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  1. This is starting to show that the redefined vaccines are not doing their job.

    Aug 24, 2021 6:47 PM RNZ Live
    More on the Middlemore Hospital case

    While the staff member has been stood down the department remains open.

    The Ministry of Health says the person is asymptomatic, fully vaccinated and has been wearing PPE.

    Their case was detected during routine testing and public health staff are investigating.

    The MInistry says the public health risk is low.

    Ministry and media, …… yeah right …..



  2. Just to show the vaccine is not a total panacea as the media paint things.

    Covid-19 vaccines failing to protect vaccinated in England, as 57% of Delta variant deaths in fully vaccinated compared to just 33% in unvaccinated.
    Note what was circled in red!
    Some of the dozen comments are weighing some of the figures of the source.

    The source of those graphs is this and at the bottom are of that Table 5 page 22 & 23
    Table 5. Attendance to emergency care and deaths of sequenced and genotyped Delta cases in England by vaccination status
    (1 February 2021 to 15 August 2021)


    Though from all that data one must also consider the death rates do increase for the more aged and so possible with other health problems, or does the vaccine cause & trigger other co-morbidities?
    Any way a stack of numbers, tables, statistics, to pick through so another tool, so one can rationally consider the value of the vaccines.



    • Saw the Rolling Stones in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1964, I was only 14. As they all did in those days only a short set, about 6 songs or so and the only one I can definitely remember playing was Little Red Rooster which funnily enough didn’t really like much, still don’t.
      There were a large number of supporting acts including Roy Orbison. Still play lots of their songs, especially the older ones.
      And for what it is worth – Charlie hasn’t had a drink in 30 years, stopped smoking in the 1970’s and quit drugs in the early 80’s. So he’s led a cleaner life than 90% of other people in the past 40 years!



  3. Following on from my comment about Southland’s most famous tradie, below is a story of Otago’s most famous tradie.
    Ex-ALL Black Duncan Robertson startled a New Zealand Herald reporter who asked what he’d say to the driver who accidentally mowed him down two years ago while he was putting the rubbish out.

    ‘‘I would probably ring them and thank them,’’ he said.

    Read the link below to find out why.
    Commenting on the expansion of Queenstown he said
    ‘‘It is what it is — if you don’t like it, f..k off.’’
    I could very well echo that comment to all the SJWs and our inept PTPM who are trying to change New Zealand.



  4. Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies, aged 80

    Watts had recently announced he would miss the ‘Satisfaction’ rockers’ upcoming tour after undergoing an unspecified medical procedure.

    Watts’ original interests were jazz and blues, and joined guitarist Keith Richards and singer Mick Jagger’s new group the Rolling Stones in 1963. He’s been with them ever since.




    • Amazing isn’t it that the lock down should then deliver all these cases. Lockdown will never work, this will be with us for ever and a day. She is locking us all down for her own means. It suits her and the polls. Have a good day in home D people imagining how long we will be in this semi life now.



      • Dear Lizziep,

        “History has turned another page” as the saying goes.

        Jacinda starred like veritable Marilyn Monroe during the Great New Zealand Lockdowns.

        It merely required brute dictatorial resolve plus the resources of the Police for its implementation. The Media were 110% on her side for a variety of reasons.

        But today the World has moved on.

        The game changer is vaccines (whatever you think of them). Everything overseas is opening up now. Previously the mantra was “Stay Safe. Stay Home”. Now the mantra is “Vaccinate. You Have To Learn To Live With The Virus”.

        Jacinda spent even more time staring into the mirror on the wall while basking in world admiration THAN EVEN THE MOST CYNICAL YSB BLOGGER COULD HAVE IMAGINED!!!

        And this is what happened. The vaccination program went onto the back burner. Jacinda believed that as outbreaks occurred she could use her proven magic to “stamp it out” with lockdowns and there would be the added boon that her popularity polls would continue to skyrocket domestically and internationally.

        What a game. Like a cat playing with a mouse!

        By the way this is a crime against humanity by both Ardern and Bloomfield. They should both face Nurenberg Trials with the possibility of the ultimate penalty.

        Now DELTA has arrived. It’s a game changer. The whole World is saying so!!!

        Australia and New Zealand are now two lands caught in a time warp. Still living in the “Elimination Age” rather than the “Vaccine Age”. Kinda like going to New Guinea and seeing naked topless ladies and a sleaze named “Mr Mike” who plies the natives with rum and posts on YSB… I digress.

        Imagine you are a Remuera housewife. Let’s call you “Karen”. (You are wrong. Her husbands name is “Humphrey” lol):

        When Jacinda announced 100,000 new homes you thought Jacinda was simply ‘amazeballs’. When she didn’t deliver it didn’t bother you. Your house in Remuera has both a pool and a tennis court (used more often these days).

        When Jacinda announced the eliminashon of child poverdy you thought Jacinda was simply ‘amazeballs’. When she didn’t deliver it didn’t bother you. Your daughter Amelia is off to Med School and James is hoping to do a double major in Law and Social Justice Studies.

        Then COVID arrived and Jacinda announced you were all going to die. Horribly and alone. Slowly choking to death. If you were lucky humans in alien suits would swarm all over you and insert tubes while the dead piled up in the hospital corridors.

        Then, a miracle happened: Jacinda announced the eliminashon of COVID. And did a little song and dance to prove it!!! Amazeballs!!!

        Then another miracle!!!. Princess waved her magic wand… and guess what… NEW ZEALAND IS AT THE FRONT OF THE QUEUE FOR VACCINES!!!

        So amazeballs!!! New Zealand is the envy of the world!!!

        But we YSB bloggers knew better. It was all shit. But what could we do? The Brigadier joined the marches and so did Starving Artists. YSB very own version of “Dad’s Army” lol!!! We ranted. We raved. We despaired.

        Then one day a dark knight rode into town. It was Sir Delta. More contagious than anything else on Earth.

        The cry goes out “There is no escape!!! We are doomed.”


        And we are about last in the world.


        We are all going to die. Humphrey too!!! And my neighbour (she’s the President of the Auckland Cat Rescue Society). Horribly and alone. Slowly choking to death. If you were lucky humans in alien suits would swarm all over you and insert tubes while the dead piled up in the hospital corridors.


        And this folks is where we are at on Wednesday 25 August.

        Jacinda has pinned her star to “Eliminashon”. SHE WILL DOUBLE DOWN! It will be a suicide mission and that’s why the rest of the government are quietly walking away from Jacinda and her policy. Jacinda is yesterday. No longer ‘young’. No longer ‘transformational’.

        She’s now a toxic liability. Every single unvaccinated death in New Zealand is her fault.

        I’ve done some numbers. Prediction is impossible but Hendy on TV1 last night stated he expected 1000 cases.

        If DELTA follows the Aussie statistics we could look see in New Zealand 10,000 cases and 200 deaths. If DELTA follows the World average we could see 137,000 cases and 2,800 deaths. If DELTA follows the British statistics we could see 476,000 cases and 10,000 deaths.

        To summarise this mess… I predict the cases will be in the thousands and the deaths will be in the hundreds.

        I started this with a proverb and I’ll end it with one.

        “From Hero To Zero”



  5. I said the other day, I wished Steven Joyce was in charge. Prebble, this morning, is worth a read:

    Covid 19 coronavirus: Richard Prebble: A better way to beat the virus
    This Covid outbreak is the worst public health snafu since the Massey Government let WW1 soldiers with Spanish flu disembark. At least Massey never closed Parliament to avoid being accountable.

    The virus is learning faster than we are.

    Ministers are ignoring the official New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Plan, which states that the recovery phase from an outbreak can start when the population is protected by vaccination or the pandemic has abated. If we were all vaccinated against Covid, the country would not be in lockdown.

    We have gone from being in front of the queue for vaccination to the back.

    The most expensive way to fight the virus is a lockdown. New South Wales shows how hard it is to stamp out the Delta variant in a largely unvaccinated community.

    Ministers rely on lockdowns because they have swallowed their own propaganda. We were never a team of 5 million. There were always those who are not team players.

    Addicts will do anything for a fix. Drug addicts have told me their dealers kept supplying through the lockdowns.

    The longer the lockdowns, the more lights I saw on in holiday homes.

    We need better compliance to defeat the more infectious Delta variant.

    The Government has learned nothing.

    The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is still giving out contradictory advice. Why are butchers, bakers and greengrocers closed? How are supermarkets with unvaccinated workers safer?

    For almost 30 years Pharmac has purchased the nation’s vaccines. Yet ministers appointed MBIE to purchase Covid vaccines. The ministry has never bought an Aspirin.

    Officials spent half a million dollars on consultants and lawyers. Wasting time, MBIE lost our place in the queue.

    MBIE has purchased just one type of vaccine. For just $40 million extra, we could have had fast delivery.

    In contrast, Pharmac’s website says its strategy is “competition between pharmaceutical companies”.

    Medsafe has approved another vaccine. Using different vaccines for each jab can give better protection. The vaccine shortage is of the Government’s own making.

    The way to defeat an outbreak is to rapidly test, trace and isolate. In Sydney, Delta is spreading faster than they can swab test.

    The Simpson/Roche report last September recommended: “All efforts should be made to introduce saliva testing as soon as possible”.

    Unbelievably, Cabinet has issued “Covid-19 Public Health Response (Point-of-care Tests) order 2021” banning the unauthorised importing of rapid Covid tests.

    The Ministry of Health has totally botched obtaining rapid tests. Instead of expressing frustration, Andrew Little should accept that he is the Minister and is responsible.

    If Pharmac was purchasing, we would have access to cheap, reliable, do-it-yourself Covid tests. Instead, resources are being diverted from vaccination and people are waiting for hours for tests and the results.

    Everyone in Auckland could have had a rapid Covid self-test in 24 hours.

    My nephew is in London. He has had his first vaccination. He discovered he had Covid from a DIY test. He self-isolated. He self-tested until he was no longer infectious. He never needed to see a health professional.

    If my nephew was in New Zealand he would not be vaccinated. He would have queued for hours for a test. He would have been infectious while waiting for results. Being unvaccinated, he might have had to be hospitalised.

    In Britain there are almost no Covid restrictions. We are not world leading when we are in Level 4 lockdown and case numbers are increasing.

    The Strategic Covid-19 Public Health Advisory Group recommended “that the scanning of QR codes should be mandated at some types of venue”. Tracing has been difficult because the advice was only adopted after the outbreak.

    Medsafe approved the vaccination of children aged 12-15 back in June. Again, that advice was only adopted after the outbreak.

    The former Labour Minister of Health, Dr Michael Bassett, made this prophetic post: “If the Delta Variant creeps in, that will provide a platform for daily press conferences where the Prime Minister can look concerned and wave phony solutions, and fill the TV news programmes”.

    To command both TV news channels, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern waited until 6pm to tell us that Covid was in the community. Then we had to wait 10 minutes for an announcement that was largely self-congratulatory.

    Ardern is exploiting the lockdown for publicity. Ministers knew last Friday that the lockdown would not end last night. Announcing short extensions enables Ardern to dominate the news.

    We need a fix-it Minister like Steven Joyce. A fix-it Minister would:

    • Put Pharmac in charge of purchasing

    • Buy rapid DIY Covid tests. Airfreight the kits. Distribute them through supermarkets. We could be self-testing in 48 hours

    • Buy more vaccines, especially the one-dose type

    • Give everyone their first dose in 30 days. Use every available health resource – GP clinics, pharmacies, district nurses, Plunket, the lot. Keep the vaccination centers open 24/7

    With DIY tests and rapid vaccination, this lockdown can succeed. With vaccination this can be the last lockdown.



    • So more of the same then just more efficient? The only differences between the nats doing a rollout and the current mob will be different backs get scratch, those different bank accounts grow fatter and the media would be all negative no matter what.

      The sadening thing for new zealand is every fucker in charge are on the same train heading to destination fucked whilst arguing over who can get there better, not 1 politician or even anyone of great influence in NZ has the brains or the balls to propose an alternative plan.
      There should be an alternate plan in place right now for “if” the vax dosent work which we already bloody know it dosent from being one of the slòwest in the world to vaccinate.



      • ……”for “if” the vax dosent work”……

        They also need a plan for the 50% of Kiwis who are going to tell Cindy & her team of brainwashers to shove their vaccine.

        Mind you at least some of them will be alive to bury the already vaccinated.



        • True that nasska.
          Give it another 6-8wks of vax hysteria and i think the jab numbers will drop massively and a clearer picture on the true number of hesitant will start to emerge.
          I think theyll get over 50%, 60% maybe possible but 75% uptake no fucking way. And zero alternative, i rekon theyll ban ivermectin etc in an attempt to coerce via no other option… ill take my chances on natural immunity



          • Ivermectin has been around for decades, is approved with well known side effects. Some Indian states freely issued Ivermectin and either death rates declined, states that didn’t saw their death rates continue to climb, but the West largely backed by a corrupt Pharmaceutical industry, paid for Media and compliant moronic bureaucrats continue to suppress any rational discussion or investigation of alternatives like Ivermectin & HCQ. Perhaps our Politicians and other Elites require a wake up message.



    • Take away line from this

      “My nephew is in London. He has had his first vaccination. He discovered he had Covid from a DIY test. He self-isolated. He self-tested until he was no longer infectious. He never needed to see a health professional.”

      So Delta is anything but “Deadly” “Dangerous” (Insert scary word here….) He treated it like the common cold and recovered….. ( he did have a #clotshot) but that may be neither here nor there…



    • So yet another commentator saying vaccines are the answer. This vaccine is not working against the delta variant so what is the point. If it was working there would be no talk of boosters. I will repeat again what Dr Ryan Cole said –“you are vaccinating against last year’s virus”.

      Time to take Ivermection serious as freethinker mentions. Attack the issue from more than one front.

      This virus is not going away and if a good, reliable , well tested vaccine is developed in the future, great. i would take it then if I thought it necessary for my health.



      • Correct

        Influenzas evolve and this is this years variant.
        And vaccines are always (as far as I know) made for last season’s flu.
        So what was prevalent in the northern hemisphere in say Feb 2010 in used in NZ in Apr/May 2010
        What is prevalent in NZ/AU/South America in July 2012 in used in Northern hemi in Oct/Nov 2012

        So a late bug evolving and getting into the human population in Northern hemi in April 2010 will not be in the southern hemi flu vaccine in April 2010

        This is what happens which is why the best case scenario for flu vaccines is 60% and can be as low as 20% if a virulent strain occurs late in the season in the other hemisphere this is not inoculated against.
        With the frequency of flying (up to 2019 ) these viruses moved about

        Also flu vaccine wanes after about 4 months so a shot in April can be ineffective by late August and that is when the body is run down with few vitamin reserves (not that vitamins tend to last long in the body)



  6. Health expert brushes off Scott Morrison’s ‘cave’ remarks

    Back to the debate about the future of New Zealand’s Covid elimination strategy.
    The AM Show spoke to Matthew Lesh, head of research at UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute
    The Delta variant made elimination of Covid “extremely difficult, if not impossible,” Lesh said. Vaccines made the strategy unnecessary.
    “If you’re unwilling to accept any cases, it means permanently shut borders and painful lockdowns.” That was no way to live life, Lesh said.
    Having been slow to vaccinate, NZ was stuck in a kind of Covid purgatory.
    “You’ve had this outbreak of the Delta variant, you’ve got a quite vulnerable population because you’re largely unvaccinated, and as a result you’re facing this severe lockdown.
    “I think much of the rest of the world is watching on with bafflement, thinking: ‘We’re moving on from Covid, we’ve accepted we have to live with some level of ongoing risk. We’re going to vaccinate, we’re going to save as many people as possible, but life is not a zero-risk proposition, and we have to get on with things, eventually we have to learn to live with the virus’,” Lesh said.
    Eliminating the Delta variant was possible only in the short term. “The only way to do it would be these constant lockdowns. And it’s not a permanent ongoing strategy unless you want constant lockdowns, you’re not willing to reopen your borders ever again.
    “And the benefit just isn’t there because the vaccines will limit the harm from Covid.”
    With vaccines Covid was comparable to the flu, which killed about 500 people every year in NZ “but you don’t lockdown and shut down your borders every year as a result”.




  7. Did my duty yesterday. I was on the phone o a lovely lady from a company. We got chatting about lockdown and she asked me if I had been vaccinated. Well, at the end of my lecture on the sideaffects, dangers of fiddling with mRNA, deaths, she admitted she was nervous.. I think I put her off…. Job well done I think!



  8. The big question is this.

    Who and Why did they bypass Pharmac and rise Mobie and a Law firm with no experience in buying from the Pharma industry to buy these jabs.
    Minister ofHealth, Little Andrew, perhaps, someone who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag without a union to be his enforcers or Our queen of shit, the head nodding gnome.

    A cabinet full of Maori who will never stand on a principle.
    Or was it on the ADVICE of that other scrawny loser the Director General of Health.

    We need some answers.



  9. OMG I’ve just read this on TS (the last bastion of Cindyphilla)

    “I think Jacinda needs to stop with the hand-wringing, over-earnest, exaggerated caring manner. It has become cringe-worthy. And is putting people off, as they can’t bear to watch or listen.
    Maybe peel that style back to a more open, clear, fresh straight-eyed manner, through which Jacinda’s genuine caring kindness will still shine through.
    (ok vommed a little into my mouth there – Sag)
    2c for the start of the day”

    . .followed by:

    “Right on. Same with the constant harping from so many sources on the emotional angle. It’s intellectually dishonest.
    Just give us the news, information and analysis.
    I’ll decide how i feel about it – it doesn’t need to be orchestrated.”

    The worm has definitely turned.



  10. Soooo… there is a wide margin of error with preparing the vaccine so the “Vaccinator” could “accidentally” inject people with saline instead of the clot shot.

    “RNZ understands the vaccination centre could not determine who the five people affected were.

    Typically, a vial of the Pfizer vaccine contains multiple doses which is then diluted using saline solution once it has thawed on site.

    RNZ has been told it is possible that those people could have received very little vaccine or just saline solution instead.

    It is thought the likely scenario is that an already-used vial had saline solution added.

    Gibbs said the wrong dosage would not have harmed the patient and that “these types of situations occur from time to time”.

    A full review has since been undertaken, she said.

    Were among those five our DL and her side kick, Ash? What other pollys have had a promotional jab on MSM?




  11. Does anybody know if the smoke and mirrors man John Key is cleaning the disgusting groove of that tarantula Helen Clarke (she’s got beautiful skin) because the two shitbags are certainly having enough to say about things in our Country, FUCK OFF BOTH OF YOU I SAY.
    The plod are looking for a man that was approaching young children in the street, can I suggest they start their investigation with the government caucus members, LMFAO.



  12. Today’s homework:

    1. Go to the Ministry of Health website.

    2. Follow the link to the WHO mask information.

    3. Read the peer reviewed science on mask wearing.

    4. Compare with the beliefs of the average kiwi woke fuckwit.

    Prepare to be shocked and BE KIND !!!!



      • Quite right Curious, proof of anecdotal nothings.
        So the one who got tested, was infected by the other hair stylist. …. ha-ha….

        ….. The other, who apparently became infected from her co-worker, also developed respiratory symptoms …..
        …. Among 67 (48%) customers who volunteered to be tested, all 67 tested negative for the virus that causes COVID-19. ….

        So less than half were tested.
        Authorities rant on about the asymptomatic super spreader, and other healthy ones chose not to be tested.
        Clutching at straws, building straw men’s arguments, then actually standing on them. Their credibility stinks.



    • Some salient points from the WHO guidelines:

      “However, the use of a mask alone, even when correctly used (see below), is insufficient to provide an adequate level of protection for an uninfected individual or prevent onward transmission from an infected individual (source control).”

      “ There is limited evidence that wearing a medical mask may be beneficial for preventing transmission between healthy individuals sharing households with a sick person or among attendees of mass gatherings “



  13. They have lost.
    There can be no doubt about their stupidity anymore.

    More Pak’nSave supermarkets, two Farmers stores, multiple bus trips and another university campus and shopping mall are the latest locations of interest added this morning.

    There have been 17 new locations of interest added today which also include Event Cinema Arcadia Games St Lukes and F45 gym Henderson.

    The Pak’nSave supermarkets include Mt Albert, Manukau and Westgate, while there is a new train route between Britomart and Takanini.



  14. Forgive me if this has all been explained satisfactorily already, as you probably know I do not watch TV, listen to anything but Concert FM or read the government propaganda sites, so what’s the latest on the Duncan Garner mystery? Is he suffering a severe reaction to the covid jab or was he got rid of for his comments about the use of the word “aotearoa” on August 4th?



  15. I’ve got nothing else to do but wait in line at Pac n’ Sav, it seems. I am limiting shopping to every 4 days.
    It’s like queing for a ride at Tokyo Disneyland, but without the anticipation of fun…



    • Just went to my local NW this morning. No queues. Showed the security guy on the door my exemption card and was waived through. Only one in the store not wearing a mask and wasn’t accosted by any mask nazis. Staff member at the checkout (supervisor I think) asked me where my mask was but told her I was exempt and she said that’s fine.



  16. My wife just yelled out that Stuff has an article saying (my words) –“Getting the South Island to Level 3 is more than just zero cases”
    If that is the situation, the North Island and more especially Auckland can expect to be locked down until October or more.
    If true and the polls for Labour do not fall through the floor then NZ has no future.



  17. Dear Jacinda

    I hate to bother you while your whole charade tumbles to the ground in front of your former adoring domestic and international fan club.

    Your pathetic peasant Starving Artist is planning an escape from your paradise by way of the Airport.

    Do I get a reward?

    Your grovelling slave,

    Private Rissole



  18. *** ALERT *** ALERT **** ALERT


    Mrs Rissole informs me the Gestapo have a road block at Point Erin to stop the peasants fleeing BETWEEN THE NORTH SHORE and AUCKLAND CITY by way of the AUCKLAND HARBOUR BRIDGE.






    • Not sure if this is a part of it BGR, but you will be screwed down, one way or the other.

      Aug 25, 2021 11:59 AM RNZ Live
      Northland checkpoints
      Northland police are setting up three traffic checkpoints to stop and question motorists entering the region.

      Temporary checkpoints and high visibility patrols have been set up at various locations across Northland over the past week, Superintendent Tony Hill, Northland District Commander says.

      “Anyone attempting to travel into Northland from outside of the region or around the region can expect to be stopped by police at a checkpoint or randomly, and asked about their purpose for travel,” he says.

      Police will look to take enforcement if someone is blatantly not following restriction rules, he says.

      “We want our whānau and community to feel safe and we want to reassure our local communities that we have been, and will continue to take action where motorists choose to disregard the travel current restrictions.

      Today, checkpoints are in these locations:

      SH1 intersection with SH12
      Mountain Road, Kaiwaka
      Cove Road, by Bream Tail Road

      The police version here.
      ….. “Anyone attempting to travel into Northland from outside of the region or around the region can expect to be stopped by Police at a checkpoint or randomly, and asked about their purpose for travel. …..

      Tightening up the screws.



      • “We want our whānau and community to feel safe …”

        How does that translate?
        “We want our extended Maori family and everyone else to feel safe…”
        How can you have a whānau if you don’t self-identify as Maori? (Or at the very least have members of your family who self-identify as Maori?

        I just can’t see the logic in it.
        That is, unless it’s just an attempt to be woke and virtue-signal (whoops! tautology!)



        • I don’t want to appear picky, but wouldn’t the thinking copper have set up a road block a week ago? Putting up a check point now is like passing someone a bucket to bail a boat that has already sunk. The whole Bream Bay area is awash with out of town cars, they were checking cars to in Waipu last weekend, I was checked a couple of times, they asked you where you lived but didn’t ask for any I.D so as long as you know the name of a few local roads it’s no problem. These guys make the Keystone Cops look efficient.



  19. More on being “Hung like a Horse”…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZJ_jwMnvJ4&ab_channel=SelfSufficientMomma
    Read the comments…
    There is a comment from a physician…

    “I’m a physician. An Anesthesiologist. I feel completely confident in saying that you know more about this than I do. And absolutely are contributing to the health of the US population. That is much more than “Doctor FoulCheese” is doing. Thank You.”



  20. NZ Harold Poll
    Should the South Island stay in alert level 4 – if there are no community cases detected there – when the Government revises the levels on Friday?
    YES 27.23%
    NO 65.40%
    DON’T KNOW 7.37%
    34713 VOTES

    Question should be: Will the government keep the South Island at level 4.
    Like for Yes – Dislike for No



  21. My fuck buddy and I hooked up. We don’t live together but any bugs are well shared given the shit we’ve been up to. Pretty much my bubble.

    Her family found out and she has been disowned. Shortly after me warning her not to underestimate the fanaticism.

    Families turning on each other are a feature of all totalitarian regimes. The social impact of this is devastating.



  22. Blood on Her Hands.

    This is not only Afghan loyalists that helped our defence force, but every suicide connected with lockdown, every beaten mother by an angry father stressed out during lockdown, every business owner in despair as they watch Cindy destroy their livelihood, every frantic parent going for the #clotshot, only to have major sideaffects, everyone arrested by the Stasi for expressing their freedom, everyone suffering through this Tyranny….. We need to remind the selfish, callous Bitch at the next election.



  23. “You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time. Let’s focus on them.” – Jacinda Ardern



    • It’s worse Starving Artist.

      “You can frighten some of the people all of the time. You can frighten all of the people some of the time. But you can’t frighten all of the people all of the time.’

      I said that.



  24. Just take the joy of reading all of this 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ivermectin Triple Therapy Protocol for COVID-19 released to Australian GPs as treatment for Infected Elderly, Frontline Workers

    Professor Thomas Borody says could be fastest and safest way to end the pandemic in Australia in 6-8 weeks
    SYDNEY, Aug 20 – Triple therapy specialist Professor Thomas Borody, famous for curing peptic ulcers using a Triple Antibiotic Therapy saving millions of lives, has released the Triple Therapy Protocol for COVID-19 to Australian GPs, who can legally prescribe it to COVID-19 positive patients, or prescribe it as a preventative medication.
    Borody says this could be the fastest and safest way to end the pandemic in Australia within 6-8 weeks.


    It may not be all perfect, & I mean, it may still be at its best in combination with other drugs, like maybe HCQ. and what those Zelenko, and McCullough first & early treatment protocols.
    It goes along way to opening up the hold that has been over many in the medical health system.
    Why is this still kept so quiet?



    • I have been doubling around to find confirmation.
      What I found was the reasoning for the U tube ban, that got Sky Australia pulling so many of their videos of talking about the drugs of HCQ, Ivermectin with Professor Borody, as per a Guardian article

      What was said back last September 2020
      So then it could be disparaged.

      1. Ivermectin – TGA and FDA approved as an anti-parasitic therapy, with an established safety profile since the 1970s. Known as the “Wonder Drug” from Japan.
      2. Zinc
      3. Doxycycline – TGA and FDA approved tetracycline antibiotic that fights bacterial infections, eg. acne or urinary tract infections, viral and malarial infections.

      Professor Borody is involved in a Phase 2 study in the US to potentially develop the triple therapy as a single “blister pack” compliance product.
      He says, “Our study in the US is looking at developing the triple therapy as a single product which requires FDA approval, even though all 3 medications separately are already approved.” US clinical

      which is from the link in my comment above.

      One would think this has been kept bottled down to be able to have trials being run.
      Whilst in the meantime the FDA makes money for its drug companies, finally in doing the announcement of an announcement about authorizing there vaccine set up.



      • I can remember when Borody first came out with this . I’m sure it was before August 2020 (when that article was written). He said he was effectively being muzzled then, but he said was not going to be stopped as he had talking with Chile ( I think it was) to do trials as well as India. I do not know what came of those trials.
        But this is what NZ should be doing. Make this protocol available. If you want the jab, fine take it. But if you want an alternative you can buy Borody’s pack –I would buy to put in medicine cabinet in case we needed it.



  25. F–ken A man. Good 1.
    Hey has NewsHub actually said who’s supposed to be making ‘racist comments’ about the Pacifica Covid outbreak?
    or do we have Cindy’s payed-off media team doing their usual “running interference ” again? Every time Labour fucks another thing up …there go Cindy’s media girls running the fucken bullshit….””TAKE THE HEAT OFF… QUICK””.
    They will have to do better than that you stupid schoolgirl as it looks like Covid really getting a good hold this time.



  26. In 1933 the Nazis issued a decree. Titled “For the Defense against Malicious Attacks against the Government,” it stated:

    1) Whoever purposely makes or circulates a statement of a factual nature which is untrue or grossly exaggerated or which may seriously harm the welfare of the Reich or of a state, or the reputation of the National government or of a state government or of parties or organizations supporting these governments, is to be punished, provided that no more severe punishment is decreed in other regulations, with imprisonment of up to two years and, if he makes or spreads the statement publicly, with imprisonment of not less than three months.

    2) If serious damage to the Reich or a state has resulted from this deed, penal servitude may be imposed.

    3) Whoever commits an act through negligence will be punished with imprisonment of up to three months, or by a fine.

    It was rewritten in 1934 & a clause added:

    ……. that criminalized “malicious, rabble-rousing remarks or those indicating a base mentality” against the Nazi Party or high-ranking government or party officials.

    Chilling! History has a habit of repeating itself.



    • Very well said, and perhaps this is the beginning.
      Utube has not censored this, or perhaps the viewers numbers are still too low and or number of comments have not triggered those AI algorithms, that are set up to control our lives.



  27. Once again…..oh fuck it…..FAIL!!!!

    Covid 19: Family violence spikes during alert level 4

    Nelson Women’s Refuge manager Diane Strong said that Monday, August 23 was the “worst day ever” for the refuge, with 41 calls from Nelson through to Motueka. Usually they average maybe 20, she said.
    “That’s a huge increase.”
    Strong said that Green Party leader Marama Davidson’s message telling people to leave their bubbles if they’re unsafe is one of the reasons why they are receiving more alerts than last year.


    Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: Isolating families struggling to access food

    New Covid-19 isolation rules are preventing struggling families from picking up food donations, social services say.
    Last week a new Section 70 notice was brought in under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act.
    Now, not only do visitors of locations of interest have to self-isolate pending a day five negative test, their whole household does too.
    This means visiting food banks is off the table.
    South Seas Healthcare chief executive Silao Vaisola-Sefo told RNZ in homes where nobody was allowed outside, hungry people faced difficult choices.




  28. I’ve received an email from our broadband provider advising that “we’ve already applied a bonus 60GB to your Broadband account for you to use between 25 August and 23 September 2021.”

    While I would have to forgo all sleep to use an extra 60GB & I appreciate the gesture, the dates makes me a little apprehensive. Either it ties with the monthly renewal or it indicates prior knowledge of the Mad Queen’s intention to continue lockdown semi indefinitely.



  29. A change of subject.
    Unilever has done really well in China over the last 10 years with their Magnum icecream.
    But someone found out their advertised ingredients were not exactly as they said. Look what happened within hours.

    “Whilst Magnum claims 100% imported Belgian Chocolate in China, it turns out that they contain milk powder and a higher proportion of vegetable oil than European Magnums which are made with concentrated milk. This clearly hasn’t gone down well in China, with the topic attracting over 400 million views on Weibo within hours last Friday, tagged with topics like “double standards for ingredients.” This year’s brand ambassador Jing Boran has terminated his relationship with the brand.



    • Well hell!
      Have you ever seen cacao trees in Switzerland or Belgium?

      I thought not.

      The 100% Belgian (Swiss) chocolate is so nonsensical as to be absurd in the first place.

      If people bought the icecreram and ate it for 10 years I’m struggling to see their problem.

      We have a pubic servant who lies all the time and (supposedly) closed parliament .
      Ashen Bloomfailed .
      A true ‘doctor evil’.

      Unilever has got nothing on him or ardern for telling porkies.



  30. This sound at all familiar?
    In 1936, Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz introduced a new procedure meant to cure schizophrenia and other mental disorders.
    Moniz’s experimental procedure was quickly brought to the United States by Dr. Walter Freeman, who even performed it on Rosemary Kennedy (sister of John F. Kennedy) at the request of her father.
    Dr. Freeman ‘cured’ Rosemary’s mild developmental disability with this new procedure; unfortunately she was left unable to walk or talk afterwards.
    The procedure I’m talking about, of course, is the lobotomy— a surgery which involves drilling through a human skull to directly manipulate the patient’s brain.
    Sometimes the surgeon would inject pure ethyl alcohol into the brain; in other cases they would use a special instrument to poke and prod the frontal lobe, as if it were a piece of meat.
    Miraculously, a few patients survived this medieval treatment and managed to live a somewhat normal life. But most patients died or were left permanently disabled.
    Despite such disastrous results, however, the lobotomy remained an approved treatment across the developed world for decades.
    (In fact lobotomies were even recommended to “cure” political dissidents of their dangerous mental disorders.)
    And the media gushed over the lobotomy, touting it as the new miracle procedure.
    Time magazine, for example, published an article in 1936 entitled “Lobotomy: Cutting the ability to worry out of the brain”. And The New York Times ran glowing reports on the “operation to cure insanity” in 1939.
    And Dr. Egas Moniz, the procedure’s inventor, was even awarded the Nobel Prize in 1949.
    By that point it had become professionally risky for doctors to question the use of lobotomies; after all, every “expert” and “scientist” universally agreed that the lobotomy was a safe and effective procedure.
    But the Journal of Neurosurgery tells the story of a few doctors in the late 1940s and early 1950s who bucked the industry and expressed skepticism about the surgery.
    One physician, who was consulting at federal VA hospitals, stated the obvious facts that there were no long-term studies published on the effects of lobotomies, and therefore they “[knew] nothing of the dangers, complications, or results.”
    He concluded by stating that lobotomies would be performed “over my dead body”.
    Yet this doctor was quickly overruled by his bosses.



  31. At the end of the day we need to ask, are people getting sick and hospitalized or is this just a manufactured game of fear.
    It seems that there are few getting sick and hospitalized.
    What and how are they being treated once there?

    Do we in NZ have a treatment medicine that we can all use or has the been made illegal?

    Who made it illegal and why?
    That’s a really good question. Who and why?

    When are we going to be able to access the few medicines available for treatment of this disease.
    Vaccinations don’t cut the mustard and are not an option for many.Many choose not to exercise that option.

    Are those people on Cindy’s die list.



    • Viking we have a supply of Quercetin, zinc, vitamin d, lyposperic vitamin C.
      Quercetin acts as a zinc ionophore similar to HCQ but perhaps not quite as effective. NAC is an anti-inflammatory which is supposed to help reduce the disease. We purchased the Quercetin and NAC from Iherb in the states, only took a few days to arrive. There is some talk of NAC being made prescription only.
      Had a nasty flu/cold type bug recently, no idea if it was covid as I didn’t get tested. Took the Quercetin, zinc and extra vitamin D for about 5 days. Never got really sick but it did still take about 2 weeks for the cough to clear.



    • What damage has this done to the trust between patients and patients so called medical professionals? I know my scepticism and lack of trust has never been higher. Trust has been killed and after many years of managing my health I will decide whether or not to take advice or medication offered by medical personnel.



      • A very good question WG, I share your scepitcism. I sent my GP the Dr Ryan Cole video, he responded in scathing terms saying the Dr Cole was exaggerating his qualifications and that he was wrong in many ways. I e mailed back saying that there are a growing number of NZ doctors and scientists who agree with the gist of what Dr Cole was saying. Silence, no reply. How can I be expected to retain the same level of trust in a GP who is obviously in thrall to the government line?