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  1. Good morning, I can’t believe I am the first one up this morning, another wet day to look forward to today. Thunder to look forward to also I read.
    The fireworks seem to be much louder than ever this year has anyone wondered if we are getting the full bang from China now we are so tied up with them? God knows what next year will be like once we are a suburb of the ever expanding Chinese communistic rule?
    Be careful out there, you know that the virus is coming to your door as you are unvaccinated. Personally I am getting too frightened to open the door these days, how would one know if its the virus knocking//////



    • Lots of whinging on FB about the crackers.

      Did you know that it was the Chinese that developed the rifle?
      Before that we had the blunder blussess which although they could kill if they hit the right place were actually not that harming. People died of the septacemia from the wounds because there was little understanding of infections.
      That was until those chinky’s made a bullet.
      Rrifles were first used in the Crimean War in 1853 or 5.
      The pommes got slaughtered because the Russians using Chinese rifles were able to remain apart from any close contact and pick them off. quite and interesting story.
      The other thing that came with rifles was the bone smashing injuries.
      Bullets caused huge damage to the bone structures of people and at that time no one knew how to fix them. Along came Florence Nightingale who with other women became nurses to those soldiers.
      There were a number of things things that changed the world with the Crimean war.
      Rifles, Newspapers and propaganda. (that started the war, nothing has changed there,). the use of telegraph for communications going from pigeons to telegraph. (the frogs did that), Britian going to a paid army(which took two more wars to get right),
      A little known fact is that the Victoria Cross is made from steel from a cannon captured from Sebastopol.
      It was always though to be Russian but in later years analysis of the steel determined that it was in fact Chinese.

      So that’s how you get more bang for your buck. Buy Chinese bangers. 😆



    • Tarquin, you are right, we had the Battle of The Bulge reenacted across the road, with the fat natives spending shit loads of their Treaty Settlement money with some WINZ funding thrown in for good measure on remembering the deeds their close relative, Wiremu Guy Fawkes. It went on for longer than the length of time it took Kupe to paddle out here. Quiet here now in the King Country so maybe they all exterminated themselves.

      But if not, WINZ is open again Monday, so more from where the last funding came from to be accessed. All good.



      • To be fair I respect these folk far, far more than snotty-nosed Karen and her ‘partner’* Ken. (Both ardent mask wearers ESPECIALLY when walking the beach.)

        * They are in fact married but it’s not fashionable to acknowledge it.



        • BRG, talking of Ken and Karen, our neighbors across the road, school teachers to boot, are the original Ken &; Karen. These tossers even do their lawn or any outdoor activity with masks and gloves on and in almost full PPE gear. Honestly mate, the term wet, would not do them justice and to think, they teach children. The result does not bear thinking about.



    • The deaths at home are tragic indictments on the broken health system no matter how it is spun.
      Someone has major surgery and is diagnosed with a potentially deadly virus and is sent to convalesce at home alone?
      It wasn’t the virus that killed them
      It wasn’t the clot shot that killed them
      It wasn’t the surgery that killed them
      It was the total ineptitude of a health system that fails to even recognise the vulnerable and doesn’t deliver anything beyond third world healthcare.
      Explain the Ashen Doomfailed
      Explain that Andrew Little
      Explain that Chippy Hipkins



      • Damned well put!!! it’s disgraceful.

        The REAL virus is the mis-spending in the West for GENERATIONS, of the taxpayer dime on vote-buying schemes and scams, rather than the public good.



      • In Hawkes Bay the wait for an ambulance is commonly 2-3 hours, and then they often despatch a police car instead.
        You can be in theatre at midnight and in your own home for lunch.
        The next available appointment with my GP is probably two weeks away.
        Yet the government is frittering billions on Covid crap.

        And another thing grinding my gears:
        Having been gifted the cost of the build of Wellington’s Children’s’ Hospital, they now want to equip it by public donation. Fucking cheek!



        • My doctor told me that the government intends to introduce free doctors consultations but there is a catch. They intend to use as much online consultation as possible, outsourcing to other countries. Another example of this governments plan to remove doctors from medical decisions. It is sinister.



  2. Raining again in Hawke’s bay.
    Grey days add to the gloomy mood.
    However we need to continue the fight and remove this motley crew from the beehive.
    Two more years is too long for them to be holding the levers and steering us toward the gulag.
    Get rid of these liars.



      • They’re already suffering Odakyu-sen. the Mrs and myself like to head up to the Coromandel the week before Labour day. It’s usually quieter without the Aucklanders and the weathers still good. This year we were in Whitianga and it was so much quieter than usual. On night there was only one other couple in the restaurant we were eating at. It can’t be good for the businesses at all.



        • I rode along K-Rd in Auckland yesterday and noticed that a significant number of shops are empty and with For Sale or For Rent signs in the front windows.

          All the signs of a recession in the real world. It’s only all the newly printed money that is keeping people above the waterline (and flowing into shares and real estate). How long can this unnatural economy continue?



        • Friends in Kyoto, one of the great tourist centers in Japan, report that the place is dead, compared with previous pre-2020 seasons of being flooded by wide-eyed Chinese and Korean tourists.

          Hard times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qPDLh1Xr-M

          (The place used to be like Dominion Road in Auckland; Chinese was the most commonly heard language.)
          Other friends tell me that this is a GREAT time to visit the shrines! No crowds! Of course, the shrines and restaurants would much rather have all the tourists back, but that will have to be some other time.



    • Morning Troopers,
      It’s getting well beyond a joke now. Summer is only a couple of weeks away. Anything the govt announce will take place at a glacial pace, so they’re getting late to establish their “plan”. This is lining up to be a cluster of biblical proportions. This is the proverbial slow train wreck. We’re watching it unfold now, and the govt who are fully aware of it, are bereft of ideas. The only upside to this, is Ardern is imploding. The more they fuck it up, the more spectacular will be their demise, and hopefully the current suffering will be indelibly burnt into peoples’ short memories.



  3. Time for Auckland to revolt.

    time for them to send their policemen back to their real jobs and let life get on.
    time to stop the PT shit From cindy and her nasty Marxist mates at WHO and Phizer and Ashely. the man with a girls name.


    About time all those woke CEO’s spoke out and condemned this for what it is.
    But they will prop up this tart and donate to labour until it hurts them. stupid most of them.
    Great Kudos to Murray Bolton for nailing the bastards in court.
    As he said , most NZer’s don’t have the money to fight government but I did and I won and will make all that information available to Kiwi’s.
    Hipkins is a fool.

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    23 hours ago — Responding to comments by Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins this week about rich people buying their way to the front of the queue, …

    Murray Bolton: MBIE told by High Court to reconsider Kiwi rich …



  4. I haven’t been commenting as often as I have in the past because my Ma is in waitakere hospital and has been for 2 weeks as of yesterday,
    Let me just say to YSBrs do everything you possibly can to avoid an Auckland hospital, the care my Ma has had is a fucking national disgrace, don’t end up in those places if you value your sanity, mum has been in and out of hospital 3 times in the last 3 years and the standard of care is dropping like a stone, it’s a real shame actually NZ is becoming 3rd World right in front of our eyes.



    • I hope your Ma comes right soon and is out of that place.

      The standard has dropped due to covid hysteria. It’s about to get worse as thousands of staff across the country are sacked for refusing the Vax.

      People are dying and living in agony due to delayed treatment – because of covid hysteria.



    • Sorry to hear that revtech. Getting old is not for the faint hearted and care of our oldies should be paramount. Angry Little in charge of our hospitals so say no more, absolutely useless.

      I still haven’t been able to visit my 90 year old parents in their care home. Long chats on the phone and they are cheerful. They didn’t live through the Great Depression without lots of fortitude!



    • My thoughts are with you and your mum revtech120. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can look after her ag home or arrange good care for her when she gets out.

      Keep her out of a rest home if you can
      My wife has an elderly friend in a rest home in West Auckland and her own daughter can’t visit her for more than half an hour and nobody else us allowed to see her. Coz Covid. Assholes.



  5. So the Bag of Bones who heads this country, Ardern says in the NZH this morning,

    “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called time on decades of empty climate commitments that rely on other countries to do the heavy lifting.”
    She was frank, when speaking with NBC, about New Zealand’s poor record of emissions reduction, which has not seen gross emissions decline here.
    “Let’s talk about transport, because we know that is a big contributor to New Zealand’s emissions profile,” said Ardern.

    (Agriculture is actually a far larger part of the country’s emissions profile, comprising nearly half of total greenhouse gas emissions, more than double the emissions of transport which counts for 21 per cent.)

    Two of Ardern’s abiding political memories are watching painful 1980s reforms wreck lives and livelihoods in her youth – reforms where the cure was, at least initially, worse than the disease.

    Her second memory was watching gains of the Clark Government (which she briefly served as a staffer) slowly whittled away by the Key Government that followed. This memory has coloured her desire to seek bipartisan consensus on everything from child poverty, to climate change, to the recent housing deal. Unquote

    I call bullshit on that. If agriculture is such a high emitter, why is our farming claimed to be carbon neutral and why is it the most efficient in the world? So now watch the costs for you, the mere mortal, rapidly mount up. Cling on to your wallet as she wants to dip deep into it.

    And Arderns claims of “abiding political memories are watching painful 1980s reforms wreck lives and livelihoods in her youth – reforms where the cure was, at least initially, worse than the disease”. Well I call bullshit on this, as this compulsive liar was not born until 26th July 1980, so she would have had little early memory of any of it.

    What she forgets to mention is the huge reforms introduced in the 1980’s were done so by the Lange Labour Government and the radical reforms her Labour Government are introducing, like 3 Waters and He Puapua which will have far more divisive effect on this country and it’s people that anything she falsely claims she saw from any reforms of the 1980’s.

    And as for Arderns claims to seek “bipartisan consensus on everything” this deceitful bag does not seek consensus, as she and her Government are more divisive than any I have seen in my long life.

    Today 6th November 2021 and Ardern still lying like a flatfish.

    As Hooker Phil, so eloquently says FJA.



    • Interesting claims by the PM. I thought greenhouse gas emissions went down under John Keys term? I may be mistaken though. If you really want to reduce emission levels, why doesn’t any political party slash immigration levels? A growing population is counter productive to reducing carbon emissions.
      (Disclaimer: I really don’t give a fig about CO2 emissions, just can’t stand their hypocrisy on this).



    • What disingenuous reporting. They breathlessly state the high rate of vaccination in the same article as the the high rate of disease yet make no comment on correlation or causality. Is it really going to take for our children to start suffering horrible side effects or even dying for them to remove the blinkers? It certainly appears so.



  6. Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Pfizer says ‘game-changer’ Covid pill cut hospital, death risk by 90%

    Pfizer says its experimental antiviral pill for Covid-19 cut rates of hospitalisation and death by nearly 90 per cent in high-risk adults, as the drugmaker joined the race for an easy-to-use medication to treat the coronavirus.

    Currently most Covid-19 treatments require an IV or injection. Competitor Merck’s Covid pill is already under review at the Food and Drug Administration after showing strong initial results, and on Thursday (Friday NZT) the United Kingdom became the first country to OK it.

    Pfizer said on Friday it will ask the FDA and international regulators to authorise its pill as soon as possible, after independent experts recommended halting the company’s study based on the strength of its results. Once Pfizer applies, the FDA could make a decision within weeks or months.

    “Today’s news is a real game-changer in the global efforts to halt the devastation of this pandemic,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a statement.


    all that time wasted along with all the disruption when we knew this in Feb 2020.



  7. Its almost as if people are reluctant to have an experimental jab from a huge medical corporation run by multi-billionaires with a less than clean past history on medical trials that doesn’t vaccinate you against the disease you’re taking it for and has side effects that can kill you so they’ve managed to bundle all that was in the jab into a pill instead.



  8. The psychology of a maskhole:

    People walk around town and even drive alone, wearing a mask. They then happily sit in a crowded cafe maskless. Something they would not do if they really believed covid transmission was a risk.

    The only reason people wear a mask in the street is for purely narcissistic social validation and approval.



  9. Tough Love vs. Spanking

    As we know it is against the law to spank children, so here’s a method to control your kids when they have one of ‘those moments.’

    One strategy that has been found effective is to just take the child for a car ride and talk.

    Some say it’s the vibration from the car, others say it’s the time away from any distractions such as TV, Video Games, Computer, IPod, etc.

    Either way, kids usually calm down and stop misbehaving after a car ride together. Eye to eye contact helps a lot too.

    I’ve included a photo below of how it works, in case you would like to use the technique.




  10. More shootings and a teen dead in chch, wtf is going on why the hell isnt cindy getting slammed for the total failure she created with the retarded gun laws and buyback.
    Add to that the diversion of police resources fron fighting crime to checking vax status, exemptions and monitoring masks outside supermarkets.

    This is all (un?)intended consequences of soft govt and poorly thought out policy, the bloods on your hands cindy



  11. Read this and share with all the provax dummies https://www.nature.com/articles/s41421-021-00329-3

    To our surprise, we observed quite consistent pathophysiological changes regarding electrolyte contents, coagulation profiles, renal function as well as cholesterol and glucose metabolic-related features, as if these people had experienced an infection with SARS-CoV-2. In addition, PBMCs scRNA-seq results also indicated consistent reductions in CD8+ T cells and increases in monocyte contents, as well as enhanced NF-κB inflammatory signaling, which also mimicked responses after infection. Surprisingly, type I interferon responses, which had been linked to reduced damages after SARS-CoV-2 infection and milder symptoms, appeared to be reduced after vaccination, at least by 28 days post the 1st inoculation. This might suggest that in the short-term (1 month) after vaccination, a person’s immune system is in a non-privileged state, and may require more protection.



  12. My brother designed me a ripper sign for the groundswell protest ots pure gold!

    I want to put it on bumper stickers and sell them on the day to fundraise for groundswell.
    Vistaprint and another outfit i contacted cannot deliver by nov 21 so does anyone on here know a kiwi outfit that would be up to the task?

    Also would mind getting it put on a big flag, any suggestions on who to use to do that? Uncle google only gives me outfits that d those stupid bent over flag things like outside vax clinics.

    My brother got a prototype banner printed photograde A3 size yesterday, they lovely lady at the shop was so impressed they done it free of charge 🙂 … my mother is worried itll get me arrested by cindys minnions but nah im gunna make sure hundreds bear the same message !!!



    • Ross12,

      You would think that given that situation and data, it should only take 10 minutes of critical thinking and logic to start them questioning the vaccines.

      “Gee I don’t understand it, the more we deploy the vaccines the worse the health of people deteriorates. Duh, my head hurts. I used to be a retard six months ago, now I’m a medical expert. Duh, my head hurts.”

      Covid-19 is not the pathogen.
      The Vaccine is the pathogen.

      Prior to Covid-19, for influenza and pneumonia, averaged out over a year, 2 people died in NZ every day. And up to 5 a day for chronic respiratory diseases. So about 2500 per year.

      2 people die of Covid-19 in a year, and that justifies continued lockdowns and enforced vaccinations, over a “virus” no-one has ever isolated, that is over 1000 times less potent than the above death figures.

      But oh wait. 80,000 were going to die, but then it is 7,000 will die.
      The Ardernite may have well just said: “Just wait. Covid deaths are going to rise. We just need the Vaccine to do the job it was designed for, and then deaths will rise, justifying the need for the Vaccine.”

      In other words, fake a pandemic, offer a “solution” to the fake pandemic, which then creates a real pandemic, thereby justifying the :solution”.

      Genocidal maniac.



      • The vaccine is a self fulfilling prophesy.

        “There was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. He was hard of hearing, so he had no radio. He had trouble with his eyes, so he read no newspaper. But he sold good hot dogs. He put signs up on the highway telling how good they were. He stood on the side of the road and cried “Buy a hot dog, mister?” And people bought. He increased his meat and bun orders. He bought a bigger stove to take care of his trade.

        One day, his son came home from college to help him out.

        The son said, “Father, haven’t you been listening to the radio? Haven’t you been reading the newspaper? There’s a big recession. The European situation is terrible. The domestic situation is worse.”

        Whereupon the father thought, “Well, my son has been to college. He reads the papers and listens to the radio. He ought to know.”

        So the father cut down on his meat and bun orders, took down his advertising signs, and no longer bothered to stand out on the highway to sell his hot dogs.

        Hot dog sales fell almost overnight.

        “You’re right, son,” the father said. “We are certainly in the middle of a great recession.”


        Whether times are good or bad, all of us must ask ourselves: What role is played by self-fulfilling prophesy?”


        People took the vaccine because they were told that there would be massive deaths, all backed up by media reports of already massive deaths.

        But as we now know, the deaths were inflated, by overstating the deaths, and countries now like Italy and others, restating the deaths at 3%-6% of what was originally suggested.

        But like the hot dog seller, the public bought the lie, and got vaccinated and deaths and injuries are ramping up caused by the vaccine.

        “What role is played by self-fulfilling prophesy, and the mechinations of deviant drug pushers seeing an opportunity to make bundles of cash, aided by the mechinations of deviant politicians seeking to increase their power over the common man?”



          • Exactly Sooty, and they planned to use Coven-19 as their election policy back in November 2019 (or earlier), when they were behind in the polls.

            They agreed to borrowed $19Bn dollars to be spent in 2022 to 2024 on shovel ready projects when they might not be in power. As Robertson claimed, it was a once in a generation opportunity.

            And as we know, the Ardernites went “Oh what is this, a pandemic. Lucky we borrowed that money, we can used it to promote ourselves so that we can win the election.”

            Along with more money they borrowed for Coven-19 in the May 2020 budget. And as the Chief Ardernite would later put it, Coven-19 is our one and only election policy, having previously proceeded to manufacture fear and obedience from the crapping POT, the Podium Of Tyranny in March.

            The Ardernite virus needs to be eliminated from New Zealand.



            • That socialist virus is deep rooted.
              All through the academia, institutions, media, needs a total rooting out, and nor be fooled when it protests too much, then goes into hibernation mode.

              Look at the rise in the polls of Zemmour to be President of France and I posted about this before.

              …. From the middle of the eighties until now, the media and the left, together, manufactured an industrial-strength shame-machine to stigmatize as “racist” and “Nazi” anyone who dared to raise his voice on issues of immigration…
              …. He is the man who broke through the glass ceiling to insert into the media discussion topics such as “immigration” and “jihad”
              — which no one had ever dared to talk about publicly.
              He is a man who embodies the fear of seeing traditional France
              — the one of church steeples and the “baguette”
              — disappear under the blows of jihad and political correctness. ….

              So many things to be bought up into a real conversation, discussed & debated. To get past the glib explanations.
              security, immigration, Islam, “jihad”
              “The danger for France is to become a second Lebanon,” … a country fragmented between sectarian communities that hate and fear one another. ….
              …. traffickers are Black and Arabs…. That is a fact.”
              Zemmour was convicted in court for saying that, not because it was a lie, but because such an assertion is impossible to prove.
              French law has refused to use the ethnic statistics ….
              …. (“I want children to have a father and a mother”), … transgender propaganda in schools, same-sex marriage, and LGBT militancy at school.
              Zemmour is not anti-homosexual, he is just saying that “LGBT lobbies” and “minorities” are at war with France ….

              Zemmour will know exactly where the deep state runs and operates, a good place to see what works for him and take a leaf or two out of his book. 🙂



        • DH….
          I mentioned that I had a conversation with the local vaccination coordinator. She disagreed with me when I said that at the start of the vaccinating, it was being sold to us that it would prevent catching and transmitting the virus.

          The brother in law is here at the moment and has been moving about the country with his work. He is driving back to AK tomorrow and needed to get a test this morning to get him back across the border. He is fully vaxed and because of his line of work, undergoes these nasal swabs quite regularly. He says they are getting more painful each time and that this mornings one was eye watering.

          He has been double vaxed since early in the year and is probably due to be classified as unvaxed. This is definitely not what he signed up for and he now admits that he fell for the BS.



  13. I was just listening to Alex Jones so reposting in case you missed it. Jules posted last night:

    Emergency Bombshell Exclusive: The UN Has Already Launched a Plan to Forcibly Inject Children Without Parental Consent Worldwide – FULL SHOW 11/04/21 (180 minutes)

    The Alex Jones Show

    Blue states and blue cities have announced, that under UN guidelines, children attending school is “implied consent for vaccination.” Big Pharma, acting through global government, is now literally coming for our children with an experimental injection that’s linked to massive illnesses and death – Today’s EMERGENCY BROADCAST is a must watch/share event! We must protect our children!




      • Sootz, legit we already have told our kids that! We have family freinds not far from the school and told them to get their brother/sister and run there if anything like that happens
        I just dont trust this lot, they done similar with the hpv jab for girls, wifey got jabbed at school zero consent papers for parents they just lined up in the hall and got jabbed.



    • Good links. At this stage, to accept the vaccine might be harmful, would cause severe pain for the already fearful and traumatised. There needs to be peoples names attached. Statistics appeal to the logical (like me), but we are dealing with the fearful, they need emotion.

      If excess mortality is 150 per 100,000 in a population of 55 million, there’s at least 50,000 extra dead. That’s as many English as died at Waterloo. It’s like we have submitted to being slaughtered and are stumbling into the gulags. Willing sacrifices to the mirage of a benevolent elite.



    • ……” Who is gonna fucken check”……

      5G detection & Pfizer with added graphene will alert government surveillance agencies to any unapproved couplings via magnetic fields .

      With your proclivity for Ivermectin they’ll probably send a file copy to the custodians of the Stud Book too. 🙂



    • That ties nicely in with my comment the other day about an article where jabbed people with a penis will need to have a semen test every 90 days to make sure they aren’t carrying the virus… sorry I can’t remember where I read it and DDGo or Giggle haven’t come up with any suitable results. Suffice to say, you will have to apply to Ministry of Stealth to be authorised to have sex… probably as part of the planet re-population programme as they’ll only want certain traits being reproduced for the the new Ardenite race.



  14. Stand firm, James O’Keefe, whilst the Grand Jury sends out subpoena, simultaneously asking for it not to be disclosed.
    In the meantime ….

    FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes
    6 mins 35 secs : Nov 6, 2021 : Project Veritas : James O’Keefe.

    Paraphrased from some comments.
    FBI : Lets keep this between us ok?
    New York Times : rings investigated journalist.
    O’Keefe : Yeah, Nah.

    “When you cut out a man’s tongue, you’re not proving him a liar; you’re just telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
    — George R.R. Martin



  15. One afternoon at Cheers, Cliff Clavin was explaining the Buffalo Theory to his buddy Norm.
    Here’s how it went:
    “Well ya see, Norm, it’s like this. A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, as we know, kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That’s why you always feel smarter after a few beers.”
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not .



  16. I see Ardernits have been panning through through shit in Gisborne and Napier in the hope of striking gold and finding something that looks slightly like a remnant of a SarsCov-2 infection. And hey presto they found it, the dreaded virus.

    Baldrick, prior to working for Black Adder, used to sift through street shit. We can now call council employees Baldrick’s.



  17. BOMBSHELL: New York Times, FBI Confirm Legitimacy of Ashley Biden Diary Published by National File
    National File’s reporting is confirmed by the New York Times and, strangely enough, the FBI

    Entries in the diary include the author revealing she believes she was sexually molested as a child and shared “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, some that detail the author’s struggle with drug abuse and the author’s crumbling marriage with multiple affairs, along with entries showing the family’s fears of a potential scandal due to her brother’s new home, and those that show a deep resentment for her father due to his money, control, and emotional manipulation.




  18. Today in Gore there was a VFF protest in support of nurses and teachers about to lose their jobs.
    Im stuck in a tractor but sent my brother along in my absence, they met outside the gore hospital and was an excellent turn out he reckons a couple hundred supporters with many holding banners in support of mandate victims.
    After a while they moved on to a nearby park by the main street then proceded to march into town.

    Good to hear of a descent turnout, dont know if other freedom hubs organised similar events but i expect they will become more frequent as mandates creep into more workplaces. Pretty sure theyre organising something for the 16th so ppl are there in support for when the mandate victims will be barred from their workplaces.



  19. Labour solidifying their base voters.


    “Ending child poverty is a priority for this government. It’s estimated a further 6000 children will be lifted out of poverty as a result of these changes. That’s in addition to the up to 33,000 children who will be lifted out of poverty by the increase in benefit levels earlier this year.”

    The new increases that will take effect on 1 April 2022 are:

    The family tax credit will increase by almost $15 per week for the eldest child and $13 per week for subsequent children
    The best start payment will rise from $60 to $65 per week
    The orphans benefit, unsupported childs benefit and foster care allowance will all increase by $5 per week
    Ardern said the payments were aimed at families on the lowest incomes.

    “Those with family income less than $40,000 benefit the most with an average increase of $26 per week. But we know all families are doing it tough, so everyone receiving a family tax credit or best start payment will be better off compared to what they receive now.



  20. Heehee. Feed the public propaganda bullshit and be surprised when they get annoyed.

    1News cameraman attacked by West Coast anti-vaccine protesters

    The West Coast District Health Board had launched vaccination events throughout the region, including at the Greymouth Aerodrome.

    Footage captured by 1News shows one man shouting, “do you want this f**king camera smashed in your face?” before he repeatedly hits the camera.

    The cameraman was uninjured, and the camera was not damaged.



  21. Dear Jacinda,

    When you became Labour Party leader, seven weeks before the 2017 election, you had been a little-known list MP.

    We now know that nine months before being elected to Parliament in 2008, you had become President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. The fact that instead of immediately resigning from that role after becoming an MP, you continued on as President for a further fifteen months, should have caused concern – especially after a video emerged showing you referring to conference attendees as “comrades” fifteen times in seven minutes.

    Being trusting people, we didn’t think that meant you were a communist.

    We saw the media fawning over your elevation to Party leader so enthusiastically that the term “Jacindamania” was coined. And we noted that these media cheerleaders, gave you favourable coverage during the election campaign.

    In spite of that, Labour received 956,000 votes or 36.9 percent, while 1,152,000 New Zealanders – 44.4 percent – supported National.

    That result showed the country had overwhelmingly voted for conservatism and stability.

    But Winston Peters, holding the balance of power and ignoring the wishes of the majority of voters, anointed you as our 40th Prime Minister.

    Kiwis are fair minded, and you were given the chance to prove yourself. But while you had great communication skills, and what appeared to be genuine empathy, it soon became clear that true to your hard line roots you intended to impose destructive socialist extremism onto New Zealand.

    The first indication of your intention was your unilateral decision to ban new deep sea oil drilling to effectively close down New Zealand’s oil and gas industry. This was done without warning, without consultation, and without Cabinet approval, on the eve of your first overseas trip as Prime Minister – allegedly so you could look decisive on the world stage.

    We saw this again following the Christchurch terror attack – even though the perpetrator was a deranged foreigner, you cracked down on the rights of law-abiding Kiwi firearm owners without warning, consultation, or proper justification. Driven by a seemingly insatiable desire for international recognition, you appeared oblivious to the livelihoods and lifelong interests you were destroying.

    We then became concerned in 2019 to hear you tell a meeting hosted by Bill Gates, that without our knowledge, you were imposing the United Nations Agenda 2030 onto New Zealand: “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions. I believe that the change in approach that we have adopted in New Zealand is needed at a global scale.”

    But while you were successfully embedding the UN’s socialist agenda into every regulation and law change, your election promises of building affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and eliminating child poverty were all turning into dismal failures.

    And even though the media had largely stuck by you, by the end of 2019 the growing discontent – especially within the business and farming sectors that were facing a tsunami of restrictive rules and regulations – was so widespread it was reflecting in the polls, indicating yours was likely to be a one-term government.

    That is until Covid-19 came along early in election year.

    Covid became a socialist leader’s dream. It enabled emergency measures curtailing freedom and liberty to be embedded into every facet of our lives – with minimal Parliamentary scrutiny.

    Under the guise of fighting Covid you hired a multi-million-dollar Rolls Royce communications team to provide you with expert advice: as long as you could keep fear of Covid top of mind right up to voting day, your re-election was assured.

    And that’s exactly what happened.

    Winning over 50 percent support from New Zealanders was a remarkable achievement.

    On election night you assured the country you would govern for ‘all’ Kiwis: “We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you, we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander.”

    We wanted to believe you.

    But we now know, those words were a lie.

    The separatist agenda you unleashed is unprecedented in New Zealand’s history.

    We now know that you concealed the ‘He Puapua’ blueprint – to replace democracy with tribal rule – for 12 months prior to the election.

    That report reveals your plan is to introduce 50:50 co-governance, to give the Maori elite, who represent just 15 percent of the population, disproportionate power and unimaginable authority over the lives of the 85 percent of other New Zealanders.

    Why did you not tell us during the election campaign that you intended to transfer democratic power to an unelected and unaccountable tribal aristocracy so they can control New Zealand for their own benefit?

    Since you didn’t reveal those intentions before the election, you have no mandate from New Zealanders to replace democracy with tribal rule.

    And while you have denied ‘He Puapua’ is Labour Party policy, it’s clear that is another lie.

    New Zealanders are not stupid – we have read the He Puapua report and we can see that the laws you are now enacting are part of this agenda for tribal control.

    In health, when you realised that a Maori Health Authority with the right of veto over the entire health system couldn’t be established under the decentralised District Health Board model, without any consultation you announced that DHBs would be abolished. You have no mandate to replace community control of health with a centralised apartheid bureaucracy prioritising Maori over those with more serious medical needs.

    Putting race ahead of need is not the New Zealand way. It is shocking and callous. How can anyone with genuine empathy and a clear conscience possibly think it’s OK? And restructuring the entire health system during a pandemic is not only ideological madness, but it borders on being criminally reckless.

    In education you are allowing Maori extremists to dictate the curriculum and indoctrinate children with a worldview that denigrates our history and the people who helped build our nation.

    In local government, you abolished the democratic rights of local communities to reject plans to divide them by race. It seems clear that this was the first step towards the He Puapua goal of tribal control of local authorities.

    You have no mandate for your disastrous Three Waters proposal to give control of ratepayer-funded water infrastructure and services to the Maori tribal elite. Communities up and down the country are outraged at this blatant seizing of local assets – and the transfer of democratic control that will undoubtedly lead to the imposition of royalties to Maori whenever a Kiwi tap is turned on.

    And what about your plan to silence opponents through proposed hate speech laws? You did not seek a mandate to ‘criminalise’ someone for political views – such as criticising Labour politicians or Maori supremacists – yet that is what your draft law changes are proposing.

    Nor did you seek a mandate to effectively buy media support for your plan for tribal rule. You campaigned on funding the media, but you did not explain that the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund would be contingent on supporting the fabricated Maori ‘partnership’ claim that underpins He Puapua. In some countries, political leaders who attempt to unduly influence the media through taxpayer funding, are being accused of corruption.

    What hold does the tribal elite have over you? Why are you prepared to sacrifice the democratic rights of all New Zealanders, so they can have power? Kind people may think that you are simply naive and being duped by your Maori caucus. Others believe that creating disunity is part of your socialist DNA.

    When it comes to your management of Covid, we are now witnessing the loss of liberty on a scale unimaginable from a New Zealand Prime Minister.

    You have given yourself the authority to control our lives, even to the point of allowing police – or their ‘agents’ – to enter our homes and businesses without a warrant.

    Now, through vaccine mandates – that you promised before the election you would not introduce – you are dividing our nation and trampling over sacred civil liberties and democratic rights protected by the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

    In 1990, when Labour Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer was introducing the Bill of Rights in Parliament, he explained that it was a safeguard to protect New Zealanders against the unbridled power of future governments: “It is unlikely that there will be a wholesale disregard of human rights in New Zealand in the foreseeable future, but… we cannot afford to wait until rights disappear before we take action, because it is too late by that stage. It is better to have a Bill of Rights when it is not needed than to not have one when it is needed.”

    Now, twenty-one years later, you are leading a government that is doing exactly what he believed would never happen in New Zealand – you are stomping on the basic human rights of New Zealanders.

    This is not the New Zealand way – and it is not what voters thought they were getting when they gave you the responsibility of leading our country for the benefit of all.

    You have betrayed us, and we have lost trust in you and your Government.

    That’s why we don’t love you anymore, Jacinda – and why we want you to resign.



    • Thanks for that Braybots.

      Ardern: “No, no I’m not aware of that”

      [1] And then without blinking, fliching, or pause….

      [2] Ardern leaps into “and the distinction I’ll draw is….blah blah blah”
      Again lies and bullshit.

      [3] You only mention a distinction in communication, after someone else has compared a concept/thing/action (you are responsible for in this context), with another concept/thing/something else. e.g. “You used taxpayer funds for your personal Facebook page, isn’t that misappropriation of funds?”

      [4] At that point the extra communication from Ardern was un-neccesary from Ardern, because at that point O’Brien had not done such a comparison.

      [5] Given [1] and [2], either the questions were rehearsed several times in advance OR

      [6] There was a pause between O’Briens question and something left out, or edited out.

      [7] Yes, Ardern used taxpayer money to fund her Facebook page, and much much more. Yes, she would have been aware of it. Yes, she would have been informed that there was an OIA surrounding personal use of funds. (not the O’Brien OIA)

      [8] This would be a pre-emptive puff piece designed to “take the wind out of the sails” of someone who has already or has requested access to that data by OIA and who would want to release that data. If it is released, Ardern can then claim, “nothing to see here, O’Brien has already tested me on this and I passed with flying colours. We’ve moved on from that.”



        • She’s weak.

          She’s a freak.

          Reminds me of Diana, the attractive but evil alien scientist, who in the 1983, “V: The Original Miniseries”. She and her “Ardernists” came to earth appearing to be “nice” and wanting to “help” mankind. But the real goal was experiments on humans and wanting to enslave mankind.

          Huge mouth with teeth and a duplicitous manner.



    • Braybots – to counter balance those negative outlooks:

      [1] The public are waking up and they will take back the freedoms the government and opposition have sold down the river.

      [2] Farmers and ordinary folk don’t have jelly for spines like politicians. They built this nation, and they will take it back.

      [3] They may have taken away our guns but we still have our pitchforks.

      [4] You can still melt silver and forge it into crosses, vampire stakes, and pitchfork tines.

      [5] When you take away everything a person has, they have nothing left to lose, and everything to gain.

      [6] Principles are timeless, ideas are bulletproof, and Karma never sleeps.



  22. A Man goes into a Bakers and asks for 2 Bread Rolls..??
    The Shop Man picks them up with the Tongs and puts them in a Paper Bag,
    He then asks for 2 Cakes the Shop Man picks them up with the Tongs and puts them in the Bag.
    The Man says :-
    “It’s nice to see you don’t Handle the Food”..
    The Shop Man says :-
    “Nothing in my Shop is Handled by Human Hand”..
    He then noticed a Piece of String hanging out of the Shop Man’s Trousers and asks :-
    “What is that Piece of String for”..???
    The Shop Man says :-
    “When I need a Piss. I just pull on the String and it Pops Out”..
    “That’s OK” Says the man.
    “But how do you put it Back”..???
    “That’s No Problem”, says the Shop Man.
    “I just Use the TONGS”..😜



  23. Children were paid $50 to take vaccinations without parental consent

    A bomb shell recording has been released by Matt Bouma, detailing a pop-up vaccination centre outside Hawera High School that was run by Ngati Ruanui with permission from Principal Rachel Williams.

    The vaccination centre allegedly paid school children $50 to take a COVID-19 vaccination and did not require parental consent.

    “As long as it is not a school based vaccination centre the students don’t have to get consent from their parents” – Hawera High School Principal Rachel Williams

    It is alleged by Mr Bouma that a student received multiple vaccinations in order to receive multiple payments.




  24. Mummy says you can’t if you don’t have her jab //

    Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern tells Aucklanders she’s ‘not going to keep you trapped over Christmas’, but might if you’re not vaccinated
    Jacinda Ardern says she won’t be opening up parts of New Zealand with low vaccination rates just so she can have the Christmas holiday she wants.

    But Kiwis can help speed up the end of any land borders that might be in place over the festive season by getting vaccinated, she told Newshub Nation in an interview broadcast on Saturday.

    What to do with the unvaccinated
    Ardern said the Government is still getting legal advice on whether the unvaccinated can be legally stopped from travelling. They’re far more likely to be infected with COVID-19 and pass it on, and outside of Auckland there is very little COVID-19 at present.

    While anti-vaccination activists have accused the Government of acting dictatorial, Ardern says any restrictions on them will only be temporary.

    “That hard border is not going to remain there forever. It is doing a job now while we have a highly vaccinated Auckland and an outbreak, but the rest of the country is still vaccinating, and so that’s the role it’s providing. It will not be there forever.”

    Requiring vaccine certificates for travel and events will also be only temporary, she said, until “we have high vaccination rates across the rest of the country”.



  25. SKY News: Protests against vaccine mandates and pandemic laws in Melbourne

    Thousands of protesters have descended on Melbourne’s CBD in a demonstration against the Victorian government’s pandemic legislation.

    There are two rallies are taking place, with the larger movement involving more than 1,000 people, who are marching down Bourke Street to Parliament House.

    The crowd is taking a stand against new laws, which will come into force after December 15, giving Premier Daniel Andrews authority to declare a pandemic and the health minister the role of making public health orders.

    Police are monitoring the situation and are moving people on if they are blocking traffic.

    Protests are legal again in the state after a ban on gatherings was lifted when restrictions eased.


    (I’m told from a friend in Melbourne that there are 20,000 protestors there!)



  26. Only way now, civil disobedience.
    some wear masks but mostly to avoid the argument that is ifested upon them by the few Karens and Kens that are stillut there. The 15% that influence everything.
    Well fuck em

    Melbourne was interesting. Split your crowds and then squash the greenshirts into the middle. That would work.

    and FJA.



    • In this I agree with V2. Civil disobedience will screw up the intentions of any authoritarians.

      We don’t have to riot on the streets…….yet. Let’s see how not wearing a mask at the local supermarket or hardware store gets sorted out. While some obese orang-outang dressed in a security guard’s uniform is arguing the toss with you ten similarly sane people will enter unchallenged.

      You don’t need to be arrested. Just take up so much of the nit picking bullies’ time as to make their jobs impossible.



  27. Forwarded from CRAIG KELLY MP – Leader United Australia Party – keeping the bastards honest, Telegram

    ‘’Safe & Effective’’ – the greatest lie ever told.

    They’ve even been lying to pregnant mums.





  28. This is Pure Ardern narcissism….What a POS!!

    Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern tells Aucklanders she’s ‘not going to keep you trapped over Christmas’, but might if you’re not vaccinated

    “Jacinda Ardern says she won’t be opening up parts of New Zealand with low vaccination rates just so she can have the Christmas holiday she wants.”




  29. VFF had en employment webinar tonight. Evidently, and I can’t confirm this, there were 10,000 people watching it. I suspect the resistance is starting to emerge… Hipkins you twat, take note.



  30. Has anyone picked up on the Ashley Biden Diary story.
    Bidens daughter and apparently not very complimentary of the old man and his p[rediliction for young ladies including his daughter.
    didn’t have time to get the link.



  31. Lawsuits Pile Up After White House Sets COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Deadline
    By Jack Phillips
    November 4, 2021 Updated: November 4, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Numerous lawsuits have been filed against the Biden administration over vaccine mandates for private employers and federal contractors that are set to be published in the federal register on Nov. 5.



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