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As some one who has two hearing aids, I am staggered at the number of farmers who used to ask me about my aids. They admitted to hearing loss, but most were reluctant to get tested. My response was blunt. Some I new well, would be told to stop being so bloody stupid and get tested. Some would say they had them but didn’t like wearing them.

Frequently asked questions about hearing loss

There are many questions and queries that are asked in relation to hearing loss and hearing aids. If you haven’t yet, check out some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about hearing aids in particular. If you have something you’d like to ask a Clinician, trust us, you’re not the only one to wonder! Of course, it’s natural that you may have just as many questions about hearing loss, if not more. Here are a few:

Is all hearing loss the same?

Just like how our eyesight can differ, so can our ears. When we start to lose our hearing, it’s not necessarily in the same way as your parents or friends, as everyone’s hearing is different.

Is there a cure for sensorineural hearing loss yet?

Scientists are constantly finding new advancements, getting closer to a possible cure with each discovery, but whether or not there is a cure, you may be able to prolong your hearing is through preventative measures.

How do I know if I have hearing loss?

Many times, the signs that you may have hearing loss aren’t evident until they pose a problem with day-to-day living. Often, it’ll be your family members and friends that realise first, because you’re constantly listening at a volume that they consider is too loud or asking them to repeat themselves.

In the first instances of your family pointing it out, it can be hard to accept that you may have a problem with your hearing. You may think you hear completely fine, but the best way to make sure your hearing is okay is through a hearing test. The good news is, it’s non-invasive and painless.

If I have hearing loss, do I need to wear a hearing aid?

It’s likely that you may need a hearing aid fitted, but only a Clinician can assess your individual circumstance and make a recommend for you.

There is no obligation to get a hearing aid equipped when you go for a test – the decision ultimately lies with you. However, they recommend hearing aids for many people as it can help enhance your quality of life.

Modern aids are so different to these of yesteryear. Mine are bluetooth enabled so that when my phone rings I push a button on the control unit hanging around my neck. This cuts out the music playing and once the call is ended, reverts back to the music. Best hands free phone ever.

Can be a bit strange when walking down the street talking on the phone with no phone visible. I get the odd strange look from people who think I am a nutter talking to myself.


  1. I have seen several examples of selective hearing loss holy, and must say that there’s alot to be said for this. My best mates dad suffered hearing loss as a gunner in WW2, but did not succumb to the use of hearing aids until after his wife passed. He would watch her lips flapping and throw in an occasional “yes dear” when she stopped to draw breath, seemed to work so well for them.

    But after her departure he needed hearing aids so that he could communicate with carers and others, and even though those around him could always hear a high pitched screech emanating from his devices, this never seemed to worry him !



  2. The new aids don’t whistle or screech if they are set correctly.

    Hubby is profoundly deaf and my old mother is as “deaf as a post” without her hearing aids. My elderly aunt who, like her sister is as deaf as a post and lives in Sydney, had a cochlea implant fitted when she was 80 paid for under the Aus health system. Fitting cochlea implants for deaf Kiwis is bogged down for lack of funding here in NZ.

    My sanity has literally been saved by both wearing their hearing aids! Long story short, for the love of your spouses and kids, if you need them, wear them!!



      • Deaf people shouting all day every day is not good for the wellness of those who have to live closely with them, nor is having the TV sound turned full volume, nor is hubby getting the “wrong end of the stick” from a conversation he has not heard correctly. The deaf forget they are not the only ones affected by their disability, but it takes empathy to live with anyone with a disability. 🙂



    • Recently cost me $1600 for my new progressive glasses and new lenses in my plain reading glasses. Thorough eye test included of course.

      My 88 year old mother was recently fitted with new hearing aids which are controlled by bluetooth with a smart phone. As she doesn’t use the IPhone for anything other than her hearing I wonder if something more simple and cheaper? like Ed described with his bluetooth button around his neck would have been preferable? Do these hearing clinics get caught up in the latest technology rather than what is best for the individual patient as they clearly didn’t take into account an old lady’s inability to easily use the phone. Waste of money me thinks.



      • You can buy on line. Get a hearing test ,pay and ask for a copy of the results.
        cheap as, just google.
        Neighbour got them for his wife. Reckons they are good to go. No complicated ones yet.
        Just got my third pair. The last lot were 10 years old and what a difference. Blue tooth and all. Last pair had blue tooth but had a pendant that hung around your neck. Could answer the company phone from that as it had an adapter we added to a phone jack. This lot don’t have that so have to be content with the cellphone which is great when working. Just a bit hard to press the button on the hearing aid to answer without answering the cellphone.

        Price is horrendous. $7500.00. The last pair was around 10k which was $20 per week for the period I had them.

        I asked why the Chinese haven’t got into them and apparently the Chinese don’t like/want to wear them. Even in NZ they don’t it seems. Price won’t change until they do.

        Its a must do.



        • Get your glasses online as well. I have bought the last 3 pairs online and have not had a problem. I have progressive lenses and I think the last pair cost about $120 delivered with good quality frames.
          I think the opticians maybe even doing the same now –a friend said his took a couple of weeks after selecting what he wanted. Same time as me online.



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