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  1. An interview that is worth watching, it`s an hour long but worth it, Candace Owens with Imam Tawhidi a former Hardline now Moderate Muslim.
    He’s got multiple fatwahs on him already in the Muslim world.

    A short snippet here,

    Me: Why do they call Islam the religion of peace?
    Imam Tawhidi: I don’t know— because it sounds nice?


    Full length,



    • Im sure i read an article on W/O where he states he knows he is on some watchlist from the ultrawoke fucktards looking for the dreaded hate speech merchants, its more than likely the usual left wing losers but thats what putting the truth into print gets you these days, buckle up ladies we are in a fight for our true freedoms & rights that these assholes would take from us in a heartbeat aided & abetted by a meek & compliant Govt & gutless media



    • No surprise she and her filthy Green party mates are using Christchurch once again to insist “we are different now.” Bullshit! It was one guy. The rest of us did nothing wrong. I’ve yet to grow a big-ass beard, and last time i looked my wife lacked a head scarf!



  2. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/life/112980026/bite-the-bullet-and-go-on-a-sex-strike
    “Good luck with that if a heteronormative woman can find a modern man who isn’t screen addicted to porn and can have unaided sex with a real woman – in the flesh”

    Another old mass reproduced story & now its Jane Bowrons turn to seek attention with it, it is a bit sad the old lass can’t get a rise out of a real man anymore maybe she should look in a mirror she might find the actual problem



  3. I can’t help but agree that it is disgraceful the people of New Zealand are being protected from thieving, bashing murderous scum while they await their sentencing to a golf game and a hug.


    I have the only sensible solution to Mr Becroft’s angst.

    I suggest that every Monday morning, at 11am, one out of each ten so held, randomly chosen, is taken outside and shot – dead.

    I guarantee the numbers not just being held in secure facilities but also the numbers applying for accommodation in such establishments is reduced dramatically in very short order.



  4. A few refugees is understandable. Hordes are not. May NZ long value its sovereignty. This will be the best place on Earth to be when the shit hits the fan overseas lol. We’ll see you coming from a long way, in any direction. We need ICBM’s like yesterday.



    • Just thanks to the Aussies for the status-quo keeping their govt in the recent election, or Cindy would have been able to welcome her selection of the Manus Island economic migrant flotsum into NZ. Quality migrants, not quantity is the way to go.



  5. Yesterday was a particularly slow news day.
    No additions to the road toll, no sportsmen making non-woke tweets, even Trump had done nothing outrageous.

    3 news opened with a mockumentally by P.Gower into the appalling lack of free dental care in New Zealand.

    Exhibit 1 was an otherwise attractive woman who was unable to get frontline customer service work because of her hideous teeth that were caused by an unfortunate condition.
    How wonderful that her dentist was able to source funding from somewhere or other for the required extractions and fitted dentures.

    Next week: P.Gower is going to tell us how a woman with great dental work needs to have her ugly tattoos removed so she can get frontline customer service work.



  6. “Overall, out of 46 MEPs declared so far, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has won 21, the Lib Dems 10, Labour seven, Green five, Conservatives two and Plaid Cymru one.”


    If that doesn’t send a message to the tories, nothing will.

    take note national. you are ripe.



    • And nothing on KB about the demise of National’s sister party – the Conservatives. DPF really is a swamp creature isn’t he. Fully in denial of a seismic change in the political environment and totally unable to advise the party that pays his bills that the apocalypse is coming.

      Massive cuckservatism has just about crushed the UK conservatives, the very same cuckservatism that characterises DPF’s blog and the party he cheerleads for.

      I’m sure our very own version of Theresa May (mediocre and acceptable to the party faithful, but loathed by the electorate and a traitor to party principles) Soimon is probably also joining Mr Farrar in actively burying his head in the political sand to avoid any remote possibility that he might wake up and smell the political napalm coming his way.



  7. Courtesy of Hobsons Pledge. Privatisation of public beaches.

    How tribal governance of coastal areas may operate

    “The Ngati Porou coastal area bill, which passed its third reading this week, gives a clear picture of how the entire marine and coastal area of New Zealand is likely to be governed after the 600 or so current claims are either rubber-stamped by the Minister or wind their way through the High Court.

    The bill, which gives the tribe $15.3 million to enable Ngati Porou to exercise their rights and obligations, provides a framework for customary rights recognition for Ngati Porou subgroups in relation to the coastal and marine areas defined in the above map.

    Time in jail or a massive fine is specified for anyone who does anything in a tribal area without permission.

    In a nutshell, everything that currently takes place from the high tide mark to 22km out can continue but anything new requires the permission of the relevant tribal subgroup given customary marine title to an area in which protected customary rights may be exercised.

    Protected customary rights, which Ngati Porou has yet to apply for, mean group members may carry out an activity such as launching a waka or collecting hangi stones without needing resource consent.

    Customary marine title, which the tribe also has yet to apply for, recognises the customary relationship of an iwi, hapu or whanau with the common marine and coastal area in their vicinity.

    Customary marine title may be granted if the tribe can prove that they have exclusively used and occupied the areas pictured without substantial interruption since 1840, bearing in mind that fishing or navigation in the area did not stop them from meeting the test.

    Subject to gaining customary marine title, any minerals other than petroleum, gold, silver, and uranium belong to that group with the exception of greenstone that has already been given to Ngai Tahu.

    Sacred areas may be declared which makes them off limits to any other than the Ngati Porou group specific to that area.

    These groups own any Maori artefacts that may be found there and have first dibs on any stranded whales.

    There is no scope for anyone other than the Ngati Porou group concerned to object to anything, according to Clause 36. A Minister may curb activities by citing demonstrable environmental harm.

    There are likely to be clashes between recreational fishers and the specific groups over no-go sacred areas and the amount of catch taken under protected customary rights.

    It could bring patrols to keep out those who are not members of the group holding customary marine title and fines of up to $5000 for those who go there without permission.

    For any non-tribe member who carries out an activity other than one that was already in progress in an area covered by customary marine title without permission of the title holder faces up to two years in jail or a fine up to $600,000, according to section 83.

    Ownership of a marine area opens up a perpetual income stream for the title holder because anyone wanting to set up an industry like a mussel farm or wave farm would need to pay the tribe a percentage.

    Councils get a substantial amount of extra work to review “key documents” to align them to the Ngati Porou Act when it becomes law, and to any environmental covenants that the Ngati Porou may create.

    The Environment Minister must consider each environmental covenant produced by each Ngati Porou group.

    Although the bill presents a reasonable portrayal of the future under Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011 agreements it doesn’t necessarily set a precedent as it was negotiated under the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004.

    Ngati Porou’s claims for customary marine title haven’t yet been tested. The bill just allows the tribe to proceed with a High Court claim beyond the six-year deadline set under the MACA.

    This tribe-based governance model for the marine and coastal area is a far cry from Article 3 of the Treaty of Waitangi which conferred on all Maori the rights of “subjects” which was the same status as British subjects then living in New Zealand, no more, no less.

    In other words, giving ownership of bits of the coastal area to tribal groups is official confirmation that we are no longer all equal irrespective of race.

    Also, the bill marks the beginning of the privatisation of our beaches, once shared by all New Zealanders.”

    The Nga Rohe Moana o Nga Hapu o Ngati Porou Bill (No 2) 2018, may be read here. See http://www.legislation.govt.nz/bill/government/2018/0031/latest/LMS16679.html



    • Solution is simple boycott the area- no tourists – no non iwi professionals – Doctors/dentists etc, no white supremacist truckers or business’s so Maori Iwi can try living in 1840 again and for completeness no Iwi may access such services outside their own exclusive area.



    • When I bought a bach in 1999, straight after the auction a local hapu member welcomed me to the area and the treaty claim covering my little piece of paradise. It quite burst my bubble, it is on a harbour edge fronted by a tad of landlocked council land, and Doc owns the mudflats. Will the Iwi be responsible for changes occurring through the much vaunted climate change or is it purely one way revenue gathering?



  8. National – News:
    May 2019

    “This week the Government needs to actually start delivering something in its year of delivery in its so-called ‘Wellbeing Budget’, National’s Finance spokeswoman Amy Adams says.

    “This Government has become synonymous with over promising and under delivering and New Zealand will expect to see the Government put its money where its mouth is…”



  9. Back when Andy was a union official he was at a convention in Auckland & decided to check out the local brothels. When he got to the first one, he asked the Madame, “Is this a union house?”

    “No, I’m sorry it isn’t,” she said.

    “Well, if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?” he inquired.

    “The house gets $80 & the girls get $20,” the Madame replied.

    Mightily offended at such unfair dealings, Andy stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable shop. His search continued throughout the night until finally he reached a brothel where the Madame said, “Why yes, this is a union house.”

    “And if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?” he asked.

    “The girls get $80 & the house gets $20,” said the Madame.

    “That’s more like it!”. He looked around the room & pointed to a stunningly attractive redhead. “I’d like her for the night,” he said.

    “I’m sure you would, sir……,” said the Madame, gesturing to an older & much heavier woman in the corner, ” …..but Two-Ton Bertha here has seniority!”



  10. Join the dots: Mallard, Defamation, Rape
    So not only is the COL incompetent, but the speaker is a complete twat. Mouthing off about Rape when the case was dealt with last year and it definitely was not RAPE (even if the #Metoo! movement think that any physical contact between a man a woman is). I hope the victim here ensures the end of Mallard’s political career.



  11. Looks like Mr Mallard might have spoken out of turn and out of his arse as usual.


    “It’s ironic that the review was about bullying and harassment. I feel I’ve been bullied out of Parliament and harassed within it, particularly by the Speaker’s claim,” the teary-eyed man said.

    After talking to the man, NewstalkZB saw the finding of the investigation against him, a finding that would usually be kept under wraps by the unimpeachable Parliamentary Service. The finding bore out everything the man had claimed and found the claim against him was unsubstantiated.



  12. TV3 won’t be getting a Christmas card from the NZLP this year.
    News tonight shows the Kiwibuild target of 1,000-revised to 300- home target is likely to be too difficult and the PM is now pretending there was never a target at all.
    The zero tolerance for suicide will be forgotten about in the well-being budget.
    The school dental service has misplaced a few thousand kids.
    The downgrade of rural maternity services has already seen a baby delivered in an ambulance on the side of the road, and
    When Tova O’Brien was asked what will be different about the well-being budget her first response was “It will have pictures”

    Do I detect a little cooling in the love affair with the CoL and Australia’s favourite politician?



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