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  1. Are the people of Queenstown fools ? their money $85.000.000 Is coming “some in three months and the rest in twelve months” FFS this is just another Cinderella LIE to buy votes.
    There will be “well with the current situation we can no loner go ahead with those projects” all over this country after the election, you can bet your house on it and a lot of people will be unfortunately.



  2. The bosses at Saint Johns ambulance services must be F—King morons ,I can tell them how to get as much Cinderella cash as they need in an instant , rename the whole business the *Saint Hone ambulance service*.
    Jones and horseface will fill their bank account in less than half an hour,and add another $10.000.000 for rebranding ,,,see some of these problems are so easily fixed.



  3. ‘It was all blood’: Glasgow knifeman stabs six, is shot dead

    A man stabbed six people, including a policeman, in the Scottish city of Glasgow on Friday before he was shot dead by police.

    “The individual who was shot by armed police has died,” Police Scotland said in a statement, adding that they were not looking for anyone else. Police said they were not treating the incident as terrorism.

    The hotel, the Park Inn by Radisson, had been used to house asylum seekers during the coronavirus pandemic, although authorities cautioned against speculating about a motive from that.



  4. It doesn’t surprise me, he’s a careful grey suit Wellington bureaucrat.

    Coronavirus: We might still be at alert level 2 if Ashley Bloomfield had his way, documents reveal

    As part of the document dump, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet released the review of COVID-19 alert level 2 controls.

    In the document, the Director-General’s recommendation is that at least 28 days – or two transmission cycles – were spent at the full version of alert level 2, before considering a move to alert level 1.

    Of the three options in the document, the earliest date to consider the move to alert level one was June 22.



  5. “Welcome to a news series of Celebrity Master Mind.

    Will our first contestant please take the seat. Good evening, please introduce yourself.”

    “Hello, my name is David Clark, I used to be Minister for Health.”

    “Incorrect Mr Clark, you still are.”


    “Mr Clark, what is your specialist subject ?”


    “No Mr Clark, that was not the first question, please try again.”

    “The Great Corona virus Triumph of 2020.”

    “Okay, Question 1……I’m sorry did you say Corona virus ‘Triumph’ ?”

    “Yes…what’s wrong ? “

    “Please wait Mr Clark while I speak with the programme producer……who provided these questions….. Okay, who exactly is Ash?……0kay……must I……Okay Mr Clark, please accept the trophy & our congratulations.”

    And that’s how the TV1 budget was saved for another year.



    • Same in the Waikato. Not raining just now but everything looking bedraggled and heavy with raindrops.

      Did Auckland get decent rainfall or will Goof still have to square off against Tainui for a crack at sucking more river water? 🍿



    • Per the great Howick weather site
      Rainfall in the last few days, notwithstanding plenty of rain after midnight on Saturday morning:
      Friday 26th – 6.4 mm
      Thur – 44.2 mm
      Wed – 12.4 mm
      and so on
      Thur 18 June – 38.2 mm

      In 26 days to midnight there has been 150 mm of rain in Auckland.
      That is 13% of the normal 1100 mm pa for Auckland
      In May there was 136 mm of rain, total.

      So there were a few months early in the year with below average rainfall.
      Big deal.
      In 2018 it was very wet with 50% above average rainfall.
      The ground was saturated by early May.
      I remember a golf ball plugging (sinking into soil) in a place that it had never done before.
      These lying critters (sadly) in charge ignore basic maths and normal bell curves with standard variations.
      They are pretty thick to be getting the big bucks
      I include Raveen Jaduram there .
      Looks like Watercare is incompetent and Ravi, the CEO, is lying as well.
      Which I experienced with Watercare two years ago, in person.

      Par for the course now with public servants .
      40 years ago public servants were paid average salaries, did not lie all the time, and were honourable enough to resign if materially wrong.
      Now complete scuzz bags have taken their place.

      Par Goff will doubtless lie as well as he knows no other way.
      Build some dams you fool. You wank on about climate lies yet do nothing about it.
      The population has more than doubled since the last dam was built.
      More reason to shred the RMA.



  6. “It appears from evidence that Mr Chase looked to Mr Banks as someone he could trust. As is well known, Mr Banks is a former politician, holds himself out as a man of integrity and has significant business experience.”

    John Banks settles legal stoush after being jointly sued for nearly $2m


    So the honourable honest Mr Banks has been back in the limelight for dodgy dealing all over again.
    Threatening the newspaper with defamation and all. Poor guys first mistake was thinking he was trustworthy.



    • You got me at
      ‘Mr Banks is a former politician’

      Jeez Wayne.
      That fool needs to pay an ‘idiot tax’ for saying that.
      It is as stupid in this country as trusting former ‘All Blacks’
      Head spins like in the Exorcist. I surrender.

      Banks leaves a taint wherever he goes.
      Peter Huljich took the falll for the Huljich Funds Kiwisaver account even though Banks (and Brash) were directors.
      They should have been held to account as Doug Graham and Co were for the finance companies.

      Banks is a sneaky shit
      Won’t even acknowledge his own son and for an ‘honest man’ refused to accept the court ruling that the petitioner is indeed his son (despite trying to procure an illegal abortion circa 1969)
      His own mother performed illegal abortions. I wonder where he got the idea.

      Banks believes the bible literally, where the world was created 6000 years ago in 6 days.
      There were no dinosaurs or evolution.
      I give up.



  7. Devonport naval base welcomes HMNZS Aotearoa

    Measuring the length of two rugby fields and costing more than $500 million, navy staff say the boat is breathtaking.

    Flanked by dozens of sailboats and three Air Force planes, the HMNZS Aotearoa cruised into the Devonport Naval Base met by hundreds of excited Navy staff.

    The HMNZS Aotearoa measures 173 metres long and weighs around 24,000 tonnes, making it the largest ship in the New Zealand Navy.

    The higher and thicker grade of steel means it can travel through the Ross Sea and do supply drops to the Scott and McMurdo Stations in Antarctica.



    • Kea, the Pedophile Biden actually stated a few weeks back that a person with a gun is “unarmed” but then again that guy thinks putting his filthy hands on very young girls bodies is a showing of affection.



    • The suspect was an asylum seeker who went on a rampage after complaining about the hotel meals served to him during the Covid-19 pandemic. The knifeman, who was from Sudan, had threatened violence against other refugees and complained he was “very hungry” in recent days after being re-housed in the hotel, an activist told the Telegraph.



  8. Landowners fighting a council taking part of their properties without compensation have been offered ex-gratia payments that would end their right to legally contest the acquisitions.

    One landowner called the offer “hush money” and another labelled it a “bribe” that would prevent them being able to challenge Hamilton City Council in the Land Valuation Tribunal.

    And now a complaint has been made to police by one of the couples asking that the acquisition of their land be investigated as theft.

    But the council rejected that notion, saying it had complied with the Public Works Act 1981 throughout the process.

    The council is widening Peacockes Rd, south of the city, to make way for a $290 million subdivision of 8000 homes to be built over 30 years.
    Dozens of affected residents have either sold their property to the council and moved out of the area or are having part of their land compulsorily acquired under the Public Works Act [PWA].

    Scott Robinson and Cat Chang, both doctors at Waikato Hospital, have lost 3687sq m from their 2.4ha property, which the council offered the couple $1 for.

    A valuation done for the council estimated the remaining 2.1ha would be worth $282,500 more than it is now, due to betterment, an increase in value thanks to the water and sewerage infrastructure to be built with the new road, and the increased subdivision potential.


    This is a very serious case of property confiscation using the ” betterment” idea to acquire land by a local body.
    This cannot be allowed to succeed as it affects every single landowner in this country.
    The council want to build a new road to a new subdivision and do not want to pay for the land for the road so that they can make the sections cheaper at the current owners expense.
    Its a disgraceful use of the Public works Act which obviously needs changing to reflect the new century



    • The HCC is not following the LTSA just down the road. They have bought the golf course at the Narrows for 15 million. They didn’t need all the land but knew they had to buy it to put the new Hamilton bypass through. Once they have built this, most of the land will be sold off for a good profit.
      Obviously the HCC doesn’t want to buy all these properties for their road.



      • It seems they have bought some but because the oners want to stay they simply want to take for no cost the piece they require.
        Conmfiscation by stealth.
        Imagine what they would be doing if the owners were tangata people. Probably build them a Marae free of charge.
        This is a try on and if they get away with it then we have lost all our property rights for good when it comes to dealing with the Govt. Etc. This was an argument advanced as part of the tram thingy in Auckland.
        They have tried it at Taupo Airport and eventually extorted money from the lease holders. All orchestrated via the The Local bodies outfit. That became apparent during the negotiations. Once one is done that sets a precedent. You know how it works.



        • You have lost all property rights anyway, as that is the outcome of the judicial ruling against COLFO over confiscation action of ammunition without compensation. The judge basically said it was wrong, but as Parliament is sovereign and passed a law, then it was legal. This means anything in the country can be confiscated without compensation by a simple 7 minute act of Parliament. Be afraid NZ, as we dont have a constitution nor any checks and balances in NZ



    • I am not a lawyer but it seems to me that the argument is about the value of the confiscated land.
      My take would be is that the increased land value is something the council should wear,and pay for. This particularly as the rate increases on the remainder will be horrendous.
      Ratepayers deserve better than this creative accounting.



  9. How do I know YSB is making a difference – simple they’re monitoring every single post – and even more scary – the fascists are covering up evidence

    So, only last week, I posted this comment about how we’re being laughed at by the fascists who are trying to destroy everything that is beautiful and decent about NZ. You know, this was the one with the Iranian intelligence officer Manus Island escapee,who is being sheltered by the Green Party harpies and it showed Behrouz Boochani with someone who looks suspiciously like an ex Green Party candidate who is now getting paid a lot by all us decent folk.

    And well, colour me surprised! Wouldn’t you know it, the Twitter page with the picture is gone! Kaput, vanished, no trace, it’s as if it never existed at all. (Oops just checked it again and interestingly, when I checked for the tweet a few days ago I got a “This tweet does not exist” message, now apparently it does exist but it’s changed to “This tweet is not available” lol Twitter fascist morons)

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind! I’m sure some enterprising person has got a screenshot and saved the picture to the cloud so that they can roll it out closer to the general election to (once again) prove to the electorate that the Greens are corrupt to the core – Metiria Turei style.

    But the reason I am bringing this proof to your attention, is that it is cool to know that the fascists watching YSB are so terrified by the good stuff that appears on here – that they are being drawn out into the light every time they feel forced to act and cover up.

    It gives us all a chance to see how terrified they are of the truth because they know their lies melt away when exposed to the disinfecting effect of sunlight. No wonder they want hate speech laws to muzzle any dissenting voices.

    Isn’t it terrific to know what power YSB has over these dirty, degenerate, little losers, how they scrabble to cover up lies and their fuck-ups!



  10. Has the CoL made NZ the bolthole for super rich pedophiles?

    Well who knows, but this is some seriously weird shit:
    – chopped up children’s clothing
    – a mega-yacht that used to be called “Lady Ghislane” (you know Jeffrey Epstein’s procurer of young girls)
    – hydrogen cyanide coming out of the vents

    and I bet there hasn’t been one single Covid 19 test carried out on these degenerates.

    Socialism is a cancer, it defiles everything.



  11. A woman wakes her husband up, completely naked. Without saying a word, she climbs on top of him, and they have the most passionate sex in years. After they’re done, she gives him a wonderful cooked breakfast.
    “Wow!” He says “what spurred this on?”
    “The egg timer’s broken.” She says.



  12. I recently received correspondence from my kiwisaver investment .

    It was signed with a moori term and in brackets ,it had ‘kind regards’
    Makes me so bloody angry that something like this has been hijacked and the language common to all is put in brackets.
    How the hell do you fight back at this bs. I know it is another small detail but little by little………….



    • Very wise, no not being facetious.
      “little by little” but the landslide is under way, probably too late, and seems to be unstoppable.

      That “kindness” is a sign of a very serious rot.
      It shows the “wokeness”, that is put first in their financial ability.
      A “wokeness” that at all costs shows it has a different mission with YOUR money.
      Go woke, go broke.

      It seems their are many other missions on how to use your money, like appeasing “taniwha”, and granting “koha”.

      Ed’s post on “maths is racist” shows the craziness.

      I knew an old lady, who through the years had different investments in many different companies.
      An interesting history, as she mentioned that when a chairman or a Chief Executive got “powsy wowsy” about their holiday travels, family, or such things, she immediately pulled her money out.
      She considered she had many lucky escapes, as so many started on these slippery slopes, then got taken over, for cents in the $ or went bankrupt with in just a couple of years.

      The worst part is that NZ incorporated has the skids under it, and many refuse consider this, or to see it.



    • Change providers. Thats what I did when ANZ fucked me off with something sometime back. Cant remember what it was but I searched out another provider and they sorted it. I didnt have to lift a finger. ANZ have gone to the dogs, originally I was a National Bank customer and they were fantastic however ANZ took them over and its been downhill ever since.



  13. SEATTLE — The agrochemical giant Monsanto has agreed to pay Washington state $95 million to settle a lawsuit that blamed it for pervasive pollution from PCBs — toxic industrial chemicals that have accumulated in plants, fish and people around the globe for decades.
    PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were used in many industrial and commercial applications, including in paint, coolants, sealants and hydraulic fluids. Monsanto, based in St. Louis, produced them from 1935 until 1977, two years before they were banned by Congress.

    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, PCBs have been shown to cause a variety of health problems, including cancer in animals as well as effects on the immune, nervous and reproductive systems.




    • In one of the stupidest deals in business history Bayer of Germany purchased Monsanto two years ago
      ..as the lawsuits were mounting

      move the debt and liability offshore
      ..then the Yanks line up to ‘sue their arses’



      • Zuck had a meeting with the President 4 days ago.
        Facebook are caught between a zuck and a hard place.
        Thats why advertisers are pulling their ads until Facebook stop letting Trump post his triggering, factual posts about Law and Order..
        Even Coke and Pepsi have joined the bullshit woke crowd.
        As a warning to these beligerant defilers this is what happens when you push this garbage.

        Nike Announces Likely Job Cuts, $790 Million Loss (UPDATE)

        The email, viewed by Complex, comes after Nike posted a net loss of $790 million in its latest quarterly earnings report on the same day. The company attributed the loss in part to the strain COVID-19 placed on its business globally.



        • I’m sure that Zuckerberg and Trump have worked out some kind of a deal for their mutual benefit. They are both pragmatists. (Wouldn’t you do the same?)

          Could it be that the Bull Trap is starting to spring? (Give the markets a couple more months for the money to dry up a bit and for reality to start pricing itself in.)



  14. Hello China.

    TikTok to stop snooping on users’ clipboards after iPhone update shows app constantly reads copied text
    A security patch from Apple has suddenly exposed just how many smartphone apps are reading users’ clipboards every time they are on screen

    But a new software update by Apple shows that TikTok is still snooping – as well as numerous other apps including AccuWeather, Overstock, AliExpress, Call of Duty Mobile, Patreon and Google News.

    The revelation sparked anger and confusion among iPhone users and software developers, who described the clipboard-reading as “creepy”, “mildly terrifying” and “extremely shady”.




  15. If you have time watch President Trump speaking to Sean Hannity
    Cindy buys one warship
    Trump gets Americans to build 20 new warships

    President Trump Town Hall hosted by Sean Hannity | FULL
    •Premiered 21 hours ago
    43 mins

    President Trump discusses cancel culture push to remove statues, Democrat-run cities in crisis, support for ‘stop and frisk’ policing, economic threat from China, response to coronavirus pandemic with Sean Hannity in Green Bay, Wisconsin. #FoxNews



    • The irony is lost on them.
      Tucker Carlson is right, these protesters are idiots, they don’t know anything.

      Tucker: The people pulling down statues are idiots

      The angry children you’re watching set fire to Wendy’s, topple statues and scream at you on TV are truly and utterly stupid. There’s probably never been a dumber group gathered in one place in all of American history. #FoxNews #Tucker



  16. A lot of politics has gone under the bridge since 2017. The voters of NZ won’t make the mistake of trusting Peters again or electing Wristy.

    ‘Fascinating and pointless’: NZ First brushes off disastrous poll results

    New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin says recent polls suggesting the party won’t make it back into Parliament are both “fascinating and pointless”.

    “It was a different election then, and everybody knows it was a different election from the perspective of where was Labour tracking at that moment and then what happened. So, yeah, it’s true. I’d love to be at 11 percent now. We’re not. But does that mean that I’m quitting tomorrow? No. It certainly doesn’t. I’m not worried… We haven’t even started electioneering yet. And once we start putting out our policies, then let’s have a look at what the polls say.”



        • I don’t believe that the Nats are going to make it with Act alone.There are too many idiots out there that will back Labour .
          Frankly the Nats need to do some real thinking about this .Unfortunately with Goodfellow as President they will retain an arrogance that will see them fall short.The party is deluded.They think they are going to do the same as before .pump up the economy with open borders and escalating house prices.That will not shift anyone in the centre that has been struggling to find jobs,struggling to find a future path in this once wonderful country.
          Labour will have given out so much money many will think voting for them wll mean more.
          If Labour win we are we are in deep trouble.



          • NZ is already in deep trouble. If these lunatics get voted back in there will be no way back. NZ is teetering on the edge of a cliff, the ground is crumbling underneath. Only a matter of time before it goes over.



            • I’m afraid you are right.

              I know a few people who have worked hard and saved hard and as they’re approaching retirement – they’re not too worried if Labour get another term. They don’t get what’s coming next – either way it’s shit.

              If Labour/Greens win, they honestly think that they’re not going to be touched. I told a couple that CGT will be back and they said “No the PM said it’s off the table now”! They’re both worldly wise, educated people and they believe that. Honestly, I don’t know what to say to clever people who are that gullible.

              I think there are many, many voters like my pals. That are fundamentally decent people who think that somehow rapacious socialism isn’t going to touch them. They think owning a few properties, having a good pension and being a good person is going to insulate them.

              We’re going to see extra taxes on savings, taxes on rental income earnings, punishment for owning more than one property, means testing of the pension, destruction of capital value across the board, increased compliance costs, massive increases in heating costs.

              On the other hand, we now what will happen if by some fluke Nats/ACT get in power. There will be widespread (organised and planned) civil unrest, with massive destruction of physical private property, caving by the cucked government leading to further assaults on the economy, law and order and freedom.

              Either way – it’s a shit show.

              And my nice, well to do friends still thinking Cindy is a nice PM and if you don’t like her it’s because you are a sexist pig.

              Brainwashing app successfully uploaded to the population. MK Ultra working as intended.

              We are living in the ruins of the once great western civilisation.



              • Good post DP.
                That is an odd thing in NZ. If you critique Ardoom they call you sexist.
                As I point out that 3 of the last 4 PMs have been women so it is not gender.
                It is the person.
                I don’t count B. English as he never really turned up to work as a PM. Excl on Finance, just not a CEO.
                I was very envious of Australia when they had the run of Hawke, Keating, and Howard.
                In the time NZ plunged behind AU on many metrics.
                The manipulation is effective and the future is scary.



          • I don’t always agree with your viewpoint wiseowl but you are right with National.

            “National will retain an arrogance that will see them fall short.The party is deluded.They think they are going to do the same as before .pump up the economy with open borders and escalating house prices.”

            That’s why I’m voting Act after decades voting National as last time the Nats were in they burnt their boats with me for the final time. For the past 3 elections I’ve been disillusioned and close to voting Act. This time I will. Muller has proven already he is too far left for my liking.

            Vote Act 2020 ☑️




            • While they have certainly earned that crown I suggest that Todd is not that person. He was certainly of a very humble family, humble and very determined.
              Anyway , the alternative is Jacinda who cares. Take your pick.

              When ACT get 5 or 6 MP’s remeber we don’t know them other than David who I support. Rodney had his share od shit mp’s.



            • Last para WG. Agree. Similar view. At least I can direct vote DS in Epsom.

              I posted on KB a few years ago that Notional are more left of Labour 30 years ago. Sadly they made no effort to prove me wrong.



  17. For K-pop stans, tanking Trump’s rally is just the start
    ‘If we could sell out stadiums, we could also empty them out,’ teens warn



    Time for some real austerity in the world. Teens are going rampant.
    Entitled tarts. Jacinda would fit right in if she wasn’t middle age adjacent. 😆 😆



  18. Coronavirus found in March 2019 sewage sample: Spanish study
    Virus present 9 months before it was identified in China

    MADRID (Reuters) — Spanish virologists have found traces of the novel coronavirus in a sample of Barcelona waste water collected in March 2019, nine months before the COVID-19 disease was identified in China, the University of Barcelona said on Friday.

    The discovery of virus genome presence so early in Spain, if confirmed, would imply the disease may have appeared much earlier than the scientific community thought.

    The University of Barcelona team, who had been testing waste water since mid-April this year to identify potential new outbreaks, decided to also run tests on older samples.

    They first found the virus was present in Barcelona on Jan. 15, 2020, 41 days before the first case was officially reported there.
    Then they ran tests on samples taken between January 2018 and December 2019 and found the presence of the virus genome in one of them, collected on March 12, 2019.

    “The levels of SARS-CoV-2 were low but were positive,” research leader Albert Bosch was quoted as saying by the university.

    The research has been submitted for a peer review.

    Dr Joan Ramon Villalbi of the Spanish Society for Public Health and Sanitary Administration told Reuters it was still early to draw definitive conclusions.

    “When it’s just one result, you always want more data, more studies, more samples to confirm it and rule out a laboratory error or a methodological problem,” he said.

    There was the potential for a false positive due to the virus’ similarities with other




  19. News by Location Business Markets Tech Politics Economy Features Opinion Life & Arts Asia300

    Latest On Coronavirus
    Coronavirus found in March 2019 sewage sample: Spanish study
    Finding origin requires cooperation and information from Chinese government
    The novel coronavirus that has now killed more than 400,000 people may have first jumped to humans in the middle of September, according to one analysis. © Reuters
    HANA SLEVIN OHAMA, Nikkei staff writerJune 22, 2020 00:57 JST

    TOKYO — The new coronavirus likely began spreading in China last fall, according to separate analyses of its genome by research teams in the U.K. and elsewhere.

    These analyses, which cover all genetic information of the virus, indicate ongoing person-to-person transmission before the first patient was confirmed in the Chinese city of Wuhan. But no clues confirm where the virus came from or how it came to be, leaving an even deeper mystery.

    Though evidence suggests the coronavirus originally came from bats, it remains unclear whether the virus was transmitted directly to humans or reached people through another animal.

    The first confirmed patient with pneumonia caused by the coronavirus was identified Dec. 8, according to the city of Wuhan. Chinese doctors reported to The Lancet, a leading medical journal in the U.K., that this patient began exhibiting symptoms Dec. 1. But many question whether this was really the first case.

    Teams worldwide are analyzing the genome of the virus to discover when it jumped to humans, and information is being collected in an international database. Tracing the mutations of the virus might reveal when person-to-person transmission began.

    Researchers at University College London estimate that infections among people began between Oct. 6 and Dec. 11, based on genetic information of the virus drawn from more than 7,500 patients in China, Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. The team suggests the virus spread beyond China early on and eventually triggered the pandemic.

    A separate team at the U.K.’s University of Cambridge estimates that infections spread to people between mid-September and early December, based on a study of genetic material from about 1,000 people.

    The Cambridge research also suggests the virus may not have originated in Wuhan.

    The common ancestor to the new coronavirus, which is close to a type found in bats, seems to have originated in China, said Peter Forster, a fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at Cambridge. But this ancestor had been found more often outside of Wuhan, such as much farther south in Guangdong Province, until mid-January.

    The search for when and where the outbreak started also has employed other types of analysis. Harvard University recently used satellite imagery to determine that the usage rate of parking lots at large hospitals in Wuhan increased significantly last August. Experts say that while this kind of analysis is inconclusive, the parking lot imagery could be related to COVID-19.

    Reports also suggest the virus reached Europe and the U.S. and began spreading earlier than thought. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an early report that said the disease may have begun spreading in the country between late January and early February.

    In France, a man in his 40s was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms in late December. When a sample from him was analyzed in April, doctors confirmed he had been infected with the coronavirus. However, there was no surge in patients suffering pneumonia with an unknown origin, so this case’s connection to the pandemic is unclear.

    China originally said the virus began in Wuhan street markets but later issued a retraction. Beijing also has denied claims by the U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration that the virus escaped from a Wuhan research facility.

    The World Health Organization says it is unclear whether the virus originated in Wuhan markets. It is considering whether to dispatch a research team to assist international efforts to trace the virus to its origin, but finding the source will require the cooperation of and information from the Chinese government.
    Read Next




    • I’m looking at the future not the past now but over a month ago as I was trying to understand what is really happening there were a number of reports of the virus being present in Europe in October possibly, but definitely November 2019.

      My question is, and it is spitballing ie way off the tracks :-
      Is it manufactured with the emphasis on the first three letters (man) and is it being released and reworked.
      The varying impact in different locations is not easy to explain.

      Too much does not stack up to be a naturally occurring phenomenon.
      If that is the case, the focus must be on the core of any problem solving technique :-
      Who. what, when , where, how, why … ?

      Given the world economy I think we know ‘why’



  20. Bahaha
    According to 3Spews, “the audience for Disney’s Moana just got bigger” because the film has been translated into Te Rep (probs with plenty of taxpayer’s money) by Taika Waititi’s sister.
    Of course the number of people who can understand it in Maori but not in English might be about three.



  21. Drought !
    What drought!
    Email in at 4pm
    Golf course closed till further notice.
    Ground saturated.

    Phar Goff and Tonto, his indian sidekick at Water Careless, will still lie.
    Goofy cant help himself.



  22. Dad, I’ve decided what to do when I leave school. I’m going into business. I’m going to get rich.

    What? What happened to environmental research?
    That was okay but everyone’s doing it these days – and there’s no money in it, unless you can score some big grants from oil companies or developers. But we’ve banned oil exploration here so …
    What about the property developers though?
    Nothing much from there either. They prefer to pay koha for consents these days rather than fight city-hall greenies and land-rights gangs.
    The greenies run a big industry, son. Environmental impact reports will always be needed. It’s a secure future you’d be giving up. What do your friends say about your change of heart?

    They’re not happy. They say saving the planet is far more important than personal wealth. But Marty Greiner’s told me he’s going to do accountancy like his old man. He’s not coming out though. He’s told me not to tell anyone.
    That’s very sensible of him. You know, we’re no longer in the age of capitalism, son. We’re in the age of equality and fairness and fair incomes for everyone. I’m worried you’ll end up on the wrong side of history.

    Dad, the brightest kids at school don’t seem too worried about that. Profit’s not a dirty word you know. Entrepreneurs make the world go around. What’s wrong with that?
    It’s just that … well … profits … particularly big profits … are seen here as a bit … you know … grubby. We all just want to be equal and just get along in harmony, don’t we?

    No, Dad. I’d like my own jet and superyacht and a chalet in Aspen and …

    Now you’re just being silly, son. You need to be realistic. Do you know how many people make the Rich Lists in Western democracies?
    Yes, Dad. About 4 per cent of the population, actually.

    Well, there you go. It’s disgraceful, really. Why should such a tiny number of people have all that wealth?
    Dad, Western democracies wouldn’t run without them. All government revenue comes from taxing the wealthy.
    I don’t think so, Son.
    Only 14 out of 100 people here pay more in taxes than they take out from government services and pensions and welfare and …
    Fourteen in 100? Who told you that? Everyone earning a wage here pays tax.
    Yeah, they do. But they take more out of the pot than they put in. In Britain only five out of 100 taxpayers make a net contribution.

    You can’t believe all that capitalist propaganda, son. What have you been reading? Why would such a tiny number of people put up with such an unbalanced system like that? It doesn’t make sense. Even you can see that, can’t you?
    Yes, Dad.
    I don’t know what your mother’s going to say when she hears about your crazy plans. She’d be so embarrassed if her friends find out. So would I if it got around in the Innovation Department in Wellington.
    It’s okay, Dad. I won’t say anything.
    That’s good, son, that’s good. Thank you.
    So you’re not worried about rumours the Government’s going to introduce higher taxes here to pay for our budget deficit?
    What rumours? What taxes?
    Dad, the Government’s looking at death duties, a wealth tax on household incomes over $75,000, luxury tax on cars like in Australia, capital gains on-farm and share sales, an unoccupied buildings tax, that’s our bach …

    Wait on, wait on. Taxes on our bach? A bach is something every hard-working Kiwi aspires to. It’s a given. It’s not a luxury, for heaven’s sake. It has to be unoccupied at times because it’s a holiday place. What are these people thinking? Why are you shrugging? What’s the grin about? Do you think this is funny?

    – Businessman Barry Colman is the former publisher of the National Business Review.



    • Hey Mikey you still reckon the mooozzzleeems are the biggest threat we face, as leftists murder and run riot? Or has the Doc got yours meds right?

      Perhaps you can offer your services as a “Nazi hunter”. Your Antifa mates are down with that shit bro.



        • You could try
          Sweating like a rapist- the Mark Ellis phrase

          ‘Sweating like a murri’ is wacist

          the asian beer is quite nice = better than the aussie crap
          I have moved that way in the last year
          Tiger. Noice.
          Phail twitford probably does not like beer with chinese sounding names.
          However I’d expect him to drink wine coolers, not beer, given he is a dozy woofter.



  23. Will your UBI be enough to allow you to buy a little comfort food……..cuz..

    “Restaurant Of The Future” – KFC Unveils Automated Store With Robots And Food Lockers

    Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has debuted the “restaurant of the future,” one where automation dominates the storefront, and little to no interaction is seen between customers and employees, reported NBC News.

    After the chicken is fried and sides are prepped by humans, the order is placed on a conveyor belt and travels to the front of the store. A robotic arm waits for the order to arrive, then grabs it off the conveyor belt and places it into a secured food locker.

    Customers use their credit/debit cards and or the facial recognition system on the food locker to retrieve their order.




    • Rachel.
      The Kalergi Plan or sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, is a far-right, anti-semitic, white nationalist conspiracy theory, which states that a plot to mix white Europeans with other races via immigration was constructed by Austrian-Japanese politician Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and promoted in aristocratic European social circles. The conspiracy theory is most often associated with European groups and parties, but it has also spread to North American politics.

      Hope Not Hate, an anti-racism advocacy group, has described it as a racist conspiracy theory, which alleges that Coudenhove-Kalergi intended to influence Europe’s policies on immigration in order to create a “populace devoid of identity”

      For the future, Kalergi envisioned that individual European societies would be watered down by miscegenation and a new breed of easy-to-control “mongrels” created. Kalergi, son of an Austrian Count and a Japanese mother, maintained close relationships with Europe’s aristocrats and political class and was able to obtain the co-operation of many influential leaders. After the war, he brought them on board with his plans to create a “United States of Europe.” Both FDR and Winston Churchill thought Kalergi’s plan had merit.




      • I was just thinking that it must be easier to add melanin than to remove it. That was after the why would someone want to do that and isn’t it in itself exploitative?

        An extreme form of blackface? I always wore a watch when I got a suntan, which admittedly wasn’t really my thing and have thrown two out of three red heads.



  24. The times are coming to a close.

    ~ Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer voice several non-white characters on the show
    ~ Other white actors on other animated shows have already stepped down from voicing non-white characters
    ~ Earlier this year Azaria said he would no longer voice Indian-American character Apu


    Voice overs must be like wearing “blackface”

    How far away is going “broke”? as they trade on being “woke”



  25. Good clip of Democrat politics wg.
    Blasio takes the weak Democrat way out, so whose money, follow the money.
    A good background history of BLM and how the funding grew and how it interacts, what you would have thought was benign.

    “Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why? The Answer May Shock You!”
    8 mins. 11 secs.

    Follow the money, that is OUR money.
    WE are now funding BLM in terms of millions of dollars, that will tear us all down, and will give ultimate controlling power to global conglomerates with their agendas.

    We also fund our version of BLM, and the money being thrown around in NZ is going to do major damage to our constitutional set up and democracy,



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