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  1. Good morning everyone.

    Ghislaine Maxwell, longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate, arrested

    Longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday on a six-count indictment charging her with grooming young girls for sex.

    The British socialite, 58, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire around 8:30 a.m., sources told The Post.

    The just-unsealed indictment charges stem from Maxwell’s role “in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein” as early as 1994, court papers say.

    “The victims were as young as 14 years old when they were groomed and abused by Maxwell and Epstein, both of whom knew that certain victims were in fact under the age of 18,” the indictment says.


    There will be a press conference today at noon to announce charges against Ghislaine Maxwell for her role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein.




    • Oh yeah.
      When they gunna lock up half of the worlds men?
      A croc of shit from the God botherer’s.
      Truth is that even in NZ there are 14 yr olds out there, as in most countries. Allah won’t be happy.
      Not saying it’s right but its reality.

      Oh, I missed the vital bit. It’s run by the corrupt FBI and a victim who sues for money. Says it all.
      Now down tick away.



      • Viking , Epstein had sex with 100s of underage mostly underprivileged girls,he was a filthy pig of a human being that used Ghislaine Maxwell to target and supply those young people for him for a couple of hundred dollars a time.
        The two of them trained some of the girls to recruit other children for them both to have sex with and traffic all over the planet for pedophiles to use .
        Epstein was murdered by those same rich pedophiles that knew he was going to spill the beans for a plea deal..
        There was a “dead mans trigger file” that the FBI have which is unlikely to ever see the light of day because of all the dirty pedos listed in that file.



        • A man as familiar with the seamey side of elite society as Epstein was would have known what lay in store for him, and would have prepared multiple and independent “dead man’s triggers” to be activated in the event of his death.



    • Wonder how long she will last before she is topped with that type of suicide that is an assisted death? I bet she can tell a few stories… Ah well there will be another Netflix documentary Who Killed ….. and the list goes on.



        • Sooty ,Yeah old Bill whilst attempting to rape a young girl wasn’t happy with the fight she started to put up so he bit down hard on her top lip ,raped her and when finished he climbed off put on his sunglasses and said “better get some ice on that” and walked out.
          Bill Clinton hero of the left was just a filthy raping pig and everybody left and right knows it, but nothings ever done .
          Trump slapped him hard in 2016 and I reckon its clinton money that has caused Trump so much grief since then.



    • It all gets interesting
      wiki: Ghislaine Maxwell ( born 25 December 1961)[1] is a British socialite and alleged procurer[2] who is known for her association with Jeffrey Epstein. The youngest child of disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, she moved to the United States after her father’s death in 1991 and became a close associate of the financier and subsequently convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein
      a Jewess born on Christmas day.

      her daddy
      The real interesting part. Wiki
      >Ian Robert Maxwell MC (born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch; 10 June 1923 – 5 November 1991), was a British media proprietor, Member of Parliament (MP), suspected spy, and fraudster.[2] Originally from Czechoslovakia, Maxwell rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing empire.

      >Robert Maxwell was born into a poor Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jewish family in the small town of Slatinské Doly (now Solotvyno, Ukraine) in the easternmost province of pre-World War II Czechoslovakia.[4][5][6] His parents were Mechel Hoch and Hannah Slomowitz. He had six siblings. In 1939, the area was reclaimed by Hungary. Most members of his family died in Auschwitz after Hungary was occupied in 1944 by Nazi Germany, but he had years earlier escaped to France.

      Her was a British Labour Party MP from 1964 to 1970. That was in the period Britain was as close to communism as it ever has been.
      His resting place.
      Mount of Olives, Jerusalem.
      He was an active Mossad spy.
      It is likely Epstein is is/was (depending if he is really dead or eating olives in Israel.) a Mossad spy/agent/activist.
      It is likely Israel fronted Maxwell Snr the money to buy so much in the way of media in Britain.
      Clearly he was not that good a businessman as the lost pension fund attributes.

      These people and their associates are up to their ears in manipulation.
      Miss Ghis is an operator.
      Meantime I am sure Mossad has large dossiers on many people in the USA and other places who got a bit horny, with photographic evidence to back it up.
      You can be damn sure they have a lot of detail on dozy Ponce Andrew and will be using this to ensure Britain continues to back Israel.
      The real battles are not won with bullets and bombs.

      That is how the world works.
      If you hate facts feel free to downtick this free education.



  2. Made in New Zealand – Bugger

    In the 1970’s a colour TV in New Zealand cost around six months pay and if you were higher paid perhaps you could afford the 26 inch screen instead of 24 inch, and maybe the big cabinet too.

    I attended a conference back in the late 1990’s where Gary Paykel of Fisher and Paykel was a guest speaker. He explained why a colour TV had cost so much in New Zealand in the 70’s and 1980’s. The answer was our need to add New Zealand content to manufacture of TV’s, Cars and much everything else.

    F&P executives had gone to Japan to source parts to build colour TV’s here in the early 70’s, in time for the launch of colour TV in New Zealand in late 1973. They had a meeting with National Panasonic who were one of emerging big manufacturers. F&P explained the plan, the Japanese were dumfounded. You want us to supply the parts and put them together yourself?

    The bottom line said the Japanese, we can supply you a fully complete Colour TV in a box with a three year warranty for (say) $200.00. If you want us to package up all the individual parts you need and send them to you, we will need to charge you three times that (say) $600.00 and we cant then give you any warranty either, as we cant warranty your assembly.

    But we must do this, put it all together and also make the cabinet in New Zealand, it is the rules we must abide by to have New Zealand content, F&P explained. And that was eventually what happened, by the time the TV was assembled it had cost over $1000 to build and must retail for over $1800.00. So, a $200 TV with a three year manufacturers warranty that could be sold for around $350, ended up costing five times that, with its NZ content. But hey it was NZ made and you had two or three models to choose from.

    Applied today your very basic laptop would come in two models only, and likely cost $10,000 or more. It would also have a wooden casing if the greens could have their way.

    The lesson is one of economies of scale, the Japanese had the economies of scale to build hundreds of thousands of TV’s per month and to sell them. We had to use hand labour to cobble together a tiny fraction of that number and paid a very high price for our so called Made in NZ products.

    Tell me again how things were better before ‘Rogernomics’! ‘Socialism 2020 – Communism 101’ stickers and many more available at http://www.NoEyeDeer.nz



    • I can tell you here. The 50% of the workforce with an IQ over under 100 could obtain steady employment.

      That is not to say that we didn’t need to be dragged kicking & screaming into the 20th Century but there were many downsides to the economic revolution & one of them was the lack of the social cohesion that full employment brings.



    • But, but, but! Assembling color TVs in NZ creates jobs and stimulates the repair market. It also reduces “trade-up consumerism” because you make the same set last 15 years!
      Japan has a similar problem with its domestic rice cultivation done on tiny farms by senior citizens. The American rice price is a mere fraction of the price (even though it doesn’t taste so nice).
      Are you willing to throw your communities under the bus for the sake of more efficient and cheaper global companies who will out-compete your own producers?
      It’s a tricky one.



        • It’s a catch-22 situation.
          If you protect a local industry, the incentive to innovate and compete will be suppressed. If you don’t protect it, imports will wipe it out.
          It’s better to employ individuals and keep their sense of usefulness and work motivation intact. Japan understands this.
          Putting a man on welfare or a “living wage” will destroy him in the long run. The welfare safety net should never be repurposed as a hammock.



    • Remember when i was a wet behind the ears teenager .Many years ago .Did a tour of G. M. plant in Wellington Free morning tea and lunch and speech .Senior manager told us they could us they could just pay all the workers to just turn up .Assemble all the cars in Aussie import them and still sell them cheaper than C.K.D. NZ. built.



      • ……”they could just pay all the workers to just turn up “……

        With the amount of stuff that was “perked” or stolen from GM’s it would have been cheaper still to pay them to stay at the pub all day. Even engine blocks were smuggled out in the rubbish skips. Ford in Petone & Todds later at Porirua were in a similar position.

        The night shift at Dunlop’s factory in Upper Hutt kept half the Wairarapa rolling on hot rubber during the 70s & 80s.



  3. “No I wasn’t slow to sack the health minister” Jacinda Adern 2/7/20 ,FFS this is F—King unbelievable, what is going on In our country ? When I pointed this out to a Cindy loving customer yesterday he said “oh thats silly small stuff ,she’s saved us from the virus hasn’t she”.
    This from a guy I’ve always considered to be a smart politically aware individual , unless something really bad happens to the COL we have another 39 months of this long faced lying hag to endure.
    I have a survival plan if that happens and it involves not watching or listening to any local media from 20th of september 2020, I’ll just ignore the downfall of the economy and get on with living ,very simple really,selfish maybe, but simple.



  4. You coul;dn’t make this stuff up.
    Really you couldn’t.
    Just Nature taking it’s course.

    Claims guards at Melbourne quarantine hotels had sex with isolated guests, sparking new outbreak
    Security guards employed to monitor returned overseas travellers inside Melbourne’s Covid-19 quarantine hotels were having sex with guests, leading to Victoria’s new outbreak, it is claimed.

    On Wednesday, there were 73 new cases of Covid-19 in Victoria, 20 of which had no identified source, the highest daily number of community transmission since the beginning of the crisis.

    Overnight, 36 suburbs across 10 towns were placed into lockdown to stop the spread.

    Premier Daniel Andrews admitted there were a “handful” of breaches among staff at the hotels, which he says may have led to the outbreaks.


    Now that left me wondering where the fisherman had gone. do you think he might have become a secirity guard?



  5. WTF is an ignoramus like drunken Garner doing running a TV programme ? he’s just another Trump hating leftie moron.
    This morning he blamed Trump for all the Covid problems in 50 states and when it was explained to the idiot about Mayors and Governors being there to do that job he just kept on at it ,”but trump just wasnt there as a leader”.
    he was then told that the POTUS shut borders before our princess and he ignored it completely and like a dog with a bone kept saying “Trump was missing, Trump showed no leadership” what a bloated cool aid drinking F–kwit he’s become ,there must be more cash on the horizon for his failing station.



  6. ‘Surprising’ list of free apprenticeships on offer as Covid-19 response scheme begins

    The programme will see the Government paying employers up to $16,000 per apprentice.

    But it’s not just your traditional trades either – there are some surprising apprenticeships up for grabs.

    Alongside the traditional building and engineering, also available are apprenticeships in hairdressing, barbering or beauty, agriculture or horticulture, tourism and sports or fitness.



  7. Christchurch shooting: Brenton Tarrant’s sentencing date announced

    The sentencing hearing for Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant will begin on August 24, 2020.

    Justice Cameron Mander released a minute and said it’s estimated the hearing will last three days, but it will take as long as it needs to. It will begin at 10am on August 24.



    • ….. present victim impact statements using videoconferencing technology or simply watch the proceedings over a live streaming link. ….

      Justice Mander said the court estimated the sentencing would take three days “but the hearing will take as long as is necessary”.

      I feel a victim impact statement coming on.

      It starts with the announcement of how being so innocent, but now to be so guilty, therefore being put in the grip of the police machine.
      The screws and clamps are tightened, then the pressure goes on.
      Poor Great great grand-pa’ very soul being twisted & tormented with the forces until he is buckled and twisted wreck.
      The tears, are being bitterly held back, that now have to be self censored.

      What a terrible way that when all of that started the facts were kept hidden, behind a censored manifesto, while who? allowed licences?.
      Then while complying with all legalities, still made to carry a shame, and to carry a guilt. etc.. etc..

      I am sure their are hundreds, nay thousands, hundreds of thousands of submissions to be made about how one has been tormented, made to feel guilty, and really knowing no reason why, except that the state feels all so powerful, in flexing its thoughtless but controlling power, while keeping its motives quite behind hidden & censored manifestos.

      Let there be many, many submissions, to the judge, about the suffering!

      I am sure there will be many that will be more eloquent in their submission about the effects of that day, and how it changed NZ forever.

      Would enough submissions go on through to election day? 🙂



  8. Yesterday I watched the clip of SLG announcing Hipkins was the new Minister of Health.
    My eye was firmly on Chippie as she spoke.
    He looked like he was shitting bricks.
    ‘I only get by in the Education portfolio because Mum tells me what to do, but she doesn’t know anything about Health’



  9. Jackson didn’t have much to say this morning for a change.

    ‘Stop putting the knife in’: Willie Jackson defends ‘good man’ David Clark

    National MP Judith Collins said Dr Clark is “still a human being… He still has family and everything else, and it’s very hard for him.”

    “But his big mistake was this – Clark should have been in Wellington during the pandemic issues, and Jacinda Ardern obviously didn’t want him there. She did not want him there. In Dunedin he [had] nothing to do and did stupid things, and that’s the problem.”



  10. Myanmar jade mine collapse kills at least 126 people

    A landslide at a jade mine in northern Myanmar killed at least 126 people, with more feared dead, authorities said on Thursday, after a heap of mining waste collapsed into a lake and buried many workers under mud and water.

    The miners were collecting stones in the jade-rich Hpakant area of Kachin state – the centre of Myanmar’s secretive jade industry – when the “muddy wave” crashed onto them, after heavy rain, the fire service department said in a Facebook post.

    “Other bodies are in the mud,” Tar Lin Maung, a local official with the information ministry, told Reuters by phone. “The numbers are going to rise.”



  11. He killed four people drink driving

    Man known as NZ’s worst recidivist drink-driver sentenced to prison for assaulting his partner

    He has racked up a dozen offences related to driving under the influence, and nine previous assault convictions, including family violence.

    Yesterday he was sentenced to 12 months prison for assaulting his partner but was almost immediately released from Rimutaka Prison under strict conditions.

    In the evening, after asking to be picked up by his then partner, he attacked her causing a severe concussion, short term memory loss, and a loss of balance.

    Hawthorn slammed the woman’s head into the passenger seat of the car as she tried to call the police.

    “The defendant’s attitude to this was he had paid his debt to society and he would live life as he wanted to. He had no respect for me or anyone else; just himself.”



    • Speaking of cowards…

      But it stalled at the first hurdle, voted down by 63 votes from Labour, NZ First and the Green Party during its first reading.

      It would have created a new offence to apply to people who throw “coward punches” at unsuspecting victims who later die from their injuries, and provided an alternative to manslaughter carrying a maximum penalty of 20 years’ imprisonment.

      “Let’s call it what it is, this was voted down due to pure, cynical politics and it was clear to me during the reading that some members hadn’t even read the bill.”

      Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has previously said the law is too soft on king-hit killers.



      • You would think that poor excuse of a male Jimmy 2 Mums would have been eager to get it into law given he got a smack in the head ( not hard enough )sometime back. Well done that man.



    • Is Peter Williams taking the piss or what ,Im sure I heard him say that the IWI in Tauranga have been given control of all the underwater reefs in the BOP and will be banning any fishing on them from now on .Anybody know whats going on with this?



    • Glad they voted this way. Not because I think cowards should get leneincy, I’d execute the fuckers, but because it hammers home that Labour etc are soft on crime. Very, very fucking snowflake soft. Fuck you Andrew Little.



    • Astonishing that this hasn’t been given more Media coverage.
      ‘Coward Punches’ are all the rage amongst a certain demographic of youth these days- They film themselves king hitting an unsuspecting victim and plaster it all over the internet.
      Blood on your hands when the next victim dies Andrew Little!



      • This underscores the evil bastard Andrew Little.

        The man who was Union Boss when the miners went into Pike River mine- when they should not have.
        Then he spent tens of millions in a cover up/pretend recovery.

        Lets off Coward punchers but wants men convicted of rape on the unsubstantiated say of women.

        He is lower down the long drop ranking than Herr Doktor D Clark because Clark is a wacko with butterflies fluttering about in his scone.

        Little is pure Malice.
        The town where he grew up saw fit to never elect him to Parliament.



  12. The CDC in the USA is determined to wreck the US economy even more. Either that or they are completely incompetent.


    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic. We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus. The upshot is that the government’s disease-fighting agency is overstating the country’s ability to test people who are sick with COVID-19. The agency confirmed to The Atlantic on Wednesday that it is mixing the results of viral and antibody tests, even though the two tests reveal different information and are used for different reasons.”

    I would not be surprised to learn similar fiddles are happening in other countries such the UK.



    • The Medical sector in the USA is very powerful; hence the desire to maintain profits and never provide universal healthcare.

      It consumes at least 20% of GDP of the world’s largest economy.

      It is also likely there are strong political elements at play.
      The reach (around) of the Demoncrats is far.



  13. An FBI spokesman has just read out a press announcement:

    “I am shocked to report that shortly after her arrest Ghislaine Maxwell, the lady who knew where all the Epstein skeletons were buried, has taken her own life. . . . . . . My apologies it seems I’ve jumped the gun, that’s tomorrow’s press release!”



  14. Here we go again with the RMA

    Greens vote against Government legislation to fast-track resource consents during COVID-19 slump

    The new law will have a ‘sunset clause’, meaning it will be repealed two years from enactment. But the Greens are concerned that it reduces public participation and narrows environmental considerations.

    Green Party co-leader James Shaw said the legislation was put forward with good intent, and the Greens have “worked constructively throughout” to improve it, but in the end the party could not support it.



  15. Three Irish fellas walk towards a building site, and see a sign saying “workers wanted”. They all walk in and see a portacabin with a “help wanted” sign.

    Mick goes in first and says “ah now, I hear you’re looking for help, well I’m available and a hard worker”.

    The foreman says to Mick “if you can sing a song about a dog the job is yours”.

    Confused but willing, Mick belts out “how much is that doggy in the window, woof woof”

    The foreman claps his hands and says “the job is yours, see you here tomorrow morning at 7am”

    Next up Paddy walks into the cabin and says “ah so, I hear you’re looking for help, well I’m available and a hard worker”.

    The foreman says to Paddy “if you can sing a song about a dog the job is yours”.

    Confused but equally willing, Paddy sings “Who let the dogs out, whoooo whoooo whooo whooo…”

    The foreman applauds happily and says “the job is yours, see you here tomorrow morning at 7am”

    Seamus then strolls into the office and says “how’re ye, I hear you’re looking for help, well I’m available and a hard worker”.

    The foreman looks up and says to Seamus “if you can sing a song about a dog the job is yours”.

    Confused, Seamus needs a moment to think before singing “Strangers in the night, two lonely people, We were strangers in the…”

    The foreman interrupts and says to Seamus “hang on I asked you to sing a song about a dog?”

    And Seamus replies “well if you’d have just let me finish, I’d have got to the bit where it goes Scooby dooby doo”…



    • Something very weird about all of this.
      Clark gone- Bloomfield disappearing on a ‘Holiday’- Labour fucking BOMBARDING us with daily Baby Neve puff pieces..(Which they ALWAYS do when trying to deflect from something)
      Ardern’s behaviour at the Press Conference was erratic also- She was terse and rude and stamped off in a huff.
      Some kind of scandal is about to hit this disgustingly corrupt Labour Government ….Grab popcorn and watch this space folks!



      • Nothing but health sector cock-ups since Bloomfailed became CEO 2 years ago.
        Meningitis, Measles and the baby killing of 83 Samoan children
        The lies about
        -2020 flu vaccine
        -PPE availability
        – a pandemic plan – (there was none)
        -testing at the airport in March 2020
        – ordinary medicine being available (when it is not, confirmed by a pharmacist)
        -procedures in place for quarantine the thousands of returning people —while the borders were ‘closed’
        -the tests on day 3 and day 12 — ROFL

        so many lies from the one mouth of Ashley ‘Ernst’ Blofeld.
        so, so many lies.



    • That link is behind a paywall to me.
      I think this is what it is about.
      Take the time to read this full expose and machinations of the “Climate Change” so called “environmentalists”

      expose the financial, political, and ideological motivations.
      Environmental groups have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from fossil fuel interests.
      Groups motivated by anti-humanist beliefs forced the World Bank to stop trying to end poverty and instead make poverty “sustainable.”
      And status anxiety, depression, and hostility to modern civilization are behind much of the alarmism

      Once you realize just how badly misinformed we have been, often by people with plainly unsavory or unhealthy motivations, it is hard not to feel duped.

      So now one can see how Ardern is trying on the “nuclear moment” of this generation, to keep kids in poverty!
      Repeal “carbon Zero” for the Kid’s sake.
      They poverty fuck the kids in the name of religiosity of humanoid Gaia of “mother earth”, who is worse than any God Jesus.
      All whilst imposing “loving humanoid taxes & tithes”.
      And see the part of why refugees flee to our western hypocritical “heavenly” part of the world.

      Shellenberger labels environmentalism as “the dominant secular religion of the educated, upper-middle-class elite in most developed and many developing nations.”

      Shellenberger has become utterly disillusioned with the self-serving and often counterproductive policies pushed by the green lobby.
      He demonstrates how green policies backed by oligarch-funded nonprofits have often worked against the economic interests of people in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, often leaving them with little recourse but to pillage their own natural environments.

      Hat tip Maggy Wassilieff

      Creating “our own” heroes, to worhip in the “tower of Babel” and to control us.



    • Shellenberg taking on the Sydney Morning Herald & the Guardian,showing up the twistin, lying, distorting journalists behaviour.

      I have just requested that @GuardianAus & @smh
      investigate whether two of their environment reporters violated journalistic ethics in preparing what appear to be eerily similar attacks on my character
      Please re-tweet this to expose their unethical behavior


      Interesting to click on those letters, expand them and see how the newspapers seem not to be bound by their own code of ethics & rules and code of conduct.

      The media are out to protect the “narrative” which we must reject, and then to find the information, the truth, and then the moral courage to fight, to take them down..



  16. Keeping the wolf from the door

    COVID unemployment relief payments up 51 percent in one week

    New Zealand now has more than 200,000 people receiving either Jobseeker Support or the emergency COVID-19 unemployment payment, new figures show.

    There are 10,579 people on the COVID-19 Income Relief Payment (CIRP), which at present is $490 for 12 weeks, if people can show the pandemic is the cause of their unemployment – up 3619 on the week before, an increase of 51 percent.

    There are 190,456 people receiving Jobseeker Support, which pays much less than CIRP, up from 189,720. That means 6.3 percent of working-age Kiwis are on Jobseeker Support, up from 4.9 percent at the start of the year.

    Another $1.2 billion was paid as part of the wage subsidy extension between June 10 and June 26. Up until June 26, these payments were associated with 1.7 million jobs. So far 564,077 applications from employers have been approved and 75,474 denied.



    • Sadly, if Sean Plunket is correct “it looks like Muller is totally woke” and has told Hamish Walker not to repeat concerns of his Southland electorate that those incoming passengers from India, Pakistan and Korea are from Covid hotspots. “That they are inappropriate and he is not to make further comments to the media.”

      ‘It was inappropriate’ – Ardern responds to National MP Hamish Walker’s isolation facility comments

      It had been announced by the Government that it was looking to Queenstown and Dunedin as potential destinations for managed isolation facilities to hold returnees until it’s deemed they don’t have Covid-19.

      In response, the National MP for Clutha Southland sent out a press release claiming 11,000 people from high-risk countries, specifically India, Korea and Pakistan, could be coming to town. Mr Walker has since been accused of racism, but is standing by his comments.

      Dunedin’s Mayor Aaron Hawkins told RNZ Mr Walker’s comments were a “dog whistle”, while the minister in charge of border controls, Megan Woods, has called his comments disgraceful, scaremongering and racist.

      Speaking with media today Jacinda Ardern said she “certainly thought [Mr Walker’s comments were] inappropriate”.



      • Here’s the article quoting Muller, the woke leader of the Nat’s who won’t back his own MP’s for supporting the concerns of their electorate but stopped short of calling his comments wracist. Lots of callers to Sean Plunket this afternoon stated they will no longer be voting for National after Muller’s woke response.

        National MP Hamish Walker’s ‘racist’ remarks earn rebukes from Todd Muller and Jacinda Ardern

        National MP Hamish Walker’s “racist” remarks about plans for managed isolation facilities in Queenstown have earned him rebukes from Todd Muller and Jacinda Ardern – but a local doctor says he was just doing his job.

        Walker, MP for Clutha-Southland, said in a statement on Thursday that up to 11,000 people arriving from India, Pakistan and Korea could be destined for quarantine in the south without any consultation with the community.

        “It’s absolutely disgraceful that the community hasn’t been consulted on this,” he said. “These people are possibly heading for Dunedin, Invercargill and Queenstown from India, Pakistan and Korea.”

        The minister in charge of managed isolation facilities, Megan Woods, blasted Walker for singling out arrivals from Asian countries, describing his comments to RNZ as “disgraceful”, “reprehensible” and “racist”.

        National leader Todd Muller told reporters on Friday he spoke to Walker and expressed his “disappointment” – but he stopped short of describing the remarks as racist.

        “I expressed my disappointment and certainly don’t condone what he said… I’ve had the conversation with Hamish [and] expressed my concern.”



      • Gee it is a good thing they got rid of Todd Barclay so unceremoniously with the new Todd in Town
        We would have to distinguish with Woke Todd and Southern Todd.

        Sounds like the Woke Todd is a control freak.

        That is the MPs job to communicate and represent his electorate in the best interests.
        With so many freeloading list MPs they will never understand that (All greens, all NZ Fist)

        Bringing in sick bastards is not good for the electorate.
        The amount of TB brought in from the sub continent is officially suppressed … but significant.

        If Hamish Walker upset Arrogant Hawkins (Greenie wnkr) I owe him a beer.
        Good man.

        ..and racist…
        Singling out Maori for extra funding is racist

        Having Queens Bday awards for services to every racial group except white folk is racist.
        Will Woke Todd stop that?
        Pause……thought not.
        Fuck off Woke Todd.



      • Does not sound like racisim to me. Far too easy to make that claim and have the media generate click bait. Iaccept constituents are concerned and have contacted their MP. Good on Hamish Walker for taking the expressed concerns forward. I do not appreciate the governments action plan in this matter either.



  17. What in the fuck?

    I went looking to find out how many working age, employed people there are in NZ. I get:

    Stats NZ is developing well-being indicators, Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand – Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa, to track New Zealand’s progress.

    Fine, what does that say?

    Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa – Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand aim to help all of us monitor progress around our social, economic, and environmental wellbeing. Find wellbeing indicators on Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa website

    No, I want statistical data on how many fucking people are employed. I don’t want some limp-wristed, woke view of the world from a treaty-led organisation that will paint it whichever fucking colour the mad Jacinda Ardern wants.

    Holy what in the actual fucking fuck?



  18. Just heard some speculation that’s been swirling for the last couple of weeks about Clarke and the Nanny..?
    Has anyone else heard anything on this?
    This could be right up there with the Professor and LAX !~



  19. Revealed: The locations and number of travellers in quarantine and isolation

    On Friday, the Ministry of Health revealed there are 5202 people currently in quarantine around the country and thousands more are expected to begin their mandatory 14 days over the next week.

    The numbers of travellers in MI/quarantine per city:

    Auckland- 3802
    Hamilton – 146
    Rotorua – 390
    Wellington – 99
    Christchurch – 765
    Total people in MI and quarantine – 5202

    The current maximum capacity for travellers in New Zealand is 6188 people and they are 84 percent full.

    Saturday is expected to have the biggest increase in new arrivals with 815 people arriving in New Zealand, but they also have a large outgoing number of people in quarantine and managed isolation at 768.



  20. Auckland’s drinking water pipes are leaking at least 50 million litres a day, far more than Aucklanders have been asked to save during the most severe shortage in decades.

    The city’s water managers also don’t know how much water has leaked over the past five months – a period where usage restrictions came in, and in which there was a huge increase in pipe breakages due to the drying out and contracting of the ground.

    To help with the worst water shortage in decades Aucklanders have been asked to save 30 million litres of water a day, by having short showers and reducing the amount of washing they do. Hoses and water blasters connected to town water are off-limits.

    But at least one in every eight litres that Auckland produces disappears somewhere along the way – 50 million litres a day down the drain.

    Council water body Watercare chief executive Raveen Jaduram admitted it was not even meeting its own target.



  21. The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸
    Tucker Carlson with a fantastic description of President Trump as well as the type of President we will need after him.

    Trump is the guy who identifies the problem & asks the important questions. The President after Trump must be the guy who has the answers to those questions.
    The first video is about 6 minutes

    There is about a half a dozen videos from Carlson Tucker being interviewed, and about 1-2 minutes long.

    Some how we need to formulate our questions on the narratives that are presented, so that the information, the truth can be revealed and then pushed.
    As Tucker Carlson, mentioned the “obviously” answer is a blow over, and from what I have picked up on earlier and also importantly, can we say “NO”?



    • What’s in it for Tainui as well?
      Whinestone aiming to be the great saviour, maybe he could walk on water if he can stitch to gether a deal with no money changing hands. Wouldn’t that be amazing!
      Mind you, would never happen. The taniwahi has to be fed!



  22. The average newly-built house in New Zealand needs to shrink its carbon footprint by 80 per cent for the country to have a chance at keeping global warming to within 2 degrees Celsius, research has found.

    The construction industry has been put on notice that the Government plans to toughen the building code, because it wants lower-carbon, warmer, drier homes and buildings.

    On Friday, Minister for Building and Construction Jenny Salesa announced that the building code would change to be more climate-friendly – though specifics are yet to come.

    The government plans to raise the minimum standards for new buildings, with details to be announced and publicly consulted on next year.

    The Building for Climate Change work programme will introduce maximum carbon budgets for new buildings, including all materials, construction and waste disposal. This is expected to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the construction process.


    These people are screaming fuckin mad. Build more asylums.



  23. Hundreds arrested as crime chat network cracked

    The NCA worked with forces across Europe on the UK’s “biggest and most significant” law enforcement operation.

    Major crime figures were among over 800 Europe-wide arrests after messages on EncroChat were intercepted and decoded.

    More than two tonnes of drugs, several dozen guns and £54m in suspect cash have been seized, says the NCA.

    While the NCA was part of the investigation, it was initiated and led by French and Dutch police, and also involved Europol – the EU agency for law enforcement cooperation.




  24. Is this the CRISIS we saw coming when Clark resigned? Pharmac was advised of Apotex’s decision in June 2019. Has Clark known for a year?

    A million Kiwis to be impacted by major pharmaceutical company leaving New Zealand

    More than a million Kiwis may need to change to different medications before the end of the year due to a major pharmaceutical company pulling out of the New Zealand market, leaving Pharmac looking for new suppliers for dozens of medications.

    From antibiotics to B vitamins and treatments for blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, and depression.

    “This move could potentially affect a million New Zealanders or more,” Mulholland said.

    Apotex’s diabetes medication, Metformin, alone is used by 200,00 Kiwis.

    “You’ve got those that suffer from hypotension, epilepsy, bipolar, I mean basically you name it, this company supplies one of those drugs.”

    Pharmac was advised of Apotex’s decision in June 2019 and needs to find replacement suppliers for 41 medications by the end of the year.



    • Isn’t it comforting to know, that being sinister and incompetent played an integral part in Winston’s choice for political partnership.
      I wonder if during the hastily arranged flight he took, to sign NewZealand up to a migration pact, (we never had the opportunity to vote on), he spilled, maybe a driblet or two, from the poison chalice, whilst fumbling around in his waistcoat pocket looking for the treasonous signatory pen.
      I don’t mind that he sold his soul, but selling New Zealands soul…..unforgiveable.



    • Putting voters health at risk is certainly not going to be a vote winner. Why didn’t they warn the public earlier? They must have known but Cindy assured us months ago “there isn’t a shortage of prescription drugs.” Maybe not a shortage yet, not until the supply negotiations between Pharmac and new suppliers stall on the cost of the new drugs!



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