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  1. The luvies ain’t always luvlies..
    Te Papa has been defrauded of more than $120,000 by a worker who faked more than 100 invoices from casual staff over more than a year.

    The national museum referred the matter to the police last week, with its chief executive describing the fraud as “sophisticated, well-planned, and carefully covered up”.

    Court documents show former Te Papa senior payroll officer Vera Karataua admitted in the Wellington High Court to theft of $122,067.31 from the museum, from December 2018 to March 2020.

    The museum confirmed Karataua’s admission to the fraud to Stuff on Sunday, following civil judgments against Karataua being made public by the court.

    “We are deeply disappointed by the betrayal of trust … The fraud was sophisticated, well-planned, and carefully covered up.”

    Johnston said Te Papa had controls in place to prevent fraud, and had reviewed and tightened these further after discovering the theft.

    Well no it didn’t. That’s as obvious as the nose on their face. That’s about the oldest scam in the books.



    • The COL and Labour in particular, make at least one major cock-up per week, when they are actively governing. They do however rarely mess up when in recess. They must be the the world leading, most inept government record holder.



    • I gave your “say no to the ho” line a test run in the pub yesterday, went down very well and upset a couple of brain dead lefties which is always a good sign. Could be on to a winner here Saggy. We should use this line as much as possible.



  2. Mississippi officials are blaming a typo for including a giant mosquito design – their unofficial state pest – as part of the finalists to replace the current state flag.

    Mississippi’s equivalent of Laser Kiwi flag makes round two of state’s new flag selection process

    Mississippi resident Thomas Rosete said he designed and submitted the mosquito flag as a joke on a coworker who didn’t want the flag changed, The Clarion-Ledger reported.

    The submitted flags must be unique, simple and include the phrase “In God We Trust” to be considered.



  3. Jeeeez Alfie’s wife Grant is stacking on the beef faster than 3 pies Woods,I have a conspiracy theory a bit like Pinocchios story ,the more lies they tell the fatter they get but then we have Cindy who becomes more emaciated by the day and that blows my theory out of the water.



  4. I watched the interviews with Jacinda and Judith on Mrs Te Rauparaha’s telly last night.

    The interviewer told us that Jacinda has been made a saint (‘deified’) and that Judith and Brownlee was responsible for border problems.

    I’m glad all the confusion has been cleared up by our independent state controlled media.



  5. When dealing with Police over this lockdown enforcement always stay polite, courteous and record everything.
    Don’t forget to query why no action was taken over the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests ( which were a massive breach) Yet Police are stopping you from heading to your holiday home…
    I’d love to hear a Cop explain that.



      • you say
        ‘when there are actual criminal matters to be dealt with’

        When the hell did they ever do that?
        -Certainly not at Ihumatao

        -Certainly not in Wellington last October when AntiFa were vandalising property in the CBD. The chicken shit cops told the good citizens to stay home while the vandals ransacked and the chicken shot cops stood by. As covered above; when it is a bit scary the cops stand back, I think that is chicken shit and any decent country would dock their pay.

        -Certainly not in December 2019 when good and brave helicopter pilots went and saved lives on White Island (that is it’s name) and the chicken shit cops wanted to prosecute the brave pilots. What sort of F…ed up world do these filth operate in?

        -And now, 2020 they have evolved into the Stasi, just as the Na zis of Germany evolved to be into the Stasi. In fact whilst it is published that people could not go from East Germany to the West they could go from the West to East Germany with no problem. Angela Merkle’s father was one such person – with Angela in tow, of course. Some Germans just changed their brand of totalitarianism.

        Anyone joining the cops in NZ now, knows that the outfit they are joining is not an enforcer of law and order.
        It is an outfit that is Pro-crime under the Govt it serves;
        that supports racial division (apartheid);
        and will act as thought police acting on Govt tip lines for people with bad thoughts (against the party line).

        It is a Brave New World.



          • Government encouragement, by using big sticks, encouraging cancel culture, ethno nationalism, etc

            Risk qverse, by being beaten by big sticks, iif one even looks sideways.
            Fines, increasing in size, and reasons, plus a worry about jail terms.

            Public liabiltiy insurance increasing premiums.
            Just the pursuit & investigation with ongoing inquiries, then appeals.

            Yes a lot of business’s people, well any one with anything to lose, will reconsider that the hunt is on, for anything that can cause an issue, that is a costly issue, so becoming even more risk averse.



  6. Truckies to ignore deadline for getting COVID-19 test

    The trucking industry says it will be impossible for everyone who’s been to the Ports of Auckland and Tauranga to get tested for COVID-19 by the end of the day, no matter what the law says.

    Minister of Health Chris Hipkins issued an order on Saturday requiring “employees of the port companies and all others who did work at those ports” to get tested for the virus.

    “We can’t test border workers it seems, we can’t test Air NZ staff working on international flights, yet all of a sudden out of nowhere we need to test 15,000 truck drivers in Tauranga and Auckland because they’re in contact with the port,” he told The AM Show on Monday, referring to revelations last week staff working at the MIQ facilities weren’t getting tested as often as Hipkins said he had been led to believe.

    “The problem with a lot of bureaucrats is when they think ‘port’ they think drink, and they don’t actually understand how this stuff works,” said Leggett. “When you’re driving a truck… you don’t touch the contents of containers.”



  7. Job listings down as business confidence drops

    The post-lockdown rebound in job advertisements are beginning to lose momentum, as businesses lack the confidence needed to take on new staff.

    However, listings were down by about 32 per cent on the same month a year earlier.

    BNZ senior economist Craig Ebert said the strong month-on-month gains in new listings were never going to be sustainable.



  8. Hold the election in September as the numbers are going to be worse!
    Do you want this cluster fuck lead by Covid Cindy in power for how many months!
    I feel they should be out toot sweet!
    It’s a poison chalice for Judith, but what option do we have?
    Labour can not be alllowed to stuff the country any further!



  9. The media is finally embarrassed enough to cover the murder of (white) five year old Cannon Hinnant who was riding his bicycle by (black) Darius Sessoms.


    It didn’t fit the narrative so the media have only just mentioned this killing…and have omitted the racist motives behind it. Expect no George Floyd level coverage.

    This is often how the media lie to us: lie through omission.



  10. “You can’t try and keep yourself in power by extending Parliament beyond the time Parliament expires,”

    NZ Election 2020: What Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s options are for delaying the election amid COVID-19 pandemic

    Constitutional lawyer Mai Chen says they’re pretty limited.

    “She has options to either stay with September 19 or she can delay and you could argue that given we’ve been locked down for two weeks, she could stay consistent with that and delay it by two weeks,” Chen told The AM Show on Monday.

    If she does choose to delay the election, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. The Prime Minister can only push the date back as far as November 21, according to New Zealand’s constitution.

    “You can’t try and keep yourself in power by extending Parliament beyond the time Parliament expires,” said Chen.

    Anything later than November would require Parliament to be recalled to lengthen the term, she said.



  11. Got the following from businessNZ.
    “All businesses will be required to display government generated QR code posters at all premises from 12pm on Wednesday 19 August.”

    Fuck them. I will not be doing this anytime soon.



  12. My recent comment on Kiwiblog referred to Ashley Bloomfield as ‘Trashley’.

    This was removed by the Kiwiblog censor. I guess the censors have been approved by the Queen (Jacinda).

    Immature of me perhaps, but it wasn’t obscene, sexist or racist so the censorship seems somewhat heavy handed.



  13. Hey Ed, it’s all bullshit?
    – by order of The Ministry of Truth.

    COVID conspiracies: Question the narrative, but listen to experts – Paul Brislen

    “People are doing the right thing – they’re challenging what they’re hearing, they’re asking questions, they want more information. That’s powerful, that’s really good. But you’ve got to go out and find the people who know what they’re talking about and listen to them.”

    “You get people sharing it because they think they’re doing the right thing. They think they’ve found something that people need to know about. They get stuck in, they do a little bit of desk research, and next minute you’re sharing a conspiracy theory which has no validation, no truth whatsoever – and it’s upsetting people’s lives.”

    Hipkins said when it comes to COVID-19 in New Zealand, the daily 1pm briefings are the “authoritative source of truth”.



  14. Morning folks. Another wonderful day in the People’s
    Republic of New Chinaland. Premier Ardern has made the
    decision to delay the election so the peasants can remain
    in the team of 5 million.
    I’m so happy, I could shit.



  15. Two Auckland men pass police checkpoint to go to Hamilton casino amid Level 3 restrictions

    Two Auckland men who left the city, which is under Alert Level 3 lockdown, got through a police checkpoint and ended up going to a Hamilton casino.

    However, police were advised by SkyCity Hamilton that two men from Auckland had visited on Thursday.

    “Inquiries are ongoing in terms of what follow-up action will be taken,”

    Police have been stopping every vehicle attempting to travel through each checkpoint and, along with members of the New Zealand Defence Force, officers have been speaking to every driver about their reason for travel.



  16. Shit, those Herald reporters are clever I tell you. They have finally worked out that the family with CCP virus eat food and went to the supermarket, just like all of us! Earth shattering news, shit they must have had their heads in the sand!



  17. There are reports that people who have recovered from the initial symptoms of Covid-19 may still experience after effects. There isn’t a lot of data about, and certain websites will want to push theories that fit their mission statements.

    If it can be shown that a significant number of people experience health problems months or years after their initial coronavirus infection, then that would be of concern. Again, does this tend to affect the elderly or those with comorbidities? The websites are often less than helpful in providing context for their assertions.

    The truth will emerge eventually.



  18. Did he resign? Presumably for that salary level you actually have to achieve something.

    CEO of Auckland’s Watercare resigns from $775,000 job as city struggles through drought

    Watercare has confirmed that Mr Jaduram will step down from the role as head of Auckland’s water infrastructure, which was the highest-paid management job in all of Super City.

    He steps down as the Auckland region continues to struggle through the most severe drought in its history, with restrictions in place and dam levels at record lows for this time of year.

    In 2019, his salary rose from $605,000 to $775,000.



  19. Sean Plunket is asking whether the English “Brexit” political strategists NZ First employed are behind Winnie claiming he knows where the covid outbreak came through the border? All hot air? We are used to that from Winston at election time.

    Oh yes he did. No he didn’t?

    Ardern denies Peters twisted her arm to move election date – ‘This was my decision’

    Jacinda Ardern says Winston Peters “absolutely” did not twist her arm to move the general election date by four weeks.



    • I wonder what those young NZ guys (sorry forgotten their names) who developed skills of using social media in election campaigns and helped ScoMo and Boris win are doing? I read a few months ago they were working with National but for some reason they got pissed off with them and resigned. I wonder if having Judith as leader and Gerry around would make a difference to them
      They are meant to be very good and National ( and NZ!!) needs all the help they can give.



  20. Media reassured us that the military can’t use deadly force without orders. As people were concerned about the military lockdown and detention.

    They failed to mention that is always the case. Loyalist troops can, and will, shoot dissidents when ordered by their leader.



      • I’m re-emerging from the swamp and have re-registered on Kiwiblog as “Lord of Death and Creator of Worlds”.

        Doubt it will get me any more respect from the im-moderator at Kiwiblog though 🙂



    • ..and the problem is….?

      -Cinders and Ash
      -Ashley Bloomfailed
      -the Ashen one
      -Ashley ‘Ernst’ Blofeld…always the villian
      -Lyin’ prick No2 -as in after Ardoom = second best liar.
      And No 2 – well you know what that is – it flows out of his mouth

      Isn’t wee Fruity Farrar just wall to wall hate of white, male, Western leaders like Trump and BoJo and ScoMo?
      A mouthpiece for the US Demoncratic Pardy. The home of NINO NZ.
      A pathetic, failed, bald man with beady eyes who took his mojo from John Key and has been the walking dead for 4 years now?



  21. I have been thinking about the election date change.

    I think it is a huge loss to Labour / Ardern. They tried to use the latest small lot of cases to their advantage by stretching out the “Jacinda has saved us” propaganda which has worked for them so far. (Even overseas media are laughing about the lock down)
    But they effectively put themselves in a corner. They would have been much better to have done nothing (except the usual tracing etc.)

    The latest lock down has people seeing through the BS more and more. Now everyone will see National bring out more and more policy ( even if the media do not cover it in a balanced way) and Labour have said this is a Covid election and voters should expect to see much new policy.

    I cannot see this as anything but a HUGE stuff up by Labour strategists. They may still win but the margin will be very small.



  22. Practical real world experience

    Boy, 8, makes winning bid at auction for $1m Sydney investment property

    Hamdan was supported through the auction by his property developer father who said he wanted the 8-year-old to learn about Sydney’s property market.

    “I’m trying to teach him everything I know. I used to get very uncomfortable bidding at auctions, I know what it’s like. I hope this will build up his confidence.”

    Now the family plans to renovate the properties before renting them out.



  23. How they say “No Shit, Sherlock”

    “I was checking every single day. There was clearly a dissonance between what the Prime Minister thought was happening and what was happening on the ground.”

    He said there may have been some miscommunication.”

    May have been some “miscommunication”. . Fuck,ill keep that . I wonder how much of the so called conspiracy theory involving a woman, a hotel, Rotorua etc just falls into “a miscommunication”. I suspect there is more than a bit of truth in that theory.



  24. ‘Let’s Keep Moving’

    The totalitarian police checks on the borders of Auckland have resulted in frustrated drivers saying it has taken 4 hours to in gridlock traffic to drive from Pukekohe to Bombay.

    Also a Pukekohe vegetable grower says his staff drive from Manurewa (South Auckland) to work. Because of the totalitarian police checks it took them 2 hours to drive to work this morning despite having a letter from the Dept of Health for the police checks. The grower says the letters from the Dept of Health were not signed or dated and are full of grammatical errors. If they cannot even write a letter…

    – Magic Talk



  25. “Tai Tokerau Border Control” sounds very official but it’s Hone Harawira.

    Far North community checkpoints considered to keep Covid-19 out

    The group that imposed a lockdown of the Far North in March and April says it is alarmed at the number of people who seem to have left Auckland for Northland.

    Tai Tokerau Border Control says the police and the army are doing a good job but are being too accommodating and should be turning more people away.

    Spokesperson Hone Harawira said a traffic jam out of Auckland to Northland on the day the Level 3 lockdown was announced was as bad as Christmas.

    He told Morning Report the group was alarmed to learn more than 50,000 vehicles had been let through checkpoints heading south or north of Auckland since Wednesday 12 August.

    “We went down to the checkpoint in Wellsford and we were just horrified at how relaxed things were.”

    He said the group was now working with the police checking different areas and camping grounds.



    • “Tai Tokerau Border Control”. Officially recognised and supported
      by the taxpayer funded pigs. The only necessary qualifications
      required to join this Labour government endorsed “border control ”
      are a minimum of 5 years spent in jail, at least 3 years on a benefit,
      and closely related to a Mr. H. Harawira .



  26. “Tai Tokerau Border Control” sounds very official but it’s Hone Harawira.

    Isn’t there some law against impersonating a government official or giving the impression that you have the backing of the State when really you don’t.



    • Civic-law nationalism, or ethno-law nationalism, and there is sometimes a mix of the two…

      Which law will apply, or have Veto rights,
      in budgets,
      rma policies,
      employment policies to incorporate all these feelz for the whenua.
      local & regional councils, to Parliament, ministries,
      through the police, judiciary, legislation, laws & regulations and corrections,
      kindergartens, primary, high-schools, tertiary, universities through curriculum and pushed by academia, so that powhiris, karakia, waiata with rahuis to understand tapu, and all those feelz etc.

      Special training “work shops”, for cultural sensitivity so total wrap around inclusiveness, with quotas to bring about; = equal outcomes.
      through health, for nursing, doctors, administrators
      through education, of teachers, in how to prep students.

      and of course “border control”
      Impersonating the State? ? ? ? ? with all the above, they are the STATE, and yet the State try to tell many people otherwise.

      Get with the program. 🙁 hmmm. //
      The emoji’s on my computer are so neutral, they show no colour. Are others having the same? Just a little square empty box and see others also turn up the same way.



  27. Good. The more pissed off people we have the better. The Stasi better watch out because we outnumber them considerably if it really gets messy . Not everyone dutifully handed in their naughty guns. Fucking remember that.


    Morons. Fuckwits Imbeciles.

    The only good thing is the Stasi will be too busy manning road blocks to worry about speed traps. Crminals will be really enjoying having no plod on the beat. Fucking wankers.



  28. This is outstanding. ‘Bellissimo.’
    If they can….we can.

    Italy’s PM is now officially under investigation for enforcing a nationwide lockdown in Italy against the advice of Italy’s scientific committee

    Notice of guarantee by the prosecutors of Rome towards the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the ministers Alfonso Bonafede, Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Gualtieri, Lorenzo Guerini, Luciana Lamorgese and Roberto Speranza . According to what is read in a note from the Presidency of the Council, this notice communicates the transmission to the Court of Ministers of the acts of a proceeding originating from various complaints from subjects from various parts of Italy for epidemic crimes, culpable crimes against health, manslaughter, abuse of office, attack against the Constitution, attack against the political rights of the citizen (articles 110, 438, 452 and 589, 323, 283, 294 of the Penal Code).




    • Grazie Dio Sono Italiano… but only in Italy do they charge Geologists for not giving Earthquake warnings, its the same bullshit all bluster and nothing will come of it, but it makes headlines, keeps people employed and the majority of Italians, go “fuck this” and carry on regardless. That’s where Italians and New Zealanders are very different. Italy has a million laws that no one bothers to follow, and the police don’t really care, here we have far less legislation, but people are compliant with bullshit in a way that few Italians would tolerate. At 1 pm we all stop and bow at the Altar of Jacinda….. Vaffanculo Jacinda. Strega. Putana.



      • ……”Italy has a million laws that no one bothers to follow,”……

        We’re not all that far behind. Worse still is that few who recognise this can’t think of how much better society would be if they introduced a few more that THEY favoured.

        Which leads to a pertinent question. Are laws there to be obeyed or for guidance & suggestion? If it’s the former then laws covering use of social drugs (eg) are so seldom obeyed as to degrade all law, good or bad, in the eyes of a country’s citizens.

        Or is it a pick ‘n mix? I’ll obey that one but I don’t like the one on the next page.



  29. A mates advice.
    Just a reminder to all – you CANNOT be fined for not wearing a mask. NOBODY can prove that wearing a mask doesn’t give you anxiety, and you DO NOT need to carry any proof. It’s completely unenforceable.

    Ignore any request to hand over your money, it’s a scam!!



  30. Yes, the COL had one job to protect us with strong border protection – they failed.

    New coronavirus wage subsidy: National’s Paul Goldsmith feels for Kiwis paying ‘heavy price’ of ‘border failure’

    “The Prime Minister was correct when she said in April that ‘the worst thing we can do for our country is to yo-yo between levels, with all of the uncertainty that this would bring’,” Goldsmith said on Monday.

    “Yet her Government inexplicably failed to ensure everyone working on the border or in quarantine facilities was regularly tested. You can’t have an elimination strategy and take such big risks on the border.”



  31. From the NZ Herald: “Market close: NZX rebounds strong on wage subsidy news”

    There you have it , folks. Subsidy money and other pumping of liquidity is keeping the stockmarket turgid. Like sticking a wilting stalk of celery into a glass of water…

    This is so artificial.
    Investors are going to get bitch-slapped by the Invisible Hand.



  32. Is there any part of any job the COL gets right? Four hours for an emergency service worker to access Auckland for work.

    National’s Hunua MP Andrew Bayly says he’s been contacted by people “frustrated” they can’t travel into Auckland for work.

    “I have been contacted by large numbers of people who have expressed frustration at what they say is inconsistency around who can and cannot cross the border into Auckland,” he said.

    “This has serious implications. I have heard from an Auckland emergency services worker who took four hours to get to work today, hindering this essential service.

    “The problem many are facing is they have been told the exemptions they had to work under Alert Level 4 are now invalid. Making people and businesses reapply for fresh exemptions at such short notice has caused a lot of stress and frustration.”



  33. Quote:

    “Television produces a simulation of reality. It looks and feels like it is first hand observed evidence, but actually “everything is an anecdote” . The power of TV to subvert our sense of what is real makes it into a psychological WMD.”



  34. Another cluster by the COL

    COVID-19: Chronically-ill Northlander trapped in Auckland due to police checkpoints, can’t access doctor

    John Brown lives with his ill wife in Mangawhai which is just north of one of the police’s northern border checkpoints. However, their house is just two kilometres away from the township on the other side of the border and is classed as ‘Auckland’.

    “We are Northlanders and we’ve been prohibited from getting our medical services from our doctor and pharmacy,” Brown says.



  35. I wonder if we have the same problem….

    From Al Jazeera “Malaysia’s Institute of Medical Research (IMR) has detected a mutation of Covid-19 virus in the country, according to the country’s top health official.

    Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said in a social media post that the mutation would likely make existing vaccine ineffective against the disease.


    “It was found to be 10 times likely to infect other individuals and easier to spread by super spreader individuals,” he wrote”



  36. This’ll get up Chippy’s nose:

    A text scam pretending to be from the Ministry of Health Covid-19 contact tracing team is reportedly being sent to people’s phones – however, it asks them to call back the Pizza Hut number.
    It says it reports to “COVID CONTACT TRACING” then proceeds to ask people to “pls call 0800 83 83 83 immediately”



  37. -email from Act:
    Delaying the election was the only decision the Prime Minister could make to ensure a free and fair contest. It also leaves the election wide open: we can win.

    Now the Government’s failing public health strategy is up for debate. With more time for New Zealanders to learn the truth about this Government’s performance on Covid-19, we can win on 17 October. ACT has consistently risen in the polls through our positive contribution to this debate. Our opportunity has never been greater.

    There is much for voters to consider. This election is not just about a lack of testing, poor contact tracing, and border bungles. The question is more fundamental: If we can’t afford more lockdowns, and we don’t want to be like Sweden, then how can we go forward intelligently? ACT will be providing that answer.

    The campaign just got longer and costlier. There are now four more weeks in the run up to the election. We need to spend $100,000 a week in the final weeks of the campaign. Our war room team is busy economising, like so many businesses in New Zealand. However, to win, we need to expand our budget.

    ACT has been rising in the polls. But to maintain our momentum, we will need to create more content, and pay for more ads for longer, through our digital channels.

    Can you help us reach more voters? Every dollar you can spare is an additional voter we can reach directly.

    A longer campaign means more time for New Zealanders to hear about this Government’s incompetence and ACT’s comprehensive plan improve our public health response to Covid-19. But that also means we need to buy more digital ads to reach voters for another four weeks.

    Please help us double our digital efforts by donating here. Each dollar you give is another voter we can contact.

    Yours sincerely,

    David Seymour
    ACT Leader

    -email from National:
    Today, it was confirmed that the General Election will be delayed until Saturday 17 October. Given around a third of the population is under a strict level 3 lockdown, this was the right move to make.

    But with endless wall to wall coverage, the deep resources of government, and a favourable media, it is hard for anyone not to see Labour have the cards stacked in their favour.

    We need to change that.

    Politics should be a contest of ideas and allow fair debate on the issues that matter. But more importantly, it should be open, transparent, and acknowledge the need to get our health response right so our freedoms can return.

    The last few weeks have shown that scrutiny of Labour’s policy and delivery is paramount. We owe it to every Kiwi to ensure everything that can be done, is being done, to protect our borders, protect our communities, and protect our families from further prolonged hardship.

    With the election date extended to Saturday 17 October, our campaign is now four weeks longer. That means four more weeks of targeted advertising, phone calling, pamphlets, direct mail, and billboards. This is critical to our campaign efforts and we really need your help to make it happen.



  38. Government quietly wipes 1.3m coronavirus tests from England tally because of double-counting

    On Wednesday, the government announced it had lowered the number of “available tests” by 10% and then dropped the metric altogether.

    An update on the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) website said “an adjustment” of 1,308,071 tests had been made.




  39. An article to ponder on as Auckland and city bureaucrats round NZ push for the same systems, and to what purpose?
    I have posted the whole article as it is pay-walled in the papers that ran it.
    We’ll Protect America’s Suburbs
    We won’t allow this to happen. That’s why we stopped the last administration’s radical social-engineering project that would have transformed the suburbs from the top down.
    We reversed an Obama-Biden regulation that would have empowered the Department of Housing and Urban Development to abolish single-family zoning, compel the construction of high-density “stack and pack” apartment buildings in residential neighborhoods, and forcibly transform neighborhoods across America so they look and feel the way far-left ideologues and technocratic bureaucrats think they should.

    We reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live.
    We believe the suburbs offer a wonderful life for Americans of all races and backgrounds when they are allowed to grow organically, from the bottom up.
    That’s how America’s suburbs are today—except those that have already been ruined by poor planning and policies.

    Every American has a stake in thriving suburbs.
    The shameful days of redlining are gone, and a majority of the country lives in the suburbs, including majorities of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans.
    America’s suburbs are a shining example of the American Dream, where people can live in their own homes, in safe, pleasant neighborhoods.
    The left wants to take that American dream away from you.

    In spite of this remarkable success, a once-unthinkable agenda, a relentless push for more high-density housing in single-family residential neighborhoods, has become the mainstream goal of the left.
    For eight years under Obama-Biden, HUD pressured Westchester County, N.Y., to change its zoning rules. Although Westchester was never found to have discriminated against anyone, HUD used the threat of withholding federal money to pressure it to raise property taxes and build nearly 11,000 low-income, high-density apartments.
    Other liberal-run cities and states have also taken up the cause.
    Minneapolis abolished single-family zoning this year—a few months before it voted to abolish its police force. Oregon outlawed single-family zoning last year.
    For the past three years, the state senator who represents Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco has led a push to abolish single-family zoning in California.

    Liberals even believe this unprecedented federal disruption of the suburbs is required to battle climate change.
    They say the suburbs are a problem because of unacceptably high levels of greenhouse gases generated by a family with its own house, a yard, two cars and a dog.

    The Biden-Sanders unity platform calls for reimposing the Obama-Biden dystopian vision of building low-income housing units next to your suburban house.
    Some leading Democrats want to go even further. Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. James Clyburn have introduced a bill that would hold hostage more than $12 billion in federal grants to states for safe roads unless local politicians agree to densify the suburbs.
    As far as the White House is concerned, this bill is dead on arrival.

    America was founded on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination and control.
    It would be a terrible mistake to put the federal government in charge of local decisions—from zoning and planning to schools.
    Our Founders understood this was the path to tyranny.

    Americans of all walks of life have voted with their feet and put down roots in the suburbs.
    Across income segments and demographic groups, households have higher rates of homeownership in the suburbs than in urban centers.
    Decades of liberal governance have tragically made many urban cities unaffordable and others unlivable, unable to provide for their citizens’ basic needs in housing, public safety and education.

    While we fight every day to restore our cities’ greatness with innovative means like opportunity zones, the left opposes us on rebuilding the economy, on law and order, and on school choice.
    We won’t let them export their failures to America’s suburbs.
    We will save our cities, from which these terrible policies have come, and we will save our suburbs.

    Mr. Trump is president of the United States.
    Mr. Carson is secretary of housing and urban development

    However read through the comments here, and see what one is up against, and maybe can see why these problems will escalate.

    See how it why this is such an issue today, in the States, and realize that NZ is embarking on these issues too, with its form of “democrat”, labour mayors, and councillors.
    Some of you will recognize what has been driving this, and how the pressure has been renewed.



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Ultra-Processed Food

How Ultra-Processed Food May Affect Your Brain Written by BBC The way ultra-processed foods may affect the brain has caused concern among some health experts. They...

Vaccine Anyone?

Vaccinated people found to be 600% more likely to die from covid "variants" than unvaccinated people BY ETHANH Those who have been injected for the Wuhan...

Tesla Inventions That Changed The World

Seven Nikola Tesla Inventions That Changed The World   165 years ago, on July 10, 1856, the Serbian-American engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla was born. The...

Everyone Is Part Of Huge Experiment

Moderna Rep Admits Everyone Is Part Of Huge Experiment   In the featured video, which aired June 22, 2021, independent reporter Stew Peters plays an audio...

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