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  1. Peter Lewis
    Conversation Starter · 5h

    By now, we should all realize that we have a major crisis on our hands. Every day the media report harrowing stories of families who are suffering. Mothers and their ragged children look out at us from our television screens and newspaper pages with hollow eyes and pale, drawn faces. Social workers tell us heartbreaking stories and beg for more resources. Each evening news features John Campbell and Hillary Barry with tears in their eyes as they recount the latest tales of poverty and want.

    It is not enough, we are told, to leave this tragedy to be resolved by market forces. The politicians must take immediate action. Jacinda Ardern and Phil Twyford can no longer shelter behind their uncaring lack of empathy for the needy and duck away by foisting the blame on local council regulations. We pride ourselves in being a first world country, and it is a disgrace that many of our people are living in such deprivation.

    I am, of course, referring to the supply and distribution of food in this country.

    Do you realize that there are many people making substantial profits out of the food industry? Even worse, some of them not even New Zealand citizens! Surely, in a country like ours, this should not be permitted. Something, indeed, should be done. Why just the other day I bought an apple at a local shop and I’m absolutely sure that the shopkeeper was a Chan or a Singh.

    We also hear that there are a large number of people who set themselves up in business running supermarkets, coffee shops, butchers, delicatessens and fruiterers with the absolute intention of making a profit out of this activity. How dare they take advantage of the public like this. The right to food is implicit within our society, Shocking! Adrian Orr, have you ordered a case study on the advantages of restricting the finance that a bank can be allowed to offer to an asian national who sets out to buy a fruit and vege shop in Remuera? That sort of restriction can’t be bad, and may well reduce the rate of price inflation on such places for, um, a few days.

    Having borrowed the money to establish their food business these people then compete with ordinary hard-working kiwis when they get their supplies. It is scandalous that they are allowed to deduct the cost of buying their potatoes, their cabbages and their bananas off their tax bill whereas you and I cannot do that when we buy our own families groceries. Unfair competition in the market. Not only that, but when they pay their rent, their power bill and their insurance they can also claim those costs as a tax deduction. You and I, sitting at home, cannot do that. How can we compete? We are disadvantaged. Mrs Collins, Mr Peters, please come to our rescue. It is so unfair. This loophole in the law must be closed.

    Even worse, when these people have built up their business on the basis of all these tax-free perks and they come to sell out at a substantial capital gain, that capital gain is completely tax free! They walk away with many thousands of dollars, all unearned, and do not pay a single cent in tax. How dare they. Tax the bastards till their eyes water and their toenails ache I say.

    The Government must step in right now and do something to relieve this tragedy. We can’t just leave it to the market. At the very least they should set up Government stores where affordable food would be available to those in need. A catchy name for these places would be great – Great Union Markets sounds about right, and GUM would be an interesting acronym, reminiscent of those Soviet Russia food stores of the 1950s who had the worthy aim of “democratizing consumption for workers and peasants nationwide”. Equal lack of choice for all.

    Some people argue, and say that the Government has no business to be in the food business. I disagree. We have many reports from university academics and top public servants saying that this is the way to go. Sure, these people have all spent their entire working lives sheltered on a secure and protected government funded salary, but they have read plenty of books and have lots of letters after their names so they must know what is the right thing to do.

    We then need to set up an affordability benchmark, your weekly food bill should be no more than ten per cent of your weekly income. Any subsidy that might be needed to achieve this could easily be raised by imposing a fair tax on private food suppliers. Sure, what you and I might consider to be a fair tax may well be regarded by them as a punishing imposition, but the Green Party says that their view of what is fair is what counts and anyway we all know that when we levy a tax on anything it always brings the price down, don’t we?

    Should we then allow anybody and everybody to shop at GUM? Of course not. The self employed, the thrifty and the hard-working are all undesirables and should be barred from access. We don’t want to encourage such bad behavior. My suggestion is that there should be a statutory means test, and legislation passed that those who fail the test should have to shop only in the private markets. Naturally, when such legislation is enacted, everybody will obey that law just like they already obey laws like those against using cell phones in cars. We are, after all, a thoroughly law-abiding society.

    Of course, if we look at history, every single attempt to control a market, regulate supply, impose price controls and subsidize everything and everybody has always inevitably lead to failure, shortages, corruption, disaster and eventual collapse. But we are different. From Vogel to Muldoon, we have long history of trying to outfox the market. Admittedly that has never worked in the past. Regulations have always begat more regulations. Subsidies have always become more complex and byzantine. The market has always won in the end. But it might just possibly work next time. Surely we should give it a go.
    After all, King Canute was not a Kiwi.

    And as always some dumb bloody turkey clims this was a racist post.
    I kid you not.

    Deja Finn I actually find this comment racist and probably shouldn’t be on this forum.
    I am friends with Singh’s and chan’s and they are now hard working kiwis like us, those people are actually New Zealanders.




  2. Well, we certainly cannot trust this government. As the High Court judged yesterday, the government broke the law. Will they get away with it? Absolutely yes. This means we do not have rule of law. We might as well declare Ardern a dictator.



    • I was pissed off with these 3 dudges, their job was to rule if the lockdown was legal , their unasked for opinion on if it was reasonable should not have been part of a judgement, its a personal opinion. Expressing a personal opinion especially one this kind almost legitimizing law breaking shows politicization and such judges should be removed from office without pension on the basis they are not impartial.



    • I thought his was an interesting statement in the Jack reacher movie

      Jack Reacher:
      There’re three things cops never do: they don’t vote Democrat, they don’t drive Cadillacs, and they never use personal vehicles.

      then the cop behind the counter agrees !!



    • Kea ,Careful Kea you may get an early morning visit from Arderns newly formed “Agenda Police” complete with road blocks and fully armed pimple faced plods,probably not before the election but your name will be on the list for a retrospective visit if the creature wins in October.



        • Ross12, those C- -TS at the Who have been blasting governments this morning for not reacting quickly enough to the crisis,FFS these arseholes are responsible for this pandemic that is crashing world economy’s it’s a fricking pathetic joke the western world is going to get what it deserves for relying on that corrupt organisation.



      • RT is not as good as it was even 2 years ago and declined a lot in the last 6 months (must be registered to up/down tick comments) and the excellent op eds they had 2+ years ago have largely disappeared.
        The guest jouros have been culled.
        The narrative has degraded so you mainly get the info from the headline.
        It is still better than Western shit, however.



  3. Coronavirus: New report reveals extent of COVID-19 impact on regional economies

    “The immediate economic ramifications vary by region and the end results are clear to see – economic activity has fallen in all regions, nearly 50,000 Kiwis have lost their jobs, businesses have struggled to cope with lower earnings, and incomes were reduced,” Infometrics senior economist Brad Olsen said on Thursday.



  4. National to unveil new border policy today, after condemning Government’s latest move

    The National Party is set to release its new border policy today.

    It comes after the party criticised the Government’s new team to bolster the Ministry of Health’s border testing as “another working group”.

    The small group will be co-chaired by Helen Clark’s former chief-of-staff Heather Simpson and NZTA chair Sir Brian Roche.



  5. Shit – what else aren’t they telling us? Are we allowed to believe this, even though it didn’t come from the “single source of the truth”?

    “Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland man charged with burglary after laptop stolen from managed isolation facility at Crowne Plaza hotel in Auckland”
    “Dr Megan Woods, the Minister for managed isolation facilities, referred all questions to her officials.
    The MIQ spokeswoman said the public was not told about the security breach because the risk to public health was considered low.”



  6. Coronavirus: COVID-19 testing, isolation needs urgent attention – Air NZ staff

    Air New Zealand staff say there are a multitude of loopholes in the airline’s border controls – and COVID-19 testing and isolation requirements need urgent attention.

    He said it was vital there was a stand down period and testing between every international flight, especially because the burden was placed entirely on the crew themselves, and staff could fly home domestically to self isolate after completing a long-haul flight.

    “In my mind, every flight is similar risk and it’s regardless of how many days you’re over in those destinations – they all carry the same amount of risk and I don’t know why the Ministry of Health or Air New Zealand is able to justify having lower testing requirements for certain trips.”



  7. Dictionary update submitted by Democracymum.:

    Jepradise – (Verb)

    To put at risk a country’s entire economic, social and mental wellbeing in order to lay false claim to the notion that you have eliminated #Covid_19



  8. At 6.15 this morning I left, or would have, on my flight to Brisbane, if it had been flying, for two weeks on the Gold Coast and then two weeks in a small Northern New South Wales town to join my Sister In Law for her 80th birthday. Her health is fading and it is unlikely she will last all that many years to come. Two of her five children live in Perth but they will be unable to attend either as they will be required to wait 8 hours for a connecting flight in Sydney which would increase the risk of catching Covid and then perhaps infecting their Mother. To go via Brisbane would require getting across a sealed border. Either way on their return to W.A. there is an isolation policy that needs to be followed.
    It is the little stories that make the realities of life dealing with this real. I doubt I will get to see her again,



  9. How many Covid deaths in NZ – the real answer might surprise you all

    We all hear every day that there have only been 22 deaths from Covid in New Zealand.

    But we also hear every day that the Government and the Ministry of Health are lying to us about everything – EVERYTHING!

    So when you put those two facts together you can only come up with the conclusion that there HAVEN’T ACTUALLY BEEN 22 COVID DEATHS in New Zealand.

    “There you go again, wheeling out completely untrue conspiracy theories again” all my lovely but totally clueless and gullible sheeple socialist acquaintances tell me.

    But it is true. The Ministry of Health say as much! And they posted it on their website for all the world to see.

    Have a look for yourselves – https://www.health.govt.nz/system/files/documents/information-release/h202005103.pdf

    In answer to the OIA question:
    “1. Out of the people who have died of Covid19 in NZ how many have tested positive for Covid19?”

    The Ministry of Health, Dr Silly Name’s completely trustworthy and unimpeachably honest of the “single source of the truth” government agency – replies:

    Of the 22 deaths, 17 tested positive for COVID-19.

    One of the five cases that was included in the 22 anyway – tested negative four times. FOUR TIMES. But they decided they should list it as a Covid death anyway. Just for the LOLs I guess.

    If you can’t believe a single thing that any of the officials/Ministers tells us then what else are they lying about?

    Personally, my view is the whole thing is a manufactured crisis, intended to destroy our economy and bring in the Marxists eternal wet dream of a Universal Basic Income (except we’re going to call it a Wage Subsidy in New Zealand – because the sheeple won’t be worried if it has a different name).

    Seriously YSBers – these criminals are laughing at every one of the team of 5 million. They can’t believe we fell for it. They can’t believe that we complied.



  10. How history repeats, and the totalitarians of this age, want to do the same.
    On guess who said this.

    …… has spoken out against your large power plants with high towers – he wants small plants. He would like to see a wind turbine on every roof. ”

    The dozen comments do an interesting take on this too.
    The very foundations of the green party, like so many statues, then should be pulled down.



  11. Mycoplasma Bovis has according to the messiah Ardern been “nearly eradicated ” FFS what the f- -k does that even mean?
    Sometimes I wonder if during sleep I’ve been teleported to another dimension where words have a different meaning to what they used to, and this shower of shit 120 troughers in Wellington are universally anti Trump because to be seen as anything else in this Country is political suicide.
    What a bunch of sheeple we have become in this place believing every word the shit in Wellington spews.



  12. Like a cat with a dumb mouse Trump is playing with Cindy but she thinks she should “reiderade” her standing as winning against covid 19. 🙄

    Donald Trump doubles down on claims New Zealand experiencing ‘big outbreak’ of COVID-19

    Donald Trump has doubled down on his claim New Zealand is in the grips of an outbreak of COVID-19.

    In a press conference on Thursday (NZ time) the US president said New Zealand had a “big outbreak”.

    “New Zealand, by the way, had a big outbreak and other countries that were held up to try and make us look not as good as we should look, because we’ve done an incredible job, but they’re having a lot of outbreaks but they’ll be able to put ’em out and we’ll put ’em out,” he told reporters.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hit back at Trump’s comparison, saying it was “patently wrong”.

    “Obviously I don’t think there’s any comparison between New Zealand’s current cluster and the tens of thousands of cases that are being seen daily in the United States,” Ardern said on Tuesday.

    “We are still one of the best-performing countries in the world when it comes to COVID and our workers are focussed on keeping it that way.”



    • ‘saying it was “patently wrong” ‘

      Surely the ignorant, lying, addled, verbally challenged, commie bitch would have said “padendly wrong”
      there are no ‘T’s in the slapper’s alphabet.

      Was id possible that her birdh name was ‘Jacinta’ but as she cand say ‘T’ the parends changed id ?
      Asking for a friend.



  13. National’s border policy: Negative COVID-19 test required before returning to New Zealand

    The National Party has released its border policy, outlining how a negative COVID-19 test would be required of returnees before their flight, ahead of managed isolation when they return to New Zealand.

    People travelling to New Zealand would be required to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test three days before their departure. They would then be required to have a test on days three and 12 in New Zealand, as is currently the case.



  14. A bit like jumping without a parachute in this PC correct world as his Quora account publicly displayed his name, job and employer, and he works at a university.

    University of Canterbury lecturer under investigation for public Quora posts bashing beneficiaries

    Luke Schneider, a senior lecturer in chemical engineering at the Christchurch-based university, has been found to have shared a number of comments containing harmful language under his Quora account, which publicly displayed his name, job and employer.

    In response to a question regarding the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis following the alleged murder of George Floyd, Schneider wrote on May 29: “If these were my businesses I would be shooting the looters and fire bugs throwing flaming bottles. Filming every minute of it so the shootings would be justifiable.”



  15. ACT takes ‘wellbeing approach’ with Covid-19 response policy, wants isolation rule-breakers in jail

    ACT leader David Seymour is proposing a “wellbeing approach” to tackling Covid-19 in New Zealand should it end up in Government after the election.


    “The only way forward is to start thinking how we can make elimination affordable. And that means no more expensive and damaging lockdowns,” he said.

    Mr Seymour said the country needed “deeper levels of defence” than just the border. He proposed that the way to avoid another lockdown was to strengthen contact tracing so that chains of transmission could be isolated within a matter of days.

    He urged the Government, as he did in the House on Tuesday, to “stop doing victory laps” and compare itself with countries managing Covid-19 well – such as Taiwan – rather than Victoria in Australia where the virus has re-emerged.

    He also praised National’s policy of testing people before they board a flight to New Zealand as being “a very good idea”.



  16. The Three Gorges Dam in Central China’s Hubei Province on Thursday is set to face the largest ever flood peak since it was built. The reservoir has been ready to confront the challenge by coordinating with dams at its upper stream to retain the flood water, said the Three Gorges Corp.

    The latest hydrometeorological forecasts estimated the inflow flood peak of the Three Gorges project will reach 73,000 cubic meters per second at 8 am on Thursday, the largest volume since it was built in 2003.

    To confront the flood peak, dams in the upstream of the Yangtze River – including Wudongde, Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba dams, also managed by the Three Gorges Corp – will work together under “elaborate deployment and operation” to jointly retain the flood, the Three Gorges Corp said in a statement it sent to the Global Times on Wednesday.




  17. Gibson begins by noting that epidemiologists’ simulation models are simply not fit for purpose when it comes to evaluating likely deaths (and, thus, deaths saved from interventions). Writing of the apparent influence such models had – whether for support or illumination – in New Zealand, Gibson writes

    It is unfortunate that epidemiological simulations had such impact. The Susceptible,
    Infected, Recovered (SIR) epidemiological model, and variants with Exposed and Dead (SEIRD), have infectious people mixing (homogeneously) with others; each person has equal chances to meet any other, regardless of their health status. Yet in reality, people engage in preventative behaviour to reduce risk of exposure; allow for this, and some public actions designed to reduce disease spread may do more harm (Toxvaerd, 2019). These models also have too many degrees of freedom, so are poorly identified from short-run data on cases. For example, Korolev (2020) shows long-run forecasts of U.S. COVID-19 deaths from observationally equivalent SEIRD models ranged from about 30,000 to over a million.

    Forecast deaths depend on arbitrary choices by researchers, and data at the time cannot show which forecast is right as so many models are observationally equivalent in the short-run. Elsewhere, Swedish researchers using the Imperial College approach forecast (in mid-April) 80,000 Covid-19 deaths by mid-May (Gardner et al, 2020). In fact, just 3500 died by May 15, with the forecast more than 20-times too high. A final example is the Otago forecasts, which had assumed no case tracing and isolation; using the same simulation model, Harrison (2020) set tracing and isolation success at 50% and forecast deaths fell by 96%.




    • Neil Ferguson, formerly of Imperial College, has a history of being wrong. But our governments believed him. Sadly, he got the boot not because of his ineptitude at his job but because he was rooting his married mistress whilst he had the CCP flu and believing none of the crap he insisted everyone else be ruled by.



  18. U.B.I trials in Germany.

    When I refer to these people as losers, I mean they willingly give up their dignity, self esteem, and of course, eventually their soul. For what?

    Yep, just blindly hand over your free will and bugger the consequences.

    It didn’t work before when trialed in Europe. What’s changed?

    Oh yeah, you’ve lost your job due to economic turmoil caused by a manufactured crisis. Wakey wakey.

    50,000 new, jobless kiwis would jump at this if it were offered. It is planned, coercive, and controlled desperation.

    A boogeyman.

    The sneaky, snakey, vermin scum that falsely claim to represent us are telling us, that we need them to take control of our lives.

    No….no…..no and NO!!

    Germany is beginning a universal-basic-income trial with people getting $1,400 a month for 3 years

    Starting this week, 120 Germans will receive a form of universal basic income every month for three years.

    The volunteers will get monthly payments of €1,200, or about $US1,400, as part of a study testing a universal basic income.

    The study will compare the experiences of the 120 volunteers with 1,380 people who do not receive the payments.

    About 140,000 people have helped fund the study through donations.

    The concept of universal basic income has gained traction in recent years, and Finland tested a form of it in 2017.

    Supporters say it would reduce inequality and improve well-being, while opponents argue it would be too expensive and discourage work.




  19. How has the Water legislation gone so far into intruding on how farmers can run their farms? I’m a townie but even I can see some of the issues raised in this article are stupid and effectively giving the bureaucrats another way to impose huge costs on farmers. For example who the hell are they to tell a farmer when he can sow a crop?




    • Typical fucking useless wankers who have no idea about anything,
      trying to tell good honest hard working Kiwi’s how to run their lives
      and businesses. Fucking parasite council cunts leeching off ratepayers and taxpayers.
      I would be telling them to fuck off.



    • They have put the legislation through but the maps they have used are so poorly done and can only be changed by cabinet . Not much will happen as the enviroment court will be under siege with changes needed to be fixed by the mps .



  20. Chocolate ‘snow’ dusts Swiss town after Lindt factory malfunctions

    Residents of a Swiss town got a bit of a shock when it started snowing particles of a fine cocoa powder after the ventilation system at a chocolate factory malfunctioned.

    The Lindt & Spruengli company confirmed local reports yesterday that there was a minor defect in the cooling ventilation for a line for roasted “cocoa nibs” in its factory in Olten, between Zurich and Basel.

    Combined with strong winds, the powder spread around the immediate vicinity of the factory, leaving a fine cocoa dusting.



  21. When the government gets in the way of business. Where was the bees ‘health and safety’!

    Coronavirus: Millions of bees starve to death as beekeepers held up at COVID-19 checkpoints

    Wetex Kang of Waitakaruru Honey Limited says around 2.5 million bees died after workers were unable to travel from Waikato to Auckland to feed the bees.

    Kang, who is based in Auckland, says many of his business’ 2000 beehives are scattered across the North Island, as are the staff who care for them.

    He says although his beekeepers, who are based in Waikato, managed to access the hives in the first few days after alert level 3 was declared in Auckland, that changed after checkpoints became stricter.



  22. Thousands of Kiwis miss August mortgage repayments as Covid-19 economic fallout continues

    Thousands of Kiwis have let their mortgage repayments slip amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Finder, a home loan comparison site recently launched in New Zealand.


    A Finder analysis of Reserve Bank data revealed that approximately 10,905 homeowners were in arrears with their mortgage payments as of 7 August, with over 240,000 payments missed since April.

    This is in addition to the 83,829 mortgage deferral requests lodged since the end of March – equivalent to 13 per cent of all mortgages in New Zealand.

    “The mortgage market shows just how much financial stress New Zealanders are experiencing. This is the fourth month in a row that a huge number of households were unable to pay their housing bill on time and in full – it’s a grim situation,” Mr McHugh said.



  23. Someone in your ear Scomo or, were the MSM jumping the gun….again?

    Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backtracked on comments he made saying that he planned to make coronavirus vaccinations as mandatory as possible.

    “Can I be really clear to everyone? It’s not going to be compulsory to have the vaccine, OK?” Morrison said Wednesday on Australian radio station 2GB.

    The Australian leader has since said, however, that there are no mechanisms in place to ensure coronavirus vaccinations are compulsory for Australian citizens. “We can’t hold someone down and make them take it,” Morrisson told 2GB later in the day.




      • Not necessarily.
        Several article today on Daily Mail say – not compulsory – but you will not be able to travel overseas, get Govt benefits etc…

        Pauline Hanson sticking up for the Aussies on this.
        That does not translate to votes.

        But of course speaking of scum media the Middle eastern scum moozlem mouthpiece All Jizz Error did a major hit job on One Nation before the last AU election – using their considerable oil money to tamper in an overseas election – and the AU Liberals/National/ Labour did nothing because it worked in their favour.
        First they came for …,.

        …and this has worked as we here know the source of the spread of that really deadly killer disease (sniff sniff) covid – in Melbourne .

        Al Jazzera are dirty middle eastern tampering scum – typical of media today of course.



  24. Well, well, well…who would have thought there was more to it… What was all that fuss a few months ago about there was “no reason for uplifting babies”!!

    Oranga Tamariki not solely to blame for child uplift, says Māori advocate

    A leading Māori advocate says Oranga Tamariki isn’t solely to blame for children being taken from whānau.

    Tommy Wilson of Te Tuinga Whanau Services is speaking out because he says families need to take responsibility and fix the harm caused by addiction which is tearing families apart.

    Mr Wilson says whānau need to take responsibility.

    “The taniwha, the elephant in the room for us is P – let’s start talking about what happens if you don’t uplift those children and that’s the other half of the conversation that’s not been had,” says Mr Wilson.

    He says two kilograms of methamphetamine is being consumed in Tauranga every week.

    Nationally – more than a tonne a year. He says unless agencies all work together marae and whānau will continue to be torn apart by P.

    In a recent report Oranga Tamariki was slammed for the way it’s carried out uplifts.



    • “…he says families need to take responsibility and fix the harm caused by addiction which is tearing families apart.”

      Good luck with that in a culture where “reponsibility” is someone else’s problem.
      Protect people from folly and you shall have a nation of fools!



    • Firstly, good on Tommy Wilson for speaking the truth.

      Two Kg of meth consumed in a week in an area the size of Tauranga is going to represent a lot of abused children & broken families. For the record the drug is sold at street level in “Point” bags (containing 0.1gm of methamphetamine). For those who struggle with Reefer Madness that is 20,000 bags. A bag would keep a novice or very occasional user high for a weekend but would only allow an habitual user to hold his/her shit together for one day……maybe not even that.

      ……”In addition to being addicted to methamphetamine, people who use methamphetamine long term may exhibit symptoms that can include significant anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. They also may display a number of psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects creeping under the skin). Psychotic symptoms can sometimes last for months or years after a person has quit using methamphetamine, and stress has been shown to precipitate spontaneous recurrence of methamphetamine psychosis in people who use methamphetamine and have previously experienced psychosis.”……


      Yet our home grown conservatives believe that they can save NZ by going hard on marijuana.




  25. Got to admit, I think Obama is righ this time. Its just how big Biden is going to fuck up, thats the question. And as for that Camel Toe Bitch…. Fuck….

    Former President Barack Obama warned during the Democrat primary that his former Vice President Joe Biden could “f*ck things up,” an anonymous Democrat said according to a report in Politico.




  26. If Global warming means freezing summers, someone needs to do some splaining.
    Hey Greta, come and impart some of your expertise…..yeah right.

    Mid-summer snow has once again hit China. In Gansu province, which was hit by heavy rains and mudslides over the past few days, “blizzards” suddenly began overnight where it turned cold as winter despite it being summer.




    • “Being completely wrong in our projections means we were completely correct”.

      Human induced climate change has no null hypothesis: everything proves it. Cold, hot, calm, windy, no change etc. all prove mankind is to blame. When schoolchildren in Britain weren’t going to know what snow is, and it turns out that these same schoolchildren got inundated with snow…it just proves they were correct all along.

      Just remember: everywhere is warming faster than everywhere else.



  27. Flying pigs
    They are a thing.

    Under the new poo lice state that came in on the one year anniversary of the Christchurch shootings of 2019 there flying pigs are doing regular night duty of annoying the good citizens already in lockdown.

    The helicopters are flying over the houses and hovering like wankers certainly over Mt Eden and Mt Albert so probably over the other suburbs as well.
    One friend with a three year old I spoke to says the child has been woken twice in the last week.

    They have been doing this for over 20 years – 11pm on a Friday night is a regular wankers activity for these Stasis Cnuts.
    So, basically the burglars don’t go out until after midnight so we know is is just to be dicks
    Not that burglary is a crime to the NZ poo lice; whereas going 5 km/her over the speed limit or having bad (capitalist, or nationalistic ) thoughts is.

    Real scare tactics and a fecking pathetic use of helicopters when you consider they wanted to prosecute the true, brave helicopter pilots who rescued people on White Island last December.

    I can see the argument for defunding the feckers and dare say a fair few truck drivers trying to get over the Bombay hills with perishable goods would agree.



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