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Housing Wait list At New High




In the year of delivery, we have a useless government struggling to even provide the basics. Over 12,500 eligible households are on the waitlist for public housing.

The wait list has more than doubled in the last two years, even as the Government has seriously stepped up its public housing build programme.

Why is this? If you open your doors to the worlds dregs, offer them a home, allow them to bring their extended families, what other outcome can you expect? We always had our own demand for free housing. Now the numbers are staggering. To have these numbers double in 2 years is a disgrace.

With landlords deserting the rental market and using their houses for b & b etc, these numbers are only going to get a lot worse. Actions have consequences, but try telling that to this nanny state government.

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  1. Rents are staggering, and that from me who has a collection of houses. Mostly lower-cost housing where the rents are able to be copped with. compare that to a lady I was talking to yesterday. she is a hard-working lady, 7 days and two jobs because her hubby is a bit older and struggles with a job. Nice guy and willing but basically she works to keep them alive. Her ent in an average suburb of Tauranga is approaching $600 per week. So they struggle.
    That house probably cost around $300k when it was built new 15 years ago.

    It’s not flash, a good average home in an outer burb.

    Lots more out there like that.
    Problem is that doesn’t matter how many houses that get built-in Tauranga the Auckland refugees just keep pouring in to fill them up and because of that demand the developers charge outrageous amounts for the land, the council has to recoup the cost of services si slugs the housebuilder and the builders are making big margins on the work.

    What’s the answer.
    Well, the Govt. is telling the council to intensify. We have bugger all land good enough for that in the city. Council is currently running a liquidation testing survey and already I hear they are aghast with what is reported. Not surprised says I. Bloody obvious forever, but, we are university-trained you know. HMMM.
    Add to that the tsunami scaring and we have a problem.

    Bob the Builder predicted this when the nice MR Kety shafted him and plonked Simon in this seat.
    You reap what you sew.



  2. The state of the rental market is a disgrace. The refugee and immigration situation is only fanning the flames. When will people wake up. We can’t take any more until we can house our own. Not even the ass draggers that don’t want to work and sit on their chuff while the tax payer houses them. I’m talking about the working class family’s that are really struggling.



    • Yes as I have said before
      My g/f is renting an older style Beazly house.
      Her rent has gone from $350 to $450 in the last 4 years.
      Every time wages go up (1st April) her rent goes up, so she is no bedda off.
      And in that time mortgate rates have gone down.
      And the owner has not had to insulate etc.



      • And the owner has not had to insulate etc. ???
        If it was already up to code that’s right but if it isn’t then they do have to.
        And there is more coming like ground blankets and ventilation and heating.
        Anyway make an effort and move in or move her to your place. Be a realman!!!!



      • Though I understand renters struggle, it’s not the property owners fault rents are the way they are. Like all commodities it’s the market driving the prices up. Not a very good business decision to under sell your product and all. Furthermore increased property values also drive up rates and property insurance that rental owners need to recoup from the tenant. Tis a double edged sword as the tenant is only slowed in their efforts to get a deposit together to purchase their own slice of the pie.

        Also no sympathy from me for the ones who aren’t doing anything (other than winge) to improve their situation. Can’t afford to rent in Auckland/Wellington/[insert urban centre here]. Do you need to live there in the first place? What can you do to economise? What steps are you taking to improve your situation? I see this even in my social circles. Couples renting in major centres or some even still flatting. Holding the housing crisis to blame. Holding the property owners to blame. Their low wages (none of which are minimum wage)

        Nobody said it’s easy, my now wife and I bought our first home together at 23. While our friends were off doing their second contiki around Europe or what have you and living it up calling us tight. We left our home town as job competition was fierce and rent was eating into our savings. Within 6 months of moving we had brought a house as the mortgage was cheaper to service than the price of rent (partially due to a greedy private landlord overcharging “out-of-towners”). We shared one car as town was small enough to walk most places. We bought the cheap groceries. We didn’t travel. And within 5 years we were nearly freehold as after our kiwi saver, first home buyers green and savings we had 50% deposit to begin with. We have since moved back to our home town and stepping stoned into a house we wanted in the first place with our young family. Meanwhile friends of ours are still struggling away in their urban centres grizzling how easy we had it living in the rural regions like we some how cheated?

        Turned into a bit of a rant there but point is. Think outside the box. Prioritize your goals you may need to make sacrifices. Once again this isn’t everyone but I’m yet to meet someone who is truly land locked into their rental unable to change their situation. That’s my 10c anyway..



        • Very well said (ranted) and its Kontiki!
          But yes people do need to try to get on the properdy ladder as quickly as they can.
          Stop wasting money.
          But the best advice is
          To get a good education / job or trade.
          Find a good wife / partner and stick with them
          And don’t have children until you have a house.



  3. Our homeless / poor people / ferals don’t know how lucky we are.
    I saw a doco on Hongkong the other day (it was filmed before the protests)
    It showed a six story building down town. Each normal room has been divided into about 4 rooms.
    And they were renting each of these out!
    One old guy was living in one and he was a cleaner at a restaurnat and he had no cooking facilities or shower etc.
    But he seemed resigned to his fate.



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