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  1. Morning one and all. another day in paradise, and who knows what today will bring? Have a good one and don’t be safe take a stand and do what you want. Does that fix it for the people who downtick me every morning or do you not like the be safe, morning or me cause I don’t really care.?????



  2. LizzieP@0528

    And a good morning to yo too ma’am. I hope that you day goes well as well (It’s STILL not raining).

    In respect of the (notably anonymous) down ticker, which seems to be currently afflicting itself on your posts, DLTBGYD and enjoy the rest of your day.



  3. Don’t waste a recession: Now is the chance to pursue sweeping deregulation

    The consumers price index increased 4 per cent in the year to March 2024.
    Non-tradeable or domestic inflation was at 5.8 per cent in the year to March 2024.
    The latest GDP figure will be released on Thursday at 10.45am.
    At 10.45am on Thursday Stats NZ will release the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data. Economists are divided on whether the data will reveal the economy is in a recession.

    Immigration means our population has grown. Tomorrow’s release will confirm GDP per person has fallen. We, the people, are in a recession.
    Using the March GDP data to make economic decisions is like trying to drive using Google Maps while it tells you where you were three months ago.
    freight movement indicated what was happening in the economy. It figures. If there is less business happening, there is less freight moving.

    Today there is an even better indicator of the state of the economy, the ANZ Truckometer. The heavy traffic index, which provides a steer on production GDP in real-time, was down 2.3 per cent in May. That is a lot. At the same time, our population has grown.




    • Closing the Brynderwyns has wrecked the economy up here. The detours add so much time to the trip nobody wants to send any freight up and hardly any containers are coming into Northport because they cost too much to ship to Auckland. Hopefully the road will reopen soon, they tell us by Matariki which nobody cares about we just want our road.



    • I sense a recession coming on.
      One indicator will be vacancies in commercial real estate.
      And yet, I am sure that many cafes in the eastern suburbs will be as busy as ever, full of retirees who have multiple sources of income.
      On the other hand, many will face hard times. Pensioners who rent will be in trouble.
      I am finding it harder and harder to find cheap red wine under $10 (a couple of years ago it was under $8.50). Not eating breakfast any more helps me to keep my weight down, so that’s a good thing.



    • usually the regions or the cities are doing well but it seems at the moment both are struggling.
      would hate to be in transport, hospo, or retail at the mo esp down here but the flow on effects are no one has any money to spend at the other businesses so guess it just snowballs?
      biggest kick in the guts was last years low dairy payout forecast which pretty much sealed shut farmers wallets and they still havent really started spending even tho payout ended up ok… the sheepos are fucked too, gunna be a few go bankrupt if red meat and wool prices stay low another year.



    • Surely you could sniff out the spies

      The smell of curry would be strong in that one !!

      I trust Australia does not give Aid to India

      the UK does
      ….Overall, between 2016 and 2021, we estimate that around £2.3 billion in UK aid went to India…
      That is probably understated as in 2018 it was close to GBP 3 Billion a year when there was a lot of noise about it with India having a space program, but getting aid

      However, in the case of the UK There is some validity; the bastards exploited India for hundreds of years and deliberately triggered Muslim against Hindu to make their control job easier.
      That element of society is still entrenched in England. It has not gone away .
      And England stole and retained a lot of highly valuable jewels.



    • I looked up aid from US to India
      USAID has contributed more than $200 million for India’s COVID-19 relief and response efforts since the pandemic began, including more than $50 million in emergency supplies and training for more than 214,000 frontline health workers on infection prevention and control, benefitting more than 42 million Indians
      that is NOT Aid
      That is control freak shit
      At least they didn’t invade India

      But they did do Bhopal in 1984 injuring over half a million people and killing thousands – more than were killed in the US on 9/11
      Did India invade USA for that?
      Fuck no, they are not warmongering, psycho, mass murderers like the USA deep state.



  4. Compare and contrast (multiple choice):
    When the Air Force jet (aka Broomstick One aka Air Horse One) broke down under Ardern, the MSM said…….
    (a) Eh?
    (b) What?
    (c) Pardon?
    Whereas now they go into full blown howler monkey mode every time.
    And they wonder why trust (and audiences) dwindles away.



    • or
      (d) luxflakes is a complete Simp that thinks he can win over the “lurve” of the media filth by being a good Christian and turning the other cheek?

      luxflakes will throw his own MPs under the bus – and as we see, the MPs of coalition partners – just to sidle up to media filth.. who will hate him and try to wreck him/her/them …until they do

      Exhibit A:- Simp Soimon Bridges.
      Broken and brought into line.

      luxflakes is such a Simp that he will call out and belittle his own MPs for telling truth
      while never having called out ardern, hipkins, little, jackson, verrall etc in the past 2 years as leader.
      When they clearly deserved it.

      What a tosser



  5. The Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations has an interesting article today on MP Duncan Webb’s ill informed views on the firearms register and Nicole Mckee. There is even space to comment if you want to.

    I just posted a comment, my first on CORANZ, think I might become a regular they have a lot of interesting articles.

    “I saw Nicole Mckee on TV announcing the changes to the firearms prohibition order laws and think she is a very sensible woman who deserves support in what she is trying to do. She obviously knows where the real problem lies.”
    Awaiting moderation



  6. I see the Speaker of the House, Gerard Anthony Brownlee, is worried about security around Parliament and wants to give Parliament Security powers of detainment and arrest.

    This is the same dishonest Gerry Brownlie, who was fined $2,000 for breaching Airport Security at Christchurch Airport in 2014.

    What a hypocritical big fat useless troughing fuckwit is he. The Speaker is so concerned for the wellbeing of his bretheren, the country’s MP’s whose security is only being eroded by the likes of a fellow fuckwit MP’s from The Maori Party, who racially slur anyone within range, yet Brownlee could not give a big fat rats backside for the security of the normal man in the street. Oh No, lets protect the privileged MP’s, that is so important, stuff everyone else..

    Gerard, needs to be told in no uncertain terms to Fuck Off, straighten up the House’s errant MP’s and then his perceived lack of security for them, would disappear.




  7. Punked !!
    A photograph of MP Ginny Andersen’s car parked over a Petone footpath was taken by someone who had parked illegally in the MP’s electorate office carpark, Andersen says.

    “There’s a local guy who parks in my carpark and then takes a photo of my car when I hop out,” the MP told Newstalk ZB on Wednesday.

    It was a “repeat offender” who took a photo and circulated it after waiting until she parked somewhere else and went into her office to grab something.
    Asked what she did about that, Andersen said: “You smile and get on with your job.”

    She wouldn’t be leaving her car wrongly parked again because “they clearly are sitting and waiting to take a photo and then have some fun on the internet”.
    “That’s part of being an MP,” Andersen said.

    “That’s part of being an MP,”

    no it is not. It is part being a beeaach !

    Could not happen to a nastier beeaaach !



  8. IF ONLY…….

    ‘Good morning, welcome to “WINZ” The New Zealand social services & benefits office’

    “Press ‘1’ if you speak English.”
    ”Press ”2” to disconnect until you can.”



  9. Received this content in an email from the taxpayers union

    Here are a few examples of just the first round of 2024 funding:
    Hapai te hauora: Breathing your ancestors into life
    “Hāpai te hauora’ as ‘breathing your ancestors into life’, captures the breadth & connections of a generation – rangatahi Māori–a generation moving forward together. This proposal builds on an HRC funded project (18/651) exploring the ways rangatahi Māori make sense of & live hāpai te hauora through navigating journeys of hauora & wellbeing.”
    Approved funding: $649,992
    Timely access to rongoa Māori in cancer care services for Māori
    “Prior to Europeans arriving in Aotearoa, traditional Māori way of healing was the only hauora practice Māori knew. Today, traditonal Māori healing is known as Rongoā Māori. Rongoā Māori is diverse and can include karakia [prayer], wai [water], waiata [music], himene [hymns], access to the ngahere [forest] and whenua [land].

    For Māori health consumers, patients and whānau accessing cancer care service; seldom they are made aware of or referred early to rongoā Māori practitioners at the beginning of their cancer care journey.

    Using tikanga Māori methodology and codesign with Māori health and iwi providers, our method will include interviews, and hui with rongoā Māori practitioners, Māori and Iwi providers, Māori health consumers, patients, their whānau, and health professionals in primary and secondary care in the MidCentral region to explore ways for timely access to rongoā Māori in cancer care services for Māori.”

    Approved funding: $398,771

    Rather than fund the actual cancer medicines, the Government is funding “timely access” to cancer treatments witch-doctor cancer treatments. Ka pai!

    If that doesn’t work, there is always music therapy 🎶

    He Whiringa Māramatanga: Kaupapa Māori Music and healing

    “‘He Whiringa Māramatanga’ examines Kaupapa Māori music theories and practices as a pathway to accelerating Māori well-being. Music theory is primarily located within Western music notation, harmony, and tonality. However, Māori Music, particularly through oral forms such as waiata, karakia, ruruku, haka, pūrākau and whakapapa, illustrate that Māori have unique key elements of musical theories to create oral legacies and that traditional Western definitions of ‘music’ may be confining for true Māori creative expression.”

    Approved funding: $377,550

    Or maybe barbershop is more your [cancer’s] thing? 🎤💈

    Health Promotion Interventions for Pacific men in a Barbershop

    “A rapid review and qualitative interviews with Pacific men, Pacific heath promoters and Pacific barbers will inform the development of a Pacific health promoting behaviour change framework and intervention programme in a barbershop setting owned by a Pacific health provider. This first of its kind research in New Zealand brings together an underserved population, a non-traditional setting for health promotion and culturally unique health promotion interventions delivered by an unconventional health and wellbeing workforce (barbers).”

    Approved funding: $150,000

    Or how about, rather than fixing hospitals, or building nicer family waiting rooms, we splurge $150k on a study to understand the space?! Thanks to the Health Research Council, a very well paid ‘space cadet’ is coming to the rescue. 🏥

    Building room for equity: Culture centred design of hospital waiting rooms

    “Hospitals in Aotearoa New Zealand have a legacy founded in colonialism and are designed to Eurocentric principles of health and well-being – as such they are inequitable by design and represent culturally unsafe spaces for many people who need to access them. Hospital waiting rooms represent one such space. Our project is premised on understanding how physical spaces in hospitals shape people’s experiences of care.”

    Approved funding: $150,000

    For our religious taxpayers, there’s one for you too! 🙌

    Research into Hine te Iwaiwa (who was the wife of Tinirau and is known as the spiritual guardian of childbirth who assists at the entrance into, and the exits from this world) is, as we understand it, worth a lot of money cutting-edge science.

    Guided by Hine te Iwaiwa: Exploring Maramataka [traditional Māori lunar calendar] influence on pregnancy Outcomes

    “This research aims to explore the effects of incorporating the maramataka, a traditional Māori lunar calendar system guided by the goddess Hine te Iwaiwa, into the context of pregnancy care for wāhine Māori and Maori Midwives.”

    Approved funding: $400,000

    And then there’s the help for our Pacific friends. 🌴

    Remember, these grants are not for front-line services to help Pacific communities, but rather to “support high-quality, high-impact research”…

    Development of a Fijian Model of Health

    “The research seeks to develop a Fijian Health Model to address Fijian peoples health in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

    Approved funding: $649,561

    Here’s a thought: why not get New Zealand’s own health model right (to serve everyone living here) before we start ethnic segmentation of our health system?

    Then there’s this grant, for nothing other than to support an academic’s professional development!

    He Kaakaakura Whakamaatau [Translation: An Experimental Green]

    “This programme of senior leadership research and training for Dr Belinda Borell will build on her expertise in kaupapa Māori research and enable her to pursue a development and capacity building plan to grow both her expertise and that of emerging researchers. Focusing on historical trauma, mixed methods will explore poverty and abuse in care.”

    Approved funding: $649,997

    We had a quick look into Dr Borell. If you thought her work was, well, scientific, I’ve got some bad news.

    This is her Massey University profile:

    Belinda (Ngati Ranginui, Ngai Te Rangi, Whakatōhea) has recently completed her PhD, The Nature of the Gaze: a conceptual discussion of societal privilege from an indigenous perspective. The thesis explores how Kaupapa Māori paradigms can make important contributions to research topics that may not be of direct or immediate relevance to Māori communities. Insights gained from a Kaupapa Māori investigation of white privilege in Aotearoa New Zealand are discussed. The thesis argues that cultural hegemony is maintained through structured forgetting, silence, and suppression of dissent which has dire consequences for dominant cultural groups as well as marginal. Structural racism and privilege are amenable to analyses utilising similar frameworks albeit from opposite sides that can provide valuable insights to understanding inequity more broadly. I also examine ways in which Kaupapa Māori analyses of white privilege can illuminate pathways of redress that will benefit all New Zealanders and provide more embracing perspectives of nationhood.

    Dr Borell was also recently awarded the Hohua Tutengaehe Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Health Research Council of New Zealand to further her research into societal privilege.

    Congratulations to Belinda for the $649,997 for her ‘professional development’. Who knew naval gazing paid so well!? 🥳 🎉




  10. This is a bit beyond my paygrade but some of the blog’s better brains will likely see where this is going to. From https://www.stuff.co.nz/world-news/350316024/sydney-student-who-uncovered-shocking-problem-global-cancer-research

    …….”Before a medicine becomes a miracle drug, for example, it’s tested on cell lines such as this to gather evidence for safety and efficacy before the research progresses to animal or human trials.”…….

    ……”for a number of cell lines referenced in cancer research and drug discovery papers, and even vaunted scientific literature reviews, there was no evidence at all that the cells had ever existed.”……

    As I see it, some of the research we are quoted frequently in support of “treatments” & “vaccines” pushed by the venal WHO & supporters of the WEF may be flawed or totally bogus.



    • Fraud is endemic in the medical research “industry” including drug and vax trials. I wonder how these papers got through the peer review process with no verifiable cell lines used?
      The medical industrial complex including big pharma needs to be burnt down and started over imo.



    • Well hell that will not have been written by any copy n paste churnalist at $1uffed.
      I seem to recall Dr Samantha Bailey before she was hunted for speaking up, saying that the convid 19 virus had not been isolated.

      One does wonder at times what is real, and what is imagined.
      Especially where great wealth can be created by overlooking a few annoying facts.

      I think we can all agree Herr Doktor Anthony Fauci is a practitioner of black arts over foundational scientific research.



  11. This was received in linkedin
    You’re invited to our upcoming Master of Business Development live webinar at 12pm on Wednesday, 12 June, to learn more about studying this 100% online programme.

    Join us to discuss:

    ✅ Programme overview
    blah blah……

    Auckland Online provides a faster, flexible learning experience for busy people everywhere. 100% online, our study programmes combine the freedom of digital learning with the exceptional quality of a Master’s from
    >> New Zealand’s leading university. Take the next step, advance your world with us.

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Auckland Online Programme Consultants
    Waipapa Taumata Rau | The University of Auckland
    Pū Whai Māramatanga Ākonga

    Ok then
    This was sent on 17 June, 2017
    Presumably Wednesday, 12 June refers to last week or else the next one is year 2030
    They are not that advanced.

    An invite 5 days late !

    so they want to charge a fortune in fees for a Master of Business Development, but don’t even know what day of the week it is.

    The decline at Auckland Uni has been very rapid . The last 4 years.
    The loss of bloated overseas student income has really exposed some chicanery.
    too much effort on Te Raro; and too little time to read a cis white man’s calendar.



    • Yay
      let’s move the Auckland port to Northport

      what could go wrong ?
      apart from
      -Rail washed out
      -road washed out

      but still….
      could bring the goods down by Waka
      There seems to be waka’s everywhere



      • I was born & started primary school north of Gisborne, deep in the heart of Ngati Porou territory seventy odd years ago where everyone spoke & understood Te Reo.

        Then a car was known by its transliteration of “motorka”. If you’d suggested that they drive down to Gisborne in their “waka” you would have been declared porangi & received rongoā to make you well again.



  12. There’s been a bit of speculation of late about where we’re heading with the latest AI. From this report https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/person-cut-from-car-after-high-speed-crash-into-tree-in-papatoetoe/TZGU3ACOMVBXLKULAAVPKKE3R4/ we have good cause to worry. A vehicle in South Auckland has transmorphed & taken on a human persona:

    …….”it followed an incident where a VEHICLE failed to stop for police and fled from the scene.

    “Police had signalled for the VEHICLE to stop on Davies Avenue around 11.40pm after units observed the VEHICLE travelling with stolen plates.

    “The VEHICLE initially stopped for Police for a short time where attending officers spoke to the driver, however the VEHICLE did not remain, and left the area at speed towards Ronwood Avenue.

    “Lights were activated and Police were preparing to deploy spikes, however the VEHICLE swerved and crashed into a tree.” “……..

    As the naughty vehicle was probably less than sixteen years old we can assume that it was referred to Youth Aid. The writer of the article should have been prosecuted for disservices to the English language.



  13. Winston Peters
    If a middle-aged white man said this about Maori children: “They are NOT New Zealanders. They are Maori children.”

    You know there would be screams of ‘racism’.

    But it wasn’t a middle-aged white man who said that – it was Maori Party MP Mariameno Kapa-Kingi who said it today in select committee.

    The same Kapa-Kingi who said the government are “white supremists” and trying to “exterminate Maori”.

    The Maori Party don’t think Maori are New Zealanders.

    You can’t get more radically separatist than that.





  14. FFS.

    SailGP won’t return to Christchurch in 2025.

    SailGP has withdrawn from its hosting agreement with ChristchurchNZ for the event, meaning it won’t be held on Lyttelton Harbour next year.
    ChristchurchNZ confirmed on Wednesday morning the popular sailing extravaganza, which had been staged on the harbour near the city in 2023 and 2024, wouldn’t return in 2025.

    SailGP boss Sir Russell Coutts had earlier hinted the event wouldn’t return to Lyttelton – which was regarded by the sailors as one of the best on the circuit – after clashing with “minority groups’’.




  15. Thomas Cranmer
    In understated fashion former PM Jacinda Ardern has announced “a wee project I’ve been working on called Field”.

    The Field Fellowship is hosted by Global Progress Action, an initiative of the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP). A US think tank founded by Democrat insider John Podesta – it has been described by Politico in 2021 as the “the most influential think tank of the Biden era.”

    The current President and CEO of CAP is Patrick Gaspard, most recently the President of the Soros funded Open Society Foundations.

    CAP funders include Bloomberg, Gates, Omidyar, Pritzker, Soros and Zuckerberg




    • Fark em

      They stuffed up 2 from 2 Census
      Ergo, this so-called valuable data is not there.

      There are better ways to do it than this laborious , invasive method from thousands of years ago.

      The bastards should be fired.
      NZ cant run an election honestly nor a census honestly.
      so many miscounts in 2023 election and I highly doubt any of the numbers from the complete state of corruption running in 2020
      the count is either 100% correct ..or it is wrong. There is no in-between.
      Karl Le Quesne has only one job to do every 3 years, just one job, with a large budget.
      He screwed it up.

      The rough and ready at the Manurewa Marae seem to be better organised than the dozy pubic servants in wellywood- too busy voting Gween and hating on the rest of the country.

      so, maybe hand over the running of the census and election to Manurewa Marae
      Nothing like a motivated operator ////



    • serial killer?
      im serious, just look at that nurse in the uk that got away with murdering babies and made it appear like sids.

      2 baby deaths like that is not coincidence, careless/neglect at best but could be murder.
      i see they included a white sounding name of the mother, very odd… they never do that so quick with other baby/kid deaths.



    • a long way to go to catch up with Lise Jane Turner

      Lise Jane Turner, aged 28, has been charged with the murder of three children and the attempted murder of three others, all aged between two and a half weeks and eight months. She has been remanded in the custody of Sunnyside hospital.
      Turner, formerly of Christchurch was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of three babies, and to three five year sentences for the attempted murder of two others. Two of the murdered children, Megan and Cheney Louise, had been her own. The third was eight months old Michael Clark Tinnion whom she suffocated.

      Children under her care developed cot-death syndrome or respiratory problems, some of which were very serious. The circumstances led to authorities asking questions and a case was made against her.


      So three dead and three other attempts early 1980s

      I was following this in 1984 as I had to visit the city of the damned twice a month at that time
      covered locally in CHC
      3 dead and 3 attempted

      A real piece of work

      Your real mass murderers outside US generally don’t use guns
      apart from the crazy mass murders while Bolger was PM

      Raymond Ratima – 7 dead- used a softball bat
      Harold Shipman
      Yorkshire Ripper
      Fred and Rosemary West



    • ADL are a bunch of vicious pricks who hunt people down and wreck their lives.
      Not the hipkins version of ” we will hunt you down” but real and frightening.
      Heavily into the cancel culture
      The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith,[a] is a New York–based international Jewish non-governmental organization and advocacy group.[4][5][6]

      It was founded in late September 1913 by the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith, a Jewish service organization, in the wake of the contentious murder conviction of Leo Frank.
      ADL subsequently split from B’nai B’rith and continued as an independent US section 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

      Its current CEO is Jonathan Greenblatt. ADL headquarters are located in Murray Hill, in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

      The ADL has 25 regional offices in the United States[7] including a Government Relations Office in Washington, D.C., as well as an office in Israel and staff in Europe.[8] In its 2019 annual information Form 990, ADL reported
      ….total revenues of $92 million, the vast majority from contributions and grants.[9]
      Its total operating revenue is reported at $80.9 million.

      Big bucks to hunt people down and wreck their lives.

      They are so extreme they have completely devalued the word anti semite.

      Some of Their activities
      -campaigned for major civil rights legislation in the 1960s
      We know what that has lead to (those paying attention, not the Mockingbird muppets)

      -In the 1980s, it was involved in propaganda against Nelson Mandela of South Africa before embracing him the following decade.

      What the hell is B.liar doing being involved.
      The duplicitous prick officially converted to being a catholic in 2009
      He was in fact practicing it for years but only officially converted after he was no longer the PM of, essentially, Anglican Britain.

      Tony B.liar would be carrying huge kudos from sanctioning the attack on and wreckage of the cradle of civilisation in Mesopotamia/Iraq.
      An area that was doing advanced mathematics when Britons were stumbling around in animal skins and grunting.
      He lied about the WMD.
      Much payback in later years. Multi milionaire.



  16. I was talking with my brother about how the US gave light truck owners incentives to convert their light trucks into flat decks to help transport goods during the war. Not sure if this applied here.
    Anyway, I got distracted and found this article on what Canada did with their trucks.

    “It is the policy of the Department to employ motor vehicles of Canadian manufacture to the fullest possible extent. However, with a view to a possible future condition in which maintenance of the Canadian Forces by the War Office is necessary, it is imperative that conformity to W.D. Specifications be adhered to insofar as is possible.”

    The decision reached at the conclusion of these meetings was that production in Canada of short wheelbase vehicles was to conform to WD Specifications, and to use a maximum of standard components. For the present, only the 15-hundredweight (15-cwt, or 3/4-ton), four-wheel, 98-inch wheelbase was under consideration. DND stressed that their intent was that a military 15-cwt pilot model be developed by both Chevrolet and Ford, using the existing commercial chassis and that the two pilots be developed in parallel.




    • ……” US gave light truck owners incentives to convert their light trucks into flat decks to help transport goods during the war. Not sure if this applied here.”……

      Can’t be sure but I certainly never heard of it. Part of the reason could of been because import restrictions that were introduced in NZ in the early 30s gave tax incentives to any vehicles that included parts made in NZ. Overseas funds were short & governments, unlike today, were forced to balance budgets.

      This saw NZ made tyres, batteries, seats, trim & even upholstery used to build a car or truck. All bus bodies were made in NZ from scratch using imported chassis, engines & running gear. Truck decks were mostly wood with minimum steel as that was imported.

      The real problem we faced when WW2 ended was a dearth of vehicles. Everything was worn out & for largely political reasons government policy favoured British imports. That was the reason why there were so many UK Ford, Rootes Group & BMC shitheaps on the road.

      My old man always had a company vehicle. The first one I can remember was a 1948 Ford Pilot flathead V8. 1930s technology in 1950. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Pilot



  17. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla: “Our oral medication for Covid was developed, the first phase of every medication…usually takes 4 years. We did it in 4 months and we did it in 4 months because instead of doing drug discovery which means we synthesize millions of molecules and to try to discover which one works, we move to the drug design which is that we designing silicone in the computer, 300 molecules, that we felt should work and then we tested them for 4 months before we go ahead with the human. So that’s one of the applications, but AI is touching everything that we do, from the drug design to how we do clinical trials…”


    Message to Albert:



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