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  1. Last Friday police in the French commune of Collegien–which sits less than 30 kilometres east of Paris–busted up a sizable orgy due to its violation of the country’s Covid-19 curfew.

    Authorities responded to the party around 9 pm, which is three hours after the curfew goes into effect. Note that said curfew restricts movement between 6 pm until 6 am.

    When police arrived at the scene, they found 11 people in the parking lot. Due to legalities they were not allowed entrance into the warehouse until 11 pm, but when they finally got inside they learned what they were dealing with.

    “The event was in breach of the curfew, and there were also problems with masks and social distancing,” said an investigator to the Independent. “Those involved in the party cooperated with the police, and there was no resistance to the police.”


    Seems its a thing in Europe. Social distancing wasn’t being practised. 😆 😆



  2. Morning YSB’ers. This is an interesting article that everyone should take ‘time’ to read.
    When every thinking person knew that there was a conspiracy against US President Donald Trump, but were called crazy, here they actually spell out and boast of how they conspired against him. The only thing missing is the outright boasting of false ballots.
    The only crazy people are those that don’t think they’re being manipulated by globalist corporate swamp creatures.

    Edit: Happy Birthday New Zealand. Despite being run by a group of idiots trying to change us into peons, we’re still the only country I want to live in.



  3. On this day we recall the crucifixion of Bob Jones by the scum media when he suggested that “Waitangi day should be changed to Maori Gratitude day, and on that day Maori should bring Pakeha breakfast in bed to show their gratitude.”

    Humourless arseholes.



  4. We must make every one here in New Zealand abide with “Zero Emissions” 🙂
    Lets have a panel who will decide who can “essential electricity” because that is what will happen.
    Make them wear the cost NOW

    No diesel, petrol or oil. Absolutely no cars, not even a bus.
    All airports should be closed, forth-with.
    Walk or pedal.

    Until NZ is fully sustainable electric power production, then no charging electric cars or even an electric bike or scooter!
    The electric power lines should be pulled from their houses!
    Certainly no more coal imports!

    “Zero emissions” requires no diesel, petrol or gas-fuelled cars, trucks, tractors or dozers and no burning of coal or gas for electricity generation. But without nuclear power or a massive increase in hydro-electricity, green energy will not support metal refining or manufacturing, and domestic electricity usage will be rationed. “Zero emissions” will also force closure of most cement plants, …..

    A nice realistic picture of a windmill that sustainably fits into the environment. 🙂

    Close out those loop holes, as they only entice people to believe.

    The people, that is the ones that vote for Labour, Greens, National, etc.. should be living this NOW,



  5. A few years back a couple of commenters on Kiwiblog reckoned that Kea was a Christchurch Physicist/mathematician – Dr Marni Sheppeard… whether that was true or not, I never knew.
    Although Marni Sheppeard had commented on some theoretical physics sites under the nom-de-plume Kea.

    The point of this post:
    Marni Sheppeard has been reported as missing since Nov 19th.




  6. Mike Lindell
    Hyping for the first minute,
    Though he does reels of the facts of what he has found.
    If that all gets to court and is proven then this will change things.
    Picks up on anomalies, but also in the politics, where others would not show, or share information, that was contrary.
    Certainly hammers on Dominion voting machines & Smartmatics, and shows more reasons why the have so many more ways of how they benefit, like into other systems in government contracts.

    2 hours.
    It did take a few clickings to get it to start, but I finally got it to run.
    Runs well once rolling.
    This version seems to be through OAN via rumble.

    Found some other alternative links, that may work better.

    The original rumble


    I have not seen it all, so pretty much fresh to me.

    If they can bring the witnesses, affidavits FBI senior officials etc.. that impeded
    For me still a lot more things to be bought forward.

    Seems to have others making statements of what they have found.



    • Mike Lindell brings in many guests, with evidence, of what seems to have good standing.

      @ 1 hour 36 minutes with Mary Fanning.
      Of the hacking into the USA., with columns of forensic evidence.
      The flipped votes.

      dates, time stamps, Source IP’s, Source owner, Source ID, Target IP, the target US state, the target[ed] owner, Target ID, Intrusion Method, Success, Trace Logs, Votes changed.

      In just a few parts I may have doubts about some of the witness’s but I can also understand why there is some confusion, where the media have an agenda to propagandize.
      This evidence should really be tested in a court and as soon as possible.
      It is such a large mosaic picture, of some many parts that seem to be involved.

      So many other parts that Mike Lindell presents others, that in lawsuits, the political pressure, the gagging orders, the orders to twitter by state secretaries, etc. etc.. etc…

      I can put up with Mike Lindell’s hype, and excitement as he certainly has collated and pulled together a lot of info about Election Fraud.
      Sure I am concerned I may be consuming “hopeium” but we need more than a “circle wank” of media, big tech, declaring that it was proven bunkum, because?, …. by whom? …

      But still “Go for it Mike. ! ! !”
      Will it be a March 4th inauguration?



      • At the end, Mike Lindell throws a challenge out the 9 Supreme Court Justices, figuring they will have watched this.
        When, what are you going to do about this forensic evidence, that shows Trump achieved over 80 million votes.
        The questions raised about different executive Secretary of States, issuing gagging orders to twitter on facts about election fraud, when a State Judge gave the ok for publishing.
        Secretaries of States, declaring that attorneys will be de-licenced if they take a case of question about fraud to court
        The questions raised to the Department of Justice, and then those people with evidence were hounded by that Department whilst claiming there is no minimal election fraud.
        The questions raised about the FBI, that in much part seem to bury evidence, nor investigate.



    • From a comment, and seems a reasonable line to consider.
      – – – – – – — – – – – — – – – – – –
      CTH :-Dutchman
      Put it in context; in 2016, Hillary ran a “basement campaign”, even tho there was no “Covid excuse” to justify it.

      WE all assumed it was because of “health issues”; as she blatantly did NOT have anything like a “normal campaign”.

      Presumably, she had dominion on her side, so felt she didn’t NEED to ask the great unwashed masses for their votes.

      BUT, because of the “hidden Trump voter”, they underestimated the size of DJT’s support, and he “broke the algorithm”.

      “Flipping” votes, which is transfering Trump votes to his opponent, or using the “weighted vote” option, in which each Trump vote is counted (by the machine ) as 0.75, and every one of his opponents votes is counted as 1.25, does NOT change the total # of votes cast, as counted by the machine, so it matches the paper vote count.

      However, in 2016 those machine options weren’t enough to overcome his lead.

      The OTHER machine option, is to simply create votes “out of thin air” but doing it DOES cause an obvious discrepancy between the machine count and the paper count.

      So, in 2016 this option was not available for Hillary, because they had no way to “square the circle”.

      Knowing this, in 2020 they set up in advance, using covid excuse to justify mass mail out ballots, to have warehouses FULL of paper ballots, AND focus on 5-6 KEY cities.

      When PDJT’s lead prove insurmountable, thru vote flipping and weighted vote algorithm, they stopped counting in these 5-6 cities, simply increased the electronic vote totals JUST ENOUGH to give Biden the win, and then scrambled to make the paper totals match.

      That at least is the broad outlines, as I understand it.

      And yes, in order to do this they used every way they could to come up with what would LOOK LIKE “legitimate” ballots.

      Dead people voting due to uncleaned voter rolls, voting “for” R voters by early ballot, who by history never had requested an early ballot, and then provisioning them when they showed up on election day (another way of “flipping” a vote, etc.

      It is NOT “either/or”, it is most definitely BOTH, and this did complicate the investigation and proof.

      Most of all, though I think Rudy and Sidney both had confidence they would get a hearing;
      it just didn’t occur to them the enemy, knowing the Burden of proof is NOT on those alleging fraud to prove it,
      but is on those insisting the ballots in question are legal, had insured that the evidence would NEVER be heard.

      In other words, the cheaters KNEW if it was ever heard in court, they would lose.

      So, they insured it would never be heard.
      That is something I think caught the legal team by surprise, and the disagreement on strategy of “old fashion ballot fraud” vs “newfangled Dominion cheating” was an additional, but really very much secondary factor.

      For people like Rudy and Sidney, the idea is just such an anethema to everything they stand for and believe in.

      Look at Sidneys consternation, at the outrageous moves of Judge Sullivan;
      I think it was difficult for her to truly grasp just how thoroughly corrupted the court system had become.
      —— – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Real audits were kept at bay.
      Only paper counts reruns.

      It would seem that many things interlinked to keep real questioning, audits, etc. at bay.

      All that is needed now is validation of the last part, those dated time stamp sheets put forward by Mary Fanning, as mentioned above.

      Also recall the questions raised by the Navarro report, sort of showing a tip of the iceberg.

      Where is a good statistician when you need them? 🙂



      • Simpleton1
        I have read that in 2016 some “good guy” hackers got into the machine software and reversed , at the last moment, some of the settings that were in favour of Clinton. Not sure if it is true but nothing would surprise me.



  7. I see brain dead Joey B is in trouble again this morning for saying he’d been “shot at” in some war zone ,the silly old C- – T has already been lambasted in the past for this exact same lie FFS.



  8. revtech120@0842

    If Hilary can say that she ‘landed under sniper fire’ at Kosovo (or at some similar location), even when she actually didn’t, then why shouldn’t St Joseph the Vague (TM) also have his five nanoseconds of fame?

    The communists are always bleating about wanting ‘equal opportunity’ so If it’s good for the goose etc. etc…. (Especially when the adoring MSM will take anything that St.Joe says as ‘gospel’)



  9. I see Ms Ardern is still pretending to be an adult and cooking breakfast for her giggling admirers.

    Hope she is not using a gas BBQ. Much hypocrisy there if she is.

    Two pies will be hiding under the table scoffing the hash browns.



  10. Morning all. Not much news around today if it isn’t about that thing happening up north. Have a GR8 day.

    BCF is an Aussie boating and camping store. They made an ad that sent some people to ‘woke wracist crazy town’ despite not one asian face in the ad.

    Calling BCF advertisement featuring bat eating racist is ‘BCFing crazy’: Murray

    Sky News host Paul Murray says the people who believe the BCF advertisement featuring someone eating a bat is racist are “crazy”



  11. “…get the go ahead under the new “Covid fast-track process which largely bypasses the Resource Management Act.”
    How is a cycling track priority from special laws to bypass the RMA under covid?? Shouldn’t the WCC’s priority be their failing underground water and sewerage infrastructure?

    Approval has been given to build the harbour-side walking and cycling link between Wellington and Lower Hutt.


    It is the first project to get the go ahead under the new Covid fast-track process which largely bypasses the Resource Management Act with the decision made by a panel of experts chaired by an Environment Court judge.

    The Transport Agency Waka Kotahi said the Ngā Ūranga to Pito-one section (Ngauranga to Petone) of Te Ara Tupua is the largest ever walking and cycling project in the region.

    The project is 4.5km long and 5m wide, with much on newly created land and coastal structures.



    • So
      ‘on newly created land and coastal structures.’

      Reclamation then !!

      Pour dirt and rocks into the sea – an unnatural event- to enable bikes to cycle along a new cycle way.
      Right next to the sea that will heave over in storms on more than few days a year and make it unusable.
      Nature delivered this coastal strip in the 1855 earthquake.
      Nature is not good enough for these people – who claim to hate oil.

      Performing an event to allow bicycles that use tyres made from oil, carbon fibre frames made from high electricity use, or aluminium frames made from high electricity consumption, seats made of vinyl (oil) ; oil on the chains, lubed cables. ‘rubber’ handlebar grips (oil) etc.
      Will the cycleway be finished with a tar surface (oil) ?

      Hey I have no problem with bikes (I bought a new one during the week) or reclamation but these critters pretend they are friends of the environment but it is virtue signalling using large amounts of other peoples money.

      PS. I love that NZTA have screwed up so much in the last 10 years – Surface of Kapiti expressway; the unfinished Transmission Gully meant to be open a year ago; The WOF allocations; Driver licencing and all the fake licences – that they are shifting their name across to Waka Kotahi
      Like a shape shifting creep from a horror movie.



  12. I’m currently evaluating differing strategies around participating in the retail environment, specifically connected to and impacting on the purchase of various renewable energy units of a personal nutritional and heath nature.

    However, alternative scenarios also present themselves in as far as metreological considerations develop viz-a-viz their dynamic relationships to the current sea levels.


    See, I can write corporate gibberish too. I think I’ll get a job in a government department or maybe one of those ‘university’ whastisname thingys.

    (I’m thinking of going shopping, but if it stays sunny I might go to the beach instead, depending on the tide). 😆



  13. Following is a longish but vey worthwhile piece about what vaccines do. Especially recommended for those who scorn “anti-vaxxers”.

    from the Dr Richard Moskowitz article “The Case Against Immunizations”

    “It is dangerously misleading, and indeed the exact opposite of the truth, to claim that a vaccine renders us ‘immune’ to or protects us against an acute disease, if in fact it only drives the disease deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically instead, with the result that our responses to it become progressively weaker but show less and less of a tendency to heal or resolve themselves spontaneously. What I propose, then, is to investigate as thoroughly and objectively as I can how the vaccines actually work inside the human body, and to begin by simply paying attention to the implications of what we already know. Consider the process of falling ill with and recovering from a typical acute disease, such as the measles, in contrast with what we can observe following (the intramuscular) administration of the measles vaccine.”

    “…Once inhaled by a susceptible individual, the [measles] virus undergoes a prolonged period of silent multiplication, first in the tonsils, adenoids, and accessory lymphoid aggregations of the nasopharynx; later in the regional lymph nodes of the head and neck; and eventually, several days later, it passes into the blood and enters the spleen, the liver, the thymus, and the bone marrow, the ‘visceral’ organs of the immune system. Throughout this ‘incubation’ period, which lasts from 10 to 14 days, the patient typically feels quite well, and experiences few or no symptoms of any kind.”

    “By the time that the first symptoms of measles appear, circulating antibodies are already detectable in the blood, and the height of the symptomatology coincides with the peak of the antibody response. In other words, the ‘illness’ that we call the measles is simply the definitive effort of the immune system to clear this virus from the blood. Notice also that this expulsion is accomplished by sneezing and coughing, i. e., via the same route through which it entered in the first place. It is abundantly clear from the above that the process of mounting and recovering from an acute illness like the measles involves a general mobilization of the immune system as a whole, including inflammation of the previously sensitized tissues at the portal(s) of entry, activation of leukocytes, macrophages, and the serum complement system, and a host of other mechanisms, of which the production of circulating antibodies is only one, and by no means the most important.”

    “Such splendid outpourings indeed represent the decisive experiences in the normal physiological maturation of the immune system in the life of a healthy child. For recovery from the measles not only protects children from being susceptible to it again, no matter how many more times they may be exposed to it, but also prepares them to respond promptly and effectively to any other infections they may encounter in the future. The ability to mount a vigorous acute response to infection must therefore be reckoned among the most fundamental requirements of health and well-being that we all share.”

    “By contrast, the live but artificially attenuated measles-virus vaccine is injected directly into the blood, by-passing the normal port of entry, and sets up at most a brief inflammatory reaction at the injection site, or perhaps in the regional lymph nodes, with no local sensitization at the normal portal of entry, no ‘incubation period,’ no generalized inflammatory response, and no generalized outpouring. By ‘tricking’ the body in this fashion, we have accomplished precisely what the entire immune system seems to have evolved to prevent: we have placed the virus directly into the blood and given it free and immediate access to the major immune organs and tissues, without any obvious mechanism or route for getting rid of it.”

    “The result is the production of circulating antibodies against the virus, which can in fact be measured in the blood; but this antibody response occurs as an isolated technical feat, without any overt illness to recover from, or any noticeable improvement in the general health of the recipient. Indeed, I submit that exactly the opposite is true, that the price we have to pay for these antibodies is the persistence of viral elements in the blood for long periods of time, perhaps permanently, which in turn carries with it a systematic weakening of our capacity to mount an acute response, not only to the measles, but to other infections as well.”

    “Far from producing a genuine immunity, then, my suspicion and my fear is that vaccines act by interfering with and even suppressing the immune response as a whole, in much the same way that radiation, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, and other anti-inflammatory drugs do. Artificial ‘immunization’ focuses on antibody production, a single aspect of the immune process, disarticulates it, and allows it to stand for the whole, in much the same way as chemical suppression of an elevated blood pressure is accepted as a valid substitute for genuine healing or cure of the patient whose blood pressure has risen. It is the frosting on the cake, without the cake. The worst part of this counterfeiting is that it becomes more difficult, if not impossible, for vaccinated children to mount a normally acute and vigorous response to infection, by substituting for it a much weaker, essentially chronic response, with little or no tendency to heal itself spontaneously.”



  14. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) questions Miguel Cardona, President Biden’s nominee for education secretary, for answers about whether transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in school sports, specifically girls’ sports.

    : Senate holds confirmation hearing for education secretary nominee Miguel Cardona
    Starts on cue 1:02 : 26 – finishes 1: 06 : 20 approx 4 mins.

    Talk about round the round to please the transgender boys showing that Biden’s nominee has no problem with the boys wrestling girls, or in other track and meet competitions.

    Biden has schools all locked in now, with uni-toilets, and changing rooms.

    The rest of the Senate questioners seem to have very little concern.



  15. Man arrested after shot fired in Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill


    Police received calls from concerned members of the public shortly after 4am regarding a shot being fired at an address on McCullough Ave.

    After a “swift response” by armed officers, who worked with police dogs, the Eagle helicopter and investigations staff, a man was subsequently arrested and charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm, said Detective Senior Sergeant Glenn Baldwin.

    The 36-year-old is due to appear in Auckland District Court on February 9.



  16. ACT leader David Seymour today delivered his State of the Nation Address, criticising the Government on its Covid Response and putting forward what it should have declared as a crisis.


    “Massive failure by Government and politicians. Nearly everything they did was a bad idea, badly executed.”

    “We need honest conversations about the real crises that are building up under this Government,” Seymour said.

    “If there’s a climate crisis, then there is also a crisis in education, a crisis in public order, with productivity growth, housing and Oranga Tamariki.”



    • I think politicians need to re-assess their roles when being crisis manufacturers and mania manipulators.

      Tomorrow, when the sun rises they should bare their buttocks in it’s direction and compare emmitence of radiance.
      Should more beams of light be detected from the sun, an enquiry should be held immediately to ass-certain the reason for the sun’s brilliance, especially when compared to theirs.
      We must get to the bottom of this crisis of privilege.



  17. Flogged from another site but well worth sharing.

    Vox Day made the interesting comment “I’ve said for two decades that Italy is less corrupt than the United States, because in the USA, the system isn’t corrupted, it’s the corruption that is the system.”



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