the odds, fighting for every inch of political ground,” said Swarbrick, the youngest MP currently in the House and the party’s number three behind leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw.

    Swarbrick, who lives in the electorate, says “every issue” in the area has “a Green solution”.



  7. There might also be merit in asking some big questions as to whether, within the global economy, New Zealand has become a plaything of international finance. Perhaps that has been the case for a long time. What happens next in New Zealand is highly dependent on how overseas investors might respond within a risk-on environment. Short-term money flows can themselves be highly distortionary.

    It would seem hard to refute that the global macroeconomic system is a complex but ‘jerry-built’ system. There was never an overarching and planned design. Rather it was built piece by piece over the last 100 years, and with many patches. It is a bit of a mess.


    But is all right. The banker and the wanker robbo will be well paid and out of there by the time ithe shit hitsd the fan.
    We will end up like China in the other link I posted.



  8. How does it feel to be laughed at, made fun of by those bastards – do you enjoy being a joke?

    Well that’s what’s going on. Any law-abiding citizen is just a joke to the absolute wankers who run our government. Have a look at this – what the fucking fuck is going on?

    Illegal overstayer – Behrouz Boochani – breached the terms of his visa, aided and abetted by dishonest Green pseudo-MPs. Not even bothering to hide, out in public enjoying a bit of sport all courtesy of the most dishonest and corrupt administration this nation has ever seen.

    Why aren’t the cops there? Where are the Immigration officials? Why hasn’t Golly G been interviewed and imprisoned for aiding and abetting immigration fraud?

    I’ll tell you why because we’re being laughed at, made fun of. All of us law-abiding, tax-paying, decent folks – we’re being shit on – every fucking day!

    Sorry for the swearing, but I’m really pissed off about this nonsense.

    Every level of government administration is stinking with fucking Marxists – do a quick bit of research on this nasty piece of work – infiltrating MBIE. Already seemingly relaxed about breaching the cardinal rule in the public service Code of Conduct in the most egregious way once, a Labour party activist and a 2017 Green party candidate – being paid a very handsome public service salary now.

    But wait a sec? Isn’t that the very same MBIE official beside the overstayer to his left? Nah couldn’t be – could it? Although it looks like the commenters on that tweet recognise a “Green freak’ beside him. Good job whoever it is covered her face up like a guilty person – would be a very bad look if it was her – someone who works for the Immigration part of MBIE to be escorting a Visa overstayer? Or could the corruption be worse? Could MBIE actually be aware of this and are helping subvert our border controls??

    Will any of our ‘tits on a bull’ useless opposition MPs do anything about this? Course they won’t, because they’re all globalist scum too. Will the media kick up a stink? You must be fucking kidding – of course they won’t because they’re all owned by the fucking globalist scum.

    Like I said, they’re laughing at us all the time. Decent, law-abiding people are a joke to them.

    So much for NZ being one of the least corrupt countries!



  9. “shouted some unintelligible words”. Not ‘Alansnackbar’ by any chance?

    Three feared stabbed to death after Black Lives Matter march in Reading, UK

    “The park was pretty full, a lot of people sat around drinking with friends when one lone person walked through, suddenly shouted some unintelligible words and went around a large group of around 10, trying to stab them,” a witness told the Press Association.

    “He stabbed three of them, severely in the neck, and under the arms, and then turned and started running towards me, and we turned and started running. When he realised that he couldn’t catch us, he tried to stab another group sat down, he got one person in the back of the neck and then when he realised everyone was starting to run, he ran out the park.”

    The Telegraph said police were treating the incident as a terror attack.



    • In addition.
      Two air ambulances and several police cars have responded to a “serious incident” after multiple people are believed to have been knifed this evening. A distressing video on social media shows what appears to be victims of the attack. Witnesses and police were seen performing CPR on the possible stabbing victims.




    • Another muslim roulette scene as advised by Mohammad.

      “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (Qur’an 47:4)

      So will the UK now update its “knife laws”?
      Will people need to have a “knife licence”?
      Will all knives need to be registered?
      Will all knives need to be made more safer?

      could obtain or modify kitchen knives with rounded ends to be less dangerous. Judge Madge said if his proposals were implemented there would be a “substantial” reduction in the number of life-threatening injuries caused by stabbings.
      Case law in 2005 stated that even a butter knife can be classed as a bladed article in a public place.


      No mention that all muslims should be licenced before reading the koran, hadith and sira,
      No mention that those books should be kept in a “secure locked safe” and also registered.
      A small start, but never the less, a start! 🙂



      • Howi.
        Did you see the rioters toppled the statue of Albert Pike?
        Pike is one of Soro’s idols, the Nostradamus of Luciferianism. A real spreader of doom.
        Dems be pissed!!

        Pike’s memorial has often stirred controversy throughout its history, beginning with the GAR’s lobbying efforts against its erection to protesters arguing it honors a traitor and racist. Starting in the 1990s, there was renewed interest in removing the statue. In late 1992, members of the LaRouche movement, including civil rights activist and Lyndon LaRouche’s vice presidential candidate James Bevel, began a series of protests demanding the memorial be removed, citing Pike’s alleged links with the KKK. During one such event, LaRouche supporters draped Pike’s statue with a KKK pointed hat and gown. Bevel stated: “One way or the other, this statue is coming down. Either the statue will be taken down gracefully or it will be torn down.”




        • He was a Confederate so fair game for the mindless vandals
          (In their teeny minds).

          He was also a Freemason. That might actually upset a few.

          Soros will not be upset.
          Soros is sub human.
          Soros does not do ‘feelings’
          …Some men just want to watch the world burn.

          The Soros thing hatched in Hungary.
          Interesting that Hungary is a bastion of free speech and against all this low IQ bullying by the barbarian hordes.



  10. Berman wouldn’t go, so Trump had to fire him.

    Attorney General Bill Barr responds to SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman who announced his refusal to leave his position last night:

    …”Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so.”…




    • He is a swamp thing forsure, he has been sitting on a long line of very interesting cases for some time stalling them, The Clinton foundation case for crimes against children, the Jeffery Epstein investigation into his original lenient sentencing, and many others
      his ass is grass, all part of the democratic style of selling everything including justice.



  11. Will they make a stand against ALL those tarnished with the slavery trade? What about those still using slave labour? When will ‘they’ speak out against China? I won’t hold my breath.

    Perusing Policestate Roadmap, Michael Nield, 2005 edition, a good look at our Orwellian nightmare (free download online from memory). Some may find this interesting (apologies for length?):

    “The use of slave labour by two major German industrial giants was scrutinized at the Nuremberg Trials. I.G. Farben had an estimated 83,000 slaves at its Auschwitz factory and Krupp industries use around 75,000 slaves. However the full scale of slave labour was brought to light in 1999 when The American Jewish Committee presented the results of their investigations.(97) Aware of this investigation, major companies employed their own historians to look for skeletons in their closets. Deutsche Bank’s company historian discovered that it helped finance the construction of Auschwitz from which tens of thousands of slaves were taken.(98)
    In February 1999 thirteen major corporations who used slave labour came clean and agreed to set up a compensation fund for the victims to head off law suits: Allianz AG, BASF AG, Bayer AG, BMW AG, DaimlerChrysler AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Degussa-Hüls AG, Dresdner Bank AG, Friedr. Krupp AG, Hoesch-Krupp, Hoechst AG, Siemens AG and Volkswagen AG.
    In December 1999, The American Jewish Committee produced a list of 257 companies that used slave labour. More than 50 companies on AJC’s initial list of 257 firms, including multi-nationals Shell & DEA Oil GmbH, and Ford Motor Co, joined the general compensation fund. Ten days after the list was issued, negotiators agreed on a fund totaling $5.2 billion dollars.
    Professor Ulrich Herbert of, University of Freiburg, an expert on Nazi slave labour points out that the firms identified on the AJC list account for just a fraction of all German companies that used slave or forced labour. Indeed, virtually every industrial company of any size in Germany used slave or forced labour. The total number of slaves is estimated at 12 million. German historians estimate that of the thousands of companies that used forced and slave labour, more than 500 are still in operation.(99)(100)

    The compensation fund is now called The German Economy Foundation Initiative, whose stated purpose is,
    …guaranteeing that all German companies, including foreign affiliates and parent companies, will be protected against lawsuits relating to the Nazi era and that they will be able to work on international markets under conditions of comprehensive and lasting legal security.(101)

    The Laogai Research Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting information about China’s vast system of forced-labour camps. The foundation was started by Hongda Harry Wu, who has written three books on his experiences as a Chinese prisoner for over 19 years. Currently, there are estimated eight million prisoners in China’s slave labour camp system known as ‘Laogai’. As a tool of political repression, the Laogai serves to silence all voices of political dissent throughout China.
    Once in the Laogai, inmates are forced to confess their “crimes,” denounce any anti-Party beliefs and submit to a regime of reeducation and labour. Although Chinese law forbids torture and the use of torture to extract confessions, the practice remains widespread in the Laogai.
    Anyone in China can be held for up to three years in with no trial or sentencing procedure of any kind. All that is necessary is the directive of any official in China’s Public Security Bureau. All prisoners in the Laogai are forced to labour. Labour conditions vary from region to region and camp to camp.
    There are many reports of prisoners working up to 16 to 18 hours a day to meet labour quotas that are enforced through withholding of food rations. Prisoners also often labour in highly unsafe conditions including work in mines and with toxic chemicals.

    Western companies are still using slave labour today on a huge scale by trading with China.

    The U.S. imports approximately $70 billion worth of Chinese goods.(103) The import of Chinese forced labour-made goods into the U.S. is illegal, according to section 1307 of the Tariff Act of 1930, which makes it is illegal to import any product that is produced in whole or in part by prison labour of any kind.
    In 1992, the need to directly confront the Chinese regarding this issue became apparent, leading to the signing of a document known as the “Memorandum of Understanding Between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China on Prohibiting Import and Export Trade in Prison Labor Products”. In the most recent State Department Report on Human Rights from 1999, U.S. authorities admit that the MOU has been “nearly impossible” to enforce and that Chinese authorities have been “uncooperative.”
    When a product is labeled “Made in China,” it may hide the fact that it was made in the Laogai by Chinese prisoners. Until China reveals the extent of their Laogai production, and U.S. companies are willing to release the location of all of their manufacturing facilities in China, there is no way for the Western consumer to be certain that s/he is not financially contributing to the Laogai system.
    Examples include Chrysler’s joint venture in China to make Cherokees called Beijing Jeep Company and Volkswagen’s joint venture in China to make the Santana model called Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Company. The Laogai foundation investigation showed they were sourcing parts from prison labour.(104) The success of China’s prison economy is evidenced by all the “made in China” toys in our shops. The China National Toy Association (CNTA) is actually a front for People’s Armed Police (PAP) and the Chinese Army (PLA) Laogai system.(105)”

    Can’t wait for the backlash against all of these companies, and against China. Still not holding my breath. Too much thinking would need done. Something some are not so hot on?



    • Most of the slaves in the USA were brought there by the Brits.
      Quite an irony that some Brit wanker made 12 years a Slave – never seen it, never will.
      Less than 400,000 brought direct to the US colonies.

      Ten times that (4,000,000) brought to Brazil by the Portuguese.
      The French brought more to the Caribbean than went to the US colonies – for the sugar cane.
      Look at the history of the Caribbean islands and ask yourself they are not predominantly Carib people, but Negroid people.
      Then look at the Caribbean countries at the Commonwealth Games (British Colonies) and examine the numbers !!

      Chuck in the Spanish slave colonies.
      Mainly the French, Brits, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and other Euro nations that brought them there.

      But hey we are in a post truth world so don’t worry about facts.
      Chuck in a DVD of the 2000 movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe and look at slavery 2000 years ago, or try Ben Hur (1959) .



    • The fact that journalists are referring to their goddess as Ardern now, is a step in the right direction.
      For Stuff to ask for donations to survive is a serious kick in the pants.
      Spreading misinformation at a rate we have never seen before, has to have consequences.
      If the current crop of feral opinion drenched hacks are admitting civil disobedience could erupt, if another lock down occurs, means their gravy train is stuck at the station.
      Their interpretation of the writing on the wall is being erased.
      Feeling entitled has a huge cost.
      The financial squeeze is bringing this reality to the surface. It’s slow, but it is inevitable.



  12. The Victorian Premier’s decree.
    …. The experts tell us that, largely, the numbers are being driven by families – families having big get-togethers and not following the advice around distancing and hygiene.
    In fact, around half of our cases since the end of April have come from transmission inside someone’s home. …..
    ……. staying safe at home. And that means only seeing those you need to – if you need to. Not your third cousin. Not your third best friend from primary school. …..So how did the disease get into the family home? …..


    How did the disease get into the family home?

    Three protesters who attended a Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne have since tested positive for COVID-19.

    Protesters, “BLM” or “Extinction Rebellion” have no problems, while making the ordinary citizen & family suffer economically.
    No doubt some will be the one & the same. 🙁



  13. Todd Muller faces pointed questions over lack of engagement with Māori media in first month as Opposition leader

    During an interview with The Hui on Saturday, host Mihingarangi Forbes called out Muller for potentially suffering an “unconscious bias”, noting that the Opposition leader had not actively engaged with Māori media despite being in the role for four weeks.

    “I guess you and others may hold the view, but I’m very comfortable with who I am as an individual, the values that underpin me, the engagement I have with all New Zealand, including Māori.

    “We have been working hard to find time to be here with you and I am here – so this view that now that I’m here, I should be criticised because I haven’t been here earlier – I think is… I just reject it.”

    “With the tens of thousands of jobs that are going to be lost, it’ll be Māori who will be disproportionately impacted. What they’ll be wanting is a Government with the competence and plan to be able to recover the country… I’m sure they won’t be sitting there reflecting on how many times in the first four weeks did I or did I not speak to this media outlet or that media outlet,” he fired back.



  14. Border laws are apparently optional to some

    Coronavirus: Animal which passed Covid-19 from bats to humans trafficked into New Zealand

    Border officials seized more than 150 products made from pangolin – the scaly creature suspected to be a carrier of the coronavirus Covid-19 – over the course of two years.

    The pandemic has put the spotlight on the illegal trade of wild animals, after the infection was suspected to have spilled over from pangolin into bats and then humans.

    Fiona Gordon, an environmental policy analyst and Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand ambassador, obtained figures from the Department of Conservation which show pangolin scales, primate skulls, elephant ivory and tiger bone were all confiscated at Kiwi airports in 2017 and 2018.



  15. It was only a mater of time before Jacinda prostitutes her daughter Neve to the media on her second birthday all in the quest for votes at the upcoming General Election in September 19.
    Jacinda has no shame in contradicting herself after the comments she made not long after Neve was born.



  16. Blast from the past…
    From NYT obituaries excerpt June 2, 2005

    Israel Epstein, Prominent Chinese Communist, Dies at 90

    Mr. Epstein edited China Today, an English-language Chinese news magazine, translated the sayings and writings of Mao and Deng Xiaoping and advised the Chinese government on how to polish its overseas image. He became a Chinese citizen, joined the Communist Party and served on official government and party committees.

    He and perhaps a dozen other aging foreign-born residents of Beijing were sometimes seen as the last true believers in a revolution that has sometimes seemed blurred by time’s passage and China’s embrace of free markets and consumerism.

    In 1996, The Observer, the London newspaper, said, “Perhaps the most loyal Communists in the country today are foreigners, veteran fellow travelers from a vanished era of idealism.”

    In Hong Kong, Mr. Epstein worked with Soong Ching Ling, Sun Yat-sen’s widow, whom he had met in left-wing political activities in the 1930’s. She arranged for him to visit Mao, Zhou Enlai and their revolutionary comrades at their base in China’s northwest in 1944, and Mr. Epstein said his conversations in a cave with Mao had changed his life.




      • There was supposed to be an Ai super computer ‘switched on’ to counter de-platforming by Big Tech.
        Its build name was ‘Odin’. The team behind it decided to hold back because the timing wasn’t right.

        I think it may be because of this:

        China launches Earth observation satellite:
        The Gaofen 9-03 spacecraft is the third satellite to launch in China’s Gaofen 9-series, following missions launched in 2015 and on May 31 of this year. It is not clear whether the Gaofen 9 satellites are identical or only share a name, but Chinese state media reports associated with each launch indicated the payloads all carried optical Earth-imaging cameras with a resolution of better than 3.3 feet, or 1 meter.

        China says the Gaofen series of satellites are managed by civilian officials. The Gaofen fleet includes satellites with optical, infrared and radar imaging observatories.

        👉Wednesday’s Long March 2D launch also carried two smaller satellites into space.👈

        One of the secondary payloads launched Wednesday was the HEAD 5 microsatellite for a Beijing-based private company named HEAD Aerospace, which is deploying a fleet of small spacecraft to track ships and aircraft.




        • Thanks Bn, is that what was alluded to earlier, being launched to 100 million Americans?
          Game on then?
          Been wondering where we go from here, in the culture wars. Seems it will be hard to avoid violence in the future. We have Trump for hopefully 4 more years, and we must also hope that it is enough time to mobilise the so called silents.
          Other than that, we have some individuals milling about.

          At some stage we will have to go headlong into the darkness.

          It won’t be pretty.



  17. Covid 19 coronavirus: Quarantined travellers angry at being sent to Rotorua with no warning

    They say they were given no warning of where they were going and weren’t given any time to go to the toilet or even get a bottle of water before being herded onto the bus.

    Rotorua’s National MP Todd McClay echoed the man’s concern saying it was outrageous the Prime Minister didn’t bother to tell anyone about this.

    “Some of the hotel staff didn’t even know – we need answers now.”

    “We weren’t told where we were going, so no chance to grab food, water or take a bathroom break,” Ellen Falconer said on Twitter.

    It comes after fears from residents who live atop the Stamford Plaza Hotel where 12 busloads of people were intended to head for quarantine.

    The 149 Stamford apartments above the eight-storey hotel are home to about 300 people, many of whom are older and at higher risk of severe complications or death if they catch Covid-19.

    Last night’s story on the Stamford Hotel.
    Auckland hotel suspended from quarantine duties after residents complain



    • …..”no warning of where they were going and weren’t given any time to go to the toilet or even get a bottle of water before being herded onto the bus”……

      The poor petals. They should have been forcibly restrained, herded onto the back of a stock truck before being taken to Mangere airport & given a one way tourist class ticket to their departure point. Then formerly deported on the spot with a life time ban on returning.

      Better than the rest of us pay for them to stay at some upmarket hotel & listen to their bitching!



  18. Well done Rotorua First we gave the Motels to the homeless and less fortunate. Shop lifting and petty crime increase Now we fill our hotels with Covid cases . Our council wanting to promote tourisum . If you want to come stay ,check your accommodation you never no who or what your sharing with



    • Andrew Bolt & Dean Rowe is good.
      On the right track wg.
      The French state is granting sovereignty to islam.
      Just as NZ is granting sovereignty to the UN like through the UN Global Migration Pact.
      However there is a bloc of 57 countries, OIC that are working on many UN councils, committees etc..

      Dijon France, Chechen muslim vs Arab muslim settled by this imam, not the state.
      1 min. 18 secs.

      In Dijon France, imams set the French law, not the Government.
      1 minute 41 seconds

      In the 2nd video this guy gets what has happened.
      ‘Peace’, you believe.
      The word is “submission”.
      In a way it is the submission of French government as they have delegated their sovereignty away.

      The “hudna”really a truce is for up to 10 years, , while you gather your strength, to return to battle for victory, or sooner if you believe you have the power.

      In the mean time, a victory has been achieved over France.

      The price of that “peace” that is “submission” will allow more sharia, all slowly ratcheting upwards, from one violent episode to the next one and so peace at all costs.
      Look how good islam is at finding “peace” as the authorities buy this peace, at any price, whilst surrendering their authority.

      The price could be more territory or more autonomy, but ceaselessly wanting more of it.



    • Does being lefty make you a sexual pervert, or are sexual perverts attracted to the left?

      Perhaps they feel the totalitarian left will provide them with the control they lack within themselves. In the same way many pedophiles find sanctuary in religious organizations.

      Of course attempting to rape little kiddies is not illegal for Labour Party members – according to Police, Crown Law and Judiciary.



  19. John Armstrong’s opinion: David Clark is Minister of Health in name only after calamitous Covid-19 testing bungle

    One matter of import lingered in the aftermath of the Ministry of Health’s calamitous Covid-19 testing bungle: why hadn’t the Prime Minister done what she should have done much earlier in the political life-cycle of the coronavirus and sacked David Clark from the Health portfolio?

    It is the ritual of parliamentary politics that you concede nothing to your opponents during such exchanges in the House. Ardern was thus obliged to mount a defence of Clark’s track record.

    She acknowledged that there had been an unacceptable “failure of the system”. Clark was “working hard” to fix it. She noted that with Clark as Minister of Health, it had been 47 days since the last recorded case of unknown transmission of the virus.

    This was obfuscation typical of Ardern. The transmission of the virus was not the crux of the issue. It was the pathogen’s penetration of New Zealand’s border which was the matter at stake.



  20. I see the Seattle settlers are chanting “CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, CHOP”, as means to affirm their solidarity.

    I seem to remember a similar chant was blazoned about during a certain French Revolution.



  21. I’ve put this article up to show the poster of Ardern. The article doesn’t follow up the story shown on the news that the poster put out by a couple of lefty artists has been questioned by the Electoral Commission after receiving numerous complaints about the “propaganda” under the electoral act.

    They have been selling them and for every one sold they plaster one up across the nation, possibly falling foul of the electoral act?

    Whatever, it’s ugly. Perhaps people can ‘enhance’ posters plastered up in public.

    Painting of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spotted outside Auckland dairy



    • Seems to be the new set up and can find her there.

      Katie Hopkins had over a million followers, and they are dangerous, as they are capable of reading between the lines of the msm and of lawn mowers to find the truth.

      This silencing is very dangerous.
      Ms Hopkins had amassed one million followers.
      That was a very valuable asset, created by Ms Hopkins – and destroyed arbitrarily by Twitter’s bosses because of ‘the vibe’.
      If people found what she said objectionable – then don’t follow her, mute her, or block her.
      The fact that bosses of commercial companies are now deciding what speech can and can’t be heard in public is terrifying.


      In one foul swoop, the million will now learn about parler 🙂
      Go woke, go broke. 🙂

      Just wait until Trump gets there. 🙂
      Katie Hopkins welcoming message. 🙂

      though I have to still figure the parler system. 🙂 but there is the start.



  22. I’ve been trying to explain to friends in Aussie that in spite of having a brainless lying airhead for a PM, this country will eventually come right.

    Unfortunately they do not believe me as over there she is considered to be a useless POS whose only interest is her public image.



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