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  1. Good morning soldiers.
    If the vaccine is so effective why is this stupid government so concerned about the hospitals being possibly overun with the Wu flu.
    We need a vaccination against this clown car thing called a government.
    FJA. and her bunch of clueless dip shits.



  2. Just been reading the news, do Newscrub ever have articles about anything other than how unpopular Judith is and how hard done by Maori are? These are obviously interspersed with the odd puff piece about Neve being incredibly cute and Cindy saving us all with her stern yet motherly gaze beaming down upon us despite Jethro rooting the Nanny in the back of a house being moved. How do they survive pushing this crap?



    • In my opinion, Newshub = Pornhub. As media don’t make any money anymore, one has to ask why? Who funds this massive loss. Media have become the equivalent of the massive “free” porn industry. Its a distraction. They want people addicted, befuddled, distracted, injected, invaded, fighting, whilst they rob us with debt: personal, public, and commercial. It is a tactic of war.

      It’s a simple bait and switch, on a global scale.



  3. ‘Thrilled’ Pfizer-BioNTech seals deal with grateful Olympic & Paralympic chiefs
    21 Nov, 2021 11:25 / Updated 1 day ago
    Pfizer’s CEO has described the company as “thrilled” and the boss of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has said he is “extremely grateful” about the donation of doses to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is working with national committees as part of a huge vaccine drive ahead of the showpiece in February.

    An agreement with the Covid vaccine powerhouses is a key part of their strategy to help everyone traveling to the Games to become vaccinated.

    Competitors who are not fully jabbed will face an arduous 21-day quarantine period after arriving in Beijing.


    Thats the Olympics fucked.



  4. Got a letter from my hairdresser yesterday, asking if we had been jabbed as due to the new dreamed up under d l traffic lights system we cannot go in for a cut colour or what ever. She doesn’t think its anyones business to ask about our status but if she does have a non jabbed person and gets caught the fine would be $12,000. Under green we will be able to go in and have our hair done but only on a non jabbed day. So she would have to have all the non jabbed people together and they the staff would have to wear masks. Red and orange lights we the non jabbed won’t be able to go in at all. All staff have been jabbed evidently. It was honestly a really lovely letter, non threatening but stating the position of the traffic lights system.I have to admit I was unaware of how they worked as I really didn’t care and think its all a farce.
    Oh woe is me, if the jab was so fcuking successful, why oh why would they the jabbed worry about the non jabbed? I ask this for the perhaps 3,000th time? F J A



    • Yes, had my last ever haircut on Saturday – until commonsense prevails.
      I was sad the hairdressers thanked me for not abusing them because so many others had.
      They could cut my hair last Saturday, but not next Saturday.
      All about control.



    • Apart from the fact that this is unfair on people like you, Lizzie, it’s a terrible thing to force hairdressers and other businesses to do. They are being made to be the governments marshalls, and they will inevitably encounter anger and likely aggression. I’m sure your hairdresser, although desperate to get trading again, will be dreading policing vaccine passes, and will feel terrible having to turn away some of her clients.



      • Business having to turn away any customer because the govt says so is a ridiculous situation. The clown car are using hairdressers as they are easy to control and everyone has to go some time to use their services, so they make a good ‘nudge point’ for the terrible hold-outs against having the clotshot.

        I’d rather cut my own hair than succumb to this blatant coercion.
        FJA 😈



    • I usually go to a barber down here but in zero covid gore there are spaced out chairs outside with masked zombies waiting to go in.
      Only one at a time allowed inside because covid is super deadly and killed zero ppl in our town in 18months

      Thank fuck my sister inlaw is an antivax and a hairdresser, dont know if she ended up getting jabbed to stay open but i do know she has a big sign on display that she will not discriminate against the unvaxxed



    • The law that gives the traffic light BS the legal authority hasn’t even been introduced into parliament yet. It’s going to be rushed through with no proper examination. Who knows what it will say when it is passed.



    • Could there be a business opportunity here for a sensible, unvaccinated hairdresser to offer house calls? This would get around the stupid tart’s ludicrous restrictions would it not? Further more all payments could be made in cash allowing for discounted prices and avoidance of further funding wasteful spending by the government.
      Many years ago when I still had plenty of hair I had a wonderful hairdresser trained by Vidal Sassoon who worked from home. These days I just cut my own with a Wahl set from Briscoes 🙂



    • Lizziep, the medical facts don’t really matter versus the perception that the unvaccinated are ‘dirty’, which leads to the mob doing the coercing, which suits the Governments goals, so they are quite happy to let that ride and even fan the flames. Classic totalitarian 101 play book behaviour.



    • Posted the Lithuanian unvaxxed life before.

      Life under the EU’s first strictly-enforced Covid Pass regime covering all society: Lithuania.
      Without a Pass, you’re banned: shopping, work, eating out…
      This is the future facing countries that impose a Covid Pass: EU, US, UK,Australia,Canada…
      Is this the world you want?

      1 min 33 secs..

      The article on what that is based on how Lithuania has relentlessly continued to “Achieved” and further refinements and bureaucracy will become “Excellent”
      The Opportunity Pass in Lithuania is still new and has many implementation snafus.
      If the Covid Pass is allowed to continue, the problems will be fixed, bureaucracy will grow and become entrenched, and this regime will be normalized and accepted.

      Do not think the bungling & snafus will save us, and in her way, is how Ardern has systematically greased the system to have her way over the past 10 years.

      Our challenge is how to gather a superior stopping power, not to be so divisive, and to remain focused to stop going down the “road to serfdom”



    • My apologies I mis read the letter from my hairdresser, I was reading it out to a friend and see that it is actually $15,000 for non compliance of having unjabbed in the salon, not $12000 I wrote previously. Whew that is an awful lot of money as a fine. I feel really sorry for her and the team why should they police the situation of clients? They have lost so much money under lockdown and now can only have clients who have got the jab. F J A to hell ( don’t know who would actually want to do that to the horse face but maybe there is someone out there among the sycophants who would actually do that???)



    • Jacinda is trying to destroy small business, for her paylords and upper management. When you see this as an attack on independent local people on behalf of the big globalists like Clarkenfuhrer and her rich glo-bulldust buddies & transnationalusts, it begins to make sense.



  5. Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Destiny’s Brian and Hannah Tamaki summoned to appear at Auckland police station


    This will cause a revolt.
    cindy and coster have no idea the power of people.
    coster and co are about to get a lesson about NZ’s civil liberties.
    Looks like the old days of the RED Squad will be back with more firepower than ever.
    Who are the evil?



  6. Would n’t it be interesting to hear some comment from anonymous policemen and woman what they think of the hierarchy?

    In a former life I used to meet many of them in their homes. Many retired and almost all made the following comments.
    Love or loved my job. Couldn’t or cant stand the management..

    I guess little has changed.

    Heard that so many times over 9 years.



  7. Five dead and several more critically wounded from the Wisconsin Christmas Parade terror yesterday.
    Crickets from the NZ Media..
    One wonders if the offender is the wrong demographic to warrant any Media attention?



    • This was posted a couple of nights ago on HYS…..was surprised not to see any follow up reaction to it.

      In the comment section of the video is this:
      “Hello there, can you please delete this post? That’s my son in it. We’re currently in talks with the school and getting to the bottom of it. I can let you know how it progresses. Thank you”.

      Who knows?



    • I heard from a teacher last night that the school she has been stood down from, the teachers are taking students out of class, and putting them into a room on their own, and bullying and coercing them to get the jab. We are seeing the very very worst of humanity right now.



      • Jules. Sadly i think you a very mistaken and we havent seen anywhere near the worst of humanity yet in regards to covid madness 🙁

        Theres many around here giving serious thought into homeschooling due to distrust of govt and schools and keeping their kids pureblood



          • My neighbour and I were having a chat this morning, he is the CEO of a smallish organisation and he said one of his staff have not had the jabby, and he was absolutely amazed at the reaction of the other staff toward this staff member, it has been hideous. He said that it is bringing out the worst in people and I have to agree. People who have been jabbed seem to be the worst of the worst. Is there something in this jabby that recalibrates the brain? I am wondering if there is definitely something that affects peoples brain or have they always been like this and kept it hidden up till now?



            • To have the jab shows you have swallowed the govt line that you are good and anyone who hasn’t must be bad.
              They cannot get past the fact that if they have had it, why not all others?
              That fear of catching a virus that’s not going to affect 99.6% of the population must be ingrained in them.
              Being the most virulent strain ever, and yet it’s not killing off as many as she hoped for must really piss off Cindy.



    • Sorry Kea. No outrage from me on this. I mean, it’s actually more surprising when the media report truthfully so my default view is anything they report is either an outright lie or is hopelessly slanted at best. I have a higher regard for drug dealers than media and politicians. Paedophiles aren’t that much removed from either with regard to the harm they cause.



  8. The New Normal….😜😜😜

    Child rapist is elected as MAYOR in South Africa – with convicted fraudster voted in as his deputy
    Convicted child rapist elected mayor in South Africa’s Kannaland Municipality
    Jeffrey Donson was found guilty of statutory rape in 2008
    Along with the mayor, convicted fraudster Werner Meshoa was elected deputy




  9. GoDaddy hack exposes millions of WordPress users’ data

    The company said that 1.2 million users’ data has been exposed in an unauthorised third-party hack on November 17, according to a data breach notification published Monday.

    “We identified suspicious activity in our Managed WordPress hosting environment and immediately began an investigation with the help of an IT forensics firm and contacted law enforcement,” the company’s security officer said in a statement.

    The hack has hit GoDaddy in the hip pocket sending share prices into a 1.6% downward spiral since the cyber event occurred.

    Subscribe to RT t.me/rtnews



  10. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2021/11/brian-hannah-tamaki-large-crowd-gathers-outside-police-station.html
    More than 100 people have gathered outside the Auckland Central police station in support of Brian and Hannah Tamaki.

    Speaking before going inside, Brian said he was “relaxed” as he was “basically innocent” and had done nothing wrong.

    He said he followed the COVID-19 requirements at Saturday’s protest by keeping to social distance rules and wore his mask when not speaking. Brian said he never incited people to not follow the COVID rules and instead encouraged people to keep to the requirements.

    Brian said all protests he had been to had been “peaceful” and followed the rules.

    “It defies belief in why the police are adamant and doggedly targeted me.”



    • Changing the definitions of words, is the current full-time practice to suppress, censor & criminalize the citizen.

      Against mandates is not anti-vax. It’s pro choice.
      Also, where there is risk, there must be “choice”. That’s democracy.

      “All tyrannies rule through fraud, (fear), and force, but once fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.” ~George Orwell

      “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad”:- Euripides
      and one can see that there.



    • The more scary part, is finding that some, & an increasing number of ken & karens are becoming like this, a desperation of fears, that they seem to be unable to untangle in their minds.
      Though it is to be recognized that some of the Jabbed do recognize that it is a Choice.

      A possessed rabidness that is even more than just bullying, or able to be bought to heel.
      Is this a form of early stage Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Senility?

      Down right scary, as it brings into focus a glimpse of what tough difficult decisions we may have to make, & be part of, as just saying “No” is not acceptable to the rabid.



    • “If you are anti-mandate you are absolutely anti-vax”

      Try using their own logic against them, or any lefty.

      “If you are against rape, you clearly are anti-children.”
      “If you don’t eat beef, you are clearly a vegan terrorist, hell bent on blowing up beef processing plants with C4.”
      “You don’t eat lamb, so clearly you are a sheep-shagger.”



    • I think this guy must have just cashed his Pfizer cheque. Up until recently the Northern Territory has been relatively quiet. Now this guy ( Chief Minister, I think he is called) comes out like rabid dog. Money has to be the reason for the dramatic change.



  11. More rules, regulations, thumb screws


    COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been applied to about 40 percent of the workforce and time is running out for the mandated to get their first dose of Pfizer.

    But for businesses that aren’t covered by the mandate, the Government is launching a new assessment tool for bosses who want to impose it on their employees.



    • We had a case in Waimate when an old lady went across the road when she jammed the accelerator and crashed into a brick workshop building, wedged in quite tight into where the toilet was situated. Luckily no one was doing their business at the time. Only the back of the car was showing and it stayed in there at least 2 to 3 years with scaffolding around to support the structure. Poor old Bluey, the owner, passed away before it was finally extracted.



  12. Most secretive garda unit deployed to take on far right groups involved in anti-vaccine protests
    “It’s a major deployment”

    The NSU — who go undercover to carry out secret physical and electronic surveillance of suspects — are understood to have begun targeting the right-wing groups in recent weeks.

    That comes in the wake of increased far right activity in anti-vax and anti-lockdown groups — as well as the picketing of homes of senior politicians and journalists.




  13. Safe and…..whatever the hell it is.

    Mum who was DOUBLE JABBED dies with ‘worst case of Covid’

    A double-vaccinated mother-of-three who had high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes has died in hospital, aged just 37, after catching the ‘worst case’ of coronavirus the hospital had ever seen.

    Paula Collins, 37, from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, had been battling Covid-19 in the Prince Charles Hospital when she was put in an induced coma for 11 days – despite already having both jabs.





    Brian Tamaki has been charged with failing to comply with a Covid-19 order and breaching bail conditions, relating to Saturday’s anti-mandate rally at Auckland Domain. He’d been arrested after earlier rallies.

    Hannah Tamaki has been charged with two counts of failing to comply with a Covid-19 order.

    Those in the crowd could be heard chanting ahead of Tamaki’s arrival: “What do we want? Freedom!,” and “When do we want it? Now!”



  15. Cuddles Coster, you team was looking for a little old Chinese lady and didn’t look just up the road! They fucked up!
    I may be wrong, but the little old lady may hay gone into the basement and door shut behind her, not speakky the english and could not open the door. No water, older house with no laundry in basement or water turned off. No drinking water!



  16. Now the weasel Seymour see’s the problem.FFS
    Talk about the perfect puppet being used as controlled opposition.
    Pretend you’ve just woken up to the issue > Cry “No fair!” > Return to the trough > Stop to peek around the corner > Shed some crocodile tears > Get a head rub from your masters….Who’s a good boy then?

    David Seymour@dbseymour
    Labour’s move to suspend democracy and avoid public scrutiny over its vaccine mandate legislation, and to use COVID-19 as a cover to sneak its welfare policy through Parliament, are the actions of the most cynical government in a generation.




  17. Recommended read by President Trump.

    Glasgow idiocy: Climate change isn’t remotely the world’s No. 1 problem

    The hype over the Glasgow climate summit is the usual over-the-top nonsense, exemplified by John Kerry, President Biden’s special climate envoy, calling it the “last best hope for the world to get its act together.” In reality, it’s a rally for idiocy.




  18. The Covid traffic light bill being put through under urgency – Great, National can get into them and hold it up.
    No, not really.
    “National’s Covid-19 spokesman Chris Bishop said the party would support the Bill given the urgency of it but were not happy with the rushed nature of the “significant” legislation.
    “This is a truly shambolic and repugnant way to make law that will affect every New Zealander.
    “To say the legislation is significant is an understatement. It will potentially affect the lives of every New Zealander, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, along with businesses both small and large.
    “The traffic light framework will impact every Kiwi, during summer and beyond.”

    What a prick, what a prick Party.
    FJA & FNP



  19. EXCLUSIVE: The Royal Society is prosecuting complaints against scientists for defending science!
    David Cumin, Free Speech Union

    12:36 PM (5 hours ago)

    to me

    Just quickly updating you on my email last week as the situation at our universities is even worse than we feared. The academics who are facing disciplinary investigations because they signed a letter to the Listener Magazine that states mātauranga Māori is not the same as science need our help.

    Since my email, the Free Speech Union wrote to every university academic in the country outlining the situation of the Royal Society trying to discipline the scientists who signed the letter. We wanted to invite fellow academics to join our Union and stand up for free speech and academic freedom.

    And boy, did we get some colourful responses. While plenty of academics responded to our call to arms by joining our Union, many of the replies are just too offensive for re-publication. Here are the some that aren’t too offensive, but are illustrative of the closed-mindedness inside the universities:

    “I don’t believe in the neoliberal concept of ‘free speech’ or any other of the bullshit you stand for.”

    “I won’t be supporting them or their racist views of what is and is not ‘science’! I don’t wish you luck drumming up support for their racist views either! Bigots.”

    “‘Free speech’ is being used around the world to seed misinformation. To suggest or imply there is not academic ‘freedom’ here in Aotearoa NZ is dangerous and false.”

    Remember, these aren’t random social media trolls – these are highly paid academics at our universities!

    Tweet by Siouxie Wiles


    Tweet by Daniel Benson-Guiu

    It is responses like these that remind us why our stand for free speech is so important. The universities used to be the guardians of enlightenment values – now they are at the forefront of tearing them down.

    The reaction on social mean suggests that we are hitting a nerve among the woke elites who want to control conversations.

    Donate to our Academic Freedom Fund

    But it wasn’t all bad. We had a number of encouraging messages from within the universities too:

    “I have never bothered joining any union… However, your email is forcing me to reconsider because I am very, very aware of the dangers we now face, which require collaboration to fight.”
    “It is sad to see that Wokery has now arrived in NZ… A feature of wokery is that they launch a personal attack on the messenger and never try to discuss or simply acknowledge that they might be wrong.”

    “I am dismayed as much as you are! What can I do?”

    We need to stand with those who are being attacked for their free speech and to call out those who threaten this basic freedom.

    Thank you to all of those who make these efforts possible.

    David C.

    Subject: EXCLUSIVE: The Royal Society is prosecuting complaints against scientists for defending science!
    Free Speech Union (New Zealand) Incorporated

    There is a worrying trend in universities and research institutions attempting to muzzle the very people whose job it is to ask questions. Some subjects are simply now off-limits. Academic freedom is under attack.

    I’m emailing with disturbing news regarding the New Zealand Royal Society, which is on the cusp of giving in to the censors and expelling two scientists for signing a letter defending science.

    The Royal Society has just launched a disciplinary investigation against a group of academics. I’m emailing to ask for your help defend the academics and stand up for academic freedom.
    The Royal Society is prosecuting complaints against scientists for defending science!

    The Free Speech Union can reveal that two academic fellows are being investigated for being among those to put their name to a letter In Defence of Science which was published earlier this year in The Listener.

    Matauranga Maori Listener Article

    The full text of the letter is copied at the end of this email

    For context, the seven professors who co-signed the letter were responding to an NCEA working group that proposed that mātauranga Māori should have “parity” with “the other bodies of knowledge credentialed by NCEA (particularly Western / Pākeha epistemologies)” in the school science curriculum.

    The key argument of the letter was that “…Indigenous knowledge is critical for the preservation and perpetuation of culture and local practices and plays key roles in management and policy. However, in the discovery of empirical, universal truths, it falls far short of what we can define as science itself…”.

    They further opined: “Science is universal, not especially Western European. It has origins in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient Greece and later India, with significant contributions in mathematics, astronomy and physics from mediaeval Islam before developing in Europe and later the US, with a strong presence across Asia”.

    The group who signed the letter faced swift backlash online, lead by Shaun Hendy and Siouxsie Wiles:


    Dr Barry Hughes of the Tertiary Education Union also wrote a letter to the authors on behalf of the Union. He opened by affirming that the authors were entitled to express their views, but informed them that “[TEU] members found your letter “offensive”, “racist”, and reflective of a patronising, neo-colonial mindset in which your undefined version of “science” is superior to – rather than complementary to – indigenous knowledge”.

    Similarly, rather than defend the right of academics to attempt to grapple with difficult questions, Auckland University’s Vice-Chancellor put out a statement stating that asking the question of “whether mātauranga Māori can be called science has caused considerable hurt and dismay among our staff, students and alumni”.

    She too also implied the academics had disrespected mātauranga Māori, asserting that “mātauranga Māori [is] a distinctive and valuable knowledge system”.

    There is nothing, however, in letter to The Listener that contradicts this. In their letter, the authors argue that mātauranga Māori and science are epistemically distinct, and that “indigenous knowledge is critical for the preservation and perpetuation of culture … and plays key roles in management and policy”. So, clearly, the letter actually supports the view that mātauranga Māori is valuable.

    Notably, none of the criticisms levelled at the authors attempted to grapple with the author’s key contention: that mātauranga Māori is simply distinct from science.

    While the debate may rage as to whether the author’s assertions are correct, there should be no doubt that the debate must be allowed to take place. That’s why we have offered to help the academics, and crowdfund to defend them with an academic freedom fighting fund.

    Whereas the letter to The Listener comprised only a reasoned argument – whether or not it is deemed valid and sound – some critics have resorted to ad hominem attacks on the authors, in particular accusing them – both directly and by implication – of racism.

    Similarly, proclaiming “hurt and dismay” and pointing to “major problems with some colleagues” does not help the rest of us understand why mātauranga Māori should be considered science.

    To shut down debate of this kind is to undermine the purpose of the academy: to wrestle with what we know, and try and extend it.

    Donate to our Academic Freedom Fund>>> Donate now to defend academic freedom <<<

    Ironically, the Royal Society was set up for the very purpose of advancing and promoting science, technology, and the humanities in New Zealand. Now it's trying to expel scientists for defending science. We have to help the scientists to fight back.

    It is ironic that The Royal Society is trying to purge from the acadmy the authors of the letter.

    The investigation of The Listener co-signees sends a chilling message to other academics: state contentious views at your own peril.

    If the complaint is upheld, it will only serve to make academics feel less safe to venture honestly-held views on contentious issues in the future. This cannot be allowed to stand.

    The process of the human pursuit of knowledge depends on free speech, including of those who may hold views contrary to the mainstream. The Royal Society are abandoning its own heritage and the proud traditions of academic freedom which historically has been the defining mechanism allowing scientific knowledge to develop.

    When academics can no longer ask questions or make certain arguments, without the fear of personal and professional reprisals, academic freedom is in peril. We must stand with those who are punished and have their reputations denigrated for having the audacity to venture honestly-held views on contentious issues.

    The Free Speech Union is starting a fighting fund for Academic Freedom. The academics have been called ‘racist’ and smeared by fellow scientists and are now having to engage lawyers to defend their opinions on science from an institution that should, instead, be encouraging debate and promoting science. This fight is a fight for the right of anyone to peacefully and reasonably voice their opinion.

    Times like this make us question the real value we put on our liberties and freedoms. We are not willing to let the Royal Society, or anyone, bully and censor academics doing their job without reminding them that we still have free speech in this country.

    Thank you to all of those who make these effort's possible. Our work relies on your support.
    Dr David Cumin

    David sig
    Dr David Cumin



    Free Speech Union

    The Listener Letter

    In defence of science

    A recent report from a Government NCEA working group on proposed changes to the Māori school curriculum aims “to esure parity for mātauranga Māori with the other bodies of knowledge credentialed by NCEA (particularly Western/Pakeha epistemologies)”. It includes the following description as part of a new course: “It promotes discussion and analysis of the ways in which science has been used to support the dominance of Eurocentric views (among which, its use as a a rationale for colonisation of Māori and the suppression of Māori knowledge); and the notion that science is a Western European invention and itself evidence of European dominance over Māori and other indigenous peoples.”

    This perpetuates disturbing misunderstandings of science emerging at all levels of education and in science funding. These encourage mistrust of science. Science is universal, not especially Western European. It has origins in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient Greece and later India, with significant contributions in mathematics, astronomy and physics from mediaeval Islam, before developing in Europe and later the US, with a strong presence acoss Asia.

    Science itself does not colonise. It has been used to aid colonisation, as have literature and art. However, science also provides immense good, as well as greatly enhanced understanding of the world. Science is helping us battle worldwide crises such as Covid, global warming, carbon pollution, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Such science is informed by the united efforts of many nations and cultures. We increasingly depend on science, perhaps for our very survival. The future of our world, and our species, cannot affort mistrust in science.

    Indigenous knowledge is critical for the preservation and perpetuation of culture and local practices, and plays key roles in management and policy. However, in the discovery of empirical, universal truths, it falls far short of what we can define as science itself.

    To accept it as the equivalent of science is to patronise and fail indigenous populations; better to ensure that everyone participates in the world’s scientific enterprises. Indigenous knowledge may indeed help advance scientific knowledge in some ways, but it is not science.

    Kendall Clements
    Professor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland

    Garth Cooper, FRSNZ
    Professor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland

    Michael Corabllis, FRSNZ
    Emeritus Professor, School of Psychology, Universituy of Auckland

    Douglas Elliffe
    Professor, School of Psychology, University of Auckland

    Robert Nola, FRSNZ
    Emeritus Professor, School of Philosphy, Universituy of Auckland

    Elizabeth Rata
    Professor, Critical Studies in Education, University of Auckland

    John Werry
    Emeritus Professor, Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Auckland




    • Checked out the website – awesome. This is the website the the child on the POTty should have produced, or WHO, CDC, or NIH. Instead they told us that nothing that would work except Vaccines.

      The lack of information about immunity was a dead giveaway at the outset that Covid was manufactured.



  20. KiwiExposingCorruption

    New Zealand Politics

    JABBYCINDA put homeless people in to motels. Paid the rent. Now she “owns” them….see the pattern??? By the way…this is copied…I don’t know this person.

    “Hi everyone, I have a gf who is a single mum of a 7-year old daughter and shared custody of her 18-month old son who has been in Emergency Housing since January this year. She is being told that under the new traffic light system the motel she has called home for most of this year may need to evict her if she doesn’t get double jabbed. She is in tears. The motel owner has a lawyer to fight this but it’s a scary time for her. Potentially 10s of thousands of people could be homeless before Christmas.”



  21. A high-profile developer has hit out at Kāinga Ora, claiming they are wasting taxpayer money and not increasing the housing stock.

    Winton Property Development director Chris Meehan says millions in taxpayer dollars is being shelled out, but it doesn’t increase housing stock because these houses would be built by developers anyway.

    One example he points to is Ferncliffe Farm, a development on the outskirts of Tauranga. It will soon have 1000 houses and multiple developers tendered for it. But Kāinga Ora outbid them all.

    “You’ve got to let the private sector get on with it because that’s how you get private housing in this country.”

    The price paid for Ferncliffe Farm is $70.4 million + GST according to a spokesperson for Housing Minister Megan Woods.



  22. Have just listened to Brian Tamaki’s full speech outside the Police Station today.
    Could not fault him and the more I hear him, the more I like him. He spoke more sense than I have ever heard from any NZ politician. Maybe he is our Trump in the making?



  23. Did you know…
    What really ended the First World War?
    A wave of revolutions.

    The Kiel mutiny (German: Kieler Matrosenaufstand) was a major revolt by sailors of the German High Seas Fleet on 3 November 1918. The revolt triggered the German revolution which was to sweep aside the monarchy within a few days. It ultimately led to the end of the German Empire and to the establishment of the Weimar Republic.




    Rebellion in the Trenches: The French Army Mutiny of 1917

    Then, in 1917, a remarkable thing happened–a huge portion of the French Army simply went on strike. They sat down in their trenches and flatly refused to carry out any more of the futile suicidal frontal assaults being ordered by their generals. The French Mutiny of 1917 was desperately hidden by the French and British governments, and the remarkable story remains little-known even today.


    Russia 1917

    March 1917 saw major changes in Russia. Rasputin was dead and Lenin was out of the country. By the start of 1917, the people of Russia were very angry. Why?
    The First World War had cost Russia millions of lives. Those not actually fighting had to face serious food shortages. The winter of 1916-17 was very cold and fuel was in very short supply. Cold and lack of food create an environment that lead to trouble for those blamed for these problems.

    The General Strike and Irish independence 1916

    The urban insurrection, the preferred method of French revolutionaries throughout the 19th century seemed to be obsolete in the face of the increasingly lethal military forces possessed by the state – a risk underlined by the failure of the Paris Commune of 1871.
    One of the new ideas proffered as an alternative was the General Strike. All workers would first have to be organised into One Big Union. Then on the given day, they would simply withdraw their labour, bring capitalism grinding to a halt and take over the means of production.



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