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  1. aBlack Caps don’t exist for me anymore

    What an absolutely pathetic bunch of socialist soyboys took the field against the Windies last night.

    They are officially dead to me now. I was a regular spectator and purchaser of their gear – never again (well you should never say never – if they formally apologise to the public of NZ for supporting a Marxist, anti-police, para-military organisation and promise they’ll never be such dumb cunts again – then I will relent).

    I don’t think any of the LGBTQi socialists – that will have enjoyed seeing people who’ve never done anything wrong apologise for acts they’ve never carried out and disgraced their national uniform – will start going to cricket matches or buying supporter gear or even use their sponsors. But I’m sure tonight’s treasonous act will cost them supporters from middle-NZ.

    I’m going to enjoy seeing even emptier stands wherever they perform and their privileged lifestyles impacted because of it.

    Go woke, you go broke motherfuckers – good riddance to bad rubbish.



    • Nowhere is Jacinda’s actions noted so far?
      It was her actions in allowing the police vetting to change that created the possibility of this guy getting the firearms.
      Of course that doesn’t absolve him at all.
      If people want to deceive then they will find a way.
      We see that daily in the news services and the courts and it doesn’t matter what their status, a deceiver will deceive.

      Any descent citizen that promoted the changes Jacinda did would stand up and accept responsibility for that change.
      Neither have the police people who advocated for that change stood up and explained themselves.
      One would hope they have been sent cherry picking.
      Have we seen that?

      No, all we have seen is a head scarf and a lot of empathy press.
      No apology for her actions that opened the pathway to the death of 51 people.

      No offer to resign, which a person of principal would do.



      • Ardern and socialists, set out to follow the agenda of arms seizure with the subterfuge of this shooting.
        Masked by total censorship, of the ‘manifesto’ for ordinary citizens and then only allowing the “kindly” twist agenda compliant experts & media to interpret.

        Creating a fear, that you may in part have maybe just a little bit of bad thought, for even wondering if you have an oppressive privilege colonist, supremascist, that lurks as an “unconscious bias”. You are guilty, and made to feel it, if you have any questions.

        As Pete mentions, to then impose a guilt, a slander, on 100’s of thousands, & to subtly pour an opprobrium on them, to then sentence them, and force them to pay the price.
        This is rule by “emergency”.

        Just like the health emergency, are you allowed to travel and for what purpose.

        One bad car crash, and cars, trucks should be banned, severely restricted, licences revoked, etc. and so be governed. Not done yet, as it would be seen as a nonsense.
        Instead NZ has joined the global “road safety” of reducing so many speeds, to hard rules.
        Leaving out the commonsense, of “driving to the conditions”, to be able to “stop in the distance you can see” on a marked road, or be able to “stop in half the distance on an unmarked road”.

        Rule by emergency for “Climate Change” may make every trip on the road to be accountable to some centre authority, Is it “essential” in this “emergency”?
        While at that same time what is “essential” will be trimmed back, just in small ways, but it will all add up.



    • I am looking for evidence to support the abuse of democratic process that very quickly followed the incident. What was the justification to hammer LFO and incurr massive expenditure? Why did the Arms Act amendments have to preceed the report now nearly to hand?

      Not sure if that is going to be hidden. My initial view is nothing should be hidden given the wide spread impact on innocent people as a consequence of government actions. My view on the credibility of those involved in pushing those changes will not be improved by secrecy.



    • “The most transparent government evah”! Deceitful Cindy’s bullshit is backing up. Lucky for Cindy most unaware kiwis won’t even know there has been a commission of inquiry so won’t care the results have been suppressed by order of the mad queen.



    • Because Brenton is a lefty and is not a white supremacist. Nor does he hate Muslims.

      He had recently been living in Pakistan and posting on social media what wonderful people they are and how more people should visit.

      He did what he did, to set certain events in motion. He was 100% right and 100% successful. Thanks to Ardern and her media.



  2. China is locked in a heated diplomatic confrontation with the U.S. — one that may not end with the arrival of a new White House occupant. At home, President Xi Jinping continues to strengthen his grip on power. All the while, the world is struggling to stop the coronavirus pandemic that started on Chinese soil. Nikkei’s bureau chief in China, Tetsushi Takahashi, is following these world-shaping stories from the heart of Beijing.

    Friday, Nov. 27

    To the surprise of no one, Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group, did not make an appearance at this year’s World Internet Conference.




  3. They are talking about us in the UK. Seems some there have got the measure of Saint Cindy, patron saint of liars:

    GoingGlobal, The Office of • 34 minutes ago
    Just remember New Zealand. You voted for this in a landslide result.
    Ardern will now put the knife in the back of the NZ economy as she declares a ‘climate emergency’.

    As I predicted 4 years ago, she is sending NZ into the dark ages. A once thriving export led economy will be finished off. Her key target will be agriculture. She will finish off many farmers across dairy, sheep, cattle and deer farms as she forces carbon zero policies upon them.
    I did say NZ will be the model many countries will follow, including the UK, so we should watch carefully what happens in NZ. Boris will follow the same bollocks in no time short. He has after all an 80 seat majority.



    • Alice,
      Have met a lot of farmers lately. All are cynical about the future.
      And some are very bitter.
      No wonder as their property gets regulated and redistributed.
      Labour don’t need productivity and exports any more.
      They will just print some more $



  4. Well known author, hunter and environmentalist Tony Orman has a good article on Muriel Newman’s blog this week:

    “Over the last decade or two I have had increasing concern that democracy is being eroded and is under continuing siege.
    Earlier this year, the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand (CORANZ) expressed concern that parliament’s select committee democratic process was being undermined to the detriment of the public giving submissions.
    Current CORANZ Chairman Andi Cockroft made an oral submission to a select committee dealing with the Resource Management Act (RMA).
    After being beforehand, granted 15 minutes speaking time the chairman Labour MP Duncan Webb, interrupted Andi’s submission after five minutes and said the committee had heard enough thereby cutting the oral presentation short by ten minutes.

    The rudeness and snub to democracy left Andi bewildered and angry.”



  5. The warmongering Democrats haven’t yet been sworn in and already their military masters are laying the seeds to attack Iran.

    Next they will begin manufacturing outrage among the dross of humanity, to “do something”.

    War is a coming. I just hope the leftists in places like NZ get to see their kids blown into clumps of scorched shredded stinking meat.

    In 2016 Obama dropped the equivalent of 3 bombs an hour 24/7 non stop for a year. On Muslim civilians. Not a single Muslim nations army stood against the USA. They were civilians.



  6. DPF’s 7.0am post, which hasn’t attracted any visible comments yet, is titled “Snowflakes” & refers to the wankerism displayed by the employees of the publishing company working on Jordan Peterson’s new book. It is hard to believe that we live alongside creatures so delicate, instance: “people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has affected their lives.”

    Go find a safe room or a hug puppy & HTFU.



  7. It’s WWI. There has been a lull in the fighting and a brigadier general goes to review the troops. Afterwards he stops by the field hospital to give the men a pep talk. Due to the lack of recent fighting the officer section only has three lieutenants in it.
    The general asks the first lieutenant, “I say there, lad what are you in for?”
    The lieutenant replies, “It’s rather embarrassing, sir, but I picked up a dose of the clap.” The general replies, “No worries, son. Happens to the best of us. What is the treatment for the clap these days?”
    The lieutenant says, “Carbolic acid and a wire brush, sir.”
    The general changes the subject, “And what is your fondest wish, lieutenant?”
    The lieutenant feels that he needs to impress the general so he says, “To be reunited with my men, sir!”
    “Very good, very good,” says the general.
    The general asks the second lieutenant, “I say there, lad what are you in for?”
    The lieutenant replies, “It’s rather trifling, sir, but I picked up a case of hemorrhoids.” The general replies, “No worries, son. Happens to the best of us. What is the treatment for hemorrhoids these days?”
    The lieutenant says, “Carbolic acid and a wire brush, sir.”
    The general changes the subject, “And what is your fondest wish, lieutenant?”
    The lieutenant saw how much the general liked the first lieutenant’s answer so he says, “To be reunited with my men, sir!”
    “Very good, very good,” says the general.
    The general asks the third lieutenant, “I say there, lad what are you in for?”
    The lieutenant croaks, “Nothing serious, sir, but I’ve got strep throat.” The general replies, “No worries, son. Happens to the best of us. What is the treatment for the strep these days?”
    The lieutenant says, “Carbolic acid and a wire brush, sir.”
    The general changes the subject, “And what is your fondest wish, lieutenant?”
    “First crack at the wire brush, sir!” rasps the lieutenant.



  8. A solicitor calls his wealthy art collector client and says, “Sir Ian, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.” The client replied, “I’ve had a tough day. Give me the good news first!” The lawyer said, “Well, I met with Lady Pamela today, and she informed me that she just invested £50,000 in some pictures that she thinks will soon be worth about £50 million, I’ve looked at them and I think she could be right.”

    Sir Ian replied enthusiastically, “Wow, that’s incredible, my wife is a shrewd investor and I never even knew it, you’ve just made my day! Now I know I can handle the bad news. What is it?”

    The lawyer replied, “The pictures are of you and some rent boys in a motel.”



  9. Cindy will declare a “Climate Emergency” next week which is supposed to put fear into the sheeple.
    She will set up an advisory group to inform the working group what should be done about the climate.
    They will come to back to Cindy in 18 months advising her if she wants to keep the farmers voting Labour, do nothing..?
    It will be too hard for Cindy to handle so just carry on the way we are and keep living folks !~



    • Will this have any aspect of fitting into something like what is called an “civil emergency” ? and the powers granted in that act.

      It will activate the base bureaucracy & technocrat in government departments, to push beyond their legal authority, or actually legalese their demands?
      At a minimum to find ways how to gain more authority and control.

      The same will occur with in regional and district councils, local government, pushing beyond the neutered councillors,

      We have seen the power of the “emergency” in the power of the Health Act.



      • Good!

        Well, good for those who own property – including people just like Cindy and the other assholes in government and Helen KKKlarKKK.

        Spend up on useless bureaucrat salaries = inflation in real estate prices = very good for me. Yipee aye eyyyyyyyy.

        Meanwhile in Green Heaven Central – the woke advocates of this expenditure – the property market drifts even further from their reach. SUCKERS.

        Truly the world is well arranged 🙂

        NZ voted for the world’s gayest government – those folk are getting it up the ass. Quelle surprise 🙂



    • I do not see any advantage other than an opportunity to wring out some fees, charges, excise or tax and make no useful difference to anything at all. Me paying more to live is not going to alter the effects of the sun on the planet.

      It was not a matter I heard discussed during the election. The Covid-19 warble drowned out any useful policy material. As far as I am concerned there is no need and no mandate for any such declaration.

      That various Local Government entities have made such declarations means nothing. Paying them for climate whatever will not achieve anything useful either.



  10. Ross.
    This move will unleash a raft of measures through legislating UN inspired policy that will turn the country upside down.
    The UN’s agenda has been quietly implemented over the last few years and now it will be full on as Cindy believes she has a mandate.
    As far as I am concerned she has no mandate (National the same)to implement agendas promoted by unelected bodies that seek to control the world.
    Somehow this has to be stopped.
    The battle is well and truly on.



      • Yes but the move to so called living wage is going to create huge pressure for other workers to keep relativity.
        Also we are price takers. Our returns go up and down and many are just turning over heaps .
        The dollar is appreciating against US which cuts income. This at a time where we have this move to increase wages.
        I wouldn’t be surprised to see a corporate grower pull out in the future as this government crushes the productive sector.
        I see many thinning crews around currently with a heavy bro makeup. May be some of them are getting off the couch!



  11. The pressure of decisions in the key states is building, with any of them folding, affecting all the others.

    The TIDE HAS TURNED! The Biden Vote FRAUD Is About to IMPLODE!!!
    11 mins 11 secs. : • Nov 27, 2020 : Dr. Steve Turley.

    Seems like black & white decisions in Wisconsin, and should come up in the next 2-3 days.
    Trump happy to tour around to more rallies. 🙂 and will keep RINO’s feet on the fire.



    • No need to meet in secret, she has a mandate from the sheeple. //
      I used to think that term was unnecessary but is now very apt under Cindy’s totalitarian regime. NZ’ers are being smothered with Cindy “kindness”. 🤮



  12. A growing body, of people in the know, are correctly blaming the printing of free money as reason for the housing crisis.

    The Labour Parties racist lies about the “Jews of the East” being the problem, is totally debunked. Zero immigration and record highs, reveal the hoax.

    The shill and panicked denials by over leveraged slum lords, are a sure sign the Ponzi scheme is about to collapse.



  13. Andrew Little watching St John ‘very closely’, but holding off nationalising it for now

    “We will continue to work closely with St John. But if we were to fully-fund it, that gets pretty close to nationalising that service. That would be a very big step to take… That’s not our plan at the moment.”


    But he would do it if he could. Imagine what would happen.
    All those volunteers would be out the door like a shot.

    Dumb and dumber.



  14. Some more in depth news from Scott Cameron Goulet, the steady speaker. 🙂

    Democrats had 35,000 vote headstart?; 6 million votes shifted by Big Tech | Front Page
    28 mins 23 secs : 5:00 pm Saturday 28th November NZ time

    More on China connections reactions.
    Seems to be more deeper connections with Hunter Bidens and then into South America connections.
    Money just seems flow around.
    Possibly Biden disqualification over some of this or would lead to impeachment.

    It seems Democrats ballots having head-start in count.
    If confirmed to be across all the states will have major change in some seats.
    Not confirmed for elsewhere, but there have been a number of hints from Powell.

    Q snatch mal ware, passing on control over some of the voting machines.

    Big tech influence certain key areas, like heavy advertizing, for months before the election by control of google search for differing voters to influence them.

    So many different ways some of these things came out, like even the New York Times unwittingly reporting things in real time. 🙂

    Some amazing voting statistics, in making the changes to the number of ballots to aid Biden.



  15. Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Our objectives are to get the right case to the Supreme Court and to convince the state legislatures not to certify bogus vote counts

    Giuliani: Get the right case to SCOTUS and convince states not to certify bogus vote counts
    7 mins 12 secs. : • Nov 27, 2020

    Had specific evidence, witnesses affidavits, of certain specific incidents. of ballots being forged, multiple counting so many times, and nor proper tracking of “mail in ballots”
    Judge not taking in that evidence.,
    So state legislatures will hear that evidence.

    As well as taken cases to the Supreme Court, but will hold to figure and get the best case to go, as not all cases have been heard in the first round yet.

    The MSM not taking any mention or questioning of the evidence put up.



  16. Vegan arseholes.

    Hundreds of vegan protesters march straight through Wellington’s Christmas celebrations

    Wellington’s Christmas celebrations were supposed to be two days of family-orientated festivities but hundreds of vegan protesters have gatecrashed the fun, marching straight through them to protest animal rights.

    Wellington Vegan Actions organised Saturday’s march to rally against various issues affecting animals – but their march route took them directly through the launch of the two-day festival A Very Welly Christmas on Lambton Quay.



  17. Easy spending other people’s money. Apparently large companies don’t suffer when you cut off their sales. //

    Finance Minister Grant Robertson was warned removing wage subsidy cap risked ‘waste, fraud’

    Documents obtained by Newshub under the Official Information Act show Grant Robertson considered little advice, just one short briefing from Treasury, before removing the original $150,000 per business cap to the wage subsidy.

    Robertson told Newshub: “Although we didn’t put in place the specific regime that Treasury may have suggested, there is still a regime in place” – referring to the anti-fraud auditing regime.

    But nothing was done to prevent “waste”, and many of New Zealand’s largest companies are now refusing to pay back millions of dollars in wage subsidy payments despite remaining profitable.



    • Not the fat fairy’s money. He doesn’t give a fuck:
      “The Finance Minister says he will not try to recover the wage subsidy from businesses who have since turned the taxpayer money into private profits.
      “It becomes a moral issue for that company, can they look themself in the mirror and say ‘Yes we still needed that?’ That is up to them.”



    • Thanks viking
      The clip is summary of the 7 hours, reduced to 16 mins 28 secs.

      Doing some good criticism, and showing the control the Democrats will take, using fear, to create the “emergency” laws, plus taxes to make one poorer & colder with food rationing.



  18. Now this is real journalism, with just a little investigation. 🙂
    As the man, from the government (media) is here to help you to understand (all for your good)
    I really love the very beginning seconds of the start of this video, so be careful out there. 🙂 You have been warned by Big Brother. 🙂

    “CBC and the fake “overwhelming” Steinbach emergency room report”
    9 mins 44 secs. : • Nov 24, 2020 Rebel News, Ezra Levant.

    So the government people, the media are acting to seize control over the citizens, as Canada goes into lockdown.
    In NZ we need to gear up to expose things like that.
    Already YSB has an intrepid reporter yippee yihaaayyee 🙂 with thanks to ED as well.



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