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  1. I think if everyone knew that it would be the end of the democrats.
    Have a wonderful day, be safe, one of the managers of the Glenview New World was beaten up the other day, by a deranged customer!!!!!! Or were they pissed that the manager caught them stealing??????
    So you can just be minding your own business and wham.



    • The slaves if they escaped and were lucky enough got swept up into a long group of safe houses etc and were moved to places like Detroit where they could be taken across to Canada. Ince there they were free.
      there is a museum in Detroit devoted to that story.

      The democrats hide that story and certainly don’t tell their supporters.
      The irony is people like harris would still be a slave if the Dems had ruled.

      Obviously she doesn’t know her own history.
      In saying that though lots of blacks became slave owners. Remember all blacks are not of the same race or origin.

      Loike NZ there’s lots of historyon Philly and Detroit around these things.
      Interesting places to visit if you are into history.

      There is one I went to where they focused onblack achievers.
      Some were very wealthy even in the 18th century.



  2. Good morning, always good when we do not need so moisture through the winter, other than some fog to clear later for a fine day, with a good glimpse of the weak sun, even if temps are on the cooler side.

    Why do we never learn?
    A straight forward bureaucrat of a “think tanker” I would join & vote in this, ‘who knows who world’., 😉

    Barry Humphries Flashbacks- The 1970s- Gough Whitlam
    1 min 35 secs : circa 1970’s

    The simple plain unvarnished truth of government finances & aspirational politicians.



    • S1, I have just finished reading Rowan Deans (Sky Australia) Biography of Barry Humphries “The Many Lives of Barry Humphries” published last year. Rowan Dean was a very close friend of Humphries, a man like Rowan Dean, who absolutely disliked the dishonesty of the political Left and made it widely known. He also thought the LBGTQ was a load of crap and made his stance on that. Barry Humphries and Peter Cook started up the Melbourne Comedy Festival and some time later, in recognition of this the ultimate award “The Barry’s” was given in recognition of Barry Humphries contribution to Australian Comedy, but was cancelled by the Festival organisers a few years ago because of Barry Humphries questioning of the motives of the LTBGTQ movement. This cancellation greatly hurt Barry Humphries, just prior to his death.

      It is a very good read if you can get a copy.



  3. The insidious deep reach into controlling our lives via Corporations.

    he Vigilant Fox 🦊 : @VigilantFox
    Watch Ben Shapiro …..
    …. why, despite that loss of trust, the legacy media continue to gain share in the advertising market.
    And the answer is simple.
    There is, in fact, an informal pressure system created by Democratic legislators, this White House, legacy media, advertisers, and pseudo-objective brand safety organizations.
    That system guarantees that advertising dollars flow only to left-wing media brands. …..
    ……. [Global Alliance for Responsible Media] GARM acts as a cartel. Its members account for 90% of ad spending in the United States, almost a trillion dollars. In other words, if you’re not getting ad dollars from GARM members, it’s nearly impossible to run an ad-based business. …..
    …. government actors, …… ….. using the tacit threat of government action to compel private companies to throttle viewpoints you don’t particularly like. ….

    5 mins : The full transcript is there also
    GARM:- some of the brands that we know well in New Zealand, that would follow the Government line.
    Note the connection to Unilever,
    …. Work priorities are set by the GARM Steer Team, which brings together representatives from P&G, Unilever, ….. [etc.]
    It would seem NZ is all washed up in those suds, & shows we need a really good rinse to get rid of this ingrained controlling filth.



  4. wonder what winnie will door say today to stir up the tauranga dementia ward?
    hopefully after yesterdays episodes the nurses have tweaked the meds, broken facebook links are a possible side effect tho.

    anyways ill leave you lot to deal with the demented shouty outbursts, stupid boy is away fishing again today, fresh blue cod, paua and with any luck maybe even crayfish for tea 🙂



  5. One little controlled puppet!

    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is currently in Washington DC on a diplomatic visit where he has met with many world leaders. Yesterday he met Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, much to the consternation of critics online. The meeting drew comparisons with Jacinda Ardern’s high profile meeting with Blackrock on an American trip during her term in office. Blackrock has been criticised for forcing environmental and social targets on the companies they invest in, undermining profitability and shareholder value.


    And another little controlled puppet!

    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced further sanctions as part of the Government’s ongoing response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

    A sovereign independent Nation led by sovereign independent individuals – Yeah right.



  6. A Liberal-backed Treasury Board report declared that Canadians thinking must be “corrected” to restore trust in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. According to a Blacklock’s Reporter report published July 3 by Treasury Board president Anita Anand’s department, Liberal spokespersons should “correct” Canadians mistrust in the Trudeau government.




  7. Israel used ‘Hannibal Directive’ to kill its own people on October 7, local media reports!

    Reports from Israeli news outlets like Haaretz and others confirmed that Israeli forces were instructed to prevent vehicles from returning to Gaza after Hamas’ October 7 attack, even if it meant endangering Israeli hostages.




  8. Latest news in the world gone mad. The bald jacinda met with sleepy Joe and concluded that he is a good man on top of his brief and pharma starmer says that the UK will give 3bn pounds a year to the penis pianist.



  9. A little girl says to her mother:

    “Mummy, when you were away at the weekend a strange lady came around”

    “Not now,” says Mummy. “Wait until Daddy gets home.”

    So they wait until Daddy gets home, and then Mummy says “Now dear, what were you saying about Daddy and the strange lady?”

    And Daddy starts to say something but Mummy says, “You keep quiet – I’ll be talking to my attorney in the morning. Carry on, dear.”

    “Well,” says the little girl, “Daddy told me to stay downstairs while they went upstairs, but I followed them without Daddy seeing me, and I saw them hugging and kissing at the top of the stairs. Then they went into your bedroom and shut the door, but I went up and looked through the keyhole.”

    “Clever girl,” purrs Mummy. “What could you see through the keyhole?”

    “I saw them hugging and kissing some more, and then they started to take each other’s clothes off, and they carried on until they had nothing on, and then the lady got on the bed and Daddy got on top of her.”

    “Yes?” says Mummy. “And then what happened?”

    “Then they did what you and Uncle Jack did when Daddy was in Vancouver last year,” says the little girl confidently.



  10. A Syrian refugee from Alleppo is being interviewed:

    Interviewee: “It’s awful, terrifying…… poverty like a third world country; like you have never seen, surrounded by extremist Muslims committing honour killings & abducting children for sex slavery. Desperate people everywhere malnourished, inflicted with pestilence & simply forgotten by the rest of the worlds governments. I just want to get out of here.”

    Reporter: “And how long have been living in Mt Roskill for now?”



  11. Meanwhile over at the parallel universe occupied by the Daily Blog, Martin is having a wee vent as he notes that “The Greens are about to leap out of the woke frying pan into the identity politics fire.” He’s referring to the likelihood that when/if Darleen Tana is given the arsecard from Parliament she will be replaced by Benjamin Doyle.


    Doyle is an “interesting” character. From one of the comments to Bradbury’s article:

    ….”“Here is a Master’s thesis crafted with, by, and for Rangatahi Takatāpui. It represents a labour of love for the community to which I belong, and seeks to generate understanding about the factors that enable LGBTQI+ Māori youth to embody and enact Tino Rangatiratanga. Principles of Kaupapa Māori Theory provide a paradigm through which this research is conducted, with particular attention paid to the Indigenous Research Agenda. Importantly, this rangahau seeks to offer an alternative to the conventions of hegemonic empirical academia by centering the voices and lived experiences of those who have historically been subjected to the dehumanising objectification of Western research practices.

    Ultimately, this research present nine key factors to be addressed and implemented in order to achieve this aspiration, including a call for conscientisation (both the self and the collective), resourcing and support, the removal of barriers to access, community intersectional reflexivity, space for collective Indigenous dreaming, and an ongoing commitment to Te Tiriti justice.””…….

    The good news is that if he doesn’t pass muster & follows Turei, Ghahraman & Tana out of the green backdoor it’s unlikely that he would be snapped up by the Maori Party. The low IQ, poorly educated separatists wouldn’t be able to comprehend his CV.



    • The really scary part is he’s a school teacher. After reading that word soup I’m not doing to well at working out what he / she / they is trying to convey. My best guess is ” I’m a screaming faggot who has discovered a drop of Maori blood from way back in my heritage and decided to use that in my grifting scheme to never have to work again “.



  12. https://www.1news.co.nz/2024/07/12/ird-starts-unannounced-visits-to-construction-sites/
    The Inland Revenue Department has started unannounced visits to construction sites this month

    In April, IRD issued a “last chance warning” to the construction sector over untaxed cash jobs.

    “We’re not blind to the fact that businesses in the construction sector have struggled with increases in the cost and availability of materials, and labour shortages over the last few years,” it said at the time.

    “But we also know that while some are struggling just to keep up with the everyday grind, others are actively avoiding their tax obligations.”

    “We’ve been actively encouraging businesses in the construction sector to sort their tax affairs through our Tax Toolbox media campaigns,” Commissioner of Inland Revenue Peter Mersi said.

    “We’ve also started texting those with high debt to encourage them to get in touch about working things out.

    “Debt collection and audits are also now getting underway in earnest.”



              • There’s no shortage of left-footers in National Lizzy. They threw the 2020 election in favour of ensuring the death With Dignity & the marijuana referenda didn’t pass. Bolger & others ensured that the cold dead hand of the Vatican could keep the lid on social liberalisation for decades.

                They are the same religio-conservatives who still can’t get their heads around the fact that society evolves in the manner of a pressure cooker. Keep the lid screwed down & everything looks good but when it inevitably blows things will get messy.



    • Does not work in the Ukraine.
      The Ukraine “Azov” Brigades, “Patriot of Ukraine”, (Bandera’s proponents), etc., will see to that with “anti-retreat forces.
      To the front-line with in days or if lucky about an inadequate months training.



  13. Project Total Control: Everything Is A Weapon When Totalitarianism Is Normalized

    The end goal of Government mind control campaigns—packaged in the guise of the greater good—is to see how far the people will allow the government to go in undermining our freedoms.
    Whatever else it may be—a danger, a menace, a threat—the Government is certainly not looking out for our best interests, nor is it in any way a friend to freedom.

    When the government views itself as superior to the citizenry, when it no longer operates for the benefit of the people, when the people are no longer able to peacefully reform their government, when government officials cease to act like public servants, when elected officials no longer represent the will of the people, when the government routinely violates the rights of the people and perpetrates more violence against the citizenry than the criminal class, when government spending is unaccountable and unaccounted for, when the judiciary act as courts of order rather than justice, and when the government is no longer bound by the laws of the land, then you no longer have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, then the Bolsheviks are in charge.




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