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  1. NZ First’s shameful Resource Management Act betrayal

    It appears NZ First was complicit in changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA) that will negatively impact the speed, certainty and costs of gaining a resource consent.
    Last week I wrote about the Resource Management Act getting a whole lot worse thanks to the Greens who manipulated the inclusion of climate change considerations into localised RMA decisions.
    The Greens are so driven by ideology that they appear oblivious to evidence of the zero impact these onerous changes will have on carbon emissions.
    That’s because carbon emissions are capped at a national level by the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which has a binding emissions cap for the whole country.
    Decisions at a local level have no impact on the overall national cap because every tonne of carbon not emitted is a tonne of carbon available for someone else to emit.
    The changes to the RMA provide no climate benefit but lots of costs. All pain; no gain. Well, they do give greenies a warm feeling so I guess there is some gain. Greenie warming as opposed to global warming 🤣
    And now news that NZ First had an MP on the select committee that allowed this nonsense to happen. To quote from the article:
    “New Zealand First could have stopped this legislation – or at least had it referred back for a further round of consultation. But it didn’t.”
    In the election run-up, NZ First is spinning the image of a party acting as a handbrake on Government. Deputy leader Fletcher Tabuteau said at a recent event, “New Zealand First has been an accelerator for those good ideas and, I tell you what, we’ve been a handbrake for the bad ones.”

    No you haven’t, Fletcher. The RMA is one of New Zealand’s worst performing pieces of legislation and by permitting this bad idea it just got a whole lot worse.
    At the same event Shane Jones said, “Don’t listen to other parties who describe us as a handbrake. Listen to our leader who says we are fountains of common sense”.
    No you are not, Shane. This ideological addition to the RMA is anything but common sense.
    It’s not the first time the chameleonic NZ First and its dear leader has said one thing but done another, betraying the country in the process.

    Never mind, there’s an election coming up. You now what to do.

    Read the full article here https://www.odt.co.nz/star-news/star-opinion/opinion-rma-one-nz%E2%80%99s-worst-pieces-legislation

    Right on theme.

    Post this where ever you can. FB. Linked in. anywhere.



    • Thanks Viking,

      Question “ do you believe National will repeal the RMA”?
      The RMA is probably the worst Most damaging legislation ever passed in NZ.
      Passed by Bolgers National it has done more to harm productivity and stifle growth than anything else.

      There is a huge supporting industry of planners ,lawyers and courts that rely on it for their survival.. Great income stream for local Government who have to get consents for their activities.
      Consenting is acknowledged as adding huge cost and delays to business.

      For the last few elections RMA reform has been a major election plank for National but when they had the opportunity/power there was little reform.
      Their excuses were ,Dunne, the Maori Party and then Winston would have vetoed any change.
      The real reason was they lacked the courage to try.
      Recently at a public meeting I saw one of National’s present front benchers dismiss a question on RMA’s future with “ all parties are going to reform the RMA”.
      Years back I worked with a good back bench MP to try and achieve change and it became pretty apparent they were too gutless to change this act.

      I think the present National promise to repeal the RMA is cynical bullshit == yet again

      After all it will depend on the coalition partners. MMP Is their get out of jail card.



      • I have been a lawyer for years and have maintained a general practice. I do not know of a single lawyer who will lament the repeal of the RMA. It serves to frustrate clients to the point numerous commercial undertakings are abandoned for being too difficult to get past local authorities and all the artificially entitled objectors. In my experience the objections are routinely based on envy and greed while having nothing to do with ecology. It s a fraudulent piece of garbage…get rid of it!



        • Cadwallader,
          Thanks for your response.Agree with you ,but I think you may .underestimate the amount of infrastructure underpinning this act
          If one includes ,as we must , the impact and growth of Councils environmental plans ,the costs and the sheer number of people involved ,from Councils planners, the private planners and legal firms that deal with this.legislation..There are firms such as Boffa Miskell that do much of this work.Then there is the growth in enforcement land council budgets are now being extended..More staff
          The costs are horrendous just ask Kiing Salmon

          The RMA has spawned a huge ever growing industry.



  2. I don’t believe NZ First MP s understood the RMA or the changes that were made recently. Once again with MMP we have a minority party forcing crazy policy on the country. I would like National to take reference to partnership taken out of all legislation and even better repeal all race based legislation but I can’t see that happening. As far as I am concerned Key started the rot when he cuddled up to the race based party.



    • I have heard a few interviews Collins has done and been impressed. However, no interviewer that I have heard has yet asked her position on the Maori Seats – I look forward to someone doing that and to her answer.



    • The RMA is a hidden version of guidance from the United Nations.

      Sure NZ has its own way, and does not exactly follow those templates as laid, but always taking the gains to head that way.

      Although this is from an American perspective is often good to compare & contrast, and also to see the parallels, so that we can understand more deeply, and so be more effective.

      One of the topics it covers,
      “Increases energy, water and fuel cost savings and expanding workforce training and recruitment in order to attract environmentally friendly businesses, all the while attempting to reduce maintenance and operating costs.”
      This basically promotes rationing of energy, water and fuel.
      It also, promotes cronyism because it illegally favors “environmentally friendly business” — businesses designated has Benefit Corporations or B-Corps that push the agenda of Sustainability, over other businesses.
      This is blatant discrimination.

      One can get a sense of that like Auckland Water Care, not putting in new dams, nor matching water supply to peoples needs. To even allow people to have rain water tanks.
      Cronyism is for some, well paid jobs like the Chief of Water Care, and many Councils in local government.
      Also to halting any rural water storage systems for farming.

      Always shaving things tight, if necessary even stepping back, to make a thinner slice to bite.
      Relentlessly the bureaucracy, academia, in hand with media, even though some points may seem disjointed, they keep on, as the UN keeps quietly gaining sovereignty over New Zealand.



  3. A small admission of how wrong they were.

    “I hope that we’ve learnt from those experiences and we’re applying them now to making sure that we do understand what people right across the country, in every part of the UK think,
    how they’re feeling about politics and social issues, the economic issues that concern them and reflect those fully in our output.”


    Learnt what???
    Ratings down?? Credibilty down??
    DEFUND BBC,, now there is some credibility in that. 🙂

    Will the BBC change? yeah nahh, most likely be even more subtle and double down again and still fight to give UN control over the UK, and stay in the $trough.



  4. Since Judith Collins was voted in as leader of the National party the left wing media have declared open season on her. Reminds me how the left treated John Key and his children when he became PM. No holds barred.

    We now have an elephant in the room concerning Labour and the media has adopted a Nelson eye
    choosing to ignore a potential game changer that may or may not be true.

    One day we might just have a level playing field in politics but then again I don’t believe in the tooth fairy.



  5. The Chinese law and its tentacles extend around the the world, and slowly its effects will be felt, when the it can squeeze.

    China has long sought to crush organized dissent abroad through quiet threats and coercion.
    Now it has codified that practice into law — potentially forcing people and companies around the world to choose between speaking freely and ever stepping foot in Hong Kong again.


    It would seem that is past just a coercion, making some self censor, but now any one can have this Chinese law applied to them, and effects how “free speech”.

    Here in New Zealand we seem to have more than enough connection to the CCP, through associations, like through the “Confucius Institutes” established in many NZ universities. A stazi system in New Zealand.



  6. The King wanted to go fishing, and he asked the royal weather forecaster the forecast for the next few hours. The palace meteorologist assured him that there was no chance of rain.
    So the King and the Queen went fishing. On the way he met a man with a fishing pole riding on a donkey, and he asked the man if the fish were biting.
    The fisherman said, “Your Majesty, you should return to the palace! In just a short time I expect a huge rainstorm.”
    The King replied: “I hold the palace meteorologist in high regard. He is an educated and experienced professional. Besides, I pay him very high wages. He gave me a very different forecast. I trust him.”
    So the King continued on his way. However, in a short time a torrential rain fell from the sky. The King and Queen were totally soaked.
    Furious, the King returned to the palace and gave the order to fire the meteorologist.
    Then he summoned the fisherman and offered him the prestigious position of royal forecaster.
    The fisherman said, “Your Majesty, I do not know anything about forecasting. I obtain my information from my donkey. If I see my donkey’s ears drooping, it means with certainty that it will rain.”
    So the King hired the donkey.
    And thus began the practice of hiring dumb asses to work in influential positions of government.
    The practice is unbroken to this date.



  7. Its amazing how the little fat drunken maggot Peters cant be found for 32 months and then you cant turn on any device for four months before an election without his wizened craggy face appearing.
    I truly despise, no HATE the C—T, hes personally responsible for the position our Country finds itself in.
    My 90 year old Ma fell and broke her wrist a week ago and has been in North shore hospital awaiting a procedure ,four days in a row she’s been “Nil by mouth “only to have her op put off for another day ,FFS. 90 year old waiting for a week to get looked at.
    If the same thing happens today youll be able to hear the screaming all over Auckland,Ive bitten my tongue for the last time so much for the billions of dollars Ardern has supposedly put into the health budget.
    The reason we have been given is that there is only ONE wrist specialist now working in the Auckland public hospital system, FFS a million or more people and only one wrist surgeon.



    • revtech, Complain to your National electorate MP. That is cruel! Bet they don’t have the staff to operate over the weekend, only emergency cases I’d guess? Or make a sign and stand outside the hospital. 🕺



        • I wasn’t blaming the medical staff. My finger pointing was at the Labour party’s Minister of Health and hospital hierarchy that has “one wrist specialist now working in the Auckland public hospital system.” It is election year so this type of story is ripe for the opposition or the news media. My suggestions were meant to be helpful. Good luck to your old mother. My parents are the same age so I know how serious your concerns are.



  8. The really important question for Judith to answer

    As magically, we now seem to have a fully rejuvenated and grown-up National party again – we can all contemplate the possibility of New Zealand’s most divisive and incompetent government being turfed out.

    However, there is one massive question that we KNOW the corrupt, ‘bought and paid for’ mainstream media won’t ask and that is about “what happens after the election?”

    If we all stop and think for a second, we can quite easily predict what will happen, we’ll see:
    – A “pussy march” with screeching that Judith “IS NOT MY PM”
    – insurrection and carefully controlled riots whereby hundreds of millions of dollars of property belonging to law-abiding NZers will see their business and homes attacked and destroyed
    – private prosecutions re-litigating anything Judith has ever done in the past
    – all of a sudden the black lives movement will burst into flame and we’ll see fake hate crimes against Maori popping up everywhere and anti-white assaults become the norm
    – we’ll see terror attacks (only in protest against the Ch’ch mosque killings)
    – we’ll see the same sort of anti-government judicial activism that plagued the Trump administrations early days (the suspension of the RMA will be tied up in litigation by all those Kuntish left wing judges for decades)
    – we’ll see our far left local government mayors start to actively disrupt and oppose government initiatives (imagine how impossible the infrastructure projects will be if councils ‘go slow’ on consenting)
    – the ultra-far left Marxist teachers unions will come out in a mass national strike (knowing full well that if parents have to take care of their kids then they can bring the country to it’s knees)
    – we’ll see Covid activism, with far left nutjobs going out of their way to become infected and then going mental spitting in the faces of MPs and anyone they can find (imagine how it’ll play out at Waitangi every year)

    So what I want to know is “When all this stuff happens – whot is government going to do?”

    Because if Judith wins – what I’ve listed above will only be the half of it. Soros and the CCP have organised and fully funded the activists, the March through the Institutions was successful, sleepers are at every level in our society and we only have to look at the US to see how they can paralyse an administration.

    And the sobering thing? It would be far easier for a tiny, lawless minority to pull this off in NZ! We do not have the US constitution to protect us. We do not have a tradition of independence. The US’s national symbol is an eagle.

    Our national symbol is a sheep.

    What is Judith going to do?



    • We need to rally together around common ground. Not divide ourselves on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality – then apportion different levels of consideration based on our assumed victimhood.



      • So firstly, why is it that the things that would have gotten you accused of being a “fucking commie” 30 years ago (like what you just said Kea) are the province of the ACT voter these days and apparently you are a “neo-liberal, hate-speech muthafucker” in 2020?

        And secondly, I agree totally Kea. But surely you come across enough swivel-eyed loony lefties to know that they are just dying to be out doing a BLM riot, attacking anyone who is white and over 40, pulling down statues of Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and MLK.

        My question still stands – when the CCP and Soros activate all those cunts who were organising the BLM protests in NZ – and they start picking us off one at a time. Is our government going to look after us?



      • Well Hooker Phil. I hope with all my heart that you are right.

        But I think you are being a bit too hopeful. Just think of what we’ve seen in the past 4 months:
        – the rise of the Karen in NZ
        – people dobbing in their neighbours for stepping outside to hang the washing up during lockdown
        – police losing all fiction of neutrality and supporting gang members putting up no go zones and road blocks
        – the huge turnout for the BLM protests
        – the rise of ‘cancel culture’ in NZ
        – the hate speech legislation that’s come through
        – a populace so meek that even though we had demonstrably no COvid in the community – we let the most untrustworthy government we’ve ever seen – lock us in our homes
        and when you put that alongside what is being normalised in the US and fed every second, of every day of every week to us through our MSM – unless you are suggesting that NZers do not belong to the same species as everywhere else in the western world – I think you are wrong.

        But that’s all good – when it happens to you – I’ll be here ready to accept your contrite acknowledgement that I might have had a point.

        I guess we’d better hope Cindy wins so we can all avoid the shitstorm.



    • Simples

      Defund all media incl the over $100 million p.a. that is paid out via NZ on Air to keep these grotty TV and radio and now internet crapolas going.
      Users pays.
      If they can self fund their hate then fine.
      That fits freedom of expression but not funded by those they are trying to destroy as the current model is.
      Use part of that saving to buy water cannon.
      Use the water cannon.

      The germans used these a lot in the 1970s and 1980s.
      It did not seem to take off elsewhere.
      It should.
      Break the unions.
      in the first 100 days.
      They are the cradle of communism.
      Strike first.
      Strike hard.
      They are the poisonous fuel of the Liebour Pardy.
      In the first year, weaken the universities and the polytechs,.
      Drive them back to 1980 with pro rata enrolment levels.
      Enshrine freedom of association and freedom of expression.
      Deport the Mad Irish bitches like Tova No’Brain, shrieking Andrea Vance, and that owner/editor of stuffed.



  9. Another excellent interview Judith. Not one um or ah. She knows her mind and answers every question succinctly. Cindy couldn’t ‘handle the jandal’ like that!

    Unhappy MPs should quit now, not after the election – Judith Collins

    “I would rather that people chose to leave if they’re not completely committed to a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job that takes a massive toll. I’d rather that they did that this side of the election than the other side of the election.

    “I think that’s pretty much the message, and I don’t see that anyone would disagree with that, would they?”



  10. Three Māori women to headline battle for East Coast seat in upcoming election

    September’s election battle for the North Island’s biggest general electorate, the East Coast, will be headlined by three Māori women.

    Labour list MP Kiri Allan and National’s Tania Tapsell are tipped as frontrunners with the Green Party’s Meredith Akuhata-Brown also in the mix.



  11. Aotearoa’s first Māori astronomy school has come crashing back to earth.

    Te Whare Tātai Arorangi o Tangotango rāua ko Wainui opened last Saturday at Iramoko marae in Matatā.

    It’s the vision of controversial Ngāti Awa hapū leader Pouroto Ngaropo and educationalist Piripi Lambert.

    But today Mr Lambert withdrew his support.

    Mr Ngaropo says he has independently gone to pursue other areas of astronomy.

    He says there are other experts and facilitators on the faculty, including Teina Boaza Dean, Bradford Haami, Maara Maaeva, and Tamihana Ngaropo.

    The wānanga will teach the role of tohunga kokorangi, the traditional astronomers who interpreted messages from the stars for their people.

    It will also teach history, navigation, food cultivation and hauora to anyone willing to learn.

    “It’s an important time for us taking back things that are ours as Māori, as tangata whenua, taking things to another place where by Māori for Māori, by hapū, for hapū, by iwi for iwi, which inevitably will have an impact on all of us, all New Zealanders, all people,” Mr Ngaropo says.


    you wonder where the money went some days.



  12. Peters. “If you can’t win straight up front, then dirt will never get you there.”

    Yeah/nah, you’re ‘all hat and no cattle’ Winston.

    NZ election 2020: National MPs ‘still have an affection for Winston Peters’, says Winston Peters

    “You can’t be the choice of only five people a few weeks ago to be the head of a united caucus,” said Peters.

    “And they’re still leaking. They’re still leaking to me. The reality is of course that there are some people in the National Party who still have an affection for Winston Peters.

    “They tell me the truth… they leak about the dirtiness and the filthiness of the campaign that was coming my way, even in 2017.”

    “I’ve never allowed a NZ First person to ever attack a spouse or family or anybody on their medical record in my party’s long history… If you can’t win straight up front, then dirt will never get you there.”



  13. National “bulldozer ready” major expressways v Labour “shovel ready” Auckland cycleways and public transport improvements

    Government announces investment in Auckland transport infrastructure

    Transport Minister Phil Twyford and Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter said about 800 jobs were expected to be created through a $182 million investment in four transport projects.

    Genter said these projects would help create a safer, healthier, and more accessible city.

    “The Te Whau pathway will be extended through New Lynn, from Olympic Park to Ken Maunder Park, and through Te Atatū South, from Laurieston Park to the northwestern cycleway. This will give these communities an easy and safe way to get around.

    “By investing in public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure, not only are we helping people leave the car at home, we are reducing emissions and tackling climate change,” she said.



  14. We already know this.
    Is this not what keeps getting our politicians re elected year, after year, after year?

    Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds

    New study links virtue signaling to “Dark Triad” traits. Being accused of “virtue signaling” might sound nice to the uninitiated, but spend much time on social media and you know that it’s actually an accusation of insincerity. Virtue signalers are, essentially, phonies and showoffs – folks who adopt opinions and postures solely to garner praise and sympathy or whose good deeds are tainted by their need for everyone to see just how good they are.




  15. Ever seen Cindy do this? Sorry, it’s work, so that’d be a no! 😃

    Collins ’empowered’ as she erects election hoardings – ‘It’s been a long time coming’

    Judith Collins armed herself with a drill today, heading out in her home electorate of Papakura, Auckland to put up her new election hoardings.



  16. Some fairy tales have to be re imagined to fit in with our more diverse society:

    Snow black and the paralympic swimming team ( featuring Ellie Simmonds, Gaydilocks & the three lumberjacks.)

    Jack the Bean stalker; ( tale of a pervy peeping tom )

    Rape-unzel; (a girl is trafficked by Clinton’s mates & kept as a sex slave in a tower block).

    Lesborrella; Dominated by her ugly brothers, Lesborella meets a beautiful princess at the ball but has to flee at midnight to avoid a beating. The princess tracks her down with the aid of a glass Dr Martin boot.



  17. Two things I love about Thailand.
    1) You can take your laundry to the 24 hour unattended laundromat, insert your laundry and $1.50 for the wash then return 6 or 7 hours later ( after attending the local happy ‘hour’ ) and your laundry is still there.
    2) You can go anywhere on your motorbike eg shopping mall, cafe, house of ill repute and leave your helmet sitting on your bike..return, and your helmet is still there.
    I have yet to see a Maori or PI in Thailand.



  18. More incompetence from those who set up the quarantine system. They expected too much from tourist hotel staff running health isolation quarantine. It was never going work. A cockup of a system from woe-to-go. Just good luck, no management.

    Guest says family put at risk from lax cleaning which saw used PPE, bottles on ground at managed isolation facility

    A returning Kiwi says he and his family were put at risk of catching Covid-19 by lax cleaning protocols at a quarantine facility reserved for positive cases and symptomatic people.

    “We found three half-drunk drink bottles under the couch and one under the suitcase stand left behind by the previous guests and missed in the check-out clean,” the man said.



  19. Peters also told reporters it was raw meat that affected his health a fortnight ago, meaning he had to have surgery and postpone the party’s campaign launch.

    Um can the Ddoc’s among us explain how eating? raw meat creates an operation.
    I’m fascinated to find out.



  20. Wuhan in crisis AGAIN! Former coronavirus epicentre issues a red alert for flooding as footage shows surging Yangtze River ‘hanging above’ the city’s streets due to torrential rain

    The Chinese city of Wuhan has raised its flood response alert to the highest level of red after the Yangtze River continued to swell due to torrential downpours in the upper streams.

    Shocking footage shows the mighty waterway seemingly hanging above the streets of the city of 11million as disaster-relief workers scrambled to build temporary dams with sandbags.




  21. LOL.

    Three young friends – including a teen who lives in his mom’s basement and another with the username ‘lol’ – hijacked Twitter’s most high-profile accounts in a Bitcoin scam that spiraled out of control

    Cybersecurity experts were stunned by the startling revelation that Wednesday’s breach, unprecedented in scale for the social media site, seemingly amounted to youthful hijinks.




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