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  1. Left wondering how much worse these clowns in Govt. can get.

    There is a complete lack of anything like a vision for NZ other than rolling over to the Greens and the Muslims.
    Nothing that represents the ordinary working mans dreams that they pay for via taxation.
    Nothing that small business needs to make the wheels go round
    Just nothing.

    Trevor will now slide out from under his defamation. Nothing on that yesterday because Simon covered the news with budget leaks. How inept.

    The place is a circus of clowns.

    If you need a measure of business just look to AirNZ. Cutting back on services. Why? Because no one is traveling despite the cheapest air fares ever.
    What does that tell us?

    Road building winding down. Employs or has employed a lot of people.

    The next year is not looking that flash.



    • Next year is looking flash for some –
      Michael Cullen has another year advising.
      Mike Greer Homes have 14,500 houses to build with government guaranteed payment.
      The Pike River re-entry committee will have government guaranteed employment for another year.
      We all have a wedding to look forward to.



  2. No money left for the rubbish cleanup on the West Coast, with only 20% estimated to have been removed.

    But Pike River? Bottomless bucket of millions. Whatever it takes to retrieve those incinerated bones.



    • A group of female lawyers, nurses and teachers were doing “extra work” at night to make ends meet. At the end of a year they got together to discuss how things went. The lawyers complained that they were not doing too well as many clients objected to their constant interruptions and paperwork that had to be filled in. The nurses were doing slightly better, but complained that the clients objected to the constant requirement to sterilize everything and wear rubber gloves and masks. The teachers, on the other hand, were doing brilliantly. How are you so successful the others asked. Well, if they don’t get it right the first time they have to do it again and again and again…



  3. It’s winter, and Cindy is happily playing in the snow when she sees a patch of yellow up ahead. She hurries up there and see that it’s writing. It says, “Dump Cindy.” Naturally, she is furious. She calls in the chief plod and and demands he finds out who committed this atrocity. Soon there are cops running around questioning everybody, issuing subponas, etc. etc.
    Finally the chief plod comes to her and says, PM, I have good news and bad news.”
    “Good news first,” says Cindy, and the chief plod says, “We have tested the urine, and it belongs to Clark.”
    “Grrrrrrrr,” says Cindy. “I’ll have a talk with the him about that. All right, so what’s the bad news?”
    The chief Plod backs up a few steps. “The handwriting belongs to gollyG.



  4. Please feel free to say “who cares!!” but I just scored another contract for my little business, and I’M VERY HAPPY! Wa-fuckin-hoo! I went to a business conference and rubbed shoulders with the right people. Too early to have a drink to celebrate- dammit 🙂



  5. Another stick to beat you with and another label. Pakeha-centric. Why not just Euro-centric? Another word for white supremacist?

    Bugger being an employer. Why should work places have to change. People can set their own businesses up their way and they can hire as many rainbow people as they like. Isn’t it like Muslims coming here and wanting our culture to change to accommodate them?



  6. Everyone deserves a fair go, but the fact is most of us are straight! Why does so much attention go to a small minority? As far as being trans or whatever, you’d have a damn better chance of being treated equally in NZ than anywhere else on Earth.



  7. I am a teacher but not a union member. But I support the strikes for one simple, selfish reason. It is embarrassing Hipkins and this government. I hope they continue disruptive action right up to the election, and maybe some of them will also reassess who to vote for next time around.



  8. “Climate Emergency the new buzz word”
    Courtesy of The Taxpayers Union.

    Dear Supporter,

    ‘Climate emergency’ trend sweeping the nation
    Are you feeling alarmed? According to virtue-signalling local politicians, you should be, because councils across the country are rushing to declare ‘climate emergencies’. Following intense media attention on last week’s ‘climate change strike’, nearly every council in the country looks set to debate whether to make “emergency” declarations.

    Nelson: Porky the Waste-hater comes to town
    Since you last heard from us, Taxpayers’ Union friendly mascot Porky the Waste-hater and I travelled to Nelson to present our petition against Mayor Rachel Reese’s proposed climate emergency.

    We made a short video of the meeting. We argued councils should stick to their knitting (roads, rubbish, rates) instead of throwing money and attention at fashionable global issues.

    Nelson video

    You can also share the video on Facebook here.

    Despite the opposition of ratepayers in the public gallery behind us, the councillors approved the declaration, complete with a $100,000 funding commitment.

    To underline the move’s hypocrisy, the Mayor refused to sign our pledge against ratepayer-funded (and emissions-spewing) international travel. So much for an ’emergency’.

    Canterbury: Regional council’s hypocrisy on emissions
    Environment Canterbury (aka Ecan) actually pipped Mayor Reese at the post, declaring the country’s first climate emergency just a few hours earlier.

    So, does Ecan walk the walk? Jordan asked our interns to check some of the data we’ve been collecting on travel expenses at regional councils.

    It turns out that, aside from Auckland, Ecan spends more than any other regional council on flights. In the last financial year Ecan spent $262,000 on over 1,400 flights, with destinations including Vancouver, San Francisco, and Copenhagen (that last trip was in fact the same climate junket Nelson’s Mayor enjoyed last year).

    Ecan flights

    The Press has reported on our figures here.

    Green Party tries (and fails) to get in on the action
    Chloe and Golrhiz

    The Green Party yesterday asked Parliament to declare a national climate emergency. Thankfully, National’s Todd Muller vetoed the motion. However, we won’t be surprised if the idea becomes a bill, meaning it will be subject to a vote from all MPs.

    Successive New Zealand Governments have already dedicated an inordinate amount of taxpayer funding and red tape to the climate change issue. We say that declaring an ’emergency’ on top of this is pure virtue-signalling.

    Your council is likely to follow
    Not to let Ecan steal the limelight, Christchurch City Council has also rushed out a declaration. Meanwhile, Auckland Council has scheduled a vote for next month, and Kāpiti Coast, Wellington City, and Greater Wellington have all indicated they’ll be voting on declarations soon.

    These movements tend to gather momentum, as local politicians across the country will want their names connected to the fuzzy headlines. In short, your council could be next.

    This week we are writing to all local councillors asking them to vote down any proposed ‘climate emergency’, and focus on value for ratepayers through core services.

    Learning from the world’s most effective taxpayer advocate
    Grover and team

    This week we hosted Grover Norquist, the founder of American for Tax Reform. (That’s him with some of our team in the photo above).

    Grover started his career in the Reagan administration, but is now known as America’s most influential campaigner for lower tax. His group’s “Taxpayer Pledge” is now signed by 90 percent of Republicans, meaning it is basically impossible for the party to raise taxes.

    (Grover featured in an interview with Q&A, which you can watch here.)

    We’re looking at how we can translate the “Taxpayer Pledge” to New Zealand – perhaps starting with this year’s local elections. Watch this space.

    Tomorrow’s budget
    Leaks aside, Budget 2019 is being unveiled tomorrow. Our economic team will be in the Beehive for the media and analysts’ lock-up so we can send you our analysis shortly after 2pm.

    Here’s hoping someone thinks of taxpayers’ wellbeing in Labour’s “wellbeing” budget.

    Until then,


    Louis Houlbrooke
    Communications Officer
    New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union



    • Targets mean the CoL have a number they can be judged on, and they know they are bloody useless and never going to achieve the target. Far better in their eyes not to set themselves up, just pretend they are trying and disappear into witless protection when hard questions are asked.



  9. Did anyone hear on TVNZ news how Shame Jones say he hopes that someone takes a Maori weapon to whoever supposed hacked the budget and took off their head?

    That is incitement to violence. I am sure he could say he was joking. However, what if someone said the hoped someone did to Mallard what he did to Tau Henare? Could that mean a visit from the police especially if one was a licenced firearm owner?

    I wonder if the police would take a complaint against Jones.



  10. Royal Commission into mosque shootings to keep most info secret.
    The list is long and includes the major players and we are never going to know what people like the police have to say. We will never know how they justified giving the guy a gun license.

    Not al all good.

    Work to form a Muslim Community Reference Group, which will help Muslim communities take part in the inquiry, was ongoing.



  11. Last week on YSB we talked about ‘comedians’… as they think they are today.
    Many are Radio DJs looking for an extra gig and not much good at either.

    I see the Guardian newspaper UK has had a crack at comedy as well.
    This from the bottom of an article the other day:-

    As Australia has chosen…
    … to return the Coalition to government, Guardian Australia’s independent reporting is more important than ever. We will hold the Morrison government to account with fearless and fair journalism – delivering rigorous analysis and investigation. And we will keep reporting on the escalating climate emergency as a priority, searching for policy solutions, and exploring the costs of indefensible inaction. We will assess all policies robustly, and look together for the way forward with honesty and courage.

    Look at that will you .
    What bollocks:-
    >with fearless and fair journalism
    >delivering rigorous analysis and investigation
    >and a bloody climate emergency
    These smelly lefties would be actually funny if they were not so dangerous and Freddie Kruger ..aaah. Dunning Kruger-like.



  12. Many Moons ago, I got into a lot of trouble on KiwiBlog for daring to not shed a tear if a certain person got assassinated. I see now that the minister for Pornography, Hanky Shane Jones, has suggested that the Budget leaker be dealt to with a traditional Maori weapon. Does this now mean that it is acceptable for us to call for the untimely demise of politicians we don’t like? If so, I have a list of politicians whose wakes I would love to be invited to, not so much for the free booze, but to ensure that the stiff in the casket is really “deceased”.



  13. Things seem very quite at the moment.
    I am not interested in triviai items like Mallard and Treasury leaks
    But the importnat stuff’
    Like Roads.
    Crime prevention
    High quality immigrants only
    High quality education
    Encouraging business and entrepreneurs



  14. I wonder if there will be tax accommodations for Google, facebook etc for their cooperation regarding censorship? NZ is thinking about making them pay tax, what a great bargaining position the tech companies are in.



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