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  1. This cuts to the heart of education, a part of Trump’s tweets.

    “If schools do not reopen, the funding should go to parents to send their child to public, private, charter, religious, or homeschool of their choice,” Trump said
    “…If the school is closed, the money should follow the student so the parents and families are in control of their own decisions.
    So we’d like the money to go to the parents of the student.
    This way, they can make the decision that’s best for them.”


    Now will ACTNAT set up those Charter schools to be beyond the point of being pulled back? 🙂



  2. I wonder who Sarah Dowie was referring to in the media in her valedictory yesterday? Maybe she should have named some names with specific details. That would have only been fair. Eh, Tova……



  3. Just cut those nasty culture appropriation words right out… as it is all part of “systemic racism”.
    Even better still, just cut their pay to the average. [cleaner’s wage?] 🙂

    A Canadian chief executive officer (CEO) (sorry, leading executive officer) has renounced the title that denotes consummate success in the corporate world because it is supposedly racist cultural appropriation and offensive to Native Americans, or something.

    Interesting to see a source to the word chief is “caput”
    Picks up on a number of other trite words but shows where the real “control agenda” lies.

    can go on to declare certain ideas off-limits, as well.
    …… as “hate groups” in an effort to cut them off from polite society
    and make their ideas seem toxic.
    They are on the cutting edge of cancel culture,
    as are the activists who would police basic terms as “racist.”



  4. No one needs to die of Covid! 350 successful treatments – oops better censor that

    Yesterday there were a few clips of highly concerned US front line Drs – people who actually treat Covid patients – who held a summit and a number of press conferences to publicise what is REALLY going on with the Trump treatment (HCL etc). But now, most of those clips have been expunged from the internet. The doctors website has been disappeared. The tech giants (on the day they were summoned to the Senate to be charged for lying about censorship) have tried to erase them and much of what they’ve been saying.

    There is a particularly powerful clip of a black African female Dr who practices in Texas who repeatedly says “No one needs to die, I have treated 350 people who had co-morbidity illness who knew they had a death sentence with Covid and not a single one has died because I treated them with Hydroxychloroquine, Zetamax and (something else I can’t remember). No one needs to die!” And now every single link to that clip is broken. It’s chilling. It’s exactly like the Will Smith movie “Enemy of the State” where everything about his life changed because of the power to alter data.

    Anyway, I did find the proceedings of the Frontline Doctors Summit on Youtube – I guess it’ll be torn down and erased soon – but just look at this point in their proceedings.

    A black Dr talks about ER doctors knowing the the HCL treatment works, how they prescribe it to themselves if they contract Covid, how they prescribe it for their own family if they contract it – but how they’re afraid to prescribe it for their patients because they know the administrative medical cancel culture will come after them and de-licence them!

    I know we’ve been lucky in NZ and lost only 20 odd to Covid – but if you are one of those that lost a family member to Covid – how does it feel to know that your nanna or gramma died when she didn’t need to. When the cause of death was politics and she had to have a very simple treatment withheld from her because of Cindy’s need to get re-elected.

    Fuck me – what have we become? We live in a world where politicians will punish medical professionals for saving lives!

    The Devil must be laughing his little cotton socks off!



      • I read the media account. I came to a conclusion that the penalty of de registration from the professional body and imposed fine was not reasonable. The “thousands of years” comment left me wondering about the veracity of the claims made.



      • Actually it requires a court argument over the matter of free speech and freely held opinion. The Nurses lot are no better than the teachers and university lot when it comes to freedom of speech.



    • ……”When the cause of death was politics “……

      And more specifically the politics of anti Trump wingnuts. Because of their irrational hatred of the man millions could be sacrificed at the altar of global socialism.



      • Thank you for posting that Waikato Girl. Never a truer word spoken. Bloody hell imagine a world with Joe Biden as president of the USA and the PTPM as leader of NZ after the election. Stop the world I would really like to get off. The beginning of the end for sure.



    • “Lets keep moving”,,,, back to the Future.

      …… Lysenko, a Soviet biologist, condemned perhaps millions of people to starvation through bogus agricultural research—and did so without hesitation …..
      …… Such claims were exactly what Soviet leaders wanted to hear. …..
      …… Communist China adopted his methods in the late 1950s and endured even bigger famines. ……
      ……….. Lysenko still tried to eliminate all dissent within the Soviet Union.
      Scientists who refused to renounce genetics found themselves at the mercy of the secret police.
      The lucky ones simply got dismissed from their posts and were left destitute.
      Hundreds if not thousands of others were rounded up and dumped into prisons or psychiatric hospitals.
      Several got sentenced to death as enemies of the state or, fittingly, starved in their jail cells.
      Before the 1930s, the Soviet Union had arguably the best genetics community in the world.
      Lysenko gutted it, and by some accounts set Russian biology back a half-century. ….
      …. Lysenko’s revival.
      There’s something more going on here: a mistrust of science itself. ……
      …… Lysenko’s new defenders “accuse the science of genetics of serving the interests of American imperialism and acting against the interests of Russia.”
      Science, after all, is a major component of Western culture.
      And because the barefoot peasant Lysenko stood up to Western science, the reasoning seems to go, he must be a true Russian hero. ….
      …… ideology perverts science in the Western world as well.


      So again, it shows how again, the following of reasoning, enlightenment can be so easily subverted & abandoned.



    • The movie’ Enemy of the State’ is a really good one.

      I have it on hard disk and watch it about once a year.
      It also has Gene Hackman in it in the last of a decade of really good movies with him in them.
      (eg Unforgiven, Absolute Power, Class Action )

      It really shows what happens whereby one small event can grow with the person ‘unpersoned’ and hunted down.

      We live in a Post Truth World.
      This was solidified in 2015.
      The tradies on that job were able to step down after that (Key, Obama, et al. The likes of Tony B’liar had started the build 20 years before)



          • A kindred spirit howtis! I’ve been a fan of the Critical Drinker for a while.

            I think it’s important to be aware of how broad the battleground for the culture wars are and I like to get advance warning of whether my viewing is going to be polluted with wrongthink messaging or not. As the great Andrew Breitbart once said “Politics is downstream from culture”. He also said “You people in the mainstream media dare to call me “Racist” for not agreeing with you! Fuck You! WAR!”



  5. It appears that the govt has a list of signed-off, shovel-ready infrastructure projects. Rather than announcing these now, so that potential contractors can plan ahead, possibly saving/creating jobs, they’re drip-feeding the announcements on the campaign trail for maximum political effect.
    In QT yesterday Chris Bishop asked Minister of Finance three times how many of these unannounced projects there are. He refused to answer on all three occasions and wasn’t pulled up for it. Don’t know why Bishop didn’t call point of order. I guess Mallard would probably have ruled the question had been “addressed”.



    • They cant even finish Transmission Gully and it is now delayed by more than 2.5 years.
      Having a list is not actually building things.

      Where NZTA goes, trouble follows (then digs in for the long haul).

      NZTA was established as one of the last acts of destruction by Cullen/Clark.
      It commenced on 1 August 2008.
      On Saturday that marks 12 years of crap.
      Notional never had the guts to can it like so many Liebour cock ups.

      Notional even buried the WOF and Driver licencing scandals under the carpet.
      The Driver licencing fiasco was overt and screaming out from 2013.
      The Indians coming to NZ thought it was a great lark- just like home.
      Fork out $400 cash and you get a driver licence even if you have never driven a vehicle before.



      • You know what they say “The bigger they are, the stupider they are!” NZTA just keeps on proving that point.

        As I’ve noted before, for most of us, if we were given a job and experienced a 7 week delay for the Scamdemic shutdown, we’d expect to pick up tools and finish the project 7 weeks late. But not NZTA.

        So during that 7 week period, the whole of NZTA was supposedly “Working” on full pay. Which to my mind means that the contract managers for the TG project would have been “working” by keeping in regular contact with the PPP to make sure that when the lockdown ended they had a plan to get straight back to work and finish 7 weeks later than the original completion date.

        But apparently not. Apparently no one did anything at all other than draw their paychecks.

        After the election we are going to get crucified with new taxes and tax hikes and all sorts of ways to re-fill governments coffers – when all that is really needed is a huge cull of all the ‘do-nothings’ that crowd government departments. Seriously, you could drop 1/3 of the workforce and not notice any appreciable drop in services standards – the trick is to drop the right 1/3.



  6. The cracks in the coalition government are widening after a day which began with disagreements over managed isolation co-payments and ended with NZ First leader Winston Peters launching a furious attack on the Greens.

    The decision to charge only some returning Kiwis for hotel isolation sparked division across parties with Mr Peters unhappy with what he says is a “dreadful public policy”.

    NZ First says they will support the legislation even though they disagree with it. The Green Party, meanwhile, says they’re making sure Kiwis who need to return to New Zealand to live don’t end up being charged a hefty fee.

    The division between Labour’s coalition partners then took a turn for the worse last night as the Greens joined National in attempting to appeal the waka-jumping law.

    An infuriated Winston Peters immediately sent a press release saying the move showed the Greens to be “unstable and untrustworthy”.

    It’s just the latest incident in a deteriorating relationship between NZ First and the Greens who have both been struggling in recent polls. And they’ll have another poll result to chew over later today with the latest 1 NEWS/Colmar Brunton poll landing at 6pm on TVNZ 1 and 1NEWS.co.nz.



  7. Surely the Nats don’t send their spokespeople to interviews with the wrong numbers?!

    National housing spokesperson Jacqui Dean falsely claims they built 30,000 state homes when last in power

    “Having said that, in our last term of Government we did build 30,000 emergency housing, state housing homes. We had a number of state housing homes in the pipeline, ready for when Labour came into office. Roughly half of those that they have built were already in pipeline under National.” The Nats did demolish horrible old large state housing has been rebuilt with suitable housing utilising land more efficiently.

    In fact, the state housing stock fell by 2000 between 2009 and 2017. Statistics show in 2008, when National defeated Helen Clark’s Labour, there were 65,324 state homes. In September 2017 when National lost power, there were only 63,209.



    • That was a spectacularly bad interview. I really fear for National now. She clearly has no idea about the portfolio, not even a vague overview. She came across as hardly any improvement on Phil Twyford.



    • Jacqui Dean.
      W h a t a n i d i o t.
      Clueless and appalling.

      It looks like Notional do not want to inherit the Treasury benches in September.
      They do not deserve it with the dreadful quality of clowns on their list.
      And Bridges said Maureen Pugh was bad.
      Where did Dean rank?

      There may have been a recall of some guns but Notional keep shooting themselves in the foot.
      -Michael Woodhouse claiming a homeless man was able to get two weeks accommodation under the returning quarantined people rule. Fabricated.
      -Judith Collins saying there were no escapes under her watch then saying it was ‘ joke’. It is campaign time and the media are their enemy.
      It has to be deliberate.
      -Nikki Kaye claiming maoridom ancestry on behalf of Goldstein
      -And the biggest joke of all- electing Todd (who, you say! ) Muller as some sort of I dunno, leader??

      Jacqui Dean, Jacqui Dean:
      From her Wikipedia page:
      “Dihydrogen monoxide hoax
      In August 2007, as a result of emails from ACT on Campus members based loosely around the well-known dihydrogen monoxide hoax, she sent a letter to Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton, asking if there were any plans to ban “dihydrogen monoxide”, apparently not realizing that this is water.”

      Yahweh wept.
      2007. Did someone not get a clue from this?

      This is from her newsletter on 8 April 2020
      “I will also be visiting a lot of local businesses across the electorate next week to see how they are and how they are going. It is very important to support them at this time especially those who benefit from tourists. ”

      Well we were in lock down (over 2 weeks then) so how could she visit?
      She was meant to be at home. No-one was allowed to go to work unless essential.
      Tourism was completely halted.




  8. More than 70 big retail closures in 2020, and warning more to come

    Scores below 100 indicated that more people were pessimistic rather than optimistic about the economy in the coming year.

    According to the same survey, a growing number of households reported that their financial position had deteriorated over the past year.

    The number of people who expect good economic conditions over the coming 12 months had fallen to its lowest level in eight years.



  9. Is it true that the friends and relatives of the Mosque shooting victims who are swarming into NZ for sentencing are having ALL their expenses paid by the NZ taxpayer??
    What a kick in the guts for any NZ family who has had to resort to Givealittle or taken a huge loan etc to bring a deceased loved one back from overseas…



    • It will be nothing more than an opportunity
      for the communist skeleton to revel in the
      limelight of the media scum because she
      missed out doing it in March. A cowardly
      and obvious electioneering ploy.



    • Cindy needs to have props. She can’t put a rag on her head, pull the frowny face and hug Covid carrying relatives if they are not allowed through.

      It’s disgusting political theatre. Every aspect of government is now corrupted and is doing the bidding of the totalitarian left. In what world does a major case get fast-tracked to just before the election to create a photo op for a vapid attention-seeker like our PTPM?

      After visiting quite a few in my younger days, I often wondered what it was like to actually live and work in a banana republic – well I guess I know now don’t I?



      • Will they quarantine?
        How days before the trial will they have to holiday in NZ?
        How many days after the trial will they leave?
        If they go touring, NZ will we be paying for food, accommodation, transport?
        What happens if they abscond from quarantine?
        What happens if they don’t want to go home?



  10. AH,So I’m a bit slow on this one but its dawned on me why Alfies wife is pushing so hard for the women’s WORLD cup of cricket in early 2021 ,of course it’s an opportunity for the emaciated socialist PM to trip the light fantastic once again as she’s been stuck in the Country for 8 months now and the kindy visits and introducing new policies with various moron ministers just ain’t doing it for her anymore .
    OMG,The TV will be turned off for weeks if this competition takes place ,the sight of the PM with various lesbian and gay caucus members daily would have NZrs wishing the end of life bill had already been made law.



    • revtech, hopefully the commie skeleton will NOT be prime minister
      by then. Hopefully. Sensible, thinking voters, such as my fellow YSB friends, have to seize this election by the balls
      and ensure the bitch never gets another look in.



  11. An Auckland fishmonger has been convicted and fined $60,000 for knowingly importing and selling unauthorised Bangladeshi freshwater fish

    The 38-year-old and Khan Brother’s Distribution Limited pleaded guilty to two charges each for offences involving $70,700 in sales and unaccounted for fish between December 10, 2017, and July 6, 2018.

    The court found Khan had imported Hilsa fish in violation of the Biosecurity Act 1993. The Bangladeshi freshwater fish cannot be imported under New Zealand’s biosecurity rules.

    Khan had falsely declared the fish as Sardinella longiceps, or Indian sardines, in order to receive clearance for importation of 3500kg of the fish. The fish was sold from December 10, 2017 through to July 2018.



  12. Immigration New Zealand’s website inundated with Americans amid COVID-19 pandemic

    More than a quarter of a million Americans have considered moving to New Zealand since the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus found a firm foothold in the United States this year.

    As the pandemic continues to claim lives across the globe, hundreds of thousands of foreigners are applying for residency or investigating whether they qualify to immigrate to New Zealand – a country that has gone almost three months without a case being acquired locally from an unknown source.

    Last month 46,800 British citizens visited the site, up by 19,700 a year earlier. The UK currently has the third-highest death toll worldwide – 46,046 – behind the US and Brazil, with more than 303,000 recorded cases.

    The rise in interest corresponds with an international surge in Google searches using the key words, ‘move to New Zealand’, in June.



    • Welcome them but with STRICT criteria. For starters they need money and LOTS of it. Quarantine on arrival at their expense. 30 days paid in advance. Must arrive into the country on a staged visa system initially applied for in their home country before departing for our shores.

      The first 5 years will be on a ‘we’ll see how ya go’ visa. If they break the law or breach any of the conditions of the ‘see how ya go’ visa, its noted. During the 5th year they can apply for PR. So long as they have kept their noses clean they are stamped Permanant Resident on the final day of their ‘see how ya go’ visa. However, if they have seriously broken any laws or have been a public nuisance during those 5 years..DEPORTED on ya bike and take your spawn with. No ifs no buts no review.
      BUT if they have been good law-abiding upstanding citizens like myself, for example, citizenship can be applied for in year 10.

      Thats are law. If you dont like it, do not come.

      M. Hunty. Minister of Immigration and Justice.



  13. Labour still throws $40m at it despite axing.

    Law change to help commercial rent disputes axed after New Zealand First disagrees

    The Government is no longer pursuing a law change to help commercial rent disputes because consensus could not be reached with New Zealand First – but $40 million is still being allocated to assist disputes.

    Justice Minister Andrew Little announced in June a temporary change to the Property Law Act to ensure businesses suffering as a result of the COVID-19 response would get help to resolve disputes over rent costs.

    The Government allocated $40 million to provide access to arbitration – basically independent dispute settlers – to support small or medium businesses to reach agreement on fair rent.



  14. Voters aren’t looking to National Party for economic answers because they don’t blame the Government in first place – economist

    “The Government’s got the ready excuse of, ‘whatever’s wrong in the economy, it’s COVID-19’, so I don’t think people are feeling, ‘the economy’s bad, it’s the Government’s fault’,” he told The AM Show on Tuesday. “COVID-19 is basically a good screen for the Government for any mistakes they may have made in managing the economy.

    Alexander said both the major party’s economic policies were short-sighted.

    “There’s got to be a lot more innovative stuff that could be brought forward but I’m not sure that people are in a mood to be listening to it at the moment, and that’s the difficulty.”



  15. Chlöe Swarbrick and David Seymour agree on scrapping RMA, but that’s where their agreement ends

    “I think simplifying the system not just for the bureaucracy, but also for New Zealanders out their attempting to navigate it, is a positive thing. But we need make sure that we stay true to the original kaupapa of the RMA, which is to protect the environment.”

    Ms Swarbrick said the Greens welcomed the “very comprehensives and deeply thoughful review”, which was led by retired Court of Appeal Judge Tony Randerson QC, and were looking to get into it deeper.

    Mr Seymour said the focus should be on councils building infrastructure and freeing up land. He said the RMA should be focused on property rights so there is more flexibility for Kiwis to develop their own property, but also some recourse for when neighbouring developments acutely affect someone else’s property.

    “We don’t need to be telling people the city should be this shape or that shape. We should be enabling people to develop their property. We should be enabling councils to focus on funding good infrastructure because that’s how you let the next generation build homes like the previous one did,” he said.

    “Frankly, we just need to get on with it. The Nats dragged their feet on this, the current Government’s done nothing but produce a report. The next Government is going to have to deal to this issue because it’s so overdue.”



    • Twelve years ago DPF made a list of the things the Greens want to ban. I was going to apologise for interrupting our beloved host’s post with the length of it but on second thoughts take it up with the idiot social engineers:

      Ban fizzy drinks from schools
      Ban fuel inefficient vehicles
      Ban all gaming machines in pubs
      Ban the GCSB
      Ban violent TV programmes until after 10 pm
      Ban feeding of antibiotics to animals that are not sick
      Ban companies that do not comply with a Code of Corporate Responsibility
      Ban ACC from investing in enterprises that provide products or services that significantly increase rates of injury or illness or otherwise have significant adverse social or environmental effects
      Ban commercial Genetic Engineering trials
      Ban field testing on production of GE food
      Ban import of GE food
      Ban Urban Sprawl
      Ban non citizens/residents from owning land
      Ban further corporate farming
      Ban sale of high country farms to NZers who do not live in NZ at least 185 days a year
      Ban the transport by sea of farm animals, for more than 24 hours
      Ban crates for sows
      Ban battery cages for hens
      Ban factory farming of animals
      Ban the use of mechanically recovered meat in the food chain
      Ban the use of the ground-up remains of sheep and cows as stock feed
      Ban animal testing where animals suffer, even if of benefit to humans
      Ban cloning of animals
      Ban use of animals in GE
      Ban GE animal food
      Ban docking of dogs tails
      Ban intrusive animal experimentation as a teaching method in all educational institutions
      Ban smacking
      Ban advertising during children’s programmes
      Ban alcohol advertising on TV and radio
      Ban coal mining
      Ban the export of indigenous logs and chips
      Ban the use of bio-accumulative and persistent poisons
      Ban the establishment of mustelid farms
      Ban new exploration, prospecting and mining on conservation land and reserves
      Ban mining activities when rare and endemic species are found to present on the mining site
      Ban the trading conservation land for other land to facilitate extractive activities on.
      Ban the further holding of marine mammals in captivity except as part of an approved threatened species recovery strategy
      Ban the direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals
      Ban sale of chips and lollies on school property
      Ban any additional use of coal for energy
      Ban fixed electricity charges
      Ban further large hydro plants
      Ban nuclear power
      Ban further thermal generation
      Ban private water management
      Ban imported vehicles over seven years old
      Ban the disposal of recyclable materials at landfills
      Ban the export of hazardous waste to non OECD countries
      Ban funding of health services by companies that sell unhealthy food (so McDonalds could not fund services for young cancer sufferers)
      Ban healthcare organizations from selling unhealthy food or drink
      Ban advertising of unhealthy food until after 8.30 pm
      Ban all food and drink advertisements on TV if they do not meet criteria for nutritious food
      Ban the use of antibiotics as sprays on crops
      Ban food irradiation within NZ
      Ban irradiated food imports
      Ban growth hormones for animals
      Ban crown agency investments in any entity that denies climate change!!
      Ban crown agency investments in any entity that is involved in tobacco
      Ban crown agency investments in any entity that is involved in environmentally damaging oil extraction or gold mining
      Ban non UN sanctioned military involvement (so China and Russia gets to veto all NZ engagements)
      Ban NZ from military treaties which are based on the right to self defence
      Ban NZers from serving as mercenaries
      Ban new casinos
      Allow existing casinos to be banned
      Ban promotion of Internet gambling
      Ban advertising of unhealthy food to children
      Ban cellphone towers within 300 metres of homes
      Ban new buildings that do not confirm to sustainable building principles
      Ban migrants who do not undertake Treaty of Waitangi education programmes
      Ban new prisons
      Ban semi-automatic weapons
      Ban genetic mixing between specieis
      Ban ocean mineral extractions within the EEZ
      Ban limited liability companies by making owners responsible for liability of products
      Ban funding of PTEs that compete with public tertiary institutes
      Ban the importation of goods and services that do not meet quality and environmental certification standards in production, lifecycle analysis, and eco-labelling
      Ban goods that do not meet quality and sustainability standards for goods which are produced and/or sold in Aotearoa/New Zealand
      Ban new urban highways or motorways
      Ban private toll roads
      Ban import of vehicles more than seven years old unless they meet emission standards
      Ban imported goods that do not meet standards for durability and ease of recycling
      Ban landfills
      Ban new houses without water saving measures
      Ban programmes on TVNZ with gratuitous violence

      That’s 85 bans. Some will have already made it into law but there’s likely to be another 50 to add.



  16. Poor little Chippy,

    ‘A disgraceful and grubby act’ – Health Minister unloads on Boag and Walker over leak

    Health Minister Chris Hipkins has unloaded on political operative Michelle Boag and former MP Hamish Walker after a report into the leaking of Covid-19 patient information, released today, found that it was a political act.

    “This was a disgraceful and grubby act carried out by two National Party members for political purposes,” he said.

    “They gave no thought to the stress and harm they may have caused the individuals as they hatched their plan to gain political advantage.”



  17. Not sage advice to the farmers

    Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill divides farmers and environmentalists

    Sage said the Bill provides the framework for pastoral leaseholders to continue to farm while safeguarding unique and precious landscapes.

    But the High Country Accord Trust, made up of South Island farmers, said the Bill was poorly drafted and placed a number of absurd limitations on day-to-day farming activities for pastoral leaseholders.

    The accord’s chair, Philip Todhunter, said if the changes were brought into law, farmers would be bogged down in red tape and environmental outcomes would go backwards.



  18. Mother of slain police officer Matthew Hunt launches petition for parole and sentencing reform

    His mother Diane Hunt posted a message on Facebook today to mark his birthday and calling for change.

    “Today is Matthew’s 29th birthday. Rather than being able to celebrate my son’s day I have started a petition which has been lodged with Parliament asking for parole and sentencing reform for the murder of police officers in New Zealand,” she writes.

    “Matthew deserved a life. He had so much to live for. He loved serving his country as a police officer, a role he thrived in. I have started this petition to offer a level of safety to our 14,000 serving police officers, Matthew’s police family.

    “If you feel the same please sign the petition and share. Thank you. We love you Matthew. This should never have happened.”



  19. “I have not been so insulted in my life.”

    Unhappy campervan customer felt ‘insulted’ by Britz after serious crash

    Joseph missed a turnoff and was doing a U-turn when he was hit by a logging truck. He was unhurt, but the campervan was a write-off.

    “When I took the campervan back and I said, ‘What’s going to happen to the rest of my four days?’ They just told me, ‘Your journey’s finished.’ No more answers – they didn’t ask what happened, nothing, they just didn’t want to know.

    “They were not concerned about my welfare. Was I hurt? Can I get you a drink? Zilch.”

    The company had not reimbursed him for unused days, nor given him a replacement vehicle.

    “I have not been so insulted in my life.”



    • Another bleating Indian .
      Not to be taken seriously.

      Fool says
      “I have not been so insulted in my life.”
      Cripes you stupid bastard, I can help there.
      Let me know when you want to start, you fuckwit.

      The idiot causes an accident with his own stupidity with an (probably) illegal act so the media filth jump in to support his prick.

      If that was a whitie they would not, just as the media scum are naming and shaming white people who escape quarantine but not non whites.
      Media filth are racist.

      I noticed the media filth have been running a campaign against THL.
      Have THL not suffered enough with near death of tourism?

      Some stupid bint from Stuffed hired a campervan and could not operate anything so did a whinge piece.
      She got slammed in the comments which were closed inside 3 hours.
      This stupid bitch is called ‘Rebecca Stevenson’ and just showed what a bunch of out of touch fools journos are.
      She started with :-
      “And it appealed to me. I’m a camper at heart. I have treasured memories of camping at Waimarama Beach in my 20s.”
      Um dummy journo, that has no connection to driving a camper van and she headed away in winter with no torch and two young kids and did a whinge that her phone torch died.

      The actual news is:
      ….Chances are the taxpaying, working truck driver has suffered loss of income and possible repercussions with an employer because of the stupid actions of this indian dickhead.

      The media filth will report this as another truck hits a poor innocent vehicle.
      Fork off media filth.



  20. Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Five Eyes is considering expanding its membership to include Japan.

    Deja vu all over again! Remember the Anglo-Japanese Alliance (1902–23). https://gyokuzan.typepad.jp/.a/6a0134861d5550970c01b7c8f77e2c970b-popup (The flowers the girls are holding are deeply symbolic.)
    We really seem to be back in time some 90 years ago to the end of the 1920s.

    Same war. New baddies. One ethno-national socialist state swapped out for another.



  21. Whgen you think you have heard it all! Along comes a new fetish.

    Police have claimed to have found a severed human penis and testicles in a tradie’s freezer while investigating the removal of another person’s testicle in an alleged castration fetish act.

    Police went to the West End flat of electrician Ryan Andrew King, 27, in inner city Brisbane while investigating a bizarre mutilation last weekend.

    Police and paramedics were called to a city backpacker hostel last Saturday night where they found a 26-year-old Sydney man with his genitals partly removed.




  22. Here’s Colmar Brunton poll for what it’s worth… Still 7 weeks to the election. Labour are riding high on the back of NZ being relatively free of Covid-19. There is nothing else they can crow about.

    1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll: Collins up as preferred PM, but National still in deep trouble

    Judith Collins has soared in the preferred Prime Minister rankings since taking over as National leader – but her party is languishing at just 32% in today’s Colmar Brunton poll.

    Collins up as preferred PM, but National still in deep trouble in 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

    The latest poll results would see ACT boost its MP allocation from one to six, assuming it wins an electorate seat.

    Party support

    Labour Party – 53% (up 3%)
    National Party – 32% (down 6%)
    Green Party – 5% (down 1%)
    ACT – 4.8% (up 1.7%)
    New Zealand First – 2% (up 0.2%)
    New Conservative – 1.2%
    Māori Party – 1%
    Don’t Know/Refused – 14%



  23. Megan, Cindy, wakey, wakey. I don’t know why anyone trusts you lot.

    Investigations launched after claims of managed isolation security guards falling asleep on the job

    Multiple investigations are underway after complaints were made about eight different incidents of security guards sleeping while on duty at managed isolation hotels.

    Newshub has also been told about the sleep-deprived security from a Government worker at another managed isolation facility.

    “Sleeping on the job is common,” they said.

    “Private security personnel are simply not competent enough to be tasked with such important responsibilities. They spend their work time on their mobile phones or having a nap.”

    Our source also offered an insight into why some get tired.

    “Many I have spoken to have a second job driving taxis after their 12-hour shift.”



  24. 3 weeks ago the glorious deity said that there would be no extension to the wage subsidy. Today the lard entombed fairy said there might be:


    Also today, my colleague’s wife was on the phone to IRD for the most part of the morning as her subsidy had been stopped due to him becoming re-employed again. She argued that the subsidy was standalone and not dependent on what a partner was doing. She managed to kick it up the food chain and got the logical result, that her subsidy would continue. But here is the kicker;

    The “special investigator” from IRD told her explicitly that the wage subsidy has been extended through till February 2021?!?!

    On hearing that, I jumped online and can find nothing of the sort except for the link above.

    Heads up?

    Can’t wait till October and onwards. Drop it on em Cindy. Get up them good and fucking hard. Apparently they all want it anyway.



  25. In 1770, King George asked for a census of all the people in the colonies. This is the actual report, that Grafton County, New Hampshire sent to the King:

    “Your Royal Majesty, Grafton County, New Hampshire, consists of 1,012 square miles. It contains 6,489 souls, most of whom are engaged in agriculture, but included in that number are 69 wheelwrights, 8 doctors, 29 blacksmiths, 87 preachers, 20 slaves and 90 students at the new college. There is not one lawyer, for which fact we take no personal credit, but thank the Almighty and Merciful God.”



  26. Guess who is the subject of this letter.
    A father to his son.

    Alas, your conduct has consisted merely in disorder, meandering in all the fields of knowledge, musty traditions by sombre lamplight; degeneration in a learned dressing gown with uncombed hair has replaced degeneration with a beer glass. And a shirking unsociability and a refusal of all conventions and even all respect for your father. Your intercourse with the world is limited to your sordid room, where perhaps lie abandoned in the classical disorder the love letters of a Jenny [fiancée] and the tear-stained counsels of your father. … And do you think that here in this workshop of senseless and aimless learning you can ripen the fruits to bring you and your loved one happiness? … . As though we were made of gold my gentleman son disposes of almost 700 thalers in a single year, in contravention of every agreement and every usage, whereas the richest spend no more than 500.



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