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  1. Why have rules when Govt. departments can tell you to get stuffed?

    School built metres higher than allowed forces neighbour to abandon house plans
    A Christchurch landowner’s plans for a seaside retirement home have been scuppered after the neighbouring school was built up to 2.25 metres too high.

    The breach means Steve Young’s property will be shaded, lose privacy and have the school building looming over it.
    He wants the Ministry of Education to buy his section, or to modify the new Redcliffs School building so it meets the rules.

    A design error means the new school building breaches the recession plane – an imaginary line that extends at an angle from a property boundary into the sky.

    the council’s consents team shows the Ministry of Education was made aware of the issue in mid-2019 – while the school building was still under construction – but kept building.
    An email from council compliance and investigations team leader Karen McMullon to Smith in October said the ministry had been told that continuing with construction on the part of the building that was in breach was “entirely at the ministry’s own risk”.

    Oh, so no stop work, no compliance, just keep going and fuck the neighbour

    If I, or any resident, flouted planning rules to such an extreme level, we would be required to remove the structure. What is the point of council as the enforcement entity if it doesn’t enforce the rules, whether by a resident or a government department?”




  2. I’ve stumbled on a very accurate way to forecast the Ardern partys percentage in the upcoming election ,its 41% because that is the percentage of stupid Nz’rs that are sure the worst of the coronovirus effect is behind us.FFS.



  3. Act’s Seymour no longer man alone

    The ACT party held its campaign launch in Auckland on Sunday and unveiled new policies, with a new team it hopes will bring a return to the days when it was more than a one man band. Mark Jennings reports.

    If the number of people paying to attend a political campaign launch is any indicator of electoral success then ACT is on its way up. The ASB theatre on Auckland’s waterfront almost proved too small to seat the crowd of around 600.


    ACT leader David Seymour boasted that at least 540 of them had swelled the party’s coffers by paying $50 each to attend. A light lunch was thrown in.



    • Just received this from SSANZ:

      Yesterday I was privileged to have received an invitation to attend the Act Party Campaign Launch “Dare to be Different” (thanks Kevin and Briar) along with a number of other SSANZ and NZAHAA members. What an impressive presentation it was along with a line up of awesome candidates. 600 people packed the theatre and we were told that this was the biggest gathering of any political party since 2005, not surprising really when Act is the only party that shows any political integrity.

      You can watch the whole presentation at the link below, or if this is too much for you then at least watch our very own Nicole McKee at 1.34.00 speaking about hunting, 1080, Tahr, firearms, criminals, gangs and finally welfare.

      If you think that Act will be the best party to support your views and interests in Parliament then please join and consider making a donation.




  4. New Zealand First is holding its ‘Force for the North’ campaign rally in Whangarei this afternoon, without leader Winston Peters.

    The event at Forum North this afternoon was supposed to be the party’s official campaign launch, until Peters had to take medical leave earlier this week.

    The party will now combine its campaign launch with the Party AGM on Sunday July 19, which Peters is expected to attend.

    Is he finally stuffed?
    One would suspect so.
    Being the drama queen he is this wpould be his exit strategy, you think?



  5. Hmmm, the police are asking licensed firearm owners for information that the police already have. Every time a licence is renewed the police inspect storage locations. And address/phone numbers they also obviously have. Further evidence of the danger of a firearms register.

    “The police are urging licenced firearms owners to provide contact details, and reassuring recipients that their request by email is not a scam.

    Emails and text messages have been sent to firearms licence holders over the past month, seeking residential and gun storage addresses, as well as contact phone numbers.

    Many think it’s a scam by people wanting to steal their weapons Ben Strang reports.”




    • And who else gets the information?

      Is it not like, that the question about what your password is, or the company or bank will never make that approach or ask you.
      Not by computer, email or phone call!

      Let alone a shoddy message, that probably will be repeated, as it is upgraded now by the many different hackers. 🙁

      We all know now that often false phone numbers are set up for verification that answer to verify, but a good wise citizen simply ignores all this nonsense.
      Nor does one open suspicious demanding emails, & most definitely not click on anything in the said spammish email.

      All bought to you by “group think” police hierarchy.



  6. ‘Templar’ crop circle appears in French field

    The latest circle shows a cross inside two circles. While Benoit said it resembled the cross used by the ancient Knights Templar group, it also resembles the Iron Cross used by Nazi Germany and the German Empire in World War I.

    Vimy is in France’s northeast, near the border with Belgium – an area ravaged by conflict over the centuries, including in World War I.

    “I can feel a lot of energy in the bit where the wheat is flattened… I think there is maybe a higher intelligence which makes these crop circles,” retired teacher Genevieve Piquet told Reuters, after travelling 70km to see the curious design.

    “Some people tell us that it is the Templar cross, that energy flowed from the earth, that our field is blessed and can cure multiple sclerosis. They are crazy.”

    Thousands have reportedly visited the farm over the past week, after the family put images of the crop circle on Facebook. They took the pictures down, hoping to quell interest. The circle took out 300 square metres of wheat which were going to be harvested just next week.



  7. How Covid-19 research funding is helping NZ police track people with CCTV

    The $100,000 project by an Auckland company Safer Cities is under the Government’s $25m pandemic research fund.

    “This platform aims to provide a digital, contactless connection, enabling police investigations to continue to operate without compromising any social distancing rules in place under various alert level conditions.

    “It is important to note that the platform only uses community uploads (voluntary opt-in) and does not give users the ability to download information without permission.”

    It was subject to privacy laws and other regulations.

    In May, the police ordered a stocktake of surveillance technologies after controversy over their trialling of facial recognition software.



  8. GroupThink used to be thought as religiously keeping to the status quo, but it can also enforce a radicalness, and even be a revolutionary system.

    Groupthink is all around us. Decision-making in government, in the media and at work. It’s slowly killing the world.
    Groupthink is common where group members have similar backgrounds and particularly where that group is placed under stress, resulting in irrational decision outcomes.
    These are the main behaviors to watch out for:
    1) Illusions of invulnerability lead members of the group to be overly optimistic and engage in risk-taking.
    Unquestioned beliefs lead members to ignore possible moral problems and ignore the consequences of individual and group actions.
    2) Rationalising prevents members from reconsidering their beliefs and causes them to ignore warning signs.
    3) Stereotyping leads members of the in-group to ignore or even demonise out-group members who may oppose or challenge the group’s ideas.
    4) Self-censorship causes people who might have doubts to hide their fears or misgivings.
    “Mindguards” act as self-appointed censors to hide problematic information from the group.
    5) Illusions of unanimity lead members to believe that everyone is in agreement and feels the same way.
    Direct pressure to conform is often placed on members who pose questions, and those who question the group are often seen as disloyal or traitorous.

    The article continues, giving examples like Consultancy firms as it too often it can through out “commonsense” to encourage chasing after the “flavour of the month” so that one size fits all.
    Why lockdowns are pushed, and then the BBC which shows many of these traits.



    • Shortly after the total amalgamations of all Local Authorities in 1989 ( Brian Elwood) the idea/push came for local Council work forces to be shut down and all transformed into new super efficient self funding Business Units and Independent Contractors. I feel, looking back, that was all a great example of your Group Think in action all around New Zealand.



    • Yes Hooker Phil.
      There are versions of “group think” and gently guided into practice. 🙁
      One of the earlier ones was the “Delphi Technique”.

      If great faith is likely to be placed in the results of the Delphi study, it should be abandoned.
      Its aim should be to provide, relatively cheaply, access to a number of opinions and judgements.
      Although the panel members are usually professionals in that area, their contact with the case in
      hand remains superficial.
      The method is probably best suited to situations whose main characteristics can be communicated to the panel in
      a fairly straightforward manner.
      If the situation has a host of unusual features, and much detail needs to be communicated, then the method is unlikely to work.
      Another mistake is to ask questions whose answers lie largely in the control of the organisers (or their sponsoring agency).


      This short article gives details of how to combat these tyrannic supposedly kind moderators.
      It works, please use it.
      Knowledge of this then allows ways of combating their systems and exposes them to light..

      Technique to manipulate gullible citizens to build a false consensus to present to County Council claiming citizens want the plan made law.
      The Delphi Technique can be diffused.
      A group of people who know the Delphi Technique can disrupt the Delphi in a group setting.
      [Their] Success is dependent on ignorance of the technique.
      Remember, this is an unethical, dishonest method used mostly for evil purposes.
      It must be exposed to as many people as possible.
      An easy way to disrupt the Delphi is to take a group of informed people to the meeting.


      Well worth reading as it has some good tips.
      Unscrupulous organizers, hosts, supposed moderators can really skew this, as they cloak themselves and call themselves “impartial” for the “common good”.
      I have battled this in different areas, and so become aware of how the “council” & “committees” were sometimes ruled.



  9. He’s back! …must be an election coming up.
    Hey Hager, that “distinct smell” is the incompetence that reeks from the COL.

    Covid patient info scandal reeks of ‘organised campaign’ by National, author Nicky Hager argues

    Sometimes things stuff up or individual MPs go rogue, but high-profile investigative journalist Nicky Hager says there was a “distinct smell from the beginning” of a covert, organised campaign strategy by National as last week’s Covid-19 patient information scandal unfolded.

    Covid-19 data leak had ‘distinct smell’ of dirty politics, says investigative journo Nicky Hager

    National was polling low, even with the change in leadership from Simon Bridges to Todd Muller, he pointed out.

    Then about a month later, two UK tourists were let out of Covid-19 quarantine on compassionate exceptions with the virus and the polls changed trajectory.

    Hager said he’d put money on the fact that this had given National an idea.



  10. Chris Hipkins on AM saying that every person in quarantine shouldn’t have to suffer because of the escapees. News flash Chippie, you took guns off the law abiding based on the actions of an Australian. How is that different?
    Why can’t Jacinda do her job of fronting the media, from wherever she is, I thought cameras and reporters were in her entourage to capture every earth shattering moment?



    • Australian deportees are returning to a secert location this week!
      You would need to house them in a prison, because how do you protect the household staff?
      Probably a plane load coming all at once, with a stop in every state to pickup deportees.
      Do they get a double alcohol allowance?



  11. Any of you rich pricks better get ready to bend over if the greens have their way:

    “And yet the Greens expect their new wealth tax would raise 2.5 per cent of GDP in its first year and affect only 6 per cent of the population”

    That would be the same 6% who are already paying the majority of the tax.



  12. Jimmy Shaw is going to deliver every household in NZ a 50% subsidy to install solar panels and a battery in the garage. I glazed over with the rest, something about chucking our increased taxes down the drain after the
    Greens remove all coal fired boilers, combustion engines being replaced for electric vehicles and shutting down all fossil fuel use by 2030.



  13. For the last year 1 NEWS has been investigating claims of historic sexual abuse against children in Fiji’s Catholic church.

    “Inside Fiji it’s even more problematic because Fijian culture tends to hold these people in very high regard and give them massive access which they exploited.”

    Dr Heasley, who leads a support group for survivors, is aware of the alleged Fijian Catholic abuse cases.

    He says it was common practise for the church to move New Zealand Catholic abusers into the Pacific when suspicions or claims were made against them.

    “Dangerous men shifted into very vulnerable communities where they are very unlikely to be outed,” he says.



  14. He does look like the “Lone Ranger”! (who was that masked man?)
    Trump likened himself to “The Lone Ranger” when asked what he thought about wearing a mask.

    Donald Trump wears mask in public for first time during Covid-19 pandemic

    President Donald Trump wore a mask during a visit to a military hospital this morning, the first time the president has been seen in public with the type of facial covering recommended by health officials as a precaution against spreading or becoming infected by the novel coronavirus.

    Trump flew by helicopter to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in suburban Washington to meet wounded servicemembers and health care providers caring for COVID-19 patients. As he left the White House, he told reporters: “When you’re in a hospital, especially … I think it’s expected to wear a mask.”



    • That means he gets speaking rights in person!
      They must have been planning to video him from prison and accommodate all the muslims in court!
      Are they going to move the court to a stadium to hold them all?
      Travel and accommodation provided for all that were in the mosque that day, not just shot.
      Are they allowed to bring support personal? (Wife, kids, grandparents on both sides) free holiday)
      Weekly wage provided from when they leave home till they return.
      Superior accommidation in quarantine.
      Free holiday in NZ, who would not come. Duty free and christmas shopping thrown in.
      Wonder how many fail to return and would they cut the weekly wage if they did not?



  15. I’m not a big fan of Bernard Hickey, but I think he has it right with this article


    “The risk for the Government and those remaining high-wage jobs in the regions in the next three months is that the announcement of closures of Tiwai Point (2,600 jobs), Marsden Point (3,500 jobs) and the Glenbrook Steel Mill (3,900 jobs) could potentially all come in the next six months.

    The worst recession since 1990-91 could easily be just as damaging for the regions as that one. “



    • Oh no! The mad queen is making all them union members redundant!
      The unions will be pissed with her. That’s a lot of membership fees going up in smoke!
      Wonder what deal she has done to keep them on side?



  16. So why when New Zealanders’ can’t fly into their own country when they choose and our borders are CLOSED due to a pandemic are the COL flying in the non-NZ families of the mosque killing for the sentencing of Brenton Tarrant?

    The tax payer are reportedly paying the families airfares and for their quarantine/isolation costs? Apparently there will be a live video feed on so why is Cindy breaking the NZ border quarantine her govt imposed on the rest of us?

    There is some question whether these families will be expected to do the 2 week quarantine. They must be very, very, very special and far more important than any NZ’er. 🤬

    Talk about virtue signalling of the highest order.
    MLM! 🤦‍♀️



    • We can only hope that the voting population will be astute enough to notice and care enough when they come to vote in September.
      People will get the government they deserve.
      If they don’t like over-control and over-taxation, they shouldn’t keep voting for politicians who pursue socialist agendas.

      It’s going to be interesting when the wage-subsidy morphine is taken away and so many people experience withdrawal symptoms. I feel bad for them, but what else can be done?

      I suggest the work-visa foreigners be sent back to their countries, to free up jobs for New Zealanders (assuming that they can get off their couches and work).



    • Are you kidding me? Wtf why are we paying for muzzies to come to see a trial – fuck, heard of Skype? Zoom? NZ is seriously in dog do deep end stuff running out of our taxpayers money yet we have cash for this bullshit? Un bloody believable



  17. What next? Get those with foreign passports to where a label on the arm, yellow is a nice colour and well why not a star?
    From KB
    “With the mess at our borders in mind, is it time to get rid of dual/multi citizenship for adult NZ passport holdholders? While the personal benefits are clear, what are the benefits to the nation of allowing some citizens a bob each way?

    Should people who hold only a NZ passport be given entry priority over those who hold more than one passport? Should NZ citizens have entry priority over residents, permanent or otherwise?”

    I pay tax and work and contribute to NZ society a hell of a lot more than most of the bludgers in this country that are all New Zealand Citizens. Immigrants seldom come over and just screw the country over. There are exceptions, but the majority of immigrants want to make an effort in some way to to say thanks for the privilidge of living here.



    • “With the mess at our borders in mind, is it time to get rid of dual/multi citizenship for adult NZ passport holdholders?…”

      I don’t think New Zealand has a well-defined image of itself and what a “New Zealander” is. Once we have a strong sense of national identity, then we can think about getting rid of dual citizenship.



  18. Christchurch mosque shooting: Brenton Tarrant to represent himself at sentencing

    Defence counsel, Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson, confirmed they had filed an application to withdraw from the case after receiving instructions from Tarrant that he wished to exercise his right to represent himself at sentencing. The sentencing hearing will commence on August 24.

    Justice Mander will be appointing a lawyer to fulfill the role of standby counsel for the sentencing hearing. Their role will be to assist the defendant, if the defendant wishes to accept their help. They will also be on standby to assume the role of representing the accused, should Tarrant later decide he wants legal representation.

    On Friday, the Government announced it will extend border exception criteria so some overseas victims and their families will be able to attend Tarrant’s sentencing.

    Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway released a statement saying the Government would extend border exemption criteria to allow victims and a family member, or support person, to come to New Zealand using new humanitarian grounds.



    • Tarrant that he wished to exercise his right to represent himself at sentencing

      I know the Judge will want to minimize the time Branton Tarrant will be able to speak, and there will probably censuring switches on the microphones & speakers.

      Still it does make you wonder what recall, recital, that Tarrant will be able give, and if he is able to “filibuster” by staying with in the “codes” & “terms of reference”.
      So it could be an all day speech, and even into the night.

      Will there be any reason for shutting down his spiel, and will it be broad cast live, uncensored.

      After all many hundreds of thousands in NZ have had painful suffering wrought on them, knowing that twisting & bending of valued cultured heritage has been part of the outcome to the tragic massacre.
      Now they need some understanding of this to possibly bring closure, to what they experienced.

      If it is censored, shut down, will that open up avenues to costly “appeals”.



    • Bloody outrageous! “Saying the Government would extend border exemption criteria to allow victims and a family member, or support person, to come to New Zealand using new humanitarian grounds” I mean



  19. That’s incredible! Got NOTHING huh?!

    The Labour Party will not be announcing any electioneering policy until a week before polling day. Expect a load of glitter and spin with no substance and airbrushed billboards of Cindy that are supposed to amaze us.

    Only a week out from the election doesn’t give the msm much time to examine their ‘all piss and wind’ policies.

    So bloody arrogant voters are supposed to vote for them on what???

    -David Seymour is about to be on with Sean Plunket on Magic Radio. Should be a good listen.



    • If they mean the formal polling day – 19 Sept, – the election will be half over before they put out any policy. Voting actually starts this year on 5 Sep because of the changes to advanced voting rules.



  20. Fucking darkies getting special treatment again.

    From KB

    “I finally received a reply this morning from the Human Rights Commission relating to my complaint (dated 27 May – so much for 15 working days reply) regarding the Capital & Coast District Health Boards announcement that Maori/Pacifica will be going to the top of the pile for elective surgeries, due to their ethnicity. And here it is …..

    “Thank you for telling us of your concern about the Stuff article that stated Maori and Pasifika awaiting elective surgery have been placed at the top of waiting lists.
    Our apologies for the slow reply.
    Both the Human Rights Act and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act recognise that to overcome discrimination, positive actions may be needed to enable particular groups to achieve equal outcomes with other groups in our society. These positive actions are called ‘special measures’ or ‘affirmative action’. They are not discriminatory if they assist people in certain groups to achieve equality. Any special measure must be based on information that shows that the present position is unequal.”
    Our website gives some examples. Here is a link: https://www.hrc.co.nz/enquiries-and-complaints/faqs/positive-actions-achieve-equality/”
    Well NO surprises here right … FFS”

    Now since I have Black African DNA in my ancestory, I can say “Fucking Darkies” as I am actually Black and therefore am immune to charges of Racism.

    (Actually I have no problem with “Darkies”, just Racist statutes that give one group advantages over another because of their pigmenatation or DNA.)



    • Conclusion: Both the Human Rights Act and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act seek “equality of outcomes.”

      How divisive can you get? Giving priority to someone due to their catagory and position in heirachy rather than their actual need!

      Smells like the work of feeelz-driven “do-gooders” to me, who can’t see that the division to social cohesiveness will only lead to more trouble.

      “Any special measure must be based on information that shows that the present position is unequal.” Imagine that you have a relatively unintelligent and lazy (but raciallly/culturally identifiable) segment of the population. Is inequality to be expected?
      The Human Rights Act and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act is based on the assumption that ALL people are of equal quality. This is patently untrue.

      Don’t get me wrong. I am all in favor of equality of opportunity.



  21. A wee bit of intended mischief?

    COVID-19: US author Alex Berenson says New Zealand putting returnees into ‘indefinite confinement’

    A former New York Times reporter has claimed New Zealand is putting people into “indefinite confinement” under what he describes as an “occupation” after seemingly getting confused about our managed isolation system.

    However, Berenson appears to have misunderstood New Zealand’s quarantine situation in a message to his Twitter followers.

    “Don’t think developed nations with a tradition of respecting individual rights will trash them for #Covid?” Berenson wrote.

    “I have two words for you: New Zealand. Where indefinite confinement is already real, and PEOPLE IN ISOLATION ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO BREAK FREE. Welcome to the occupation.”

    LOL 😈 👏



    • Been fighting this for years WG.
      What stirred me up was a local TV programme where the then Mayor Yule, who is now National MP, identified a 60 acre block near Hastings and stated that would become residential.It had a property that was the highest yielding tomato production in Hawkes Bay at the time and is has now been lost.
      I said years ago that the inner city needed to be rezoned and areas where there were heaps of run down houses needed to be redeveloped with multi storey buildings.



  22. Whilst this boy’s live probably does not matter.


    And does the premier league star and police believe “all lives matter”?

    And here is where the police note their achievement.

    West Midlands Police – #StayAlert @WMPolice
    #ARRESTED| We were alerted to a series of racist messages sent to a footballer today and after looking into them and conducting checks, we have arrested a boy.
    The 12-year-old from #Solihull has been taken to custody.
    Thanks to everyone who raised it. Racism won’t be tolerated.


    Did the police do a “full risk assessment” for their “safety & health” before moving in to take him into custody?
    What about all the other “little jobs” to be done by the police.



  23. Appalling. “she required twice-daily care and safety checks”
    Where did they think she was?

    A frail elderly woman was left unresponsive in her home for 24 hours after a community healthcare provider failed its procedures, according to Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Rose Wall.

    “The client was a frail elderly woman who had multiple health problems and was classified as a high falls risk. She lived on her own and required twice-daily cares and safety checks to ensure that she was safe in her own home,” a report on the incident from Ms Wall stated.

    “One morning, a support worker went to the woman’s house to provide her with her morning cares and do a safety check, to find that she was not answering the door. The support worker notified Access’ Call Centre, and the “Client not Home” process was followed.

    “The Call Centre attempted to call the woman’s house and next of kin, but there was no answer. A call was made to the local hospital, but it advised that the woman was not a patient. The support worker was advised to move on.

    “This process occurred two more times – later that afternoon, and the following morning – when a support worker finally gained access to the woman’s home using a neighbour’s key. The woman was found in bed, having suffering a significant cardiac event and a stroke. Sadly she passed away shortly afterwards.”



  24. “…and the “Client not Home” process was followed.”

    It is great that there was a process in place. My question is has this process been tested? Is the performance of the process ever reviewed?
    The danger of having a “process” in place is that people may fail to use common sense and instead blindly stick to the “process.”



      • I rest my case.
        The process checkboxes were ticked off to perfection, but the patient died.

        If I was a frail old geezer living alone and at risk of falls, I would unhesitantly give my consent to my support worker having a key to let herself into my house if I didn’t answer the door. The problem is that support workers are probably badly paid, and come and go all the time. Surely the health provider could have a rack of client keys, and sign them out to the support workers each morning.

        Had no-one every considered the possibility of a client being unable to come to the door? There seems to be an appalling lack of imagination. (Or maybe regulations and “privacy” are a problem.)

        I guess the employer of the support workers were worried that the keys would get copied by the workers’ evil nephews who would then come and steal stuff.



  25. They’ve got plans – and they are remarkably similar
    Brian Fallow examines the economic priorities outlined so far by the leaders of the two main political parties and finds ‘pious waffle berefit of new policy’ with rhetoric that is almost identical
    By Brian Fallow

    In two recent speeches the leaders of the Labour and National parties have sketched their economic “plans”.

    They are remarkably similar, not just in consisting of pious waffle bereft of any new policy, but also in that the rhetoric is almost identical.

    If there is a difference it is that the prime minister can point to the rather messy building site of existing initiatives, while the leader of the opposition can only point to a drawing board from which, he assures us, policy blueprints will emerge over the next two months.

    Both make reference to ideological genetics.

    “We are the party that puts people first. It is in our DNA,” declared Jacinda Ardern in her speech to the Labour Party conference on July 5.

    Todd Muller’s gloss on that is that “[Labour’s] DNA would see it opt for the higher taxes on income and the new taxes on houses, KiwiSaver funds and other assets that the Labour leader is not ruling out.” That is an unjust way of characterising Ardern’s refusal to either condemn or endorse the Greens’ tax policy.


    The second leg of Labour’s five-point plan is investing in infrastructure, housing and the environment.

    That includes building 8000 more “public houses”. But that evidently means an increase in social housing rather than 8000 more pubs.
    She really did say that. 😆 😆



  26. Oops Amy, your colleague is clearly Korean, not Chinese!

    National MP Amy Adams apologises for incorrectly describing candidate Catherine Chu as Chinese

    Senior National MP Amy Adams has apologised for incorrectly describing the National Party’s Banks Peninsula candidate Catherine Chu as Chinese.

    Adams was defending National’s lack of Chinese MPs in an interview with Magic Talk on Monday after list MP Jian Yang announced his retirement from politics. She was asked if there will be another Chinese candidate to take his place.

    “Well we have, of course, Catherine Chu down here in Banks Peninsula where I’m from in Canterbury, and Catherine’s doing a great job,” Adams said.

    “I think National is always going to want to represent the Chinese community in New Zealand. It’s a big community in the same way we have Indian MPs and Filipino MPs and Korean MPs.”

    But Chu was born in Christchurch to South Korean parents.



  27. Why demand higher taxes when they are quite entitled to make a personal donation to the Inland Revenue department any time they like. IRD would be happy to accept Sir “virtue-signalling” Stephen Tindall’s donation whenever he deems to pay it. 🤨

    A group of the world’s richest people are calling on their governments to permanently increase taxes on them to help pay for the economic recovery from Covid-19.

    The wealthy group of 84, including the founder of The Warehouse Group and New Zealand’s second-richest man Sir Stephen Tindall, have penned a letter demanding “immediate, substantial and permanent” higher taxes “on people like us”.

    Other signatories include heir to the Disney throne, Abigail Disney, and Richard Curtis, the British screenwriter behind Blackadder, Mr Bean and Love Actually.

    “Our interconnectedness has never been more clear. We must rebalance our world before it is too late. There will not be another chance to get this right.”

    “So please. Tax us. Tax us. Tax us. It is the right choice. It is the only choice. Humanity is more important than our money.”



  28. Too little, too late, Pretty Petal.

    EU criminals with more than a year in jail will be banned from Britain under tough new immigration rules
    Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, will on Monday set out details of the points-based system which will replace freedom of movement




  29. If you recall the McCloskey couple, that came out to their front lawn, with a semi auto, and a revolver, about a week ago, when a number of BLM protesters walked past their home on the “private street”, having got through the gate.

    The police came with a warrant and seized their guns.


    The Fox video at the bottom also explains it.
    4mins 50 secs.
    It also notes that on that private street, the mayors house has been vandalized a number of times.

    An expansive castle doctrine, but seize their weapons. hmmmm.
    Would there be a law change coming for that city, to legitimize the seizure, in comparison to the state law.
    Not a sanctuary city yet, though there are advocates for that too.
    It sounds like there is a push to change the name of St. Louis as well, to make a “cultural rebirth”, with new laws I would think. Sharia? Talmud? “Might is Right”?



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