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  1. Bloomfield has covered up for corruption.

    Bloomfield knows zilch about viruses.

    Bloomfield knows zilch about economics.

    Bloomfield knows fuck-all about society.

    Bloomfield is an unelected asshole.

    It is unconscionable FOR Bloomfield to make one sector of society pay the price of the lockdown while another has a fully paid stay at home holiday.




      • You forgot to add that he enacted a lockdown as D-G of health without any legal authority to do so.

        The public service code of conduct is very clear:
        We must:
        – maintain the political neutrality required to enable us to work with current and future governments
        – carry out the functions of our organisation, unaffected by our personal beliefs
        – support our organisation to provide robust and unbiased advice – respect the authority of the government of the day.
        We must:
        act lawfully and objectively
        – use our organisation’s resources carefully and only for intended purposes
        – treat information with care and use it only for proper purposes
        – work to improve the performance and efficiency of our organisation.
        We must:
        – be honest
        – work to the best of our abilities
        – ensure our actions are not affected by our personal interests or relationships
        – never misuse our position for personal gain
        – decline gifts or benefits that place us under any obligation or perceived influence
        – avoid any activities, work or non-work, that may harm the reputation of our organisation or of the State Services.”

        The judicial review is about to categorically determine that Dr Silly Name acted unlawfully in the most egregious and far-reaching way.

        Looking at you Peter Hughes! What are you going to do? Another cover-up?



  2. So who went hard and early?

    So with Covid, Trump closed the border to people from China at the end of January, and was met with widespread uproar from all quarters about how “raaaayyyyyshhhiiiiissssst” it was. Cindy decided to close the border on the 15 March.

    Trump – end of January – racist, irrational, xenophobic
    Stoopid Cindy – mid March – hard and early?


    Funny how Cindy always tries to rewrite history the same way as an old man who has got dementia. It’s almost like they’re working from the same playbook?

    Coincidence? When does a conspiracy theory become a conspiracy fact?



  3. Being away I’m feeling disconnected from news so thanks to everyone on ysb for yesterday’s happenings.

    My old folks enjoyed Dads 90th. The card from Queen Elizabeth was treasured while the mad queen’s lame attempt to insert herself by sending a card was not appreciated. Hubby managed to upset one Jacindamania fan and my old aunt and cousins were decidedly put out by our obvious dislike of the PTPM. 🥳🥳🥳



  4. The eternal truth of US politics, everything that happens in an election year – is about the election – EVERYTHING

    So we all know Trump has a terrific habit of trolling the left wing libtards and their MSM propaganda machine into saying exactly what he wants them to:
    – they attacked Melania’s speech at the 2016 convention, drawing much attention to it which helped people realise that she’d included a rickroll – which all of a sudden became the only thing sane people remember about it
    – when Trump made an announcement that he was going to address Obama’s birth certificate during a fund-raising rally for veterans, and the MSM cut through their regular programming and ran a Trump campaign speech for 20 minutes straight expecting him to say Obama was delegitimate – and at the end Trump just said “Obama is an american”.
    – earlier this year when Trump said “I’ll decide when states open up after lockdowns” to a united feral scream from the corrupt governors and mayors on the left protesting that it was their decision and Trump had no part of it – to which Trump agreed making sure that every single US citizen knew that it wasn’t Trump that was keeping them locked in their homes – it was democrat mayors

    So I’ve been thinking, there’s a bunch of stuff happening and – everything (EVERYTHING) is about the election – so if you start thinking:
    – DJT is bringing about 12,000 troops home from closed US bases in Germany
    – Ghislaine Maxwell is spilling her cuts and it looks we’re going to get proof the pedophilia goes right to the top of Hollywood, the DNC, the MSM
    – the Durham investigation is going to report soon and we’re all know there is mass evidence that Obama and Biden are guilty and DNC sleepers like Comey’s lot in the FBI did as they were told to and used state security against a political opponent
    – the DNC are doing everything they can to keep an increasingly dotard Biden out of any situation where he burbles incoherently
    – the Covid fear is wearing off as everybody is starting to realise HCQ is the answer and a fraud is perpetrated
    – China is starting to have massive internal problems – to which it seems a war is the only way they can distract their increasingly unruly populace

    In the middle of all this Trump says something once and every lunatic libtard gets outraged and says “NO WAY – THE ELECTION CAN NOT BE DELAYED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”

    Did they do it right on cue?

    Is something coming that will give DJT the opportunity to sadly, regretfully confirm that they were right and despite them having nominated a pedophile who committed treason who can no longer stand for US President – you guys said it – the election cannot be delayed under any circumstances.

    (Oh and by the way – when you try that riot bullshit again – here’s 12,000 frontline combat troops itching to shoot laser-wielding antifa thugs)

    Everything, EVERYTHING that is going on – is about the election.



    • …..”Trump has a terrific habit of trolling the left wing libtards and their MSM propaganda machine into saying exactly what he wants them to”……

      David Lange once referred to the players in investment markets as “demented reef fish”.

      Probably an apposite description of America’s MSM too.



  5. My local rugby/netball club had a fundraiser social last night.
    I had a couple of friends go- I made sure to tell them that a Labour/Green Government will ban all alcohol at sports clubs in the future…
    “Oh that can’t be right?”
    “Jacinda would NEVER do anything crazy like that..”
    Etc etc
    We need to keep fighting the good fight and get the message out there!



  6. A disgraced former AB who fancied himself as a comedian has just purchased a very expensive property.

    This was the smart arse who was caught dealing drugs in France by undercover cops.

    What a joke……



  7. Seems to be a slip up here, by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran, combining the words missile and nuclear in one sentence, no matter how much they try and back track.

    “America’s brutal sanctions on Iran are aimed at collapsing our economy …
    Their aim is to limit our influence in the region and to halt our missile and nuclear capabilities ,” Khamenei said.


    Maybe hopefully waiting for more jizyah if there is a change in the USA elections, taking up DP’s 8.05 am comment above, and the politics of this is expanded on here.

    Some Iranian officials and analysts have said that Iran’s strategy was to wait out the remainder of Mr. Trump’s term in hopes of a Democratic victory that could revive the deal, which was reached under President Barack Obama.

    Plenty of “jizyah” to be koranically and so rightfully collected. 🙁

    Some countries may try to use that lack of trust in America as leverage, people close to the Biden campaign concede.
    Iran, for one, may demand that the U.S. pay it reparations on top of lifting sanctions for it to fully comply once again with the Iran nuclear deal that Trump abandoned.
    The Palestinians, too, may insist that a Biden-led U.S. make up for the loss of financial aid they suffered under Trump, and then some.


    Then there will also be a great flow of oil,
    Where will the greens be regarding the Carbon flow, and nuclear rebuild, whilst “danegeld” is being paid,
    Will NZ be doing its “nuclear” ‘yester’ year of “glory”, punching & dancing above its weight. 🙁

    It will in part, celebrating the sentence of a murderer by a free for all travel & food, accommodation for victim-hood, so the tallest buildings in the world will be in lights reflecting that “Christchurh Call” of censorship. 🙁



  8. Of late I’ve had a feeling that for the run-up to a General Election something doesn’t seem quite right. Then last night, three hours after after a substantial supper of bread & pickles, it came to me.

    We haven’t heard from Colin Craig. Not a cry, not a murmur, not a lawsuit, not a gaffe, no photos in the sand dunes & no interviews in a gay sauna……nothing!

    What have we done to be deprived of our entertainment? 🙂



  9. Top five contenders who could join ACT leader David Seymour in Parliament

    Recent political polls have the ACT Party sitting pretty on 5 per cent meaning leader David Seymour could bring along five new friends to Parliament.

    Seymour and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters were each at 1 per cent for preferred prime minister.

    This was ACT’s best poll in 17 years. Here are the likely contenders to make it to Parliament.

    Party vote ACT 2020 ☑️



      • Agreed.
        Right Wing parties almost always ‘Poll’ poorly and attain far more votes on Election night.
        (Case in point- The Nats at last Election were supposedly going to be thrashed by ‘Jacindamania’)
        I think Act will get around 6-8%
        I also think the Nats will be up in the 40s.
        Game fucking On!



    • Yes – I don’t mind if all Nats have is the electorate seats (about 40 plus 10-12 from the list) so long as Act poll around 7%.

      If that happens and if there is about 8-10% of the vote wasted with the minor parties(2%), NZF (3%) and the Greens(4%) falling short – then we’re looking at Act with 10-12 seats and something that is starting to resemble a FPP parliament!

      Party vote spent with Nats is wasted, if it could go to Act.

      At the last election every list seat
      – for the Greens only cost them 20,000 party votes
      – for National cost them a whopping 76,800 party votes

      Imagine applying the Greens equation to your Act votes instead. If just 80,000 of National’s party voters had party voted Act – then National would have lost one MP and Act would have gained 4.

      The Parliament would have been
      – Nat/Act = 60
      – Labour/Greens/NZF = 60

      Golriz wouldn’t have snuck in on the absentee votes and she’d be an unknown working as a lawyer for the Human Rights Commission earning $200k/year

      Everything would be different if Nat party voters went to Act



    • Wewll 30 years ago when I first started working with bar codes I surmissed that one day someone would make a reader that could read your DNA as you went past.
      That day is not far away now IMHO.

      So your pic, you finger print, your iris print and soon your dna on the run. That will put the clampers on a shit lot of dirty work and crime.

      And don’t forget your phone tracks you wherever you go. On or OFF.



      • I was told about three years ago that marketing companies owe us $1275.00 per annum, each, from the information they garner and profit from collecting our personal data.
        The chip or stamp will have exponentially more knowledge about us to share, and because it is intuitive, it will predict everything we do and when, even our bowel movements.
        Various watchdogs have protested loudly, only to be shut down by corrupt governments and big tech.
        The next phase is even more intrusive.



  10. Headline of the NZ Herald: “Māori cultural appropriation, or simply a fish? Restaurateurs in stoush over ‘kingi’ name”
    Ref: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12352902

    I love the English language. I have for most of my life. English is a language that (like many energetic languages including Japanese) is alive and growing daily. It takes words directly from other languages, and makes these its own. Examples include “sushi,” “mirin,” and “sake.”
    Japanese is the same (even more so). It transliterates English directly, representing the “acquired” words with katakana phonetic symbols. For example: Smartphone in Japanese is スマートフォン or “sumaatofon”. Japanese youth further modify this to the slang term スマホ “sumaho” (which is rapidly becoming mainstream).

    English has taken on many Maori place names as its own. “Taupo” is English. The Te Reo word (Taupō) has a macron and is pronouced diferently.

    The governments of New Zealand, both Labour and National, seem to feel a sense of shame at the way that the English language has transliterated Te Reo terms. State officials see this as a form of oppression, of colonialism, of appropriation or some other form of disrespect. There is almost a self-hatred of the natural way that living languages go about their business; English doesn’t merely “borrow” from other languages: it follows them down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar and valuable vocabulary. Some say that this must stop!

    I ask any of these do-gooding officials in New Zealand: when you speak of the capital of France, how do you pronounce it?

    Perhaps this cringing homage is reserved for cultures that are higher up on the intersectional totem pole. If so, then I would guess that broadcasters in the US take pains to pronounce all Mexican place names as the people of Mexico would. Americans certainly don’t pronounce Japanese place names correctly, and for that I am grateful.



    • …..”Restaurateurs in stoush over ‘kingi’ name””……

      What a load of separatist shit. As explained (at the bottom of the article) “Kīngi is a transliteration for King. It is, or was, a popular first name for boys. “Queenie” (spelt Kuine) for girls.

      A kingfish was referred to in Maori as a Kahu or Haku.



      • So my mate Richard cannot use his name King?
        I cannot use my family connection to the mad KING George 111?
        You are in the presence of royalty every time you visit ysb.
        You plebs should pay homage daily.



      • Read the article.
        When someone refers to NZ exclusively as “Aotearoa” in an English conversation, you can be pretty sure that they are:
        – woke
        – a separatist
        – a chronic virtue signaler
        – a progressive
        – a Marxist (and by extension, a closet aristocrat)

        I do not like the landed, idle rich when they act as ticket-clippers and suppressers of enterprise and voluntary commercial transactions. The Americans rid Japan of them after WWII, for which the Japanese farmers and middle class are eternally grateful.



        • I have no problems with your comment nor its conclusions Odakyu-sen.

          Rather my bitch is with the pseudo Maori & the media who would fan the flames of separatism to sell another copy of their miserable biased rag.



          • nasska,

            What is a Maori?
            What is a New Zealander?
            What is a Kiwi?

            We cannot mature as a nation until we have objective definitions of these terms. The alternative is to use them losely and subjectively, as is the case at present.

            Sentio, ergo sum.
            I feel, therefore I am.



            • We’ll have to settle for loose & subjective while comforting ourselves with the knowledge that at least we are not alone. Government of most westernised nations is ‘feelz” based with few politicians willing to run the gauntlet of racism or sexism that’s been prepared for them.

              We’ll do okay to survive never mind mature.



              • It seems that the users of the terms “racism” and “sexism” are also the same people who want to “change society to right the wrongs of the past.”

                Who are they?
                Who gave them the mandate to do so?



  11. Two of Auckland’s hippest restaurateurs have engaged in an online stoush over whether the name of a new restaurant, kingi, is a case of Māori cultural appropriation or merely a shortening for kingfish.

    Owners of popular Auckland restaurant Orphans Kitchen, Tom Hishon and Josh Helm, are about to open a new seafood restaurant this October named kingi.


    There is no stopping the faux furious is there.
    Apparently kingi is maori for king which they borrowed of course from the English. Maori as such never had a king until the Waikato’s decided they would be. Look at the result of that.

    These people need locking up till they get educated. Fucking morons, time watsers and koha conmen/women.



  12. Covid 19 coronavirus: ‘Taboo’ herd immunity the only long-term solution, expert says

    “Our efforts should be directed towards protecting people who are at high risk.”
    The concept of herd immunity prompted a backlash when it was first mentioned by the UK’s chief scientific adviser in March.
    Sir Patrick Vallance said at the time a degree of herd immunity would help the UK population as Covid-19 spread.

    He explained the aim was to “reduce the peak, broaden the peak, not suppress it completely”.
    Also, because the vast majority of people get a mild illness, “to build up some kind of herd immunity so more people are immune to this disease and we reduce the transmission”.

    Around 60 per cent of Britain’s population would need to contract coronavirus in order for herd immunity to stave off the disease in future, he added.




  13. Elected officials should not have the power to choose who can speak in our public spaces. And yet, that will be the result if the High Court’s decision in the Free Speech Coalition’s case against Regional Facilities Auckland is not overturned by the Court of Appeal.

    To help us understand the stakes at play, and the significance of this case, Patrick Corish sat down with renowned public law expert, and long time FSC supporter, Stephen Franks for a recap of the High Court decision and an explanation of the arguments this time around, which you can find here.

    The hearing will take place on the 4th and 5th of August at the Auckland High Court building. The public gallery will be open if you want to show your support, or witness the hearing first hand. We would like to thank everyone who has spared their time and resources to help this cause.

    If you would like to donate to the Free Speech Coalition click here:

    Thank you for your support.

    Matt Holden

    Coordinator | Free Speech Coalition



  14. Greed got them

    Light plane crashes after being overloaded with a half-tonne of cocaine

    A small plane which crashed shortly after takeoff on a flight from a remote airstrip in Papua New Guinea to Australia last week was overloaded with more than 500kg of cocaine, police said on Saturday.

    Police from Australia and Papua New Guinea said they had recovered 28 bags of cocaine worth AU$80 million (NZ$86 million) and arrested five suspected drug traffickers connected to the Cessna which came down shortly after takeoff from Papa Lea Lea, north of Port Moresby, on July 26.

    The five men were members of a Melbourne-based criminal syndicate, with alleged links to Italian organised crime, the police said. If convicted, all five face life imprisonment.



  15. Japan to Ban TikTok For Allegedly Sharing Data With Chinese Government

    A group of lawmakers from the ruling party of Japan, led by Japanese Finance Minister Akira Amari, decided at a meeting on Tuesday to take action against the Tiktok. A team of parliamentarians of Japan has decided to submit a proposal to the government by next September.
    Tiktok has been the target of criticism since India imposed the ban last month. It is said that even the United States is preparing to ban Tiktok, followed by the Australian government.




  16. A good understanding of the Australian tv “Project” in Trump derangement, and exposes how they reinterpret what actually was originally said.
    NZ news also had quite a slant on this topic.

    “Why they BANNED me from The Project” [on twitter]

    I figure NZ would have had similar comments from our version.

    Last night on The Project in a typical attempt to ridicule Donald Trump, the panel mocked a female person of colour, and suddenly, no one seems to care.
    The panel didn’t mock or question any of the other 20 doctors in the press conference their story was on.
    They specifically targetted the African immigrant because she’s an easy target.

    A lot of the stupid comments they’re using to delegitimise the doctor, come from her faith.

    The Project must now be discrediting people based on their beliefs.
    I wonder if next time a Jew or Christian says something The Project doesn’t like, will they use their weird religious practices to discredit them?

    Heck if we’re doing that, we can finally dismiss every argument Waleed has ever made because that guy believes some wacky ideas.

    Waleed is a faithful follower of Mohammad, let alone all the other followers of Mao, or compulsive, obsessive charismatic evangelistic atheists, that have such great faith in “Flying Spaghetti Monsters” etc..

    Why do they just not look for the facts, the studies, and do the research, with some reasoning to find the “truth” as just above with Ross12 12:10 pm thread and Braybots nemesis 12:17 pm comment.



  17. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched Labour’s Māori seat campaign in Auckland today, pleading for supporters not to take anything for granted.

    She received a rockstar welcome from her Māori MPs, with list MP Willie Jackson calling her “an angel”.

    He said he and colleagues such as Andrew Little sat across the House from the National Party “and we want to do terrible things to the Opposition and then we think ‘Jacinda'”.

    “All we’ve got to think about is our angel, Jacinda.

    Willy is stark raving bloody bonkers.


    And of course Angels are dead and as such this one would never be allowed a Halo.
    Ya gotta be good to get one of them.

    I don’t think God like excommunicated Mormons.



  18. Dirty politics afoot by the left

    NZ election 2020: Judith Collins accuses ‘opponents’ of setting her up after hoardings vanish

    National Party leader Judith Collins has accused “opponents” of stealing campaign hoardings in an attempt to get her into trouble with the Electoral Commission.

    “Two hoardings and all the wood stolen in Papakura,” she wrote on Twitter.

    “We expect they will turn up on election day in contravention of the rules. Stupid behaviour from our opponents.”

    It is against the law to advertise and campaign on election day.



  19. SCOPE OF THE SECTOR • 270,000 landlords in NZ; • They own 546,000 rental properties; • 1.5m+ people in NZ are tenants; • Rental homes worth about $171b; • 87 per cent of tenants rent from private sector; • Median NZ rent $450/week; • Average tenancy length two years, three months; • 57 per cent of landlords in business 10 years or more. [Source: NZ Property Investors Federation]

    Kris Faafoi, Associate Housing Minister, this week vowed to overhaul the law before the September 19 election, although he’s running out of time.

    On Wednesday, the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (RTA) was on Parliament’s order paper. The House sat from 2pm to about 10pm. But it never came up.

    The change could end of no-cause evictions, meaning landlords’ reasons for getting rid of tenants must be far more robust.

    But landlords say the law change will make it much harder for them to get rid of unsavoury renters, which will also affect neighbours of bad tenants who will have to put up with them for longer.


    Not a lot of good in this. Its Green bill. Hopefully it may get pushed aside by NZ First.
    If not, they can kiss their arse goodbye along with the Greens,



  20. And following on from the news that Labour followers think Jacinda Ardern is an ‘Angelic’ religious figure-
    Reports of a ‘Reality TV Show’ revolving around Jacinda’s inner circle (Hair stylists/Make up etc) are circulating.
    Apparently this (Heavily Taxpayer funded) show will debut on NZ TV just before the Election- How extremely convenient.

    You already know how it’s going to go-
    ‘OMG she is just sooo kind…’
    ‘Jacinda is just amazeballs to work for’

    Hand me the fucking puke bucket.



  21. New detections of Covid-19 are surging in Japan. Over 1,500 news cases nationwide confirmed yesterday, with 472 of these in Tokyo, which is the highest increase there to date. No deaths were reported.
    Despite this jump, the number of seriously ill in hospital in Tokyo has remained low, at below 20, which is about the level it was in the middle of June, before this latest surge in detected instances of Covid-19 materialized.

    Looks like Japan is going to get herd immunity one way or the other.



    • With three infected travellers from NZ being picked up as infected in the countries they arrive in, who believes all the spin bullshit that we do not have community infection here?
      It is in our community, just Cindy doesn’t want the “Team” to know about it.
      It would blow her very limited credibility out the door and thus lose them the election.



      • Exactly Ed. What I was discussing with some people yesterday.

        These people do not show as ‘infected’ in NZ but are elsewhere.

        It basically means any ‘testing regime’ here is bullshit.

        Not that it matters a lot as the chance of dying is so ridiculously low if ‘infected’
        Most immune systems – and I mean Most- bat it away.

        The fear mongering is just a control mechanism.
        The dreadful lying filth of the media scum are piling in with their lies and propaganda.
        I don’t think I would trust the media to even give a correct sports result anymore.

        Covid does not worry me but what does is that it is a trial for something more deadly.
        This is a trial to see how people behave .

        The river of lies that have come from Ardern and Bloomfailed in the last few months are probably a first for NZ.
        The thing is one of two equally bad likelihoods.
        Either 1) the testing regime is crap and not picking things up (IOM, more likely)
        2) They are lying about the results.

        We know Ardern is a terrible liar but generally people seem unaware of what a stupendous liar Bloomfailed is.
        I’m still offering $50 to people to show me a time, conclusively, he has told the truth.

        The numbers coming out of Melbourne- is it dying ‘with Covid’ or because of covid.
        I would put money on the former ….because it is in the community.
        More men die with (slow acting) prostate cancer than because of it.



  22. Here you go boys, not all lost if the worst happens! 😲

    UK dad who lost penis to sepsis becomes first man in the world to have new one grown on arm

    Surgeons gave Malcolm MacDonald’s new penis an extra two inches – however, the 45-year-old has lived with it dangling off his arm for roughly four years.

    The Norfolk father-of-two is desperate for his NHS-funded penis – with a £50,000 price tag (NZ$98,600) – to be transferred to the correct part of his anatomy, but can still see the funny side of his unique predicament.



    • All this for a disease so awful that 99.96% of those who contract it will survive. And most of those who have had it – can only tell they have it if they take a test!

      And – this disease is so terrible that a large numbers of people who have it won’t have any symptoms.

      Now that the stats aren’t being faked any more in the US, it looks like the excess deaths (ie those over and above what happens in a normal year) are only as bad as ……. wait for it ……. the ‘flu season of 2017/18. When we didn’t have to destroy the world economy and have riots to help us understand that we should be frightened.

      The pedophiles really really don’t want to get caught



  23. Fat the Crim must be getting antsy with this government coming to a end and no end of the court case
    He’s hanging in the wind, unless it was him leaving Queenstown the other day!
    All of them suck up trips to the mansion by labour have been in vain. Owning Liala Hare and dressing her in the star trek suit and trying to screw the scrum with Hone!



    • Fuck those two are ugly. Should have put a warning
      there Mike. And you are right, I am sick of all this ass
      kissing and grovelling to maori and their stupid beliefs.
      This is the 21st century. Way past time the cunts started living in it.



        • Yep! I am in agreement, we should be supporting matariki day!
          It’s easy to do without putting the employers to any trouble!
          Just trade in maori day at the start of the year and change it to the middle of the year! See easy, peasy! You can thank me later!
          The existing day is just a maori day for us whiteys. Nothing important on any where that day in the country so why not change it!



      • Birdy bird..at least they are clever bastards and contribute something to the world. The lazy cunning kiniving fuckers that we have in Nil Ziland, the specials, contribute nothing, nothing at all. Gimee a jooooooo any day ( especially their wimmin, phoo eh man.)



  24. Interesting video. I wonder if our politicians are aware of it, they need to be since we have no herd immunity here and can expect to be hit full force with the virus as soon as the borders are reopened unless, of course, Cindy wants to turn us into a North Korea style prison island. A cross between North Korea and Venezuala, isn’t that something for our kids and grandchildren to look forward to?!

    Studies show countries using hydroxychloroquine have far fewer COVID-19 deaths




  25. This is very interesting. I’ll post it again in the morning because it looks like most people have gone to bed or are watching TV rather than shitposting.



    From Day 1 of the Covid19 saga, we have been watching a tug-of-war between two sets of medical interests.

    The highly regarded French newspaper France Soir has been creating a Covid19 drug-trials niche for itself by raising all kinds of methodological anomalies in relation to the Recovery trials being headed up by Peter Horby. The articles are compelling because the paper’s director of publications Xavier Azalbert is that rare thing, a distinguished scientist who then switched to journalism. But although the telling findings fly over the heads of most of the population, Azalbert’s overview about who the politicians listen to in the field of virology is a fascinating one that, for me, represents a genuine insight.

    Neil Ferguson (the man of multi-billion Pound mistakes) is an epidemiologist, and professor of mathematical biology. He has never been a medical practitioner in his life.

    Peter Horby is an epidemiologist, and Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health. He has never been a medical practitioner in his life.

    Anthony Fauci’s first degree was in classics. He went on to medical school later. The sum total of his clinical experience was a two-year hospital internship from 1966-68. He has never been a general practitioner in his life.

    Chris Whitty, UK Chief Medical Officer, worked as a doctor and researcher in Africa and Asia and is a practising NHS consultant. He has never worked in general practice, and his total experience in the current century has been as a Professor, administrator and public sector office holder at Gresham College and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). In 2008, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the LSHTM £31 million for malaria research in Africa. At the time, Whitty was the principal investigator for the ACT Consortium, which conducted the research programme. I probably don’t need to remind you of the lingering ethical doubts relating to that “vaccination” programme.

    Ferguson, Horby and Fauci also have a long history of being funded by Big Pharma.

    In short, the front line of Anglo-Saxon advice to government are all people Low in clinical experience and High in Big Pharma funding. They are model builders, theorists and fund-attracters laden with multivariate conflicts of interest, and little or no depth in the vital process of patient obervation. Their careers, needless to say, are all littered with groundless alarmism, major mistakes in counsel and the belief that vaccination is the answer to every problem….even a virus which, many practising medics contend, is highly unlikely to ever work on a mutating coronavirus – let alone within two years to include drug trials.

    This is the tug-of-war team that has a monopoly on access to government. The other team – the practical, experienced medical practitioners – are variously depicted as minority nutjobs, eccentrics, headline-chasers, small-time and narrow deniers – there’s that word again – who are a constant risk to millions of human lives, and must be ignored. In fact, never mind ignored – for the good of the cause, they must be smeared, censored and refused access to the debate.

    In fact, it is the Horbys and Faucis that are the tiny minority infecting genuine medical science with their corrupted ideological creeds and flakey models.



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