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  1. Lol. Re Mike Hosking and the PTPM.

    Cindy has clearly been listening to all the positive feedback about Judith’s ability to answer questions directly with a yes/no and she’s starting all her answers with “No”



  2. I think now that the gloves are off and National are being accused of being a ‘party of sexual predators’ etc etc
    I think National need to bring up the Labour Party Sex Camp and that chap in the PM’s office- And ask why the Media seem to have swept these issues under the carpet…($50million *cough)
    *For what it’s worth Falloon deserves to lose his career for being fucking STUPID enough to fall into a honeytrap.
    But Labour have a VERY breakable glass house..



  3. Judith Collins wants Andrew Falloon to leave Parliament ‘immediately’

    “It has since emerged that the story has now changed from Andrew Falloon and I have reached the view this morning that it would be in his best interests, the best interests of the young woman – who is my first priority – and for his family if he were to resign from Parliament immediately.

    “I think that is actually the better outcome for him as well because he can now then move straight into receiving the professional medical help that he clearly needs,” she said.



  4. Cindy says the 2000 workers losing their jobs in Southland due to Tiwai Pt closure, will be able to gain employment in the likes of hydrogen and EV’s.
    Well that should put their minds at ease.



  5. It’s just not fair! Ex-pats planning on complaining about charging returning New Zealanders for their time in quarantine.

    COVID-19: Kiwi expats sending Human Rights Commission complaint over proposed user-pays managed isolation

    “It isn’t fair, and actually it’s not legal. And I know the Government is probably scratching the heads of many of their best lawyers trying to get around it.”

    He’s assembled a team of expat Kiwi immigration lawyers and will make the complaint to HRC.

    “I know the community is pretty anxious. They’re concerned they won’t be able to come home.”



  6. United Kingdom suspending extradition treaty with Hong Kong

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told parliament the treaty would be suspended immediately and an arms embargo would be extended to Hong Kong.

    “We will not consider reactivating those arrangements, unless and until there are clear and robust safeguards, which are able to prevent extradition from the UK being misused under the new national security legislation,” Raab said.



  7. Im proud to say I’ve had many downticks for stating “we have 120 useless weirdos down in that putrid big house in Wellington”
    Sexual Perverts , all parties,
    Liars, all parties,
    Pornographers x2 proven.
    self serving x120,
    race baiters x at least 30,
    egomaniacs x120,
    Maori racists at least 10,
    Mega troughers x120,
    Drunks, many ,1 exceptional candidate.
    Cunning rats x120,
    Megalomaniacs x 1,
    Members of Parliament that care about their citizens, ?? None of the self serving arseholes.
    And thats our problem they are all so absorbed in their own wealth and futures none have any idea what to do about our present predicament.



  8. Will the Redskins become the ‘Foreskins’

    ….. 49 percent of respondents believe the Redskins should keep their nickname, with only 29 percent in favor of the upcoming change and 22 percent unsure. …..

    ….. The Redskins ranked the second most offensive name, with 30 percent of respondents finding the name and logo offensive.
    The only team to score higher was the Cleveland Indians and their mascot Chief Wahoo, who was deemed offensive by 33 percent of respondents.

    The other potentially controversial mascots included: Chicago Blackhawks (25 percent), Florida State Seminoles (24 percent), Atlanta Braves (17 percent), Kansas City Chiefs (16 percent), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (16 percent), and the Edmonton Eskimos (16 percent). ….
    ….. A 2016 Washington Post poll of Native Americans showed that 90 percent of respondents were not bothered by the name, and 78 percent found the debate unimportant. Many respondents took it a step further, and declared they like the team’s name and find it supportive of Native Americans. The Washington Post results also fit a 2004 poll of Native Americans conducted by University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey, which also saw 90 percent of respondents supporting the name. …..


    Will taking a scalp become taking a foreskin?
    What do our soggy NZ crusaders “sword fight” with? 🙁



  9. New Zealand’s ‘Anthony Weiner’

    ‘Pattern of behaviour’ emerging: Further allegations of lewd images sent by disgraced ex-National MP Andrew Falloon

    Falloon allegedly sent two lewd images – not of himself – to the young woman in her mid-twenties on two separate occasions about two weeks apart.

    This incident involves a different young woman than the 19-year-old Falloon sent pornographic material too and resigned over on Monday.



    • Read the report. One thing caught my eye

      This paragraph:

      In 2018 Newsroom published an expose covering seven people who came forward with harrowing stories about their experiences working with or being involved with Ross. Two included sexual relationships with the married MP. One woman said Ross targeted her for a relationship after consistent and repeated pressure which evolved into controlling behaviour, “incoherent rages”, and “brutal sex”.”

      Hang on. Brutal Sex. Its either consential, or its RAPE. Explain please???



  10. Winston Peters said in interview with Peter Williams, Magic Radio that NZ First was never in coalition with the Greens, that Labour had a separate agreement with the Greens. He advised Williams that NZ First were in a coalition only with Labour. Full stop. Peters was highly combative and incensed when Peter asked if he would be paying his court costs.

    David Seymour is on to respond.



  11. Labour splashing the cash in covid response.

    As at 31 May, the Government had budgeted or paid out $16,393,391 to contractors.

    Government paid former official $400 an hour early on in Covid-19 response

    Clemenger BBDO Limited was to be paid $3m for its role with the response, which is understood to have involved the clear and concise messaging such as “stay home, save lives” and other messages.

    But the biggest earner was OMD, a multinational advertising firm that works in more than 100 countries, and touts itself as the world’s biggest media network.

    OMD was to be paid $12m for its role in the response.

    The 28 contractors also included individuals, such as Brendan Boyle, the former CEO of the Ministry of Social Development, and John Ombler, who led the All-of-Government response strategy.

    Boyle was employed as an expert advisor, and was initially paid $400 an hour, or $3200 per day, for his advice.



  12. Police likely to reopen Andrew Falloon investigation – Judith Collins

    “I have spoken to police. Police, in light of the new information, have advised me that they are likely to reopen their first investigation and I have also spoken to them about the safety of Andrew Falloon and they are taking the matter very seriously,” she said.

    She believes more women will come forward.

    “There will be more and I have certainly had indications from people that they know of more.”

    On Monday, police said they had launched an investigation “after receiving a report of an individual sending an unsolicited image [and] the investigation determined it did not meet the threshold for prosecution”.

    Collins says the images were pornography.



  13. We all know what “$3000.00 will bankrupt me if i have to pay it” means don’t we ? it means “Im a useless C–T that will be straight onto the public tit as soon as my POS arse hits the Country “.
    And there is tens of thousands of them heading for a neighbourhood near you.



  14. As an unpaid volunteer I have to do a prize giving on Sunday at golf. The age group is about 20 all the way through to about 80.
    I thought that if some contributors on this site could give me some bad jokes for me to tell, the golf club will not want me to do any more volunteer work.



    • Two friends are discussing the possibility of love.

      “I thought I was in love three times”, says one.

      “How so?” his friend asks

      “Five years ago I deeply cared for a woman who wanted nothing to do with me”.

      “Was that not love?” his friend says.

      “No,” he replies. “That was obsession. And then two years ago I cared for a woman who couldn’t understand me”.

      “Was that not love?”

      “No he replies. “That was lust. And just last year I met a woman on a cruise ship in the Pacific. She was smart, funny & a great conversationalist. And everywhere we met on that boat I got a strange sensation in my stomach.”

      “Was that love?” asks the friend.

      “No,” he replies. “That was seasickness.”



  15. Bet labour don’t say boo about Fallon sex case as that would give Judith an opening she would love.
    To be able to ask about the sexual deviat at the sex camp.
    The rapist in the PMs own office.
    Along with that other one.
    The Nanny Mc Fee!
    Go on Cindy ask, I dare you!



  16. On the Leighton Smith podcast this week Oliver Hartwich (I think –if not not it was Michael Basset) said National internal polls said National was on 36/37 and Act on 9 %. Firstly the ACT figure seems more realist than the Roy Morgan poll.
    But this morning I have been thinking about these figures —if they are anywhere near correct then the race has to be quite close given Nat + Act = 45. Greens (5) + NZF(2) + others (say 2) = 9 % There has been around 10% or more undecided in most polls that release the figure. So that puts Labour on about 36/37 as well. Even if the undecided is only 5% that puts Labour in the low 40s.
    This is all a bit of conjecture based on that one internal poll, but it might be closer to reality than many would like it to be.



  17. You can just see Cindy rolling her eyes at the wayward comments of her political bestie. Nothing we’re not used to from grumpy old Winston.

    NZ Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern not worried about ‘woke pixie dust’ attack from Winston Peters

    Ardern said she has “no idea” what Peters was getting at.

    “I put it down to an election year,” she told The AM Show on Tuesday. “We’re two months out [from the election] so you will start seeing some of this rhetoric in the lead up to an election. I expect it and the New Zealand public probably does as well.”



  18. Department of Justice
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    Eastern District of Washington

    The Department Of Justice Will Host a Virtual Press Conference Announcing Criminal Charges In a National Security Cyber Matter

    Highly probable it’s this guy.
    Two weeks after a cyber-security firm released the identity of an alleged hacker from Kazakhstan, federal authorities in Seattle on Tuesday unsealed a 2018 indictment charging the man with an array of computer crimes.

    Andrey Turchin, known in hacking circles as “fxmsp,” and his accomplices ran a prolific hacking ring that attacked hundreds of victims, including government agencies, schools, banks and luxury hotel chains on six continents, the indictment said.
    According to the indictment, the hackers would sometimes modify antivirus software settings to remain undetected. They typically sold network access for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, but for some they sought more than $100,000.



  19. Sorry to hear Andy Haden gravely ill.

    All Blacks great Andy Haden ‘gravely ill’ after hospital release

    It is understood Haden has been seriously ill for some time and was recently sent home from hospital for palliative care after his health took a major turn for the worse. He confirmed in 2003 that he had been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.



  20. Peters is everywhere, commenting on everything. He chose the COL and now he says he’s saved us from them. Is there an election by chance?! //

    NZ election 2020: Winston Peters lambasts National Party ‘circus’ in ‘chaos’

    Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has ridiculed the National Party “circus”, with the politician saying it was in “chaos” after the resignation of another MP.

    Peters’ comments come after he gave a speech in which he attacked other political parties and the idea of a “Red-Green Government”.

    He said a Capital Gains Tax, which earlier this term had been up for discussion until it was ruled out by Jacinda Ardern, had been the “height of folly”.

    “You’ve got no idea how many things that we have stepped in for the better for this country’s economy and the image of stability, how much it owes to a party called New Zealand First.”



  21. Tucker Carlson accuses New York Times of endangering his family with forthcoming story

    Carlson said during his Monday show that the decision to include information about the location of his home in the forthcoming story is politically motivated and claimed the New York Times “hates [his] politics.”

    “They hate my politics,” he said. “They want this show off the air. If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won’t consider it collateral damage. They know it’s the whole point of the exercise to inflict pain on our family, to terrorize us, to control what we say. That’s the kind of people they are.”




    • Tucker is a threat to the low life gutter filth, because he
      tells the truth. The vermin media hate being exposed
      for the weak, diseased scum that they are.
      It is to be hoped no harm comes to Tucker and his family.



  22. Winston Peters labels David Seymour ‘political cuckold’ as electioneering gets ugly

    It wasn’t the only biffo. On Monday, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters threatened to hit and hospitalise ACT leader David Seymour, retaliation for Seymour saying Peters will soon need a careworker.

    On Tuesday came round two.

    “He spends enough time in the hospital without my intervention,” Seymour said. “If his punches are as empty as his political promises, I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

    “You’re talking about a political cuckold that has got so much integrity he has to get another party to prop him up,” Peters fired back.

    Peters had used an early morning speech to have a go at Seymour’s infamous twerking, calling him “the twerp tweaker from Epsom”.

    Then came the friendly fire – popping shots at his own governing partners. He accused the Greens of being “away with the fairies” – and he had worse words for his Labour Cabinet colleagues.



  23. Labour list MP Raymond Huo has announced his retirement from politics at the upcoming election, putting some of the blame of senior National MP Nick Smith.

    “Each time I saw Nick Smith’s face, it’s a reminder that it’s about time for me to retire from politics,” he told the Herald.

    In a Labour Party statement this afternoon, Huo said he was leaving to spend more time with his family.

    In March, Smith took his concerns about China-expert Anne-Marie Brady being barred from presenting her views on foreign interference in elections to the media.

    Huo said this was a procedural decision and Brady had not submitted her application to present to the committee in time.

    But, at the time Smith said Huo was “blocking New Zealand’s leading academic on the issue of foreign interference in one’s democracy”.

    In response to Huo’s comments, Smith said that the Labour MP had “inappropriately” blocked Brady from submitting to the Justice Committee

    He said Huo was “less than honest publicly” about why he did not want her to submit.


    good ridance we don’t want communists running our country. Marxists are bad enough.



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