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  1. Our COL openly despise each other ,how can this charade go on any longer without one of the idiots openly firing a personal broadside at another?
    yesterday at QT the maggot Peters was looking at the pale preying mantis as if she was shit on his shoe, I doubt its going to make it through to election day without some sort of blow up happening.
    At this time we need excellent decisive leadership and what do we have ? three groups of bickering backbiting self absorbed F—Kwits ,think about how bad things are ,Winston Peters , Marama Davidson, two mums Shaw and the feckless Ardern ,thats what we have between economic recovery and New Venezuela,and they hate each other intensely.



  2. “National did not agree with it. We voted for those provisions we supported”. Why support the nutty greens National? you have been burnt before with the cluster that is the COL’s law making and now you have joined the clowns again.

    Prisoner voting Bill passes in chaotic night in Parliament

    But, in a bizarre twist, the National Party voted in favour of the second change which removes the Electoral Commission’s power to stop disqualified voters from enrolling, a move which makes the Bill inconsistent.

    National MPs were quick to point out the inconsistency during the Bill’s third reading and Nick Smith tried to move the Bill back to the select committee stage, arguing it was a “shambles” and “unworkable.”

    ACT’s David Seymour chimed in too.

    “This is the biggest legislative screw up by this Government under urgency for about four weeks, since we accidentally passed the wrong law and unwittingly legislated a $2.5 billion business loan scheme because the Government couldn’t put the right Bill on the table,” Seymour said.

    Smith denied it was his party’s support of the amendment that botched the Bill and instead pointed the finger at the Government.

    “National did not agree with it. We voted for those provisions we supported, we voted against provisions we did not. It is the Government’s responsibility to be able to have a coordinated position and them ending up with law that makes sense, we’ve ended up with law that is just a shambles,” Smith said.



  3. The way Clark is carrying on he must have some very impressive information to have not been fired by now. I know Cindy is totally out of her depth and scared to do anything but she has to do something, Clark is rapidly morphing into a very large albatross around her neck.



  4. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has denied her coalition Government is falling apart following the derailment of Auckland’s $6 billion light rail project.

    With the coalition parties unable to reach an agreement on a preferred proposal, the project is now being shelved until after the election.

    As RNZ reports, Labour and Green MPs are now venting their frustrations at NZ First blocking their flagship policies.

    While Transport Minister Phil Twyford says the party has “different priorities and different principles than us”, Greens co-leader James Shaw says NZ First isn’t acting in good faith and are breaching the coalition agreement by axing the light rail project.

    The Herald reports the Prime Minister is shrugging off claims the Government is “tearing itself apart” over the issue.

    Ms Ardern says hers is an MMP Government and “this just happens to be one [area] where we were unable to form a consensus”.

    Meanwhile, NZ First has also left business owners frustrated after putting the brakes on proposed changes to commercial leases, forcing Labour to turn to National for support for the bill.

    NZ First leader Winston Peters denies he’s blocking the changes, saying, “We’re just making sure the policy is a sound, commercial proposition in fairness to the contractual laws in New Zealand.”



    • Phail Phill, first he stuffs labours prime election promise last election of a shit load of houses to be built, he gets pushed sideways to another portfolio and crashes the light rail one too!
      Wonder if labour new back then that the rail was going to fall over and looked around at their ministers and thought, who can we palm this pile of shit onto, I’ve got the perfect candidate for that job, says Cindy. Roll out Phail Phill, he wont even realise he’s been set up!



  5. Somewhere i read that Mike Bush was in charge of the quarantine arrangement for travellors.
    Along the way the gemtleman Pastor ,with no principles and who is competely ineprt, has blamed the DOG of health for that operational role which must surely ne Clarks repsonsiblilty or someone else.’s maybe Lees gallop and go as immigration minioster.

    Clearly voters should never elect anyone with Clark for a surname. Mostly speaking they are a disaster, especially when they have Marxist/socialist tendencies.


    Health Minister David Clark has effectively thrown Ashley Bloomfield under the bus while the crestfallen health chief stood next to him – and it was all caught on camera.

    Speaking about quarantine bungles at a media stand-up yesterday, Clark said: “The director-general has accepted that the protocol wasn’t being followed. He has accepted responsibility for that and has set about putting it right.”

    In the background, Dr Bloomfield looks down briefly, appearing dejected at the comment – a moment captured by a MediaWorks camera operator and described as ‘brutal’ by MediaWorks political editor Tova O’Brien.

    For once Tova has got it right.
    spineless is being nice to the slippery prick.



    • You have to feel sorry for Ashley. He’s worked his arse off throughout this. His burden no doubt much heavier because Clark was AWOL. And then Clark has the effrontery to blow him out of the water while he’s standing right there.



    • What exactly is Bush responsible for?

      Technically Clark is right, in that the Minister is responsible for setting policy. The DG and his gang are responsible for implementing it. But the whole Govt. in this case has bathed in the misplaced glory, so the Government including the PM need to take responsibility for the fiasco.



      • Ashley was asked earlier in the week if things had broken down between him and Stupid Boy! Bet they have now!
        Wouldn’t be surprised if Stupid Boy was dragged around the corner and given a black eye and a broken nose!



  6. Viking ,OMG. thats the first time I’ve seen that,what a C–T that pathetic Clark creature is , my guess is he was bullied at school most likely called a little C–T and those kids were right ,nothing has changed.
    Why do we have the most spineless ,gutless government in our history ?oh yeah thats right the PISSHEAD PETERS.



  7. Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern’s big promises have failed spectacularly

    OPINION: Transformational. Do you remember the Prime Minister promising voters of a transformational Government?

    It was a bold, ambitious, but ultimately, hugely risky claim.

    Be careful with your words – voters remember.

    Jacinda Ardern’s big promises sounded great – but they have failed spectacularly.

    So revered internationally – if only those disciples applied some rigour to what’s been achieved. This Government can barely deliver a letter.



  8. Finally it makes sense why the Premier was originally saying it was families that forced Victoria to intensify its lockdown

    Eid family feast sparks Victorian cluster
    CORONAVIRUS AUSTRALIA LIVE NEWS: A family Eid celebration that broke public health restrictions has emerged as the cause of one of Victoria’s biggest family clusters.

    The rest of it is behind a paywall.
    Seems to tie in being called a Colburg cluster.
    Then possibly schools and tied in with Keilor Downs family cluster.

    When asked about about claims Victorian authorities had failed to engage with migrant community leaders,
    Professor Sutton said the health department was doing everything it could to get public health messaging out to linguistically diverse communities, particularly those in hotspots of Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin.

    “It’s a complex process,” he said. “We have always had information in multiple languages. I have been very actively engaged in multicultural engagement.

    “We’re meeting with a whole number of ethnic community representatives and we have always advocated to engage with our intelligence team around where are our cases, what communities do they represent and to use all mechanisms to reach into them.”

    “It is not a simple case of pamphlets and campaign materials and banners to reach into communities.
    You do need that community leadership, community champions and all of the modes and methods available to you to try and get messages out.”

    He added that many people use social media from their country of origin or friends as their primary source of information.

    “A lot of it tells them that it’s all rubbish messaging from government, ” Professor Sutton said. “It’s not an easy task.”

    Criticism continues to mount on the state government’s handling of the pandemic, as the threat of a second-wave hitting the state looms.

    Other books, prayers etc. will be more of a priority in their lives.
    The Australian government does not comply with what “matters” in their “lives.” except for paying jizya.

    One of Victoria’s biggest coronavirus clusters came from a Muslim family who broke public health orders to celebrate the end of Ramadan. …..

    ….. A gathering in Coburg, north of the city, last month has been linked to at least 14 cases across multiple households. ….
    The party was to celebrate Eid – the end of the Muslim holy month – on the weekend of May 23 and 24.

    Attendees were in breach of Victoria’s lockdown measures, which at the time prohibited households from having more than five guests. ……

    …..Islamic Council of Victoria vice-president Adel Salman said he heard speculation about large gatherings within the Muslim community, but said there was no proof of links to new cases.
    ‘By and large, I think the Muslim community has been exemplary,’ Mr Salman said.

    It comes amid concerns that cultural confusion over the lifting of lockdown restrictions contributed to the fresh outbreak in Melbourne.

    Will Victoria have a residual pool of CoVid established now?



  9. It’s Fred’s birthday and he’s going to be turning 90, quite a milestone. His friends and family want to get him something memorable to mark the occasion but he has accumulated all the worldly goods imaginable during his long life so they decide to book him an experience instead. It could be the last time so it’s going to be in the arms of a skilled practitioner.
    They decide to use a very expensive escort agency and explain why they’re making a remote booking. Fred is not to be expected to travel because of his advanced years; the lady is to visit him in his home.
    As arranged she arrives mid-morning, well before his lunchtime nap, and rings the bell. When Fred answers the door he is greeted by the sight of a long haired beauty who gives him a dazzling smile and opens her coat wide to show she is wearing nothing other than her shoes and a dab or two of heady perfume. He stares at her.
    Finally, he says Yes? Can I help you?
    Happy birthday, Fred! Your friends have clubbed together and arranged for me to come and give you super sex on your special day.
    Fred looks at her without speaking for a few moments.
    I’ll have the soup, thanks.



  10. It is 86 days to the election and Peters is back obfuscating and manipulating to enhance his voting his base. As usual it is every man for himself so the agreement with his coalition partners is no longer useful, unless it is…

    Casualties of the coalition Government continue to grow

    “Their coalition agreement says that they will act in good faith to ensure all other agreements can be complied with,” he said.

    But NZ First Leader Winston Peters brushed off the accusation.

    “We’ve acted in good faith but the Greens’ three hours ago were telling you they’re responsible, and then two hours later they had an epiphany and now they’re saying we’re breaching some kind of agreement to which we were never a part.”

    But now Peters is back at the negotiating table claiming what he agreed to and what the legislation says are two different things.

    Little has no idea when the legislation might be finalised.

    “They’ve raised a couple of issues, I have to say they’re not new, but in any event they wanted to continue discussions so those discussions are continuing,” he said.

    Peters denies he’s blocking anything.



  11. NZ really is sinking into a poorly run socialist crap hole. Workers in our capital city told to stay at home. Why have the rail crews failed to clear the blockage on the tracks overnight?

    Wellingtonians advised to work from home today as train lines remain disrupted

    If you can, work from home – that’s the advice for those in the capital with train services still disrupted this morning.



  12. Lucky, not terrorism in Australia.
    …. seized 14 weapons ….. ….. including an MK15 assault rifle, a pump-action shotgun and a 9mm Glock pistol. ….
    ….. Two banana magazines and 523 rounds of ammunition ….
    ….. 45 charges including 18 counts of offering to supply a pistol to a person unauthorised to possess it. …..
    ………. a person with “extremist sympathies”, who was allegedly “aligned to the Islamic State ideology”, supplying firearms. ………


    So supplying the pistol to a person “unauthorised” seems to mean that he was “authorised” to have it.
    It seems do not ask the men why they had the weapons? as asking could be racist?



  13. Unemployment might be over 10 percent already – study

    “A bit under half of New Zealand households we surveyed experienced an economic loss and there was a net job loss of about 130,000. That’s a big negative jolt.”

    The International Monetary Fund on Thursday said the world was in for a bigger shock than expected, expecting the global economy to shrink by 4.9 percent this year – up from a 3 percent contraction predicted in April.



    • And meanwhile we’re borrowing, printing money and having Cindy throw it around like confetti to try and buy an election. It’s like the stupid bint hasn’t considered what happens after the 19th of September.



  14. Trish Sherson and Chris Trotter discuss David Clark ‘throwing Bloomfield under the bus’.

    Health Minister David Clark’s behaviour ‘shameful’, Jacinda Ardern needs to act – commentators

    “The one thing they had, the one shining moment in three years, was their handling of the COVID crisis and the last week, I cannot see how that hasn’t put a massive dent in their public standing,” he said.

    Trotter then hit out at Clark and said Ardern shouldn’t simply stand by.

    “I thought the behaviour of David Clark in relation to Ashley Bloomfield was just shameful, absolutely shameful. I am sorry Jacinda, but if you let that stand for the next 24 hours, then it’s going to come back on you, because a person like that should not be in his job.”

    Right-wing leaning commentator Trish Sherson was also critical.

    “I know from sources who were close to that emergency response, not only was he not physically in Wellington, he was absolutely invisible and absent to that team, not even mentioned in daily reports, totally away from it,” she said.

    “He botches that up shockingly, doesn’t get the sack, comes back, then gets put back in charge of this. It is a failure of the most ridiculous proportions.”



  15. And while the Government are getting hammered on testing and isolation fuckups , the Immigration Minister doesn’t know or want to know how many essential workers have arrived in NZ or what they are doing as he thinks that it takes to much time when they have other jobs to do.
    This is from a Minister that gets paid big buck and like others in Labour has been caught out giving a person of dubious Character residency. A drug smuggler by the name of Karel Sroubek.



  16. Lets hope he is not too long in the wilderness, as he sure pushes the truth. 🙂

    ….. ‘There’s a communal strain of syphilis infecting the grievance brigade and the activists who will not be bothered to listen to what I say, not that I’m whinging, but I’m 100 per cent right on what I said about those two matters that caused controversy,’ he said. …..
    …… ‘I make no apology for saying George Floyd is a piece of what I said and I did say it was a disgrace what happened to him — no one mentions that — and the police should be in receipt of the full force of the law for what they did to him.
    Having said that, why we would eulogise and make a martyr out of him and that’s what I said, I don’t recede from that one iota.’
    Newman added his public voice would be more outspoken now that he has cut ties with the network and no longer needs to consider the company’s reputation. …


    He should be well positioned, when a new dawn, a new awakening, when truth & reason comes back to its rightful place.
    Just a matter of reaching the bottom of this “woke” lot, throw them all out, and come out the other side. 🙂
    How long will it take?
    To me it seems so ridiculous that once the cracks emerge, then “wokefulness” would split asunder.
    So long as we keep battling, to get out of the “woke” mire.



  17. Note woke enough bro!

    Democratic Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter, 60, collapses after being ‘punched and kicked in the head by ten protesters’ after he stopped to take a video of them amid a night of unrest over activist’s arrest

    A night of unrest in Madison, Wisconsin, left two statues destroyed, windows smashed and a Democratic state senator hospitalized after he was attacked by a group of protesters near the state Capitol.

    State Sen. Tim Carpenter said he had been heading into work late Tuesday when he stopped to take a video of protesters gathered outside the Capitol.




  18. Here is a politician in Germany taking it to their Greens.

    Draft law proposed by the Green Party states: “any person may declare at the civil registry office that the information about their gender in a civil status entry should be replaced by another term or deleted. ……
    …… The new preferred gender also applies to the past.
    Children who are very well able to remember their father are then told that they have only ever had two mothers.
    This is Orwell 2.0.

    The draft law explicitly applies to male asylum seekers who then become female asylum seekers, so that the young Syrian, Eritrean, Somali, will be allowed to swim with women’s groups without discrimination.
    What a miracle of integration. …….

    …… the Green Party refers to the “current state of science”, by which they mean the ideological baloney that the 250 gender studies professorships provide at government expense.
    If you want to be able to choose your gender freely, you can also join forces with the Flat Earth Society, ….

    ….. These are the First World problems of wealthy left-wing liberal neurotics who have lost all touch with reality in their highly subsidized energy-saving houses.
    As far as we’re concerned, Anton Hofreiter or Antonia Hofreiter can become the queen in Gender Gagaland, but Germany has real problems and we will take care of them.

    Beatrix von Storch on Green Party trans demands.
    4 mins 18 secs. All subtitled.

    How far away is this “fluidity: from being entrenched in law in NZ?
    Jimmy 2 mums is the offspring of this.



  19. A punter who has placed a bet of $250,000 for Donald Trump to win back the US presidency will be nervously waiting for the results of the election.

    With a win he is set to reap a payout of $850,000. 👍

    Vote Trump 2020 ☑️



  20. This is a disgrace if you commit a sexual assault you have to pay the consequences especially if you except a flea bargain to reduce the charges to stop having a conviction , so to keep on appealing for name suppression doesn’t cut , especially if one of your Parents has a job that could hurt her ambitions. If this was a poor person he wouldn’t have got any reduction so why should this person. You do the crime you do the time and that includes none suppression.



  21. National jumps in support with new leader, Labour still able to govern alone – 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll

    Party support
    Labour Party – 50% (down 9 percentage points)
    National Party – 38% (up 9 percentage points)
    Green Party – 6% (up 1.3 percentage points)
    ACT – 3.1% (up 0.9%)
    New Zealand First – 1.8% (down 1.1%)
    Māori Party – 0.9%
    New Conservative – 0.7%
    TOP – 0.5%
    Don’t Know/Refused – 15%

    National dropped to 29% in May’s poll – its lowest result since 2003.

    The Green Party has crawled back above the 5% threshold to 6% support, after receiving 4.7% in the last poll which is not enough to get into Parliament.

    NZ First fell to 1.8% support from 2.9%. The party last fell to 2% in 2012. This would mean that without winning an electorate, NZ First would be out of Parliament.

    ACT rose up to 3.1%, meaning if leader David Seymour retained the Epsom electorate at the election, he would pull three other MPs into Parliament with him.

    Preferred Prime Minister
    – Jacinda Ardern: 54% (down 9%-points)
    – Todd Muller: 13% (up 13%)
    – Judith Collins: 2% (down 1%)
    – Winston Peters: 2% (up 1%)



  22. Peters loses his cool with the journalist who asked about the NZ First poll results.

    NZ First sees disastrous poll result, Greens scrape above threshold

    Coming in at just 2%, it was New Zealand First’s worst result in this poll since 2012.

    Asked about the party’s poor showing in the poll, party leader Winston Peters told 1 NEWS – “your polls are crap…your polls are rubbish…your problem is you don’t have the intellectual capacity to absorb the mistakes of your polling industry.”

    Mr Peters denied that the Serious Fraud Office investigation into the secretive foundation bankrolling his party was contributing to its poor results.

    “Once again that’s a jack-up as well, and we’ll prove that….this is the point here New Zealand First is so effective, that we’re impervious to attack on any reasonable grounds so common dirt is what they try against us – it’s not going to work,” Mr Peters said.



  23. “These are not protesters, they are the armed militia of the Democratic Party”

    Tucker: The people pulling down statues are idiots

    The angry children you’re watching set fire to Wendy’s, topple statues and scream at you on TV are truly and utterly stupid. There’s probably never been a dumber group gathered in one place in all of American history.



  24. Popcorn time 🍿🍿🍿 Goof reckons he’ll steal Tainui water.

    Auckland water crisis: Mayor Phil Goff would take more water from Waikato River despite iwi opposition

    Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says if the Government rushes through consent to draw more water from the Waikato River, he’ll comply and do it whether local iwi like it or not.

    Waikato-Tainui offered to help councillors find a long-term solution to water woes on Thursday but Goff says he and the 1.7 million Auckland residents need a solution now.

    Waikato-Tainui chairperson Rukumoana Schaafhausen told Newshub they’re willing to help but taking more water isn’t on the agenda.

    “Several hundred million litres of the water every day from the river – that’s a significant impact,” she said.



  25. Team, I’ve been so busy with work and ACT party volunteer work that I’ve barely seen daylight. It feels like I’m seeing YSB once a fortnight, which is far too infrequent! Last weekend was great, we had David Seymour speak at our local pub and it was a splendid event!

    Key dates coming up – 28th of June the ACT list is being released, so we’ll see who joins David in parliament should the voting trends continue. And the 11th and 12th of July is the official campaign launch here in Auckland. Tickets are $50 a piece and apparently well worth it! I’ve convinced Mama Bear to gamely come along and join me 🙂

    If you want to join in, sign up here! Also, you are going to hear this a lot – but every party needs money to run an election. Every $ helps us campaign more, campaign harder and get the message out there about Labour. To give you some idea:

    * Vinyl wrap of a car is just under $1,000
    * Flyers are $140 per 3,000; we need 30,000 per drop in Tamaki alone

    As you can imagine, those costs stack up quickly. I’ve already thrown a healthy number into the pot and while digital media help, there’s still a lot of signs, hoardings, door knocking and manual work to be done. So even if you don’t want to donate, volunteer time if you can and help out. And if you want to donate money or time, either directly to the party or contact me if you want to help our local candidate.

    We want to get rid of Labour and we’re heading in the right way!



  26. Lack of education in terms of election choices is a big thing. While David Seymour will tell you of his young Dancing With the Stars fans asking him about “Who has to pay Jacinda’s loans back?”, for every smart, young voter like that there’s a handful without a fucking clue.

    A young friend of ours came over for dinner tonight and when I told him I’m busy, he asked a bit about ACT. He lead with a comment like:

    Labour is for helping people and ACT is for helping businesses, right?

    Suffice it to say, the political re-education at that point became so in-depth and strict that Mama Bear left the room to go drink her wine in peace in the upstairs lounge. My first question was:

    What, don’t you think I’m a kind person and that I don’t help others?

    You don’t have to vote Labour to be kind. In fact, to vote Labour you probably have to be a fucking unkind retard, in essence. But many people just don’t know what parties stand for. He’s voted randomly for the 3 elections he’s had the opportunity to participate in, picking candidates on voting day by how they look. He didn’t even know how MMP works, how the previous government was elected or about how the coalition was formed.

    How do you educate them?

    How do you get them involved?



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