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  1. What kind of a person would be taken in by such a prank photo?
    Someone who only sees the surface and who has no understanding of what they are looking at.
    Someone who obeys without question, who has grown up in a world where “someone else will make it better.”



  2. So trump says NZ have hit a road bump in their “we’ve wiped it out” message and horse face laughs saying “it’s not bad at all we have it circled and controlled “.
    FFS can someone tell the creature that nearly 200,000 of her citizens are locked up in their homes for two weeks, that is a big problem you mad bastard.



    • She makes me gag – I see finding the link to the source of the Auckland cluster has ‘gone cold’ … fuck honestly? Nek minute, can Aucklanders contain themselves in level three given it is a fine day? These morons have no concept of the damage they have inflicted on the general public – kids in Auckland off school for the equivalent of a whole fucking term anxious about their future, people out of work, having to queue to get bread, the cost of everything through the roof … pathetic



    • you say
      ‘nearly 200,000 of her citizens are locked up’

      Where do you get 200,000 from ?

      The population of Akl rose more than 250,000 alone in the last 4 years of Notional 2013 to 2017.
      Without the commensurate house, school, or road building.

      There are 1.5 million in lockup in the narrows, the people of Northland are equally as trapped so 3.5 million elsewhere on restricted duty and largely unable to trade with Jafas or play footy or netball games.

      It is a house divided.
      Clearly there was no need to punish the South Island but they did so anyway.



  3. John Armstrong: Why next week might be the most crucial in the election campaign

    OPINION: Beware Jacinda. Beware. That is a warning the Prime Minister ought best heed at this particular juncture.

    Collins has wasted little time in stamping her trademark “take few if any prisoners” style of politics across the many aspects of the only issue that really matters at the upcoming election— ridding New Zealand of Covid-19 and blocking its re-entry.

    Her “tough times need tough measures” stance has National now very much in sync with the increasing public impatience with what Collins and her colleagues have slammed as the Ardern Administration’s “ad hoc and hotchpotch” handling of the pandemic.

    Collins’ tactical nous is vividly illustrated by the contents of National’s revised border policy released on Thursday.

    Collins is well aware that narrowing the yawning gap between the two major parties in the opinion polls requires the public lose faith in Ardern’s capacity to keep people safe.

    In that respect, it is quite conceivable that this coming week may turn out to be the most crucial of the whole election campaign even though there is still the best part of two months to go before election day dawns.



    • The main issue for Collins is the length of memory of the Auckland voters —they have to stay angry or remember their anger for 6-7 weeks.
      As I said yesterday Ardern has got herself in a corner —if she keeps Auckland in Level 3 the voters will turn against her but if she reduces the level while there are still more daily cases (11 yesterday) they will or should be still bloody angry because they should be asking why they were locked over 4 cases but now Ardern reduces the level when there are more cases.

      Lets hope the voters see through the scam.

      Collins next move, after Ardern makes her decision, is to say an elimination policy is wrong because it is unrealistic and not achievable and we have to learn to adapt like we do with other corona viruses.



      • Well said Rosco.
        That is the crux.

        It is a ‘covid election’.

        Now there is swelling anger (good, should have happened long ago) that we were in Home D for 7 weeks at very short notice ; then the flu was going to be ‘eliminated’ – never been done before but if you sprinkle the flu with fairy dust you may get different results.
        One can but hope that the sheeple have woken up that there never was 100 days flu free and with the failures all over e.g. :-
        > border; hotel um ah I think it was called quarantine – a new version of the word; not testing as they said

        It is all political now, not medical.
        Precedent logic says they need to extend the Home D in Auckland by two weeks but the political optics look bad.
        They will take the political route …
        …because it was always about politics and control.



  4. The slow expansion continues, though there is some push back, but will it be too little, and really by now it is too late.
    Mozambique, borders 6 other countries, and so will make a base, for destabilizing those.

    ….. well-armed insurgents captured a strategic port in the north of the country. ……
    ….. A conflict has been bubbling in the region for three years with local jihadists who align themselves with the Islamic State franchise – called the Islamic State Central Africa Province – growing in confidence and military strength.
    Since 2017, monitoring groups say more than 1,500 people have been killed and at least 250,000 displaced from their homes in the area, reports Al Jazeera. ……
    …… Islamic militants have been able to exploit local grievances and economic hardship to rally fighters around the IS flag. Almost 20% of Mozambique’s 32 million population are Muslims. ……


    It seems like an industry, so that Amnesty International, UN Refugee Agency, and under the auspices of the “UN Global Migration Pact” can set up, encourage and “traffick” and redistrute its human products. 🙁



  5. At least Karen Hay does not interrupt, and Professor Des Gorman was able to get all his points across.
    Takes on the meandering issues of the CoL with their supposed policy about the CCP virus.
    Very good.

    17 minutes 40 seconds audio, just click through so it will open a new window, load-up 5 -10 seconds, then click to play, to listen.



  6. Exemption at Auckland border for horticulture a relief for frustrated growers

    Frustrated farmers in the country’s vegetable heartland have been assured they will now be able to operate, following high-level government intervention.

    Covid-19 checkpoints along the Waikato-Auckland border have caused headaches for essential workers, who say they are planting the veggies for the country’s Christmas dinner.

    And while there’s now a broad class exemption for horticulture, there were real fears this week that food production in Pukekoke would be ground to a halt.

    Woodsy Bhana is one of the owner-operators of Bhana Family Farms. You’ve probably eaten his potatoes, but Auckland’s Covid-19 alert level 3 lockdown drove a huge wedge between his Pukekohe packhouse and his Waikato farms.

    “All of our production is grown in the Waikato, which is 10 km going past, into Tuakau. We’re cutting cabbage, cauli and lettuce every morning for the supermarkets,” he told RNZ’s Checkpoint.

    But with police checking every driver’s papers and licences, long queues have formed, delaying the work.

    And it’s not just farmers who need to get through, as Woodsy Bhana found out when his harvester broke down this week and he needed to call a specialist to repair it.

    “I rang the specialist up and this was about half past two in the afternoon. Five minutes later or it would have been about ten minutes later he rings me back and he says, ‘Oh, I can’t get through the border’.

    “I said, you’re joking mate. He says ‘they won’t let me through’.

    “So here I am sitting in the paddock, eight of us, and looking around, I look at the phone and it says rain is still on its way here and we can’t get much production done because of these problems.”

    Chief executive of Horticulture New Zealand Mike Chapman said he’s working closely with the Ministry of Primary Industries as well as the Ministry of Health, which is overseeing the lockdown.

    But he has had to make it very clear just how important this Pukekohe engine room is.



    • So they fuck over the rural community of Pukekohe all the while Glenbrook Steel which employs over 1200 in the region is staggering towards closure. Thanks Labour – the gift of oppression and welfarism that keeps on giving.

      Remind me what inevitably happens to dictators when the revolt occurs?



      • This is just the start of the destruction the lunatic left are going wreak on the rural community.

        The 2.5 million bees murdered is just the start.

        We’re almost at the Kiwifruit pollination season. When hundreds of millions of bees are trucked around the Kiwifruit orchards to pollinate another of our hugely important export crops. If they can’t be moved freely around then – whoops! there goes another several billion dollars out of the community.

        I tell you Covid is being used to destroy our economy and make truth out of Covid Cindy’s first lie as PM “Capitalism has failed NZers” – turns out she was predicting not lying.



        • Auckland is in lockdown for one reason. To try and stop the Chinese flu spread. After all her bullshit about being 102 days free, we the public have finally seen through her lies.
          If this weekend shows an increase in cases, Liarbour can kiss the election goodbye.
          Who cares about all the rural workings, bees not getting to their homes, cabbages not being picked. Liarbour have got no idea how the economy works.



          • Wu Flu is designed to take out Trump – the problem is every other leftard has decided to hop on the bus too.

            There is no stopping a virus that 70% of the carriers are asymptomatic of.

            There is no elimination for any pandemic. There is just waiting until it burns itself out, like H1N1 did, like the 2018/19 flu season did, like Spanish flu did, like Bubonic plague did, like every other viral plague known to man.

            The only difference with this one – is it isn’t as serious as every other one that’s gone before it.



          • “Liarbour have got no idea how the economy works.”

            I thought that was demonstrably clear years ago.
            When the PM does not even know what GDP is.

            But the tart can say ‘Comrades’ with astounding frequency and sing
            …The people’s flag is deepest red
            It shrouded oft our martyred dead
            And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold
            Their hearts’ blood dyed in every fold



        • The good news about that is Kiwifruit is a wind pollinated flower. (true look it up)
          So missing the bees only means the bee guys don’t get an income.
          But we always seem to want to dety nature for some reason.



  7. ‘You Have 79 Days’ to Decide if You Want the Freedom to Live Your Life

    It truly is a choice between stability and anarchy; liberty and tyranny; being able to enjoy the freedom to pursue your own goals and objectives while living your life to the fullest extent versus a socialist/Marxist nightmare.

    You’re being conned. The biggest fallacy in America today just might surprise you. The truth is the divide in this country is not about right versus wrong or law and order versus chaos. Quite simply, fundamentally, it’s about the left versus the right. …



  8. I am a little torn here… This cop seems to hav taken a pragmatic ( although illegal, – could she claim “JUSTIFIED”) appraoch to something hat on the look of it does not seem overly serioous.


    I would suggest there are far more serious issues than waht she did. Like say killing children, peddling drugs ( especially lawnmowing), rape, sexual assulat at Labour Party Functions…..

    My feeling is she got a bum rap.



  9. Don’t know if anyone watched One Sports last night.
    I am forced to watch now as my boarder watches ‘one’ and doesn’t like Skynews or Fox.
    Well the item on the netball made me throw up.
    Pulse have been totally moorified and they had some savage poking his tongue out and giving the team a cultural lesson.To my surprise the Pulse team did a bloody war dance .
    Netball has been taken over by the left and racists.
    What a bloody shame.



  10. This is why the right will win

    When you think about how the Left play the game when they get organised – well they burn and loot and riot and assault everyone around them.

    When the Right get organised, well they make the whole world laugh at the Left – for example this was going on outside of where the Democrats convention was being organised.

    Socialists are really, really fucking useless (it’s not like we’re living through a giant example of that right now) and when they don’t get their way, they get nasty like the psycho fucks they really are deep down inside. Imagine belonging to a sub-culture that can’t joke or meme?



  11. End of the road in sight for Transmission Gully construction

    The Kapiti Coast Mayor is relieved a finishing date has been set for the Transmission Gully project.

    Allowing for COVID-19 delays, the expressway north of Wellington will now be complete by September 27, 2021. It was meant to be completed in April.

    “A lot of unfortunate things have happened – the earthquake and then COVID, then there was the private-public partnership. Putting all that aside, this is just bloody good news.

    The motorway will now cost $1.25 billion, up from an original $850 million when construction began in 2014. The motorway was first approved in 2009 by then-Transport Minister Steven Joyce.



    • Bullshit from New shub.

      What a load of crap.
      What has an earthquake in the south island years ago got to do with it?
      The road needs to be able to take an 8.2 from locally- off the coast of Seddon or Wairarapa- and Bollocks about wet weather.
      You are building a road (outdoors !!) and whinge about the weather.

      I had a quick glance but it was shit about a law firm.

      There is a major dispute between the joint builders and no mention of this.
      Wont open before 2022.
      Want to take a bet $100 ?

      These new shub idiots don’t have a clue.

      There is no mention of the road cancelled by Green/ Labour (Grab our) from the motorway through the Haywards to connect the Hutt Valley – because either they don’t have a clue (likely, =journo filth) or it is verboten under the $50 m media hand out to mention this.

      This is an example of complete bullshit from media dwelling on a fact free diet.



  12. Way before covid, Ardern was attempting to pass laws allowing citizens to have their phone tracked, and arbitrary detention.

    Because – safety.

    She is a totalitarian nut case and it was always her plan to do this.



  13. So many universities, colleges, etc. all on board of their “inclusion” devoid of merit.
    NZ systems are no different, but it is easier to show it here, and then compare and contrast to what we know in NZ.
    Expose them, put light on them.

    ……. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) on Monday signed into law Assembly Bill 1460, which makes an ethnic studies class a requirement for students in the California State University system.
    A three-unit class in either Native American, African American, Asian American, or Latina/Latino studies will be required for students to graduate beginning the 2024-25 school year. ……..
    ……… Anti-racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Plan. Its Division of Student Affairs will now require bias incident report training for staff and student workers.
    Additionally, Human Resources will add a mandatory anti-racism training module …….

    ….. “develop a critical awareness of how racial and ethnic antagonisms and inequality develop historically through individual, institutional, and cultural forces,”

    N.Z. has been going down this track, albeit quietly, in cultural sensitivity programs, etc.. in teacher training college, polytechs, for nursing & health, immigration bureau, etc. plus journalism & media, and it would seem that a layer has gone through bureaucracy in local government, through environmental clip board, tick box degrees, etc.. DHB’s so NZ is totally full of it.

    It is only in very rare cases is it articulated, then the critic, the debate, discussion are pressured, doxxed, covered up and censored by the main stream media, to maintain the indoctrination of the public.



    • It all started with attacking people for the make believe wrong of “anti semtism”.

      This invented shaming word is still used whenever a Jew is held to normal human standards.

      We have now added transphobia, islamaphobia, racism etc



    • Are the people in favor of ‘anti-racism training” the same ones who are trying to gain more power in society? If so, then is “anti-racism training” a power-grab?

      Power comes from force (to make people do what you want them to do).
      Power comes from the ability to command force.
      Power comes from competence.
      Power comes from the ability to gain the freely given support of others.

      Which kind of power is good for our society?
      Top down? Bottom-up? Crosswise?



  14. Coronavirus: National wants Kiwis overseas to find Immigration NZ-approved testing labs before coming home

    National says if it’s elected, Kiwis overseas who can’t find an Immigration NZ-approved lab to do a COVID-19 test won’t be allowed to come home.

    Earlier this week National unveiled its border policy, promising a new agency to oversee efforts to keep COVID-19 out of the country and mandatory negative tests for homecoming Kiwis before they board a plane.

    Dr Reti told Newshub Nation on Saturday the party “checked where most of our arrivals come from, those points of departure, whether it’s legitimate to be able to do that within 72 hours, and we think it can be done”.

    Most returning Kiwis are arriving from Australia, he said. Those coming from more far-flung parts of the world will have to find labs Immigration NZ has vetted and approved, or their test results might not be accepted.

    “The policy will stand on its own merits. I think New Zealanders can look at it and say, ‘We understand that.’ We think it’s a good idea to have point-of-departure testing before people hop on a plane, and we think on its merits, the policy stands on its merits. New Zealanders can tyre kick it.”



    • How will Immigration NZ approve testing labs in China, India, Korea or Japan? I guess that they will ask the local NZ embassies to get a local contractor to draw up a list.
      Then all the documentation from these “approved testing labs” will have to be translated into English.

      International documentation is always a headache. For example, stand-alone birth certificates and marriage certificates as the NZ government understands them do not exist in Japan. The Japanese have their own family register system into which such data is recorded.



    • Oh fuck off Notional. When I return to NZ from Pookers you are going to confine me for 14 days anyway. Aww well, I’ll just make sure Im back one day before the election as we all know its gona be a Nat/Act win.



    • Like rust CCP virus never sleeps.

      There are six new cases of Covid-19 in the community, the Health Ministry has revealed.
      There was no media conference today.
      In a statement, the Health Ministry said four of the new cases are epidemiologically linked to the Auckland cluster – two are household contacts and two are church contacts, while the other two cases remain under investigation.


      In the mean time today

      NZ Post has stood down staff who worked the day shift at an Auckland parcel processing centre after two positive tests linked to the facility.
      ….. stood down on full pay.
      “Following advice from health officials late last night our 70 people on the processing day shift are now in self-isolation until Saturday 29 August.
      This is for the remainder of the two week incubation period from when the last infectious staff member was on site, which was Friday 14 August.”
      …. second deep clean of the facility is taking place today. …


      A man who rammed a police car and wiped saliva on officers, while claiming to have Covid-19, has been jailed for a year.

      And so are the “Days of Our Lives”.



    • 1300 update?

      Did anybody see yesterday’s episode? Every Covid or Health related question was batted away to Chippy, who was not present. So the entire episode was dedicated to facemasks. Seriously. “This is one that I made” and Dr Ash has a homemade one in his pocket too!

      Have we become a nation of imbeciles, who need to be retrained EVERY SINGLE DAY how to wear a facemask? And I am yet to see the PM actually wearing one – but the most masks are blue, and I don’t suppose she would want to be seen dead wearing anything blue.

      If there is a single individual out there who has been unable to grasp how and where to wear his/her mask, then we should seriously consider having them sectioned. These imbeciles must present a real risk to national health – so lock them away where they cannot harm anybody for christs sake !



  15. Nice knowing you Auckland. No chance now you will be let out of lockdown.

    Coronavirus live updates: Latest on Auckland’s outbreak – Saturday, August 22

    Six new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Auckland, with two not yet linked to the original cluster.

    The Ministry of Health is investigating how these two people could have caught the virus.



  16. Anti-lockdown, vaccination and 1080 protesters take over Auckland’s Aotea Square

    Auckland’s Aotea Square has been repurposed for a protest against the city’s COVID-19 lockdown.

    Around 100 people protested against Auckland’s alert level 3 restrictions, with signs mentioning 1080, vaccination and “crimes against humanity”. There was also a smattering of people wearing Donald Trump merchandise.

    One speaker, who did not identify himself, referenced people who support the lockdown as “dogs” saying they would “walk on all fours and bark like a dog if the Government told them to”.

    The man claimed the cost of the lockdown outweighed the cost of the virus as people cheered.



    • Kea ,unbelievably more than half of all adult NZrs think we are over the worst of the problems caused by the Xi Jinping virus, it must be great to be so ignorant of the coming disasters in our country..
      It cant be the folk getting food parcels because they already know how bad it is so it’s gotta be middle classes that think everything is fine ,incredible.



  17. Tamaki Drive was jam-packed with cars this afternoon as I went for a bicycle ride to Kohimarama and back. I gave up on the coastal road after being stuck behind a big van with “Samoa” stickers and maps on the back window, and “Oomph! Oomph! Oomph!” music coming out the speakers at such a volume that it would make a seagull’s teeth rattle.

    I turned off the main street and took the quiet, sunny back roads home.

    What is it with youth and their vile “music”?



  18. I went to the Queen Street march today as your YSB roving reporter.

    It was lovely and sunny. Crowds were a varied lot. Heaps of browner faces with Trump caps and pro-Trump signs!!!!

    I talked to a lot of folks. All very friendly. Signed a wacko petition about poisons or something (she was pretty so I was distracted).

    Lots of females, most of them pretty through to drop-dead gorgeous (I am an expert here).

    All VERY VERY VERY anti Jacinda Hardon.

    Sorry I can’t post pics and video.



    • Researchers from Yale University, University of Buffalo and Rutgers recruited 634 couples from 1996 to 1999 while they were applying for a marriage license in New York State. After an initial interview, the researchers followed the couples over the course of nine years using mail-in surveys to measure the effects of marijuana use on intimate partner violence (IPV).

      The study defines IPV as acts of physical aggression, such as slapping, hitting, beating and choking, and it was measured by asking couples to report violence committed by them or toward them in the last year.

      At the end of the first year, 37.1 percent of husbands had committed acts of domestic violence.

      Marijuana use was measured by asking participants how often they used marijuana or hashish (defined as pot, weed, reefer, hash, hash oil or grass) in the last year. Participants were also asked about other drug use including alcohol, because, as the researchers explain the study, marijuana and alcohol are often used in conjunction.

      What the researchers found surprised them: due to the fact that alcohol and other substances are known to increase domestic violence, they hypothesised that marijuana use would have the same effect. But that was not the case.

      “More frequent marijuana use generally predicted less frequent IPV for both men and women over the first 9 years of marriage,” the researchers wrote. Not only that, couples who both used marijuana frequently — compared to one spouse using it more than the other — were at the lowest risk for subsequent partner violence.




  19. OMG the media are still getting opinions from the idiot. This is the “expert’ who played with his computer games and said there would 80,000 deaths if we did nothing but if we attacked it early it would go down to 10,000 deaths.
    Why would his opinion count for anything ??


    Having said that I hope Ardern listens to this particular opinion, because it would as close to political suicide as we could get.



  20. Over 10,000 Kiwis face increased surgery waiting lists due to COVID-19 lockdown

    Meet Ella. She’s seven-years-old and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She’s living in pain and has been waiting for two separate surgeries for months.

    “We had been talking about hand surgery for six months or so, we knew it was coming up. The hip has been on the cards for over a year,” her mother Kat Yearbury says.

    But Ella was in theatre and about to be sedated when it was suddenly cancelled because of COVID-19.

    “We haven’t been given specific dates for how long we could be waiting and there’s kind of a shrug on the shoulder and a ‘who really knows’,” Yearbury says.

    More than 10,000 patients across New Zealand had their elective surgery cancelled during level 4 lockdown.



  21. Welcome to all the new homeschoolers!

    All students in Massachusetts will be required to get the flu vaccine before the end of the year.
    State public health officials made the announcement Wednesday, citing the importance of reducing flu-related illnesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    “Influenza immunization will be required for all children 6 months of age or older who are attending Massachusetts child care, pre-school, kindergarten, K-12, and colleges and universities,” the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said in a statement.

    Students are expected to get their flu vaccine by Dec. 31, 2020.

    Exemptions will be made for medical or religious reasons, the state said.
    Homeschooled students and college students who are completely off campus and only learning remotely are also exempted.


    The power of “good ideas” goes to their heads.
    Probably not enough flue vaccine in stock any way, nor for the right type of flue strain.
    Here where there are 26 comments, 99% opposed, and obviously will not take anything up their ‘jaxie’.

    Now that they get the vaccine, by order, what else are they suppose to take?
    Will it be an issue whether they swallow all of this or not? 🙁

    So the ‘hero’ Ashley Bloomfield will be announcing a New Zealand version of this?, and with great “communication” skills of Ardern, to help you to swallow, after the election. 🙁



  22. In Florida, a good wrap and something for every one, in getting to Friday.

    the law “provides that any records made or received by any public agency in the course of its official business are available for inspection, unless specifically exempted by the Florida Legislature.
    Over the years, the definition of what constitutes ‘public records’ has come to include not just traditional written documents such as papers, maps and books,
    but also tapes, photographs, film, sound recordings and records stored in computers.”

    Plus mugshots of the criminally deranged, more than a few shocking police records of the high and mighty, and everything else in between — 🙂

    Now Ardern & Peters, that is what is called full transparency.
    No hiding behind an Official Information Act nonsense.
    For starters, where was that CoL agreement with the fine print.



      • Thanks AP
        🙂 with a good working practical brain, that adds even more sex appeal. 🙂

        Could Act with Nat, push something like that Florida law.
        After all we did get “Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update (PREFU)” that comes out from Treasury, even if is not perfect, still much better than the political claims.



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