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“Scientist” Michael Mann Loses in Court, Forced to Pay Court Costs — Global Warming Hoax Hit Hardest
Back in 2009, “Climategate” was a massive scandal with leaked documents revealing the climate change scam to be what it is.

Christopher Booker of the Telegraph back in 2009 slammed the climate alarmists behind the claims of global warming that was proving to be non-existent.

Dr. Michael Mann, the scientist that co-authored a famous graph of temperature trends known as the “hockey stick graph” was implicated in the 2009 global warming email scandal.

In 2017, Dr. Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann committed contempt of court in what was dubbed the “climate science trial of the century”.

Dr. Mann defied the judge presiding over the case and refused to surrender his data for “open court examination”.  This is routine practice for scientific study to determine if the results will stand up against examination.  But Dr. Mann refused to turn over his data.

79-year-old Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball is the defendant in the libel trial and told his attorneys to “trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud”.

Even back in 2017 scientists knew the defeat of Dr. Mann would only vindicate President Donald Trump in his claims that climate change is a hoax. The graph below from Principia Scientific shows “Mann’s cherry-picked version of science [that] makes the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) disappear and shows a pronounced upward ’tick’ in the late 20th century” – this is the blade of Mann’s now infamous “hockey stick”.

Below Mann’s graph is Ball’s, which uses much more reliable and easily attainable public data, which accurately shows a significantly warmer Medieval Warm Period with temperatures that are drastically hotter than the modern day’s.

Last week the court case against Dr. Tim Ball was decided by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, with Manns case thrown out, and him ordered to pay the defendant’s legal costs, no doubt a tidy sum of money.

This is a blow to junk scientists everywhere!

Technology News destroyed Michael Mann with their report on the case.

Mann’s imminent defeat is set to send shock waves worldwide within the climate science community as the outcome will be both a legal and scientific vindication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims that climate scare stories are a “hoax.” (snip)

Michael Mann, who chose to file what many consider to be a cynical SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) libel suit in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Vancouver six long years ago, has astonished legal experts by refusing to comply with the court direction to hand over all his disputed graph’s data. Mann’s iconic hockey stick has been relied upon by the UN’s IPCC and western governments as crucial evidence for the science of ‘man-made global warming.’


  1. Mann has never given over his data like scientists are expected to do.

    Even getting his algorithm was difficult. You know the one that produces hockey stick graphs when fed random numbers like phone numbers…



  2. Then there’s Keith Briffa’s corroborated hockey stick: the one based on a single tree. The one tree of Yamal (Siberia). One tree! So much settled science.

    (He rejected the other trees in Yamal. Cherry picking is in climate science season).



  3. The NWO uses the usual tactics

    Risk of NWO pedophiles being exposed – organise a couple of shootings to create a gun-control virtue-signalling excuse

    The whole basis of the “Inconvenient Truth” is exposed as a lie – start a worldwide media coverage of the annual Brazilian farmers burn-off in the Amazon – cue hand-wringing

    In New Zealand – catastrophic collapse of socialist Cindy’s approval rating, MSM start pumping the “white supremacists” fiction and cuddling Antifa

    The NWO are losing on all fronts, NZ is seen as a showcase location for UN dominance. I think there’s better than 60% chance that we’ll see a ‘false-flag’ school shooting next year in a desperate attempt to stir up fear and keep the Cindy-puppet in power. Look for:
    – visits from the NWO high priests (like Obama, Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, Comey etc)
    – civil defence exercises
    – major organised children’s protest events
    – adverts for ‘crisis’ actors

    Soros money is here, China is looking to disrupt given Trump is pushing them around, the EU is in crisis given Brexit – NZ is their test-tube.



  4. In the 80’s it was the greenhouse effect. Then all the whales were going to beach themselves. Then acid rain was going to ruin crops worldwide. Oil was going to run out, blah blah. Kyoto, Rio, etc etc is all BULLSHIT and always was. There has never been any question in my mind this nonsense filled the vacuum of the collapse of communism, and the enemy is still the same. That would include much of this worthless Col Govt.



    • Yes Duck…I agree that all this follows the demise of the Soviet Union (not communism in total) as the Western World has rushed to find/create a common threat against which to unite.

      But let’s be clear. This is mainly a Western problem. We think of it as ‘global’ because we view the world from a Western perspective… but there’s a whole lotta world put there which doesn’t buy into this shit. Countries like China and developing countries in, say, Africa are more concerned with building their lives than fucking their economies on the altar of Western guilt.

      Although we are largely atheistic now, the West grew out of the Christian belief system, where ‘original sin’ is a big guilt trip. So big that only one (fictitious) guy can intercede and save us from our sins. It is this inbred sense of guilt which is driving the sick notion that mankind is destroying the planet – when the opposite is the case.

      As more and more cultures rally behind non-western civilisation we can expect to see a vicious doubling down by the NWO and the Soros’ of this world as they see their power being challenged and the emperor’s nudity exposed for all to see.



  5. Wait till the Canadians finish their zillion-dollar pipeline to the Pacific coast. An insane amount of crude oil will be directly piped from the interior and sold on the international market. I’m hoping it makes petrol cheaper here!



  6. “Eventually” is going to be quite a way away – in fact NZ has vast frackable oil resources all around our coastline – if only we were allowed to get at it. The USA has shown how incredibly easy it is to be energy independent if you take the NWO shackles off.

    Also, I don’t think wind or sun is ever going to be the answer to preventing energy poverty. There is a solution – but we also have NWO shackles on that too, after all we have our other ‘cult’ to thank for that nothing says “Stupid” like the phrase “Nuclear-free NZ”.



  7. For those interested in watching a number of youtube clips on Climate Change look up the following on youtube to start with ” 1000frolly PhD ” and “Tony Heller” to start with. Also, search for the International Conference on Climate Change. Here you will find numerous clips that debunk Alarmism.



    • Tony Heller’s latest, on the temperature history of Iceland and how it has been manipulated, is worth watching. Search YouTube for ‘Rewriting Iceland’. Did you know that in 1973 we were in a ‘full-blown ice age scare’? And in the 1940s, when the Arctic temperatures were very warm, global CO2 levels were low …
      Heller demonstrates the changes over time to the temperature records for Reykjavik, and how they were manipulated to remove the warm period of the 1940s.
      He claims that ‘climate scientists can get away with such obvious frauds because nobody is brave enough to challenge them – they know they can do anything with impunity



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