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  1. So the PR dept is in overdrive this morning. apparently all those rumours are just that and here is how to identify them!
    The only source of truth is the Govt. once again.

    Well I haven’t seen Jacinda nor anyone else take Winston to task for starting the rumour. One is left with the underlying notion that where there is smoke there is fire.

    Covid-19 rumours have been doing the rounds on social media for months, but they appear to have ramped up since cases re-emerged in the community. Brittney Deguara investigates how to spot a fake, and how to stop misinformation spreading.




  2. “INZ’s two-year visa processing delay leaves would-be skilled migrant at risk of becoming unlawful in NZ”

    FS if your backlog is two years, isn’t that an indication that your business model isn’t working?



    • …..”Do we have a Minister of Truth?”……

      Not really. The role has been taken over by the Minister of Propaganda.

      “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”



  3. New Zealand has 58 active cases of COVID-19 in the community. On Monday, it recorded nine new cases. On Sunday, the United States recorded 42,000 new cases. Overall, New Zealand has reported 1280 cases of the virus, compared to nearly 5.6 million in the US.Coronavirus:

    Donald Trump calls Auckland COVID-19 outbreak ‘big surge’

    Speaking on Tuesday (NZ Time), Trump said New Zealand “beat [the virus]”, but is now dealing with a “big surge”.

    “The places they were using to hold up, they are having a big surge. I don’t want that. I don’t want that. They were holding up names of countries, and now they are saying ‘whoops’.

    “Even New Zealand, you see what is going on in New Zealand. They beat it, they beat it. It was like front page, they beat it because they wanted to show me something. The problem is [a] big surge in New Zealand. It’s terrible. We don’t want that.”



  4. https://www.ninefornews.nl/het-is-begonnen-honderden-belgen-slepen-bill-gates-voor-de-rechter/#

    Hundreds of angry Belgians are taking Bill Gates, Belgium and a British epidemiologist to court. They want all corona measures to be abolished. The lawsuit was filed by his 240 Belgians from the Viruswaanzin.be group . Their lawyer, Michael Verstraeten, told The Brussels Times that the measures trample our freedoms and do more harm than good.

    “Without a lockdown there would have been fewer deaths,” said Verstraeten. “You have no idea how many people die because of lockdowns. We believe that other measures are needed, measures that do not harm the economy, and that do not restrict the rights and freedoms of the people. ”



  5. Idiots. But we need to listen to the “Author of Truth” at 1 pm??

    “Covid 19 coronavirus: Mt Albert Grammar student still waiting for results five days after virus test”


    Yesterday, Heathline officials told his frustrated mother to take him in for a second test as his first one had still not been processed. It is unclear if that is because it has been lost or the results have been slow to come back.



  6. A car full of nuns is driving down a dark, foggy country road at midnight, trying to locate their new nunnery. All of a sudden a blood-sucking vampire jumps out of nowhere, landing on the car and hissing wildly.
    Clearly shocked, one of the nuns shout “Sister Mary! Sister Mary! Quickly, show him your cross!”.
    With that, Sister Mary dived out of the car and shouted “ Get the f*ck off my f*cking car, you blood-sucking c*nt!



  7. Names that cultures give to outsiders are probably used in a derogatory way. After all, it’s human nature to think that your way is the best, and to love your family, community, and country.
    For example, the term “pakeha” is racial in nature, if we are to believe it signifies whiter skin. The now frowned-upon English term of “darkie” would be “pakeha’s” brother.

    From the Herald: “Bloomfield’s decision to move Covid-positive families into managed isolation facilities has been criticised as racist. It was not a policy during the last outbreak, when the majority of cases were Pālagi New Zealanders, aged 30 to 50, returning from overseas. Notably, both Talemaitoga and Tukuitonga believe this is the best accommodation response. Their evidence: hard lessons from the Marist cluster during the last outbreak. A number of Pasifika families were part of that cluster.”

    Now we have a new term: “Pālagi New Zealanders”? Are these Pacific Islanders? Are these Samoans? Are these Tongans?
    (I know that “palagi” is (in Samoa) a white or non-Samoan person. Can a “palagi” exist outside of Samoa? It’s a bit like the Japanese term “gaijin” (Caucasian, 80% white American in the traditional use of the term). “Gaijin” is used casually by Japanese in Japan to refer to “foreigners”. The term makes no sense outside of Japan. Perhaps “palagi” is similar in that it only functions when used in Samoa by Samoans.

    The trend today is for people to chuck their ethnic language terminology in English (without invitation). The usual process is for the English language to steal the terms it needs.

    So, should the term “Pālagi New Zealander” (avec macron) become English? Should it be given a slightly different meaning? If you accept the term, what should it mean?



  8. COVID-19 leave support scheme doesn’t go far enough, advocates say

    Unions and health clinics have been worried people with little or no sick leave are putting off being tested because they can’t afford the time off work.

    “If they get tested and something comes out, whatever the results are, the thought of them staying at home, losing jobs, they might not come to get tested.”

    Yesterday Finance Minister Grant Robertson said the government’s leave support scheme would pay out the equivalent of the wage subsidy.

    Robertson said he wanted to remove worries about what a positive test might mean for someone’s job.

    Employers and Manufacturers Association Head of Advocacy and Strategy Alan McDonald said some employers have been confused about what happens if a worker needs to self-isolate.

    “It’s just things like, if they’ve used up sick leave and they’re in compulsory isolation who pays for that? Can I use annual leave – of course the answer to that is no.

    “It’s really about that burden that some employers are feeling because they’re trying to do the right thing but staff have run out of sick leave, money’s tight for the employer.”



  9. More fuckups from Hipkins


    I hope the sheeple remember these when they vote…. ( if we vote)..

    “But Dr Bloomfield says he was providing regular updates.

    “There’s clearly a dissonance with what the Prime Minister thought was happening, and what was happening on the ground,” he said.

    “One of the things we will, and want to do, is go back and find out was there a breakdown in communication.”

    In otherwords a Giant Clusterfuck. Monty Python could learn from these twats……..



  10. Make of this what youmay… However reading it suggests there may be snippets of truth….



    Pertinent quote

    “But it was kind of like, it seemed legitimate. I’ve had friends in the army isolation saying it was mickey mouse, and I didn’t question it too much.”

    We all know quarantine has been a disaster. There is the rumour of the Chef and room service. ( I think Maggie Pie alluded to that). We know day 1 and day 14 inmates are interacting. Bus drivers are not tested. Thje whole fucking thing is a clusterfuck….



  11. So I hope you lot have got the message — you are not to believe all the conspiracy theories. The Government instructs you to do this.
    The next thing they will do is block the internet !!

    They really have lost the plot. They have no ideas and they scared sh…less that someone else might find out the real facts and/or have an alternative idea.
    I hope all those pissed off Aucklanders are rapidly joining the dots and working what it is really all about.



    • Oh yes we are ( although lockdown doesn’t really affect me, personally, negatively. ) But I feel for the small businesses, and the loss off freedom, and the destruction of the economy. The traffic sitting at pointless “border” checks, the waste of Police resources manning these check points, the waste of productivity during the 1 PM Electioneering Broadcasts.

      However, as with all these things, the truth will emerge, no matter howmuch Fuckface Hipkins and Lying Cinders tries to prevent it….



    • Assuming the news report is even remotely accurate then yes, as

      “The white man yells “come on” at the group and balls up his fists before one man responds and sends him sprawling unconscious to the floor with a single punch.”

      He was preparing for a fight and got taken out first. You are allowed to make a pre-emptive attack if you feel you are about to be attacked.. Of course, you have to take the news source as credible which in this day and age is doubtful.



      • He was definitely challenging the other passengers according to the report. (Which is not a civilised thing to do.)
        Would he have physically attacked them? Was he drunk? Was he out-numbered? Again, what actually happened?

        A punch strong enough to knock a man out is strong enough to kill him. Maybe he had a glass jaw.



        • I cannot answer whether he would have attacked them. Supposedly, sole individuals have attacked larger crowds in physical altercations before. Supposedly, such an incident happened in Christchurch probably eleven years ago.

          Of course, we’re relying on the media to be honest about the guy challenging for a fight in the first place. That’s a dubious standard at the best of times.

          As for the punch, I disagree. All it takes for a knockout is for the brain to go bouncing off the inside of one’s skull; the brain will shut down to limit injury to itself. Now, the fall might kill, since the occipital ridge is quite vulnerable; get a blow there and a person may die.



  12. I’m going into lockdown today in support of my fellow Kiwis. Now..which beach shall I do it at.
    Patong..too many turds. Karon..too many jellyfish..Kata..too many dickhead surfers..Nai Harn..ahhhhhh just right.



  13. I get the Bulletin/Spinoff email each day as it does give me a bit of an overview of a few things without going anywhere near Stuff. Now I know it is as left as Liberace is bent but in this piece they have excelled themselves, especially the first bit.
    “So as a final point, I don’t often go out of my way to praise individual politicians – quite the opposite in fact – and this is entirely my personal opinion. But I would like to give a word of support for the PM’s decision to delay the election. She has willingly risked the possibility of losing some of her partisan political advantage, and in doing so created fairer and more democratic conditions for all parties, and for voters. Not every politician in her position would have done the right thing like that.”



  14. I could set up an access or File maker data base to do this in less than a day. FFS Incompteence at best Fucking crmina;l at worst.


    Originally likned to KB, but then deleted as I know some dont like that, so see, I do care what my fello YSB posters think and feel Kiwiblog……



    • Judith was asked about Trump’s comment on NZ’s China flu status. Judith said she “is unaware of what President Trump had said and suggested the msm ask James Shaw who will have an opinion on what President Trump said” 👏 😂😂



  15. Coronavirus: Judith Collins claims quarantine staff were refused tests, challenges Jacinda Ardern to release communications

    “Staff have contacted us to let us know that they were not refusing to have tests and that they were in fact not offered tests and even some people have contacted us to say that they asked for tests and were refused them because they were asymptomatic,” Collins said on Tuesday.

    “We haven’t seen the communications between the ministry and the Government and I would challenge the Prime Minister, if she says these informants are wrong, she should release that chain of communication,’ she said.

    Ardern told The AM Show on Tuesday some border staff were reluctant to be tested.



  16. Chippy’s nose is growing 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

    When lying speak very fast and change what you are saying in different ways so the plebs get confused as to what you just said…
    – by order the ministry of truth



  17. This is what happens in a closed communist state. Owners of dogs are considered a threat to the state. “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeois ideology”

    Kim Jong Un orders confiscated pet dogs to be slaughtered for meat – report

    North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered all pet dogs to be confiscated and then slaughtered to be used as meat in restaurants, saying they represent Western “decadence”.

    A source told the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, Kim made the order in July amid food shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down.”

    The source said Kim saw dogs, which are most commonly owned by the elite, as part of “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeois ideology”.



  18. Vandalising lefties!!

    National MP’s election billboards ‘getting a bit of a hiding’ by vandals

    A National Party MP knows how she’s going to be spending the extra time before New Zealand’s delayed general election.

    List MP Jo Hayes, who’s the candidate for Mana, will be replacing her billboards with fresh ones after many have been vandalised.

    “They’re getting a bit of a hiding out there on the hustings,”

    One where her name was cut out; another where the wood was removed and then, in Paraparaumu, one hit with a dozen eggs

    “People are wrecking them, having a good old time.”



  19. Arse covering going on bigly by PM, ministers and health ministry over the lack of testing been done!
    Obversely bugger all have ben done in the past and it looks like only the arrival of a big stock of testing equipment has started the testing now. The question is how much stock do they have and how long will it last?



  20. Another threatening ‘Karen’ stops a tiny group at a wedding because she can.

    Woman crashes small Hawaii wedding over COVID-19 restriction breach, threatens to call police

    “They’re hiding,” she says, heading towards a small row of houses. “They’re getting married right now. I’m trying not to be really rude, but I’ve had enough of this shit.”

    Upon coming across the group, the woman calls, “Aloha, aloha! This is the beach and the beach is closed.”



  21. Just heard three speeches on the parliament tv Chanel. First Paul Goldsmith not a great speech, I thought he was very disappointing. Next Dr Shane Reti well thought out and stated his case concisely read of a prepared statement. The next was David Seymour it was all off the cuff and excellent. The points he made were all well said making very valid points. A real leader in every sense of the word. He is so superior to the ptpm it’s embarrassing for New Zealand. He made points of criticism of the governments performance on the covid second wave, then made suggestions as to what changes they could have/should have/can still made. Well done David. If I wasn’t an ACT supporter before, I would change to be one now.



  22. Bullocracy running farms.

    “So today we telephoned Service NSW to enquire about getting a permit to enter NSW to take our sheep from our address which is a few hundred meters out of the border zone, to Corowa sheep yards, which in over the river and in the border zone.
    What ensued has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and tomorrow every politician and news outlet is going to hear about it.

    It went as follows….. “We are sheep producers and need a permit to take sheep to Corowa Sheep Market.
    NSW: your address is outside the zone, you will need to enter the state via Sydney airport.
    Us: We are farmers on the border and you want us to take a load of 40 lambs by plane to Corowa?
    NSW: Yes.
    Us: You want us to drive 6 hours to Melbourne with 40 sheep?
    NSW: Yes.
    Us: You want us to put 40 sheep on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney and then transport them from there to Corowa Sheep Market on the border?
    NSW: Yes.”

    I shit you not, this is for real.
    #DanielAndrews you promised the people of Victoria they would still be able to buy meat.
    You let this shit go, they won’t be buying lamb.
    #GladysBerejiklian fix the border zone/region/bubble what ever the hell you want to call it and do it soon, better yet, re-open the bloody borders for ALL FARMERS regardless.
    #MLA get all over this NOW before it becomes an animal welfare issue.”


    Live Sheep Shipments has many regulations.
    It would seem that the sheep will be flying 1st Class.?

    Just like in New Zealand, shearers were not allowed to shear sheep.
    Calving cows can not be checked on, so not assisted if needs be.
    Difficult for tourists as can not travel all the way on State Hi Way to Northland.

    The Bullocracy in so many parts of farming are just full of clip board tick boxers of 4 year degrees.
    Now the CCP virus has unleashed the bullocracy power & tyrannical control.



        • No I don’t. Although it would not surprise me if he had bought a large chunk of the South Island under some dubious corporations name and I do believe that the odious paedophile Podesta was here just before the mosque incident not that the two have any connection. Buttar was one of the first to come out and say that HCQ + zinc is effective against covid so many will seek to destroy his reputation. This afternoon I watched “One by One” the last film Rik Mayall made before his untimely death in 2014, it is scarily prescient.



      • He may have permanent residence but he obviously spends very little time here otherwise he would know a bit more about the country. I understood he was based in Germany but may have got the wrong impression.



  23. Artimus@1808

    Au contraire; she’s ‘Mummy’ to Neve, so yes, to at least one (albeit small) person on the planet, JA is VERY important (at least at this stage of her life; teenage years, probably not so much).

    (Just saying).



  24. Uganda
    Population 45,741,007
    10 x New Zealands population



    I hope this seals the deal for you.

    What we are experiencing in New Zealand is not about an infection. It never was.

    It started here.
    Somali jailed for New Zealand plane hijack attempt

    In the first incident of its kind in New Zealand, Asha Ali Abdille took three knives onto the plane and tried to force its pilot to fly to Australia.
    She had previous convictions for threatening to pour petrol on a Red Cross member in Wellington and throwing a bucket of faeces over a policeman in Hastings and was already on bail for another offence.

    We are still, to this day, being told the answer to ending this, is to be kind.

    We know it isn’t and we have always known it isn’t. The sheep bought the lie.

    We were introduced to extremism in 2008 to gauge our collective response, and to see how much terrorism/horror we could handle.
    From here, it escalated.
    Each attack got worse, with a few curveballs thrown in, if we got too comfortable or suspicious.
    It is, and has been, a carefully planned/controlled attack on our psyche, aimed at ultimately destabilizing our Nation to such an extent, that eventually we will succumb to their demands, all the while hoping that their promises of making the craziness stop would come to fruition.
    It hasn’t.

    On our knee’s we are compliant.

    Vote as if your life depends on it.




    From Gavin of Wellington, New Zealand.

    I am a journalist for Stuff. My parents live in the suburb of Seatoun and one of my sisters, who lives in Palmerston North, is married to an Englishman. My father and Mother have recently been arrested for growing and selling marijuana and are currently dependent on my other two sisters, who are prostitutes in Auckland.

    I have two brothers, one who is currently serving a non-parole life sentence in Paremoremo Prison, for the rape & murder of a teenage boy in 1994, the other currently being held in the Wellington remand centre on charges bestiality with his children’s pet goat.

    I have recently become engaged to marry a former Thai prostitute who lives in Christchurch and indeed is still a part time “working girl” in a Brothel, however, her time there is limited as she has recently been infected with an STD.

    We intend to marry as soon as possible and are currently looking into the possibility of opening our own brothel with my fiancee utilising her knowledge of the industry working as the manager. I am hoping my two sisters would be interested in joining our team. Although I would prefer them not to prostitute themselves at least it would get them off the streets and hopefully the heroin.

    My problem is this: I love my fiancée and look forward to bringing her into the family and of course I want to be totally honest with her.

    Should I tell her about my brother-in-law being a Pom?



  26. So how many of you decline to watch the news?
    You have a duty to your children to sit and watch the news. 🙁

    will require fourth and fifth graders to read “Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness”,
    which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism.
    The book claims asking questions can be racist and issues a call to action for five- to seven-year-olds to call out and identify racism.


    If you do not sit down and watch the news, as reports will be made to teacher. 🙁

    Soon you will have bigger problems with your kids, as they will want you to become a “blackguard” so you will cuss out other white people. 🙂

    Then for the more senior classes they will be signed up:-

    “The Code of Student Conduct has been revised, based on your input, to state that violations of the code that are bias-motivated—
    including conduct motivated by racism—
    will be punished more severely.
    The University also revised the code to make clear when bystanders and accomplices can be held accountable.
    The code will be prepared and distributed for students to sign in the fall.”


    A version of a trained up “youth” club, but its leaders will not be so benign.

    So how far will the NZ education curriculum with support from Commissioners, Conciliators, etc., be following these points, in the name of “kindness” & “wellbeing”.



    • Quote from a pissed off blogger.

      I watched people today whilst sat drinking tea in the supermarket cafe. Just about everyone wearing a mask was touching it multiple times, & then touching everything else. Nobody without a mask was touching their faces. The mask wearers will spread more germs. They are selfish!



  27. Apparently women can do everything. I’ve seen a few directors with a collection but this women takes the prize and a million dollars. The reading alone that would be required would take sometime.

    “There has been a complete absence of energy and it’s been left to the governing body of council to work with senior management within Watercare to fill the gap,” Newman said.

    He has questioned if Devlin is the right person to steer the board through the water crisis and a possible reorganisation of the city’s water services, saying she has no interest in Auckland’s future – “she lives in Hamilton” – and sits on a number of boards outside Auckland.

    As well as chairing Watercare, Devlin is a director of Waikato Regional Airport, MetService, IT Partners Group, Aurora Energy, independent chairwoman of Waikato District Council’s audit and risk committee, chairwoman of Women in Infrastructure Network advisory board, Councillor at Waikato University, deputy chairwoman of Wintec, chairwoman of Lyttelton Port Company, director of Infrastructure NZ and chairwoman of Hospice Waikato.

    Last month, the Tasman District Council appointed her to the board of Waimea Water..


    Just how greedy should one be allowed when looking at the public enterprises that she is involved in at what should be a high level.

    A review of the council’s five council-controlled organisations(CCOs), released last week, said Watercare rated very highly on service among feedback from the public, but this was tempered by many people who believed the company was unprepared for the drought.

    The review, chaired by Miriam Dean, QC, said Watercare and the council had no response plan “as might be expected” and the council had no water strategy to deal with a drought.

    Another woman in charge. Who would bet that they now appoint a woke woman to the job?



  28. bidens
    bidens is an Latin word started with b. Here is the definition of bidens in English

    bidens, bidentis
    feminine noun animal for sacrifice (esp. sheep);
    bidens, bidentis, bidentis
    adjective two-pronged; with two teeth; two bladed; having two permanent teeth;
    a pitchfork.
    bidens, bidentis
    masculine noun heavy hoe, mattock with two iron teeth;👈🤣Cindy!!
    sheep, sacrificial animal.




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