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  1. More profitable to sell NZ biofuel to the United States than to sell it here – Z Energy boss

    Z Energy boss Mike Bennetts says his company can earn more from selling New Zealand biofuel to companies in the United States than it can make from selling its lower-carbon fuel to Kiwis.

    Z Energy put its Auckland biodiesel plant into hibernation after being outbid by overseas buyers for the fatty animal tallow it was turning into diesel for milk tankers and other vehicles.

    In the first episode of Stuff’s new video and podcast series, One Hot Minute, Bennetts said a government subsidy was crucial to make the local biofuel market viable, unless carbon prices or oil prices spiked dramatically.

    If the price of oil was $150 a barrel, it would solve itself. If the price of carbon was $150-200 a tonne, it would solve itself. Or if there was a targeted incentive, that could solve it,” he said.

    With uptake of electric cars still painfully slow, Bennetts isn’t the only one calling for Government intervention to cut tailpipe emissions. But not everyone agrees focussing on cleaner cars and trucks should be the priority, with some fearing it will come at the expense of radically increasing public transport, walking and cycling.

    Boo hoo to the wnakers and the stupid..
    What a waste of money 50 mill to mothball what was never going to be viable, same deal for electrics.

    The Z boss has downsized his car and stopped eating meat to cut his personal climate impact, though he still flies regularly for work. Another woke wanker who thought he could change the world.



  2. We need some new Law. Law to stop thieves and poor managers and others from anomously raiding the ratepayers piggy bank.
    And councils need to stopped from issuing building consents.

    Ratepayers cough up in confidential settlement of 8-year ‘rusty apartments’ case
    Marty Sharpe05:00, Aug 24 2020


    Auckland and Tauranga have the same issues. Why the secrecy?

    No wonder all these councils want to “grow their cities”. Ratepayers should not be on the hook for the bad workmanship of these organizations and companies.

    But ratepayers, who will bear much of the cost of settlement, will never know how much it has cost them due to a confidentiality agreement between the parties involved.

    The council would only say “the matter has been settled by negotiation between the parties in a manner which is satisfactory to all parties”.

    All except the rateayers of course. They are never consulted.



    • I had heard the myth that more ratepayers is good as costs will reduce as they are shared wider.

      In over 50 years of paying rates I do not recall any reduction due to cost load sharing attributable to population increase. Grandiose projects along with the constant drain of administrative salaries and associated costs of waste as described in your post around building and other consents mean nothing but increase in demand for rate payers to bear.

      I am well over inflated Local Government. I do not want to provide what is in effect a building guarantee scheme. I am not interested in crusades to combat racism, introduce bilingual signs or paying to produce yet another Long Term Plan.



      • Well over local government !!
        Let’s make a list?
        Consents for everything,
        Event management,
        Tourism subsidies,
        Enforcement budgets
        Social buildings ,

        And then look at regional governments demands through their environmental plans.

        NZ the land of the oppressed



        • Council certainly have expanded from roads, drains and water from old!
          Along with the extra staff required to run them, all on bloody good money and perks. When did you last hear of someone been laid off?



          • Exactly.
            Under the dreadful 2010 merger of the Auckland councils they laid no-one off.

            Then existing staff got pay rises- because they were working for a larger entity !!
            They were were stuck with staff who were not fit fur purpose but carried them – at ratepayers cost- and then hired More People to do the actual job.

            Pure Exploitation of ratepayers.
            The combined debt of the 6 councils for more than 150 years of operations was $3 Billion.
            This doubled in the next 2.5 years to $6 billion then on to $7 Billion.
            get this …along with a large rise in rates and nothing to show for it.

            >>Under John Key the globalist operator. I hate that prick.



        • Yes Falcon.

          Auckland council paid hugely for the Rugby League Nines tourney from 2014 that did not even finish its 5 year run.
          It crapped out.
          We still paid.

          Auckland Council is paying $116 million for the Americas cup crap.
          Nearly $100 bucks for every man woman and child in Auckland for a rich mans event with a tiny audience where maybe, just maybe, 3 boats turn up.

          Dont worry the rest of the country is paying another $136 million plus plus plus.
          Officially it is one third of a Billion dollars for Council and Central Govt.
          Talk about taking it up the RS



      • That was the ‘big sell’ under Geoff ‘Merry’ Palmer’s changes in 1989.
        There was massive merging but poor outcomes. Very poor.

        Prior to that I dealt with Takapuna Council and they were excellent.
        The councils were community based and very connected.
        This is part of the same globalisation strategy and creating remote bodies to faceless citizens.

        The former Newmarket Borough Council had 5000 ratepayers. It was very connected.
        Without their connection and foresight the large Newmarket shopping area would never have existed.
        It would not be created under the current regime of wastage, disconnect, and pandering to losers.



  3. Once again, defiance of lockdown rules over the weekend demonstrates peoples’ realisation that their sacrifice to date has been in vain, as the government is not capable of keeping its end of the bargain.



    • When road cones are hit with a reasonable speed, they sound like some massive “mighty cannon” fire work. 🙂
      A series of those would make one think there is an “auto” some where. 🙂
      They do have a tendency of hanging up under the vechicle, scugging along for a kilometre or so, until around a corner and out of sight, then have to be hand pulled out. 🙁

      Just have to watch out that one is not “booby trapped” like a water filled 44 gallon drum. 🙁



      • When you have airy-fairy criteria then lowering the voting age is hard to argue against.

        We could go back to the original reason common men got the vote – they could be drafted. Women got the vote for free, so obviously this would not fly…unless women are subject to the draft.

        IMHO the criteria for being eligible to vote should be being a net tax-payer. This could mean some 16 year olds could vote – assuming they’ve paid back the cost of their “free” education via taxes. I like this criteria because only the people who have skin in the game get to vote; the free-loaders do not.



  4. Auckland businesses at ‘point of no return’ nervously await alert level decision

    Cabinet is meeting today to decide whether the current alert levels will change, with the decision announced this afternoon.

    In a release on Saturday, Chief Executive Michael Barnett said a survey had been conducted among businesses on their ability to deal with further lockdowns.

    About 18 per cent of those surveyed said they would not survive another lockdown at Level 3, while 28 per cent said they could probably handle just one more.

    Mr Barnett called on the Government to step up and manage the border properly, and to trust businesses to operate safely.

    “Lockdowns this severe are not sustainable they are telling us,” Mr Barnett said.



  5. Or leave it as it is and nip their criminal behaviour in the bud.

    Children’s Commissioner report calls for criminal responsibility age to be lifted from 10 to 14

    “Up until fourteen if there’s been offending, surely it’s a family issue. You want the family there too – you want to work with the family.

    “Almost all of these children who offend come from the most violent and damaging and volatile and traumatic background.”
    Becroft said the age being so low just leads to reoffending down the line.

    “We talk about at conferences, ‘how do we reduce prison numbers? How do we reduce the criminal pipeline?’ We’re starting at the wrong end.



    • The argument fails for me with the expression “we want to work with the family” and then he goes on to say the family backgrounds are “ violent, damaging, volatile and traumatic”.

      Getting connected to young offenders earlier at 10, and moving them away from those family influences described seems a sounder long term option. Dealing with those family influences firmly, being clear that is not what the community expects, also appears important.



    • Don’t you know that if it goes against the narrative then it proves the narrative is correct?

      Human induced climate change is the unfalsifiable theory. Don’t you just love post-modern science where they cannot be wrong (unless you’re on the impure side of the debate)?



      • And they do all this high-end, high tech modelling to show what will happen. Like they did with our Wuhu Flu risk suggesting 80,000 NZers could die in the pandemic. Yep, gotta trust these people. They smart. They much smarter than us stupid boys and girls. 😉



  6. In the NZ Herald, CEO of the Newmarket Business Association Mark Knoff-Thomas (double-barrelled surname alert!) writes:
    “Despite being a modern, Western democracy, we’re consistently failing the most vulnerable in our society.”

    Vulnerable. Victims. At-risk individuals… The sense of elevation of their virtue is palpable.

    I always thought that if you are “failing” someone, there is an implied contract between you and them, and that you are not upholding your end. What is our contract with the “vulnerable in our society.”

    Who are these “vulnerable”? Knoff-Thomas mentions thieves, beggers, the homeless, and adds the issues are complex and involve “mental-health challenges and addiction.”

    What do you think are some of the root causes of the abundance of these so-called “vulnerable in our society”?

    (Homeless in Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwPaAhcwuBc) Skip to 0:18 (Of course, this is a cherry-picked example.)



  7. This is interesting, showing how far Soros financed entities will go. You have to wonder if he has this sort of influence in this part of the world ( Australia, NZ and South East Asia), behind the scenes.


    “After the Russia collusion hoax, Soros-linked prosecutors and their media lackeys have gone after conservative leaders like Matteo Salvini in Italy, Viktor Orbán in Hungary, the PiS Party in Poland, Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil with politically motivated “lawfare” cases, as Gateway Pundit has reported. In February, US conservative Jay Sekulow’s European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ) in Strasbourg revealed that at least 22 of 100 judges who have served on the European Court of Human Rights since 2009 are former staff or leaders of Soros NGOs.”



  8. Posted late last night, now cometh the hour.

    News conference with President
    at 6 pm tomorrow concerning a major therapeutic breakthrough on the China Virus. Secretary Azar and Dr. Hahn will be in attendance.


    If I calculate it right that would be ET eastern time, and so should be 10:00 am Monday today morning in NZ.

    For me I am not sure it is a vaccine, maybe, but it suggests it may be more a medicinal treatment.

    Proof of the pudding will be today late morning.

    More background conjecture here.

    I have not heard anything on NZ news so far, though not always time to listen.

    More info here, seems like treating the blood plasma.
    president will announce an emergency authorization for a new treatment involving blood plasma donated from people who recovered from COVID-19.

    The treatment, convalescent plasma, has been given to more than 70,000 patients as part of an expanded access program from the FDA and the Mayo Clinic, officials told the Post.

    The authorization will make it easier for COVID-19 patients to obtain convalescent plasma, which the president has promoted. The effectiveness for treating coronavirus has not been proven although it has appeared promising, according to the news outlets.



    • A bit more on the announcement.
      Earlier this month, Mayo Clinic researchers reported a strong hint that blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors helps other infected patients recover. But it wasn’t considered proof.
      More than 70,000 patients in the U.S. have been given convalescent plasma, a century-old approach to fend off flu and measles before vaccines. It’s a go-to tactic when new diseases come along, and history suggests it works against some, but not all, infections.
      There’s no solid evidence yet that it fights the coronavirus and, if so, how best to use it.
      The Mayo Clinic reported preliminary data from 35,000 coronavirus patients treated with plasma, and said there were fewer deaths among people given plasma within three days of diagnosis, and also among those given plasma containing the highest levels of virus-fighting antibodies.
      But it wasn’t a formal study.


      There was some number of % of the effect in helping, but does not seem easy to track down.
      Which if I recall correctly, helped about a 1/3 of the patients.
      Not perfect, but it sounds like a considerably number, and perhaps more fine tuning.

      The main essence is that it seems to be a safe treatment., not a cure all, but still a reasonable lift in recovery rates.
      The point is that this treatment can be expanded, and further research can be done.



      • Well, if that does work then that is great news as those with O blood types appear to do better against the CCP flu. O blood types being the best donors to everybody else (with O- being the universal donor).



  9. Why are the msm still going to that fraud Shaun Hendy? His Covid ‘modelling’ predicted 80,000 dead NZ’ers. There are 2 articles on Newshub but I refuse to even link them.

    Here’s why:

    “A disease modelling expert with the ear of the Prime Minister says it’s unlikely Auckland will be coming out of lockdown this week.”



  10. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/08/coronavirus-live-updates-latest-on-auckland-s-covid-19-outbreak-monday-august-24.html

    ACT leader David Seymour – an outspoken critic of the stringent alert level restrictions – has claimed an extension to alert level 3 in Auckland will be “a fundamental Government failure”.

    “If the Auckland lockdown is extended further this afternoon, it will be a fundamental Government failure and another kick in the guts for businesses,” Seymour said on Monday.

    “A recent survey of Auckland businesses suggests a third are getting ready to close permanently. Ten percent of bars and restaurants are set to close in the next fortnight. Businesses in Auckland can’t get exemptions for workers to travel a few kilometres across the city boundary, and even safe businesses can’t open their doors.”

    Seymour has previously called for more businesses to be able to open under alert level 3, arguing that if supermarkets can implement safety precautions and public health measures, so can the likes of butchers and greengrocers.

    Speaking to Newshub over the weekend, Seymour called on the Government to consider “all aspects of wellbeing” during their review of the nationwide restrictions.

    “Lockdowns are so damaging to mental health, student learning, non-COVID healthcare and the economy. We’ve just lost $1 billion locking down Auckland for 16 days – $1 billion is the same as the entire PHARMAC budget,” he told Newshub.



  11. Wage subsidies gradually becoming a “living wage.”
    Is this a good thing?

    Will we see higher levels of mental illness in New Zealand because more people will have no reason to get up in the morning and to get out and earn their daily bread?
    Routines and regular work are important for a lot of people.



  12. Has anyone noticed the large increases in food prices, ,machinery ,autos etc?
    Not scientifically measured but I have an awful feeling inflation has startied to increase despite protestations to the contrary.

    Hope I am wrong



  13. Place your bets, gentlemen.
    Will Auckland be released from Level 3 at midnight this Wednesday, or will the lockdown be extended?

    Judging by the throngs of people at Mission Bay last weekend, the people of Auckland are over all of this.



  14. 9 new cases. One import and the rest transmission from the Sth Auckland cluster.

    How can Cindy lower the level when there are more infected every day than the original 4 she shut Auckland down for?!

    “It’s a Covid election” she said and now she has painted herself into a corner…



  15. That’s expensive for our economy.

    Record fall in New Zealand’s retail sales ‘not unexpected’

    Unsurprisingly due to New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdown, retail sales in the June quarter plummeted to the lowest on record.

    Spending on things like eating out, accommodation away from home, vehicles, and fuel all fell by 15 per cent, according to Stats NZ.

    It is the biggest drop on record going back 25 years.

    The drop was only partly offset by strong supermarket and grocery sales which were up 12 per cent – or $615 million – from the same period last year.

    “This unprecedented fall in the June quarter was not unexpected, with Covid-19 restrictions significantly limiting retail activity,” retail statistics manager Kathy Hicks said.

    “Non-essential businesses closed temporarily for about half of the quarter during Alert Levels 4 and 3.”

    Most industries suffered during the period, however sales of food and beverage services took a 40 per cent hit – equating to about $1.2 billion in the quarter.

    “For a team of 5 million, that is equal to each person spending about $18 a week less on eating out over the June quarter,” Ms Hicks said.

    Fuel took the second biggest fall – down 35 per cent or $770 million.



  16. Email from Act:

    Thank you for supporting ACT’s campaign to stop the Government rushing through new non-urgent laws during the first COVID-19 lockdown . Especially at this time, we thought you might like to hear ACT’s thinking on how our country can keep safe without repeated and costly lockdowns.


    Today is decision day again. The Government set itself a three-day challenge on 11 August to test, trace and isolate the latest outbreak. Now we are nearing the end of a two-week lockdown and it appears the Government hasn’t managed to test, trace and isolate the outbreak. The cost of extending the lockdown will be immeasurable when you consider the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders.

    A Widely-Praised Speech

    David Seymour’s speech to Parliament in the wake of the latest outbreak has been widely praised on radio and social media. It’s been watched over 60,000 times online. In case you missed it, and would like to watch, the speech is here.

    What Did He Say?

    Seymour outlines ACT’s Wellbeing Approach to fighting COVID-19. The Labour Government has talked a big game on wellbeing, but failed at the first real test. The response to COVID-19 has been entirely focused on the epidemic. It has not accounted for the effect of lockdowns on student learning, the mental health of small business owners, or people waiting for non-COVID healthcare.

    Making Elimination Affordable

    Seymour’s argument is not to let ‘er rip and be like Sweden, but to make elimination affordable. On a wellbeing basis, Taiwan is the clear winner. 12 times fewer deaths per capita than New Zealand, with no lockdowns, and the economy still growing. The question is how they did it.

    Aren’t They Docile Asians?

    It’s bad manners to stereotype people. Much better to take each person as you find them. In any case, the Taiwanese are people who’ve fought their way from dictatorship to democracy. In 2014, students occupied the Parliament. (So much for anxious millennials glued to their phones.) They hold free and fair elections and recently legalised same-sex marriage.

    So How Did They Do It?

    ACT’s Wellbeing Approach sets out how we could learn from Taiwan in five steps. (1) Have a single and accountable Epidemic Command Centre. (2) Recognise that the role of government is a referee, not a player. (3) Respond to dangers in a way that’s proportional to risk. (4) Integrate technology into the response. (5) Compare ourselves to the best and seek to continuously improve.

    Read the Full Policy

    If you’d like to read ACT’s full Wellbeing Approach to COVID-19 it is here. ACT is being praised for playing a consistent and constructive role in getting New Zealand through COVID-19 and actually prospering on the other side. A new government will have to rely on this kind of thinking to get New Zealand ready to contain further outbreaks without lockdowns.

    The Alternative?

    Making it up as we go. Using the Ministry of Health’s contact tracing centre to make a political ad for the Labour Party is extraordinary. They have lost the plot and forgotten what they inherited: a robust democracy with a politically-neutral civil service. We must preserve this inheritance from being corrupted by political expediency.

    Campaign Reset

    ACT’s campaign team has been busy resetting for the new election date. Our bus tour is almost completely rescheduled, and will actually be bigger and better with more meetings up and down the country. David Seymour will announce new street corner meetings in the Epsom electorate as soon as the restrictions become clearer.

    Campaign Budget Reset

    ACT’s campaign has great momentum. We have been thrilled with fundraising to date. If you have made a contribution, thank you for your generosity. The election extension means we can win as the background music to the election is now Government failure. However, the last four weeks are the most expensive in any campaign. The late change makes it difficult to reduce fixed costs (although we are). The upshot is that our fundraising target has increased considerably, so if you can give again, or for the first time, ACT will be very grateful.



  17. Sean Plunket’s callers on Magic Talk are taking bets on how long it will take Cindy to get to the actual Covid ‘level’ announcement. Shortest bet 6 minutes, longest 25 mins before Cindy stops warbling and gets to the point. 🙄



        • It is all bullshit as usual

          This level X crap is made up as they go along.

          So level 2 BUT gatherings of 10 not 100
          So, not really level 2.0
          Maybe level 2.8
          The Rest North Is (RNI) has level 2 but a different level 2.
          Poobah !
          What one would expect from Cinders and Ash -more Crapola .

          It is only a Maybe for Sunday night reduction of sentence from what I read- relying on media filth here so truth is a far off land. I do not bother to listen to the tart. Any device would not survive a shoe.

          I went into Auckland city on Saturday and cycled around.
          I have not been in there since maybe 2018.
          It is 3 km to the start.
          No particular reason to ever go there.

          There is so much ‘construction’
          Road cones everywhere.
          The rework of the sewage system,.
          Killing car lanes and narrowing roads.
          The Underground railway.
          Amazing how may construction vehicles were sitting there idle , albeit a Saturday.
          The Mt Eden Station is closed for 4 years
          Surely that will put people off using public transport- the opposite to the stated lie
          There was hardly anywhere visible from any point in the CBD that did not have road cones.

          People were in playgrounds eg Victoria Park
          There were a number of shops open I did not expect. I wont dob them in.

          Oh yeah. So the 14 day blocks was always another LIE



      • Ardern allowed many in Auckland to travel out for 23 hours, to fly to Queenstown, baches in Whitianga, & the far north and all over NZ.
        Then the clamp down road blocks at that mid day, was initially only a slow shaggy dog bite down, until the tick box 4 yr degrees ruled, little or no exemptions.

        Then the little tootle around Rotorua, Taupo, 2 tested +ive in Tokoroa,
        The virus could easy skip some time with an asymptomatic carrier, before being found, by some one else feeling ill, turning up at the Dr.’s. and then if lucky having a test done. So the 2 weeks incubation period.

        I still do not let them off the hook, with quarantine, that goes back to slack, shriveled, and soft, if they were going to go on this plan of this costly goal, as the now hyena howling from the media is showing up.

        To me the mad reasoning of shutting down so much elective surgery, scanning, etc., when it could still be done, maybe a bit more slower.
        Heaps of people on waiting lists, in hospital, know that the day they are scheduled all prepped, “shaven” “nil by mouth”, and they hear the rescue helicopter come in, often are then put off for the next day, or so.
        We just live with it.



      • When you dont know what is going on it is hard to make decisions.

        Clearly they have not known what is going on because, well
        -flu vaccine availability
        -PPE availability (sourced buy benevolent private sector)
        -testing of border control staff
        – the regular mix and mingle events in so called quarantine hotels (the Contiki Hoedowns)

        Yes, it is not decision at all.



      • Sometimes, when one lies a lot, one gets confused.

        Me:- stick to the truth and one does not have to remember all the lies.

        The Lies, so many lies.
        Lies are Arderns Trading currency.

        Sadly 54% (?) or so of people buy into this and what fascinated me was people were happy 2 weekends ago to mix and mingle but in the last week the fear factor is ramped right up again.
        I am surprised how many people who are otherwise intelligent jumped down the rabbit hole of fear.

        The discerning people are the minority.
        Oh well, 50% of people are below average intelligence.
        Some people pretend to be intelligent by getting a nothing degree in Communications.



  18. Asked twice by two diff journalists if govt takes any responsibility, and both times waffled on about something completely unrelated. Do the journos not take offense to being treated with contempt? She thinks we’re all idiots.



  19. If I was Nationals campaign manager I would be airing Cindy’s communist Comrade speech 24/7.

    I’m still finding the odd person who has never seen it however I’m pleased to announce that I’m taking one for the team and spreading the Love.



  20. If Ardern is back in after the election, then she will follow Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria in extending the “emergency powers”

    But Andrews said this next period would be extended for an additional 12 months – for a total of 18 months.

    After the election could she get 3 years emergency powers. 🙁
    All those laws, regulations etc. she can get in with her rat bag cohort.
    Their “Agenda 20/30..The Great Reset”

    Sums up Andrews
    A great act, 🙂
    Where are our so called artists, singers, bought & sold by “creative NZ” taxpayers money. 🙁



  21. The definition of cruel is; wilfully causing pain or suffering to others,
    devoid of humane feelings, extremely unkind and unpleasant, causing
    pain to people and enjoying the pain or distress of others.

    This folks is Cindy personified. A cruel, evil, inhumane creature.
    She is only 40 years old. Does communism really turn someone
    into such a twisted and spite filled individual? We are royally
    fucked if she is voted back in.



  22. Just how effective are these made-from-an-old-T-shirt masks going to be?
    I know masks can stop larger particles, but I don’t think they will stop aerosols (that the virus can also hitch a ride on). Plus there is the issue of the masks fitting properly, and washing them and all that.

    And there are still the mucous membranes around our eyes that the virus can get in through.

    “Wear masks!” is an exercise in compliance.
    They are an easily marker that authorities can use to see who is naughty and who is nice.
    Will they have school children wear masks on their school buses? Ok. Do the children take their masks off once they get off the bus?

    Push people too far and they will push back.

    The next edict will be for all people to wear masks in public places (like the beach).
    The trouble is that the police force can only cope with a couple of dozen people at a time.
    The public instinctively know that.

    It may be true that Covid-19 can have aftereffects. This is true for many of the flu family of viruses.
    Here’s the latest Japanese Toyo Keizai report https://toyokeizai.net/sp/visual/tko/covid19/en.html
    Please look at the bar graph Tested Positive By Age (3rd down, on the right). I draw your attention to the deaths by age category.

    The risk of death to healthy people of working age is very small.
    To the elderly I say: “You need our taxpayer earnings to look after you. End the lockdown and let us work.”



  23. “Biggest Scandal in Europe since WW II” – Ibizagate: How Soros Journalists Brought Down the Austrian Government

    It was a set-up straight out of the 1970s “Mission Impossible” series: In 2016-17, the right-wing Austrian Freedom Party was leading the polls in Austria on the back of their opposition to Angela Merkel’s illegal Open Borders policy for all of Europe.




  24. Auckland’s COVID-19 outbreak ‘should never have been allowed to happen’ – Judith Collins

    Opposition leader Judith Collins wants the Prime Minister to release the data that influenced her decision to extend the alert levels, and says Auckland’s outbreak “should never have been allowed to happen”.

    Collins responded to the Prime Minister’s decision on Monday by challenging her to release the data that informed her decision – information neither her nor National’s health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti have been given.

    “There are a lot of people who are today wondering whether or not they’ll have a job next week and there are a lot of businesses who are wondering just how tough this is going to get and how often they’re going to be in and out of lockdown.”

    She said the outbreak in Auckland should never have happened.

    “I think the whole situation should never have been allowed to happen in the first place… What we’ve seen is that the border policy that the Government had in place has failed.”



  25. One observation that seems to be gaining traction with the Democrat promotional logo is quite eerie.
    If you look at the D20 logo and it’s symbolism, it looks a lot like “Death to America.”
    Hard to unsee now.

    DNC Convention Brutally Mocked Online: ‘One Of The Worst Things That’s Ever Been On Television’




  26. This extension of the Auckland lockdown is a crock. It’s just a softening of the blow by splitting the length of the internment. On Sunday we will get “ We’ve agreed to extend Level 3 for another 4 days. It’s just a few more days Auckland. We know you can do it”.

    We see through you Horse Face and not just when you stand side on.



    • When will the unquestioned police, and the easy political system be charged & sentenced for granting a fire arms licence that ok’d arming Brenton Tarrant to complete his goal?

      Why the fear of Brenton Tarrant’s political views as probably portrayed in his manifesto?
      The talk of starting race wars, in NZ is laughable.
      Brenton Tarrant traveled up to Pakistan, and possibly Afghanistan, and enjoyed his stay with those peoples.
      He traveled into North Korea, and seem to enjoy his time there by all accounts, noting that access would have been through the Peoples Republic of China.

      visiting the Balkans, Western Europe, Pakistan, Turkey and, even, North Korea. ……
      [+] France, Portugal, ….. Iceland, Poland, New Zealand, Argentina and Ukraine…. Hungary, [Bulgaria], Bosnia, Montengreo, Croatia, and Serbia …..

      In the 74-page manifesto allegedly published by the 28-year-old on social media, he acknowledges that those experiences were overwhelmingly positive. “The varied cultures of the world greeted me with warmth and compassion, and I very much enjoyed nearly every moment I spent with them,” he wrote.

      As like many tourists he would have also enjoyed being out in nature, the greenery, appreciating the beauty, and seeing first hand the pressures from people and cities.

      My abject apologies to Ed, and hoping not to cause any censorship problems of quoting, what I put in bold, that comes from a censored manifesto, that proves Tarrant is of the white supremacist ideology,
      Though I do believe he is a twisted guy to do what he has done, but nor did the well studied experts say he was mentally insane.

      Often an “allah akbar” and every one agrees that comes from a mentally deranged person, that has caused some problems to the general public. 🙁
      However, every one can read what that “lone” / “known” wolf reads, that is based on the Talmud, Torah, & Bible. and any of his spiritual advisors also read.
      I do wonder about the wonderful night ride Mohammad had on the Buraq and if it was related to a unicorn on the loose in NZ.



      • Mosque shooter arresting officer has memory damage from trauma

        Manning’s memory impairment was raised in a High Court civil case in February, in which gun lobbyist Richard Lincoln, who Manning arrested in September 2015 after reports Lincoln openly carried a rifle into a service station and public toilets, unsuccessfully claimed the arrest was unlawful.

        He explained he had experienced memory impairment triggered by the traumatic events of March 15. The event and prior similar armed apprehensions had affected him significantly, he said.

        It was about 2pm on March 15 when the officers saw the shooter’s gold Subaru on Brougham St, driving erratically with its hazard lights on. At this time they had no idea how many gunmen there were, but were in the area because they believed there was a good chance the offender or offenders would have left the two mosques where, it would later emerge, 51 people had been fatally shot.

        They managed to ram the car to the side of the road – 18 minutes after police received the first 111 call from the Al Noor Masjid on Deans Ave – and, ignoring the bombs in the back seat, dragged the alleged gunman through the passenger side of the car.




  27. “The Church has through the centuries, understood that ideas are really more dangerous than other weapons. Their use should be restricted.”

    –Francis J. Lally, American Roman Catholic Monsignor, Mike Wallace Interview, Fund for the Republic, 1958]



  28. Fair Go: Frivolous and frustrating – the system that let a stranger stake a claim to a Canterbury woman’s vehicle without her knowledge

    Ms van Roon was utterly perplexed – she’d paid cash. She’d also checked on the PPSR that there was nothing owing before they bought it. More puzzling, the claim had been registered 20 days after the sale went through.

    She was told “they don’t actually check the paperwork that’s submitted”.

    “The PPSR is notice to all the world that you’ve got a security interest in a particular piece of personal property,” Lizandra Bailey of law firm Turner Hopkins said.

    Turns out the previous owner had been in a relationship with a man named Rangi Whakaruru, a former advisor to the Māori King, Tuheitia, now awaiting sentence on fraud charges unrelated to the mess this had caused for Ms van Roon.

    Mr Whakaruru didn’t own the truck, but there appeared to be a dispute with the previous owner. He wasn’t responding to messages from Ms van Roon nor from Fair Go, yet at the stroke of a pen or a keyboard, he could have lifted the statement.



  29. CORONAVIRUSParis: Riot Police Storm Bar Over No Social Distancing
    While actual riots were taking place across the rest of the city.

    Footage out of Paris, France shows riot police storming a bar and beating people with truncheons because they were not properly ‘social distancing’.

    The incident occurred during the Champions League final between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich, which the bar-goers were watching on television.

    Around a dozen fully kitted out riot cops raided the bar and violently removed people from the premises.




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