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Heart Attacks In Fully-Vaccinated Australia Hit ‘Highest Level Ever Recorded,’ Doctors Baffled

Cardiac arrests are at the “highest level ever recorded” in Australia as the nation grapples with the disastrous effects of the government mandated Covid vaccination roll-out.

Due to a series of harsh government mandates, 96.25% of Australians have received at least one Covid dose, with many people submitting to five or six booster shots in recent years.
However, doctors remain baffled as to what could possibly be causing the sudden spike in massive heart attacks, including in children, that has gripped the nation following the pandemic.

The situation has become so dire that health officials have launched a “critical awareness campaign.” Watch:

BREAKING: Cardiac arrest events in Victoria, Australia are now at the highest level ever recorded.

Australian National Reviewhttps://t.co/kzEmcPiuAg pic.twitter.com/93bM690sK8

Since the vaccine rollout, the number of athletes dropping dead from heart problems has soared to unprecedented levels.

Scientists have begun citing an obscure study that claims “being too happy” can cause sudden heart attacks in otherwise healthy individuals – among many other bizarre explanations that do not make sense.

Unfortunately, cardiac arrests are not the only consequence of the jabs. Rates of cancer, including rare turbo cancers, have also skyrocketed.

Do you remember the YouTube and TikTok influencers who shilled the experimental Covid-19 vaccines to their followers during the pandemic? Most of them received payments from the government and pharmaceutical companies to sway their followers into supporting the vaccine roll-out.

YouTube and other social media influencers were instrumental in spreading the mass formation psychosis that, as stated by Dr. John Malone, resulted in a significant portion of the population being essentially hypnotized into following the draconian Covid measures.

Fast forward a couple of years and karma is striking down those same YouTubers who took the jab and cashed in on Big Pharma money. Hundreds of these young and healthy YouTube influencers are now being diagnosed with cancer – and many of them have admitted they are suffering from rare and aggressive turbo cancers.

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  1. It was a big decision to throw away lifelong friendships and be treated like a leper, but I now feel my decision was one of the best I made in my 73 years on this earth. Heart and Cancer are the the two buzz words.
    To be part of a very unique minority group of just 3.75% of the entire population under 100,000 out of 26 million is a really incredible statistic, I can bet every one of them have the same feelings I have now. not sure about the Vaxxed feelings.
    I sat here this week in total disbelief, if Liz Gunn speaks the truth, it shows how all NZ politicians except maybe one or two are rotten to the core, you defend 30 people being coerced and bullied into a procedure that kills them all.
    I read this week on Australian Daens side effects report, over 5,000 side effects and 7 deaths have been recorded, medical specialists injecting under 17 year olds with adult doses of an experimental drug.
    We live in very bizzare times, if you are around my age, you can look back and say 100%, the last 50 years will go down in history as one of the best times to live on this earth, the next half century, shit in comparison.
    People still haven’t woken up, they will one day and it could be to late.
    I pray each day Fizzer will bankrupt, but these evil bastards will just pop up the following week as another big pharma gravy train.



    • the politicians and medias rivers of cash have now gone, fizzer stock has lost 25.36% in 5 years, 6.55% this week, there will be no more endless cash flowing from what looked like an endless wheel of fortune for those that wanted to suck the teat.
      Be interesting to see if a mood of change comes over those that were reimbursed for their correct expert opinions.



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