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  1. Morning all , have a great day and be safe.
    I believe that Maori health is getting all this money for spiritual healing but still no money for new cancer drugs!!!!! For F Sake. Government a slight disappointment????? Problem is National the other two would stop this crap, well I certainly hope it would..



  2. Lizziep@0531

    Good morning to you too ma’am. Agree about the rort, but all hat, no horse, people-pleaser luxflakes will never do anything to stop it, so expect things to get worse as the advocates become emboldened.

    Ironically, winnie is the only one to call the ‘stirrers’ out, but the media largely ignore him and concentrate on the weakest point in the coalition – luxflakes himself! He caves under their pressure,, the media and ‘activists’ crow in victory as a result, then go on to demand (and get) even more, while we loose yet another bit of our country.

    Despite that though, have a great day yourself, keep warm (9 degrees and dark outside at the moment) and safe, and, as always, DLTBGYD.



      • Well worth the watch thank you Alice and he is so correct, I believe he is an activist for the Moori party otherwise they would have knocked this gifting in the budget to them out the door.



      • Get Boosted Bishop really is a crazy.
        His rabid endorsement of the vaXXX was nothing short of mindless advocacy.
        Dangerous fervour.
        He was of course prior to politics and only just over a decade ago promoting cigarettes as a paid endorser.
        He has form.

        The scary thing is at his age he has the potential to be in NZ politics for the next 30 years.
        He seems to be a chaser of ‘the current thing’
        without reason nor rationality.

        I still only have time for Simeon Brown in the Nats.

        -N Willis is an administrator . I think a good linear operator to be fair but not a lateral thinker that can crack the big issues.
        wont start a big fire but will keep the coals warm and pursue the pardy line.
        -J Collins is all mouth and no trousers
        -Mark Mitchell was always going to disappoint those who expected more. I expected nothing. I am not disappointed, just sad that a clown like that – in a clown show of peers- has so much power.
        -Tama Potaka is a very dangerous operator for this country
        -Matt Doocey the doolan. Mr Tavistock. Yeah/Nah

        A sad collection. Is this the best we can do?



  3. NZ bank’s trading in government bonds sparked FMA complaint over market manipulation

    The Financial Markets Authority has confirmed it received complaints last year about a local bank’s role in a 2022 government bond sale. What it won’t say is what action was taken, one year before its equivalent in Australia embarks on a separate investigation.

    New Zealand’s financial regulator received complaints last year claiming traders at a major local bank had manipulated the sale of government bonds, costing the taxpayer $33 million, the Herald can reveal.


    Now ya know why keyless quit once more.
    Aussies being investigated for the same thing.



  4. Labour‘s public service spokeswoman, Ayesha Verrall, said redundancy payments will go a small way “to alleviating the hardship caused by Nicola Willis’ ruthless cuts to public service jobs”.

    “Fiscal costs of these short-sighted cuts include redundancy payments, and the increased reliance on contractors that have already been signalled, for example at the Ministry of Education,” Verrall added.

    “The social and environmental costs of cuts to border protection, child protection, and environmental protection will be with New Zealand for a long time.”


    This woman has no idea.
    They are more concerned about their own future jobs.
    No sinecures for goneburger socialist MP’s.
    Connor Molloy, campaigns manager at the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, believes the redundancies are worth it, considering the overall savings achieved across the public sector.

    Molloy is pointing the finger at the previous Government, as employment growth skyrocketed around the pandemic, across various sectors.

    He said the Government at the time had “recklessly” hired an additional 18,000 public servants in six years.



      • A contract is a contract. so no won’t happen and shouldn’t otherwise we will have courts full of whingers and lawyers. (of same thing).
        Concentrate on not having such language in employment contracts.



        • contracts can be ammended, but yes best way would removing it from all future contracts and slowly phase it out.
          redundancy is a scummy union clause, time unions got dealt to imo. theyre costly for both employers and employees and only really there to stir shit and bully employers.



          • Agree, unions are old hat and need to go. Not only do unions bully employers, they also bully employees if they dont join. Ive worked for a place that told me straight up that if they dropped the union they could have a pay rise. I was harassed by the union rep for not joining so bad that I had the option to knock him over or quit, only viable of the 2 was to quit. This job in Aus im currently on the unions are strong, none of em can see that they are doing them selves a disservice in winging about everything, very much a have your cake and eat it thing.



      • No. Disagree.
        As much as I despise unions and the slackness of the public sector, it is the employer who screwed up.
        Redundancy has to be in place.
        Fairness across the board.

        It was the scum bags in liebour who primed the pump here to ramp up the pubic service
        all part of the communist centralisation approach
        They added thousands of people in useless roles.

        Like Klarkenfuhrer did.
        Soaking up feminists with utterly useless degrees in Art History, Sociology and Anthropology,
        after they pumped up the universities and encouraged girl-power girls to go to University.

        It was a vicious cycle playing with naïve bimbos.

        It is the people at the top who should be accountable.

        The daft thing – but not surprising- is that after all the rhetoric from luxflakes (what else has he got if not rhetoric) these are not cuts, they are scratches.
        They are not even cutting back to 1 January 2023 numbers; ten months before the election

        John Ki did the same. All mouth, no cuts, a few scratches.

        But the people in the middle of this power game are simple sheeple and a fair redundancy needs to stay as they are not the ones doing the game playing and spouting dogma. They are not that smart. They are sheeple.

        [well they do spout dogma, but feminist dogma; and vote Gween !!
        They are one degree (in Art History) warmer than a breed for cash beneficiary👶👶;
        very myopic ]



    • Connor Molloy
      You don’t get a more holy Jesus Doolan name than that.

      I don’t bother with watching much sport – prefer to do – but I would pay good money to see an ‘eat off’

      Between Ayesha Verrall and Megan Woods
      Start them with 200 pies each.
      The one to eat the most in 2 hours, wins !!

      Just looking for advice here, would 200 apiece be enough?



  5. Muslim pilgrims use umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun.
    Rafiq Maqbool / AP

    Hundreds of people died during this year’s Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia as the faithful faced intense high temperatures at Islamic holy sites in the desert kingdom, officials said Wednesday (local time) as people tried to claim their loved ones’ bodies.

    Saudi Arabia has not commented on the death toll amid the heat during the pilgrimage, required of every able Muslim once in their life, nor offered any causes for those who died. However, hundreds of people had lined up at the Emergency Complex in Al-Muaisem neighborhood in Mecca, trying to get information about their missing family members.

    One list circulating online suggested at least 550 people died during the five-day Hajj. A medic who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss information not released publicly by the government said that the names listed appeared genuine. That medic and another official who also spoke on condition of anonymity said they believed at least 600 bodies were at the facility.

    Need more air conditioning.



  6. the psyop continues…

    why have they/she waited so long to put her in media appealing for info and her kids?
    did you guys hear her media “plea? it was very un natural, scripted and forced without any heart/feeling involved. shes not a loving mother that misses her kids, shes a pawn in the media and pigs psyop and games theyre playing to fully destroy one mans life and drive him to suicide.

    also whats the bet they now know where he is but waiting until the 80k offer expires so they dont have to payout? be hilarious if thats the case, fucking lying pigs and itll serve the narks right to get screwed over.



      • you think shes just really stoned?
        sounded like she was all doped up meds tbh, there was a good reason why tom had custody of the kids in a system that very heavily favours the mother, the media seem to neglect to tell that part of the story.



        • On X, it’s been rumoured that’s she’s a meth addict and that is the reason why she had lost total custody. Some comments refer to her wanting to get the kids vaccinated against covid too. Sounds like she might have been using that to leverage the courts into giving her care of the kids. (If true, what a fkn btch).

          Note, I don’t trust random comments for telling the truth, but that’s just what I had read.



    • why have they/she waited so long to put her in media appealing for info and her kids?

      I can think of 80,000 reasons.
      And I doubt the letter is genuine, otherwise he would have returned a long time ago.



    • Looks to me like the meth has cooked her front teeth.
      And the deluded cow thinks she lives in Aotearower.
      Trying to pretend more Māori babies have been snatched from model mummies is a cultural affront.
      The letter looks like a jack up too.
      If Philips wrote that he was a lot younger when he did.



  7. A National MP was mentored and endorsed by a predecessor who departed politics under a cloud of his ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

    First-term list MP Nancy Lu was sitting in an interview with Chinese-language media outlet Panda TV37 next to Dr Jian Yang in 2020 when the outgoing MP and alleged Chinese spy admitted he handpicked Lu to be his successor, saying he had “trained” her to stand for the party “for a long time” and kept it secret from his colleagues.

    Lu told Stuff Circuit she could not control who would offer an endorsement and would “leave it to others to comment on their statements”.

    Yang abruptly retired from politics in July 2020. The three-term list MP previously studied and taught future Chinese spies English at schools run by the Chinese military for them to monitor communications before he emigrated to New Zealand, but denied ever being a spy himself.

    And Len Brown ex mayor of Auckland was done over by a Chinese tart.
    Its an old ploy that the chunks have used for centuries.
    Who else has been compromised both in govt. , Local body, public service, and industry.



  8. Ya wonder why grocery prices go up?

    Commerce Commission starts High Court case against Foodstuffs 09:14am
    The Commerce Commission has filed High Court proceedings against Foodstuffs North Island for blocking rivals.

    The competition watchdog said the supermarket operator lodged anti-competitive land covenants to block competitors from opening rival supermarkets at certain sites and developing existing ones at several locations across the lower North Island.

    The Commission and Foodstuffs – which operates Pak’nSave, New World and Four Square – have entered into a settlement to resolve the proceedings.

    Now this will be before tax.
    It should hit their pockets after tax and come from their own pockets not from the groceries they sell.
    Mega did the same here to Bunnings and its cost the 500k.
    Just put the prices up and they never come down except now they are making staff redundant.
    Their best staff who have long service but are on old contracts. after that No redundancy contracts.



  9. Australia Launches Controversial Ministry To Reprogram Men?

    Attacking and disabling the greatest segment of the population that is most likely to cause them difficulties down the road is the only viable solution. Which group of people is most inclined to rebel against the system? Manly men are the answer. As a result, the goal of this new global order is to subvert and destroy men by designating masculinity as an existential threat to civilization, on par with nuclear weapons or global warming.




  10. Scientists say that a 124,000-year-old bone found in Germany suggests that Neanderthals and humans split 300,000 years later than thought. No one knows exactly where the Neanderthals went, but there were footprints heading towards Mecca.



  11. Fmr U.S. Ambassador David M. Friedman Demands Americans be Imprisoned for ‘Antisemitism’?

    Arabs are Semites …. a lot of these “Jews” aren’t. That’s the odd thing about language hijacking.

    The Washington Post reported last month that over a dozen Jewish billionaires working secretly in concert with the Israeli government were part of a private WhatsApp group chat which conspired to push New York City Mayor Eric Adams to launch said crackdown on pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University. The only reason more Americans haven’t been jailed for their speech as Friedman and other Zionists are demanding is because we still have a First Amendment (or at least some shreds of it). Of course, our Israel First Congress is currently doing everything in their power to eliminate our First Amendment in order to shield Israel from criticism over the Gaza genocide.




    • Spare me your Gaza genocide bullshit. Genocide is what the Palestinians want to do to the Jews. Now let’s talk about Hamas using civilians as human shields and refusing to release any hostages who are still alive.

      Hamas leaders don’t care how many of their people are killed – the more the merrier for their PR purposes.



  12. What drives our weather, to become sometimes into this supposed modern Climate Change Theories.

    The clouds, and what drives the Cloud changes.

    The Cloud Mystery: Henrik Svensmark on Climate Change
    53 minutes : 20 June 2024 : Vlad Tepes.

    The pattern fits to so close to what has been recorded with the sun and or even super-nova explosions.
    A great correlation of cosmic rays, to the Earth’s clouds, that figure to the sun’s pattern of activity.

    First published in 1990’s, in Denmark, but it was far too upsetting for the beginning of the budding industry of the Universal Global Climate Change, controlling industry.
    Will further be research be commissioned on this to confirm.

    Something is also different in looking at the “low clouds” and just which way the heat is going in or out of the earth, to whether it is cooling or as the Climate Change people sort of push it is now heating.
    Clouds do not happen even if there is more water in the air, but to the “aerosols” that a reactions to the cosmic rays.
    Cosmic rays are measurable, and it is a matter of picking up on the pattern, and further experiments are tracking along in finding more info, though it is still being debated by others, [the new deniers?? 🙂 ]

    It may even be in the phase of spiralling in the changes of moving in & out of the Milky Way arms.
    That could bring more dramatic cooling by 5 degrees & of course some considerable heating at another time, in terms of millions of years, to going into billions of years.
    Patterns for that can be found in “iron meteorites” .

    Fossils of sea shows can show the temperature of the oceans, over 500 million years, seeing how the oscillations can fit noticing other changes elsewhere.
    But now some correlation to the “Cloud theory’ of the variability of the Cosmic Rays.
    It seems to be statistically significant.

    My aside, we know the recent Tonga sea volcanic put a lot more water, hence more clouds into the Southern atmosphere, or is it still to react much more, from a different reason than what the controlling Climate Change Net Zero CO2 exponents keep on pushing for our NZ storms.

    One more experiment, now in play,. seems to be the last link of the puzzle, how the cosmic rays work.

    Also to bear in mind, CO2 effecting climate is still just a theory.
    The sun is not a constant, it is very active & variable.
    Sort of funny as Carbon 14 is formed from the sun’s rays, and now there are records, like tree rings that can be found, like in the levels in the Dead Sea.

    This seems to remind me of the research into the old Ice samples, that do not seem to fully support the current Climate Change Co2 theories.

    Yet these researchers have found it difficult to get their papers published.
    After all they want others to then look, critique, to find any flaws, and or confirm this new thinking.
    So it is controlling “political think” to stifle things.
    So it would seem we are a part of galactic eco system that can effect the earth’s climate.

    Warning, mixed with some of my opinion, on what I think I heard & comprehended, so it is not a transcription, so E&OE 🙂



    • This comparison to where we know the flaws of the Covid issues & more accurate than my summation above, by the Canadian Vlad Tepes:—

      “All of recorded climate history actually matches sunspot observations perfectly.
      Not like Al Gore or Michael Mann and their dialectical climate data, which can be compared very closely with Fisman, Fauci and Neil Ferguson’s [NZ’s Hendy, Baker, Plank, Wiles] dialectical Covid models which caused, well you all know what it caused.

      The reason that climate data matches sunspot data, is that sunspots mean solar storms.
      Solar storms cause solar wind, which washes over the earth with high energy, but also pushes away cosmic rays.
      Cosmic rays seed clouds and cool the earth and make the global climate more rainy.
      So when the sunspot number is low, like 0 to not much above 0, the Earth experiences a lot of cosmic rays, and is cooler and wetter,
      When there is a high sunspot number, the earth experiences hotter and drier weather.

      The graphs fit perfectly, meaning perfectly inversely, ever since Galileo took a toy made by a Dutch optics maker and pointed it at the Sun and discovered sunspots.
      Sunspot numbers have been recorded ever since.

      Around 15 to 20 years ago, actual scientists were concerned that we may be heading into a deeper part of the current ice age.
      The reason was, the sunspot number was zero for a long long time.
      Months, years even.
      And things had gotten cooler even though the left was constantly demanding we deconstruct our industry cause ‘global warming’.

      So before we blame automobiles,. cow farts, nitrogen fertilizer, maybe have a look at the Sun.
      Cause you know, it is very, very hot.
      And is not perfectly consistent in terms of output all the time.

      For an excellent explanation with details by the two scientists who discovered and proved this claim, please watch [ rumble link above in my comment]

      Still though. It has to be embarrasing, even for them, to have to explain to leftists that the sun drives climate.
      They where of course canceled out of the sciences. Just like doctors who said: Covid isn’t that serious, masks don’t work and the vaxx is garbage.

      Only about 20 years earlier. Aufhaben, or cancel culture, has been in effect for counter-narrative speakers for some time now.
      In a way, this proves that the Climate scam is another dialectical line of effort.

      Like Covid, and whatever else is next and a dozen other things that came before, which always have the result of lowering our standard of living, our personal freedoms, and increasing the power of the state to a point where it is arbitrarily, and even whimsically tyrannical, and truth becomes crime.

      Perhaps the only thing [truth] the state will call a crime in the not too distant future.”



  13. DEAD CAT?
    Our economy grew +0.2% in the March quarter (both from the prior quarter and the same quarter the prior year) which means our economy flatlined for a sixth consecutive quarter. This results was after the sharp construction slowdown was partly offset by the record kiwifruit harvest. But on a per capita basis economic activity retreated -3.3% in the year to March 2024. (Australia’s perspective is here.)



    • so the only reason recession wasnt continued and made worse was due to the flood of imigrants? lifts gpd slightly but greatly deminishes per capita gdp.

      once again thanks robo and cindy, this is your legacy you fucking pieces of shit!
      useless luxtard and tranny willis tinkering around the edges will do fuck all in the big scheme of things, tax scratches, public service scratches, imigration scratches… these fuckwits arent even doing half measures when the country needs someone with the balls to go the whole hog and say/do what really needs to be done.

      1 term government i tell ya, people will soon work out we’re still in the shit and going broke, voters would rather do that with lots of free stuff and handouts then do it on a tight budget.



  14. Balance had swung ‘too far’ towards environment, Environment Minister says

    An overhaul of the country’s cornerstone environmental law by the previous Government tipped the balance too far toward environmental protection, the Minister for the Environment says.

    “It’s getting that balance between the actions that we take, and environmental protection… we consider that the balance had swung too far towards environmental protection at the cost of not being able to get things done.

    “We consider there does need to be a rebalancing,” she added. “Not a disregard of the environment, but a rebalancing.”




  15. Ridiculous explosion of cones…

    Putting out road cones can be more dangerous than doing the work, Transport Minister Simeon Brown says.

    Transport Minister Simeon Brown told a Budget scrutiny select committee this afternoon it was “unacceptable” that NZTA did not know these costs.

    It was “one of the reasons why we’ve been in a situation where traffic management expenditure has become, in many cases, the number one cost of doing business on our roads”, in the way it impacted on the wide range of uses of roads.

    “I’ve received advice that in some cases where traffic management’s been proscribed, it’s actually more dangerous putting out the road cones than it is actually doing the work,” Brown said.

    “So we actually just have to take a safety at a reasonable cost approach, rather than a safety at any cost approach.”

    He added a recent Waka Kotahi study found that, at many sites lots of road cones were being left out unnecessarily, frustrating motorists.



    • The problem is that the safety nazis have such a low regard for the motorists they desperately want to control that they are incapable of understanding that the public are not quite as dense as they think. Disregarding the Sunday drivers people are not on the road for pleasure but for purpose.

      So the first time they see a kilometre of road cones their reaction is one of caution but they soon observe a truckload or two of early settlers doing absolutely fuck all. They see that there is no purpose to the inconvenience they have been caused. After a few “false alarms” they are conditioned to ignore one kilometre of cones so the safety experts respond with two kilometres. Same with signs advising of all sorts of hazards which don’t exist.

      You see where this is heading.

      We used to call it ‘cry wolf’.



      • Then they leave all the bullshit cones and signs out 24hrs a day, when no one is around and they fade into the background anf fade and get ignored!
        Yes, they do have a place, but only were there is a danger!
        Town planers and roading engineers should be shot with a ball of their own shit!



  16. UK’s richest family on trial for human trafficking

    The Hinduja family, worth an estimated £37bn ($47bn), is accused of exploitation and human trafficking.
    The family own a villa in Geneva’s wealthy neighbourhood of Cologny, and the charges against them all relate to their practice of importing servants from India to look after their children and household.
    It’s alleged that Prakash and Kamal Hinduja, together with their son Ajay and his wife Namrata, confiscated staff passports, paid them as little as $8 (£7) for 18-hour days, and allowed them little freedom to leave the house.




  17. Shane Jones and Tama Potaka invite Maori troughers to slurp into a $20m swill and Jones tells us his focus is on … guess what?
    Government supporting Māori business success

    The two ministers have affirmed that their government is as brazen as the previous government not only in being generous with its corporate welfare handouts, but it is providing slops from some troughs only to applicants who must pass muster by brandishing their ethnicity credentials.

    The Coalition Government is supporting Māori to boost development and the Māori economy through investment in projects that benefit the regions.

    It has agreed to commit about $20 million for projects to support iwi, hapū and Māori businesses.

    And how much support do you imagine is being committed to support Asians to boost development and the Asian economy through investment in projects that benefit the regions?

    It’s a figure much closer to zero than to $20 million.




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