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Be careful who you say you are voting for. The lefties will not accept any criticism of dear leader.

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  1. I said to a teacher friend that I am voting ACT and she was horrified, of course she (who has lied for years pretending she voted National) then went on to say how I had supported them for years etc,.She then said National are crap at education and Liebour are the only ones who care? I then had to open my mouth and say wasn’t it ACT who started the charter schools for those whom the wonderful liebour education system had failed? Well…I leave the rest of the conversation up to your imagination…..



  2. It’s high tide at 2pm and I am considering going fishing on the North Shore today. Is fishing still allowed? Can we peasants still drop a line into the water or will the fucken Auckland pigs arrest me?




  3. Ed is right – the Left will not tolerate criticism

    This is a worldwide co-ordinated coup against democracy – targetting anyone who strays from the approved narrative. In the US, news is breaking that Millennial Millie – a reporter for InfoWars – has been arrested (we’ll come to the charges later).

    So what, DP “you pathetic paranoid conspiracy theorist?” I hear you say “the MSM tell us that InfoWars is nonsensical, white supremacist, hate-speech, anti-women, pro-gun, fascist (did I mention hate speech?) promoters of lies and untruths – she deserves to be arrested for that crime alone”.

    Well Millennial Millie is a big problem for the NWO globalists because she has been doing a completely new thing, she’s been doing something called “Investigative Journalism” and she was days away from releasing a thoroughly researched documentary about the real power brokers behind Obamagate, the Russia collusion hoax, the Flynn framing, BLM and Antifa etc. And you know how the fascistic left hate it when anyone starts to challenge their narrative [Chris Hipkins was very clear the other day that “there is only ONE source of the truth and that is the government”]

    So back to Millenial Millie, she was at home yesterday having breakfast with her husband and 2 young kids when Federal Marshalls turned up to arrest her. Apparently a Grand Jury had been convened and they’d decided she was guilty – they didn’t tell her at the time what for and she and her husband are being held without bail. Grand Jury! Usually this sort of approach is used for big crimes, for organised crime, for racketeering or widespread political corruption.

    So what is Millenial Millie charged with? Well it seems she’s been charged with theft, tresspass and domestic violence (the last bit is particularly weird – given that her husband was arrested with her, presumably on the same charges!

    Anyway – Ed – be warned. If the Commies win the September election you should give serious consideration to closing down YSB because they’ll be coming for you in the same way.

    Remember folks! Don’t question the narrative!



  4. Following up on the vanishing MagicTalk WRONGTHINK video from yesterday

    I found there is a great little website that allows you to record videos from Twitter – so we can all take away the state censors’ power to re-write history and make stuff disappear.


    Couldn’t be simpler to use. The problem with Covid Cindy’s thought police is that they think we’re all stupid and we can’t work out how to outsmart them!

    Just a useful thing to add to your digital truth warrior armoury!



  5. Amy Brook’s latest column is excellent, recommended reading:


    Quote: “Treaty of Waitangi issues have long become an “orchestrated litany of lies” to which New Zealanders have been subjected by self-serving extremists from the 60s onwards. The intellectual laziness and sheer corruption we have been subjected to with regard to treaty issues is quite simply unforgivable.

    But who is left to be surprised? There must by now be very few NZers who have not wondered what has happened to cause the extraordinary proliferation of treaty claims on board the Treaty of Waitangi gravy train which has continued on many years past the date on which only major challenges were meant to have been examined and settled. But the grievance industry has learned how to tap into a bottomless well, to lodge more and more claims and to gain more and more advantages, greatly assisted by our vote-buying political parties – in many cases simply kowtowing to those making the most noise After all, the cunning Mrs Harawira advised Maori activists never to be satisfied, quoting Malcolm X, “The squeaky wheel gets the most grease…” They have certainly taken her advice. “



  6. I posted this last night but think it deserves a repost:

    Allister Heath. Telegraph 12 August

    So now we know: Sweden got it largely right, and the British establishment catastrophically wrong. Anders Tegnell, Stockholm’s epidemiologist-king, has pulled off a remarkable triple whammy: far fewer deaths per capita than Britain, a maintenance of basic freedoms and opportunities, including schooling, and, most strikingly, a recession less than half as severe as our own.

    Our arrogant quangocrats and state “experts” should hang their heads in shame: their reaction to coronavirus was one of the greatest public policy blunders in modern history, more severe even than Iraq, Afghanistan, the financial crisis, Suez or the ERM fiasco. Millions will lose their jobs when furlough ends; tens of thousands of small businesses are failing; schooling is in chaos, with A-level grades all over the place; vast numbers are likely to die from untreated or undetected illnesses; and we have seen the first exodus of foreigners in years, with the labour market survey suggesting a decline in non-UK born adults.

    Pandemics always come with large economic and social costs, for reasons of altruism as well as of self-interest. The only way to contain the spread of a deadly, contagious disease, in the absence of a cure or vaccine, is to social distance; fear and panic inevitably kick in, as the public desperately seeks to avoid catching the virus. A “voluntary” recession is almost guaranteed.

    But if a drop in GDP is unavoidable, governments can influence its size and scale. Politicians can react in one of three ways to a pandemic. They can do nothing, and allow the disease to rip until herd immunity is reached. Quite rightly, no government has pursued this policy, out of fear of mass deaths and total social and economic collapse.

    The second approach involves imposing proportionate restrictions to facilitate social distancing, banning certain sorts of gatherings while encouraging and informing the public. The Swedes pursued a version of this centrist strategy: there was a fair bit of compulsion, but also a focus on retaining normal life and keeping schools open. The virus was taken very seriously, but there was no formal lockdown. Tegnell is one of the few genuine heroes of this crisis: he identified the correct trade-offs.

    The third option is the full-on statist approach, which imposes a legally binding lockdown and shuts down society. Such a blunderbuss approach may be right under certain circumstances – if a vaccine is imminent – or for some viruses – for example, if we are ever hit with one that targets children and comes with a much higher fatality rate – but the latest economic and mortality statistics suggest this wasn’t so for Covid-19.

    Almost all economists thought that Sweden’s economy would suffer hugely from its idiosyncratic strategy. They were wrong. Sweden’s GDP fell by just 8.6 per cent in the first half of the year, all in the second quarter, and its excess deaths jumped 24 per cent. A big part of Sweden’s recession was caused by a slump in demand for its exports from its fully locked-down neighbours. One could speculate that had all countries pursued a Swedish-style strategy, the economic hit could have been worth no more than 3-4 per cent of GDP. That could be seen as the core cost of the virus under a sensible policy reaction.

    By contrast, Britain’s economy slumped by 22.2 per cent in the first half of the year, a performance almost three times as bad as Sweden’s, and its excess deaths shot up by 45 per cent. Spain’s national income slumped even more (22.7 per cent), and France’s (down 18.9 per cent) and Italy’s (down 17.1 per cent) slightly less, but all three also suffered far greater per capita excess deaths than Sweden. The Swedes allowed the virus to spread in care homes, so if that major failure had been fixed, their death rate could have been a lot lower still.

    My guess is that only half of our first-half collapse in GDP would have happened under a variant of the Swedish model. This means that the other half – some £250 billion – was an unnecessary cost caused directly by the lockdown itself. The decision to shut everything down, rather than to impose and promulgate extensive social distancing, hygiene measures, ubiquitous PPE and testing, means that we have wasted a quarter of a trillion pounds worth of GDP, as well as needlessly ruined the education of millions of children and cancelled the health care of hundreds of thousands of adults. I suspect that this immense, unbearable additional cost saved very few additional lives, and that almost all of the gains came from social distancing, not the lockdown.

    Some of the lost GDP will be recovered; the intangible costs of lockdown – the cancelled weddings and sporting events, the failed IVF cycles, the time not spent with family – will remain with us forever.

    This is a catastrophically high price tag for the British state’s systemic incompetence, the uselessness of Public Health England, the deep, structural failings of the NHS, the influence of modelers rather than proper scientists, the complacency, the delusion, the refusal to acknowledge that the quality of the British state and bureaucracy are abysmally poor.

    Even more depressingly, a Swedish approach was always unrealistic in Britain. Panic and hysteria were the only possible outcome when the failure of the system became apparent. I’m not seeking to absolve Boris Johnson of blame, but he would have found himself in an impossible situation had he sought to ignore the official advice, and he inherited few, if any, working levers to pull.

    So what now? How should Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, reboot the economy? Sweden, once again, is a role model. After decades of socialist decline from the early Seventies, the Swedes slashed the size of their state (though it remains too big), liberalised their economy, reformed their schools along market principles and scrapped their counter-productive wealth tax.

    They learnt that the state cannot drive prosperity: only the private sector can do that. The Tories used to understand this: Sunak needs to take inspiration from Tegnell, and push for a Swedish, liberal approach to saving our economy, trusting individual initiative, not resorting to a top down, Whitehall-knows-best attitude. HS2 and green projects are not the answer. The Conservatives will only survive their handling of Covid if they don’t also botch the recovery



    • 4 minutes in and I’m throwing up in my mouth having to watch Tame and Hipkins.

      Hipkins reveals the shocking truth that this is a plannedemic. He confirms that the Electoral Commission have been planning for an election in Level 2 since before (BEFORE) the first lockdown and “Hey Presto” we magically, conveniently find ourselves leading up to the election in Level 2! What a coincidence!

      9.08 and I think I can’t face those lying bastards anymore.



      • But looking at Twitter (which is where most idiots get their news from) apparently not.

        Looking at the trending now on Judith Collins – you would believe that she ate a live baby on air.

        It looks to me like NZ Labour are getting the very best Internet Operations support that Soros’s billions can provide.

        I’m afraid, with the dark money supporting Jacinda, National are a 7st weakling taking on a 1000lb Gorilla.

        Which takes me back to my big concern. Now that the Left finally has access to dirty billions from Bond villains and CCP – democracy no longer works – it has been subverted.



    • Watched it yesterday. Anyone who believes Trump is evil should have to watch that respectful, warm, supportive and very sane speech from President Trump to the NYPD, and the equally respectful reply from the representative of the 24,000 NYPD boys and girls in blue. Another great speech.



      • Extrapolate the 24,000 cops to their immediate family members and you could have New York voting Republican again. Trump is a shoe in for president. All he has to do is display the statue he was given, in the background in the oval office, and all those cops will be reminded who has their backs on the front line.



  7. Does anyone even recognise Kiwiblog from several years ago?

    DPF promoting all of “Heels Up” Kamala Harris’s virtues


    Neglecting to mention that she was one of the first of the DNC candidates to bail out because of her extreme unlikability polling and the fact that no one could face funding her campaign. He neglects to mention that she is a direct descendent of slave owners. That she doesn’t represent black America in any way – she is not Afro-American she is Jamaican-Hindu Indian. He talks about Biden serving one term – when even the most demented person knows he’ll not even serve one year.

    What is up with Farrar?



  8. Why are the sheeple all racing out to get tested for the CCP Flue?
    So they can sent of to concentration camp if they return a positive.
    If you get sick why not just stay home and order in food.
    Self isolate for a couple of weeks and most people come right.
    Only go to hospital if you are on deaths bed!



  9. Those of a certain age may remember “Little House on the Prairie” which was a popular TV series in the seventies based on a first-hand account of life in the US in the 19th century. The interesting snippet is that one story line involved the family getting a dose of the flu and so, in line with ancient wisdom, they all took quinine AND GOT BETTER!

    A lesson for our times perhaps.



  10. This is good. I wonder if Jacinda will see it, not that she would have the with to understand what he is saying here.

    The public is sick of the Government’s pointless and clumsy gestures during the coronavirus crisis: Former Supreme Court Judge LORD SUMPTION says Britons know a rudderless ship when they see one.

    “France is experiencing an upturn of infections. England is likely to experience one, too, with or without quarantine. The reasons have nothing to do with the movements of travellers or tourists. It is the ordinary consequence of the fact that the virus is endemic in both countries. Its impact has merely been deferred by the lockdown earlier in the year.”




  11. Just looking to go past the One Law 4 All, to bypass the civic nationalism to push the segregating ethno nationalism.

    The [maori] party’s co-leader, John Tamihere, also said this morning that
    iwi checkpoints will be back in operation around the country, whether or not the whole country goes back into level 4.


    All pulling to put in as many points why this is such a good idea, which is basically vigilante.

    …… relationship between iwi and police had been harmonious.
    “We’ve had hui with police everyday, so we can understand what we’re doing and just having that Māori presence there has been great. ……


    So the police support this and so the government authorities, many ministries and the CoL support this. hmmm 🙁



  12. Jeffrey is at the pub, resting against the bar and staring wildly at the bottom of his pint glass. “I’ll have another one barman. Same again matey”, he slurred.

    “Sorry Jeff”, said the barman. “We’re closing and you’ve clearly had enough”.

    After some profuse, expletive filled mumbling Jeffrey stands up straight, straightens his jacket and walks to the door. SMACK! Jeffrey falls over, landing face first on the floor.

    After picking himself up, straightening his jacket once more, Jeffrey opened the door and took another two steps outside. SMACK! Jeffrey once again funds himself face first on the floor.

    Not overly perturbed he once again picks himself up before falling over again after two steps. This continued until Jeffrey reached his front door. Realising he’s bleeding quite badly, Jeffrey drunkenly decides his best option now would be to crawl upstairs and drag himself into bed, ensuring he wouldn’t wake his wife up at this extremely late hour.

    Jeffrey cunningly falls through the door, hushes himself, and made sure the coast was clear. It was! Jeffrey slowly dragged himself upstairs and in one other show if bravado decides to walk to his bed. Of course, he takes two steps, straightens his shirt and falls into bed next to his snoring wife.

    In the morning Jeffrey was woken by his angry wife. “Jeffrey!” she howled, “you’ve been at that bloody pub again all night when you told me you was working overtime!”.

    “No, never!” Replied a shaken Jeffrey, rolling over to see his visibly angry wife through his squinted eyes. “What makes you think I was at the pub, love?”

    “Well” replied his wife, “ there’s blood all over the house and the barman from The Crown just called… you left your bloody wheelchair there again!”



  13. Send this to Cindy and co.
    Fuck, I hate this government…their little golden playbook has no content, much like their craniums.

    Gov. Kristi Noem rejects Trump’s virus unemployment relief, citing healthy economy thanks to not locking down

    “My administration is very grateful to @realDonaldTrump for the additional flexibility that the ‘Lost Wages Assistance’ would have provided, but South Dakota is in the fortunate position of not needing to accept it,” Noem, a Republican, tweeted Friday, followed by a thread explaining the various reasons why her state does not need the $400 weekly unemployment payments approved by Trump.

    Noem added that South Dakota’s economy didn’t shut down over coronavirus fears, allowing the state to be in good shape.




  14. National to announce border policy – ‘we would make sure it would work’

    National is releasing its border policy next week, leader Judith Collins announced today, after questioning by Q+A host Jack Tame over what the party would do differently if it were in Government.

    Tame said the party so far had not “been able to articulate anything you would do differently for that far more competent system”.

    “That’s very unfair,” Ms Collins replied. “What is fair is that we would not promise and then fail to deliver.”

    Ms Collins said the Government not being able to tell the country where the community-based outbreak originated from “should be very concerning to every New Zealander”.



  15. Tourists asked to steer clear of Ruapehu as iwi call for lockdown

    Ruapehu iwi Ngāti Rangi is calling for a region-wide lockdown after one of New Zealand’s positive cases of community transmission was found to have visited a local ski field.

    “Ruapehu is not open for travellers – regardless of current alert levels, we all need to be extra cautious and not travel unnecessarily,” iwi chairman Whetu Moataane said.

    Mr Moataane acknowledged the area had experienced their own members of the community needing to self-isolate, something they want to avoid this round.

    “We have a duty to protect and care for our community and we are encouraging local authorities to step up and do the same.

    “Closing our borders will eliminate the risk completely.”



    • The ski field question was raised but was dodged by Hipkins and past to the Dr,
      DHB, Wanganui, and Iwi have all been consulted and the risk is low, according to Dr. A. Bloomfield.

      So never really answered about the Iwi road blocks, for the mountain being asked for, and as mentioned above about further area lockdowns.

      Did they cross some palms with silver then., hmmm 🙁



      • It’s only a few months ago that Cindy and Robbo announced the hard-done-by taxpayer would be handing over $900million to assist Maori with Covid!!!! They can ‘make do’ with that!!!!!

        How many hip operations, cataract operations or cancer treatments would that $900m have paid for??? 🤑🤑🤑



  16. Piss off with your rules and lockdowns Cindy. The “team of 5 million” happily did it once but you cocked up the one job you had, border and quarantine security, so we are over doing it again!!!

    Stress, fatigue and cynicism increasing amid second round of restrictions – psychiatrist

    New Zealand’s second round of lockdown measures has seen a rise in stress, fatigue and increased levels of cynicism, Otago University psychiatrist Chris Dale says.



    • ” The “team of 5 million” happily did it once but you cocked up the one job you had, border and quarantine security, so we are over doing it again!!!”

      Totally agree Waikato!

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.



  17. Chris Hipkins again goes on about this at todays’s 1:00 pm briefing..

    Covid cluster family ‘shell-shocked’, being bullied online
    Health Minister Chris Hipkins says the number of conspiracy theories running rampant on social media is “really concerning”.
    His statement follows a widely-circulated rumour linking the Auckland cluster to an alleged breach of a managed isolation facility, later debunked by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
    Speaking to Magic Talk’s Sunday Cafe, Hipkins confirmed that none of the allegations proposed in the theory were true.
    “Of course it was properly investigated… that was really, really unfair on that family, on that particular person,” he said. “People just making stuff up and spreading it and sharing it? That’s malicious.”
    Hipkins also had a message to New Zealanders using social media platforms to scaremonger and spread misinformation during this period of uncertainty.
    “We still have free speech here, but my message to everyone is exercise your right to free speech responsibly.
    Don’t go spreading information if you can’t verify the source of it,” he said.
    “We’re going to great lengths every day to do a full briefing at 1pm every day that puts out the facts… Rely on that information, not some Facebook meme that somebody’s shared.”


    Now will Chris Hipkin or Ardern ask their Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters for further explanation, and an apology for for what he lead about in his Australian interview.

    As also mentioned here of NO Delivery by Winston Peters.

    Journalist question, hinted at about another “leader” talking about this, but Hipkins slid past that one. 🙁 hmmm. Those emoji’s seemed to have lost their colour and shape a bit..

    12 new community cases.
    1 in managed isolation, from Afghanistan.
    13 total



        • I feel sorry for the number of fine young people who joined Police thinking they were going to be fighting crime and helping their Community.
          And now they are at checkpoints stopping ordinary New Zealanders from going to their Holiday Homes.
          Speaking to a few I know it does NOT sit comfortably with them. But ‘orders are orders’ and now is not the time to be looking for another job…
          Shame on NZ Police (The Organisation)
          What an utterly appalling way to treat New Zealanders.



            • Hippie says we have freespeech and it pisses us off big time and not for much bloody longer either if labour have anything to do with it!
              By the way get,your chip with the vacine too!
              No bloody way, Hose.
              You can have a double chip from me!



      • MBIE, somewhere there may be some ‘woke’ or government direction, and putting an oar in to try & help the CoL cause.

        I could understand about MBIE trying to sort out the testing for truck drivers in Auckland & Tauranga, as much closer to their point of being.

        Business, and it looks like they just want to push their nose into anyone’s private business or privacy.

        The business of TRUTH ??? a part of their “mission” ???
        That is their Truth and only their truth, is to be for public consumption?

        Why do they not take on Winston Peters then?
        Will they ask Peters to apologize?
        Will any journalist ask?



  18. Chippy from the Ministry of Truth, “We still have free speech here, but…”

    Health Minister Chris Hipkins urges Kiwis to use ‘free speech responsibly’ after time wasted investigating ‘malicious’ rumours

    The post followed a claim by the Deputy Prime Minister last week that he’d heard from a “reliable” journalist health officials knew the outbreak stemmed from a breach at the border.

    “I think, when that comes out very shortly, in a matter of maybe less than a day, we’ll find out that was the case. But you don’t always find out from your officials,” Winston Peters told Australian media. “You don’t always find out from the experts. It’s something you sort of find out by contact with other people.”

    “Please, everybody, hold back from sharing information that isn’t completely verifiable… We still have free speech here, but my message to everyone is exercise your right to free speech responsibly. Don’t go spreading information if you can’t verify the source of it. We’re going to great lengths every day to do a full briefing at one o’clock every day that puts out the facts.



  19. Speaking of the Ministry of Truth- There is a FB link doing the rounds amongst Labour people and their supporters.
    It is basically claiming that ANYONE who criticises Jacinda’s Covid’ Response’ is a crazed Conspiracy Theorist! (Including National/Act etc)
    Most chillingly of all- It is also saying that these voices must be “silenced”
    This is Orwellian folks…



  20. Postpone the election.

    ….. “More’s the point, there is now no ability to conduct a free and fair election if the Prime Minister decides to hold the General Election on September 19,” stated Mr Peters. …..
    …… we believe the Governor General of New Zealand needs to know that the majority in the House of Representatives favours an election delay.” …..


    Is Peters using the royal “we”? or presuming.
    Has Peters been consulting with some other parties? although I figure he can read between the lines when it suits him. just like his pension papers he signed knowing he will get more if no partner was declared.



    • It is now out of Ardern’s hand, and she can only set up a later date, and spin it with all the 20 minutes of pontificating head bobble the “truth” of how her “great thinking” and understanding for the “wellness” & “kindness” of New Zealanders that the election has to be postponed.



  21. Winston has missed Labour’s election strategy. Chippy has stated whenever “the election is held it will be under Level 2”.

    If Cindy has to wait until November before reclaiming her crown, we will remain under level 2, or it will be reinstated in time for the election.

    The ‘Ministry of Truth’ has spoken.



  22. Anyone else picking up a much less cooperative ‘vibe’ re this lockdown?
    People I know who were fully supportive of the first lockdown seem to have simply had enough…
    I don’t think there will be any ‘stand in your driveway and cheer for Jacinda’ moments this time!



  23. Social Credit was once the butt of jokes. What’s really worrying is that our public finances are being transformed into a social credit model, without so much as it making the TV news.

    Reserve Bank goes full “Social Credit”

    In the drama unfolding here in Auckland, most New Zealanders will have missed the news on Wednesday that the Reserve Bank is extending its Large-Scale Asset Purchase programme and printing another $40 billion through buying Government bonds.

    To put $40 billion in perspective – it is approximately half the total amount spent by central government last year. Or put another way, that’s $21,858 per household.
    An alternative to printing money for fiscal stimulus

    The real issue for the Reserve Bank is that its usual tool to stimulate the economy – the official cash rate – is broken. We are verging on negative wholesale interest rates, and the bank is signalling that is probably the only path from here.

    We’ve got an alternative. And it’s exactly what the United Kingdom did after the global financial crisis: a temporary cut to GST.

    On Monday we published our briefing paper on the subject which you can read here. https://www.taxpayers.org.nz/gst_cut?utm_campaign=200814_newsletter_ask_jordan&utm_medium=email&utm_source=taxpayers

    Karan has also made a short video explaining the benefits.

    Then this.



  24. I cycled around St. Heliers and Mission Bay today. The boardwalk and beach was packed with people out walking with their dogs and families.
    So much for Level 3.
    Pac n’ Sav back to the hand-spraying routine. More anxious-looking Karens, as if the end of the world is upon us.



  25. Can they afford another month?

    The State of Emergency in Victoria will be extended for four weeks to continue measures we know are working to slow the spread of coronavirus and save lives. …..

    ….. The State of Emergency will now be extended to 11.59pm on Sunday, 13 September 2020 which allows the Victorian Government to continue ………….

    It will seem tempting to our power controllers to more than extend ours too, than just a total of 2 weeks that is the phase we are in, particularly with Auckland at level 3

    So more flexibility, that is concessions to green grocers, butchers etc… will be granted, as the political pressure as the elections will sharpen their minds for survival.
    It will push to more of a just a practical general social distance etc. regime, with safe practices.

    Well except for those Karens, hiding in twitter, face book shadows, trying to regain their powers, that could be a flash-point to kickback.
    A dunking chair of ‘yesteryear would give them a taste of summary justice.



    • The insane communist skeleton and the sewerage government will be planning more restrictions.
      She wants to win this election and the bitch will be doing it in the most underhanded, corrupt way she can. This government should be sacked.



  26. Quick question. The latest outbreak. How can it be anything but a breach of quarantine? The virus was gone, now its back. I doubt it was lurking under some bed waiting to pop out after some magic intonation. Therefore it must have come in from overseas, and if so someone was not quarantined properly, or somebody shagged somebody who shouldn’t have been shagging anybody…..



    • Ardern & Bloomfield, & co., do not want to accept responsibility for a breach of quarantine, as they shovel all the glitter onto their “fail-safe” systems, that has been so “transparent” to +ive people being discovered around, sourced to NZ.

      More cases in the cluster are expected to crop up in the coming days. “It will grow before it slows,” Ardern predicted.
      She said it’s possible that the new outbreak’s source may never be found — but that won’t stop New Zealand from “going hard and going early” to bring the cases under control. [yeah right}
      “It is possible to contain a cluster or outbreak without ever being able to determine its origin,” she said.
      “What is important is being able to establish the perimeter of the cluster and stop it from growing.”


      So if the most high decrees that the source may never be found, then people will search around, and as Deputy Prime Minister seemed to be calling it even to Australia.

      At the same time Ardern claims the contact tracing is gold plated, the quarantine is gold plated while people seem to slip either out or in, or is it also in and out, with action.
      So in that sense selected PM Ardern, and her traded deputy PM Peters, seem to lead to a situation where they are a big part of why & what rumours are created & about.
      Is any one going to call them out? Sack A. Bloomfield too?

      Hipkins, here is your chance. You will know where the skeletons are now. A eunuch?

      Note, nor do I tolerate Hipkins..



    • For the .04% of readers:

      The city of Auckland has been put on a level 3 lockdown, due to fears of a second wave of COVID-19, with its terrible symptoms.

      Being damp, hard to breathe, at risk of vomiting, poor smell & poor taste the southern part of Auckland can be found adjacent to SH1 heading towards Hamilton.



  27. Jacinda Ardern gives heartfelt message to Kiwis over COVID-19 resurgence

    “Particularly if you live in Auckland, I hope you’re bearing up okay,” the Prime Minister said during a Facebook live on Sunday evening.

    Nobody is listening to Cindy this time.

    Hundreds of Aucklanders flock to beaches, parks, breaking level 3 rules

    Across Auckland there was plenty of rule-breaking, but also confusion around what’s allowed during alert level 3.



  28. This doesn’t sound right.
    I thought they already had trained anti terrorist teams.

    Local police begin semi-auto training

    The training commenced this month after Victoria Police signed a contract for 300 semi-automatic rifles for uniform and frontline police to respond to armed offenders and terrorist attacks outside of Melbourne.




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