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The Siege of Vienna.

The year was 1683 AD, and for the past 300 years, the Christian Holy Roman Empire and the Muslim Ottoman Empire had been locked in deadly struggle.

But now, the end of that struggle was at hand.

Kara Mustafa Pasha, one of the Sultan’s most feared commanders, was to bring that end. In the summer of 1683, he led 140,000 men against the last bastion of Christendom, capital of the house of Hapsburg, the final bulwark between the Muslim hordes and Europe… Vienna.

On 14 July, the Ottomans laid siege to the city. Trenches were built, food supplies were cut off, and 130 cannon started pounding the city. With only 15,000 defenders, the jewel of the Holy Roman Empire seemed doomed. By September, large portions of the city walls were already in ruins, and the remaining defenders readied themselves to fight to the last man.

But the battle wasn’t over yet.

For another army was approaching the beleaguered city. But no Ottoman crescent moon flew from its banners.

For this army’s banners flew the red-and-white stripes of the Polish Commonwealth, the black eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, and the cross of Christianity. Over 80,000 German and Polish troops, under the command of the Polish king, John III Sobieski, was marching to the city’s aid.

The relief force arrived on the 11th of September, and battle was joined on the 12th. The German and Polish infantry engaged the Ottomans, and while they were making good headway, Ottoman troops had entered Vienna. If the city fell, then all was lost.

And then came the cavalry.

At 6pm on the evening of the 12th, 18,000 horsemen lined up on the hill facing the Ottoman army. King Sobieski himself was at their head, with over 3,000 of the Polish Winged Hussars, the finest cavalry in Europe. Over a 100,000 Ottomans lay at the bottom of the hill waiting for them.

As the allied army cheered, and the Ottomans quailed at the sight of these armoured titans, the Hussars said their prayers to the Almighty, readied their lances, and charged.

In what was one of the largest cavalry charges in history, the Hussars completely shattered the Ottoman lines. As they carved through the horde’s ranks like a hot knife through butter, the defenders of Vienna let out a cheer and sallied out from the city, taking the Ottomans in the rear. With the Hussars at their front, and the vengeful Austrians behind, the Ottomans broke in disorder, fleeing the field and leaving the battlefield to the allies.

The Ottomans retreated to their own lands, and the victorious allies retook most of the European lands lost to the foe. The Ottomans never again would threaten Europe.

Vienna, Europe, and indeed Christendom itself, was saved.

So, the last bastion of a dying empire is besieged by the hordes of an alien foe, with the future of its people hanging in the balance. Just when all seems lost, allies appear out of the blue, and with a devastating cavalry charge, save the day and end the enemy threat forever.

Sound familiar?

Who will come to the aid of Europe now? Why would they even bother, when Europe has clearly given up the fight.

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  1. All in the name of Political correctness and welcoming of the hoards into our democratic states, so that they too could become enlightened. How arrogant we were to think that enlightenment would be considered to be a positive.



    • Current situation reminds me of the frogs in hot water test…

      Put a frog into a pot pot of hot water and the thing will jump out immediately. Put a frog in a pot of cool water, then slowly heat, frog wont jump out this way and gladly stay until its boiled to death.



  2. Not to mention the trillions of dollars spent protecting Europe from communism during the cold war. Now a big white guilt trip. Sad little girly men they are. Do they even have a military? Would they know how to use real guns if they had to? Europe’s war dead are spinning in their graves.



    • We are watching an intriguing police thriller on Netflix called ‘Sniffer’. Set in Russia (it has subtitles) it is the premise of a scientist with an extraordinary sense of smell working with the police to solve murders. Quite quirky and a little edgy with interesting glimmers into the old Russian communist world versus modern Russia. Definitely no girly men, and they haven’t been infected by #metoo.



  3. Maybe the Europeans have got the message,

    EU election results as of right now:

    Nigel Farage leading in England
    Marine Le Pen leading in France
    Salvini leading in Italy

    A global mass awakening is happening and there is nothing that the global elites or their media henchmen can do to stop it.



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