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  1. Well Fruity Farrar has gone full fruitloop 😖🍍🍍🍉🍉

    I wont link
    You know where if you want to visit.

    I dont know where BFD is on Ukraine and dont bother. Waikanae watch has some good articles showing the US manipulated Hegemony (as does Paul Craig Roberts)

    Farrar (kiwiblog for the uninitiated ) has gone full retard.
    Tropic thunder warning : Don’t go full retard
    Well Fruity Farrar has been for years now. Part of the reason for this blog.

    The wee Fruit is in Ukraine at present for a Secret Squirrel Forum (aka junket.)
    Farrar is Nu Zild’s Victoria Nuland/Nudelman; with Some East European jewish ancestry.

    His spiel. I’ll leave it to you
    Full WEF Spiel . Minister of Misinfo
    You have to pay for the junket with supportive writing, just like Two Mums Shaw has done on climmy stories after his jet-setting trips to forums.

    Fruitloop Farrar:
    I’m here because I think what happens in Ukraine matters.
    It is not a complicated conflict. Ukraine wants to remain a democratic country where its 40 million people determine their own future.
    Russia wishes to conquer it and turn it into a puppet state, or even use it as the start of reforming the former Soviet Union.
    It’s probably the most morally unambiguous conflict since World War II.

    So what happens is vitally important to 40 million Ukrainians who are fighting for their nation’s survival as an independent democratic country, but it is also important to the world and New Zealand. As one of the smallest and least powerful countries in the world, we benefit the most from a rules based international order,



    • Curious

      There is more support than oppose the fruity farrar POV
      I guess those left after years of pro vax, supporting sad notional, TDS etc are on board with the Mockingbird channel.

      There is a good response which has received more down ticks than upticks so shows the sad state of birdbrainblog

      at 7.43 am; From
      Intro repeating back farrar rambles
      then ….

      First of all, it IS a complicated conflict with more than a hundred years of history.
      The Ukraine is NOT a democratic country. Elections have been suspended and political opponents of Zelensky and the church are have harassed and leaders and journalists critical of the regime are being imprisoned.

      As for conquering the Ukraine and the ridiculous statement that Putin wants to reinstate the Soviet Union, this is solely done to frighten the population in the US and the West to support the ongoing war in the Ukraine which in turn supports the (US) military–industrial complex.

      Time and time again Russia has been clear what it wants and it is NOT to conquer Ukraine. I wanted the Minsk accords honoured, and limited political and cultural independence in the Russian speaking Donbass region where the majority is ethnic Russian. It also wants the Ukraine and the West to honour their promise to not expand NATO any further East.

      As for a puppet state, it was the US state department (Nuland) and probably the CIA that instigated, funded and supported a coup d’état and removed a democratically elected government in the Ukraine with the help of ultra nationalist ( NAZI) groups turning it into a European\US puppet state that immediately send troops to the Donbass region, terrorised the population and implemented several policies suppressing the Russian culture and language.

      Facts, Other Andy, on the Mockingbird (hence kiwi bird chosen to localise !! …are not acceptable
      Birdbrainers hate facts.

      There is a propagandist plonker on there called Andrew Worth who spouts shite.
      There is a fair possibility it is a CIA plant. They have far reach.
      Decades and decades of fake gnews about Russian Bots have in fact be overwhelmed by far far more CIA misinfo.

      Who funds Kiwi/birdbrain-blog ?

      It sure wont be John Stringer 🤣🤣🤣



  2. “Straight ahead for a little bit then there’s a sharp left, so take it slowly,” I said.

    “The screen is for my benefit Sir,” the Doctor said, “and this isn’t my first colonoscopy.”



  3. Dumb arses who get their feelz hurt use ideas from watching overseas incidents. Monkey see monkey do.

    A man has been arrested after three people were injured after ” mass disorder” in Auckland’s Ponsonby overnight.

    “A man has got into a vehicle and allegedly hit three people with it, before the vehicle came to a stop after crashing into a pole.”

    Homan said one person received moderate to serious injuries, while two people have been discharged from hospital after receiving moderate injuries.

    A 24-year-old man was arrested at the scene “without incident”, he said. The man is due to appear in the Auckland District Court on Friday on three charges of injuring with intent to injure.



    • Was the 24 year old man licensed to drive?
      Had the 24 year old man man registered the car?
      If so it then they systems show it was all safe with no problems.

      Though I do see got in “a car” so who was the owner?
      Will that “owner” be held responsible for having the car in a not safe condition, & be considered that the car was left in a dangerous condition, that is unloaded (no keys) fully locked & secured?



      • When I was at primary school my teacher – an ex RAF Lancaster bomber pilot wrote the word “got” in the corner of the blackboard and then drew bars across it and said we were never ever to use that word.
        ““A man has got into a vehicle”
        A man entered a vehicle – was it his?
        A man in a vehicle – it was his?
        A vehicle allegedly hit three people – naughty vehicle



      • Yes, I have been tainted by that quote, so guilty of also being very naughty. 🙁
        I also recall some English teachers on the same point, so that is why that word grew to “gotcha” 🙂

        “A man has got into a vehicle” from the Stuff article

        Like the car, I also require a warrant of fitness so that it can be driven or written about, in a public area.
        These days it should be a requirement for a breath analyser test before writing & driving; particularly at the same time. 🙂



  4. A very grand dinner party was underway, distinguished and important guest were gathered around a large well set table when the woman of the household, suffering with severe flatulence, let rip with a corker that would certainly have been noticed. She immediately turned to her butler and said loudly, ‘Jeeves, stop that’.
    He nodded and muttered an apology, sparing her embarrassment. Moments later her digestive distress welled up again and once more her fart bellowed around the room. Again, she turned to her butler and said sternly, ‘Jeeves, will you stop that’.
    Once again, a mildly disgruntled Jeeves bowed slightly and apologised. Ten minutes later, she let’s rip with a ripping romper cough that arrived with an echo! She flashed a look at Jeeves and said loudly, ‘ Jeeves will you please stop that this instant’.
    Jeeves had had enough and replied equally loudly, ‘Certainly Madam, tell me, which way did it go’…



  5. Was Karl Marx a Satanist? | Dr. Paul Kengor
    11 minutes 45 secs : Jun 13, 2024 : Interviewed by Jordan B Peterson

    Dr. Peterson discuss the poetry of Karl Marx that is seldom seen in academia and explore the implications it likely had on his more prominent works.

    At the risk of going down a religiosity point. rather not
    Satan’s greatest trick convincing us he doesn’t exist?
    Satan’s greatest deception was convincing humans they could become gods.
    But look at how the for the sake of “humanitarian” issues are used.
    So what are the fruits of Marx?

    The point I am trying to understand are Hegelian dialectics which opposes all.
    For years I could often as not figure some things were not right, so was just simply ‘argumentive’, calling out slogans, so easily bypassed, so had no great effect.
    I do not pretend to understand it, but as Ardern said, I know it much more now when I hear it now & try to be more effective, in knowing what we are up against.

    Marx seems to have activated or weaponized this.
    “Everything that exists deserves to perish”. per Mephistopheles a favourite quote of Marx.

    It does seem to be trying to learn another language, another thinking, but then a 5 year old boy in China, will well understand Chinese, & often enough understand Mao, via CCP conformity as just a natural way of thinking.
    It is what Ardern & many of that government seem to have naturally understood, in speaking in their “double talk”
    Now the accent has changed, but there still seems to be a Hegelian pledge.

    This seems why many of us do not understand the reasoning, thinking of many who have been raised in this.
    It is the continuing of the never ending revolution, seeming to drop off at one phase, & sparking along in another stage, always against the normal at every level.
    That way it is difficult to fight against. “eh comrade”, so the flow relentlessly continues.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
    If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer defeat.
    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    —- Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher,



    • Marx is quoted thus:

      “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

      It has been interpreted as religion teaching individuals to focus on otherworldly concerns & not on the immediate poverty they were suffering. At the time he wrote this (1843) the nobility were the oppressors, the peasant & working class were the oppressed while between them was the church. These parasites were protected & paid well to keep the unwashed from rioting by feeding them a load of shit about joy & contentment in an imaginary next life.

      “Satan’s greatest trick convincing us he doesn’t exist?” Gods have the same knack in convincing the terminally bewildered that they do exist.

      Stick to politics. There you are on firmer ground. 🙂



  6. Some more religious aspects, with no apology.:—
    …. “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog….
    If we are weak our land will become Muslim.”
    “Muslims are only well-behaved when they are weak,” Wirathu told BBC reporter Jonah Fisher. “When they become strong, they are like a wolf or a jackal; in large packs they hunt down other animals.” ….
    …. and until Wirathu is brought to his senses, there should be no reason for the United States and other world powers to get involved economically.
    Time Magazine, the BBC, the Independent, The New York Times, are all institutions that have shed light on these issues, yet they don’t seem to generate any change. …
    What will it take for human rights and dignity to matter first and foremost? …
    Also no problem for CCP to take out & incorporate Buddhist Tibet.
    No apologist concept there for muslims, buddhists, Jews or Christians in China.

    “Copts were once the rulers of Egypt, today we’re struggling to just survive.
    If you ignore what’s going on in Europe, you’ll become a minority in your homeland too.”

    2 mins : 12 June 2024
    So the selling of the soul to the “humanitarian” “Think of the woman & children”.
    After all they are dialectically nothing ! //
    Stephen Coughlin: The Deep Attack – Marxism’s War on Women
    34 mins : March 2024
    So many battles, that we fight, but it is relentless, so we must take note earlier when an attack is started.
    The rhythm & rhyme of history repeating.



  7. I recently came across a quote by one Charles Murray:

    # “Illegitimacy is important for the socialisation of little girls and especially little boys. If you have large numbers of young men growing up who never see an adult male doing the ordinary things men do, then you get chaos. This is not a moral statement, it’s an empirical statement.”

    It turns out that Charles Murray who is an American political scientist wrote this in 1993 & time has proven his thoughts to be prophetic. The full article can be found at https://www.aei.org/articles/the-coming-white-underclass/

    He confirms what we have suspected. Welfare parenting as encouraged by offering the DPB as a right is wrecking our society.



  8. (Children’s Health Defense) Fetal deaths and miscarriages, sudden cardiac arrest, sudden death and suicides — these are some of the causes of death listed in reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on children who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Yet, these reports do not count toward the total number of child deaths listed in VAERS data because the victims’ ages are officially listed as “unknown,” according to VAERS analyst Albert Benavides. “There seems to be at least one hidden kid death in every VAERS update,” Benavides said.

    The Defender reviewed a sample of the “unknown age” child death reports in VAERS. “I have a dead 6 years old in my arms; Vaccine doesn’t work,” reads one report.




  9. Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky are planning to sign a deal for long-term US military assistance for Ukraine, a country whose government we now know is involved in the trafficking of children for sex and harvesting the organs of its own soldiers for profit.

    Let’s call it what it is: A blank-check commitment to a corrupt foreign government that has completely obliterated the freedom of the Ukrainian people. Elections have been cancelled. Media outlets and churches that voice opposition to the war have been closed, young and middle-aged men are being kidnapped and sent to die at the front. How is this freedom?

    But the Western corporate media (and little hat wearing Farrar) thinks this is great. They don’t even question it.




  10. Just wondering.
    Usually at this time we get a lot or reports on Feidays and its success. Always lots during the event.
    We also usually get reports in the kiwifruit season and how that has gone.
    We know where the dairy industry is going because that has been reported.
    We know that the avo’s are a bit in the crap this year as the Aussies stormed the market.
    Grains and seeds and cherries are looking good.
    Even apples.

    We have a million predictions from financial no alls about what to expect but nothing zilch about our really important earners of money.

    The farming/ horticultural industry is on the up mostly, but you wouldn’t think so would you.
    Looking a bit more closely and talking to some that have been around in the transport down south for many years they expectation from them is that next year will be bloody good.

    Building of course isin the doldrums but that’s because the RBNZ never leave the off much like all those analysts and financial whiz kids.

    What do others think?
    Ever the Optimist.



    • Surely you don’t think that the princesses of the Press are actually going to leave the luxury of their offices in order to interview coarse capitalistic agricultural folk. Their sheep smell, their cows are incontinent & if you turn around one of their wretched dogs will start humping your leg. Then there’s the farmers. Uncouth people who wouldn’t know a chardonnay from a hole in the ground. They don’t even worship Cindy.

      Nah! Easier to carry on interviewing the keyboard & if all else fails remember the journalists’ motto.

      “If you can’t find someone who agrees with you to plagiarise then make it up!



  11. PM Christopher Luxon forced to take commercial flight to Japan after NZDF 757 aircraft breaks down in Papua New Guinea.
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has been forced to book a commercial flight to Japan after the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) plane broke down today during a stopover in Papua New Guinea.

    While refuelling in Papua New Guinea, the NZDF Boeing 757 plane suffered a blown fuse, delaying the Prime Minister’s international travel plans.

    A spokesman for the NZDF initially said it would likely only take an hour to fix.

    However, the Prime Minister has now left the airport in a motorcade.

    An updated briefing to media confirmed there was an issue with a fuse on the spoiler of the plane. It was replaced but it blew again.

    Media were told engineers were “working on options” because the plane couldn’t fly with spoiler problems.


    so it wasn’t only cindy then. well not a lot of difference.



    • How come they have released the names for the business people on the junket,
      But not the media scriblers on the same junket?
      It would be interesting to see who sticks the knife in the back, but slurps at the trough!
      Send the kapa haka group home. No need for them flying first class to Japan.



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