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Heart Attacks Are Skyrocketing




Heart Attacks Are Skyrocketing, and MSM Is Blaming EVERYTHING Except Covid Vaccines

The establishment has major problems explaining the massive increase in cardiovascular disease since the COVID-19 “vaccines” were unleashed on the world. Corporation-controlled media outlets, including some “conservatives,” blame everything from fluctuating weather patterns and daylight saving time to watching too much television and even too much sex.

Suddenly, all the normal things humans have been doing for eternity magically cause otherwise healthy people to have a heart attack or stroke, something that never happened before Operation Warp Speed, writes Ethan Huff.

The experts/vaccine zealots who adore and respect Science©, interpreting it as Nostradamus reads tea leaves, want to assure the plebs that the unprecedented increase in heart attacks, even among young people who historically have not suffered from them, has nothing to do with the “vaccines” produced by the same pharmaceutical entities that happen to fund their research work,” the Daily Bell reports.

“Apparently no conflict of interest affects the judgment of the Science© overlords, for they exist in a moral class above the narrow-minded fallible people they oversee.”

American Heart Association Admits COVID Vaccines Cause Heart Inflammation

On its website, the American Heart Association (AHA) reveals the following, which the lying propaganda press refuses to even acknowledge let alone report on:

“We conclude that the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase endothelium inflammation and T-cell infiltration of myocardium, explaining the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events after vaccination.”

This seems pretty obvious, but the establishment disagrees. It even goes out of its way to deviate from the truth by blaming exercise and skipping breakfast for the massive increase in heart failure rates we are seeing today.

“The principle at issue here is akin to a legal concept called ‘plausible deniability’,” writes Ben Bartee of de Bell.

“Usually, plausible deniability refers to members of high-level governments or similar large, complex entities who through all sorts of machinations create a mirage of ignorance to protect themselves from liability for criminal or unethical behavior that they have in fact sanctioned.”


The multinational-controlled media is doing exactly the same by presenting a series of ridiculous and highly improbable scenarios to try to explain all the injuries and deaths from the COVID shots, which are spreading like a virus among the “fully vaccinated.”

“If the media can provide a whole host of alternative explanations for the sudden rise in heart attacks, cancers, etc., it becomes virtually impossible to establish with any certainty that anyone’s debilitating health condition is due to the ‘vaccines’ — it could have been almost literally anything else.” adds Bartee.

The stakes are high, and those who caused the pandemic know their days are numbered. The more that is revealed, the harder they try to cover up the truth, even if their cover-ups are painful and patently false.

Often “conspiracy theories” start out with ridicule, only to be accepted later when it becomes clear that they are conspiracy facts. But the establishment has no choice but to defend the lie double and triple or the whole thing will collapse on them.

Another lie that is crumbling is the false claim that mRNA “vaccines” do not cause lasting changes in human DNA. It turns out they do.

Clearly, none of the ‘information’ presented by the mainstream media is intended to inform, but rather to fabricate a purposeful narrative and put it into the public’s psyche to exonerate powerful actors from blame,” he said.

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  1. The international mainstream media are to scared to even suggest that piss pants Biden is a cognitive mess because of the kickback and career ending things that would follow such an announcement so don’t hold out for one of them to actually come out and report honestly on the greatest fraud ever inflicted on the population of the planet.
    It’s going to take a while but this 3 year shitstorm will be forgotten and we’ll move on to the next “shiny thing over there”
    that the very same MSM suggests to us ,depressing but unfortunately true.



  2. Those who have received and jab, do NOT want to know all the things wrong with the jab. It’s all too frightening for them. They have taken the jab due to total fear and been 100% compliant to the government mandates and do not want to know it was all a ruse and Pfizer and co gave them faulty MRNA jabs so those in the power of this could receive their pay outs from Pfizer etc. They do not read anything about it, ever. It is all too much for them to comprehend. As far as I am concerned they can all just have the heart conditions the strokes etc. If I ever had the temerity to suggest an alternative view to the whole thing, I was ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist and other very disparaging things. However I now have no care about them at all, sorry about that, well not actually sorry. They succumbed to the fear and now have to face the consequences of their actions. Apart from kids that is not their fault at all.



    • “Those who have received and jab, do NOT want to know ”

      That was the response i got from a mate last night, he got jabbed in aussie under duress. Held out as long as possible but needed to travel back here to see his daughter, sick family members.
      He got jabbed then a few days later was the most ill hes ever been in his life, i googled myocarditis symptoms last night when we were yarning and he rattled off nearly everyone of them plus a few extras.
      My advice was even tho that was 2 months ago to go to a bloody doctor and get his heart checked… “mate i just dont want to know what its done to me”

      Ignorance is bliss so they say



    • Wait until the data on VAIDS starts coming out as it will. And increased cancer because of this. “I told you so” will be the most used phrase in the English language, and quite frankly, after the abuse I have copped, can’t fucking wait.



    • The Mayo Clinic suggest that:

      …….”If you’re in denial, you’re trying to protect yourself by refusing to accept the truth about something that’s happening in your life.”…… AND

      ……”When you’re in denial, you:

      Won’t acknowledge a difficult situation
      Try not to face the facts of a problem
      Downplay possible consequences of the issue. “…….

      Personally, I suggest that more than a few worship the Mad Queen & can’t bring themselves to see her as the Angel of Death.



  3. It’s funny how we don’t have members of parliament falling over with a multitude of sicknesses.
    It’s almost like they were never jabbed in the first place!
    Very suspicious, I’m thinking!!!



  4. Denial is one thing and is in part personal, so it is just their problem.

    However that denial can extend to an even heavier, nigh impossible load of guilt.

    Where ever people have any way pressured others to be jabbed, or even directly taken their child to be jabbed, then to realize upon seeing or hearing what happened to other children.
    To allow in their mind they may have severely damaged their children’s future health.

    To have pressured their spouse, and other family members to what is now seeming to be a major cause of health problems would be even worse than in a war of “friendly fire” on your side.
    Just what excuse is there? After all some things were planned, what to say, when to say, applying the pressure.

    Using the argument of following Ardern’s orders when they were aware that some questions were raised, and they not only ignored, would not consider, but went along personally them selves to often denigrate any doubters, often to show themselves as supposedly good people.
    How can they rationalize this in their heads. What excuse is reasonable so that they can live when this damage is becoming apparent all around them.

    To continue and double down just postpones, but one still feel positive, that feelz good factor, plus importance can continue even if all things do not add up correctly.
    That becomes an “arrogance in their ignorance”.

    It is not just the forgiveness by others, but can they truly forgive themselves, and be able to cope with that guilt; with out pulling a list of reasons for self justification.
    Not seeing a path way out, to redemption, whether through repentance, mea culpa, is very difficult to come to terms with, as it is so unknown; that continues a “fear of the unknown”.

    Who wants to be stuck “on the side of the baddies” and what can they seriously do that is able to change that?
    That “guilt” shows one hell of a legacy of damage.



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